An Unstoppable Object
Roleplaying Log: An Unstoppable Object
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Juggernaut is hired to teach Crush a lesson.

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IC Date: February 15, 2020
IC Location: Junkyard, Outside of Gotham
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Posted On: 16 Feb 2020 05:48
Rating & Warnings: Violence
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* * *

Crush had been making waves- angry waves- in the criminal communities of both New York City and Gotham- enough that 'concerned' peoples decided to pool some money to take care of said problem. They hired the Juggernaut to teach her a lesson.

Those concerned persons only knew one thing- she'd sometimes hang out in a particular junkyard that was quite far from regular civilization. A lot of privacy, a lot of space.

What they DIDN'T tell Juggernaut that he was being hired to teach a lesson to an eighteen year old girl who looked like she was the living representative to KISS fandom. Six feet tall, but more athletically built than muscular. White skin. Red Eyes. Possibly a mutant- judging by the lay out of the abandoned junkyard, she'd certainly remodeled by hand. Most of the junk was pushed to create privacy walls. Her bedroom was the old shack in the middle of it all that used to house a security guard. She wasn't just training out here, she was living out here.

All of this easily seen from the high hills that surround the junkyard, built in a natural valley. A private place, for sure.

And Crush was easy to find, too, in that Junkyard- she was out in the yard, working out- lifting what appeared to be a ball of compressed metal as she laid out on her back.

* * *

The Juggernaut isn't exactly what you would labor. He considers himself the biggest muscle you can buy and….most people have enough common sense to not argue with him about that and agree to his various fees and personal requests. Usually it's a well to do mastermind or someone with considerable pockets calling the shots and paying the bills. When he learns that this job is being paid for as a community effort? It's enough to get his curiousity peaked.

"What, you guys take up a tithe or something?" he quips after going over the offered finances. He teeters on if he'll accept the job or not but upon getting a better sense of the potential capabilities and exploits of this 'Crush' his curiousity peaks. Plus things -have- been a little slow lately.

And so it is that Crush's workout would find itself disrupted by what seems to be an approaching..earthquake? The faint tremors gradually increase in intensity. A shaking that booms through the ground, pauses and is followed by another boom. Then another *BOOM*. The walls of junk teetering, compacted cars wavering and toppling and the very ground beginning to crack as if some sort of Kaiju was en route. Such a comparision is probably not to far from the truth.

When Juggernaut finally makes an appearance it's by way of striding through outer most walls of the Junkyard as if it were wet tissue. Debris falls and billows around him as he steps forward, a dust cloud pluming in his wake as he lumbers in with all the delicacy of an herd of elephants attempting to manuever through rush hour traffic.

* * *

Crush looked up when she started to feel the tremors and was on her feet by the time her wall of junk was torn apart like a particularly wet paper bag. It just fell apart. Her red eyes locked on Juggernaut when he appears through her wall. She throws the heavy ball into another wall- it just embeds in the trash.

"You got a good reason to be breakin' my wall?" Crush asks, as she squares up- she's got balls, at least.

"I sure hope so, because I don't like no-one visitin' me here." Crush growls as she just stands in place defiantly staring at the Juggernaut. Her fists are up- she's ready to fight the unstoppable force without a link of hesitation.

* * *

Glowering and lightly illuminated red colored eyes …blink in confusion?

As another pile of junk crashes to the ground behind him, Juggernaut slows his approach and reaches behind him to retrieve a piece of paper from some place or another on his armored costume. "What the…"

He then shrugs and balls up the paper and tosses it over his shoulder and then lifts that same arm up to point at Crush with a finger as thick ar some tree limbs, "Are -you- Crush?"

His approach eventually slows to a full stop and he looms infront of her like some monster truck with both of his piston sized arms hanging at his sides. "The're just some..kid with a bad makeup job? I thought Hot Topic wasn't popular anymore…"

Her defiance and lack of wariness is noted and he just wrinkles his nose as a frown tugs on his lips. "..Don't look like you're to smart though.."

* * *

"This is my skin." Crush replies with a frown, her fists rolling tighter. "Yeah, I'm Crush!" she says, "Who the hell are you?" Crush lives a life very far from televisions, it seems. She didn't even grow up with regular access.

Crush is pacing now- letting her anger get to her as she stares at Juggernaut. "Why are you here, messin' up my favorite wall?" she asks, as her own red eyes gaze at his. Those are natural- all the markings are natural. She's absolutely not base-line human.

Crush paces still, obviously quite upset her HOUSE has been intruded on. "Man, I really liked it here, too, and now I gotta get up and move cuz you just show up like this. You know how hard it is to get sleep when peoples might break into your house?!"

* * *

" don't know who I am??" Juggernaut blinks a few times and then shrugs "Man..those idiots.."

He shakes his head and rests both hands on his hips as he takes in the rest of her tirade. "Man.. the stuff I get into. I was hoping to have a serious fight or something but you're just some kid.. I can't do much for my rep by beatin' up some kid. What're you, a mutant? Well..anyway.."

He shakes his head and moves his hands from his hips, "Even bratty kids need hard lessons sometimes. Look, Crush, sounds like you've got some folk pretty mad at you, so I'm here to send a message."

He pauses as if giving it a moment to sink in and then grins slowly, "I don't like beating up on kids.."

He leaves out the fact that his career started with having to fight kids but hey he was -after- Xavier. They got in the way,

"I'll tell you what.. I'll give you a free shot or two." He lifts a single arm up, balling up a fist the size of a compact car. Veins as big as garden houses stand out on his exposed hairy skin as a bicep as big as a Buick flexes liek a mountain rising up, casting Crush in shadow.

"Then we'll see if you can take my SUNDAY PUNCH! Don't get up after wards..and we'll call it a day. No hard feelings, okay?"

* * *

"Naw. I ain't a mutant. I'm like half alien." Crush replies as she raises her fists, ready to take her free shots. "You're big, but I fought bigger in them fight rings yer protectin'. I took 'em all down, and I'll take you down, too." There's some confidence there for sure.

She runs forward, ready to lay a mighty punch to Juggernaut.

She Holds back, of course, he's big and wearing armor- but Crush is used to being the biggest fish in the room and she really doesn't have it in her to kill someone. She can always hit him harder on the next punch, right?

"AAAAH!" A war cry as she tries to make her fist crunch into the Juggernaut's stomach- he's quite a bit taller than her, so that's a right in the middle strike for her.

* * *

"You fought -bigger-? No foolin'!" He's basically the size of a semi truck cab but it's entirely possible given the world of mutants and metas. This doesn't seem to shake him up to much though, if anything he just grins bigger. Especially as she winds up for a swing and then brings it in.

The impact is resounding. Not nearly as bad as it could be or likely will get. But it's still thunderous. An echoing eruption of sound that blasts out along with a shockwave, and rips up the ground around both bruisers and sends more debris flying and windows shattering.

The Juggernaut just stands there and the way she can probably feel the muscle beneath the impact of her's likely clear this is all him and the armor is largely decorative..or perhaps serves some other purpose.

"Cute punch." he rumbles, half sniffing abit. Seemingly as immovable as unstoppable.

"But is that it? What'd they pay me for…?" His monsterous arm remains flexed, fist looming overhead like some sort of Sword of Damocles as he considers this and then rumbles curiously, "You wanna..try again? I did say one or two free shots.."

* * *

It wasn't a joke punch, clearly. Still- Crush is left shocked and angry. Usually her anger is fed by a good punch.

So she punches again, this time harder- much harder, at least twice as hard. She was *really* holding back. "They're paying you? So you don't even give a shit what they're doing, do you? Makin' people fight who ain't got a choice?" she asks as she goes directly into an attempt to strike again, she'll take a third if the second isn't already laying him flat.

* * *

When the punch lands it's like a full on earthquake just rolled into the region. None of that light trembling stuff from before. This time chances are seismometers are getting triggered elsewhere in the county as the meeting of the fist to Juggernaut's torso occurs and an eruption of force ripples out from the goliath, into the ground and around the two heavy hitters as if a series of building detonating concussive bombs went off all at once.

The Juggernaut just stands there. His grin has grown larger, and yet more cruel now and as he sees her winding up for a third, he brings his own arm down - hurtling it in like a descending asteroid, intending on slamming her full on with it and to the ground with little force to spare. He 'holds back' in the sense that he always seems to have more to give and isn't in some sort of deep rage with intention of doing permenant harm but if it lands.. those in weight classes above her own would reel and possibly go flying if not braced.

* * *

Crush goes flying- She doesn't have the weight to stop that punch without a brace. She crashes into the wall, disappearing in an avalanche of metallic debris. For a lot of people that would be the end of it.

But that's not the end of it.

Crush steps out of the rubble, frowning deeply- she's got a bloodied nose that seems to stop bleeding within a few moments. She's got some pretty beefy regeneration, it seems. At least against minor injuries.

"That's a good punch you got there." she growls, as she stares at the man. "So, you're in with them slavers." she says as she goes to grab a truck's engine and throw it at Juggernaut- classic brick move- with her running behind it, ready to land a second strike if the first doesn't make a dent.

Now, though, there's even less restraint- Crush is hitting harder, stronger, faster. She's getting into the fight- if anything, she seems to be enjoying it.

* * *

"I don't know nothin' about slavers." counters Juggernaut. Ignorance is always a good defense where he's concerned, "They gave me a job, I took it. I was worried when I first saw you, girl, thought maybe I'd made a mistake but.."

His words are cut off as he swats a gigantic arm out, slapping away the incoming engine with the back of a hairy hand and sending it spiraling off to crash somewhere in the distance with an explosive impact.

The distraction serves some purpose though. Off balanced and distracted he's unable to fully no-sell the incoming strikes from Crush and her blows land on his torso with even louder, more violent, earthquake causing *BOOOOMS* and *TOOOOMS*. His torso staggers and he teeters abit..slipping a foot backwards to brace his body again and hold his ground."WHOULF!! .. Not bad!"

A few more strikes land and then Juggernaut lunges forward, bringing to bear both his unstoppable momentum and a forward swinging fist. His arm swings down and low, fist literally digging a trench into the ground and forming a growing crevice before it explodes upwards in a thunderous uppercut he leans his entire body into.

* * *

"Well. That's who's hired you. They make people fight with mind control. They fight slaves- and I ain't gunna let them get away with it!" Crush shouts out as she keeps going forward, trying to press her advantage.

Luckily, being on the front foot gives her a bit more defense when that uppercut comes and strikes. She's managed to get her arms in the right spot.

And she still goes flying- up into the air and then down behind one of the nearby hills.

That doesn't seem to have stopped her- Crush is jumping back through the air, now with a giant piece of wood in both hands like a club- the huge limb off an equally large tree she likely crashed into.

* * *

The armored brute isn't much of a jumper himself.. so he looks mildly impressed that Crush, not only took that hit but is -still- coming, but is capable of making that leap at all. He purses his lips and rumbles, "Guess the kid gloves gotta come off after all.."

He stretches his arms, muscles creaking and stretching and knuckles cracking with the sound of boulders splintering. He then begins charging forward. The ground truly lurches and shakes violently now. Each step triggering earthquake alarm systems as the unstoppable strength and momentum of the behemoth surges more into play and the proverbial dial continues to be turned up and up. Both of his massive hands lace together, forming a balled up pair of fists that look to be the size of a jeep as he charges forward to meet the incoming club strike head on and then swings both monster sized arms around in a tremendous haymaker at the same time. The tree will impact thunderously upon the giant but likely splinter into countless fragments as Juggernaut's unstoppable movement presses forward through the attack and bears down on Crush.

* * *

Crush doesn't relent- she's either not afraid, or just too stubborn and angry to do so. It's not to say she's not hurt- there's clearly some damage to her going on, but she's doubling down on that club attack.

Of course, it's absolutely shattered, with Crush thrust back from the impact. She lands nearby, managing to catch the back of her heels before tumbling down, over a shoulder and back onto her feet. She looks a touch dazed from the impact- swaying in place as she looks up to the oncoming freight train that is the unstoppable Juggernaut.

A more intelligent combatant would get out of Juggernaut's way.

Naturally, the teenage fueled confidence of Crush does not allow such intelligent, tactical decisions. Rather, she braces herself and prepares to try and stop the unstoppable.

* * *

To be fair, she doesn't even know his name or who he is, let alone any rumors or stories about him and his rumored unstoppable power and momentum.

But be that as it may, there seems to be only one way this story is going to end. Juggernaut would be more then a match for an entire team with Crush on it as a member, as the X-men well know.

"I told you, kid, I don't know anything about slavers. I got nothing to do with all that. I got a job to teach you a lesson…"Within an instant, it seems, he's on her again, with his massive body charging forward and both of his fists plunging out and at her like industrial pistons blasting forward with force that is quite capable of shaking and moving mountains. The shockwave can be felt well before the behemoth has truly thundered into actual contact range. "..So get ready, cause school's in session!"

Corny - perhaps - but that's probably the least of the issues right now.

* * *

When Juggernaut strikes it's like being hit by pure force.

Crush manages to stay in her 'braced' position for at least the first fifty feet or so, but after that she's hit hard, by fists, and tripped up soon after to fall under foot.

When Crush is done tumbling she'll stand up with a clearly broken arm. The fight is taking it's toll on her despite her great strength. She still spits in defiance. Whatever it is that makes her strong, clearly also makes her stubborn. Even with lesser injuries healing quickly, the broken arm isn't healing immediately. It seems to be a more serious injury, certainly. "You're a piece of dirt." she says. "You support slavery, fight for slavers, how do you know they didn't brain wash you into this like they did to them fighters?" she asks, "They's usuin' you to get me to stop ruinin' their operation. I was makin' good money at those fights, but they ruined it. Ain't right to beat on someone who ain't got a choice cuz they're mind controlled!" she's shouting now, trying to psyche herself up- remind herself why she's fighting right now.

It's not helping unbreak her arm, though.

* * *

The giant pauses. Morality stops The Juggernaut?

He frowns. A deeply rooted one. He then shakes his head as if clearing it of cobwebs and he points a colossal arm at Crush, "You don't know who I am. I'm The Juggernaut. Don't forget it. Listen…when you're in my line of work, you don't ask questions. I don't have to explain myself to you but I -don't- fight for or support slavers, got it? You ticked off the wrong people, flying off at the handle without a plan and it caught up with you. Simple."

His eyes note her broken arm. She's healing it seems, can heal..but he could keep pressing the attack and make things so much worse for her. His fist clenches, that boulder cracking noise filling the air again and then he lowers his threatening arm and turns slighlty as if satisfied.

"I can't be brain washed. And they said teach you a lesson, not kill you. Didn't pay enough for that. So listen - Take some advice - if you want to really do something about these fights..? Come up with a plan and have some back up."

* * *

Crush growls, her canines pointed- more prominent than that of a human. "Maybe you should ask questions." she says pointedly to him. "Because you're fightin' for slavers right now. They paid you to fight for them- because they's took weak to fight me head on. They wants to scare me away." she notes, "I ain't scared." she responds.

She's in no condition to keep fighting, but it's clear she wouldn't just give up. Maybe she can't. There certainly isn't anyone else coming to help her from this.

* * *

"Yeah well, the way you threw punches I guess they -are- to scared to fight you..and there's plenty folk out there who are meaner then I am. Look, kid, I'm not here to listen to your sob story, or take on some cause, okay? I got a rep to protect and a place in the mercenary community." Juggernaut turns now, billboard sized back to the strong girl, "You're Tough. Tough and strong. Strong enough to take a few hits from The Juggernaut. Find someone out there who will fight alongside you..and take these slavers down. Alright? Go tell The Avengers or something. Or better yet, get yer piggy bank out and hire someone like me to go after them. Lesson taught."

Or is it. He sees the defiance in her. It reminds him to much of himself. She -would- keep fighting..but he's got enough on his conscience then taking this further for the sake of excess cruelty. He pauses for a few more seconds and then begins to walk back the way he came in.

* * *

Crush might be ready to fight more, but she's not really going to chase it down. "Now I gotta find a new place to live." she grumbles as she looks to her now ruined bachelorette pad. "Goddamnit."

She doesn't chase after The Juggernaut.

She's also not likely to stop going after those slavers. It's not hard to see that: She's just too stubborn. Too angry. She wouldn't give up, sure, but she's not going to go and get her ass kicked, either. She takes a moment, sets her arm in place, and turns to limp and lick her wounds.

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