Friends of Humanity Attack
Roleplaying Log: Friends of Humanity Attack
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After a wonderful dinner with the family, Andrea, Jay, Sam and Alexis get attacked by the Friends of Humanity. Colin Knight saves them, sorta .. and Andrea's mom reveals a secret.

Other Characters Referenced: Alicia Jackson and Tom Jackson
IC Date: March 02, 2020
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Posted On: 09 Mar 2020 21:11
Rating & Warnings: R for violence and language
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After a wonderful dinner at Pietro's for delicious Italian food and catching up, Andrea, her parents, the Guthries and Alexis, who is dating Sam, all hit up a late night movie in New York City at one of the more recognized theaters near Times Square. Much popcorn was devoured, soda and laughs at the comedy that they got to share. Even Alicia, the ex-marine and aged war veteran showed a more human side of herself as she laughed along with the group.

Now stepping out of the theater and into fresh air, Andrea gives a long stretch of her body, lifting up on her toes, then flags them together to take a quick selfie with them. After tagging it on social media, she gives a glance about. "Okay guys. Whatcha wanna do now?" She slips her hand into Jay's, leaning into him to suck up some warmth from his body. "We had dinner, movies .. it's late now.. we could do ice cream at the twenty-four diner and then head home?"

Alicia and Tom walk together behind the group, the matriarch rumbling out in her raspy voice. "Whatever you kids want to do. We're just tourists."

* * *

"You have room in there for ice cream?" Jay has to ask with a laugh, patting a hand on his fiance's stomach as he squeezes her other hand held firmly inside his. "You must have a hollow leg. Or a pocket dimension you can access. Something." He gives her a quick kiss on the forehead then turns to lead the way toward the ice cream shop.

At least they won't have to go down that creepy dark alley over there for a short cut. What sort of people do that anyway?

"Ice cream it is then we can head home. Start again tomorrow."

* * *

Alexis walks hand-in-hand with Sam, giving a soft hum and sticking her tongue out slightly "I think if I eat another single calorie I'm going to burst. I've not had that much junk food since Tennant's run ended." she comments dryly.

* * *

Sam Guthrie smiles and is keeping close to Alexis, and says "If we get ice cream, I just want to make sure no gremlins or other crazy critters are hiding in the freezer." He jokes a bit

* * *

"Okay, Boomer." Andrea calls out to Sam with an amused noise in her throat. As Jay tucks in and puts his hand on her stomach, she leans into him and kisses his jaw. "Well, I'm now eating for two. I gotta cram it all in." She says with a straight face, though her lips twitch.

"Wait, what the hell you just say?" That's Alicia. Momma Bear. "You're pregnant?!" Tom scoots a few feet back with a clear of his throat.

"No! I'm not pregnant. I'm clearly joking, mom." Andrea counters with a laugh as she nudges Jay back a bit. She knows how her mom can be. She's practically glaring daggers!

"It's not funny." Alicia says bluntly as Tom wavs his hands frantically from behind his wife to try and get his daughter to shut up. She may be a world famous celebrity, but she's still their daughter.

As they pass the dark and spooky alley, there is movement from within, that of a trio of men of heavy built stature, wearing dark clothing with an arm band of the religious zealots known as the Friends of Humanity. "Lookie, lookie, Frank. It's 'bout time that rich freak came out. Hey, mutie bitch. You're about to make /us/ really rich." The sound of a shotgun click-clacking can be heard as the double barrel is brought up straight for the chest of Andrea.

* * *

This is one of those moments. As Andrea makes her joke, Jay is alreading shaking his head and giving her a smirk. Cause he knows she's kidding. Until he hears one of the few people in the world who scares the living hell out of him.

Andrea's Mom.

"She's kidding!" As Andrea interposes herself between him and her mother, Jay is not resisting. Until he hears the words from the side, snapping his head that direction. Now it's his turn to step in front of Andrea, playing humanoid shield in a bid to keep her safe! He reaches up to his collar, yanking sharply. Nothing visually chagnes thanks to the image inducer. His invisible wings spread, trying to shield as many people as he can physically, even if the bad guys don't know it.

* * *

That is indeed a dark and spooky alley they pass by, and Alexis turns as she hears someone address them. And she squeezes Sam's hand, and then exhales, narrowing her eyes.

"… oh you poor badgers." she states, "You don't even know who you're dealing with." she comments quietly.

And she grips her hand into a fist, feeling the warmth against her skin grow as her left hand spreads out slightly, feeling the air shift when Jay spreads his wings.

* * *

Sam Guthrie squeezes Alexis' hand in return before releasing it and steps up to be beside Jay. Sam steps in close, shaking his head abit and is in easy reach to touch his brothers wing. Ready to make a rather big shield.

* * *

"You don't know who the fuck you're dealing with." The man with the shotgun says as he keeps the weapon aimed chest high at the group, pointing it at Andrea who is soon shoved back behind the Guthrie brothers. "J.. Jay.. don't.." She stammers out. She knows he can't be killed, but she doesn't want him exposed either if something happens.

The other two men who hold assault rifles flash wide grins at the group. "Look at these sad mutie loving fucks. Wonder how much we'll get paid if we bag 'em all. Got any other DNA freaks there? How 'bout you, huh?" He says as he points a finger at Jay. "You're fucking the whore after all. Bet you're a mutie too."

"I didn't serve three tours in Iraq to come home to America and deal with you morons." That's Alicia Jackson. Marine. Missing an eye. Built like an olympian. The older woman steps forward as she stares at the men in the alley, then gives a motion of her hand, as if he was making a 'Z' in the air, followed by a clench of her fist as she jerks it downwards. The lead man with the shotgun lets out a loud gasp as he finds his head jerked to one side with a loud gagging noise, followed by being dropped to his knees.

As the man claws at his throat when the gun drops, the tall woman with the eye patch stares at the other two men with a flash of her teeth at them. She gives a tug of her clenched hand at her side, causing the man on his knees to be dragged forward, croacking out with a loud cry.

* * *

"Tadaa. Welcome to the New York office building!"

"It's a floor, boss. You rented out a floor, this isn't a whole building."

"Shut up Todd."

High above the alleyway, and completely oblivious to the goings on below Colin was doing some *business*. It was serious business, very serious in fact, the opening of a new location in a New York high rise of all places was quite a step up from the slightly run down Metropolis industrial park. The man was doing the rounds, chatting to his staff, handing out glasses of champagne, shaking hands, all the things. This was great!



Colin dove behind a desk, dragging an extremely startled secretary with him behind the dirt cheap likely Ikea sourced flatpack cover! When he finally peaked his head out over the plywood parapet, he found what had made that huge racket! The brand new freshly fitted office carpet that *he had personally picked out* was now covered in shards of jagged splintered glass! This was not conductive to good business!


"Uuuh, yes boss?"

"Fix this shit."

"What?! How!?"

"I don't know, didn't you say you could weld stuff with your hands?"

"Metal, Colin! I can weld *METAL!*. This is glass!"

He gave a long sigh, brushing a little dust and dirt off of his shoulder, though in his present distracted state not really taking too much notice of the rather stunned secretary who was just staring up at him. "Right. Todd. Call in the glass guys, whoever they are. Insurance'll cover it." With that, he stormed off to a back room, letting silence fall over the now rather dulled opening party. that said though, he didn't stay out for long! Stomping through the door was a great big hulking suit of grey-black power armour bristling with weapons! He gave a final "INSURANCE'LL COVER IT!" through his loudspeakers before shoulder barging what was left of that window and slamming down to the ground RIGHT in front of the shotgun weilding goons!

"Which one of you pricks shot my building?"

In the distance: "Flooooor!"


* * *

As Sam joins him in front of the group, Jay keeps his arms held loosely at his sides. He doesn't have all the training that his brother does but he certainly can hold his own in a brawl. Just, he didn't exactly have anything to help with guns.

"Mind your manners. There are ladies present. Not a single whore in the lot." Then he does what he should not do. He starts to push his luck. "Unless your Mo—"

The words die as the first man goes down. Jay's brow is furrowed in confusion as he looks around to see who is the cause, catching on that it is Alicia. He gave Andrea that WTF look as well, since this was all news to him.

BOOM! Superhero landing! Or at least close enough. Jay took a step back as there was suddenly a man landing between him and the goons. "Excuse us. We were doing the human shield thing here. You can join the end of the line." He points to either side, beside him or Sam.

* * *

"… Andrea, your mother is terrifying." Alexis comments quietly to her friend, and then she steps forward. She was a scrapper to be sure, but her own powers are pretty hot - and she's imbibed in high caloric intake. The woman gives a grin slightly, ready to cover the brawl before —


She looks at Sam and Jay, then Andrea, and gives a shrug.

"I have no idea who this wanker is, but I kind of like him."

* * *

Sam Guthrie doesn't look back, no he hears the words sees the action. It makes sense. Then there is a big metal man in front of them. Sam just points towards the goons "They the ones with the guns." He seems to relax some but those combat trained will see he is still watching the goon and yes now the big metal guy as well. you never know when the guys in the armor maybe a crazy too.

* * *

The man on the ground is gurgling loudly as he digs his nails into his neck, trying to tug whatever it is that is dragging him out of the alley. Blood seeps through his fingers and out from his lips as Alicia stares at the man with her fist clenched at her side, giving little jerks here and there.

As the new challenger enters the game and lands before them, the Ex-Marine scrunches her nose up. "We got this handled, budget Iron Man." She's not really good with manners when her daughter is concerned. "But if you're bored, shoot those assholes behind you."

Speaking of said assholes, Frank the Tank, the one with an assault rifle, who inadvertently fired off a round into Colin's place of business is stepping backwards quickly, his eyes wide. "Fuck this. Johnny, come on man! We can't fight Iron Man!" Colin is going to need a Wiki site or something for racist bigots to reference.

Andrea swallows tightly as she watches her mother in action, then glances away from Jay when he looks in her direction. She lets out a soft breath as she tucks her hair back behind her ear.

Johnny stumbles back a few steps, raises his rifle and starts to fire off a few bursts into the crowd, looking as if they may hit a couple of targets from that close range. One of which is Tom, Andrea's father as he was seen trying to scramble away. He hits the pavement with a heavy thud and a loud cry of pain.

* * *

There was another shout, this time louder and broadcast through a scratchy megaphone. "Hey! Hostile work environment!"

"Todd I swear to god I will report you to HR over this shit!"


"Really? First you try and shoot me, and then you call me "Iron Man"." He tried to make a grab for that goon's weapon, yanking him over if he was still attached to the strap, and pulling it away. As for the others, he aimed his hand at them, small ports opening up in his knuckles from which shot several sparking tazer barbs, tracking each one of them seperately.

He didn't really say anything else to anyone else, although gave Jay a look that pretty much just said "seriously?" even though his outwardly opaque reflective polarised visor.

* * *

Sam Guthrie does put his hand to Jays shoulder, and he is hovering just off the ground shield covering him and Jay to try to protect the others. He starts to call Andrea's mom of the guy and then her dad takes a shit "Well shit." is all that gets out.

* * *

As the bullets fly, things get even crazier. The armored newcomer is taking out bad guys. Alicia is doing the same. His purpose was just to protect Andrea, as far as he was concerned. After all, he'd get better. If he even got hit thanks to the proximity of his brother. He knew the physical contact of their arms was for a reason, and he was prepared.

Unfortunately thought wasn't necessarily faster than the bullets at this short range. He felt a few rip through his wing but Tom had gotten out of the shielded area and went down. "Tom!" His wing hurt but he would leave, though there were little drops of blood appearing on the ground where his invisible wing was still extended.

As Sam blasts, he keeps a hand on his brother's arm to maintain their role as cover.

* * *

Alexis wasn't going to stay shielded.

Her hair rose up from the heat, her clothing began to smoulder as she focused, and she put herself between Tom and the shooters, drawing herself up as her hands burst into flame, and she slings a couple of fireballs at the men with guns before she raises her fire shild, protecting Tom behind her as she grits her teeth.

"I really, really hate these friends of humanity muppets. Honestly, need a bunch of new hobbies, gents!" she growls, then presses forwards, zipping in to try and contain the shooters from one side.

* * *

With Tom crumpled on the ground, writhing in pain, Alicia glances over to her fallen husband, then bares her teeth once more in anger. She gives a hard yank of her fist as the neck of the man who was dragged out of the alley gives a choked gag. His neck snaps to one side, his body falling limp. "Mother fuckers." Before she can move forward, fireballs whip past her and into the alley, lighting the dark up with their flame from Alexis's fingertips.

One of the men who was running gets hit in the back, his clothing smoldering as he yells out in pain, right before Colin's tasers hit him, dropping him to the ground in a violent twitch. The man that Colin is manhandling receives the same electric-treatment as his gun is taken away, followed by the visible shaking and screaming as he is filled with current.

Andrea by now has bolted away to drop down next to her father, pushing her hands up against the wound in his hip. He'll live, but it looks rough. "It's okay, daddy. It's okay.. we'll get you to a hospital." She trembles out as she scrambles one hand for her phone to call for 911. "Jay! You're shot!" She calls out with worry in her voice.

* * *

Colin's tone had calmed quite a bit. He had gone from "apocalyptically pissed" to just "mildly annoyed". He stomped on over to one of the downed gunmen, pulling his tazer barbel free from him so he could speak, though, that being said he still had the other *firmly* "stunlocked".

"So I'm going to need you to pay for that. Not sure how much a skyscraper window costs, but, I'll have my legal team bring you up on that." He was pretty much completely ignoring the mutants at this point. What an asshole.

* * *

Sam Guthrie looks over to Jay and says "Keep the ladies safe." He moves to get Tom. He wants to stay he wants to protect the people but time is important "I'll get him to the hospital quicker than 911."

* * *

"'Keep the ladies safe' 'e says." Alexis's crisp accent rings clear, "Oi just slinging fireballs and decently sure if this Metal Bloke didn't show Andrea's mom would have mudered them all at a short term future point, but sure." Alexis feels her adreniline still kicked up, and she bounces a moment on her trainers, and rubs the back of her neck, singing some of her hair.

* * *

"Alright, so here's what I'm going to need. I'm going to need your name, your social security number, and I'm going to need your legal guys, if you have any, to contact my legal guys so we can get this all squared away." The metal man had hardly finished his sentence though, when the downed gunman pulled out a pistol!

He fired!

Aaaand it did absolutely nothing. A hundred millimetres of graphene and titanium's probably not going to really care if you shoot a sidearm at it.

Colin didn't say anything else, instead, a small lens like contraption popped up from his wrist… there was a loud *crack*, aaaand… the guy just straight up exploded. No beam, no nothing, just the entire alley painted red. Good thing he was standing in front of the mutants, stopping most of the goresplosion from flash boiled bodily fluids!

Lasers do *not* screw around.

Following that he stomped up to the second guy, turning off the tazer.

"Alright, so here's what I'm gonna need-"

"Holy shit! Okay! I get it man! I get it! It's cool, I'll pay for the fucking window!"

* * *

As Sam prepared to take Tom to the hospital, Jay slipped an arm around Andrea. Just in time for the explosion in the alley. "I think it's time for a quick evac. Things are getting a little out of hand." Stopping bad guys is fine. Blowing them up? Not so much.

"We need to get out of here now. Before the authorities show up." A sweep of his wings sent air swirling around them all. "I can take a few of you with me."

* * *

Sam Guthrie picks up Tom, making sure he keeps pressure on the wound and he is off like a well cannonball. He will get the man to the hospital at amazing speed.

* * *

As she sizes Colin up, Alicia releases her hand and gives a few flexes of her fingers. "This is your problem now. Thanks for the help." She rasps out as she turns and heads back to her family. She makes sure that Sam has her number and to call her immediately when Tom is being seen to.

Andrea tucks herself in against Jay, looking visibly upset at her father and boyfriend both shot. "Let's go. We'll meet Sam at the hospital." She says as she gives a tug on his hands. She passes by Alexis, giving her a quick hug as well, thankful for her efforts.

From there, the small group will get to their cars, though surely this will be on the news. It always is. Time for her lawyers to get a call as well.

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