One, Two, Three, Floor.
Roleplaying Log: One, Two, Three, Floor.
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Crush and Ryan meet at a fight club

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IC Date: January 30, 2020
IC Location: Gotham
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It's early evening in Gotham's Tricorner Island, and with a thick cloud cover that blocks the moonlight makes it darker than normal for Gotham, and people of all shades of well shady are coming together for an underground fight ring, with the expectation of some good fights, with old blood and possibly some new blood as well, and some good amount of money for those who know who to bet on.

* * *

One individual named Ryan had heard about this fight and figures that this might be a good chance to get some information on the people he has been searching for and maybe make some extra cash in the fights after all a man has got to keep his cash reserves in good levels. As Ryan enters people are still getting situated where they want to be for the fights and some bets are already getting placed on some of the fighters and too much a surprise a mine bar is set up for drinks, overly priced of course.

Ryan spotting the bar decides to head over and grab a drink all the while listening in to conversations both with his senses and his telekinesis to see if he can pick up something that might help him with his investigation.

* * *

Crush is somewhat new in town- but places like this are easy to find for a girl like her. It's always a bit of a draw to have a woman fighting in the pits. Particularly one who's very clearly not baseline human. For now, at least, she sitting at the same bar Ryan is at- smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer as bets are being placed and people mill about before the main fights begin.

Some of the people are talking about her- she stands out. Tall, athletic body, looks sort of fierce with her pointed teeth and red eyes- but she's still something of an unknown factor. The scuttlebutt is that she's very strong- and looking at her that might be the case, but it might all be an act.

The woman herself is silent on the matter, smoking and drinking and waiting for her turn to fight as the 'lower level' fights start between unpowered individuals.

* * *

Its kinda hard not to notice her with her somewhat intimidating presence. Ryan also pics up on the conversations about her as well using his telekinesis and a bit about the other fighters as well but nothing about what he is looking for at the moment. So with that being the case, Ryan orders an Irish whiskey and coke and decides he might as well fight and get some money from this trip, so he heads over to the signup roster for the fights, signed up, then returns to the bar to wait and watch for now.

As Ryan waits he figures turns towards to the woman at the bar and says in a southern accent "Should be some interesting fights tonight I hear, you looking forward to seeing them or just getting into the fights?" If the woman will look at Ryan he doesn't look like anything special to look at, with a kinda tall and semi muscular build to him wearing a black zip up hoodie with blue jeans and black combat boots.

* * *

She's on that roster, too- the name 'Crush'. It wasn't that unusual for people to use aliases in a spot like this. After all- that paperwork is proof that you were participating in a potentially illegal fight.

Crush looks towards Ryan. Her eyes are red- it doesn't look like one of those tattoos, either- all natural. Of a sort.

Even the black along her eyes seems too real. "Yeah. I like beating the shit out of idiots." she replies to Ryan, putting an empty beer bottle down on the bar counter, tapping it. "ANother."

"They'll let me know when it's my turn. I'll go out there and kick the shit out of anyone who gets in that cage with me."

* * *

As she calls for another the bartender grabs another cold one, snaps off the cap and places it on the bar next to her without saying a word.

As Ryan catches her red eyes and the blackness around them he figures she is probably some kind of mutant or at least a meta of sorts. "I see, well I look forward to seeing you fight then." Ryan takes another sip of his drink "I'd wish you luck but I get the feeling that you won't be needing it, more likely the other fighters will."

Ryan had also put down an old alias Leo that he used in the past when he would participate in these fights, though that was back further south so no one should know the name….. Probably.

* * *

"No. They'll be needing a trip to the hospital." Crush says as the fights between less powered individuals comes to a close with one bloodied man raising his fists in the air. Shouting. The thrill of combat and bloodsport- the crowd going wild.

The 'MC' of the evening, a man with a bullhorn, shouts into it. "Right! Now we're onto the Meta rounds. We got a newcomer here tonight- Crush. That's right, boys, someone gunna have to teach this lady a lesson." he laughs- the majority of the crowd and fighters are men.

Crush just throws back her beer, finishes her cigarette and walks towards the impromptu ring- a 'cage' made of chain link fencing that sits about 12 feet tall- making it hard to get over.

Crush just jumps over it like it was nothing, then raises two glorious middle fingers to the laughing crowd.

"She's going up against.. STONETHROW!"

Stonethrow is a man covered in a rocky exterior- flexing and grinning, a mutant of some sort. He looks impressively strong- and stands a good two feet taller than Crush- who's already fairly tall at nearly 6 feet tall. She looks up at Stonethrow from her side of the ring as he enters in through the 'door'. "I'm gunna break you in half, girly!"

* * *

As Ryan watches Crush enter into the ring and gives the birds to everyone "Huh bit of a rebel. Interesting."

Ryan takes another sip of his drink and he then seas Stonethrow begin to enter into the ring, Ryan sizes them up in his head. Most people here are probably going for the big stone guy but Ryan got a feeling that Crush has more to offer then these people think. "This should be interesting to watch."

the betting booths quickly open for last-minute bets before the fight starts and Ryan goes ahead and places a 50 dollar bet on Crush. It's a safe bet in his mind as his instincts are right and he will make money or he learns that she is just all bark and no bite.

* * *

The bell is rung- the fight starts.

Stonethrow makes the first move- with Crush just waiting with an almost bored look on her face. The punch comes- it's fast, it's brutal, and hit's Crush in the face.

The crowd shouts out, people cheering loudly as Crush's head rocks to the side and she stumbles a bit. The fight is on. Crush comes upright quickly. Opening and closing her mouth- "You hit like a pussy." she taunts, "Let me show you how a real punch feels."

Stonethrow laughs, patting his rock covered cheek. "Come on then, sweetheart- I'll give you a free one."

Crush takes the man up on his offer. When she hits him the stone coating on his face shatters, and Stonethrow is bodily driven into the fence- and then falls to the ground. He doesn't stand up.

At first, the crowd is stunned silent- but then a mighty cheer goes up as Crush just once again flips everyone off, and goes to collect her winnings- she bet on herself, of course, and there's a purse for winning. Between the two she's counting out hundreds as she walks back towards the bar.

* * *

Looks like Ryans instincts were right about Crush and just made him 50 dollars richer and now he knows a bit about her for if they fight one another. or should I say when they fight each other.

As Crush walks back to the bar Ryan will give a slow clap to Crush. "Nicely done, I get the feeling he won't be getting up from that anytime soon." Ryan turns his head to the barkeeper "Barkeep another round of what she wants to drink."

* * *

"Beer." Crush states simply as she returns to the bar, chuckling over at Ryan. "Probably not, be on his ass for a minute or two. Broken jaw, probably." she says as she looks over to Ryan. "What about you. Here to fight, or just to bet?"

* * *

The bartender grabs a bear and places it in front of Crush.

Ryan takes a sip of his drink. "Oh, I'm here to fight as well. I figured id make some money while I am here as well. I must say that was one hell of a punch you throw back there, I pity the next fighter who goes up against you."

The bouncers come and drag the still unconscious fighter out of the ring and the MC entered into the ring. "Well now I did not see that coming and I don't think that fighter did either. It looks like Crush is here to stick around. But the night is just beginning folks! Our next fighter is also a new fighter tonight, let see if he is a tough as our last fighter. Leo! get on down here.

Ryan downs the rest of his drink "Huh looks like I'm up already, guess they want to get rid of the new fighters early on." Ryan will then throw up his hood to hide his facial feetures, puts his hands into his pockets and calmly walks down into the fight ring. Nothing fancy or showing like Crush did.

* * *

Crush sits back, drinking her beer. She just watches for now as Ryan walks out- going for that mysterious stranger look. She can understand that desire, but really, it's a lot harder for a six-foot tall albino with red eyes to be 'low key' than it is for Ryan- who looks more or less like any normal dude.

She doesn't have that option. She just stands out.

Still, she watches all the same, "Kick his ass!" she shouts over to Ryan, not bothering to make a bet.

* * *

The MC starts laughing as Leo enters into the ring. "What this scrawny kid if our next fighter? Well, folks, this is going to be over quick since our little lion here is going up against one of our best here IronBreaker."

A six ft. eight in. man with skin made entirely of metal enters into the ring. As soon as he sees Ryan aka Leo he starts laughing "HAH HAH HAH! Is this a joke! You're my opponent! Kid I'm gonna break you like a toothpick!" Ryan just stands there unfazed by the big guy and thinks to himself. Why is always big muscle headed moans that I fight thinking they can win with brute strength, well at least this will be an easy fight.

The bell rings and IronBreaker wastes no time and charged towards Ryan and throws a punch intending t take him out in one hit. But Ryan using his telepathy reads the guys moves and knows exactly what's coming and as IronBreaker throws his punch, Ryan sidesteps out of the way, then jumps into the air up to the guy's head and throws a side kick straight into the guy's head and by using his telekinesis send a force that close to a small wrecking ball from a construction site straight into the guy's head! Causing the fighter crash to the ground and knocked unconscious, while Ryan lands gently on his feet next to him with his hands still in his pockets and hood over on.

The crowd's mouths are dropped opens utter silence as they see Ryan take this guy out with one weak looking kick. Then the crowd breaks out in a roar of cheer As Ryan calmly walks out of the ring, collects his winnings and makes his way back to the bar.

* * *

Silent, except for Crush who's laughing her ass off at the bar. "Ahaha! Did you see the look on his face when he got kicked in the head?! That was amazing!" she shouts, piercing the silence with her mocking opinion. "Oh, man. Good one. He gets a beer on me.' she says to the bartender, sliding the money across to him. "Dude, fantastic."

* * *

"Thank you." Ryan grabs the bear and takes a swig of it. "I sware these guys make it too easy to win. They think they got this just because they bigger then you or they got bigger muscles and all. it's completely stupid." Ryan then lifts up his beer glass to Crush "What do you say we teach these idiots a lesson and beat the hell out of all them?"

* * *

"Ain't no money in that." Crush states simply, "Anyways, don't want to wear out my welcome- this is how I get food money." she says simply, raising her bottle to Ryan. "You gotta know when to hold'em and when to fold'em, man." she says as she throws back her beer. "You can beat the fuck outta them after I leave, though." she offers, "I don't give a hot shit about any of that."

"Just let me know, and I'll make my way out." Crush says simply.

* * *

"Ah sorry I should have been more clear, I meant we beat the hell out of them by winning each of our matches until we are the last ones standing." Ryan takes another swig of his beer. "Though you do make a good point, no sense in wearing out our welcome, especially if this is how you make your money for food, I would not want to damage that for you."

* * *

"Yeah, you know what they say- Don't shit where you eat." Crush says with another shake of her head as she finishes her beer. "Yo, you go and have fun. Me, I'm going to go do somethin' with this money." she waves towards Ryan. "See you around… Leo."

* * *

Ryan stakes another swig of his beer and then nods his head to Crush as she begins to leave, "Until next time Crush." and will make his own exit in the other direction. A couple of minutes pass and Crush will then hear a voice in her head and it sounds exactly like Leo. <My name is actually Ryan by the way Ryan rivers, enjoy your winnings Crush. Until we cross paths again.>

* * *

"Yeah.. Stay the hell outta my head.." Crush says simply, "Otherwise I do some of that crushin' with you." she calls out to the either as she heads out into the night.

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