American Food Rampage
Roleplaying Log: American Food Rampage
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Misfit debriefs Bart and Raven about her dangerous adventures.

Other Characters Referenced: Red Robin
IC Date: February 27, 2020
IC Location: Titan HQ Food Court
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Posted On: 28 Feb 2020 09:06
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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* OOC Time: Fri Feb 28 02:02:50 2020 *

* * *

Okay well it has been a couple weeks since the pretty explosive (especially if you count dust) return of the wayward chaos muppet from lands unknown. She spent a whole heck of a lot of it in medical falling in and out of unconciousness.

Really other than asking Raven once to shield her from being scry'd she was pretty unconcious. Which is honestly unsuual sicne she has a track record of teleporting and just … healing somehow in the process.

Still this evening exactly two weeks from her arrival she is up and in the food court having vacated the medical bay and unconciousness. Her gear is gone in favor of sweatpants and a gotham knights hoodie. She has her tablet from her room in her lap and seems to be intently reading.

After a little bit she pings Bart on the comms. «Hey can you get me american food.. like a burger.. pizza.. anything.. I'm starving… and I'm a little afraid to bounce out in case Raven shielded the base and not me.»

* * *

There was an upside to being awake at the strangest hours. Whenever Raven couldn't sleep anymore, she spent the time reestablishing a time for deep meditation or did her part to see if anything was wrong with the supernatural veil of late. Misfit's time in the medbay helped fill some of those hours within the past weeks, however, continuing to act as a dark, empathetic sponge for any lingering pain the young woman felt.

She considered Misfit's lucid moments as a side effect to getting stabbed and losing a lot of blood, but she answered her requests to the best of her ability, not exactly sure if cloaking would actually work in theory.

But, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

She's still outside the second Charlotte calls up Bart over the comms, eyes closed as she hovers cross-legged over the abandoned mall, arms creating fluid circular patterns in the air as whispered words resonate against nothing.

* * *

Two week was too long. Two days was too long, but of course Bart would think being out for any length of time was too long, and for the state in which Misfit had arrived, especially concerning. He'd been in and out of the Mall the past weeks, more so than usual on the account that he might have been kind of sorta trying to avoid Timothy Drake and with it the need to explain the not-Jello powder in the big jar and possibly (probably) his sudden ability to multiply.

Getting a message from Charlotte relieves him of at least one weight on his shoulders, and eager as he is to oblige, he forgets to respond- not that it'll make too much difference given the speeds he'll travel. It's only when he remembers he has to wait for the food to be prepared because it doesn't happen as quickly as he can run, that he thinks to call her back.

«Sure thing, be over ASAP.»

* * *

«Thank you! <3 god I missed real food» which leaves a lot of space open for a lot of questions really.

She continues to furrow her brow and try to catch up on the news of ..well like everything she missed over the last half a year roughly. What exactly are the Sentinels up to. What about supervillains. Did she miss any alien invasions. These are all important things to double check now that she is .. you know home right.

She pauses and looks up at the ceiling squinting. Then she sends another comm, this one to Raven «Bart is getting food, want to debrief?»

* * *

«…We can do that.»

The spellcasting winds down, clawed hands withdrawing from their held positions in front of her. Raven's eyes open, only returning to their normal shade of color once a portal opens and closes to let her pass through and back into the food court. And as her booted feet touch the floor, shadows gently whirl around her, getting her back into mostly black civilian clothing. The length of her skirt drapes down as she smooths out her knitted sweater, approaching Charlotte with care. "Where should we begin?"

* * *

Not too long after the girls have gathered does Bart show up, arms full of a stack of pizza boxes, a box of donuts, a sack of burgers and pastrami sandwiches, cake and hotdogs and potato chips and frenchfries…

Okay, correction, several Bart's show up bearing a bit of each because it had occurred to the speedster that he could still cut down on food gathering time if he just split up the work. The food's stacked on the table by Charlotte, the other three Bart's giving her a salute before popping back into what can be assumed to be the main one, who helps himself to a donut more out of reflex than discourtesy.

It's gone in a second, which frees his hands up as he moves in to give Charlotte a hug.

* * *

There is a bit more news reading as she tries to sort it all out. Then Charlie looks over at Raven and smiles when she shows up and asks about where to begin.

Which is interrupted by the arrival of the Bart(s) Plural and all that food her eyes getting pretty wide. Hard to say which is more shocking the speed clone(s) plural or the sheer amount of food all across the spectrum.

There is a look sidelong questioning to Ravenn and then well Bart is hugging her and she is hugging him back. "Hey you." she mutters "Missed you."

.. ..

.. ..

"What the frick is with all those youse?"

* * *

After the multiple Barts return to being one Bart hugging a long-missed friend, Raven just…shakes her head. "I will never get used to that."

But he did go through the trouble of bringing everything to the table, so she goes on to help herself to a donut while Charlotte wraps her head around the Bart conundrum.

"I feel that's his story to tell," she starts, glancing between the two as she sits down. Because she still hasn't come to understand it completely.

* * *

"Me too," Bart says, taking her hugging back in response as a sign that he can hug a little tighter before he peels away. The question to follow should have been expected but nevertheless he looks like he's gotten his hand caught in the cookie jar. Except in actuality it's in a pizza box. Splitting up made him more hungry!!

"Uuuuuuh… Well I'm not really sure exactly- it kinda accidentally happened after I was helping Mister Stark test some portal tech. I ran us to Asgard!" He beams.

* * *

"Huh." Charlie notes.

.. .. ..

"That is pretty Rad!" pause "I mean I can almost be in multiple places at once but not really… that has to be totally useful as all heck…."

At which point she turns to the bounty and gets a burger, a slice of pizza, a hot dog, a doughtnut, and .. okay she puts one of each on a plate and curls up with all of the loot.

"What is an Asgard?" she asks as she starts to eat then blinks at Ravne "Oh.. right.. debrief… uh.. huh…" right she is the one who asked she should probably know what she wanted to say but god the pizza is so good she gets distracted taking another bite now.

"So.. those jerks who kept appearing yabbering on about Lord Opal and submitting and all that… well… um… they jumped me in Gotham and got the better of me and took me back with them to.. get this they call the place Gemworld.. which is like.. uh.. doh on point much?"

* * *

"Hm." That 'hm' is almost similar to Red Robin's, but it's a tad less emotive and more thoughtful as Raven takes a small bite of a donut. Her brows, though, clearly not cool with having her teammate being jumped and kidnapped to another dimension for months on end without them realizing it.

She has more to add to the thought. "Why would they do such a thing?" After all, she's missed the last few times these guys showed up, and she's missing the connection between them and Misfit. "Why would they even come here?"

* * *

"You heard of Thor, right? It's where he's from I think. Oh, and Atli and her spacegoat." Bart emphasizes each point with a jab of a french fry in the air. Then he picks up a burger and tries to mash it together with a hot dog.

"Those guys… They kept popping up here and there." He frowns over what's left of his burger, the hot dog already gone somehow. "Where is this place anyway? Is it another dimension? Although Raven asks some good questions too." He peers at Charlotte. "Why were they after you?"

* * *

Charlie leaves the pizza half eaten, moving to pick up the burger and try it next… closing her eyes wiht a blissed out expression "Ooh delicious cheese and your morphine qualities…." she takes another bite and chews slowly then swallows.

"Space goat??"

Focus Charlie Focus.

"I.. you lnow I am not really sure.. it is not here but is rather somewhere else. Place seems to be populated with all those folk like the ones who kept attacking and all .. Gem armor.. weapons .. magic.. pretty nuts. Lord Dark Opal is the tyrant there far as I can tell."

Ooh doughnut. Burger forgotten for a bite of that and then she mffs… and looks around… did Bart bring soda. "Um." swallows dry. "as for me… they seem to think I am a threat or something .. so like gems… right.. many realms in Gemworld far as I could suss.. each based on a type of gem including Ruby…" she holds her non-doughtnut hand out and then twists her fingers. Raven can feel the twist of chaos magic first. Then everyone can see a crystaline Ruby structure spike up from Misfit's hand, cradled in it. ".. they called me a princess and locked me up in Opal's dungeon… but I escaped… there were some adventures…. it was very alice in wonderland.. even one giant catepillar and a four armed warrior of topaz.. no cowardly lion though…"

God she is mixing up her pop culture.

* * *

The donut is forgotten as Raven listens to Misfit's explanations, her face lacking any distinct expression the deeper the lore gets. Pale skin prickles under knitted sleeves as the touch of chaos magic is added in for effect, for clarity despite its origins as she takes in the ruby's presence, weighing it with her gaze alone.

"…That's cruel," she finally says after a pause, her eyes still resting upon Charlotte's hand and the gem she holds within it. For all the references she's mixed together, Raven still understands. "I suppose that comes with being a tyrant, but still…"

Her voice trails off, but the hardness of an unspoken question lingers in her monotone.

* * *

Uh-oh, did he forget something? It's very possible. Bart's not psychic (thankfully) so he's not sure what Charlotte's looking for, not that it matters shortly after because—

"You're a princess?!"

Never mind the magicky ruby thing she's conjured up- oh wait, was she able to do that before? Hmm, maybe he should be focusing on that instead? But no- "Why would you be a threat if you never heard of these guys? …or did you?" But no, she looked pretty startled by them all when they first appeared in Manhattan. A glance at Raven as he nods.

* * *

"Well I don't … >think< I am… but they sure seem to think I am like the last Scion of the House of Ruby or something like that…I did go look at the Ruby Kingdom before I figured out how to come home.. it was ..well it looked like magical nuclear bombs had gone off all over it and wow it was intensely ucky…" she just sighs.

"I was born in Metropolis though and I am pretty sure my mom wasn't a queen." of course it wasn't her mom, none of that was really real .. magic foster system… but she still has those memory spells in place.

"the… whole gemworld thing really did feel familiar though..sort of like constant deja vu.." she vanishes with a pop of ruby smoke then is back with a soda from the fridge settling to sit. "And yes Lord Dark Opal is super cruel tyrant and has conquered Gemworld.. it is a mess and a half… but.. gosh I am glad to be home again…"

* * *

This is how Raven knows she's been in their company for a while: Bart pops some of the questions she silently mulls over and Charlotte answers in her own way with weird descriptions that still make some sense.

A gem princess. A normal girl with chaotic magic abilities. The latter is the Charlotte she knows. But, to be fair, having a abnormal, fantastical family history is not unheard of among their group.

Raven nods, still contemplating over the information dump. "We're glad you came back," comes a quiet reply, one that sounds apologetic that she wasn't aware of the situation when she should have been. "Although your physical state of being could have been better. That kind of treatment was uncalled for on their part."

* * *

Meanwhile Bart can't help but look at least a little awed. Dimensional travel and magical kingdoms?! Of course it must not be as fun as he could hope, given the trouble poor Misfit had had. He blinks at her when she vanishes and returns with a drink before snapping his fingers. "Knew I forgot something."

The questions still stacked for all that had been answered, but the important part being said and echoed by Raven, the speedster's quick to abandon them in favor of shared sentiments. "You gotta stop disappearing into other dimensions," he says, grinning crookedly as he gives her a light nudge. "Welcome back home."

And if those Gem guys came back again, they'd just punch them in the face or something.

* * *

"Yeah." she makes a thoughtful noise "I really do need to remember to not get stabbed by magical poisoned daggers while busting through the walls between dimensions and draining all my reserves and nearly dying." it is all sorts of deadpan, though her eyes are amused. She is teasing.

"Missed you all…" he murmurs around the hot dog "I plan to avoid going back or being thrown in a dungeon… though I do think I am going to try to dig up family records in Metropolis.. though.. uh.. I am not a detective. Maybe RR can help there…" she contemplates then settles in to eat. "So what did I miss…" she asks, maybe they can TLDR the news.

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