Sisterly Advice
Roleplaying Log: Sisterly Advice
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Jessica Jones has a dilemma. She asks Trish Walker for help figuring out what to do.

Other Characters Referenced: Harley Quinn, the Joker, Owen Mercer, Emery Papsworth
IC Date: April 18, 2020
IC Location: Trish's Apartment, Manhattan, NYC
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Posted On: 19 Apr 2020 03:01
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Jessica has taken to trying to stay in touch with Trish by virtue of a weekly pizza night. She usually buys, and she usually shows up any time between 5 and 8. It's a good time to talk, watch a movie, stay close when there isn't a crisis going on, which…is not something she's great at with anyone, so she might as well at least attempt with her sister.

She has been unusually quiet tonight though, and she looks very contemplative. Finally she drops a half-eaten slice back onto her plate and wipes her fingers on the paper napkins that came with the pizza.

"I need to bounce something off you," she says.

* * *

Pizza and a movie. Trish won't say no to those. Not only is it a good excuse to definitely get and stay close with Jess, something that's probably been a long time in the coming, but it also helps her to unwind from work and superheroing. Being famous and working full time made it hard enough for her to get alone time with the ones she cares about, and being Hellcat is making it that much more difficult, not that she'd complain about it. It's what she wanted.

"Mm?" She looks over at Jessica from the TV, mouth full of pizza. She takes the remote and pauses the movie, swallowing her food. She clear her throat and brushes aside a strand of hair behind her ear and smiles. "What's up?"

* * *

"So…I have this…friend," Jessica says, frowning. "She's brilliant. She's got a PhD in psychiatry, wrote a book and everything. But she's not very stable. Not right in the head. Part of the reason why is this deeply disturbed criminal who has gotten in her head. She thinks she loves him, and that he loves her, but it's super fucked up."

She frowns and pokes at the pizza. "And when she gets wrapped up with him, she goes all criminal. Does just…insane criminal shit. And…she's back with him after a pretty decent period of being good."

* * *

For a moment, a very brief moment, Trish thought that Jess' 'friend' was going to be her. She frowns and furrows her brow. "I can see why you'd be worried about her." She says softly, putting down her plate and cleaning off her hands with one of the napkins as well. "This guy she's with sounds like a jerk. Sadly, those kind of guys are difficult to shake." She shakes her head and sighs.

"It sounds like some sort of…I dunno, intervention? Might be necessary. Mixed with some sort of rehab? Is there such thing as relationship rehab?" She rubs her neck as she thinks, her forehead scrunched a little in concentration. "I imagine you're trying to, you know, keep her out of jail?"

* * *

"Yeah. Or Gotham's funny farm, which is essentially the same thing," Jess says with a frown. "I've thought of a few ways to do it. One of them comes with a big 'and then what?' The other comes with a big, 'and then probably, oh shit.' There might be a third option in there somewhere, but I haven't found it yet. And then there's the fact that I probably shouldn't be protecting her in the first place or getting involved at all if I'm not going to try to get her taken into custody, because, you know, accessory to crimes and shit which might rather put a damper in…everything else I'm doing. Which might mean the smart thing to do is to walk away. Leave it alone. Let it play itself out. I suppose that is third option. So maybe there's a better fourth option I'm not seeing. Thing about leave it alone is…"

She shrugs uncomfortably. "It's not like everyone I know doesn't commit crimes for the greater good, and the greater good isn't always the greater legal, and 'throw them in jail or end them' isn't always the way to stop the real goal which is, 'put a stop to them hurting people.'"

* * *

"Gotham?" Trish lets out a low whistle. "Don't get me wrong, I've been to my share of, you know, galas and philanthropic events there, but it has a seedy underbelly that makes New York's seedy underbelly look like English lord inviting your over for tea time!" She leans back and furrows her brow. "Could you use your pull in SHIELD to make this mystery boyfriend 'take a vacation'? Or how about," she lowers her voice and mock-scowls, "The Batman?" She forces herself to hold back a giggle, knowing how serious this matter is, especially for Jess to bring it to her.

"Or, uh, you know, I could some excuse for work to go to Gotham, give her and the boy-toy a little visit as Hellcat? And before you go saying no, I'd be careful. I'd actually use my brains this time instead of just charging in helter skelter!"

* * *

"It's the Joker," Jessica says flatly. "SHIELD isn't going to make that guy a priority, or anything happening in Gotham. The Batman and I are on shit terms. I get on well with most of his protoges. Batgirl, Red Robin, couple others in his…I dunno, franchise or whatever."

She blows out her cheeks and says, "And he did figure into an…expanded…version of one of my plans. One where I brought him info on the Joker in exchange for my friend being left alone. Then off he goes to handle it and the clown never has to know I was involved. Or anyone else, since the Bat couldn't reveal it to any authority without turning a spotlight on himself, the one thing he hates."

She also scowls faintly at Trish as she picks up her pizza again, giving her a flat, narrow eyed look that says she absolutely does not want to see Trish waltz in as the Hellcat. She lets that stand as her answer.

* * *

"Right. The Joker. We're talking about the…" If there was any hint of amusement or skepticism on Trish's face, it quickly fades. "Oh. He's kind of a big fry when it comes to crime in Gotham. Even I've heard of him." Granted, she does tend to keep up with the news. "If you can't go to Batman or his 'protoges' about this, but you think he could help, and you don't want me to get directly involved," because of course she doesn't, "do you want me to at least go to Batman with info about the Joker? I don't have to tell him it's from you. Again, I'll go as Hellcat. It will be one superhero passing information on to another."

She leans back slightly and raises an eyebrow. "It might be the perfect way to go about getting with of the Joker. Then, once he's taken out, an intervention can be had with this lady friend of yours." She could probably make assumptions as to who said lady friend is, but refrains from doing so at the moment.

"Let me ask you, though. As it stands with her infatuation with him, would she attempt a rescue?"

* * *

"That…might not be a bad idea," Jessica says with a grimace. "I haven't had too many direct dealings with him but somehow I think he knows I'm not his biggest fan."

She doesn't say how she thinks that, and it might be simple paranoia. The paranoia of someone who has spent years ragging on the guy.

"And she might attempt a rescue, which brings me to the plan that's less risky on the front end and more risky on the back end. When she was doing okay, she was in love. With someone else. A friend of mine. They had a messy break-up, but I think if I walked up to him and told him what was going on…I think he'd try to do something about it. But…that's also a gross interference in someone else's love life, and I'm not so sure their relationship was…really all that healthy. Which means I could severely screw him over, and screw with his head just by mentioning it. He's a recovering heroin addict. Even going there could send him spiralling. But if I don't tell him even though I know she still loves him, and he finds out later I knew she still loves him…"

* * *

"Not a bad idea…that I go to Batman? I'll take it!" It's a chance for Trish to not only don the Hellcat suit, but also possibly do some good out and about in the world, even if indirectly. Helping is helping and, well, she's on board to help! "Of course, I'd need to somehow get word to the Bat Daddy," yes, she just called him that, "that I need to speak with him. But that can be figured out later."

She tilts her head slightly. "You've got a colourful group of friends, you know that?" Not that she's one to talk, especially with her history. "I guess the question to ask here is, which would do the least amount of harm and the most amount of good? No plan is infallible, but it's important to know that you've done all you can to do the most good and to minimize the bad."

* * *

"Maybe the two of you will get on," Jessica says with a shrug. "He supposedly likes cats or something. And it wouldn't hurt you to do some superhero networking on your own. It's not so much you being out there that bugs me. It's you being out there solo. You need people to watch your back who won't hold you back. You need people who can bounce shit off your blind spots, who have a different perspective, who know shit you don't know. So…you might start something there that you need to start if you're going to keep doing this."

She shrugs. Four years ago she did everything alone, but it's the raw truth. Her life changed when she brought people back into it, when she started running with and investigating with others. And if she's been a bit more solo of late with everyone stretched thin, there are still people she knows she can reach out to.

"In short, a colorful group of friends of your own."

But Trish gets to the crux of the matter, and Jessica finishes off her slice before answering it. She wipes her fingers again, wads up her napkin, and tosses it down. "If I knew the answer to that, what would do the most good and the least harm, I'd just be out there doing it. I am asking you what you think. What do you think does the least harm?"

* * *

"Well, if he likes cats, that's already one big check mark in my good books! Of course, it would help if he liked jewels, too." Trish smiles coyly. "But I suppose I can fault your logic. I suppose could use a 'colourful group' to call my own. So if you tell me what I need to know, I'll do my best to find a way to reach out to the Bat Master and let him take it from there." Or work with him to take down the Joker. Either way. Though she won't tell Jess that.

"As a," she pauses and takes a deep breath, "as an addict myself, I know how hard it can be to kick the habit. I can only imagine how hard heroin is to stop, and, well, in her own way, this friend of yours sounds like she's addicted to the Joker. Of course it's his manipulation." She sighs heavily. "I think it might be worth it to try and reconnect these two friends." She pauses shortly, though she holds up a finger to indicate there's more. "The caveat obviously being that we try to ensure that the relationship is a healthy one and that this gentleman friend isn't driven back to the hard drugs. It might involve keeping close eyes on them, if you're prepared for that."

* * *

"I am. I don't know that he's prepared for me to, and he's good at disappearing. It once took me weeks to find him and then it was only by chance." Jessica runs her fingers slowly through her hair. "I should try to find the Joker anyway. Both plans. Because…if they get back together and she leaves him again, that guy might go on a goddamn rampage."

A quick, self-depricating smile. "And me thinking I can is the height of goddamn hubris. The Bats are full of incredible detectives. If they haven't gotten him off the street right now I'm not sure what I can add to the search, what I'd do that they wouldn't. These days I can't even gripe that I don't have the same level of equipment, because I friggin' do. Still, that's no goddamn excuse not to get to work, is it? Maybe…a bit before I tell Owen, so there's a bit of a head start."

She chews thoughtfully on the inside of her cheek.

A pause. "You know I think you've got it in you, right? I believe in you. I just have trouble letting go of my desire to protect you. It was my job. For a really long time it was my most important job. And now it's not anymore, and I'm not sure how to deal with that."

A sudden pivot to a rare moment of emotional honesty.

-— New Activity ---
* * *

"Maybe you caught a lead that the Bat gang didn't? I mean, they're all people, right? Amazingly skilled people, but people. And even technology isn't perfect. You shouldn't be so quick to put yourself down." Trish reaches over and gives Jess a little playful 'punch' on the arm of encouragement. "You're a damn good detective. One of the best, and that's without technology. I'd wager that with the help of all the technology? You can become number one."

She drapes one arm lazily over the edge of the couch. "Take the time you need before telling your friend. In the meantime, gather up what information you have and or can get about the Joker and where he might be. Maybe I'll go to Gotham every now and then, beat up a couple criminals, and tell them to get the word out that Hellcat's looking for Batman. Or one of his 'family'. And that I've got some important information for them."

Her gaze softens at the mention of Jess not only believing in her, but the fact that she's been her protector. "I don't know where I'd be without you. I love that you're my protector, my…guardian? I appreciate that you believe in me." She quirks her lips into a half smile. "But don't think for one minute that I don't still need you out there protecting me." She says as she lets out a soft chuckle.

* * *

"I mean. Don't get me wrong," Jess says with a smirk that says she's half-teasing, half-serious.

"You do make all kinds of cringe-worthy rookie mistakes still."

She leans forward, elbows over her knees, and blows out her cheeks. "Like this plan of trying to attract the Joker's attention like that. That's a bad idea. Don't make that your idea. No…"

She frowns thoughtfully.

"I need to see if I can get the police reports on his latest deal. Have a look at whatever evidence they collected. Maybe walk back to the scene. I gotta do it without offending anyone because the moment I ask for it they think maybe I think they can't do their jobs, and even if they'd be thinking totally correctly I don't need them thinking it. Its possible everyone of the vigilante set was too busy fighting him to worry about anything else. There's gotta be a lead in there. But you…"

She arches an eyebrow. "You're a reporter. You could get it. And maybe more of them, maybe enough for me to look at patterns. Maybe if you were…working on some sort of documentary about the effect the Clown Prince of Crime has had on Gotham or something. You haven't really kickstarted any big projects since leaving WNEX have you?"

A pause. "Did you leave WNEX? You're not over there under the Kingpin's thumb are you?"

* * *

"You think my using criminals to get a message to Batman would fall onto the ears of the Joker, huh?" Trish chews on her lip a little as she considers this. "You may have a point. But I mean, it's not like I can use Gotham's Bat Signal. That would be really suspicious of that turned on and it wasn't done by someone with the authority to do so!" Perhaps she'll have to give this a tiny bit more thought.

"Ah, using my media credentials, huh? Fame also works. I'm more than just a reporter, you know." She points at and circles her face with her index finger. "I'm also a famous pretty face. With money." She grins. "But yeah, I mean, we can see if I can get some data from the GCPD." She agrees.

"I still do have media credentials. But um, for the time being I'm blogging and podcasting. I'm planning on pitching a show idea to a couple TV stations." She explains. "I couldn't deal with working for, you know, him. Plus, after my stupid actions of attacking him as Hellcat? If he ever found out that I'm who that is, well, I don't want to find out what he'd do."

She shakes her head, as if to remove those thoughts. "Anyway, reporter Trish is ready for duty!"

* * *

"I can just put you in touch with someone who can put you in touch with the Bat," Jessica says, waving her hand at that. "That's not really a problem. No signals or low level criminal beat-ups required."

She chuckles at that. "That's Daredevil's MO you know. Start at the bottom of the ladder, beat the shit out of him so he gives you the next guy and up the chain you go. It works surprisingly well for him, but I think he's got more internal anger than you do."

But she gives a faint smile of appreciation to Trish. "Thanks. Whatever you can get me will be great, but the most recent report involving the Joker is key. If there is anything. I gotta admit I don't really keep up with the Gotham news unless I'm working a case over there, and I've been all wrapped up in this other thing."

A pause. "Shit. I need to talk to Emery before I go down this road. He needs a say in this."

* * *

"You know what would be the best way to get me in touch with Batman?" Trish looks around in mock suspicion, leans in, and in a mock whisper says, "Get me his secret identity and I'll just go talk to him in person." She winks and leans back, a mischievous grin on her face. "Seriously though, any connection to him would be great!"

She chuckles. "I'm not hating on Daredevil's technique. I mean, it's useful. It gets rid of the low level guys that the upper level guys rely on to do a bunch of their dirty work." She offers a shrug. "But I guess we not here to discuss technique…well, not Daredevil's technique anyway." Her's is still definitely up for conversation.

"I'll have a little trip over to Gotham City, see what I can't pull up for you. There's bound to be someone stuck at a desk who's willing to give up a little info on Laughable Lug they Love to Loath. In my experience, there's always someone who's willing to give information. If not for free, for a little bit of hand greasing. Money, hard to get tickets, reservations at an impossible to get into restaurant." All things she has connections to.

* * *

"That's the one secret identity I don't know for sure," Jessica says wryly. "And I'm not spending investigative resources on it. That would be a good way to watch my skeletons go parading down the street while putting my name on a pair of handcuffs. And…more importantly…it would be a good way to endanger a good person and a bunch of other good people I care about."

"Yeah. And people want to feel important and connected to someone famous," Jessica says with a twitch of her lips. "I don't know how you do it. I have enough trouble offering a straight cash bribe."

Pretexting and intimidation are much more her MOs of choice. And, sometimes, amazingly, just asking. But none of those things will work here.

* * *

"Well, then it's a secret identity that shall remain secret to me." Trish pouts, though it's obvious she's not really upset. "Having an 'in' with someone famous sometimes makes a person feel a bit, shall we say, superior to their friends? At least, that's what I figure it is. It's a 'Look who I know that just got me tickets to that fancy event we all want to go to?'" She shrugs. "I do it because it's my life. I don't always enjoy it. I've literally dressed up as Patsy and sung the theme song for people just to get the information I want." She scoffs and rolls her eyes. "Fans."

She takes a deep breath in and lets it out slowly. "But, that being said, if it gets me what I need, sometimes it's worth it, you know?" She leans on the back couch cushion. "Sometimes I envy you for not having to deal with the fame. But hey, it's the slot I've been given in life, so I might as well just use it. And use it I do!"

* * *

Jessica shrugs her shoulder and says, "I have infamy. It's the same thing, only people like you less. Granted it is fading blissfully away. But there's no sense being envious of anything, Trish. Everyone's got strengths and everyones got shit. They just all come in different packages is all. Anyway, just be glad they made you sing It's Patsy, instead of that other thing."

She stands up to throw her paper plate in the trash. "Anything else going on with you that's new?"

* * *

"Fair enough. I bet infamy has its own benefits, though!" Trish grins and raises an eyebrow. "Oh god, yeah. As much as I might joke about it now, if I actually hear it? It's like I start feeling hungover. I drank a little too much with that song playing in the background." She shudders slightly. "Ugh." She glances over her shoulder at Jess and shrugs.

"New? Not much. Aside from doing my own thing now? I'm just trying to rebrand myself and make a new name for myself. I just hope that Fisk hasn't blackballed me from the entire New York news circuit. I at least have some people who used to work at the station who can always put in a good word for me if I'm ever in need of a reference."

She smiles. "How about you? Anything else going on in Jessica Land?"

* * *

"I doubt it," Jessica says, shaking her head. "That would be hamhanded of him, and he's rarely that. Remember, the last time he wanted you out of town he arranged for you to get a big professional opportunity. He can't afford to make it look like he has any vendetta against a major celebrity like you. Becuase he's running for mayor. Which means if you start calling him out, you look like the paranoid wanna-be investigative reporter who should be talking about this season's hat. But if he persecutes you? He looks like he has something to hide and you look justified. He can't have his people snark its just cause he ruined your career, because that begs the question of why. If he fired you from WNEX he could say you weren't performing or were involved in insubordination, but you walked away. So right now? Stalemate on that front, and as long as you don't do anything to change that calculus you should be good."

But she shakes her head on the latter. "Just this other case. It's stalled a bit, but I've got some lines in the water. Eventually something will bite, I'll have some new leads and it will be time to get back to work on it."

* * *

"Well, there you have it. I guess I had nothing to worry about in the end. I just have to not write any bad press about him." Which will take some amount of willpower on Trish's part, but she'll find a way. "I'm just going to have to throw my support behind his opposition. Maybe not in writing, but there's nothing wrong with a private citizen writing a hefty cheque to a campaign."

She frowns slightly. "A stall in a case, huh? Well, you'll figure it out. Like you said, something will bite! After all, you're one of the best! I know I already said that, but it's worth repeating."

* * *

"Yeah, write the check, he can't do anything about that either," Jessica says with a nod of her head. She exhales sharply and gives a weary smile as Trish tries to encourage her.

She crosses back over to the couch and gives her an awkward-over-the-couch hug from behind. "I love you," she says. "I'm gonna get going. Don't do anything stupid. Make some cape friends. I don't care what you go work on with them, just make some."

* * *

"Do something stupid? Me? Perish the thought?" Trish grins. "I love you too, Jess. I'll let you know when I've got something, 'kay? In the mean time, watch yourself. And don't do anything I wouldn't do! Or actually, considering my track record, maybe don't do anything I would do? I dunno. You get it!" She shrugs. "Be safe, that's what I mean! Be in touch!"

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