Meeting Mom
Roleplaying Log: Meeting Mom
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Jay, Sam and Alexis meets Andrea's parents to talk about the upcoming wedding. Alicia Jackson is a very scary person. Tom is a chill dude.

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IC Date: March 02, 2020
IC Location: Manhatten, NYC
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* * *

The restaurant was packed, as always. Unless your name was Andrea Jackson. Then you had a lovely private room reserved for your party, even though they normally used those for parties of twenty or more. In this case, it was officially going to be five. It might be a little more, might be a little less. All depended on the lives of those involved.

Jay was sitting there in a nice dress shirt and slacks with his image inducer in use, despite his wings being hidden under the clothing. He had trust issues with image inducers yet he didn't want to chance something happening physically that might reveal his wings either.

Maybe he should just consider registering here, even though he was listed as Kentucky for his residency currently. His brother was a smart man. Sometimes. He just wasn't going to tell Sam that.

He was sitting at the table already as they waited for the rest of their party to arrive.

* * *

Sitting next to Jay is Andrea, who is holding on to his hand for support, giving it a few squeezes here and there. The fancy Italian place, Pietros, is legendary in New York City for it's traditional food that goes back three generations of the Pietro family. The family knows Andrea personally by now and always gets excited to see her rent space for her personal endeavors.

Dressed in a black dress that hits at her knees with a pair of black flats, she has on enough makeup to give her face some light to it, and an expensive gold necklace with a couple of musical notes as charms.

The waiter approaches the table with an older couple behind her, clearing her throat. "Hello Miss Jackson. The rest of your party has arrived."

Alicia Jackson is an imposing figure with a height that nearly hits six feet. Her dark brown hair has been styled recently, her body is the form of an Olympian with firm muscle and long legs. She has an eye patch over her left eye from when she lost it overseas, as well as the scarring along her face from shrapnel. Despite her gruff military presence, she is dressed in a flattering green dress with a leather jacket that has a few tears along the material.

At her side is Tom Jackson, the husband and father. He is tall, roughly six foot five and built like a twig. Deep auburn hair and blue eyes with a bit of a scruff, he could be a model with his stunning good looks and clear complexion. He's a surgeon at a hospital in San Francisco, renowned for saving lives over the last thirty years.

"Andrea!" Her mother says with happiness in her voice as she steps forward to sweep her up into a bear hug, followed by another to Jay. He has no escape. "Hey there, feathers. You two are looking great. Let's see that ring."

* * *

Jay was used to strong female figures in his life. Literally and figuratively. There was his Ma first and foremost. A woman who managed to keep up with a huge family of kids on her own, providing for them, keeping them on the right path, dealing with them when they turned into stupid emo idiots, and so forth.

There was the woman he was in love with. Strong of mind, body and soul. Able to take on the people in a man-eat-man world of music and come out on top. Yet still being one of the nicest people on the planet, while doing it. It was a strange balance but it worked for her.

Despite all this, Alicia Jackson still intimidated him. He hid it well. Put on that smile and charm. But in truth, he always felt nervous and slightly terrified he was going to screw up and turn this woman against him.

As she reached in for the hug, he knew better than to resist. He'd learned not to try to avoid it. Just go in, give back a strong squeeze, then hope to be freed to give Tom Jackson a handshake and smile in greeting as well. "Mrs. and Mr. Jackson." Yes, for some reason he put them in that order. "Good to see you both again."

* * *

"It's good to see you as well." Alicia says once she releases him. She shrugs out of her leather jacket to hang it on the back of her chair, waving off the waiter who tried to help her. Her left shoulder is scarred as well from what appears to have been a fire. Covering the scarred flesh is a beautiful tattoo of a phoenix exploding out from the center of a city in incredible detail. The tattoo leads all the way down her arm to her wrist.

Tom of course, gives Jay a firm squeeze, followed by an amused grin to his fellow red head. He gets it. He knows how his wife is. They are polar opposites and one can only wonder how they've kept their relationship together for so many years. He's gentle, soft, loving, where she is intense, rough, intimidating. "Hello Mister Guthrie." He says in an almost teasing manner due to him using their last names. He gives Andrea a kiss on the top of her head, then takes a seat next to his wife.

Holding out her hand, Andrea shows off the ring that Jay gave her, smiling brightly, proudly. "This is it! It was his mother's. Isn't it gorgeous?"

Alicia takes her hand and leans over to inspect it, followed by a wolfish grin upon her face. "It's beautiful! You did good, Jay." She says sincerely.

* * *

"Well, technically my Pa did good. It was the first ring he bought for Ma when he asked for her hand," Jay explains with a little shrug. Speaking of hands, he finds Andrea's free right hand with his and squeezes. He is going to need all the moral support to get through tonight.

Really, Andrea was a perfect blend of these two. Though sometimes she seemed more Ma than Pa. Not that she called them that.

"When I told Ma I wanted to propose, she suggested it. I mean, I guess I could've bought something new. Or fancier. This just seemed…right." He gets a little color in his cheeks as he says it, looking over to the woman at his side with a smile. Then he forces himself to focus on the parents. Sure, they've told him to use their first names but he just has not quite gotten that through to his system yet. Thus why he sticks with the proper greetings. "I hope you've both been well."

* * *

"It's the perfect ring, Jay. Don't second guess yourself because you're in front of me." Alicia knows. She /knows/. "As long as Andrea is happy with it, and you, that is all that matters. Your love for her is far more valuable than any ring, big or small. But, I am a fan of tradition personally."

Tom picks up a menu and softly chuckles as he scans through the pages, flipping through them swiftly as his eyes critically glance over each item, calculating calories, measuring portions in his mind. He's a walking calculator. Alicia it appears won't even touch the menu, as she already knows what she wants. Lasagne. You don't come to an Italian place for anything else /but/ lasagne.

Andrea squeezes Jay's hand back, leaning into him as she rubs her cheek against his shoulder. "I love it. It's a great ring. I got him one." She says, lifting Jay's hand up to show off the titanium band. Alicia gives a long whistle, and even Tom glances over at the menu to stare at it.

"Huh. That's pretty awesome, kiddo. Looks like you took my advice for a change." Tom is all grins as he says that, meeting his daughter's eyes and gives her a wink. He may have a similar band of his own on his wedding finger. "What are you two going to have? I'm thinking spaghetti and meatballs."

* * *

When Andrea offers his hand, Jay doesn't resist. He brings it up easily for the parents to examine. He does take a moment to glance over at Tom's ring, realizing that they are somewhat similar. Not exact of course. Then the words of advice are mentioned and he has to grin, realizing that she had asked her parents too. Just like he'd asked Ma.

"I was thinking their combination plate with the lasagne, spaghetti and chicken parmesan. Although think I'm going to get them to substitute eggplant paremsan instead." Something to do with ordering chicken when his fiance used to call him Rooster. He just tried to avoid the species as a whole now.

* * *

"Eggplant? Blech." Andrea sighs out loudly as she lets go of his hand, eyes rolling upwards and to the side. Roosters aren't chickens. Roosters are /handsome/ and they /strut/ and they sing in the morning. "I'm getting lasagne."

"That's my girl." Alicia says with a wide grin to her daughter, tipping a wink to her with her good eye. She arranges her utensils so that everything is on the left, then says a soft thank you to the waiter who brings them bread and water. "Congrats on the new album." She says to Andrea with a smile, then tilts her head over towards Jay. "Annnnd, when will you be releasing yours?" Here we go. "I keep telling all of my friends back home that my daughter is with this handsome young talent, but for some reason you keep playing in bars."

"Mom." Andrea says with a loud sigh.

Tom takes a sip of his water, trying his best to not grin around the rim of the glass. He's not jumping into this pool.

* * *

"Well…I just don't want to hurt Andrea's career. I mean, not that I'm on her level. She is amazing and far beyond anything I do," Jay adds giving his lady's hand a squeeze. She already knows all this of course.

"But if word got out about my mutant gift, then people would be screaming that I'm not really singing. It would be T-Pain or Milly Vanilly all over again. So maybe it's better I stick with the bar circuit so that if such things happen, they don't blow up on her too. I'm not worried about me. I'm getting my songs out there and heard and that's what it's really about for me."

He does take a piece of bread, bringing it over to shove in his mouth before he babbles more and says something else stupid.

* * *

"I disagree." Alicia says as she gives a loud 'sniff' under her breath. "Being a mutant has not changed much of Andrea's career. You are connected to her, and therefore, if you were to put out music, you would have her backing and brand name behind you. You're young, hot and you have an amazing voice. Take advantage of it while you can and bank whatever money you earn. If things go sideways, at least you have it in the bank and you do something else. The music industry does not care about ethics. They care about putting you in front of the camera, selling tickets, making young girls wet their undies and go through puberty right there in the middle of your concert."

Andrea slaps a hand to her face and sinks down into her chair as Tom rolls out a laugh, unable to help himself. "She's not completely wrong, Jay. Sometimes the best way to be successful is to have someone in the business give you a step up. I remember when I first got started right out of residency, I applied to a hundred places and I got lucky because my old roommate had an opening and he trusted me. He got me in front of the right audience. Here I am today."

Taking a sip of his water, Tom clears his throat. "What my wife is trying to say, is that you have talent, and you need to know what you're worth. Roll the dice and see what happens."

* * *

As Andrea facepalms and sinks, Jay gives her the encouraging squeeze. At least now he gets where the fascination with undies and music comes from when Andrea has brought it up. Apparently from Mom.

"I understand and appreciate that but there is a problem with it at the same time. Basically, the voice you hear, the voice you know when I sing, is the voice I choose to use. It is the one I remember from before my mutancy kicked in. I have to think about it to sound like that. Otherwise, I just sound like a choir singing. Or I can sound like Andrea. Or T-Pain. Or anyone else I want to. I am my own autotune since I can be any voice I want or sound I can imagine. As a singer, that becomes an issue when you are out there and it comes out. You become a fake. That would blow back on her for having known and supported me." Jay tries to explain his point of view though he suspects it will be falling on deaf ears.

* * *

Sam Guthrie did not want to be the 5th wheel on meeting Andrea's family and to help that not happen he made sure it was ok and has brought a date. Sam is dressed in in dress shirt and pants. He smiles looking at Alexis and says "Thanks again for coming with me hon, I really appreciate it." Once there he will tell them who he is meeting and start to head that way.

* * *

"I don't think that's how it works, Jay. Everyone knows the entire industry is auto-tuned or manipulated. Even my daughter has some of it on her albums. That's Hollywood for you. Besides, Andrea and Dazzler have cracked open the world for mutants and music. The longer you wait, the more mutants will slip through the cracks and steal whatever opportunity that you are letting go past you." Alicia says as she picks up a piece of bread and tears it in half, then starts to layer it with butter after whirling a knife about her fingers expertly. "Hollywood only cares about the image. They don't care if you got big red wings sticking out of your back or if you sound like a full on Church Choir. They only care that you sell records. You will sell records. Maybe what you should not do, is hide what you are when you go in to record. Straight up say, this is my talent, watch me blow your daughter's undies off. Bam. Give me a contract."

As Tom eats his own bread, he passes on an encouraging smile to Jay, then shrugs his shoulders upwards. "You miss every shot on goal you don't take, sport." He says in his usual 'dad' manner.

Andrea waves the pair of them off. "It's fine, guys. Jay is happy with his career and what he is doing. Besides, it's nice that I can come home to him and not wonder when he's coming back from tour or dealing with hot girls stalking him outside the house. At least, not more than the usual we get."

* * *

Alexis is wearing a simple black skirt and black shirt, her brown hair coiled up and set in an up-do, she walks effortlessly in matte black heels and haz a brilliant colored green scarf around her neck, looking terribly, horribly nervous.

"What if they recognize me?" the girl asks quietly to Sam, reaching down to hold his hand — and comes about right off the 'blow your daughter's undies off'.

… Andrea must get it from her mother.

* * *

Saved by the sibling! And his date!

"Sam!" That sounded a little desperate from the intervention. "Good to see you." Said in a more normal tone. He does get up to go give his brother a hug while giving Alexis a smile and nod. Then he quickly returns to his seat, leaving it to Andrea for introductions all around.

* * *

Sam Guthrie hugs jay back and smiles. He will smirk, and quietly asks his brother in a whisper "Should Ah tell some of the stories Ma told me?" He jokes and adds "No worried bro, back up is here." He will move to pull a chair out for Alexis, and looks to Andrea's parents "Sir, Ma'am." he nods to each in greeting and will smiles "Hey Andrea, sorry a little late."

* * *

"Hey Sam, Alexis." Andrea says as she waves a hand. "Mom, dad, this is Sam's girlfriend, Alexis. She is a musician also and will be featured on my new album. Going to do some violin for me on I think two tracks. Will be cool."

Alicia offers a familiar smile to Sam as she nods her head, then gives Alexis a critical once over with her only good eye. "Good evening, Alexis. It's nice to meet you." She says as the conversation has moved on from Jay's career to new faces.

Tom reaches out to snag Sam's hand for a firm shake, giving him a grin. "Evening, Mister Guthrie. Good to see you again! Are you going to be Jay's best man?" He asks in his softer tone of voice. "It's nice to meet you, ma'am." He says to Alexis as well, motioning them to take the seats next to them at the private table.

* * *

"Good evening Mrs. Jackson, Dr. Jackson." Alexis gives a smile, though she is a little hesitant to shake any hands as she sits dow, allowing Sam to push her chair in, sitting prim and proper with that crisp accent. "Thank you both for letting me tag along."

* * *

Sam Guthrie smiles a bit and gives a firm hand shake, and says "It is a pleasure to see you." He sits down beside Alexis, and reaches over to give her hand a squeeze in reassurance under the table. "So have things been going well, sounds a bit as music is the topic of the day. Take it from the guy who needs a bucket with a lid on it and still might loose the tune, all three of them are amazing.'

* * *

Sam Guthrie looks over to Tom, and says "Actually we aint talked about it yet to be honest. Honestly Ah figure Ah might be in the running, but there are a couple others who might be as well, and Ah won't be offended if he chooses someone else, Ah just might tell more embaressing stories about him.

* * *

"Mm." Alicia says as she snags the waiter's attention so that she can begin delivering the table's order once everyone decides upon what they have. She takes control of the table, rattling off each person's meal and making the waiter repeat it back.

"I can't wait to hear the new music. Andrea is not letting me have any sneak peeks." She says with a coy grin. "Makes me wonder what type of lyrics she is writing." She gives a knowing look to her daughter.

Andrea lets out a snort, passing her menu to the waiter, then goes back to squeezing Jay's hand happily as she leans into his shoulder. "I just don't want you to be surprised! The songs are still wholesome." She says that with a straight face. Mostly. Her lips give a small quirk.

Tom clears his throat, eyeing the pair for a moment before his eyes roll up and to the side. "Well, let's hope that Jay chooses you then, Sam. My big brother was my best man."

"So, Alexis, you have an interesting accent. Where are you from?" Alicia asks point blank as she hums in her throat curiously.

* * *

"I assure you I would not permit any doubious lyrics. In English, anyway." Alexis gives a bright grin, and leans a little bit towards Sam, squeezing his fingers beneath the table. "The Italian market may go a little oddball…" she jokes, and then, as Alicia asks her point blank, Alexis gives the most straight, serious face she can muster and replies:

"Boston, originally."

* * *

"I haven't really gotten to that point. Someone is insisting I still do the original proposal I had planned and that is taking a lot of planning so I hadn't even thought about who would stand up. But since it was brought up." He looks over at his brother. "Will you be my best man when we do finally get married? Which will be after we finally get that other stuff done. Unless someone…" He looks pointed at Andrea. "Will let us skip the other and we can just get to planning the big event?"

* * *

Sam Guthrie brings the hand up that is not holding Alexis, and scratches his chin a bit in thought of it. "Well I do look better than Jeb in a tux." He will say and makes a hmmm noise. He smiles at his brother and says "Of curse bro, you know I would do what ever you wanted me, except be the wedding singer." He grins and says "That or have to run herd on the littles, Ah say we make Paige do that." He jokes.

* * *

"From Boston, huh?" Alicia says as she leans forward to squint her dark eye at Alexis, staring at her for a long moment. She gives a small 'sniff' in her direction. "Born and raised in Boston?"

Tom reaches out to wrap an arm about his wife's shoulders, giving her a bit of a tug into him with a clear of his throat. "Darling, would you like more water?" He interrupts as he fills her glass, then sets it in front of her. For the moment, Alicia loses interest as she listens to Jay and Sam decide on who will be the wearer of best tux.

"Alexis is going to be my maid of honor." Andrea says happily. "We've become best of friends over the last few months. I don't need a big fancy wedding anyways, just the big fancy proposal that I ruined for Jay when he finishes planning it."

* * *

"Yes and no I spent a decent amount of time in Northern England, where my nan lives. Picked up the accent in my formative years, most find it rather more charming than a Bah-stuhn Brogue." she states wryly, and gives a smile to Alicia.

* * *

Sam Guthrie smirks a bit and says "Luckily, Ah have no accent or things would get really confusing." He jokes a bit. Yes and Alexis and Ah have been dating for a bit. Mind you, i am lucky she knows Jay and Andrea have known one another for a while, and we are still getting to learn neat new things about one another.

* * *

"She did ruin the proposal. And yes, she is pressing for us to still do it. At least now her backup dancers don't need a lame excuse when they call me," Jay says with a bit of a laugh before watching the interplay of the various couples around the table. At least Mrs. Jackson was focused on someone else finally!

He nods to Sam. "Much better in a tux. And less likely to say something embarassing while we're at the altar. Hopefully. Maybe. What do I need to bribe you to be sure?"

* * *

"I thought I heard something else in there." Alicia says to Alexis in regards to her accent. She has a nose for that after all.

Andrea smirks at Jay, shoulder bumping him a bit. "I did ruin it, yes. I was a bit too eager, but I love him. He's mine." She leans in to kiss his cheek happily.

The food finally arrives and the husband and wife tuck into their food eagerly.

"So what is everyone's plans tonight?" Andrea asks, mostly for Sam and Alexis. "I think we're gonna hit up a movie if you guys wanna come after dinner."

* * *

"Ah… I was considering finishing the transcription of 'Classic Love' and perhaps changing the key, the piano needs a little polishing and I'm sure if I can just figure out just what to do with the cornets then —" she trails off a moment, and she purses her lips a moment, glancing back to Sam, Alicia, Tom, Jay and Andrea. "… or a movie sounds good too?"

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