A Little Help From Her Friends
Roleplaying Log: A Little Help From Her Friends
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Atli is having a hard time, but mostly because her idol is having a hard time. Rocket and Groot give a little help to their friend.

Other Characters Referenced: Archangel, Dazzler
IC Date: February 29, 2020
IC Location: The Milano
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Posted On: 01 Mar 2020 03:55
Rating & Warnings: Rated CA for Crying Asgardian
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No, really. Atli had no idea where the ship was. Just that it was here, where she was now. And how did she know that? because her eyes were open and she was staring at a very Milano like ceiling. She is pretty certain that when she arrived it was yesterday, and that by now it must certainly have become tomorrow. But time for Asgardians was quite a strange thing, best left alone to it's own devices. Time could stay over there, out of the way, while the Girl of Thunder was over here.

With her beer.

This beer was called Vodka! And certainly she had tried other sorts of beers that actually had beer names but it was like drinking dirty water. But this was much better, and it came in so many flavors. Anyone who comes upon her now will be able to easily count how many, because bottles and cans of all sort litter the floor of the cargo area, where Atli has decided to at last face the hard truth: Her spear is gone, and so is her tie to her grandfather, and her long lost reality of the far future.

She tilts her head just a little, ignoring the snoring of the goat in the corner, who has curled up to avoid cans and bottles and discarded taco wrappers, a sure sign that Atli has gone far to far - not even the goat wants any part of it.

Slowly her arms and legs begin to move. Is there hope? Some semblence of life and forward momentum? Well, yes. A little. She's making a liquor-bottle angel, arms and legs moving up and down as if to make a snow angel, but with more clanking and clunking.

"Verily, goat. As much as I try. I cannot think of a plan. A plan to fix everything."


"Really, I'm surprised we haven't gotten called in to fix everything."

The familiar voice of the Guardian's smallest member sounds from the front of the ship amidst the sound of rattling and clanging metal. "Then again it's kind of amazing how much these Terrans are willing to deny when it comes to what they see in spite of mass property damage. So hey, guess I ain't complainin'. Now where did I put that box of spare fuses?"

The sound of light footsteps are definitely making an approach to where Atli lies, pausing with a muttered, "What the-" at the dull clink of glass rolling around against each other. The panel lights brighten to life with the tap of a switch, Rocket standing at the edge of the radius of the telltale traces of Atli's earlier imbibery.

"-Atli?? The flark is all this?"


"I am Groot."

The somewhat nasal reply from the treenager Guardian is repetitive, yet different in its tonal nuances despite the fact he's looking down at his gaming device and not at whatever it is Rocket is working on at the moment. Less like he cares and more like he's super absorbed into topping his best score.

Because, you know, he can't let anyone forget that he's the best at video games. Especially during that last mission. That game of Centipede was a doozy.

Groot's brow furrows. "I am Groot," comes his refrain, shrugging to reiterate he really doesn't care if the raccoonoid is talking aloud to himself at that point. And he stays put, not bothering to follow after him so that he can focus on beating the next level of the game.

Which…doesn't play out and ends with a fizzle bloop of 16-bit soundbytes, thanks to Rocket's outburst. A disgruntled growl rises in his throat as he glares at the screen. "I am Groot!"


"Mmnnnugh…verily, I yield." This, the Girl of Thunder's initial response to being brightly shone upon by the Milano's powerful interior lighting system. She winces and covers her face, clearly having run out of anything potent enough to maintain what she had liked to call 'The Atli-Exile'. With a groan she turns off, crawling away from Rocket as if he were an enemy that had struck a near fatal blow. In reality she is crawling towards something.

The last of five Party Packs of tacos from Taco Bell.

Rooting around in there she finds one sad, many hours old taco that's soaked through it's wrapper, and with a squinting gaze she tries to decipher how to separate it from said wrapper. The goat answers the question by eating the whole thing out of her hand. Atli frowns in that moment, and then rights herself. Sortof. She's sitting there against a bulkhead, legs bowed and head hanging forward, her hair a bit stringy but.. okay who are we kidding it's still god's hair, it looks glorious!

"Oh, yes… that's… hmm. I feel ass if only some of this was mine. There must have been a party of some sort. Toothbender?" The goat looks down and away, the universal sign for 'no' in goat. A bit of a frown, and Atli reaches up to run her fingers through her hair, frowning when she ends up mixing in some shredded taco cheese. "I'm sorry Fair Rocket, Wise Groot. I seem to have failed you as much as I have failed everyone.. and everything else. Just… just take us to space and decompress the compartment. Verily, I am ready."

Not that it would kill her, or the goat. Maybe she just means to float around forever. But the longer she sits there after making her request, the longer she looks as if her sniffling twitch of her lip might devolve into full blown tears.


"Language!" Rocket calls out of reflex over his shoulder, back where Groot is. His eyes are still fixed upon the downcast Asgardian. He knows an attempt to drown one's sorrows when he sees it. He's also pretty sure if he'd been the one doing it he would have literally drowned for as much as it appears Atli's consumed. Bottles roll out of the way as he begins to wade through the mess.

"Okay, so one, I have no idea what failure you're talkin' about and I'm pretty sure it can't be anything recent unless you forgot to mention something. Two, the ship's still in one piece so aside from this place lookin' more like one'a those Terran recycling centers, I got nothin' to be mad at. Unless you clogged the refresher. 'Cuz I ain't touchin' that if that's the case."

Rocket eyes the goat, stopping a few bottles away from Atli as he folds his arms. "Three, looks like you were the only one invited to this party." His brow furrows as he takes in the state of Asgardian. He's seen her in her cups before but never like this, and it's troubling. He hates feeling this way. It's awkward.

"Ssso…." he continues, scratching at the back of his neck as his eyes flick this way and that to take in the remnants of taco wrappers and whatnot. Ugh. This is so not his responsibility. "What happened?"


An irritated grunt shoots back at Rocket's 'language' comment, full of teen rebellion to the lesser degree. Groot then snorts, carelessly tossing the gaming device onto the workbench as he bodily drags himself up out of his chair, sighing dramatically over his ambling pace that closes the distance between here and there.

When he gets to there, he leans in, mostly over Rocket to see what's happening in this thread. Oh, okay, so it's Atli crawling around and sitting in a way that defines the word pathetic.

That alone is kind of hilarious to Groot due to how the Asgardian currently presents herself, but…it's sad. Very sad.

"…I am Groot," he adds on anyway, quiet but still commenting on the situation as it is.


The goat flops over, flailing and turning onto his back to root away bottles and make room for his bulk, as if doing so might send a message that this is his territory. Atli pays the fool of a goat no mind, instead her face screws up in the most pathetic of sobbing scrunches. Though few tears fall, she whines a little under her breath. "Well I lost my spear to a little, angry man. He cut it right in half. It was in another reality so I can't even go and kill him for the trouble. And look, Rocket. I found him in this reality…."

Atli fishes into a pouch and produces a picture for Rocket. A signed photograph of Danny Devito mid-scream that she bought with one of Stark's credit cards.

"Look how fearsome he looks in this world! At least twice as angry as I saw him last!"

Her shoulders slump.

"No, it is not even the spear. I had a plan you see. I was going to ask about for wizards to help me with crafting a new weapon. One worthy of my might. But.. I tried to.. you see…"

A long, lip-vibrating exhale later, and she looks up to both Rocket and Groot. It reminds her in this moment how honest she can be with these, her longest of friends on Midgard. "It's The Dazzler, you see. She has been a light in my life for much longer than she has even known I have existed. She was a legend in my time. My sisters and I used to listen to her wonderful voice and think of what it would be like to exist in a universe full of.. people. Because there weren't hardly any. Just a few elves and one stupid old space shark."

Atli blows her nose on a taco wrapper, and then tosses it aside. "It's just.. as much as it hurt to lose my spear, in asking for The Dazzler's help.. I.. well Rocket, she is.. I think dying and coming back to life may have been rather hard on her. And I don't know how to fix it. My grandfather used to say you haven't lived yet unless you've died first. And he knew almost everything. And he was right! I died and a Firebird came and cradled me so very gently! It was glorious! But The Dazzler has a Glorybird to cradle her all the time and it seems not to help. And everything I said was wrong. All the things I usually say, to make things right."

The Asgardian looks up as Groot leans over, and then nods. She's picked up a little Groot here and there, one of the few languages her All-Speak doesn't immediately let her known. "Yes, I know I smell like that one place on Knowhere we went to that one time. I proimise I'll visit the bathing pond of the X-People soon to wash away my shame. I just.. I don't know how to help her Rocket. She was my idol. My guiding star when I had no one else. Her words helped me become a hero. And now I fear she is falling into an abyss I cannot help her out of."


Don'tcrydon'tcrypleasedon'tcryohcrapdon'tcry Rocket listens and looks on with growing anxiousness as Atli attempts to explain. For Atli it's actually very straight-forward that he can follow without the usual upticks of his brow or the screwing up of his face. But there is the furrowing of said brows and the frowning, but it's not particularly Atli-directed.

He does have to cringe as she throws a taco wrapper snot-wad off somewhere. Oh, he is so not cleaning this up.

"….that's…a crapload of stuff to be dealing with." Personally he'd be pretty upset at the weapon part, but it's clear that this Dazzler gal's the brunt of the Asgardian's lamenting. More bottles roll as he carefully steps closer, the tearful look near doing him in, or perhaps the lip-quiver. He lifts a clawed hand, awkwardly patting at Atli's shoulder in the manner of one who most definitely is not used to consoling anything except his precious WMDs.

"…so I got a feeling I'm missing a lot out of this but it probably doesn't need explaining." And he doesn't really want to sit through a fullblown Atli-tale. "…we can't solve everyone's problems. Much as we might like to. It ain't easy, and heck, sometimes it don't even need us to fix it. Sometimes it all comes down to the people most affected. So maybe this Dazzler is the one that needs to figure things out herself. …ooor there's no helping her but you gave it your best shot an' that's better'n nothing."


Groot only nods, offering Atli a semi-sympathetic look that still holds onto some form of judgment. Of course, he never bathes regularly, so he has no room to say anything more on the topic.

He also holds his breath during all of this because of Feelings and Potential Crying, his mouth forming a hard line as a means of bracing himself for it.

But the poor Asgardian has gone through a lot. He thinks of a grocery list of bad - a list of awful.

Muttering under his breath and shaking his head while shifting his stance so that he remains in the threshold, Groot slouches against the frame as Rocket ventures in to comfort Atli to the best of his ability. He doesn't try to say anything else that could possibly lift spirits - concerning his track record with consolation, it's in the negatives. But he listens, knowing that the raccoonoid provides the words he can't even come up with.


Slowly it starts, a bit of a come-hither waving in Groot's direction. Yes, Atli needs a bath. Do you know what else she needs right now? A tree hug. She reaches up to immediately pull Rocket into a hug, which might be the only non-awkward hug ever, I mean, she's sitting down so she's perfect height for it, right? The hug of an Asgardian is a dangerous thing, but she is so very careful with Fair Rocket, scratching the back of his head right in that spot that gets anyone else snapped at.

"Rocket you are so very smart! Of course! OF COURSE!"

Atli sobs, but it's an almost happy sob. She might still be just a little drunk.

"Of course I'm not the one to help her! I DID give it my best! I haven't ever solved anything! You're the one who solves things! We can help Dazzler figure things out for herself by going over there so you can talk to her and help her figure things out!"

Asgardian logic is undeniable.

Atli leans back, one hand on Rocket's shoulder, eyes level-set with his. "Will you come with me? You and Groot both? Verily, Wise Groot, she does love plants! And, I don't know if it's possible, but perhaps you could turn her bed into a sort of nest, to make her Razorwing cuddling that much better."

Really Atli has some of the best ideas.

"Please? It would mean so very much to me. Perhaps we can gather up a force to Fix Everything. Not my spear.. that can come later. We'll get to that. Perhaps you, and Groot, and maybe Noble Barnes? He died at least once I think. And besides, you'll get another look at his glorious Destroyer-arm. Don't think I didn't notice the way you were looking at it when we all went to Asgard of Old together."

You know, back when Atli nearly got everyone killed?

What a laugh riot.


He should have seen the warning signs, or at least anticipated it. However Rocket had been too preoccupied with trying to make sure his hand was being appropriately applied as he sorted out sincere words, or as close a proximation as he can manage.

And then he was suddenly engulfed, only made less escapable for the fact that they are of a height at the moment. He stiffens out of reflex, his tail bristling out like a startled cat. Then the head-scratching commences and the sobbing, and his body sags into Atli's embrace with a sigh. See, this is what he gets for being nice. He can't even snap at her if he wanted to, convinced that he'd break his teeth on Asgardian flesh.

Was his advice being understood and actually accepted? …the possibility proves fleeting as soon as he even dares think it, and Rocket expels another sigh before Atli draws back to look squarely at him.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on there- since when have I ever fixed anything with words? I solve most'a my own problems by shooting them or blowing them up. You know that."


"….although I wouldn't mind another chance at Barnes's arm…"


Ugh, physical forms of affection and understanding. It's not cool at all!

The treenager stands (leans?) his ground at the Asgardian's gesture, wiry tree arms crossed over his gnarled chest, eyes narrowing into a squint shortly after Atli's embrace almost swallows Rocket whole.

There's also the matter of her lifted spirits and a new chapter in the book of Fix Everything she's been writing. Groot is wary, but he is relieved to see that some of her old self is shining through, if only half-drunk as she is.

But it would be worth it to see if Rocket would be successful in stealing an arm he doesn't really need.

Young Groot heaves a melodramatic sigh, pushing away from the threshold to drag his stump feet across the floor. His arms open outward as he gets down to their level, wrapping them in a stiff and even more awkward hug. "I…am Groot," he grouses, his gaze half-lidded as he tilts his head to rest against Atli's.


"Yes I know Groot," Atli intones as his branchy hug consumes both she and Rocket. "the Kentucky Fried Chicken fried Donut Chicken Sandwich does look delicious." She probably just misunderstood him, you see. Her Groot is quite rudamentary, though she'd never admit it. Hugging both her friends she lets out a bit of a sigh, until they're in a small circle, just at arm's length. "Verily, you are both the best friends I have ever had. My sisters.. are my sisters. They never understood me. My grandfather was wise, but also a fool. He never did see me like you two do. I know I have not always been a good friend."

Somehow she doesn't even look at the mess she made when she says that. Really, it's astounding.

"…but I try. I try because you are always both so very good to me. Never judging, except for that time with the Were-Bilgesnipe, which wasn't really my fault. And, well, I want you to both know how much I appreciate it. Together we'll see who we can round up, and then, it's onward to the Dazzler. I'm sure we'll be able to Fix Everything."

There's an almost awkward pause, and her sobbing seems to have abated. "So… what's been going on with the both of you? Hopefully Quill has been a good second officer to you Rocket. I know how being in charge can be a burden. The goat does try me so. And you Groot? Have you beaten that level yet or does it still always 'push you off the cliff without you doing anything, you swear', hmm?"


"Ugh, since when are you a hugger?!" Rocket grumbles as Groot closes in around them. Although older Groot definitely liked hugging. Maybe this little sap was growing up. Okay, now Rocket's having mixed feelings about this, none of which he will voice.

He tries to pry himself out of the hug-fest, brushing himself off and running a hand over his head to smoothen down whatever fur might've been ruffled. "Let us not speak about the were-bilgesnipe," he mutters. He'd tossed that damned talisman out the airlock somewhere past the moon after the whole Demon-Bear-part-two incident.

"Anyway. Sure. Yeah. Whatever." At this point he knows it's pointless to argue, and so long as he's not the only one being dragged along for this operation, he won't complain too much. Sometimes he does get something out of it, although it's a toss-up as to whether it turns out to be worthwhile.

He doesn't even blink at being considered in charge of things here as he shakes his head. "Eh, Phil called us in for a quick space trip to blow up some super weapon before it could blow up Terra. I dunno what the hell Quill's been up to, but I ain't his babysitter. That's Kitty's job."


"-I am Groot."

It's a quick Groot reply, somehow managing to answer Atli and Rocket at the same time. And sure, he has his street/space cred and reputation to uphold, but this is an exception to the rule.

After another minute, he finally releases them, getting back onto his feet as if none of this ever happened. "I am Groot," he frowns, nonchalantly brushing back the stray vine-like strands falling in front of his face before they swayed back into place. His brow lifts, nodding as Rocket mentions their recent space trip with Coulson. He's not sure where Quill is either, but maybe he's with Kitty? Hopefully? He knows they haven't been in touch with her lately, either.


"Hmm, yes. The Son of Coul might be able to help us as well. And after The Dazzler has been rejuvinated, we'll all round up some wizards and invite them over to Nidavellir, where I'm sure we can make a weapon for me. And for you as well if you like, Rocket. I'm sure they have some things laying around that you need not be a good to wield. Something that can blow up a moon or two."

It is time for Atli to rise, and as she does so, an uneaten, still-wrapped taco falls out of the hood of her cloak.

She looks down at it.

Gently nudges it away with her foot, and acts as if that never happened.

"Alright then, I think we have a plan, but we'll need a few things first. I'll make a list. It won't take long to gather up. Plus at least one of them is on the way to that pizza place you like in Brooklyn, Rocket. Which reminds me! Perhaps we can ask the Shieldmaiden of Midgard, Steven Rogers, to join us on our quest! He does so enjoy our company. Remember how we fixed his chair? He owes us really."


Rocket hops back, a fangy grin tugging at a corner of his mouth. What can he say, he's in it for the weapons and no one can ever be surprised. "Now that's what I'm talking about."

And then he looks down as she does, at the taco that's fallen on the floor.


He's so not cleaning this up. A hand is waved dismissively as Atli continues. At least he remembers who Steve Rogers is. "Yeah, okay, sure. That guy? Eh, why not. He owes us a chair." He really doesn't, but if they get a free comfy chair out of the guy, Rocket is not going to complain.


All right, a plan. That's how it's supposed to work, right? Groot's been through it before, so this will be no different.

That taco also catches his eye once it hits the floor. He stares down at it until Atli nudges it into the background.

But back on the topic of gathering a crew and weapons and all of that. Groot grunts, nodding at the suggestion of having Captain America as backup. "I am Groot," he says, agreeing that more comfy chairs are necessary.


A hand on each of their shoulders, Atli begins walking them forward.

"It feels good to be home again, my very good friends. And don't worry about the mess. I'm sure the goat will clean it up. Now lets get on with it. Verily, it is time."

Her face brightens as she steps out into the cockpit of the Milano a few short moments later, her eyes twinkling with adventure.

That is adventure, right?

"…time to Fix Everything."

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