Roleplaying Log: Thorism
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A group of worshippers gather at Thor and Peggy's apartment building. Intent on carrying on the traditions of the old Norse religions, they wish to pay proper tribute to Thor.

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IC Date: February 12, 2020
IC Location: Peggy and Thor's Apartment - Upper East Side Manhattan
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Posted On: 14 Feb 2020 02:13
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An unseasonably warm evening has coaxed people to the rooftops of Manhattan. The garden terraces, outdoor restaurants, and other spaces overlooking Central Park are teeming with people who are enjoying a breath of fresh air and a few hours of socializing under the light of a waning mood.

And then there are people doing something else entirely..

Grunting. Thrusting. Sweaty. A bellow. The sound of a woman shrieking…

"Toothgrinder!" Thor snaps from his prone position upon the ground, "Quiet thyself, or else I'll see you into the cauldron as part of our feast!"

The rooftop firepit glows in firm defiance of local codes. A large bubbling cauldron of hearty stew simmering nearby.

An exercise mat has been splayed out nearby. Thor, Heir to the Immortal Realm, wears only a pair of leather capris pants and is upon his back. Fully splayed out. He arrived in this position moments ago when he had been focused on honing a well-crafted insult and is still not quite certain what occurred.

Mjolnir reclines nearby in an Adriondak chair. It appears a bit aloof.

* * *

Peggy Carter was either gifted from the heavens or sold her soul for this apartment. Or, really, it involved a forward thinking best friend and some time travel, but Peggy's penthouse has roof access and quite a lot of square footage in the Upper East Side. That's very helpful when she has a roommate that has large goats that require space and greenery and also because where else would they spar?

Peggy is dressed in leggings and long sleeved shirt. Her brown hair has been braided back and pinned about her head, though wisps of it have now escaped. One doesn't tend to look pristine after sparring with the God of Thunder.

Grinning, Peggy straightens and puts her hands on her hips, taking a few deep breaths as she recovers. Putting Thor off onto the mat is tough work. Having stepped forward, she put a foot behind him and then twisted, pushing his center off balance and then continuing the motion she turned full circle. "What was the insult going to be?"

Tucking a bit of hair behind her ear, she rolls her shoulders and offers her hand to pull him off the mat. "Another round?"

* * *

New York is not known for being a quiet place. Depending on the distance from the city's beating heart, the din of traffic and life can be heard at all hours.

But then there is loud.. And then there is whatever the hell just started happening.

Without warning the windows below begin to rattle as the air tangibly thrums with sound. There are those on Earth that would call it music. A wailing rhythm guitar carried to audio warfare by driving rhythm and bass so deep that one's own chest cavitates with rattling force.

This cacophonous serenade would seem to be coming from immediately outside on the street level. A quick glance over the edge of the roof will confirm what the loud heavy metal would suggest. Someone is throwing an impromptu rock concert on the street right out front of the apartment building and it is not small.
The band themselves are playing on a mobile stage constructed on a sixteen wheel flatbed truck. The speakers belting out the music are nearly as tall as a first story building themselves. The band themselves are bare chested burly men with glistening musculature, leather pants and full horned helmets of the Molly Hatchet style. As peculiar as this is, they are clearly not alone.

Over a thousand people have congregated here, all of them a renaissance faire of a hundred different generations from nearly as many countries. Some wear conventional western style clothing but others seem literally girded for war of the Norse kind.
There is more than a few dozen city ordinances being openly defied at the moment, even if this throng did seek a permit for this kind of thing. The Cops have to be on their way, even if it remains to be seen what they can do about this without full on riot gear.
That gigantic moshpit at the foot of the flatbed stage looks especially metal. A live ram may have just stage dived into the crowd and is being passed around.

The lyrics of the growled song make it clear whom is being honored with this parade of maythem.

* * *

From his potion upon the ground Thor regards her for a beat before reaching upward and accepting her hand. Shifting a bit, he pulls his feet underneath him and shifts to stand before releasing and then moving backward. The god of thunder reaches and grabs deltoid then giving a rolling motion of his shoulder as if being taken to the mat had stiffened his arm.

"'Twould be unworthy of me to quit before I had claimed victory," He responds to her challenge then straightening the arm he was rolling and wiggling his fingers as if they needed stretching also, "Hrm?" He feigns not clearly hearing her and looks towards the moon. Then a slow smile tugs at the side of his mouth as his gaze falls and there is a look of having something incredibly wonderful to say..


His lips move but its quite impossible to make out the words but whatever he said it leaves him grinning broadly at her. A look that fades as the ruckus overcomes smug satisfaction. Unable to resist someone calling his praises the call-to-worship only seems to embolden him and as he moves to the edge of the roof he says, "I should think they would be praising /you/," with humor as he goes to the edge of the roof and peers down.

Extending a wide hand he gives an exaggerated wave, "We may have to slaughter Toothgrinder after all — if we are to feed them all."

Then after consideration he looks at Peggy with subdued excitement, "Should we see if they have brought me tribute?!" He would clearly very much like to see if they have brought him gifts.

* * *

Peggy grins. "That's what I thought you'd say." Bouncing a bit on her feet, she gets ready for the next bout, sliding her right foot slightly behind her to set her balance properly and bringing her fists up like a boxer. "Don't worry, Toothbender, I'll protect you from the stew."

And then the windows shake, the building feels as if the supports are shifting slightly. This high up, things tend to shift all the more. Unfortunately, she misses the retort once more. She'll assume it was properly insulting and vulgar.

Blinking a few times and wincing at the volume of the music, the Agent of SHIELD straightens and moves toward her own belongings. Plucking a gun from the table and moving toward the edge of the roof to peer downward. For a second, she acts much like what many think her age actually is by muttering, "Who play music this loud?"

Taking in the scene, it's hard to not equate those gathered with Thor. However, this is the Upper East Side, and that is not the usual crowd to be here. "I mean, I'm not the god or goddess of anything. You're the one with the mystical flying hammer." Wryly, but with fondness, Peggy glances up to Thor and then back down at the group. However, the smile fades just for a moment. "We can go down to see what this is about, but this is strange. It could be a trap, so we should be careful."

* * *

The furious serenade continues unabated as a few more trickles in. While there is a core several hundred that seem dedicated to this pageantry of grinding metal, there's several hundred onlookers who're just walking over to see what all the fuss is about. More than a few youngsters have joined the flock if only because hey.. Free concert!?
Yet others have closed their doors, shuttered their windows and almost certainly calling the police. Some older couples have started shouting throwing rotten produce at the crowd to get them to shut up but they're a drop in the bucket compared to the ocean of commotion.
At first Thor goes unnoticed on the rooftop, but as he waves his mighty hand a handful look up and take notice. Shoulders are shook, sleeves are pulled, swords are raised. Like a ripple in a pool more and more take notice as the Thunderer himself is recognized.
There is no singular cry. A thousand voices shouting their prayers and joy at his august presence as their tumult threatens to overshadow even the loud rock music.
Perhaps the band themselves finally take notice. Bridging between songs the lead singer growls into an outstretched microphone, "LO! SON OF ODIN! WE BESEECH YOUR GUIDANCE!" Upon noticing Peggy alongside him he quickly adds, "WE TOO WELCOME YOUR GODDESS CONSORT!!
Words which quickly transition to yet another song, this time exalting the virtues of blessed Mjolnir.

* * *

"Aye," Thor assents to why those below would be calling to him and not to her. He looks at her there, gaze falling to her pistol, and then back up, "but imagine if they had seen you toss me across the roof?"


Thor chortles, "It seems you are mistaken about yourself, Peggy Carter."

When she agrees to go down and meet them he seems to not hear the part about 'being careful' for his demeanor becomes on of immediate joy and he turns towards the goats. Clapping his hands he bades them forward, "Toothgrinder, Toothgnasher, come.."

The goats cease their gnawing upon the pile of recycled goods in their paddock and come obediently forward to join both Thor and Peggy. Tall as they are they also seem to go forward a moment and look over the edge to see what is causing the ruckus.

Thor mounts Toothgrinder who accepts the burden without protest. Toothgnasher moves its head swinging its neck gently into Peggy, prompting — perhaps impatient.

The Thunderer seems prepared to spur his mount when he looks down at his hand. His empty hand. "Will they expect the hammer?" He asks rhetorically, "Yes. They will probably expect the hammer." He reaches over his back.

Metal sings. Mjolnir leaps from the chair into his grasp. He holds it aloft and spurs his mount.

* * *

While Thor hears Goddess, Peggy hears 'consort'. "Thor, they don't think I'm a goddess, they think I'm your consort." Having been friends and roommates with Thor for so long, she is generally used to his tendency toward optimism and hearing only the good. And so, she has her own way of dealing with this: continue to tell him things and do it her own way. "Or, if they think I'm a goddess it's because they think you'd only take a consort that is a goddess."

She's not about to allow Thor to go down there by himself when she certainly feels as if something is off. Or, at least, strange enough. Before she climbs onto Toothgnasher, she has to take care of a few things. Grabbing the bag she brought up with her, Peggy tosses it over her shoulder. She slides her gun into it along with a rod used to hold up tomato vines. That should take care of protectional needs.

Then, she climbs aboard the large goat. She used to be awkward at it, but in the time she's spent with Thor, she's gotten a lot better. They're not the same as horses, but she has found a proper and comfortable way to ride them.

"Again, Thor, caution. We don't know who these people are. They could be wanting you to join their feasts for ill reasons."

* * *

Oh they expect the hammer.

There are a number of questions to ask about this. Not least among them, how did they know where to find Thor? But they are certainly here now.

If they were making noise before, when the Lord of the Chariot himself rides into view on the back of the Asgardian Ram with Mjolnir held aloft.. The crowd loses it. They actually match the volume of the speakers as the band plays at their absolute loudest and best in tribute of their Lord. Even the moshpit stops as the participants cease the endless spiralling battle to look up and scream praises to the Thunder God.
While the greatest portion of the people in this concert are indeed metal heads and nuovoVikings there actually are saner people in attendance on the fringes. There are certainly a good portion of genuine modern-day Thor fans of the like that worship many of the world's modern heros. Thor T-shirts and plastic Mjolnirs, the merchandising in the same vein often seen of Captain America and Superman. But they've taken a backstage to the core group who are certainly the faithful of the Aesir. There are those wearing more subtle robes the likes of which adherents yet in Iceland wear when venerating the Gods of Old. Leathers, horns, bones and paint in a more gothic tradition in the forests of northern Gaul and Germania.
There are rapturous tears of joy from some, having fallen to their knees with arms raised as their savior reveals himself at last. Others just want to add Thor's autograph to a first edition Avengers cap to complete the set of the Chitauri invasion roster. There does not seem to be any great trend among them beyond their absolute adoration for the God of Thunder seldom seen on North American shores.

For Agent Carter, they seem to accept her almost instantly. Riding alongside Thor himself upon one of the sacred golden rams is more than enough cred for this crowd to accept her utterly as divine in origin.
Peggy is likely the only one savvy enough to notice the small cluster of police that have already arrived, keeping to themselves for the moment as they try to figure out what the hell to do about this mess. Even they do look up and take note of the flying pair, immediately beginning to talk among themselves and into walkie talkies.
With Thor here the DPS will almost certainly be alerted, as per standard NYC protocol with metahuman involvement.

* * *

Thor does not wonder how they know where he lives. The nature of godhood and nobility is that one does not often get the luxury of seclusion at their primary residence. This all seems very natural … just like the old days.

Which is to say whereas notables such as Superman or Captain America might shirk at the idea of actual worship, Thor seems to lap it up. As they cheer and fall to their knees his arms go higher. The descent of Toothgrinder seems to slow as if its flight were buoyed by a outpouring below.

At this moment when they are both hovering Thor side-mouths to Peggy, "They love me," its not an explanation it's a statement, "What trouble could mortals cause to Thor and his co—Goddess?" Thor grins once more.

Lowering his hands he waves the hammer slowly before him in a full one-hundred-eighty-degree arc as if blessing the crowd. This brings a slow hush to the crowd though the music blares. Then Peggy sees it. He gets a look in his eyes which cut momentarily towards her as if to say 'watch this'.

Spinning Mjolnir artfully in his grasp coils of electricity consume its head. He thrusts it towards the sky. Lightning spears upwards towards the heavens. The electromagnetic spectrum goes haywire as he commandeers the sound system — and potentially nearby police radios.

The music stops. Thor begins to speak. His voice coming through the sound system at full volume. "Hail and well met," he declares voice becoming very gravelly as if he were doing his own /metal voice/, "I say to thee the heartiest warriors must have departed the eternal battles of Valhalla for it has been /centuries/ since I have felt the souls of the ancient Vikings surround me. But here they are. Calling out. From within each of you!"

Dramatic pause. Invisible guitars SHRIEK through the sound system. He allows for cheering. Then continues.

"/And I say to thee/ the soul of no warrior is fiercer than she who sits next to me! All hail, Lady Peggy Carter! Shield MAiden of Midgard! Veteran of wars past and present!" He gestures and then holds Mjolnir outwards towards her as if it were a — microphone. Maybe she'd has a few words she'd like to say?

* * *

"Yes, they do." The fact that people love Thor or what Thor stands for is not what has raised Peggy's alarm systems. These sorts of things tend to happen around Thor. However, it is generally random or he has gone searching for entertainment. The fact that they are at their building is something that has made her wary, though.

While Thor revels in the adoration, Peggy looks about the crowd, scanning for signs of insincerity, for someone using this gathering to get too close to Thor and do him harm. The police on the outskirts are already in her view and thought process. This huge group of people cannot be here for too long without disrupting a lot of city life.

The strong crash of lightning pulls her focus back to Thor. The crowd seems sincere, the people a part of a movement who truly do wish to celebrate her friend and be a part of something. And therefore, she will not rain on his or their parade. He may be the God of Thunder, but she does not need to be the Goddess of Debbie Downers. Also, telling them to shut it down is a surefire way to get people who believe they have the spirit of Vikings inside of them to go raiding. While they're partying, hopefully they'll be more manageable.

As Thor holds Mjolnir out to her to speak, she nods to the crowd. Taking a moment to gather her thoughts, she speaks. "Well met, all. Thank you. However, the street is too cramped a place for such a celebration. Let us take this to the Park where we can rejoice properly. Thor will lead you all there and stake out a proper spot for a true revelry."

To the police, she gives a bit of a look, in order to try and help figure things out. Once they are out of the street, they can figure more things out.

* * *

This is indeed a return to the glory days. A small tiny spark of pagan worship that's largely survived in the distant hills or in the legends and memories of musicians, theatres and poets largely hiding from western civilization. But they hide no more, now that the true God of Thunder revealed himself to the world in their greatest time of need. As Mjolnir, the Crusher, again smites the enemies of Asgard on the world of Midgard there are those whom are starting to recite the Eddas. At least, what little remains of the old religion that the Christians did not obliterate.

But all that is unimportant now. Now? Thor can teach them the words of Odin anew. A pure version that mankind has long since forgotten.

When Odinson calls the Thunder to serve, his flock are on their knees. The band fall to bended knee to a man, armored heads bowed in reverence. Though there are a few hundred on the outskirts not quite dedicated to this whole worship business they definitely wave their hands and go silent.
Its eerie, going from such a raucous noise to absolute silence at Thor's bidding. Many hold their fists over their heart, some held together in prayer. Tears are shed as they listen to their God, long since in exile from the world of man.
As the Thunderer offers each of them benediction, there is a chorus of shouts! There is no singular phrase or word, as none yet live who remember proper deference to the Prince of Asgard. Their wordless love and devotion is all they can offer.
Once more silence. And then Carter is chosen.


"EINHERJAR!" As one they dubb her. Refrained aftershocks of titles ripple in the wake of that word, 'Valhalla awaits!' 'Chosen of Valkyries!' 'Chosen by Odinson!' 'Warrior for Ragnarok!'

As one they rush in on her like a tidal wave of leather-clad humanity. They seek to lift her up and hold her high like a queen on a human palanquin. They notably do none of what she just asked of them as they're swept up in the moment of having one of the Chosen warriors of Valhalla named in their presence. The very ideal of any North man in living flesh.

"ODINSON!" An old yet brave man rushes forth, falling to his knees at Thor's feet. His eyes cast only to the dirt under his toes yet his words are born of courage and faith. The others seem to pay him deference for the moment. His pate bald, his beard grey and thick, "Mighty Thor! We beg of you! Teach us the ways of Asgard once more! In our weakness, the cowards of the southern realms silenced our faith in you! We know so little of the path to Valhalla! Please! We beg!" Even so grizzled a mortal man as he cannot hold back to the tears of shame at what the hated Christians have done to them.

* * *

Thor laughs deeply as they surround Peggy and begin to lift her up into the air. Looking at her he nods his head several times as if to say 'accept it' and then adds, "See," He gestures about with hand-and-hammer, "this is all in good fun."


This brings Thor's attention to the old man who collapses before he and his goat. The joy slowly seems to drain from his face as the man begs him for knowledge and is soon replaced by a look of grim contemplation. A mantel of responsibility falls upon him then. Had he forgotten that godhood was more than feasts and conquests? In his zeal to find tribute he had neglected to complex spiritual needs of those who seem to age and die a few moments when compared to the near-infinite span of his own life.

Did not the All-Father command him to protect the people but to stop shepherding them? Yes. That definitely sounds like something he was told. Mjolnir suddenly seems a mote heavier in his grasp.

Still, wouldn't it be unworthy to simply abandon them? Yes. That definitely sounds unworthy. Mjolnir suddenly seems more balanced.

He will need time to think this over.

"Very well," Thor proclaims and offers Mjolnir outward to help the man to his feet, "but as Peggy has commanded /this place/ is unsuited to commune with the spirits of ages past and to look towards immortality. Gather your things and join my in the park. Let us set up camp there to feast, to drink, and to revel! To discuss the … wisdom of the All-Father!"

Pointing Mjolnir ahead he spurs Toothgrinder lightly and starts the beast forward. He leads his flock towards Central Park. To setup camp until they find the wisdom of the All-Father. Exactly as Peggy instructed.

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