May The 4th Be With You
Roleplaying Log: May The 4th Be With You
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New York City is playing host to this year's Star Wars Day Parade. A parade that will culminate right in Times Square for an Immersive Intergalactic Experience like none other. Come down and see for yourself what happens when A Galaxy is Not So Far, Far Away…

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Other Characters Referenced: Beck Twilight
IC Date: May 04, 2020
IC Location: Times Square
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Posted On: 06 May 2020 11:17
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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The Star Wars Day Parade has been going on for the bulk of this day. It has traveled all around Manhattan, stomping and music acting and more. There may have been a few incidents that attempted to happen but the 501st has made sure that everything was handled and there were no actual displays of violence or anything.

It's Star Wars Day.

As the Parade moves into the next phase, coming down the street and headed for Times Square, the sun retreats to the location where it will rest for the eve. The darkness takes over as Times Square lights up. Although, well, the lights are a bit dimmer. Actually, a lot dimmer. As if they've been overtaken by a darkness filter that's designed to help keep this moment as dark as possible. But it has to be for a reason, right?

As the massive crowd that has gathered here to celebrate one of the greatest franchises in the history of fiction, attention may be drawn to the sky above. Above the dim lighting. Above the buildings. To the night sky where… wait, are those stars? Are the people of Manhattan actually getting the opportunity to see the actual stars?

That's about the moment when the scrolling text appears in the sky.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


It is a time of celebration. The newly discovered planet of EARTH has been welcomed into the REPUBLIC. Citizens gather in the vast city of NEW YORK in joy for this gracious honor.

Unbeknownst to this new world, darkness lurks in the atmosphere above. A new organization has taken the place of those before it, THE IMPERIAL COLLECTIVE, prepared to destroy anyone that opposes their rule.

As humble artist, BECK TWILIGHT, leads the celebratory parade to its culmination, the vile and insidious DARTH STARRK, seeks to send a very violent message…

For the record, Rocket does not partake in such ridiculous festivities. Parades? Pff. Although he'll admit, the sheer number of fans that have flocked to see the events of this weird holiday are impressive. Most impressive.

He's totally not dressed up in costume. This old thing? Hey, he can wear a shirt and vest and dark blue pants with red dashed stripes if he wants, right? And that blaster at his hip? He did not totally make the thing for the sole purpose of matching with the outfit. It's just…coincidence. Yes. Just like it's coincidence that he's watching the parade from an overlooking rooftop, because you'd have to be crazy to be standing down there in the crowds.

He squints up at the sky at the familiar scroll of text, figuring it's part of the cheesy festivities. Except something ain't right. He rereads those last lines a few times.

"…what the hell is this."

Danielle Moonstar is a Star Wars fan.

How could she not be? She grew up with the New Mutants and thanks to Doug (mainly) sci-fi movies were a staple part of their collective diet.

While she isn't necessarily dressed up (does her eye-patch count? It totally does, doesn't it?) she's out here for the parade and the fun of it all. However, before she left she dropped a few messages to various friends and family alike, to let them know she was going to attend. Simple messages like: Going to watch the Star Wars parade. Ping if you're down there and we'll meet up!

So, here Dani now is. She stands within the many masses of people and watches the parade and delights like everyone else. It's only as the scroll across the sky lights up that she turns her attention upward. "Wow, nice. They're just going *all* out today."

And while DARTH STARRK causes a faint furrow to her brow, but let's face it that message isn't necessarily the oddest thing she's ever seen in her lifetime.

And for those that are partaking of the festivies above ground and on rooftops there's totally a winged horse watching atop a rooftop too. The pomp, glitter and costumes just reminds Brightwind of home. It sure does.

Carolus Sinclair is seated along the edge of one of the mid-sized buildings in the square, having only just recently arrived there from making a stop to visit one of numerous vendors nearby. With a container bearing two heinously overwrought hot dogs — only one of which is meant for him — he finds himself looking up at a title scroll. The idea of that sort of spectacle is hardly a new concept, and the colorfulness of the lights are particularly appealing to him.

The actual contents, though…

The mothman swallows a part of his ridiculously overwrought food of choice, blinking up at the scroll. His antennae rise sharply.

"We're… still in my dimension, right?" He wonders aloud.

This is a problem he didn't have to think about this time last year. Stupid interdimensional vortices. Stupid interdimensional apocalyptic megafortresses.

Isa Reichert hadn't actually come here for the parade.

As often is the case, she is simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. With a guitar case slung over her shoulder, the solidly-built woman is only able to make so much progress through the crowd. When the skies dim and scrolling letters appear in the sky, she follows everyone else's gaze up, single eye squinting to see, muttering to herself sotto voce in Russian as she reads.

"…Oh, not this again," the woman growls, words most likely lost over the sound of the awestruck crowds.

Instead, she pulls out her cell phone, expression bland as she dials a number. It is in fact Rocket's number. She waits for an answer, expression still bland, and narrows her eye sharply at 'DARTH STARRK.' This better not be her other employer pulling some kind of weird publicity stunt.

"<Rocket.>" Speaking in Russian is what comes first to her. Beat. Isa grimaces. Then, in English: "Rocket."

The Star Wars day parade! This is a day Ryan has been waiting for and despite how busy he has been there is nothing that was stopping him from attending this.

Many people might not know this but Ryan is actually a really big Star Wars fan. So much in fact that he made his own custom for attending the parade in. Ryan is adorn in a mixture of dark gray and black combat robes and a black hood and cloak. Along with two lightsaber hilts attached to his sides with the saber blade part hidden under his robe that can be attached to the hilts later. Ryan had been working of making this for months in preparation for this day and now he gets to be something that he al always s wanted to be during a Star Wars parade. Ryan has been enjoying his time at the parade a lot, and as the sun begins to settle Ryan runs into Moonstar Just as the wording in the dark sky begins. As he finishes reading it Ryan finds it a bit odd too how the wording was written and begins to wonder if a mistake was made or something else is going on.

Ryan then turns to Dani "Man they are really going all out for this parade, though that wording seems a bit odd for this event if you ask me. What do you think Dani?"

Gwendolyne "The Infinite, and Only, Ghost Spider" Stacy sits on a rooftop lip, kicking her feet out idly in full costume as she looks down at the parade. It's a pretty good parade! She normally didn't get out, for these, but this one seems fun!

And someone else is buying the egregiously calorie-dense mega-hotdogs from the food carts. Thus, this is heavenly. Scrollig up the neck of her mask to her nose, Ghost Spider grabs the hotdog and doesn't pay much attention to the scroll. It's a Star Wars scroll! It goes 'DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh da-da-da-da' and then John Williams takes you away to a magical galaxy far, far away.

"Huh? Hold on." She reaches for his soda, and takes a pull off of it, before spitting back onto the roof.

"Yep. Corn. You're still in hell. I, meanwhile, am in heaven!"

Gwen returns to eating hotdog, ignorant fool she is. She'll learn. There's a disturbance in the Disney-Brand Force(TM).

As the words scroll up and away from the city, the darkness seems to overtake the Square a bit more. As if the words themselves were providing illumination. As the streets and rooftops and wherever become darker, another glance up or still watching will show that there's something else up there. A few something elses.

Those that know their lore will be able to tell, immediately, that they are Imperial Star Destroyers. Four of them. Each coming from one of the classic cardinal directions. The slow moving Imperial Star Destroyers must be there for intimidation purposes because there's no way that something that large and that high could do anything more than look impressive. And scary.

Wait. That's probably why…. TIE fighters are coming out by the dozen. None of them are firing, yet, but they are certainly making their zooming presence felt. Zipping low and weaving through the buildings at high speeds. Which is obviously just some kind of visual shenanigans, right? There's no reason that anyone should be feeling the wind of a TIE fighter whizzing by, right? Weird.

On the ground, there are huge things that are moving… stomping… crushing vehicles as they make their way slowly through the streets leading towards Times Square. AT-STs and AT-ATs are escorted by masses of Stormtroopers, marching in terrifying unison. Well, it would be terrifying if this weren't all part of the show!

Beck Twilight, a humble artist, stands on the lead Millennium Float and looks about at the environmental carnage that's starting to happen around them. "Uhhhhh." Beck looks up, tossing his blond hair and shrugging into his blue and gray shorty robe. Beck reaches onto his Earthtooine utility belt and pulls out his iPhone Comlink. "Hey uh, Ray? Ray, what's going on? Did you order some extras or…?" While Beck tries to get some answers, even some of the other Parade people and crowd have started to take notice.

If there was ever a time to feel a disturbance in the Force…

The rooftops sure are a popular hangout these days. Rocket's pretty sure he knows that pegasus a few buildings across. It's not something he's deeply concerned about. He's still looking at the words in the sky as though trying to decipher some kind of hidden meaning in the text. Absently he pulls out his phone, and nearly drops it with the sharp word that he's greeted by. "Eeeh? This is…" He pauses to look at the screen. "Oh. Isa. What's up. We flying through a drive-thru again 'cuz that was pretty awesome last time. -oh wait hang on what?"

He'll have to admit, the effects are pretty crazy. Watching as the iconic spaceships make their appearance (the Milano is still much better looking than any of those things up there, of course), he flinches at the sounds, frowns as he feels the wind ruffle his fur. That could be just an errant breeze, but not so much the commotion erupting below.

"They're sure goin' all out with this," he mutters, still holding the phone up but almost forgetting he's got someone on the line.

"As long as Apocalypse doesn't show up I'm okay with it." Her rather wry tone might be lost in the noise of the crowd, but it's there for those that are close enough to hear it.

Finally when the scroll stops the woman glances aside to her friend and at the sight of Ryan all dressed up the woman can't help but flash a quick grin. "Nice duds. Went with the Dark Side, eh? I do hear they have the best cookies."

Whatever else Moonstar was about to say pauses as the ships appear in the air, then the TIE fighters and when the wind rises enought o stir a few strands of hair, the woman absently tucks them behind an ear.

Which brings a second furrow of her eyebrows, "Huh. This is pretty realistic if you ask me."

It's the crunch of those heavy feet that have her turning in place, to try and catch sight of the mecha-stomping that heralds the arrivals of something(s) big. "Very realistic."

Brightwind, for his part, continues to stay upon his rooftop and while there's an understanding that this isn't real, the stomp of the AT-ATs and AT-STs cause the winged stallion to briefly mantle is wings in apparent aggitation.

The one-eyed woman frowns and narrows her eye as narrative text scrolls through the sky, gaze flicking over it one last time before it fades. The bold yellow lines give way to… starships? Starfighters? Isa's single eye widens at the sight of them, but she doesn't startle at the in-your-face visuals. She stares at them, enthralled.

Now that is something she wouldn't mind jumping into the cockpit of… and now that she thinks very hard, that movie does sound somewhat familiar. Right. Yes. She saw this, years ago; she remembers the ships, now.

…And mostly only the ships.

There's a crunching sound that's not a very good sound, too; the adamant squeal of tormented metal. She actually physically cringes, baring her teeth at the phone. "Are you seeing this?" She has to shout into her phone, shielding the mouthpiece with her hand, because the ambient noise is starting to get pretty loud. "Sound to me like those car are crushed. I know sound of collapsing metal. I lived it! What in Hell is going on out there?" she snaps, looking up again to watch.

Her angry voice spills out of the phone he's dangling, a staccato beat of annoyance, and maybe the tiniest thread of well-concealed fear. If there's something hinky going on… she's down in the thick of it. Unlike the popular super robot shows, she is not a superpowered goddess outside the cockpit of a quinjet. She is very normal, if extremely paranoid, refugee of a sort. An extremely paranoid refugee who happens to be able to fly quinjets.

And right now, she is starting to feel even more extremely paranoid than she usually does.

"You are seeing this, right?"

There are times to be suspicious of everything going on around you. This… really isn't one of them. There's a twinge of tension that manages to work its way into Carolus's form, but it's hard to notice. Much of what bothers him about this specific form of spectacle is muted by otherwise being quite favorable to what's going on. Even so, there's only so much you can do to stave off thinking a little about the alien invasion.

The aggravation of air currents by the TIE Fighters /does/ get his attention. His antennae angle towards them and then around. The tension grows. Drones to produce that effect? Seems relatively likely. They're only getting cheaper, after all.

He makes a vague noise of acknowledgement at Ghost Spider taking a sip of his drink and determining that, yes, they are still in Corn Syrup Hell.

"I suppose somebody is just using it as an opportunity to take a shot at Tony Stark. Not a terribly difficult figure to condemn, even here. Still… seems kind of petty, doesn't it?" He replies, forcing himself to relax with a systemic tensing and untensing of muscle groups. His wings flicker and buzz for a moment.

Ryan gives a quick grin of his own to Dani's statement about his costume. "Thank you, it's a Grey Jedi, a balance between the light and dark side, though your right about the cookies part. As things start to get darker Ryan can't help but feel uneasy, a disturbance in the Force if you will, about this whole situation. Then He looks up and sees 4 Imperial Star Destroyers in the night sky. Ok, those are some impressive realistic props or so Ryan thinks.

Then the Tie fighters start pouring out of the Imperial Star Destroyers and fly through the city creating wind gushes as they fly through the city. Then the crashing of cars gets Ryan's attention as he sees AT-STs and AT-ATs march through the city streets accompanied by many squads of Stormtroopers. Ryan does not need a discordance in the force or a warning from his Psychic Intuition to tell him that smoothing is wrong here.

Ryan using his telekinesis quickly put together the rest of his light saber's under his robe and pull up his black mask from around his neck that he had tucked underneath his costume, yeah there not real lightsabers, unfortunately, but the material used to make the saber blades are some really strong material, strong enough that if you hit stuff with it, it will cause some damage.

Ryan will then reach out to Dani using his telepathy so that the two of them can communicate with one another with all this noise. <Dani! I'm getting a bad disturbance about all this, I don't think that this is part of the parade.>

The number of people who've decided to rooftop gaze include many top heroes of the city, an angry raccoon, and also Ghost Spider! There is also a horse, on the roof.

Horses don't go on rooves! But, despite the obvious equestrian facts, there it is. TIE fighters scream through the air, displacing space around them. AT-AT and AT-ST walkers thump down the city.

"Man." Monch monch. "Your dimension must really like Star Wars. Is Beck Twilight some new guy? Is that the one you were talking about, the one with the person who isn't a skywalker, but is, but isn't? I thought her name was Rey, not Beck."

Ghost Spider lens-squints over her hot-dog at the parade below, and BECK TWILIGHT on the Millenium Float. "And isn't it weird they let a bunch of flying things around New York? I thought there was a no-fly zone around here. Like, for real."

Her spider sense gives her a strong, terrible premonition that the hot dog will cause regret and pain later. She ignores it, she always feels that when eating a hotdog. "Sure, I'm seeing this. I'm pretty sure swinging is exempt from metropolitan ATC laws, though. Pretty sure."

"What? What do you mean… TONY STARK sent them?"

Beck Twilight narrows his eyes as he hangs up the phone. He looks stressed but climbs his way up to the highest point of the Millennium Float and waves his hands around. "Hey! Hey!" It looks like he's trying to get himself noticed by anyone of those parade crashers! "You tell TONY STARK that I don't care how much money he has… I still refuse!"

A pair of Stormtroopers stop in front of the float, look at each other, shrug and look right back up at Beck Twilight. They raise their blaster rifles and fire! Twin laser blasts head straight for Beck Twilight… and blood splatters as they impact with his chest! Beck Twilight flies off the float and smacks into the ground. For all intents and purposes, he's not moving. Probably because he's pretty dead.

Seeing his body is all it takes for some woman dressed like Chewbacca to yank her Chewie head off and scream! The blood curling scream cues the rest of the crowd into seeing what has just happened and we all know what happens when the masses have been spooked.


The Imperial Collective's hand has been pushed. Forced, even. As the crowd erupts into chaotic running and possibly fighting for their lives, The Imperial Collective ground forces go to work. They start firing on the people in the crowd, laser bolts cutting through the air at incredible speeds. But, most of the beams seem to miss any of their intended targets. Instead, destroying inanimate objects and windows and stores and whatever else isn't living.

Beck Twilight's body remains on the ground, no burn marks or singe but definitely bleeding from the chest. Weird.

Anyway, if there is anyone that might want to help… now would be the time. Before the Star Destroyers and TIE fighters start firing as well.

"Yeah I'm seein' it. And I have a lot of questions. Like how the hell did they hide those things!" Important questions.

Rocket grumbles, getting to his feet as he digs through his belt pouch and pulls out some kind of tablet-scanner. He taps at the thing, frowning all the while. "See, if there's an actual space invasion going on then Terra's slacking more than I thought," he says as he runs a scan on those Destroyers and TIES above, patching through his own ship that's sitting cloaked not far from him.

"-wait did I miss something?" He barely catches the shouting below, glancing over the ledge as he continues to configure settings before he activates things.

"Did someone just get shot? That's lame. Lasers should instantly cauterize."

"OH NO, TONY STARK REALLY IS EVIL IN THIS DIMENSION!" Ghost Spider calls, fist dropping her mask down her lower face and neck as the stormtroopers open fire on the INNOCENT Beck Twilight in cold blood. The wrapper of her hotdog is forgotten and flutters slowly in the air on a crinke-paper buoying gust as the spider leaps into open air, firing a web-line up for leverage to swing down to the mortally wounded protagonist of this story.

"Hey, are you okay?" Ghost Spider asks, lightly touching the part where he was shot.

"Hey, guy, are you OK? Beck Darklighter?" She asks, as she threateningly points a finger at the two bored stormtroopers. She's not… Quite sure this is real?

"You're not gonna call the cops on me, are you?" Ghost Spider adds, realizing she may have just dropped into an open-air stage play.

The second that first scream pierces the festival atmosphere, Isa is in motion. She slings her guitar case down from her back, using it as a kind of battering ram to cut herself a path through the crowds as waves of panic ripple from the epicentre.

Isa tries to shove her way back from the square, aiming for the nearest building. If she can get herself inside one of those buildings, that's all the better.

She's even managed to keep her cell phone on hand through all this, somehow.

"I don't know." Isa narrowly dodges a couple trying to bull their way through the crowd, only to collide with a businessman still dressed for work; once she's untangled herself from him and shoved him on his way, she hunches over her phone, scanning the crowd. "People are going crazy down here. Screaming. Shoving. Think someone was crying. Is not part of parade, I think. Can't see, but think someone might have been shot. Not sure. Can see better from where you are?" Beat. "…Where are you, anyway?"

While the tension was definitely ratcheting up, Moonstar was content to stay bystander. After all, movies and special effects, and especially Star Wars were all made to ratchet up the tension.

It's part of the magic -

Only, before the magic can actually happen, Ryan's voice echoes within her head. That's enough to cause the one-eyed Cheyenne woman to look over at the young man. "Are you kidding me?" It's mostly a rhetorical question, mostly, and as she swings her gaze back to the parade and the threat incoming Beck Twilight gets shot.

"Shit. This is why we can never have nice things."

To Ryan, she says, « Get people pointed in the right direction to escape and let's take down the Stormtroopers. I'm going to radio SHIELD - » Yes, Dani totally thinks SHIELD in all capital letters, « - to see what they're hearing and for back-up. »

But first, she clicks over to the X-Comm, ** Anyone at the Star Wars parade? We got a situation going down. **

And because Dani is such a good multi-tasker, her last thing to do is to mentally shout for Brightwind.

That's all the winged-horse needs as he launches himself from his particular rooftop and then slams down hard on the same rooftop as Rocket. The winged-stallion stomps a hoof and tosses his head - if he could speak he would surely say something along the lines of 'LET US RIDE TO GLORIOUS BATTLE, RABBIT!'

Yes, they really do only make two sorts of mindsets over there in Asgard. Really.

"I'm not sure… I don't think it's related to any of the films. It sounds like somebody came up with it on the spot to… again, be petty towards Tony Stark. Or perhaps Stark Industries. There /is/ a distinction, if a thin one." Carolus says to Ghost Spider. He mostly just looks confused.

"Registered heroes are able to do it so long as it's not too high. I expect that there's some sort of permit involved in this particular case, but I wouldn't swear my life to it." Which is good, because immediately after he says that, Beck Twilight gets shot in the chest twice and falls down dead.

The mothman freezes. He puts his half-a-hotdog and drink down, wings fluttering back to Actual Life as he takes to the sky… only to /immediately/ follow Ghost Spider down. He comes to a halt just behind her in the air, dipping his head low to tell her — quietly, "That's not actual blood. Smells synthetic. Check the troopers, I'm going to scope the property damage."

Without another word he— goes and retrieves his hot dog, taking a bite as he flies down the street towards the sights and sounds of heavy disturbance.

A badge comes to life in his hoodie as he goes. Carolus fumbles a bit to tap it, and reply to Moonstar, « Present. The guy who got shot isn't actually bleeding. Slow down and make sure to positively identify actual trouble and distinguish it from part of the show. »

"Oh no." Ghost Spider, loosely straddling the 'corpse' of Beck Twilight, in the center of New York (Home of Registration), on probably national TV, threatening extras.

"I'm so arrested aren't I?"

Carolus shrugs in a deliberately exaggerated manner with all four arms as he zips away. He seems to have gone from pretty-concerned to cautiously relaxed again.

Ok this is defiantly not part of the parade, it looks more like another invasion of earth, only in Star Wars ships and weaponry. This causes Ryan to worry, the last time there was an invasion of earth he lost people that were important to him, he does not intend to have that happen again.

<Roger that, I'll try to take out the Stormtroopers guns and any of them that I can. I certainly hope shield can help because we are going t need some serious firepower to take down those AT-AT and Star Destroyers.>

Ryan will start yelling for people to flee in a direction that is safe while simultaneously pull out one of his costumes made lightsabers from his side, turning it on to emit a purple light for the blade hoping to maybe cause a distraction for the Stormtroopers, and maybe block a shot or two if lucky, and then use his telekinesis to try and pull some of the guns from the Stormtroopers and destroy them so they can't be used anymore and make his way towards the Stormtroopers using cover and acrobatics enhanced by his telekinesis to dodge the fire.

Beck Twilight is dead. All the way dead. Not just a little bit dead. Touching him will reveal that he has indeed been shot. Just perhaps not with the lasers that are actually… it's complicated, okay? Either way, the corpse(?) of Beck Twilight continues to ooze blood even if the corpse itself isn't moving anymore.

Stormtroopers don't say anything and just start firing bull— er, lasers in the direction of the Ghost Spider! Because this is the part where they attack with that patented STORMTROOPER ACCURACY! Time to make these sudden and inevitable heroes into SWISS SPACE CHEESE.

The Parade People are freaking out as they are 'shot' and 'blasted', falling down wildly and falling off floats and generally being the only ones that actually get taken out during the initial rounds of fire. Y'know, if we don't count all the property damage that's happening to the city of New York at this time.

TIE Fighters zoom in and around the chaotic scene, merely keeping an EYE on things. Can't have too many people getting away! Not when The Imperial Collective is trying to make a statement. A statement that MUST be made!

"BECK! NOOOOOOO!" A woman, a very pretty woman with very bosoms, falls to her knees next to the body of Beck Twilight. "WHY! Why did you have to say NO to TONY STARK!" She cries what have to be real tears as she falls over Beck Twilight's dead body and sobs. Uncontrollable sobs as she covers his body almost completely with her… body. Definitely was going to say body.

Stormtrooper guns are snatched by all manner of TK and are crushed just as easily. Those Stormtroopers almost seem to stop moving when they lose their weapons, though. Almost as if they don't know what to do without them. It's pretty difficult to shoot the citizens of this Republic without the blaster rifles they were given.

A single TIE fighter rises and follows behind that Winged-Horse as Stormtroopers take off after Isa and her building. "Halt!" comes the robotic tone in Isa's direction… followed by a volley of wide shots that had no danger of hitting her but a federal mailboxes explodes. So that's bad, right?"

"Yeah I can hear it even up here- Terrans spook way too easily. Are you down there? That's a terrible place to be for exactly this reason! Also fans are the worst!" Rocket and his priorities. "Looks like someone got shot yeah, and- Oh hello, what have we here..?"

His scan results come up, and he just has an utterly feral grin on his face. "Oh-ho, someone's playing us big time! Those ain't real shi— WHAT THE?!"

Suddenly, flying horse. Rocket stumbles back, his hand with his phone pulled to his chest, the other gripping his tablet. "Flarkin' Asgardians- didn't anyone ever tell you how to warn people?!" He shoves the tablet back in his beltpack and glares up at the pegasus. "Bright…something, right? Yeah, let's do this. Because a flying goat's way less suspicious than an actual spaceship." He has to pause as he reconsiders this before shrugging. Then he reaches for a dufflebag nearby, digging through it for his phone's bluetooth earpiece, and then some.

"Hokay baby, someone wants some star wars, we'll give 'em some star wars." He clicks the barrel of a suspiciously rocket-launcheresque firearm into place and then slings it over his back. Looking to Brightwind, he seems to be having second thoughts about riding the beast, but hey, if the space horse wants to jump right into things, who's he to complain?

Besides, they've got company. Not many will grin in the face of a TIE Fighter, but this Guardian does. "I think that's a challenge," he says as he clambers on up onto Brightwind. Never mind that he's never rode a horse before, soon as he gets the chance he is FIRING at the 'TIE fighter.'

Warn people? Warn people?! That earns another hoof stomp from Brightwind. They are wasting time talking when there is definite glorious battle out there. As such, as soon as Rocket's up in the saddle Brightwind immediately launches the duo quickly into the air.

And for real it won't be long for Rocket to get a chance to fire at the TIE fighter, simply because Brightwind flies RIGHT FOR IT.

Brightwind isn't a shy Asgardian War-Pegasus and besides that, Rocket said the magic words. We'll give them some (star) wars.

The X-Comm rattles to life as Carolus and Ghost-Spider make their appearance. < Atlas, good to hear your voice - and not real? Is this really some sort of prank? > Comes her next words even as the wail of the woman over 'Beck's' body can be heard above the crowd.

« Ryan, be mindful this may not be as dangerous as we think. Or something's going on that we're not fully comprehending. »

And while she sends that message outward on the telepathic communicator, Moonstar does one more thing. She clicks over to her SHIELD frequency communicator, < Anyone else at the Star Wars parade? We've an odd situation happening. >

Even as she speaks the one-eyed Cheyenne woman ruthlessly shoves the people around her into moving. Even if it's not as potentially dangerous as it seems to be it's best to get the sheep a-moving.

« I'm sure that what came out of the guy on the float isn't blood. The look is more than believable but the smell isn't. It's probably special effects blood, but it seems more high-budget than what we used onstage. » Atlas answers Moonstar, simply.

For now, Isa stays flattened against the storefront wall behind her as she watches the crowds in various states of panic. She has no real motive to leave this wall, because it means most of the people are going around her, instead of trampling her.

As far as crowdspeople go, though, Isa isn't a very subtle figure. She has an eyepatch, half her face is an old burn scar, and where most people are panicking, she looks tense but generally in command of her wits. Also, she's carrying a big guitar case. That stands out a little bit.

Isa tries to stand on tip-toe to see further over the crowd, but she just isn't tall enough for a decent vantage point.

"Someone screaming in crowd. Something about saying no to Tony Stark. Have no idea what is happening." Isa shrinks closer to the wall to let a hurrying group of people past, shaking her head, even though Rocket can't see it. "What?" she frowns even more. "What's going on? Rocket?"

Oh, there's a Stormtrooper. Shots chirp as they deflect off the building around her, bringing Isa to look up sharply, phone dangling for a second.

What feels like several seconds passes by, but it's really only half a second or so.

Isa throws herself at the white-armoured figure with a snarl, trying to tackle the blaster out of his hand. "Knock it off," she snarls.

About then, there is a beeping on her phone; on the S.H.I.E.L.D. line. The voice isn't familiar, but it's not one of her employers.

<Agent Reichert. Am here at parade. Noticed.> The last is given with painfully bland sarcasm, before her tone is back to business. <Am not sure if part of show. Just in case, get civilian to safety. Am stuck in back rows. Bad vantage.>

As Ryan manages to destroy some of the guns from the Stormtroopers he sees them stop in their tracks, which to Ryan is a surprise. You would think that the Stormtroopers would still try to fight or do something, not just stand there like that. Still, if that stops them from hurting anyone else that that's good in Ryan's mind.

Then Ryan hears over the X-Coms from Atles that these things may not be real, which would explain a little bit of the actions of the Stormtroopers. Ryan then hops into the X-Comm. Hey it's a little weird but these Stormtroopers seem to stop fighting if you destroy their guns, wither this is real or not this at least stops them from shooting anymore.

As Ryan continues to use his telekinesis to pull guns away from the Stormtroopers or knock the stormtroopers down with a telekinetic push, kind of like a force push from all those star wars games, not enough to kill them but enough to at least knock them unconscious.

As Ryan is doing everything he can to stop these imperial Stormtroopers from hurting anyone in a very Jedi like manner with his costume lightsaber swinging around, acrobatic jumps and dodges, and using his telekinesis like the force to stop the Stormtroopers, Ryan gets an idea on how he might be able to get some information.

«Dani We need information about what's going on here and how to stop it. I'm going to try and capture one of the Stormtroopers and dig through his mind to see what I can learn, at the very least I might be able to learn if these guys are real or not.»

With that Ryan attempts to use his telekinesis to pull a Stormtrooper to him, kind of like force pull, and capture him.

Ghost Spider is in a mild pickle, and not one of those big ones in gas station convenience stores. Plus the best ones of those are clearly the 'spicy pickles'.

Beck Twilight lays dead, and the pooling blood under him from the !BLASTER! wound isn't fully suspect. The danger eminating from the muzzles of the pair of STARKTROOPERS feels very, very real. As they bark with pkeww-pkeww blaster bolts, she flips up atop the Millenium Floatcon and braces there on splayed fingers and the balls of her feet. "Hey, are those supposed to be lasers! I'm pretty sure lasers travel a lot faster than that, even if it's a movie effect!"

She's still bamboozled. "Tony Stark must be a special effects genius to get lore-accurate blasters to work!" She loudly proclaims, over Beck Twilight's cooling body.

"Oh, right, shooting at me."

Leaping back down with a cocked fist, she biffs one of the troopers, before sweeping the other off his feet with a swift kick, avoiding the lines of scattered blaster-potentia via acrobatic contortion.

Isa knocks loose that Stormtrooper's blaster! And even the Stormtrooper! As it goes down, there's a moment where it stumbles weirdly, the legs lock up and it kind of smashes right into the ground. There are some sparks as the helmet cracks open… revealing a Stark Industries logo crafted on the metal inside the helmet/head. At least there are no people in the Stormtrooper suits?

Ryan's TK is SUPER EFFECTIVE! Like Storminoes, they fall and smash into the ground in various piles and ways, sparking and cracking open in all manners of showing off the logo of the man that's responsible for all this chaos and carnage. Y'know, if anyone notices.

Most of the Parade Workers have disappeared into the crowd, running for the lives and trying to get themselves out of as much harm's way as possible. Even Beck's Bosomy Bae is no longer around the body… the body that's… not there anymore? What? WHAT?!

Moonstar's shoving gets all kinds of people moving. Even some of the people that are trying to figure out what's going on. "I can't believe TONY STARK would do something like this!" "Yeah, what a jerk, that TONY STARK!" "Poor Beck!" And just like that they are gone into the crowd of escapers again!

That TIE fighter that's been watching the flying horse… the pilot inside must see what's going on with the terrible and terrifying rodent on its back. The TIE fighter spins around to take off in the other direction. But there's no actual dodging of a freaking rocket launcher! The explosion is not as explosive as it probably should be but there's certainly not a TIE fighter there anymore. Hey Rocket, Nice Shot?

Ghost Spider's arachnobatics are true to form and those Stormtroopers end up getting knocked into scrap metal much like the others. Once again, Stark Industries logos are all over the place.

"What." Okay, for an explosion that was just downright disappointing. Rocket squints again. "Well, at least they blow up. Come on Brighty, let's clean house- oh hold up." His phone's vibrating, so he pulls it out out to hit a few buttons.

<Oh hey Dani. Figured you were around. I'm borrowing your flying goat. -or he's borrowing me.>

Oh was this a private line? But then technically Rocket was kind of sort of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent so maybe hearing him come up on the comm frequency isn't completely strange.

<Anyway, them Troopers ain't real peoples. They're robots. The Walkers are more bark than bite- although I guess it don't make much difference when they can smash cars. You want me to shoot 'em? I can shoot 'em, but we're making like Rogue Squadron up here.>

He gives Brightwind a pat. "You do the fancy flying and I'll make with the pew-pew!"

Isa leans over the deactivated Stormtrooper, frowning and toeing at the chassis with a boot. It doesn't move, intermittently spitting sparks, and she leans over to eye the logo imprinted on the inside of the helmet. It may not have any people inside, but what's there is just as strange.

So Isa brings her phone around, snapping several pictures of the insignia. This might be worth a chat with Tony Stark, seems as he's the one signing her other paycheck.

…Someone in S.H.I.E.L.D. might be interested in seeing this, too, depending on how this evening resolves itself.

Isa sidles around the remains just far enough to get an absolutely smashing view of the exploding TIE fighter up above. Rocket's still on the line, unless he managed to hang up… but she's the one who hangs up, abruptly stuffing her phone back into her pocket and looking up. There are explosions. A TIE fighter blows up.

The pilot looks a little baffled at this whole thing, shaking her head and pulling her phone back out.

<Agent Reichert. Confirmed, about robot.> She looks up, watching what she thinks must be Rocket, riding whatever that thing is, which she's going to spend some active willpower to not think about too hard. She can process the crazy later. <Keep them away from civilian, if you can, Rocket. Am not sure can do much from ground.> Beat. <Not without better vantage point. Beside, crowd is not listening. Is too busy panicking.>

< Agent Reichert good to hear your voice. I'm Agent Moonstar and I can defintiely say I'm in the mid-range of this crowd. >

There's a pause from Dani as some of the bystanders shout those nasty slanders about Tony Stark and then it's back at the situation at hand. < Not sure if you'll be able to get to the front of the crowds. People are definitely stampeding. > Which brings Moonstar's gaze around to the main parade route, but more importantly to Ghost Spider to check on the Spiderling.

Thankfully, she seems to have the situation under control.

For Ryan, she sends « Do it. », before her attention is brought back to the SHIELD frequencies as a familiar voice pops on.

< Rocket, is that you? > That's a rhetorical question, but her surprise makes her say just that.

Then it's onward to other things, < Brightwind isn't a -> Oh there's no reason to finish that sentence, instead she swiftly switches to what matters, < Thanks for the info, I'll pass that along to the rest of the group. >

As for Brightwind, he hears the mental call from Dani to get back down to Earth, but that pat from Rocket is all the push he needs to KEEP ON FLYING. He gives a neigh of agreement and then the pegasus tucks his wings close and dives for the nearest AT-AT.

It's definitely time for the pew-pew.

Dani, for her part, relays the information over the X-Com, < Got some confirmation that the Stormtroopers are robo - BRIGHTWIND get back here! >

Clearly some Asgardian pegasus doesn't want to listen tonight.

As Ryan continues to take down the Stormtroopers, he realizes that there is no body's inside the armor as he takes them down, just damaged up armor with STARK INDUSTRIES logo inside of it.

As Ryan is about to hope onto the X-Coms, he spots the Tie Fighter get blown up out of the sky and then Dani horse flying in the air and gives a nod if impressed, thinking that Dani's horse has some serious firepower, not realizing that there is a small raccoon on its back. Guys Atlas was right none of this is real, there are no body's inside the Stormtrooper armor, though they all seem to have the Stark Industries logo inside the armor. Since these things don't appear to be real we should need to hold back on taking these things out. Does anyone have an idea on how to take out the rest of these things or an idea where they're coming from?

Ryan realizing now that these things are not real, he pulls out his other costume lightsaber and attaches it to his other lightsaber, creating a Darth Maul style lightsaber, and throws it using his telekinesis to give it a powerful swing and control its direction to hit many of the fake Stormtroopers and take them out.

Several factors come to light over time…

Firstly, that the Stormtroopers are by and large mechanical. What's strange, Carolus can't help but observe, is that property damage seems emphasized over actually causing deaths. He wonders if it's because the perpetrator doesn't want to eat murder charges, or if it is purely a conscience thing.

Atlas zips down the street towards the HIGH PROPERTY DAMAGE segment of the whole "problem", bypassing the Stormtroopers to head for the AT-AT and AT-STs. There are two people here uniquely suited to dealing with these things— for similar reasons.

He spools out a rope of silk from the palm of his hand, beginning to bind the legs of the machines as he goes. It's not terribly difficult, since they are — apparently — not armed. The AT-STs are a little trickier. He's mostly relying on tripping up the AT-ATs to box them in, and somebody else might need to come handle them.

« This is an awful lot of trouble to go to, don't you think? » He wonders, on X-Comms.

Somewhere in the midst of all this chaos and carnage something clatters to the ground. From high up. Or from somewhere. It bounces into a street, somewhere near Isa's downed Stormtrooper. Weird.

BUT DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THAT. Instead, focus on the fact that the Stormtrooper population is thinning out easily, thanks to the combined efforts of those that are destroying these robot things with ease. These STARK INDUSTRIES tin cans are easy to take down. Especially if someone is using Star Warsian tactics with TK Darth Maulin'.

Those AT-ATs are handled with silky rope ease and care because that's just how people deal with giant robots of this ilk. Some of them try to keep going and do the classic fall in slow motion and create MORE PROPERTY DAMAGE thing while others just kind of stop moving.

Weirdly, one by one, the different members of The Imperial Collective stop. They just stop moving on the spot. Either falling to the ground to deactivate or deactivating right where they are and just remaining as a huge piece of junk that needs to be removed.

Up above, it would seem like those Imperial Star Destroyers and those TIE Fighters are all launching themselves into Hyperspace because one after another they seem to take off into lights! The darkness starts to fade as Time Square (what's left of it) lights up as it normally does.

If anyone cares to look around and notice where Beck Twilight's body was, there is a bloodied (actual blood this time) offer letter from Tony Stark to buy Beck Twilight's company…

Her vision might not be as sharp any more, but Isa's ears work just fine. Her head jerks in the direction of that clattering sound, taking a moment to triangulate on it. It takes a few seconds of hunting, but eventually she finds the piece of machinery, picking it up and narrowing her eye at it.

Chunk o' drone, by the look of it. If it's small enough, she'll twist, popping open the guitar case and shoving it in with her guitar, latching the lid shut again.

It's probably not worth wasting S.H.I.E.L.D. resources on. Nobody seems to be hurt, aside from the outrageous anti-Stark Industries theatrics, so maybe she's likely to get answers if she brings it back to Stark Industries. Her lips thin; Isa eyes the street from the area nearest the wall.

"Great God, must have cost them fortune," she mutters to herself, shaking her head in exasperation.

Shouldering her guitar case, the pilot shrugs, ducking out onto the street, and then to the station she'd been on her way to when all of this started. Perhaps a few pointed questions to Stark are in order.

For now, though, she's out of here before anything else happens.

Ryan thinks about Atlas words for a moment, thinking on how easy this was despite it bearing Stark Industries logo on it and Mr. Stark is known for building amazing tech, way better than this. Also to the fact, his polo is on every piece of equipment, why brandish your logo on stuff if you are going to do something like this. Ryan hops back onto the X-Coms. Yeah, your right Atlas, a lot of trouble and leaving lots of obvious close on whos this stuff belongs too as well. Now I don't know Mr. Stark personally, but I know he is a genius and builds way better tech then this, and if this was his equipment, I get the feeling this would have been a whole lot messier then this. I wonder if someone was trying to set Mr. Stark to take the fall for this?

See, that's the problem with having someone else do the flying. You don't know when they're going to suddenly decide to dive.

"Ulp—" Yeah, riding goatback is definitely different from flying in a starship. Rocket tries to ignore his stomach doing flips as he shoulders his launcher focuses on his side of things. Except that the things are starting to shut down.

"Wha-?" He finds himself sharing a confused look with Brightwind, perhaps even disappointment at the abrupt end of whatever strange battle had been prompted. The pegasus and raccoonoid do a sweep overhead, just to make sure everything's over. The ships launching off above are certainly given a scowl, but Rocket's not in his ship and can't expect an Asgardian mount to… No wait. He shouldn't say anything, not after having seen what Atli's goat can do.

"Looks like they got it covered down there. Drop me off up there and I'll get my readouts to Dani later," he tells Brightwind. Next time maybe he'll stick to his ship, not that it hadn't been fun while it lasted.

Meanwhile, on the float, there's a MISSING Beck Twilight corpse, some fake blood, and also a shady contract naming Anthony Stark as the SOLE MALEFACTOR to one…

"Beck Twilight was going to be bought out by Tony Stark? I thought he was going to be oppressed by Lord Starkk?" She observes, picking up the bloody contract, and wondering where a CORPSE disappeared off to.

Even after getting shot at by !BLASTERS!, Ghost Spider is curious about continuity errors. Is this Legends content?

"Huh? Hey!" Gwen waves down Ryan Rivers. "You're with SHIELD, right? Please ignore that I'm, uh, not local and maybe get this bloody contract checked out? Thanks byeeeeeeeee-!"

With that, before someone can think to arrest her, Ghost Spider fires a web-line out while waving and swings off and away.

She does not reach lightspeed, nor does she do the Beckle Run in 12 parsecs, but she is fleeing at speed before people meanace her with handcuffs.

Carolus wraps up the heavies quite literally. He takes some pains to prevent them from causing too much damage when they go down — he /is/ strong enough to guide things, at least — and then just sort of surveys the surroundings. He really doesn't want to be too associated with all of this, so once everything has sort-of calmed down and the robots have ceased acting up, he turns about and exits by air.

As he goes, he replies to Ryan, « I am not condeming the quality of the hardware. It is simply a lot of trouble to go to. I'm not a tech guy, though. Maybe it's sloppier than I'm assessing. At any rate, I wouldn't underestimate it even if you think it isn't real Stark tech. »

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