The Nature of the Biz
Roleplaying Log: The Nature of the Biz
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Counter and Jessica Jones touch base on their case, and Jess sets him up with a new assignment.

Other Characters Referenced: Dani Moonstar, Tony Stark
IC Date: February 19, 2020
IC Location: Alias Investigations, Hell's Kitchen, New York
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Posted On: 20 Feb 2020 06:02
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After getting Ryan's message Jessica shot him a quick email to tell him she had some updates of her own. She gave him a day and a time where she'd be in her office (she's rarely there anymore unless she's meeting someone), and had left it at that.

She sits at her desk with a hot cup of coffee and her phone, which is projecting both a holographic keyboard and a screen. Her fingers fly as she updates files or handles paperwork or whatever it is she's doing over there. It's probably just passing the time until her guest arrives.

* * *

Ryan just arrives outside of the building where Alias Investigations is set up at. before he enters into the building Ryan takes a few deep breaths to try and calm himself down a bit as he is a bit anxious to be meeting Jessica again, especially since he has nothing new on his end for her, He had really hoped to have at least something to bring to her.

As he gets himself to calm down he enters into the building and makes his way to the entrance of Alias Investigations and gives a few knocks on the door.

* * *

"Door's open," Jessica calls, shutting down her work. She takes up her coffee and waits for Ryan to come in, then waves him to a seat.

By her body language, she has zero-point-zero idea that he is at all nervous. She looks as she nearly always does, dressed in jeans and an old band t-shirt. The leather jacket that's never far is slung carelessly across the back of her chair.

"Got someone new for you to try to find," she says, because small talk and pleasantries endlessly escape her.

* * *

Ryan opens the door and Jessica will ser Ryan in his usual attire dark blue jeans, a black hoodie with a black leather jacket over the hoodie and a scarf wrapped around his neck and not his face this time as was with there first meeting here.

As Jessica motions to the seat he will nod his head in acknowledgment and take the seat. With her straight talk as usual Ryan skips his usual formalities. Oh, and who is it I am to track down?"

* * *

By way of reply, Jess opens a desk drawer. She pulls a photo-quality print-out of a very grainy photo indeed from inside, and slides it across the desk to Ryan. "Zeph's Mom says this was one of three guys who approached her, and I swear to god getting that photo was a real pain in the ass. The other two are described as 'guy with purple skin' and 'guy who looks like Igor.' If you find him, don't approach him, I'd rather you surveil him and tell me so I can help you surveil him. These are the point guys. The next largest fish in the pond."

A pause, as she says, "I have no idea where to start you off here, other than a mess of coordinates all over New York where these douchebags have used portals. Still, you did a really good job before, and maybe you'll get somewhere I can't."

* * *

Ryan will pick up the picture and study it for a moment and then pull out his phone and take a picture of the person and take down the rest of the description of the other guys into his phone as well. "I understand, I'll be sure to contact you if I find this guy and surveil him. This a lot more to go on then what we had before and I might get a bite in the underground fight rings."

Do you have a list of the locations of where these portals are popping up and where they might have originated from any chance? Also of what kind of portals they might be, Tech based, magic, power? It would help me out a bit with finding these guys."

* * *

"They were tech based," Jessica says, pulling out another print-out and passing it over. "But as you can see, we've got them damn near everywhere. No discernable pattern. These guys are careful. Fortunately we know where they're opening them from."

She pauses, tilts her head to one side with a sour expression, and says, "Kenai, Alaska. Same place those kidnapped telepaths were being held. Thing is, Tony bought the facility, so he's got someone on the payroll out there who scooted past the company background checks and who is using his shit without his permission. Maybe multiple someones. I've arranged to go out there with him so he can do a 'surprise inspection visit.' Hopefully that will shake something out too. They won't be running their whole operation out of Tony's property, but the leads oughta be good if we can find them."

* * *

Ryan grabs the print out and looks at each of the locations where the portals are located to see if anything stands out to him, unfortunately, nothing does but he can use this with resources back at the X-mansion to help him perhaps find a link maybe.

When Jessica mentions kidnaped telepaths Ryan's head shoots up and looks straight at Jessica, his eyes wide and full of surprise and concern. As he speaks its obvious hint or surprise and worries by her statement "What do you kidnap telepath being held Ms. Jones? When did this happen?"

* * *

"It was a case I wrapped up really just not long before we crossed paths," Jessica says, leaning back in her seat until the front legs are off the floor. She thumps back down again moments later.

"People were nabbing telepaths. They were real pros. Hacked cameras so they could avoid them, took people nice and quiet. They bagged any telepath they could locate and find. We tracked 'em to Alaska and we got 'em out of there. I don't think that's their gig anymore. In my experience groups like this try stuff once and then move on to their next idea for being shitty to people. You should be safe enough, inso far as nobody will have a target directly on your back."

* * *

"I see. well, that's a little reassuring." Ryan relaxes a little bit but the fact that telepaths where being kidnaped and he never knew about this has him a bit in shock, especially since he himself is a telepath.

"I know this is a bit off-topic but would you happened to have a file on that case that I can look at?"

* * *

"Yup," Jessica says. She walks over to her file cabinet and unlocks it, then pulls the whole thing out. "I'd like the hardcopy back at some point, but it's not urgent. I have electronic back-ups. If you see something I missed please shout out."

Once upon a time the idea that she might have missed something, anything, would have bothered her a great deal. She has mellowed quite a bit over the years.

"Especially if it seems relevant to the current case. I've gone through and compared the notes, but so far I don't see anything I didn't already catch. Then again, it's just me going over my thought process over and over again. A fresh pair of eyes could be pretty helpful. You got anything new?"

* * *

Ryan grabs the file and puts it into a small bag he had on his back with an eager intent of going over that file back at the X-Mansion. "I'll be sure to get this back to you as soon as possible and ill let you know if I find anything that might relate to the current case."

As soon a Jessica asks if he has anything new a bit of disappointment kicks in as this was the part he was dreading. He lets out a small sigh before he answers "Unfortunately no, I've had no luck with finding anything. I've hit every underground hot spot that I know of, even some in Gotham, all of which have come up empty. Zeph is safe and doing alright at the X-Mansion, hasn't really talked that much to anyone but given time I think she may start to open up. I'm sorry I don't have anything for you, Ms. Jones." There is some disappointment in his voice as he speaks, as he really did not want to come empty-handed to Jessica.

* * *

Jessica Jones apparently reads the disappointment loud and clear. A rueful…maybe even a sympathetic…expression flashes over her pale features.

"Welcome to the art of investigation. Whole stretches of nothing followed by panicked scrambles. Don't worry about it. I've spent weeks pouring through old documents just to find a lead that turns out to be a fat lot of nothing. It's not quite like some damned Sherlock Holmes novel, where if you only follow point A to point B you will eventually get to yell 'ah ha.' Shit, man, I've had cases blow wide open on conversations I had by accident."

She drains her coffee. "And I've had some I was never able to wrap up. Some people know how to avoid leaving traces others can find. It's just the way things are. To the persistent go most of the solves, though, and you've got that, so."

* * *

A small smile flashes over Ryan's face for a moment and his mood softens a little at Jessica's words. "That's good to know, I'll be sure to remember that. Thanks Ms. Jones."

Ryan gets back on topic on this situation. "You said before that you spoke with Zeph's mother and got this information. How did you find her and how did you figure out that the portals are tech-based?"

* * *

"I reached out to a couple of friends. One magic expert, one tech expert. That got us the 'what kind.' As for her mother…"

Now anger crosses over Jessica's features.

"Zeph's family lives out in the ass-end of nowhere in deep poverty. I'm not sure they ever got into any real trouble before this. Maybe some petty crime to keep some fucking milk in the house and to keep the goddamn creditors at bay. These fuckers deliberately looked for a family full of desperate mutants to exploit. It's fucking sickening. Mom is terrified, of course, but she was safe when we left her. And a kid I can only assume is her baby sister. I'm hoping to Hell and back again that we can find these people and lock them down to get Zeph's family safe."

She stands up and paces around a little, and adds, "The further explanation of the portal composition was technical enough to fly over my head, but that's how we got all those coordinates too. Once my buddy got a reading his device started spitting out data, and voila, leads. Most of those I covered just trying to get video footage. That's how I got Pinky McFabio's photograph there."

* * *

As Jessica explains about Zeph's mother and the situation, her anger is meet with Ryan's anger as well, for he knows what it's like to be used by someone when you are in a bad spot and then be betrayed by the person using him. This whole case just got a whole lot personal for Ryan. As he speaks there is obvious anger with his words. "I see." There is a pause before Ryan speaks. "I am just as angry about this as you are Jessica, I know exactly what it's like to be in this situation, I too was once in a similar situation." Ryan stands up and walks over to the window and just looks out it for a moment as the memories of the man who use him and the backstabbed him just flow through his mind and his anger just radiates off of him like a heater.

After a few moments Ryan then speaks "Thankfully Zeph and her mother have us, people who are going to do what it takes to find the people responsible and give them everything they have coming to them and then some, and give Zeph and her mother peace!"

* * *

Jessica gives Ryan a second look, and doesn't answer right away. "I'm glad you got out of that," is what she says. Sincere, if a little awkward, but then the truth is Jessica is often awkward.

She throws her coffee cup in the trash and says, "Just remember it's not just about Zeph and her family. It's also about all the people who are going to get hurt if these asshats succeed in doing whatever it is they're trying to do here. Whether it's stirring up a war or stirring up more meta-human oppression, or just making a whole lot of money off it or whatever it is."

* * *

Ryan takes in a deep breath and calms himself back down at Jessica's words. "Don't worry Ms. Jones I have not forgotten that and I will not forget it either."

Ryan then turns and looks at Jessica. "The information you got will help me out a lot with the ends of this investigation and I have a couple of people at the X-Mansion who could help with this, Dani has already offered to help with the investigation." Ryan pauses as an idea comes to mind. "Perhaps maybe there is a way for you to get more information on these three guys, Zeph's brother was the one who met with them perhaps we can get him to tell what he knows if he knew his sister was safe, Zeph did say he was very protective of her. Now he and the others are locked up in the raft which I can't get access to but maybe as an Avenger maybe you might be able to. It's a long shot I know but it might be worth a shot."

* * *

"Christ, I dunno. I've got kind of a mixed reputation, and I've been blocked from going in there to see people before," Jessica says, rubbing the back of her neck. "I ain't exactly Cap, you know? But…Dani and I working together might be able to go. It's a good idea. Can't hurt to try, anyway. Maybe he'll also talk if it means getting back at the people who screwed him. I'll see what I can't get set up. If she's all briefed up, so much the better. I'll give her a call."

* * *

I've filled her in on what's going on and I'll be filling him in on what you found out as well as soon as I get back to the X-Mansion. If you two do manage to get into the facility to talk with him let me know how it goes, Heck if you two can manage to get me in as well Id be happy to help with that, I'm decent with reading people, Though I know that is a bit of long stretch getting me access as well. Well, in any case, I will use what you gave me and see if I can find out more about our what did you call him, 'Pinky McFabio's' and his partners and Ill go over the file and see if I find anything interesting and let you know what I find.

When Ryan mentions the file, a thought comes to his mind and not a particularly good one. "Ms. Jones, do you think there's any chance that the ones responsible for kidnaping telepaths and this unknown man manipulating these mutants could be related or even one and the same?"

* * *

"Almost certainly," Jessica says, arching her eyebrows. "All we gotta do now is find out who, exactly, that is. So."

She grabs her phone and her jacket.

"Let's get to work, shall we?"

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