An Offer She Can Refuse
Roleplaying Log: An Offer She Can Refuse
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Phil Coulson makes Crush an offer.

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IC Date: February 20, 2020
IC Location: Gotham City
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Posted On: 21 Feb 2020 01:12
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Crush has moved on- she moves often. She's surprisingly good at disappearing, but as Phil likely did his research he'd know that's not weird for her. She was raised that way- always running, always moving. She's been on her own for several years since her parent's murder. And she loves industrial locations.

Another Junkyard. This one right in the heart of Gotham, some old scrap-yard that's gone abandoned and now serves as her personal squat.

She's out there working out, in the yard as she lifts a self-made pair of hyper-heavy weights. She's chosen to work on her biceps this morning.

* * *

Phil Coulson should look out of place standing in this junkyard, hands in his pockets. Weirdly, he doesn't. He looks perfectly natural and at ease, despite a suit which makes it unclear whether he's Phil the G-Man or Phil the Accountant. He entered pretty quietly, though made no effort to conceal himself, and wears a faint, Cheshire Cat smile as he comes to a stop and watches Crush work out.

"You're not skipping leg day, are you? I hear it's all fun and games till someone skips leg day."

* * *

Without an effort to hide himself meant not hiding his scent- it's something always on Crush's mind. Unlike a mutant who 'activated' their powers- well. Crush is Czarnian. Czarnians are dangerous. That's the easy to find information for anyone interstellar.

"Agent Coulson." Crush says as she sits up, "You bring the money?" she asks, "I don't go to space and punch ugly aliens for free, you know." she says next with a bit of a smile. It's friendly, but serious. Money is hard to come by when you look like Crush- at least, money she can stomach making.

* * *

"We don't usually pay in cash, but I got an exception made." Coulson pulls out an envelope and holds it out to her. "I wouldn't expect anyone to do anything for free."

Coulson smells more or less normal. He's got on a nice aftershave and a very run-of-the-mill bit of Old Spice deoderant. He soaps down with a clean as pure as Ivory (99.44!). He might be self-conscious about the fact that he's balding because he also carries the faint hint of shampoo meant to ward against that stuff. His suit is fresh from the drycleaners. All very normal smells, save one.

He smells a little off for a human. Just a little.

And if Crush has ever come into contact with a Kree before she'll know why, because that's the smell. Not like he is Kree, or even half Kree, but like someone just sprinkled Kree into his scent like pepper on a dish.

"You'll find it's all there. I hoped to get a moment to talk to you as well."

* * *

Crush took the money, and set it on her weight bench. "I appreciate that. I don't trust banks." she says next, as she doesn't count the money- she somehow doubted Phil would short her. He didn't seem the type.

"Yeah, I guess we can talk- what about, though?" She asks, head cocked to the side as she looks towards the man with a quiet skepticism. The government hasn't really done well by Crush, who seems to have lived on Earth her entire life.

* * *

"You did a good job up there. You seem to have enjoyed the work. If you're looking for something a bit more regular, I have space on my team. I wanted to find out if you'd be interested in exploring that option."

If Coulson sees the skepticism it does nothing to ruffle his feathers. His avuncular air remains firmly in its place, mild-mannered and not at all put out by the fact that she doesn't exactly seem eager. Then again, she just gave him the surpreme compliment of not counting the cash.

Perhaps he recognizes that for what it is.

* * *

"Eeehhh.." Crush says, "I don't know much about your team, and I don't really know much about whatchya do at SHIELD. I do know you're the government… Sorta." The young woman says as she leans back and starts to work on her biceps again. "So that means a whole lotta rules and regulations that I might not be so good at followin'. I'm not really good with power structures and I don't really care to be part of a system I don't know nothin' about." She laughs and shakes her head, "I mean, what would I even do, Agent Coulson?"

* * *

"SHIELD is an International organization devoted to protecting people from things they can't protect themselves from. We stop terrorists, whether they're here on earth or out in space. We collect and contain dangerous items. Sometimes we get in there and defend people directly. The organization is structured, it's true, and it does have some regulations, but it also has a purpose. We also do a lot of spying, though that's not what I'm recruiting you for. We do it so we can find out about threats before they blindside us."

His lips quirk just a little bit as he says, "I also have more than a few people working with me who had the same reaction. I admit that in certain quarters of the organization certain personality types might have challenges, but…my team thrives on a different approach."

* * *

Crush is thinking- silent a long moment as she pumps literal iron. "What's in it for me, though?" she asks, "What do I get out of SHIELD for workin' there?" she wonders, looking again towards Phil. "I mean, you get to know everything about me. I'm not into that. It's like.. I dunno. Makes me feel uncomfortable." she notes, "Like, I dunno. Like I gotta follow all them rules."

* * *

"Regular income, for starters. The pay's good. People who have your back, though I'd be the first to tell you not to trust everyone. For many it becomes a place to belong."

He tilts his head to one side and adds, "Of course, Rocket and Groot have worked for us a long time as contractors. Nobody's tried to make agents out of them either, even though really, Rocket in a suit would be kind of amazing. If you'd rather me just keep you on-call as a contractor when it's time to punch things, I can do that. Still, I wanted to let you know that I saw the potential in you, and I wanted to at least open the door."

* * *

"Eh, I just don't feel like it work for me. I mean, contractor is okay. You give me a call when you need someone strong or somethin'." Crush says with a nod of her head, "It's good, legal money, and as long as it's cash that's the best way to go." she continues as she thinks softly to herself. "But, wouldn't I need to like register or somethin'. I don't wanna be on no lists."

* * *

"It is true, SHIELD does require you to do that since we operate in places where registration is required," Phil says with a grimace. "Guess that's why you stick to Gotham."

He takes out a buisness card and holds it out to her. "A number to call if you need a friend," he says simply. He won't engage in a hard sell. That hard line, of not wanting to be on lists, is one he respects too much. For all that he's part of an organization that maintains lots and lots of secret ones.

* * *

Crush takes the card, "Thanks." she offers, at least not one to give up a gift. SHIELD could come in handy if she gets in over her head. "Thanks, Agent Coulson." she says simply, "And yeah. It ain't nobody's business but me what I am. This is just another attempt at stealin' bodily autonomy from the people- and women in particular!" she complains, with perhaps a surprising use of more learned language- albeit in a rough way. "It's just bad, you know."

* * *

"I know. I agree," Coulson says simply. "Sadly, as it's coming up on its one year anniversary, I guess it's less of an attempt at this point and more like a thing that has indeed happened. It remains to be seen if those who are working to get it overturned can do so. Sadly, it's also not a problem that can be punched."

A beat.

"Not that I haven't wished that it was, time to time."

* * *

"I can't let someone take that from me." Crush states simply. "I can't just give that away. It ain't right to ask for it." she sighs, "Look. As a contractor you can say you don't know nothin' about me, and cash makes it even easier to hide the ties.

She shrugs, "We'll try that a while, and maybe talk again some other time. If my opinion changes."

* * *

"Sounds fair," Coulson says. He gives another mild smile, waves a hand around the junk yard, and says, "Don't forget to hydrate."

Because everyone needs random fatherly advice from a government agent. Still, he seems to think it's the natural endpoint for him to get out of her hair. He tips a hand to her in farewell and starts making his way out of the junk yard, humming what sounds like your basic Dad rock as he goes.

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