Taking the A out of NA
Roleplaying Log: Taking the A out of NA
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Owen and Eddie run into each other at an NA meeting. Coincidence?

Other Characters Referenced: Frank Castle (mentioned but not named) & Harley Quinn (mentioned but not named)
IC Date: December 19, 2018
IC Location: Church Basement
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Posted On: 20 Dec 2018 04:48
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At any point in time there is likely to be a Narcotics Anonymous meeting available to attend in Manhattan. This one happens to be in the basement of a Catholic church near Mid Town whose depressive setting is almost enough to make one want to use again. The metal folding chairs are set in rows on the chipped linoleum floor, the coffee is awful and the cookies turn to sawdust in your mouth.

Still, it must have had some appeal to the dark headed woman who is sitting slumped down in the very back row, arms crossed over her chest as people go up and share the moment they hit rock bottom or their recent personal triumph over their addiction. She's dressed much unlike herself, in light grey sweats and gloves that look too large for her slender hands. Maybe the borrowed clothes are what's leading to the sour expression on her face.

"…and so it's been three months, two days, and eight hours since I huffed my last can of spray paint." Morales can't help but snort, and a pointed look from the group sponsor has her slinking down further in her chair.

"Thank you, Nathaniel. Stay strong. Would anyone else like to share?" The acolyte in charge of the meeting asks from the podium.

* * *

It's become a part of his life in the last few months, at least weekly meetings now but over the last few weeks it's been closer to daily. Owen Mercer sits in the crowd and claps quietly as Nathaniel finishes sharing. He sighs and picks his cup of terrible coffee off the ground and stands up.

"Hi. I'm Owen. I'm an add-" Now that he's standing, facing the crowd he can clearly see the disinterest face slumped down in her chair. He manages to catch himself and finish, "-ict. Addict." Everyone replies as usual and Owen closes his eyes for a beat to try to ignore the fact that NA just lost a whole lot of A.

"It's been seven months since I last used heroin… and three weeks since I last got high." He waits a beat and specifies, "Oxy." He takes a small sip of the coffee and continues, "I think it's getting easier? I had to cut contact with an old friend, which sucks. But he was an asshole and didn't really want me to change, but he was still one of my oldest friends." He stops for a minute and bites the inside of his lower lip, "But I'm starting to figure out more of the things that drive me into the hole. Like when hot girls who I knew a long time ago invite me into a hotel room when they're using, for example." Of course this very particular example cause a few murmurs of both confusion and agreement.

"But the important part is that I'm putting days behind me."

And with that Owen sits back down to a room full of tepid clapping. He makes sure to position himself in a way that he can see Eddie as much as possible, giving her a quirked questioning eyebrow.

* * *

Eddie raises her hand to give a quiet clap when Owen's finished, probably the only person she did so for, even if the only reason being that he called her hot. She might be that petty. Might not.

At the questioning eyebrow, she only gives a slight shrug in answer but the acknowledgement of her presence causes Eddie to scratch at her leg in that restless manner of someone that's jonesing.

The meeting finally ends with the Serenity Prayer, and perhaps Morales doesn't know it yet as her lips never move during the exercise. People start to break up, shaking hands and slapping backs and promises to see each other next time as Eddie just hitches her head at Owen to join her at the snack table. She shuffles off there, reaching for packets of sugar as she waits to see if he joins her.

* * *

Owen notices the clap which gets a bit of narrowed eyes as if trying to decide if the clapping is mocking or not. He remains undecided as they pass looks back and forth, though Owen does at least mouth along with the prayer even if he's not very focused on.

Meeting her over by the snacks, he bumps her with his shoulder and says, "Really. You doing this?" Not so much meaning the meeting itself as trying to go clean. Based on the last time he saw her he's not unaware that it might be a good idea for her to consider it. He dumps a few more packets of sugar in his black coffee, as if trying to make something approaching drinkable. He stuffs a cookie in his mouth, despite knowing it will be terrible.

* * *

"You seriously didn't question that patch I sewed into your jacket hiding the tracker? Such a rookie mistake." Eddie replies sardonically, shaking three sugar packets in a pinch of fingers before ripping off their tops and dumping the contents directly into her mouth. If she can't get high, maybe she can at least experience a sugar rush.

As she crunches the gritty substance in her mouth, she continues her smart ass answer. "Turns out I'm a dick thirsty stalker who over-emotionalized our one intimate moment into an eternal bitter longing. That, or me getting clean is a condition of rejoining SHIELD. Was that a dig back there? Felt like a dig."

* * *

Owen lazily tilts his head at her and says, "Well no, but I kind of need you to use that tracker. Turns out stealing my jacket is a popular past time with the ladies.." Owen is no spy and it didn't even occur to him to be paranoid about the addition. Granted considering the tracker implanted in his skull, the idea of someone tracking his movements is hardly as horrifying to him as it might be to others.

"Aah. Yea, I thought I got that vibe from you." The sarcasm is easily recognizable in Owen's needling reply. He quirks an eyebrow at the second part though and he asks, "What? Why would you ..?" His eyes narrow and he looks around, not wanting to ask any more hard questions right now.

"You want to go grab a drink? Or a bite?" He smirks and adds, "Unless yer giving up drinkin' too?"

* * *

Eddie's eyes roll to the ceiling. "God, if they make me give up drinking too, I might as well punch my ticket." Occupying herself by dusting sugar off her gloves via her pants, she doesn't have to look at Owen when she mumbles the next part. "Unless you want my babysitter who's parked outside joining us, I'm going to have to pass. Hey." She straightens suddenly, "You got your cell phone on you? Gimme." Insert finger grabby motion.

* * *


Owen raises his coffee cup in a mini salute motion in agreeing that giving up drinking is out of the question, not a terribly popular opinion here. He laughs at the part about the babysitter. "Oh come on. If we can't give one bored SHIELD agent the slip, we might as well 'punch our tickets'" But he doesn't press the issue. He pulls out his phone and holds it out, not quite handing it over, "No taking this though."

* * *

"Maybe you forgot the part where I'm at least pretending to be on my best behavior." Eddie comments about slipping her escort. Growing more impatient with her hand motions as he keeps the phone out of reach. "I promise. I just need to send a text to my …cat sitter." And then, realizing she doesn't have her usual tech gloves on, she grumblingly starts to strip one off so she can type.

* * *

Oh the things associated with that phone. The calls to drug dealers. The flirt and / or dirty texts to women. The drunken texts and voicemails to anyone in the contact list at various points in time. But luckily it's a blur of things with probably not one thing standing out too much.

"I always forget about best behavior. As a rule."

Owen makes a swirl around his ear with his finger and then looks around. It's not the most subtle way of asking if people are watching or listening in on them right now but it gets the job done.

"Yes, well I hope you realize getting clean ain't the worst thing.." Regular NA chatter resumes as he waits for her response.

* * *

Eddie gives a little dismissive shake of her head about them being watched, "They want me back, and they want me clean. They know it's important for this to be a 'safe' place for me. The driver is more for my benefit then their peace of mind." As she starts typing with one thumb, Morales lifts the hem of her sweatshirt with the other, showing Owen a fresh bandage that wraps the lower part of her ribs.

The only indication that she's affected by touching Owen's phone is a long exhale out her nose while she tries to stay on task. She's typing in a number by heart, but her eyebrows knit up as a contact pops up associated with the number.

* * *

Owen nods and gets the fact that SHIELD would want her to have a safe space to talk about her issues. But he also assumes that either there's a plant in the meeting as well to listen in, or there's surveillance of some sort. It's SHIELD, they be shady.

"Well sometime yer not being babysat meet me out for a drink. I'd love to hear how this" Here he indicates both the room and her bandage, "..all happened."

Leaning over he spies the contact pop up and tilts his head. It's not a huge surprise that they might know each other, Frank is heading towards very similar circles to the ones Eddie is apparently leaving.

* * *

"I call him Sparky." Eddie mumbles of 'Shooter', Owen likely able to catch at least part of the text that reads: Hey Mom. Arrived safely. Going to be awhile before I can call. Do me a favor and bring my cat back to your house while I'm on vacation? She'll sleep soundly on your bed with your cats.

It ends with a little emoji of a flower.

"I decided to pick the lesser of two evils." Eddie at least summarizes the circumstances as she tosses the phone back to Owen, never getting tired of seeing those reflexes of his in action. "As soon as I finish rehab and get my clearance, you and I will tie one on, promise. Without the threat of ruining your sobriety. As hot as taking advantage of you when you're all strung out sounds."

* * *

'Sparky?' Owen mouths the nickname back questioningly, not immediately getting the reference or reason behind it if there is one. The phone is easily snagged out of the air even without using his speed, which he would be hesitant to do here.

"Shit, so the other option was Satan?" Owen's regard for SHIELD and in fact most government agencies is at a near all time low just about now and he doesn't mind showing that. "Alright, that sounds like a plan. Though I do always enjoy the the threat of being taken advantage of." He then get serious for just a moment to add, "And if I had stayed? That would have been trouble." He knows that she's already aware that he was close to slipping up, he even shared it out loud, but Owen's trying to share one of the things he's learned through the process: being honest about situations you can't handle. And boy there are a lot of them for Owen.

* * *

Eddie snorts as Owen places SHIELD one step higher than hell itself, but for now she doesn't comment much more on her decision of choice. "You would have gotten high with me and there may or may not have been some naked Twister. I doubt we would have overthrown the government or punched babies in Central Park. But according to your Share, you ended up using anyways, without the added perks. I'd be offended if I actually took that shit personally. You were on your best behavior." She cracks a smirk, eluding to his earlier statement.

* * *

"Yea, that woulda been a mistake. Both of those things." Owen smirks at the easy flirting between them that's been a trademark of their relationship. He does shrug and admit, "I don't know some babies are super punchable."

At the part about what he shared he shrugs it off and says, "Yea. Oxy's not really my thing but it got in my head.. and you know." He probably doesn't need to explain to anyone in the room how that works.

He laughs about being on his best behavior, something that he's been trying to make work and keeps going back and forth on if it's actually successful or not.

"Yea well, once yer in the clear, look me up."

* * *

"Yeah, probably." Eddie remarks of it being a mistake. "I'm not as limber as I used to be and I already risked pissing off you giiiirlfriend once. Why do you think I'm hiding in SHIELD?" She grins and whaps him playfully on the shoulder as she passes on her way to the door. "I'll hit you up. After all, I know where to find you." Is that a limp she has? It might be a limp.

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