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Rocket, Groot, Carol Danvers, Phil Coulson, and Crush stop an alien ship from shooting a deadly weapon at earth. Chaos ensues.

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IC Date: February 16, 2020
IC Location: Space
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Posted On: 17 Feb 2020 04:40
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The wheels of Intel-gathering are often a little convoluted at SHIELD, especially during the organization's current iterations. Agents work tirelessly to find information, mine data, filter transmissions, and monitor various events both on earth and off.

We're going to skip past all the nitty-gritty of how SHIELD came to realize an alien species currently only known as Species 627 (and for which even various aliens on earth don't even have a better name at the moment), a species that looks a bit like a cross between a preying mantis and a demented bear, had decided they would like to get all the pesky existing life on earth so they could go about settling there.

We'll also skip past how they figured out they had a bioweapon that could do it, and that they were just about trying to get a ship that could deliver the weapon into the right place to shoot it off while hiding in the moon's orbit.

Because the writer of this interactive comic also didn't think about running an event where we actually stole a fighter, which would have maybe been pretty cool, we're gonna handwave that too.

Suffice to say, a fighter got stolen, and some excellent SHIELD agents, true unsung heroes, made that happen.

No, dear friends, we're going to get right to the moment where a small team of people has been selected to get on board said fighter, to get up there in space, to dock said fighter with its craft, to get on board said craft, and to put this bomb out of commission at all cost. Secondary objective…maybe learn more about this species, but given who is on board this mission one Phil Coulson has only the slimmest of hopes of walking away with an un-damaged datacube.

The piloting of the fighter was given over to Rocket and Groot, of course. It's a heavy bomber type with turrets, so Phil is settled into one of them, watching the approach from a side screen rather than the main screen. They're close enough to try to get themselves on the looming, massive craft now. SHIELD managed to whip together a program that would fake the proper landing codes by studying the craft's log, but if anything has changed since then things might get hot pretty fast.

"Everybody ready?" Phil asks, tapping a few buttons on a holographic display. "We only get one shot at this."

Crush hadn't expected to be on SHIELD's radar- but apparently super powerful half-Alien girls are sort of interesting to SHIELD.

Luckily, they didn't seem to see her as a threat. She sat in the fighter, frowning a bit as she has for most of this mission- it's all *very* new to Crush.

"Alright." Is all she says at Coulson's plan. She's giving it all a chance, at least. "I'll go in there, punch whatever needs to be punched, and scent track the weapon and then I get my money?" she asks- she did need a reason to be here, at least provisionally.

Please. If anything's needed to be stolen, then S.H.I.E.L.D. never has to look far when they've already kinda-sorta got someone who fits the bill for doing underhanded and slightly (read Very Much So) illegal activities on their payroll. Oh, so the Guardians are technically not listed unless you really know to look for them. Because that'd be silly to erase everything about them when you expected to still get paid for things. Rocket knows these types. They ain't afraid to get their hands dirty, but they'll happily pay someone to get dirty for them.

They also have no right to complain about any (over)excessive property damage when it comes to acquiring fighters or whatnot (because 'whatnot' usually turns out to be collateral as in whatever Rocket might decide looks interesting in their process of other stuff).

Right. What were we doing again?

"Heya, so Phil- after this is all said and done, we're not lookin' to….return this thing, right? I mean, hah, after all the trouble we took to steal it." Cough. "Sorry. 'Borrow.' -wait, did we agree that it was stealing or are we still pretending to be legal about this?"

Rocket goes over things rather conversationally as he simultaneously flicks switches and makes adjustments to their flight path with all the seasoned ease of any genetically enhanced science experiment. Pff. You fly one spaceship, you've flown 'em all.

"Kinda late to ask if we're ready, right?"

"I am Groot!"

The surly response coming from the gangly treenager is expected, but he sounds a little more enthusiastic than he normally does. Which is to say, not by much, but it's noticeable if you're used to listening for tonal differences among his limited speech patterns.

Let's be real, though - he's all in for violence and miscellaneous swag. Just look at the way he's looking at the dash and away from his 'pocket' video gaming device.

Also, 'stolen' is just a matter of perspective. Finders keepers and all that. And blow up anything that isn't important. That's the goal, right??

Captain Marvel does her absolute best not to rub her face on the consoles with unseemly affection. She was not a part of the mission where the agents got ahold of this baby but now that it's in SHIELD hands she is loathe to let anything happen to it.
Mankind has access to preciously few interstellar vehicles and now that they've incremented the count by one she hates to risk it. Even if it is for an extremely good cause.
Why should she be worried? Why, because there's an overly enthusiastic raccoon madman at the wheel, of course. While the Milano seems to be in pretty good shape she sometimes wonders if it has more to do with the auto-repair function as opposed to any form of skill the procyonid has when it comes to landings.
As is, Captain Marvel is the anti-space fighter escort for the heavy bomber once they close in with the target. She's seated in full uniform as she finishes inventory on the console, "All munitions accounted for. We're locked and loaded." Sparing Crush a glance while doing so. An unknown factor to her but SHIELD seems to vet her for field work which is enough for her, for now at least.

"That's the idea," Phil tells Crush, with the unruffled Cheshire Cat's smile he's known for. "I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do."

Rocket makes his round-about ask, and he remains unruffled. "The ship will remain in SHIELD custody, but of course you're at the top of the list for flying it. It's already provided a wealth of information about species 627 and we don't have so many space-capable craft that we can afford to give one away, not even to you two. But you know we're good for the payment. And yes, I suppose it is a little late."

Groot makes his statement, and today Phil isn't of the mindset to try to figure out how to speak Groot. His many, many, many, many attempts notwithstanding. He just reaches over to clap the teen tree on the shoulder before looking over at Carol.

"Good. Let's hope we only have to use them on the way out, because if we have to use them all up on the way in…"

He exhales. "Once we're inside my first task will be to take the launch system offline so that they can't just fire it while we're trying to get to it. Then, once Crush finds the weapon I'll get to work disarming it. The rest of you will have to cover me for both tasks."

This disabling and disarming will be accomplished through a marriage of Phil's natural skills and a few tools that SHIELD has cooked up for him, based on the intel SHIELD already received.

Meanwhile, a tractor system fires to life on the mothership, and both the language of the 627 and the English which has been fed into the ship's translation systems indicates that their codes have been accepted. The jig will be up as soon as the bay doors open, but they've got their in for now.

Phil unhooks his safety webbing, stands, and checks his weapons, radiating focus. He's opted for body armor himself, instead of going with a suit. As far as he knows Starkweave isn't quite up to the challenge of alien blaster fire yet.

"Yeah, just stay outta my way once I get going. You'll see why I'm called Crush." The young woman says with a toothy grin, her fangish canines almost glinting as she stands up, gives a few stretches and moves towards the front. "I'm guessing you want me to run point?" she asked back to Phil.

"Me and Barbie, maybe?" She wonders with a nod over towards Captain Marvel.

"Oh, I know yer good for payment. But you also know how much I love bonuses- and I know how hurtin' you guys are for 'alien' intel." Rocket grins from Phil to Groot, and tosses a glance over his shoulder at their other passengers. He's seen Carol oogling the systems, he knows the look. If he were the type he'd lick the controls to see how she'd react to him laying claim to the thing, but who knows what's touched this thing before him? And who knows what he's touched last before flying the thing.

The raccoonoid handles the ship rather smoothly, the only hint of his growing anxious as they approach the mothership being the slight twitch of his tail. But the translations rattle off and everything so far looks green. As they're pulled in, he lets out a breath and sets the thing to autopilot so he can gather his gear while the landing systems engage.

"If any'a you needs a space suit or an aero-rig just in case, grab one now because I ain't got room to carry that many spares," he says as he points at a beaten duffle bag in a corner. In the meantime he pulls out his favorite space-shark-upgraded rifle and enough ammo to probably blow up a small moon. Never hurts to be prepared.

It's okay. One day Phil Coulson will understand Groot. Just not today, but one day.

He's returning the fiendish grin Rocket's way when feels the shoulder-clap from his father bother-figure. That is enough to understand that the agent has the priorities for the team straightened out and that he's counting on each of them to do their jobs. And not many people get to be so touchy-feely with Groot, but he makes exceptions.

He masks a smirk with a casual eyeroll, checking his facade of teenage rebellion for one that will do what he's supposed to do once they've boarded.

On second thought, he'll extend that eyeroll for everyone else on the team. Because he can. "I am Groot," he mutters, swinging his arms out and flexing for a brief moment as a warm-up. He'll be taking another giant blaster and some grenades along, but if he has to use brute force, he'll do it.

Captain Marvel is a consummate professional. Except when she isn't. This time she doesn't rise to Crush's nickname as she has her game face on. Literally as her red Kree helm materalizes into place as the bay doors open and the ship begins its automated docking procedures, "So far so good. Lets be as quiet about this as possible for as long as we can. Smooth and quick, lets be halfway to the bomb before they start locking down."
Rising from her console and heading to the ramp doors, tightening her gloves as she goes. "You stay on point for the team, Crush. I'm going to make sure they don't disable our ride once we're inserted. If Coulson says it. Do it." Giving Crush a lingering look.
She'd give Rocket a similar look but she knows better than to try.
<Pose Tracker> Phil Coulson has posed.
Coulson does grab some of those extras, and then glances back. Sure that everyone's ready, he hits the doors to let them exit the ride.

The fighter bay contains 5 craft, including the one that they just rode on in there. They have the bad luck of getting the parking spot directly across from three guards stationed at the south end of the bay, rather than getting an east-west one that would have given them perhaps a second to get organized.

Said guards glance at each other, six pairs of red eyes doing all the communication. Then they let out roars, their face opening up like the proverbial Stranger Things demigorgon. They barely let the team get out the door before great huge gobs of steaming acid goo come hurtling towards them.

Blasters? What blasters?

"Yeah, yeah.. I'm good for the money, don't you worry. I do the thing I'm hired to do." Crush assures Captain Marvel with that cheeky grin. Her game face was more appropriate the cocky teenaged powerhouse.

She did, at least, seem to acknowledge Carol's game plan.

The doors open. There are bad guys. And Crush is LEAPING into battle with very little in the way of plan apart from 'Crushing the badguys'. Two fists together she's jumping over a spray of nasty goo as she tries to slam booth fists into whatever bit of the nearest guard comes closest. "Uh! Gross!" she calls out in a particularly more 'girly' tone than might be expected from the punk-dressed Crush

It's always refreshing having people volunteer to be in front. Rocket slaps on his own aero-rig and takes position by the hatch as Coulson opens it. He doesn't even look mildly disappointed that they're almost immediately spotted. Sure, it would have been nice to have the first opportunity to shoot, but it goes about fifty-fifty for the missions they've been on that you just can't complain sometimes.

And besides, they've got willing people to go in front, as mentioned earlier.r
Being the shortest of the team, Rocket does have to take into consideration the possibility of potentially hitting anyone else taller than him as he primes his rifle and takes to the air, taking aim to try intercepting those incoming acid globs as Crush makes a dash for the guards. "Well, at least we weren't hired to do a stealth mission."

To be fair, Crush is good cover. But Groot, being part-brawn despite being wiry in build, should really. Be out front. Right there.

Where the alert aliens spitting acid goo are.

-Nah, he's totally shooting things.

Taking aim alongside the raccoonoid Guardian, the treenager grunts. "I am Groot," he replies, pulling the trigger so that he can at least try taking out a few of the eyes on those things.

After a couple shots, he pauses to make a face, promptly commenting on the guards' physical appearances. "I am Groot."

"Yeah, well you're no Snow White either," Rocket comments above blasterfire.

As the landing ramp opens and the welcoming party announces its displeasure at their presence, Captain Marvel floats forward. As they hauk streams of the galaxy's least pleasant loogies Carol inwardly grumbles.
Oh God, not slime AGAIN. Gah, why don't these things have blasters like any self-respecting invader?
While Crush leaps forward and over the acid Captain Marvel interposes herself and crosses her arms over her face, accepting the burning shower to keep the stuff off the other teammates and off the ship itself. She suspects the ship should tolerate whatever acid these things throw out but she can't be certain.
Thankfully with Rocket shooting down globules her Kree suit doesn't suffer too much of the substance. Marvel helps Groot return fire as she punches a fist and lights up the fighter bay with returning lances of photon blasts at the aliens.

Crush sails over the goo and puts a guard down almost immediately. It turns out their bodies aren't any more durable than human bodies, which means a solid punch from someone with super strength gets the job done of making sure they're out of the fight, to one degree or the other.

Rocket's timely shots at the globules also keep Phil from taking one right to the face. Undoubtedly the slowest of the team, he was seconds away from dying his second death while leaving not much body for anyone to futz with. He's a little wide-eyed as hot green steam is all that passes over his face, and if it leaves his face reddened it nevertheless leaves it in tact.

Groot's shot takes out a second one of the guards, even as the ship's lighting goes from a pleasant blue-white to an angry red. A klaxon starts to sound, perhaps in response to shots fired.

Carol is correct in that their acid does absolutely nothing to the strange metal of which both ship and fighters are made. It doesn't do great things to her armor, leaving some spots that hiss angrily: the one glob that hits despite Rocket's shots. Nevertheless her return fire is effective, giving them, for the moment, an empty fighter bay.

The keypad by the door flashes red, and an emergency door slides down over the first. Apparently the Gorgons are instituting some sort of lockdown. Phil slides to the door, inserts a device that's weird blend of Gorgon and human technologies, and swears softly. "They're about to flood this entire bay with gas that I don't think will do us any favors," he reports, even as seven ports slide open across the bay with a series of hisses. "Someone do something about that while I get these damned doors open."

Crush just cracks down hard on the alien, looking back towards the ports that are opening. She looks around quickly and shakes her head. She takes another mighty leap- driving herself right across the room towards the open ports.

She's going to try and brute force it, like she does everything else. She tries to grab the previously closed port's opening panel and force it back into place.

Between the muscle and the firepower produced by Crush and Danvers, Rocket wonders why they're even along. Oh yeah. To get paid. Okay, more than that, he supposes, and he also figures that it'd look bad to just land and sit back to watch while everyone scrambles and clears the field like some monster linebackers on steroids.

With the guards cleared out, the small Guardian zips overhead and after Phil, his rifle compacting (slightly) before he slings it over his shoulder and across his back. "Gas? Wow, these guys ain't so dumb as they're made out t'be." His opinion of them has gone up about point-zero-three points. "If there's a console I can try overriding but in the event that they've got even more complicated systems than anticipated, uh…"

He pulls off a side pouch snapped on his belt and tosses it towards Carol since Crush has run off to deal with the ports her own way. "Let's blow 'em before they spew. One grenade a port- they shouldn't blow the whole ship to Knowhere."

In between everything, there was a brief sidelong glance shot Rocket's way. But Groot couldn't argue solid facts.

About now-ish, he pumps a fist, then immediately starts to grumble just as everything goes from blue-white to glaring red. "I am Groot!"

Gas is bad. But can trees filter gas? It's a complicated cycle no one has time to pore over, so we're going to say 'HARD MAYBE' and call it a day.

Groot huffs, inhaling and growing out some more branches from his gnarled body as he also unclips one of the grenades from his borrowed bandolier, tossing out another "I am Groot?" Coulson and Rocket's way in case they needed more for enough explosive power while keeping an eye on wherever Crush and Carol are. He at least knows Crush is busy doing the thing with the panel. He assumes Carol's gonna also do something awesome while they're here.

Expectations, he has them.

Why would Rocket be here? Its very simple! Crush is here to Crush. Captain Marvel is here to keep the QuasiGorgons from flying in air or armored support. Groot is doing the best he can because he's adorable. Rocket is the only one who would know what this alien bioweapon even looks like, not to mention the most capable of disabling it once they find it.
Captain Marvel doesn't need to breathe, thusly is not concerned for her own safety but even with filtration technology she doesn't know if the others are safe. Lacking for a better idea she accepts Rocket's suggestion as she snatches the explosives pouch out of the air enroute to the gas ports. Fishing the grenades out she quickly activates then stuffs them in one after the other, saving the port Crush held closed for last, "Get back!" Telling the SHIELD intern.
She isn't certain how tough the DemiCzarnian is but she does not want to test that out in the field. Trying to grab Crush by the scruff of the outfit she darts to the otherside of the fighter bay before the grenades go off.


The whole ship shakes for a moment as six ports get filled with grenades. The seventh gets slammed shut, though not before a puff of some sort of green gas flows in Crush's general direction, though it's possible either her own efforts or Carol's will make that not at all any kind of problem.

Coulson's nearly thrown off his feet, but not before he gets the doors open. And apparently downloads some sort of map of the ship, as a bonus.

"Found engineering, we're going right immediately," he says. "Crush, you can start tracking that bomb now, but I gotta get in there to get the clamps disarmed."

Meanwhile, the team in whatever configurations of talents will find two racing down the hall towards them…and three more in engineering. The hall and needing to get into engineering create some unpleasant bottlenecks, with not much room for maneuvering as more acid globs go searing through the air towards Team Save the Earth Today.
You paged Crush with 'And the thing is basically at the front of the ship, tucked into a weapons bay directly under the bridge; once she's close she'll be able to tell which of the weapons in there is the thing.'

Crush drops away from the wall, and is back towards the point position again as quickly as she can. Her heart is thumping, her blood is pumping, she's ready for more action- grinning wide. "Yo, Coulson- this is fun. You guys should call me again!" Fairly classic Czarnian. Not that Crush would know that.

She pauses on the far side of the door- nose twitching as she takes in the scents of this place. "It's this way." she says, giving a nod towards the front of the ship moving in that direction as she goes- ready to punch her way through anything that gets in her way!

Boy it's a good thing he's hovering. Aero-rigs are great. Rocket watches as Phil stumbles in the wake of the explosion, and he turns in midair to flash Carol a thumbsup. "By the way, there should be three more grenades and I want 'em back if you don't use 'em first," he says as he sets down by the door once it's opened.

"She can sniff out bombs?" A fuzzy brow arches as Rocket watches Crush take off. Leave it to Phil Coulson to pick 'em. Giving a nod towards the agent, the raccoonoid Guardian's ready to follow after him as they make way to engineering. Sure, he loves a good fight and a chance to shoot things but he knows his way around alien techkery so that's where he figures he'd be best in assisting.

…and if all else fails they can blow the whole ship with the weapon. Problem solved.

Groot grounds himself well enough, wavering and staggering a bit once the explosions are through. Shaking it off, he blinks, arching a brow before shaking his head and mumbling to himself. "I am Groot…"

Well, they still have a lot to do, and part of that involves running. He's fine with running. He's just as fine with shooting and maybe whipping out an arm to slam any other aliens to one side so that they aren't blocking the way and being disgusting.

Because he's also all for blowing up the whole ship if nothing goes right. He's got his influences and look how he's turning out.

"Go Go Go!" Captain Marvel encourages the others, recovering from the shockwaves of the explosion as she tries to usher them along and towards their respective targets. For now she has her own task as she looks to the other fighters in the bay and decides to preemptively remove future problems while she waits for reinforcements to try to recapture the hanger.
She flies over to each fighter in turn and goes about mangling the thrusters but good. She avoids using Rocket's remaining explosives as the hanger has already taken significant damage and she isn't sure how much fuel and munitions the fliers have. Still, any fighter craft she takes apart now is one less she has to take apart in the field while it's actively shooting at her.
She also strongly suspects troops will be inbound to capture the heavy bomber before they can escape and Captain Marvel is not letting Lola Jr fall into enemy hands!! They captured this thing fair and square and she won't rest until she can trench donuts on the Moon with the thing.

Crush's engagement with the two in the hall leaves Groot's sweep and Rocket's blast combo pretty successful for clearing engineering. Four more soldiers come pouring out into the hall, but Coulson has already ducked into engineering.

Still, they create another obstacle between the team and the bomb she's located up ahead in the weapons bay under the bridge.

Where he promptly plugs in his device and starts working away, only to end up hissing between his teeth when he hits a bunch of stuff that SHIELD's scientists and engineers were unable to even begin to account for. The ship also starts to move, indicating they're abandoning 'hide behind the moon' in favor of 'fire this puppy quick.'

"Rocket, take over," he says, unhitching his weapon for the first time. "I can't get this done."

Carol's work easily leaves Lola Jr. as the only functional fighter in the bay.

Crush is crushing everything in her path, fists flying like steel I-Beams that just crack Alien Skull. "Haha! Do you SHIELD Guys do this shit all the time?" she asks back, "I haven't had this much fun in a while!"

And there is Crush- sides of her head shaved, pink-leather pants, and doc marten booted booted foot crashing into a door that stood between them and the weapon. The metal deforms instantly, torn through like it was tissue paper. Crush is *fantastically* strong.

That leaves the team in the Bridge facing five noticeably larger aliens who seemed ready to defend in place. She grins back to the others. "I'll take the big one…." she says as she drives herself towards whichever among those five larger specimens seemed the most heavily armed.

Rocket's ready, along with his trigger-finger as soldiers come out. Pff. Four. Between him and Groot, those guys will be made short work of. Then maybe they can work on things in engineering in peace.

…hahahAHAHAHA— okay yeah, like that's going to happen.

Once they're clear and inside, Rocket smacks the door panel and keys it to lock- at least for as much good as it'll do when they're the intruders but hey, every little bit, right? He slides in almost right after Phil's verbally passed off the job to him, in turn slinging away his own weapon and stretching out his fingers before he sets to work.

"Don't worry, I'm on it. Just keep an eye on the door. …huh, these guys're smarter than they look," he comments as he taps away. His ears perk as the ship thrums beneath their feet, and with a few quick keystrokes and button-ticks he pulls up the screens to verify that they're on the move. "Uh-oh." Right. Must work faster.

Sweep: successful. Results: varied. Although it helps, he still has to recoil from feeling the traces of gooey acid eating away at the surface of his arm. "I am Groot," he seethes, obviously saying it smarts like the dickens.

There isn't any real time to waste, however, and so much shooting goes on. They still need to stop the aliens from launching the bomb and he's now on task to follow Crush while Rocket is rerouted. "I am Groot!!" Groot complains to anyone who can hear him among the noise they're creating, gesturing after Crush as she goes for the big one. And since no one's going to really listen to him, he growls, shifting his blaster again, aiming to pick off any other targets within range.

They're all about equally armed. They still shoot out of their mouths. Nevertheless, Crush gets that specimen down even as Groot comes in to assist her. Groot takes out two more, leaving a final count of two on the bridge who send acid shooting in opposite directions: one towards Crush, one towards Groot.

Carol keeps Lola Jr. safe, and that may be all to the good given some of the hall guards split off to go deal with her. This is not much of a problem for Carol on a number of levels.

Crush shifts back, crossing her arms and protecting her eyes and face as Acid flies at her and SPLOOTS across her skin. She's clearly not happy with it, "Ugh!" And sure, it burns, but she's at least kept it off her face.

"The Weapon is in the left bay!" Crush shouts, pointing towards where she smelled the weapon. "Ah,, shit, can't smell anything anymore- it's all just acid.."

She grabs the guy she just knocked out, wipes her arms and hands off on his body before she just bodily throws him across at his two acid-flinging comrades. "Bastards! That shit stings!"

"Ugh, why would anyone install a failsafe there! Okay now that's stupid- right, my expectations of these guys has gone back to usual levels."

Rocket works his way around one annoying knot of code and reroutes it to where it can be more productive… in forcing an emergency reboot of the ship's engine systems. At least that'll give them more time, and maybe ease off some of that grimmness he can practically see radiating off of Deadeye Coulson.

"Is this a video game or a weapon calibration screen? Oh. Wait." He squints and then picks his way through the system. Thankfully Coulson's not watching over his shoulder because it looks an awful lot like that ancient Earth game of Pong.

It's not. Really. The fate of Earth depends on his concentration right now.

No, seriously.


The treenager reels back, failing to dodge the acid attack completely as it hits him in the leg. He watches it eat away at him with morbid fascination before baring his wooden teeth, screaming at the remaining two aliens to distract and intimidate while Crush throws herself at one.

The timing is near perfect; as one Crush tackles, Groot aims and pulls back the trigger on the blaster, rapid-fire - like how he's seen some of those other teens playing the neat shooting games at the arcades set in old, dank buildings.

All right, so it's a little overkill. If it helps them out immensely, then that's a bonus.

A QuasiGorgon marine crumples against a dented hangerbay wall as Captain Marvel recoils from the throw. A few sections of her Kree uniform have smoldered and exposed crackling sections of skin. A fact that pisses her off as its extremely difficult and expensive to repair her centurian star force armor. Its not like SHIELD has an endless supply of Kree contraband!
Marvel is actually not floating in air while defending the ship, her boots planted firmly on the bulkhead and for good reason. She has sensation as she can feel the movement of the ship through the inertial dampeners and artificial gravity. She grits her teeth but does not bark 'Hurry up' on comms no matter how much she wants to. She knows they're working as fast as they can.
Sometimes waiting is the hardest part.

"They've found the weapon and it sounds like the bridge is pretty under control," Coulson says to Rocket. "Carol, can you come cover Rocket while I see about getting this weapon shut down? The sooner we handle both parts of the job the sooner we can get the Hell out of here."

He doesn't wait around for much confirmation, trusting everyone will do their job. He does not spot the Pong(??) game or else he might have had a different take on what needed to be done.

The bridge is just a mess of fighting now, with all the remaining soldiers pouring into it to take Crush and Groot, who are doing a real good job putting them down. Coulson sort of weaves out of all of the mess, ducking and dodging rather than engaging, all so he can hit a panel on the bridge, take a short staircase down, and pull out his backup device. Unlike the coding gymnastics Rocket is engaged in, Coulson basically just has to direct the weapon to fry its own payload. It's less about disarming and more about making sure this particular expensive toy gets ruined forever.

Crush kicks, punches, and swears her way across the Bridge at anyone who appears. She's a mess of teen-aged rage that's crashing through enemies as soon as they appear, making herself a bigger and bigger target.

"Yo, Tree Dude! Rock out!" She calls out, throwing metal-horns before she kicks another alien in the head!

It's all fighting for her until someone says stop swinging, or someone says run away…

Groot shoots, swinging back the blaster as Crush does a shout out his way. As he elbows another alien in the face, he yells back, "I AM GROOT!"

And…is he going to lob another grenade at the other aliens?

Oh yeah, he's going to lob another grenade.

Look, no one is telling him this is a Bad Idea. He's Helping!

Captain Marvel hears Coulson's order over comms and she replies immediately, "Roger. Enroute." She doesn't want to leave Lola Junior but she suspects it will be some time before they send more reinforcements and more than likely they'll throw everything they have at the bridge in her estimation. She knows the Czarnian and Xvian have that covered with incredible amounts of violence.

Marvel runs a few steps then dives into the air, darting through the crumpled open doors of the hanger entrance and lunging through corridors like a bullet down a barrel. Occasionally she pushes against walls to ricochet herself to hard turns in order to make it to engineering, crossing paths briefly with Coulson as she makes it a personal duty to ruin anyone's day that thinks about interrupting the Raccoons game of Pong.

Hey, it's not like Rocket asked Species 627 to base their weapons systems off of primative Earth games. The raccoonoid is grumbling all sorts of space obscenities before he pumps a fist in the air as he pings that dopey little pre-bit ball past the other paddle. "FLARKIN'—" he then spits as it loads up… something that looks suspiciously like Centipede. "How the hell'm I supposed to navigate this without a roller ba- oh." A convenient panel opens to reveal a white sphere mounted on a board.

"Oh crap. Where's Groot." That kid spends more time on these games than he does. The raccoonoid smacks his comm on. "GROOT! Get your barky butt over here! Change of plans! Switch!" What? Is that right? In any case he's still swiping at the rollerball desperately to keep the moving worm on the screen from running into anything- oops. There goes one link. He's not sure it's a good thing to find out what happens when he runs out of body.

Oh hey, that's Groot's comm. Seconds before he lobs anything. "-I am Groot??"

"What the hell's going on?" Coulson asks into the comm, still mashing buttons rather quickly, unsure what is prompting Rocket to call for Groot.

Of course, then his own console…

"What the Hell?"

And then, "My entire screen just went all Space Invaders…I hated this game as a kid. God damn it. This has gotta be some sort of trolling…b.s…nonsense…"

This doesn't stop him from mashing buttons though, even as his face takes on the World's Most Long-Suffering Look (TM).

Crush just keep rocking out- more playful as she realizes just how much of a gulf exists between herself and her enemies. Sure, she had a few acid burns, but those seemed to be healing up already- she's just built to keep fighting and she really seems to enjoy it!

"We gotta get outta here, something smells off." she calls over, "But that just might be some of the acid in my nose. " she admits, snorting soon after in an attempt to clear her nose from the nasty acidic stench that was front and center in her attention.

She's ready to move out, and would follow close behind when the time came!

"'fraid not, Deadeye. Looks like these idiots decided that the best way to encode their weapons system was to model it off of old Earth tech. Kinda backwards from what you guys were doin'- either that or these guys are just stupidly brilliant." Beat. "Nah." He's not willing to give them that credit.

"Groot, you're the gamer. You closer to Phil or me? Either way, we need you on thi— Agh! Stupid glarkin' —"

Rocket grates out another round of colorful curses, only briefly catching anything of Crush's talk of smelling something strange. He pounds at the console. "Captain! You any good at old video games?!" He's getingn desperate here. Also, the need to shoot or blow something up is growing and Centipede is not helping.

"I haven't played Centipede since the last arcade closed down in Boston! Hurry it up already! This is taking too long!" Captain Marvel barks out as she stands a short distance from Rocket. She lays down suppressing fire as her fists flare with photon beams, roaring down the corridors and at troops taking cover behind consoles and bulkheads. Right now she's less trying to hit targets and more trying to lay down so much fire that the QuasiGorgons are forced to stay in hiding. A delaying tactic only.
She'd make a blithe comment about the fate of the Earth relies now upon Groots top score at Pong but she'd almost certainly get acid in her mouth, a fate she desperately avoids by shooting like a mad woman.

Grunting, Groot spins on a heel, charging back over to where Rocket and Coulson were last seen. "I! Am Groot!" he replies, ducking his head as he almost gets hit by another acid goo shot.

Groot cannot believe this. No wonder Rocket wanted him over here, this is his JAM. He'd be a fool to leave it to those two! THey don't know what they're doing! UGH, teen problems!

Either way, he's hightailed it back to where they are, skidding and running into the closest wall opposite of the entryway. "I AM GROOT," he shouts, tossing Rocket the unused, still untriggered grenade and practically shoving Rocket aside to get his twiggy hands on the consoles.


It's probably no accident that every single day that Phil has ever ranked as a Top 10 Weirdest Day have involved Rocket and Groot, and this one's not even their fault.

Well, no, there are a few Rocket and Groot weren't involved in, but there's a definite Pareto principle at work here and they're definitely on the 80% side of it.

Still, Phil focuses on what he's doing instead of that, and then hits a triumphant button. The weapon hisses, flashes, and the console goes dead. One hopefully very expensive and hard to create biovirus dead.

"Done on my end, heading back to the fighter. Groot, whatever you do, please do not take a moment to put your initials in when you're done."

As Coulson gets his work done, Captain Marvel begins to move. Seeing that Groot has arrived she yells, "Rocket, cover your kid! I'll get Coulson to the ship! Speed run that @#$% Groot we gotta MOVE!"
Leveling one last double-fised salvo of photons down the corridor to scatter a group of Gorgon Marines, Carol then dives back into the air and streaks after Coulson to give him cover fire as he displaces back to the ship.

"Oh sorry, okay Danvers, if the world explodes I'll make sure to let everyone know it's because you're rusty at Centipede!!" Rocket growls right back. He hears the familiar sound of tree-steps then, and he doesn't even get a chance to yell at Groot as he finds himself bumped out of his place and scrambling to grab the grenade he's been tossed.

He could be angry. But he's not. Because this is his jam. There's that familiar, feral and very dangerous grin of his, all sharp teeth as he tucks the grenade into a pouch and readies his rifle as he dashes out of the engineering room.

"THAT I can handle," he shouts after Carol as he runs towards the doorway and takes up his position. Ignore the maniacal laughter as he shoots at any incoming gorgananianwhatevers. He's got a lot of anger to vent.

So much ball-rolling. It's different from a directional pad, but he quickly picks up the feel of it, swiping back and forth, spin, spin, spin.

Denial from entering his name on the High Score list and being rushed through gameplay? Not a rad combination, dudes.

"I." Swipe. "AM." SWIPE. "GROOT!"

THIS IS GETTING DONE. He's doing it! He's gonna win and then stick it in everyone's face!

Coulson appreciates the cover. It's taking him personally everything he's got just to duck and dodge acid loogies. He just lets Carol take care of it, diving into the ship and flopping down into his seat.

Groot manages to do exactly what he set out to do. All of the ship's systems go absolutely dead. Darkness descends, and all the consoles flicker out.

This tub is not chasing them anywhere, or firing anything at all.

He. Is Groot.

As Captain Marvel escorts Coulson into the ship, she stands at the landing platform, exchanging photon blasts with chasing Gorgons for their trouble. She sees the lights go out one after the other in the bay, looking quickly to a view port and seeing more and more of the lights go out.
"Heh! The kid did it.." She muses to herself as she quickly barks into comms, "Great job! Now hurry back and lets get the out of here!"
Punctuating the exclamation with yet another blast down range.

It really won't be once Rocket's through with it. His laughter can be heard all the way down the hall back to the hangar. At least he's not so far gone that he doesn't notice the lights start to flicker out, and even behind him in the engineering room, it's gone black.

"Good job, Groot! Now let's beat it back to the ship!" he shouts, taking a few more shots while alien soldiers are still confused and panicking at the sudden shift of power. The moment Groot's out, Rocket slips out that grenade and thumbs it on before rolling it like a bowling ball back into the room they're vacating.

"This is what I think of your dumb security!" is all that's heard in his wake as they make a break for the hangar.

Look at that score. The look on Groot's face is pure satisfaction.

…And then it all dies, disappearing with a *voop*.

Before Groot can say anything, he gets the comm pings, pushing back and away from the console so that he can get out of there. "I am Groot!"

Running at his top speed, he slide across the threshhold after Rocket, watching with delight as Rocket uses the grenade. "I am Groot!!"

Whatever those hand gestures are he's throwing, it's best not to think about it. He's sticking with the raccoonoid and is ready to get off of this ship.

Enter more ship-shattering KERBOOMS. Coulson grunts as that actually rattles the fighter a bit, throwing him to the side again. He may have one of those thingies that Rocket has, but what he does not have is any proficiency in using it. Still, he rights himself well enough.

"Good job!"

And then, once they're back, "Get us home, Rocket. Let's hope we've shown these aliens this isn't a good place to go aiming weapons."

Earth. More trouble than it's worth. If this becomes the inter-galactic slogan Coulson is really okay with that.

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