The Dancer and the Pilot
Roleplaying Log: The Dancer and the Pilot
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Ren Kimura happens across Isa Reichert on the S.H.I.E.L.D. grounds at Roosevelt Island.

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IC Date: March 02, 2020
IC Location: New York City - Manhattan - Roosevelt Island
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Posted On: 03 Mar 2020 03:50
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Although the Triskelion has been destroyed, life goes on for the many agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The facilities and residental developments on Roosevelt Island keep the heart of the agency beating, and while not quite as nice in aesthetic or comfort, it functions. There's even a small commercial district on the island to support the agents who work here, and all manner of restaurants and shops can be found in it. It's almost entirely pedestrian, though, with no ferries to take cars here.

Walking slowly along the avenue heading for the residential apartments is a lone figure, trailing cigarette smoke behind. The figure seems to be wearing a flightsuit in olive grey, embroidered with the S.H.I.E.L.D. roundel over the left shoulder; the right bears some kind of stylized quinjet. Tucked under an arm is a flight helmet.

From the left, she looks pretty normal; vibrantly red hair pinned at the nape of her neck, eye the crisp blue of a winter's day. From the right… not so much: The whole of the right side of her face is burn scarring, and there's a patch where her right eye ought to be.

She's walking slow enough that others could catch up to her, but not so fast as to speed away from anyone. From time to time she rolls the cigarette from one side of her mouth to the other, but otherwise, nothing much in her posture or pace changes.

* * *

Ren Kimura was once found by SHIELD after a Terrigen incident. Sine then she relied on them as the only thing she has, as anyone backing her. The closest thing she has to a family, in that way. And well, she comes by the headquarters today. In the residential developments near the headquarters hself, she walks along. Unsure if she should go back. Breathing deeply. She looks like any party girl from the city… except for as she walks, she briefly jams out a ribbon, hitting a lightpost above her with a clank.

* * *

The pilot shifts her grip on the helmet under her arm, reaching up to pull the cigarette away and exhaling smoke. Movement catches her eye, though; she looks over just in time to see a ribbon smack one of the lampposts, rebounding off the metal with a clanking sound.

Well, that's not really normal. The pilot slows to a halt, staring for a long second, frowning and rolling the cigarette to the other side of her mouth.

"Was that you?" Her voice is low, for a woman's; almost guttural. The English is strongly accented in what sounds to be Russian, consonants rolled. Under the harsh light of the lamppost, she looks closer to forty than thirty; arms folding, helmet dangling from a forefinger.

She tilts her head, red hair spilling over a shoulder. Hm. Some kind of party girl from the city, maybe, but… ribbons. Some kind of mutant, maybe? S.H.I.E.L.D. seems to attract a fair number of those. "Haven't seen you around. New here?"

* * *

Ren Kimura is startled when she's called out like that, not having noticed anyone else arund. Whirling around to see who it is. "No I've been coming here for a while now," she explains. Hands visibly unnatural, but no ribbons coming out quite this moment. "But yeah that was me. I didn't break anything…"

* * *

"Oh. Well. Can't know everyone here." The pilot eyes the girl, exhaling smoke and shrugging. "Plenty of agents here. Haven't met them all. Don't care if it was you; don't even care if you broke anything." The scarred woman flicks a hand, shaking her head. Some of her carefully-pinned hair threatens to come undone, but she ignores it. That gloved hand again gestures to indicate the whole of the island around them. "Take all kind, here at S.H.I.E.L.D. But don't worry. Have nothing against people with…" She shrugs. "Who do thing like that." Weird things. Metahuman things. "Some of my friend, here in the city; they do strange thing, too."

* * *

Ren Kimura takes a deep breath and stretches her arms behind her head. "It's good you don't, because it was SHIELD who saved me anyway, when I… became this." Glancing over to Isa. "Not that anyone knows what this is. Not even SHIELD's best doctors. So I'm just a lab rat. Which is fine with me since sometimes it's hard to get jobs."

* * *

"Some do. Probably in agency, even." The woman gestures vaguely. "Da." A pause. "Yes. Save a lot of people. Save me, too, in own way." She tilts her head and eyes Ren, considering. "Probably not. Know a few people, with… powers. Like you. Not well understood. But, nothing wrong with that, I think." A shrug, and the woman reaches up to tap ash from the cigarette again, shaking her head. "At least S.H.I.E.L.D. take care of you, then."

She glances down, at a wristwatch around her left wrist. Left-handed? If she is, it must have been a stroke of luck, considering the burn scarring along her right side. "Damn." This, given quietly under her breath. "Have to go. Nice to meet you. Am Isa Reichert. Quinjet pilot. Will be seeing you, probably."

And with that, provided Ren doesn't reach out to stop her, the pilot continues on where she was headed before; this time at a slightly more brisk pace.

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