Bearer of Disturbing News
Roleplaying Log: Bearer of Disturbing News
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Ryan informs Moonstar and Archangel about what he and Jessica Jones have discovered from there investigations.

Other Characters Referenced: Jessica Jones, Raven, Ulysses Arngrim
IC Date: March 04, 2020
IC Location: Westchester - Xavier Institute - Staff Wing
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Posted On: 18 Mar 2020 23:49
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It is late in the afternoon as Ryan makes his way to Mr. Worthington's office at the X-mansion with a folder filled with files he received from Ms. Jones and about what the two of them have been investigating and discovered so far. Ryan had called Mr. Worthington about wanting to discuss with him about a few things, though he would not mention what they were over the phone call despite the security systems installed on his cell phone he got from the X-men.

After receiving confirmation from Mr. Worthington on when and where to meet, Ryan gives a call to Dani to ask her to meet with him and Mr. Worthington at his office at this time to discuss with some things with her as well, again not stating what those reasons are due to his cautious nature and all.

As Ryan is almost at Mr. Worthington's office, he takes a quick breath to help calm himself, for Ryan views Mr. Worthington as the man who helped change his life ever since he offered him to join the X-men family and he does not want to disappoint him for it.

After calming himself down, He walks to Mr. Worthington's office door and knocks.

For the last couple of weeks Danielle Moonstar has been quiet. Oh, she's been here at the Mansion, and also at SHIELD, but she hasn't pushed too much against things or made her presence known.

However, with Ryan's call the Cheyenne woman reappears within the hallowed hallways of the Mansion. In fact, as Ryan reaches out to knock on the door, Dani makes her way on down said hallway towards the man and the door. Seeing the young man pause to calm himself, Moonstar waits a moment before she calls out a greeting, "I promise the door won't bite.", says the woman with a quirk of a smile on her lips, "Not unless we've all fallen into Limbo, then I can't promise anything."

Her tone holds an obvious note of humor as she falls in behind Ryan.

Though he had resisted it for some time, eventually Warren had resigned himself to 'put down roots' in a specific office in the Institute's staff wing. Perhaps it's a way for him to center himself, too, when so much else about his life had so suddenly changed. The Institute always did manage to calm him when all else seemed to be spinning out of control. For him, it was very much 'home.'

Accordingly he's spent a lot of time at the school, because a great deal of his work can be done remotely. The voices are a little quieter, when he's there. As such, when Ryan phoned him to meet about a matter he's been investigating, Warren asked to meet at the Institute. That Ryan doesn't want to discuss particulars is met with approval, perhaps even encouragement. Warren himself has grown a lot more paranoid ever since his ordeal, and much of the carefree nature he used to have is gone.

When the appointed time arrives, Ryan's knock on the door is met with a brief, "Come," in reply. Opening the door yields the sight of an office which has not been substantially decorated or altered from its default state, despite Warren spending more time in it. The older mutant is behind the desk, clearly in the middle of some other paperwork he saw fit to get out of the way while awaiting the appointment.

He looks tired, and a little hassled, his white wings draggling behind him a bit, but they fold up a bit more neatly to a presentable form when Ryan and Dani appear. The expected welcoming smile crosses Warren's features, brightening them. "It's been a hot minute since I've seen either of you," he says, switching clearly into a 'host' mode which has been heavily refined over the years into a sort of reflex. "Come in and sit down. How are both of you?"

A small smile comes across Ryan's face with Dani statement. which helps him relax a bit more "Hey Dani, thanks for coming, my apologies about the vagueness of all this, just wanted to be extra careful considering what’s it is all about."

With the 'come in' from Mr. Worthington open up the door and heads into his office. As he speaks there is a polite but serious tone in his voice if one was good at reading people they could tell Ryan seems a bit distressed. "Afternoon Mr. Worthington, it has been a while since we last got to talk." Ryan takes a seat on one of the chairs offered by Mr. Worthington. "I am doing alright all things considered. How have you both been doing?"

"You're welcome and you know we're here for you." She says to his thanks and then she waves away his explanation of the vagueness of it all. "No need for apologies. I totally understand. If you think it's too sensitive it's best not to speak of it over phones."

Which is the honest truth. She really does understand the need to be careful.

Dani follows in a step or two behind Ryan and as soon as she's within the office she raises a quick hand in greeting, before she too takes a seat. At both Warren and Ryan's question of how they've all been doing, Dani offers a faint smile. "I can't complain too much, and yes, it's been definitely been a minute. At least this time I don't have to dress up in a fancy-dancy outfit."

She flashes a quick grin to Warren, before she echoes back the question both he and Ryan have asked, "And how've you been?"

"A while indeed," Warren says, his expression momentarily distant. That politeness freezes on his features, left in place like a forgotten mask.

Then he's back in the game, smiling with genuine emotion, waiting for the others to be seated before retaking his own seat. He sweeps his wings back out behind himself, an automatic gesture not to sit on them.

"Come on. You liked the fancy outfit," Warren says, with a smirk and a lift of his wings in a shrug. "Or at least, you looked good in it."

The 'how are you' is a harder question. "Getting by," is Warren's brief reply, the smile not shifting off his face. "Now, what is this you needed to talk about?"

Ryan gives a nod of understanding to Archangel. "I understand, sometimes getting by is the best one can get with all that is going on.”

Ryan shifts in his seat a little to adjust himself in his seat. "The reason I asked you to here was to inform you both about something I have been investigating with Ms. Jones. Before I get into all of that there is something that I need to ask both of you. Upon my investigation, I stumbled upon something that in all honesty scared the hell out of me, something to do with telepaths being kidnapped and taken to a secret laboratory in Kenai, Alaska. As I understand it you two took part in a mission along with several others to rescue the telepaths."

Ryan pauses for a moment before speaking again, thinking carefully about choosing his next words. As he speaks there a serious and also deep concern in his voice though he tries to hide it. "What can you both tell me about what was going on there and who was behind it?"

That brief freeze to Warren's expression is given a subtle look and while it causes a twitch of a frown to appear on Dani's features. Still, she rolls with Warren's next lighter words.

She raises both her eyebrows at the notion that she liked the dress until finally the woman allows a quirk of a smile to lift her lips upward. "Oh alright, I won't lie, I admit I had fun with that dress."

As for the why and the what of just what Ryan wanted to chat about Dani turns her attention over to the young man and waits curiously. She has something of an idea of what he might discuss, but for now she doesn't jump to any conclusions.

And it's good that she didn't make any assumptions, for when Ryan brings up the telepathic kidnapping ring, Moonstar can't help but lean back in her surprise. Automatically she looks over at Warren, before she shifts a look back at Ryan, "It was a group of scientists doing experiments on telepaths. Or perhaps the better way to say it is a lead scientist who had a group of scientist doing experiments on telepaths. It definitely seem to have players in various countries when we initially began our invesitigation into the missing people."

As Ryan speaks, Warren's eyes gradually narrow. He sits back in his chair, wings spreading so they aren't flattened behind his back, one hand resting on the desk's surface.

"I know Miss Jones," is his brief mention, before he quiets to listen to the rest. He exchanges a glance with Dani, but otherwise doesn't interrupt.

"We did, and it should scare the hell out of you," Warren says, eventually. "Scared the hell out of me, when I saw it. They were doing experiments not only on telepaths, but on a particular piece of psychic… amplification technology, I believe it was. Except the purpose was to reverse-engineer it into a psionic dampener, instead."

He glances at Dani. "Some of the telepaths were used as test subjects to try to break through the dampener tech. Testing, you see."

He pulls restlessly at the feathers of one wing, a nervous gesture. "I'd have to pull the files to refresh my memory on the names involved, but we pulled quite a few at the time, as I recall. You're welcome to access that information yourself as well."

Ryan listens very intently to both Dani and Mr. Worthington have to say about the kidnaping telepath. As Mr. Worthington finishes his statement about what had happened. It can clearly be seen of Ryan's horror and anger about the whole thing on his face. "I see."

Ryan lowers his head a little and closes his eyes letting what he was told since in and to try and regain his emotions that are starting to grow.

Ryan lets out a sigh before raising his head back up and begins to speak. "I hate to bring you both bad news but my investigations have to lead me to believe that whoever was running that ring and what is going on now are connected, perhaps even the same person or people."

Ryan opens up his folder and pulls out 2 brown case files and telekinetically places one Mr. Worthington's desk in front of him and the other into Dani's hands. "These are copies of what both me and Ms. Jones have discovered so far during our investigation. I know this is the first you have heard about this Mr. Worthington so I will give you a quick summary of what has happened leading up to now"

"On September 13, 2019. I and several others took part in stopping a robbery happening at a jewelry store in Tribeca New York by a group of mutants, we managed to capture them all except one that managed to escape by the help of an unknown telepath. This led me to attempt to work with Ms. Jones and after some discussion, we agreed to work together to locate the escaped individual and capture her. Several weeks later on October 19, 2019. While I was looking for some information about the escaped individual in an underground fight ring and as luck would have it I find her there. After I had captured her." A pause. "Or perhaps rescued her is a more accurate description as I believe she was trying to get herself killed. but still, after I found her I took her to a safe place for myself and Ms. Jones to talk with her and we discovered that she and her brother's, the ones who attempted to rob the jewelry store were approached by some people who where representing someone, though we do not know who this person is at this time, with an offer of a lot of money for them to come to New York and do a crime that would get lots of attention from the media, Needless to say, they succeeded in that part. We also learned that they were supposed to be extracted from new york once the job was done but obviously that never happened and it is our belief that they never intended to either, they were just pawns in whatever game scheme they are working on. After we finished talking with Zeph, sorry that is the name of the girl who I was trying to find. and learning about this I brought Zeph to the X-Mansion to get medical aid as some of her injuries where more then I could fix on my own and for safety in fear that whoever is behind this might try to clean up louse ends."

Ryan turned his gaze to Dani and gives a nod to her. "Thanks to Dani help we managed to patch up her injuries and provide a safe place for her here at the X-Mansion." you can tell that there is gratitude in his voice.

Ryan then turns his face back to Mr. Worthinton. "Just recently Ms. Jones informed me of what she found. She and two others one named Raven and the other named Ulysses Arngrim helped her discover that these portals were technological in origin and where able to track down where these portals have been appearing all throughout New York and to one particular location, Kenia, Alaska The exact location where the secret laboratory was located where the telepaths where being taken and….. Experimented on."

In the folder that Ryan gave both Mr. Worthington and Dani you will find a picture of one of the people who contacted Zeph and her family about the offer and locations of where portals have been found in around the world. along with the statements from Zeph and notes from Ryan and Jessica about the investigation so far. "If you have any questions please ask and I will answer them the best I can."

When Warren elaborates further Dani can't help but nod at several of his points. Especially the fear but also at the mention of those psi-dampener.

This whole conversation brings a thin-lipped expression to the Cheyenne's face, as she flicks her gaze back to Ryan, however her words are for both, "I thought we had possibly seen the last of that whole thing. I suppose I should have known better to hope for that."

Any other words she might have said are stifled for now, as Ryan opens his folders and begins to detail everything out. Her head cants to the side slightly as she listens and at that tone of gratitude from Ryan, Dani offers an encouraging smile to the young man.

"I know Ulysses. He's a good one at SHIELD."

As to those portals, Dani's tone turns thoughtful, "If the portals are technological in nature then I'd hope we'd be able to trace them, or track them, or even look for whatever energy output they might have to locate them as they form. If we can possibly do that then we have a means to anticipate their movements." To Ryan she asks, "How was Ulysses able to determine it was technological?" And then to Warren, "We definitely can't let this scientist obtain more mutants for his gruesome experiments."

As the file is passed to him — telekinetically, but he seems extremely accustomed to that — Warren opens it and pages through its contents even as Ryan explains the matter. He's obviously listening and absorbing to the younger man, but also reading at the same time. Receiving information from a verbal report at the same time he peruses it himself is a sort of multitasking to which he got accustomed at an early age.

Not that any of the information he is absorbing is good.

"The young lady is still here?" is his first question. As always, in somewhat of a contrast with Scott, Warren focuses on the human elements of the matter first. "What about her brothers? Are they currently in custody?"

He flips through a few more pages, leaning his blond head against the back of his hand. His wings flick with thought — and quiet agreement to Dani's final statement. "Even if they're not technological," he says, "we would still have a means to track them. But tech opens up our options. At any rate… we never caught everyone associated with that fiasco, so it does not surprise me this is popping up again."

He lets the file flip slowly closed of its own accord, without looking; his blue eyes are distant, thinking other thoughts. "If they wanted to obtain more mutants, why not grab the girl and her brothers right off? Why send them off on an elaborate scheme to make up a big diversion? What are they covering for? Is this another attempt to slander metahumans in the press?"

Ryan turns his head do Dani when she asks about how Ulysses figured out it was tech-based portals. "Well, I'm no scientist but from what I understand from the report Ulysses found some faint particle traces left by one of the portals at the site they investigated. After they teleported to Michigan where Ms. Jones discovered is the home to Zeph and her family, He was able to find more particles of the portals and with enough the stark tech equipment they brought was able to create a model of the portal and lock on to its signature and get locations of where this type of portal has been forming. I don't know if they have made more headway with that yet, its kinda in SHIELD, which I can't get to without exposing myself since I am not registered and all id like to avoid having to do that."

Ryan then turns his head to Mr. Worthington as he asks his questions. "Yes, Zeph is still here at the X-Mansion, and as far as I know, only You Mr. Worthington, Dani, Myself, and Ms. Jones who she is and why she is here, anyone else who has seen here at the mansion believes she is just another new student here. I made sure to be careful to make sure no one followed or detected us as I brought her here." Ryan pauses for a moment as he recalls about Zeph's brothers. "They are in custody now and after being tested and identified as mutants, they have been locked up at the Rift, Beyond that, I have no new information about what has happened to them." Ryan pauses again for a moment remembering something that Jessica found out about them. "Something that I should point out that Ms. Jones discovered in Michigan is that Zeph and her family are in financial distress and whoever this person is running this scheme played on there situation to use them for there plans. I really hate it when scum like that prey on people who are in dire situations like that use them like they're just a pawn." You can hear the anger in his voice with his last statement, as Ryan recalls how he was used like that before.

Ryan takes in a deep breath to regain his composure before speaking again. "As to what their plan is I can't say what it is exactly or what they might be trying to cover up, but I do have a theory. I think this has something to with the Mutant Registration Act and trying to cause fear in the public's mind against mutants, and even to all people with powers, and to have them push to make this Act a federal law and eventually a global law, especially when I looked into another high profile crime that happened at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Or at least that is a part of whatever the grand plan is. When I found out about this telepath kidnapping ring, my guess is that they are also working on ways to combat people with powers and that this telepath ring was just one part of the grand plan, and if they get this registration act to go global, They would have a lot of information about a lot of people and powers and use that information to find a way to combat against it."

Ryan lowers his head a little as he realizes just how bad he is making out this situation could be, but to him, it's better to plan for the worst-case scenario. "I am sorry to be giving you both such grim news and I don't have evidence to prove this theory, but." A pause. "I feel like I had to mention what could be the worst-case with this situation." There is a hint of sadness and guilt in his voice, as he makes his last statement to Dani and Mr. Worthington, as he had hoped to not have to give such bad news to them.

That last question of Warren's brings an immediate frown from Dani and a nod, "I wondered the same thing when Ryan originally brought the young woman here. Why they set her up like they did? Not that we knew who was really behind it at that time."

"Perhaps it was a two-fold sort of thing. Spike up the hatred for mutants again, but also distract from something else. We should look to see if anything else was reported missing during that little diversion. Or any missing people."

Ryan's further explanation of just how the portals were determined to be technological garners another nod from the Cheyenne, then she waves aside Ryan's mention of getting into SHIELD. "You don't need to. I can. I've fairly high level access. I'm sure I"ll be able to get access to it or, at the very least, know who has it."

As Ryan speaks again Moonstar turns her grim gaze back to the young man and at the very end there, when he offers his apologies, Moonstar can't help the sudden grin that quirks a corner of her mouth upward. "Oh don't apologize, Ryan. Better to be prepared for the worse than not, and besides, with the way the last six months have been I think we're all prepared for everything to go sideways."

"Tomorrow I can go to SHIELD and start digging." She says to both, "To see what else we can find and I can take a peak at The Metro too. Do you know what was stolen?", that final question for Ryan.

A faint smile crosses Warren's lovely features at Ryan's concern. "As the lady says," he mentions after Dani finishes, "we have our ways into SHIELD. Both she and others can handle liaising with them on what they know or are able to get over there."

The smile drifts quickly off his face as Ryan speaks on about Zeph and her brothers. It transitions to an outright frown as he mentions that the rest of Zeph's family is in the Raft. "For being unregistered on top of the crime they committed, I assume," he says. "Well. We will see what we can do about that." He, too, seems to not be very copacetic at all with the idea of the vulnerable being preyed on in such a fashion.

Especially the financially vulnerable. It is no secret Warren has always felt a bit guilty about his privileges, and has always accordingly been open-handed. That people should be in such dire straits and be pressured over it…

He shakes his head. "Bad press is my best guess too, but as Dani said, we can't assume that's the only thing." He glances at Moonstar, a wing idly stretching. "Will you run the checks for anything of that nature while you're over at SHIELD? I'll see what I can scare up myself."

But of course, she's already on it. Warren nods, bracing his jaw against his hand. That smile makes a reappearance on his face at Ryan's apologies, though it's much more rueful this time. "I've been receiving bad news about 'bad guys to fight' since I was eighteen," he says lightly. "It's what I — what we — do, by now. No apologies. Just keep the information coming; we can't do anything without it." He doesn't say it aloud, either, but he… certainly doesn't mind doing things which make him feel like his old self again.

With Dani's grin and words to Ryan, a small smile falls upon his face and his spirits lift up a bit. "Yeah, you're probably right about that. Thanks, Dani."

When Dani asks about what was stolen, he pull out his own file of notes and looks through them real quick. "According to what I was able to find out in the reports and records, nothing was stolen at either crime scene, just lots of damage and negative publicity, though it is possible things where stolen and it was not reported or kept off the record for some reason. I know the attack at the Museum there was a special event happening and lots of politicians were there, which just helps get this Registration Act closer to being a global law."

Ryan pauses for a moment as an idea comes to him when Dani says she has high-level access at SHIELD. "Dani, Do you think you could get access for yourself and one other person onto the Rift to talk to Zeph's brother Brutus? From what she told me and Ms. Jones He has always tried to protect her and that the family. Maybe you and I could talk with him and get information from him about who hired him if he knew his sister was safe."

There is a sigh of relief when Mr. Worthington says that they can handle things with SHIELD, as he really does not want to get registered.

Ryan also realizes Mr. Worthington's feelings about people being used in such a manner and just gives small nod in agreement with him.

With Mr. Worthington's smile to Ryan and words he can't help but give a small smile himself. "Yeah, I am beginning to realize that more now. I'll be sure to keep you both informed of any new information I learn. Right now I am working on trying to find out who the person is in the photo and if I'm lucky to find him and track where he is coming from."

There is a pause before Ryan speaks again and as he does you can hear the gratitude in his voice. "I haven't said this much or even show it some time, but thank you both for taking me in and letting me be apart of the X-men family, and for your patients with me as well, I know I am….. slow to connect with people."

We can't assume anything, those words of Warren's prompts a nod from Dani, "Agreed, we all know where that would lead us to.", to the incorrect answers, that's what.

His request for her to see what she can find brings a smile of assent.
She's definitely on it.

Ryan's question on whether she can obtain access for herself and others to visit Zeph's brothers is considered. "Possibly. At the very least I can try. If I can't obtain them through the proper channels perhaps we can obtain visitation through other means." She turns a brief look to Warren with those last words before she glances back to Ryan.

"Even if it's late at night or insanely early in the morning, if you hear anything let us know. Like Warren said, the more information we have the better decisions we'll be able to make.

" She's already considering her various objectives for this particular 'mission', but before she becomes too distracted Ryan's last words are heard and that re-focuses Dani's attention upon him. "No need for thanks, Ryan. It's why we're here and why the school is here. It's a safe haven for all of us - whether gregarious or not."

Warren's blue eyes hood slightly as Ryan explains that primarily damage was caused, and not necessarily theft. "Consistent with the theory," he says. "People dislike theft, but the wanton damage metas can cause is what they're really afraid of."

He sits back — or sits back as much as his wings will allow. He exchanges that glance with Dani when she looks to him with regard to 'other means.'

There is a brief pause, a moment where — perhaps — the old Warren would have balked more at the idea. This one says nothing, more brutal thoughts flickering behind his eyes, before he seems to shake off that bleak mood. "I'm a master of 'other means,'" he says, playing at lightness. "Money talks. And when even that fails, there's still… other ways."

He inclines his head. "We'll figure this out."

That darker mood gentles completely out of him, however, at Ryan's last remarks. Even after all Warren has gone through, some things about his basic nature haven't changed. "The Professor began this place as a haven for everyone, no matter what," he says. "So long as I'm here, I intend to make sure that's always true."

"Yeah I know. you both have shown me that and help remind me of this when I seem to forget, I just wanted to…. actually tell you both that."

Ryan shakes his head a little, getting himself focused back on the task. "I understand, As soon as I have any new information ill be sure to inform you either in person or other means if I cant meet in person. I'll also give a look over what information you have on the telepath kidnappings and compare them with what I and Ms. Jones have, maybe I will find some connections or something that could give us a lead maybe."

Ryan puts away his notes and closes up his folder. "Please keep the copies, maybe they can help you out with all this and when I have new info to add to them ill be sure to send get it to you to update them. Also If there is anything you guys need me to help you with, please don't hesitate to ask."

There's a shallow dip to Dani's head at that mention of other means and while that brings a somber expression to Dani's features, it doesn't last long.

Not with the talk of the Mansion and then finally the Professor himself.

"I think he'd be proud of the School and the people in it." Dani says simply, a smile going to both men. There's only a silent wish that the Professor could be proud of the world, but with it being the way it is …

Perhaps some day he will be.

Either way, the Cheyenne woman slides a look back to Ryan and she nods, "That sounds good, I'd imagine there are connections somewhere we just haven't found them yet. For myself, I'll let you both know what I dig up at SHIELD as well and also if I'm successful with getting us visitation rights."

If not successful it's a good bet she'll go to Warren first.

"I'll also have a chat with Ulysses to gain a copy of the output of those portals for our own computers to run with."

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