It's a Small World After All
Roleplaying Log: It's a Small World After All
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Jessica Jones brings her quarry home for questioning with her friends and finds that it's a small, small world.

Other Characters Referenced: Tony Stark
IC Date: April 25, 2020
IC Location: SHIELD Facility, New York
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Posted On: 06 Jun 2020 02:56
Rating & Warnings: R - Descriptions of Violence
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NPC & GM Credits: Ruckus & Mister Sinister by Ursa
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At some point Jessica Jones called ahead.

She had to ask either SHIELD or the Avengers for a plane, because she sure couldn't get this guy home any other way. And then she asked Ulysses and Dani for help with this curt explanation:

"Found the pink dude. I'm bringing him here right now. I need help storing him. And interrogating him is our only play, but his powers are all lodged in his big dumb mouth. He's got some sort of obnoxious sonic scream bullshit. And oh, I need you to do the SHIELD thing at some guy's parole officer. I guess I had a temporary CI or whatever."

She's still getting used to doing things the official way.

And that is what brought her stomping into SHIELD headquarters with a lanyard around her neck and a guy tossed over her shoulders like a big fancy pink sack of potatoes, asking, "Where do you want him," to either of the two aforementioned agents: literally whichever of the two she saw first. "Also I've got someone coming you guys need to let in. X-Man by the name of Counter."

Along the way she had, with some hesitation about the potential implications of doing so, called Ryan. He's been involved with this from the start. It was after the fact that she thought…yeah, he would have been the perfect and very useful backup to call when I was sitting in Florida sweating my ass off. He wouldn't have minded being inconvenienced and I wouldn't have maybe gotten my neck damn near snapped off.

"Pink dude?" That's about where Ulysses' train of thought has gotten stuck on, like a record needle catching on a scratch in the vinyl. It's bothering him that he can't recall the details that might circulate around the aforementioned 'pink dude' but then given how much coding and files he goes through at any given day it's probably not surprising that he might have forgotten if there'd been any previous mention.

At best he can only figure that this is something to do with the portal investigation that Jessica had pulled him and Raven into. Yes, of course he remembers that. He was once again forced to be in a place with limited internet connection and way too much open space.

Dressed as he usually is in his blazer and slacks, a dress shirt and his favorite Hufflepuff tie, the young agent stares at the P.I. and her burden as he holds a tablet in one hand, his hand hovering over it but otherwise frozen as he tries to make sense of the information being thrown at him.

"Uh…" he finally says, which, while not the most intelligent thing is at least a start.

When Ryan got the phone call from Ms. Jones about how she had managed to find and capture ‘Pink Fabio’ as she was calling him at the time, and everything else that went down in Florida. He is glad to hear of her success and that she is still in one peace with what went down, despite the fact she did exactly what she told Ryan not to do months ago and gives her a little grief about that, then admits he would have probably done the same thing if in her position as well.

Then she tells him that she is on her way to a SHIELD facility to hold him and questions him that she wants him there as well. That’s when Ryan wonders if she did not hit her head harder then she thinks because she just told him that he needs to go into SHIELD facility, the one organization that he fully believes is going to either force him to get registered onto the Mutant Registration Act and force him to work for them or will throw him into a deep, dark, inescapable cell somewhere and or kill him because of what he is, a mutant. Ryan really does not trust government agencies, especially SHIELD. However after some reassurances from Ms. Jones about the whole thing and that Dani would also be there as well. Having two people there that he knows and trust to have his back while he is at the SHIELD facility helps him feel a bit safer with this idea, Ryan tells Jessica that he will be there and thanks her for keeping him informed. After Ryan is done talking with Jessica, Ryan will give a call to Dani to update her on the situation regarding his investigation as he told her and Mr. Worthington he would and that he is going to be there as well for the interrogation of the captured suspect.

Ryan decides to not cover his face with his scarf or mask and go with a less suspicious look in his usual wear, hoping to not draw too much attention to himself while at the SHIELD facility. Once Ryan arrives at the SHIELD facility and trying to remain calm despite where he is. He will walk up to the facility entrance and present him to security. ”Hello, my name is Counter. I was invited here by Ms. Jessica Jones about a captured suspect in our investigations.”

Danielle Moonstar received that message from Jessica Jones, only now Moonie is running a touch late.
Meetings - so many meetings - will do that to a person.

Either way, the Cheyenne woman is making her way (double-time) through the hallowed halls of SHIELD. However, before she can quite make it to Uly and Jessica Jones (and her pink baggage), the one-eyed SHIELD agent makes a slight detour.

Her steps take her right on over to the security detail that's eyeing Ryan with some unease, "He's with me. He's a special liaison with Ms. Jones." Once a visitor badge is affixed to Ryan's person, Moonstar whisks the two away.

"Glad I heard the call when you arrived. Security goes much quicker when you know a person." A faint smile quirks a corner of her mouth upward and then down a hallway and around a bend (and maybe an elevator or two), Dani and Ryan bring up the rear.

"Ms. Jones." Moonstar greets pleasantly enough even as she eyes Pink Fabio there, "Good to see you. It's been too long." Then it's over to Uly and with another faint grin, Moonstar says, "Agent Arngrim."
And finally it's back to Pink Fabio as she gives the unconscious man the once over, "Well, let's get him secured. I'm pretty sure we have something to keep his mouth shut."

Because this is SHIELD they totally have all the cool tech.

"This way."

"This is one of the guys that was recruiting them," Jessica tells Ulysses. "The false flag attackers."
Just to catch him up.

As for Ryan, his griping about her doing what she did instead of what she said is met with several things. First, amusement. Second, increased respect for Ryan, because Jess prefers people, really, who speak their minds. Third a gruff, "I'm experienced, you're still a kid, it's fine," followed by a grumbled, "but you're also right and I wish I'd called someone."

Moonstar gets relief because she knows what she's doing, and she says, "Yeah, it has been. Nice to see you again, Dani. At least I bring good presents? Still getting used to doing this bullshit the official way."
As evidenced by the apprehension method being 'apparently keep knocking him unconscious until he got there.'

She follows, though, because the cool tech, and experience with locking up suspects who can do crazy shit, is indeed why she brought him here.

Ulysses looks at the newcomer as Dani makes her appearance, and at least he looks a little relieved to not have to be fronting the whole matter himself. He gives Dani an awkward salute, wondering why he bothered doing such a silly thing and accounting it to nerves as he goes fingering the screen of his tablet.

"Ah, gotcha," he says, nodding at Jessica. At least he'd been on the right track. He's pulling up some fresh files to start entering information as he follows the others after Dani's lead. "I prefer computer hardware for presents," he mutters under his breath to no one in particular.

"Let me just… Okay. Now we're totally official. You know, just in case anyone starts wondering why we got a parade going here."

Ryan can feel the uneasiness of SHIELD security as they watch him and begins to wonder if he made a mistake coming here and is going to have to make a run for it. Then Dani arrives and eases the tension of security and gets the whole visitor sign-in process taken care of quickly. As they make their way to the meeting place Ryan just follows along with Dani. As he speaks, Dani can obviously tell the uneasy and tension in his voice. “Thanks for the assistance back there, I was beginning to think I was going to have to make a run for it.” A quick sigh, “Never thought I’d set foot in a SHIELD facility and honestly, it's got me on edge.”

After what seemed like a very long walk inside the SHIELD facility to Ryan, though nowhere near as long as he thinks it is, they finally meet up with the others. Ryan will give a quick glance at Ulysses but does not say anything to him as he seems busy giving a salute to Dani and then going back to his tablet. “Good to see you again Ms. Jones and in one piece.” Ryan then gives a look at our Pink culprit. “So this is one of our guys huh! Good now, hopefully, we will get some information about who is pulling the strings behind this operation of theirs.”

As Dani leads the way, Ryan will follow along with everyone but keeping silent for the moment while listening to everyone and watching his surroundings, as he is still a bit uneasy being in a SHIELD facility.

Good presents? That causes the Cheyenne woman to smile crookedly at Jess. "We may need to have a discussion about our definitions of 'good'."

Her amusement only intensifies as she turns a look over to Uly, as he awkwardly salutes, and then her smile turns to something more honest when he mentions their official status. "Thanks."

Then it's briefly back to Ryan and she offers a quiet word of encouragement to him, "You got this."
And while she could say more to Ryan she doesn't, not with the audience here and so the woman steps towards a specific hallway. The walk is somewhat long, but eventually the group ends up at an elevator. With a quick push of the button the doors open and once everyone is in another button is pushed by Dani, before she swipes her keycard through the access pad. The red light goes green and the elevator starts moving with a quiet hum.

It seems to go down three or four levels before the doors open and when they leave the confines of said elevator the group will find the hallway is pretty quiet and empty. Dani steps out and moves quite quickly down the hallway. She only pauses when she gets close to two doors and for a moment the Cheyenne pauses, a faint look of indecision upon her features. Her gaze flicks between the two doors before she shifts a thoughtful look over to Ryan.

"Let's go with this one." The Cheyenne woman finally says and opens a door. The room within is made of a dark material and when the group steps inside the sounds (what little as there is) muffles quickly. Within the center of the room sits a simple metal table that has a bar where the prisoner's cuffs can be secured to. The table itself is also heavily bolted to the floor. The chair isn't bolted down, but hopefully there won't be a need.

"Let's get him secured and then we can wake up sleeping beauty."

For a moment, Jessica looks weirdly discomfited. It crosses over her features as she sets the guy down in the chair. She secures the cuffs with a weird sort of hurry, not like she's scared of the guy, but more like she's weirded out by the action of securing cuffs at all.

Then she steps back, and crosses her arms, exhaling sharply. She has no more smartass quips to give for the moment.

This isn't a level he's very familiar with. As much as he's technically acted as a field agent, the bulk of Ulysses' work still involves computers. It's not something he's complained about- he may be a decent shot with an ICER but he does not like getting up close and personal with people that might like to hurt him or worse. And S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't exactly a very popular organization.

He brings up the rear as they walk along the hall, head tilting as Moonstar finally chooses a room. Consulting his tablet, he nods to himself as he pulls up the specs, not that he supposes he should be surprised they even have rooms like this. He'll linger by the door, mostly to be out of the way of the others, but more importantly, away from their pink-haired sleeping beauty.

"Um… Do we need anything else? Coffee?" he asks, after failing to come up with possible necessary things one might need for an interrogation. He's very new to this, okay.

When Dani gives Ryan those words of encouragement, it does help him feel a little less anxious about being here.

As Dani leads the way through the SHIELD facility, Ryan follows along with everyone, keeping silent along the way while still keeping an eye on his surroundings and trying to keep a mental map of the place to know the fastest back to the front entrance, just in case, a habit that got drilled into him over the years. When they get off the elevator and Dani looks between two doors, he can’t help but notice the look Dani gives him before she chooses which room to go into. He can’t help but wonder what she was thinking about when she looked at him before choosing the room but figures she chose this room possibly for his benefit, something he can address and thank her for later.

Once inside the room Ryan takes a stand in one of the corners of the room near the front entrance to get a good view of the whole room and the prisoner as Jessica gets him secured in the chair. He can’t help but notice that Jessica seems a little discomforted after she secures the prisoner to the table and chair. He wants to ask if she is alright but decides to leave it be for now, this is a tense situation and does not want to make it more tense by possibly pushing the wrong buttons.

Then when agent Arngrim asks if we needed anything else like coffee, he ponders for a moment if he should humor his offer for coffee. I mean, free coffee is free coffee. But he decides to keep silent and focus more on the situation at hand. Now, if others start taking him up on his offer, then he will definitely chime in for the coffee.

Dani has been in this business long enough that securing someone doesn't necessarily make her discomfited any more.

That should probably worry her.

But that's a thought for another day, as she does notice Jessica's discomfort. Her expression twitches to something apologetic and while there's an urge to say sorry there, for now she simply stays quiet on the subject. Later she'll definitely apologize.

Thankfully, before that guilt can grow too large in Dani's mind, Uly speaks up. His offer of coffee causes her mouth to quirk slightly again and while she doesn't actually ask for coffee she does say, "Can you get the cameras rolling? I've a feeling we best record whatever sleeping beauty says."
Then it's over to Ryan and Moonstar once again gives an encouraging smile to the young mutant. Whatever words she might say are instead thought loudly in Ryan's direction, « It'll be okay. », which while she can't necessarily guarantee that, the woman still says it.

"Let's wake him up and start asking the important questions. The room will allow for a certain level of noise and speech, but after a certain decibel level it simply cancels it out. So, hopefully, we should be protected against his powers." And with that said, Moonstar gives each person a quick smile before she steps over to the table. Her gaze rests on the Pink Man for a moment and then her expression turns to something neutral but hard.

"Time to wake up." She says in a severe tone as she reaches over and gives the man a hard jostling shove.

"Great," Jessica says, with real relief, because this after all was what she was hoping for. That SHIELD could handle Screamy McFabio's powers.

She leaves the waking up process to the actual Agent, and she crosses her arms and goes back to looking stern. Scowling, at least, is the easiest thing in the world for the crusty PI. She does pause and pull Uly aside.

"On top of cameras," she muses, "he might have some sort of residue or some shit on him from all that portaling around. Maybe you can find some useful energetic trace evidence with your gear that we couldn't catch otherwise?"

Okay. So no coffee. Maybe later. Ulysses blinks over at Dani when she speaks up in his direction. Oh, right. He can do that. Looking at his tablet, he pulls up the virtual commands.

"Residue..?" he echoes, glancing at Jessica as he leans towards her when she makes the suggestion. "Oh, oh- yeah. I might needa… slip out and get stuff for that but I'll turn the cameras on in the mean time."

It only takes a few taps on the screen. He flashes a thumbs-up at Dani, and then looks at the others, perhaps for last minute coffee considerations before he steps towards the door.

'B-R-B' he mouths, slipping out. He's just gotta get his other equipment. And maybe a coffee pot.

Ryan continues to just stand silently in the corner of the room watching our pink prisoner and what the others are doing. While he is watching, Ryan can't help but think about the fact he is deep inside a SHIELD facility and wondering what could happen to him if things go south here.

While Ryan is deep in thought, Dani words come into his mind snapping him out of his thoughts. He responds to her words with a mental image of a nod of acknowledgement. Ryan trusts Dani and her words once again help him feel a little less anxious, though still being on alert but more focused on the situation in the room now more than the whole he is deep inside a SHIELD facility.

Ryan gives a nod to Dani after she gives her explanation of what this room does and how it will help neutralize this guy's powers. “That's good.” Even he can't hide that fact he is a bit impressed with what SHIELD can do on this room, then again it is SHIELD after all. “Then let's find out what this guy knows.”

As Jessica and agent Arngrim are talking, then the camera gets activated, Ryan just focuses on the pink prisoner and prepares to do his best to read the guy when he wakes up, by reading his body language and mentally to tell if he is lying and make sure he doesn't try anything funny. This is our big chance to get some much needed information on this operation that's going on and does not want anything to go wrong.

For someone who’s been manhandled from Florida to New York, it’s safe to say that the man with the cotton candy pink hair and coat to match is not precisely easy to rouse. More sleeping beauty by now, less Princess and the Pea, for certain.

However, the shove is just hard enough that it gets a response by way of a groggy, unhappy “Nrgh.”

It’s followed a few beats later by the sound of his cuffs starting to scratch across the table as he moves under his own power. Then by the slow, deep intake of a breath through his nostrils.

Ryan will find the initial read to be one that has no small amount of confusion and fog. Thoughts don’t pry loose easily, perhaps made worse by the nature of how he got this far.

As soon as her jostling earns a reaction Moonstar swiftly steps aside and settles into the chair opposite of the man. This brings her eye-level with him and combined with him no longer hanging over Jess' shoulder recognition hits.

That recognition is enough to bring a bright spike of anger from the Cheyenne. Furious anger. That emotion doesn't quite make it to her face but the table that the two sit at suddenly begins to turn cold.

"Well." Dani states to the man quietly, "Look at how the tables have turned."
And while her words might not make sense to those that don't understand the connection here, Dani doesn't quite care.

"It's funny how fate and irony and karma comes back to bite you, isn't it."

"You know this guy?" Jessica asks, one black eyebrow ticking northward.

It's kind of funny about her, in that for all her discomfit over handcuffs she had absolutely no problem adding another bruise to this guy's face every time he woke up. Oh, stirring inside the plane? Punch.
People always have their inconsistencies, the things they don't think about that don't match up.
But she looks curious to see Dani's sudden shift to anger.

This isn't the sort of thing Ulysses Arngrim signed up for. He feels a lot better just setting foot outside of the room, where he takes a deep breath. "It's fine. Just focus on the technical stuff and we're all good, just gotta… Right."

He heads off at a fast walking pace to the elevator so he can get the equipment he needs from his workspace. Ultimately the trip up and back will take the most time. At least his things are already in his bag, and once he retrieves them he sets up a dialogue between his tablet and the scanning equipment that Jessica had borrowed and he'd sort of un(?)intentionally permanently borrowed from Stark in the name of Avengers business. …that's something he's managed not to think too hard on.

Besides, the quirky OS has some charm. Even if it seemed to insult his equipment. "All right, let's see…" he murmurs to himself as he steps back into the elevator, pulling up the read-outs and files saved from the portal research he'd conducted with Jessica and Raven some time ago.

With Ryan's attempt to read the guy not going as well as he hoped, then again he wasn't trying to pry too deep, just more of the surface thoughts. Still this does not stop him from continuing to read the surface thoughts, maybe he will slip up or hell pick up an emotion. That and he can continue to read him through his body physical actions, his tone of voice, posture, all those things Ryan will continue to read on this guy, something he is quite good at.

As Dani starts to talk to our Pink Fabio prisoner, Ryan can't help but notice her anger as she talks to the guy, though it is not that surprising to him, as anger is building up inside of him as well, he’s just trying to keep it hidden and under control. What does surprise him is that it seems that Dani knows who this guy is, since she did not recognize this guy before with the photo he showed her when he updated her and Mr. Worthington about what he was investigating.

Questions do arise with Ryan about how Dani seems to know him but chooses to remain silent for now. Ryan just crosses his arms and just continues to closely watch and read the guy, waiting for the right time for him to help with this interrogation.

There’s another grunt as the prisoner tests, again, the cuffs on his wrist. Then blue eyes crack open to look at the person speaking to him.

He doesn’t place Dani’s face at first, Ryan will know that much by the persistent swirling fog. Perhaps Dani, too, will feel the mud and muddle of it.

And then? Then thoughts begin to lock down fast. There’s a surge of recognition. And then things get harder yet to read in a hurry. This? Is a non-psychic who has most certainly received training from a psychic.

The bruised muscles of his jaw dance as he clenches it, and a sharp exhale escapes his nostrils in a belligerent, defiant snort.

“Am I supposed to know you, sweetheart?”

While normal social niceties dictate Dani should turn her attention to Jess with the other woman's question, Dani can't quite do that. She just stares at the man across from her and instead answers succinctly, "I do."

Nevermind that it took her this long to remember him. A lot has really happened from when she originally met him.

There's a stray thought of irritation at herself with the fact that she asked Uly to turn the cameras on to record. This might go to a place that isn't the best but for now it doesn't quite hit that mark.

« Ryan, get past his defenses if you can. » Dani sends quickly to the telepath, « I'm going to start asking him questions. »

And when Ruckus finally speaks Moonstar's expression turns to a grim half-smile, "It doesn't matter whether you do or not."

"Now the question remains do you want to do this the easy or hard way? My friends and I all have an assortment of tricks to make this go easy or painful. You've already had a taste of painful, so I'll give you a moment to pick your preference."

And while Moonstar does give him a moment to choose, it's only a second before she asks, "Where's your boss at and what's the game now? Clearly not telepaths again, since that plan failed so spectacularly."

Jessica pauses as she does a double take at Ryan. When she realizes he's probably working, she steps out. Dani certainly knows what questions to ask, and, well.

She steps in with Uly instead, and says, "Are you going to kick me out if I smoke in here?"

She pulls a chair around, straddles it, leans forward in it, and focuses on what he's doing with the portals instead. She can still hear the interrogation, but she suddenly doesn't want to be in the same room as the interrogation. She has no way of knowing for sure what's going on, of course. Nobody's aiming that crap at her, so the blood-bright blooms of red remain quiet in her consciousness.

And yet what the Hell else did she think he would do there? Stand there and not use his gifts?

"It's cool if you do. Kick me out. I'm sure there's a break area somewhere."

Did the temperature in the room drop a few degrees while he was gone or is it just him? Ulysses is back in the room for all of two seconds before he steps out again to join Jessica. At least she seems to be on the same page as him as they enter the adjacent room with the one-way glass and the physical console for the interrogation room's controls.

"I'll just make sure the ventilation's up," the agent says, smiling briefly at Jessica as he settles into one of the other chairs and pulls out the equipment he'd brought along. He points at the console. "Volume controls are there. Intercom for the room is that button beside it."

He does a few more fancy things with the tablet screen in hand before putting it down so he can prep the scanner with the saved portal signatures from their excursion in Michigan. Guuuuh. Michigan.

"Okay. Let's see what Sagira can pick up from Pinky there," he says as he hits scan. Yes. He named the Stark device after an NPC in his favorite FPS. What of it.

When Ryan encounters this guy's psychic defenses, he is a bit surprised but manages to hide his surprise thankfully. Ryan has gotten information from people before but all of them had little to no psychic defenses in the past. Still this does not deter him from continuing to try, this is too important information we need from this guy.

«I'll do my best to get through, but I never encountered psychic defenses like this before. This guy must have received some serious training from someone, possibly another psychic, to have defenses like this and not have any psychic abilities. Keep asking him questions and distract him if you can. It might create a small momentary gap in his defenses that I can get through. Also by the way, he was lying before, he does recognize who you are and I'll let you know if I spot any other lies from him»

As Ryan begins to push a bit harder but still being careful to not alert the guy that he is getting mind probed, Ryan sees Jessica double look she gives him before she steps out, leaving a bit of a sad expression on Ryan’s face. He knows that Jessica really hates telepaths and he has tried to show her respect by not using his own powers in ways that might upset her, for he respects Jessica and values the working relations/ maybe friendship they have. He knows that they are going to probably have quite the discussion about this afterwards and what possibly fall out may come from it between them.

But what is he supposed to do to help with this situation? He’s not a technology guru/ scientist like agent Arngrim, a super strong, bad-ass experienced investigator like Jessica, nor the take charge, resource accessible, and experienced person Dani is. He is just a ‘new kid’ in this who is still learning to use his powers and not much else to bring to the table. But this is too important of a situation to not succeed in getting information that we desperately need, and he is going to use what little he brings to the table to the best of his abilities to help get what they need.

As Jessica and Ulysses leave, Ruckus—despite his aching face and back, despite the cuffs around his wrists, and despite the fact that he is desperately outnumbered and eyebrows deep in a facility…. Somewhere?—smiles.

He looks to Dani. He looks to Ryan.

And he smiles just a little wider.

If it wasn’t owned by a downright malicious sort, it might be charming, even, as it curls above his cleft chin.

Ruckus gingerly settles back in his chair.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he says, simply.

But I know what you’re doing, he thinks, loudly.

“I’m guessing whatever it is that you’re upset about impacted you on a deeply personal level. Am I right, love?”

Nothing you think you can do is going to stick.

“Somewhere, somehow, you tried to do a thing. You didn’t do as good as a job as you’d hoped for.” He leans in then, wide smile turning wolfish. “Failed some friends, maybe?” His eyes tic towards Ryan. “Friends like him, maybe? Looking to take it out on me. Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

He knows precisely what Dani is talking about, and he oozes assurance despite it. And despite the fog, his thoughts sort strangely. He can’t precisely stop Ryan as he pushes in, but he can mitigate. Thoughts rapidly begin to alternate, focusing and unfocusing, shifting things to the surface that are bright and shiny and hard to ignore.

But there it is, hiding beneath it. The hazy memory of the fight in the lab in Kenai, with X-Men and others. Dani’s there, and that is certainly how he knows her. A large box is there, technology splayed and hacked and laid open on a workman’s table as though a gutted animal, humming ominously but not harming his team in the least. They aren’t telepaths. Others are there: his team and his enemies and the so-called scientists. A brain sliced like deli meat and set in glass plates for lowly humans to observe as though they could understand what they’re looking at. A steel briefcase is in his hands, a precious thing.

And as Tony Stark’s snarky scanner comes online for Ulysses to deal with, it goes positively haywire and OS asks snidely in LCD text, ‘Did you dunk me in a sample?’ The man in the room has used portal technology as his personal subway, and the modified particles hang more heavily upon him than his heinous coat with its obnoxiously large shoulders.

Despite this, a new reading pops up for Ulysses to pocket—two, actually. No, three.
Two in Florida. One in North Dakota.

While the majority of Dani's attention is on Ruckus, a part of her is aware that Uly leaves, returns, leaves again and Jessica Jones goes with him.

A part of her is glad the two left, even if they're likely still able to see everything going on in the room. Because things are going to go bad, they always do in cases like these.

With each statement from Ruckus the temperature in the room drops by a degree, until the cold spreads throughout the room. The epi-center of that chill is Danielle Moonstar, Valkyrie, Mutant and twice herald of the Demon Bear.

"Alright, you've made your choice I see." Is all Moonstar says and then quick as a snake the Cheyenne grabs Ruckus' wrists -

Perhaps her actions aren't the correct ones. Perhaps what she's about to do is crossing a line, but there is a schism within Dani now. A before and an after. The before was mostly play by the rules. Always do the right thing. Don't break the majority of unspoken and spoken rules out there.
Then Apocalypse and that world happened and Dani is now in the after.

You do what you need to do to win. Sure, keep that civilized veneer for the world to see, but when it really matters you play to win and you make sure you win. Always. As such, Dani's going to win.
While she may not be your typical psychic she can sense Ryan's powers working, can sense that connection he's established with Ruckus and while there's a brief flash of apology from Moonstar, that doesn't stop her from reaching out upon the psychic plane and snagging that string that connects to the two men. At the same time she grabs the psychic tendril Moonstar pushes her own psychic powers outward from her hands and straight into Ruckus, establishing her own link with him.

Then with those two psychic rapports in hand Moonstar attempts to 'jump' right into Ruckus' brain, attempting to crash through all the skills he's learned to confuse and keep psychics out.

And while other more traditional psychics might use finesse and subtle to enter his brain, Dani doesn't. It's simply all her raw power pushed before her like a battering ram.

There will not be another lab somewhere slicing open victim's brains, or bodies, or anything. Not if Dani can help it.

Of course, for those watching, they won't see much behind Dani grabbing the pink man's wrists and perhaps a magenta glow around Moonstar's own hands, as well.

"You're a good man, Ulysses Arngrim," Jessica says, of him opening up the ventilators just so she can light up with a Marlboro she knows she shouldn't have anyway. She did manage to quit. For like. A whole month. Just on the grounds that an Avenger shouldn't be lighting up and influencing kids like that was okay. Like any addict, she eventually reasoned it was fine if she didn't do it where any kids or cameras could see.

She doesn't seem to get the reference: it's possible she's not a big gamer.

What she does get are the locations, whipping out a perfectly low-tech notebook to write them down. And Ulysses' instructions.

Despite Ryan's worries, the fact is she's befriended at least one other psychic. She doesn't really understand how Dani's powers work, but she knows they were enough to set off her defenses once-upon-a-time in a fight ring. By all rights she should be just as uneasy around Dani as she has been around him, but Dani has been someone she's rationalized and compartmentalized into her life as neatly as the cigarettes. 'Psychic', marginally different from 'telepath'.

And truthfully she doesn't even know what that glare of magenta entirely means, except that she doesn't like the look on Dani's face and she's got an uneasy prickle at the back of her neck, or that what she said and how she's said it certainly doesn't equal all is kosher here.

"Fuck," she opines, oh so eloquently.

She grabs the mike and hits the appropriate button. "Dani. Hey. Moonstar! What are you doing? Stop!"

Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe this was a really bad idea on about 700 levels. Jessica's face shows her concern, sickly and deeply uneasy. Yet she tries her words first, as always.

Ulysses would be happy to indulge Jessica in an explanation if she asked. but it hardly seems the time to be pulling up LPs of Destiny 2. The scanner's response is a little worrying at first, but he's sure Stark hardware won't fry so easily. Pretty sure, anyway. When the message from Sagira comes up, a laugh bubbles up, helping to at least dissipate some of his growing anxiety. "Yup. I sure named you right," he mutters.

His eyes shift between the screen readings and the window to the other room where Dani and Ryan are. "…I don't like this guy," he says, unaware of the additional layer of conversation there might be in there, but the pink-haired man's attitude is already rubbing him the wrong way for the part he can hear. His comment overlaps with Jessica's. "This is bad…"

He may be new to this side of things but even he can tell when someone's goading a person on, and he's well aware of the potential danger in that. Never mind that he's seen enough cop dramas to suggest how things could play out. As Jessica reaches over to address the others in the room through the intercom, Ulysses shifts uneasily in his chair, his attention going back towards the scene on the other side of the glass. What's protocol for when things get out of hand? He's pretty sure he hasn't covered this in training.

Ryan is still not used to dealing with psychic defenses like this and the ‘shiny memories' that do distract him a bit from digging deeper into the man’s mind, but one thing Ryan is good at is persevering through challenges, no matter how hard or painful they might be. So he keeps pushing forward determined to get past this guy’s defenses.

Eventually he gets through enough to see a memory. It’s a memory about the laboratory, the X-men fighting, technology being used and studied, horrifying experiments done to people just like him, and more. This is when Ryan anger, even rage starts to boil up inside of him as he sees this, his fists clenching tightly under his crossed arms and the urge to severely herm this bastard in many ways grows. But he restrains himself from lashing out, as much as this guy deserves every bit of harm Ryan wants, and could, cause this guy, he knows that that won’t help getting what they need. So Ryan restrains himself for now and focuses even harder with delving into his mind to get the information.
As is about to begin to dive harder into the man’s brain, Ryan begins to feel the room getting colder and Dani grabs the pink bastard’s wrists. Ryan has felt this cold before, back when her and Ryan were training back in the danger room and knows somewhat what this ice can do. Though he's not sure what her game plan is here.

Then he sees the quick flash of an apology from Dani, and then there is the jolt of pain in Ryan’s mind as Dani reaches out and snag’s the psychic string that is connected to Ryan’s mind and the pink bastard with such force, joining in on the connection and begins to charge her way through the psychic line straight through the guys defenses. Ryan fist will tighten even harder and his teeth will clamp down hard with that sudden sharp pain and a small grunt escapes his mouth, but tries his best to hide his pain.

Though the sudden force of Dani's psychic power was a surprise to him, he has an idea of what she is attempting to do. Ryan fights through the pain to keep the link up, letting Dani break through the guys defenses and ride along right behind her to help give support however he can for Dani, into this guy’s mind, hopefully breaking through and having now two psychics instead of one to contend with inside the pink bastard's mind.

Jessica’s voice seems to fall on deaf ears, not intently of course, Ryan is just so focused on what he is doing to help Dani that he just does not seem to hear her.

As Ruckus feels his wrists seized, he compulsively attempts to draw every touch of sound into himself. To radiate it out again, redirect it for harmful purposes.

He remembers—as his throat hoarsely whispers—that they’ve prepared a room for creatures such as he. The whisper becomes a growl of frustration as he lunges forward with fingers splayed to try to break the connection. Break her focus. She’s focusing on other things, however, and perhaps she won’t be prepared for when he moves to try to get on top of the table to kick at her.

Except that maybe—just maybe—Ryan will see it coming. May be able to do something.
Maybe it doesn’t matter.

As Ruckus gets an extra dose of the angry Danielle Moonstar, boosted by her little X-Friend.
If she and Ryan didn’t have the name before, they’ll have it now. Ruckus hears his name called in a memory along that fight by a voice, deep and male. British. Is told ‘well done’, and the affirmation sinks deep as he sets that briefcase down on a table, in a room so technologically different that it feels downright alien. It’s a heady thing for Ruckus to be favored.

His favor has been kept by playing errand boy, all over the country. Faces fly by when they’re exposed. So many faces and poor places. Do just this little thing, he asks of them, and problems will evaporate. He was on a mission when Jessica caught him, and that rage burns bright and prominent now.

This is her fault.

“Get… out of my head,” he growls slowly from wherever he managed to actually land—on the table, half-off the table… he’s not entirely certain as he squeezes his eyes tight.

And then? There’s the feel, if they know it, of a thing tripped. Then for those poor psychics, it feels for a fleeting moment like a pair of bright red eyes are looking back.

There's another swell of apology from Dani as she senses some of the strain she puts Ryan under, but (in her mind) it can't be helped.

Perhaps later when she reviews her actions she might think otherwise, but not yet.

Her eyes narrow as she keeps a hard hold upon Ruckus' wrists, even as he twists to try and get away. At the same time Moonstar hears Jess' voice filter into the room and it splits her attention away for a moment. "No, we're not *stopping*."

That shift in her attention combined with her attack on Ruckus makes it a sure bet that things aren't going to turn out quite as well as Dani expects it to. While she can't quite miss that kick aimed at her, she has enough time to try and jerk away. So while the kick connects it doesn't connect at full power, only enough to slam her out of her chair and onto the floor. The magenta around her hands disappears, but with teeth bared, the woman hangs onto the psychic thread of Ryan and continues to burrow into the mind of Ruckus.

They have a name for him now. Good.

Well, good up until they trip that little psychic trap. « Dammit. » But that's all she can say before those red eyes stare at them, and Moonstar raises her own eyes and stares back. No matter that it makes the Bear inside of her raise its hackles in fear and rage.

« Who are you? » She asks of the eyes and also asks of Ruckus, to see if he'll accidentally drop the name psychically to the pair. « What's your game? »

She shouts those questions psychically even as she lays on the floor, not moving while she tries to push at the thing within Ruckus' brain.

Get out of my head.

Five little words that immediately tell Jessica everything she needs to know, really, about what's going on. There's Ryan plucking up thoughts he maybe can't help but hear anyway, and then there's…there's this. This…invasion.

No we're not stopping.

In a flash, Jessica is moving. She puts the cigarette out with her hand and tosses it in the trash even as she bursts back into the interrogation room. She tries to get between Dani and this guy, even as she tries to pin Ruckus down with one firm hand just so he stays on the table.

Not that her physical presence can stop Dani at all, but she does it instinctively. "Dani, enough," she snaps. "You're better than this. Goddamn it, haven't you been trained in professional, Geneva-convention-abiding interrogation shit? Reid technique or something? Something that doesn't require you to cross the goddamn line like this?"

The strain grows in Ryan as Dani continues to bash her way through the guys mind, as his face starts to show like he is under great strain and pain, raising his hand to his head holding it, but he presses forward understanding the need for information and hoping to get some.

Which thankfully they do, as the name of our pink bastard is revealed, along with a deep British accent voice of someone speaking to him. A good start for now perhaps, but there must be more as Dani pushes forward into his mind, Ryan follows along with her despite the pain he is under.

As they continue Ryan seas that Ruckus is trying to attack Dani while she is in dispose and Ryan instinctive reflexes kick as his hand flies up in an attempt to telekinetically hold him in place so he can't harm Dani, unfortunately he was not fast enough to stop Ruckus from landing a kick on Dani, but after his kick he is not moving anymore. That is until Jessica comes rushing into the room and how holding this guy on the table.

Then the psychic trap is triggered and the red eyes appear and stare at him, and that's when Ryan's pain increases, so much so that he can't help but let out a cry of pain as he grabs the sides of his head when the red eyes appear. Despite this Ryan stands his ground with Dani inside Ruckus mind with whatever this thing is, he is not going to leave his friend alone with this thing. Ryans is not even sure he could end the connection, ever since Dani took over the psychic threads linking them together, she had taken the lead in this psychic battle and does not think he could get control back if he wanted. That and he is not sure if he would want to, for Ryan trusts Dani and will do everything he can to help her achieve whatever her goals are, no matter what harm may come to him.

Ulysses picks up on what's going on right about when Jessica does, as the pink-haired man strains, and for all visual purposes it looks like Dani's instigated the whole thing. He's up on his feet but not nearly as fast as the private investigator is, and he already finds Jessica behind the other side of the glass as she goes to intervene.

It feels like longer than it actually is as he stands there staring, his mind going in all directions at once, uncertain of what he's supposed to act on. He leaves Sagira running as he takes a few staggered steps towards the door, then backtracks.

No, no- barging in there right now won't accomplish anything. Dani's down, seemingly, their friend Counter is… Reacting to some kind of backlash, maybe? Ulysses isn't versed in these matters although at times he wishes he were. And while there's many times that he wishes he had super powers, it's things like this that remind him that maybe they aren't all they're cracked up to be.

"-do we need medical assistance? Jess, you have a handle on him?" he asks after smacking the intercom button. At the moment it doesn't look like Ruckus is putting up a fight but Ulysses has no idea what's just happened between him, Dani and Ryan.

When things go sideways, they go so quickly, don’t they?

The kick lands on Dani. Dani gets knocked off balance. But before Ruckus can press his limited advantage, his wrists bent uncomfortably to get whatever angle he’s managed, he feels Jessica Jones clamp down on him and press him in place.

He growls again, infuriated, but he’s twisted such that holding him in place really doesn’t take much effort. There’s a lot less strategy to it now, as his concentration is split between this space and the psychic view that he’s afforded as a telepath and a tagalong muck around in his thoughts.

He’s trained, but at the end of the day…. He’s not a telepath. And he’s crumpling quickly.

Those eyes—unseen by the world at large—continue to stare back from over Ruckus’s muddled thoughts in the strange otherness sense. There’s a sense of amusement that most certainly does not belong to Ruckus.

« I will tear you apart, » he promises the interlopers. « …Later. » The voice that the psychics will ‘hear’ is the same deep, low voice from Ruckus’s memory. Unhurried. Unworried. Predatorial.

And then that presence dissipates.

That voice within Ruckus' brain causes Moonstar to bristle and even within the psychic plane cold begins to seep outward from the woman.

« Not before I do. » Growls Dani to those unseen eyes and it doesn't matter that there's a sense of unease from Dani, though let's call it what it really is. Fear.

She can tell a powerful psychic from a not-so-powerful psychic, and whoever or whatever that was is definitely powerful.

But that still doesn't stop her from threatening back, because that's just what you do. And while she'd like to try and follow where that presence goes, she can't. Or won't, at the very least. Not when she feels the pain radiating from Ryan. That immediately causes Dani to reach out and sever the connection between herself, Ryan and Ruckus.

With the severing of that connection she comes back to her physical self, just in time to hear Jessica Jones yelling at her. That brings an immediate shift from looking at the floor to looking at Jessica now. She has enough rage filling her up to begin to growl something back to the woman, up until she hears two words. Geneva Convention.

Couple that with Uly speaking up and Dani's expression twitches to less enraged to something more human. "Jess, you don't -" Understand? She was about to say that, but doesn't quite finish that thought as she suddenly rolls to her feet and moves over to Ryan. " - We may need medical."
If he falls she's going to definitely try and catch him.

Jessica shoots Ryan a concerned look, then blows out her cheeks and looks down at the guy she's holding. She looks back up at Ulysses, shooting him a grateful look. But Dani has backed down, with way less of an argument than she expected, Ulysses is handling matters, and she's…apparently manhandling Ruckus.

She exhales sharply, shaking her head. But simply holding someone doesn't violate anything at all, and she's only using just enough strength to get the job done, not to hurt him.

She has no idea what information those two did or didn't get with that entire affair, or even entirely what happened. She knows she hasn't heard any real answers yet.

So she puts her mouth low to Ruckus' ear and murmurs, "So here's the weird ass situation we find ourselves in. I might just be the only friend you've got in this room right now. Imagine if I hadn't intervened. You could be a puppet. A vegetable."

She has no idea if either of these were plausible destinations, but now she's got a pretext and a bluff to work with, and she might as well make something good out of whatever the Hell that was. Also from her experience, both are totally possible.

"So if you want them to get frustrated enough to throw me out of here, then hey, by all means, keep being a wise ass. If you want to be handled right, maybe offered some sort of leniency or deal, I might be able to negotiate that for you, but only if you stop dicking around. Let's talk. Why is your crew trying to round up poor-ass metas for big, flashy attacks in New York City?"

She was not trained in any of the aforementioned techniques, but she can wing it while the situation behind her just…just resolves itself. Somehow.

Ryan does not say anything to the red eyes voice, or more precisely he can't, as it is taking a lot of strain on him from this new psychic presence. The fact Ryan can feel just how powerful this guy is terrifies him greatly.

Once Dani ends the psychic connection, he immediately drops forward down to the floor, as if a lot of pressure was just shot off of him, blood spilling from his nose and a massive headache lingers from using so much of his mental powers. Luckily, Dani manages to catch him just before he hits the ground full force and thanks to some of the training he received from Dani, he manages to stay conscious this time.

When Dani catches him and supports him, she can feel his body shaking a bit from the strain his body has just gone through. Ryan then lifts his head to look at Dani and she will see something in his eyes she has not yet seen in Ryan before, fear. Even as he speaks she and the others that hear his voice can hear the fear in his voice. “D-D Dani, wh-wh-what was that we just encountered?” Ryan has faced some scary things before and has always been able to deal with it. But what he saw and felt from that presence, truly terrifies him, for he has never felt such a powerful and malicious one.

It looks like Jessica's got a handle on the guy, so Ulysses only hopes that their pink-haired guest will be more cooperative and he won't be forced to have to run in there with his ICER. He breathes out a sigh as he gets responses, nodding despite the fact he might not be readily visible. "-got it. I'll call someone in," he says once he thumbs the talk-button again.

As soon as he switches off, he does that, tapping in a code to connect him to the infirmary. "Hey, um, Agent Arngrim here- we need medical assistance down on… wait, what floor is this again…" It takes him a moment but he manages to rattle off the location before hanging up. He feels all the more relieved to have done so when he sees Ryan's condition, although he's hoping it's less severe than it looks. The X-Man's shaky question does make him pause as he catches it.

What else had happened in there? The two had clearly run into some unexpected resistance before Jess had gotten to them. He looks towards Jess herself as she tries to get what she can out of Ruckus in the meantime, feeling awkwardly useless as he wonders what else he can do. He has another look at the scanner screen and his tablet before he goes and grabs some paper cups by the water dispenser in the back of the room. Water, water's good, right? He can do that much. He'll bring the water into the other room for Dani and Ryan. Should he get some for the pink guy? Do bad guys get water? But then he seems a little busy with Jess.

“I’m not a puppet,” Ruckus angrily shoots back through clenched teeth, even as he tries to alleviate the pressure on his shoulder. Whatever was tripped in his brain, it doesn’t seem to concern him now. Those eyes don’t scare him, not too much. Doesn’t surprise him. But they do fill him with a certain dread. A dread of failure. Dani might be able to—if she’s paying attention—realize that he darn well expected them to trigger whatever it was.

His concentration is better now that he isn’t trying to pay attention to multiple fronts, and that awareness shows. “Your stupid friends, the one you jumped and pummeled me and dragged me up here for, are the ones I’d worry about. Because I want my damn lawyer.

Whatever stupid human you call a lawyer, anyway, he thinks to himself, hatred and disgust rolling off him in thick waves and masking the concern from before.

Meanwhile, Stark’s commandeered device continues to roll through the data presented. Beautiful, rich data: the density of mechanically distorted particles and their signatures (because now it is so much easier to see with the fresh samples how they were certainly mechanically changed), how far they stretch from the subject, the accompanying particles and molecules that cling to them. It works even while the drama continues to unfold.

“But here’s a helpful hint from Heloise. You have no idea what you’re messing with.” He turns his attention to Dani, to Ryan. “From one mutant to another: walk away.”

Dani catches Ryan and eases him gently to the ground.

His question, of just what that presence was, garners a brief shake of her head. "I'm not sure. Something bad though."

The cold that radiated from her is banked, for now. Though Ryan might feel it pick up again when Ruckus speaks again. That brings Moonstar's good eye back around to the pink man and SHIELD agent bares her teeth in something of a snarl. "Walk away? Walk away so you and your Master -" Because, yes, Dani totally got the feels from that brief connection that this is not a normal working relationship, "- can mutilate and kill mutants again? *Never*."

"You are a puppet." Snaps Moonstar, her patience completely gone at this point. Then the Cheyenne woman simply turns away from Ruckus and back to Ryan. "Medical is on it's way. Let them give you something for the pain and then I'll get you out of here."

She moves to set him against the wall so the wall props him up and once he seems stable Moonstar rises to her feet. She looks back at the room, though really only to Jess and Uly. First she addresses Jess, Moonie's expression closed down tight, "Thanks for bringing him in, Jess. I appreciate it. We've learned a lot from him." And that's without Moonstar even realizing the data Uly has been gathering from all of this.

Then her hard gaze turns to Uly, "He's asked for his lawyer. Let's make the call and see what disgusting creature comes to defend him."

Well, now their talk is bringing in some whole other dimension Jessica knows she missed. But knows one thing. Lawyering up means no more questions. She gives Ruckus an irritated shove that isn't meant to do more than lightly communicate her displeasure, growling, "Son of a bitch," in a way that's an epitaph, not a name she's calling anyone.

Of course, loyalty of a different sort has her grunting, "Without defense lawyers we don't have a Constitution. A person is not a scumbag for choosing to fulfill that duty."

Still, she's walking out of the room, frustration radiating off her. She's aware they got something. Ryan and Moonie did. She's pretty sure Ulysses did. But what? What has she even accomplished by catching this guy and bringing him in?

"Care to clue me in on what you learned?" she growls. She actually fishes the cigarette out of the trash. What? There was nothing in there but paper. Waste not. Want not.
(Yes. It is terribly gross. She relights it anyway).

"Or am I being dismissed?"

Being who she is, she doesn't even bother to try to alleviate the sour notes in that last question.

Ryan breathing is heavy and a bit erratic as Dani catches him starts to set him down, and feeling a bit useless as once again he gets burned out too fast and needs help in such a weakened state, yet he is grateful to have someone to help him when he is vulnerable. He definitely starts to feel the cold radiate from Dani as she snaps back at Ruckus after his comment of ‘walk away’, even his anger grows inside of his show in his words as he speaks, despite the pain he is in. “There is no way we will walk away and let yall get away with what you did to us mutants, not a snowflake surviving in the hottest depth of hell will we walk away..” he pauses for a moment as he catches his breath for a moment as his anger grows in his voice shows it “You.” A pause. “You're just a pawn to your master in this game of chess, a pawn that was trying to promote himself to a more important piece on the board, but you failed and know your master will throw you away like the uslee-.” Ryan stops talking as the pain throughout his body intensifies with his anger, causing him to grab his head, wince in even more pain.

That's when Dani gets him prop up against the wall, his breathing still a bit heavy. Then she tells him that medical is on the way, which Ryan does not like the idea of SHIELD medical poking him with there tech and would like to get out of the room that Ruckus is in, but he is in too much pain to argue or even move on his own right now, that and he knows he needs some help, so he just nods his head in acknowledgement to Dani, and start to focus on getting his breathing under control again with the meditation techniques he learn from his martial arts training, helping him get slowly back to a more stable breathing and try to restore some of his strength back.

As Ryan just sits there unable to really do anything right now, he does still at least notice Jessica's frustration with the whole situation as she marches out of the room, which is understandable given what little information that they have managed to get from all this and probably with all the telepathy stuff that happened, not aware however of what Agent Angrem has learned from his tech.

"I'll just… leave this here," Ulysses says as he puts the water cups on the table. He tries very hard not to look like he's in a hurry to get out of the room again, nodding dutifully in Dani's direction at the mention of lawyers. With the medical staff already contacted, he figures there's little more he can offer for Ryan aside from the water he'd gotten.

As Jessica turns to storm out, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent casts a hesitant look between those yet in the room and then after the private investigator before he trails in the wake of the latter, following her back to the control room. There's a visible flinch at her tone, and perhaps a subtler grimace as he watches her dig out her previously discarded cigarette.

"Wh- no, why would you be? You're the one that brought him in here," Ulysses frowns, kicking himself back into gear. He walks over towards where he'd left Sagira, pausing before he turns and picks up the phone beside the intercom and keys in the code to hook him up with upstairs. "Hey, it's me. Er, Agent Arngrim. The guy we just brought in's asking for a lawyer. I uh…guess you know what to do with that. Yeah. Uh-huh. Mmkay. Thanks." Yeah, fieldwork seems strangely so much more preferable than this.

He finally picks up the tablet the scanner's still hooked up to. "Things I never signed up for, for one hundred, Alex," he mutters under his breath, then pauses, eyes widening at the flood of data that Sagira's been running all the while. "…Sagira, I could kiss you. Hey Double Jay, check this out."

His previous anxiety's been shed at the drop of a hat as he turns the tablet to Jessica. "Look at all the readings!" It's like he's cracked the DNA code for dinosaurs to start his own theme park.

Dani’s bravado doesn’t seem to phase Ruckus at all. As a matter of fact, as he’s let up and the Cheyenne insists that he is what he has stated as he’s not, a puppet, he blows her a kiss and crinkles his nose with a shallow, meaningless pantomime of a flirtation. “Whatever you say, sweetheart.”
And then he begins to smile as he listens to the accusations put to him.

He continues to smile as he slides himself off of the table and moves to pull his chair up from where it’s clattered upon the floor by means of hooking a foot around it. It’s not a comfortable process, to be certain. But it’s a manageable one.

He watches Ryan with a wise look. Uly gets the same. He… kinda ignores Jess.

And then he moves to slowly settle into his newly restored perch and lean back into it as far as he can.

Dani offers a squeeze to Ryan's shoulder, trying to offer some sort of comfort in that gesture of hers. "You did really good." Her words are spoken quietly, really for his ears alone.

Then to Jessica's response about lawyers, rights and Constitution that prompts a vague pause from the Cheyenne woman, but that's about it.

She's too far lost for the moment, to really think about her current behavior.

Before she steps out of the room with Jessica, Moonstar turns briefly back to Ruckus as he addresses her. His words bring a further hardness to her expression, but when she speaks her words are flat. "Like my friend there said -" Meaning Ryan's words, "- have fun explaining your failure to your Master." Because yes, she totally picked up while rustling in his head that he's afraid of the red-eyed man, not to mention failing him. Psychics for the *win*.

And with that one last jab she sends a brief thought to Ryan, « Be right back. If he makes any threatening moves yell and I'll have Jess punch him again. », then Moonstar steps out of the room with Jessica and then also Uly.

She flicks a look over to the younger agent and for a moment Moonie's expression softens. Almost she apologizes, almost. However that moment soon shifts as Jessica asks her questions. What did they learn? Is she being dismissed?

Does Moonie react to her reaching for that cigarette in the trash? Nope. Listen they've all seen *worse* they really have.

"Agent Arngrim is correct. You're not being dismissed." And finally with those words Moonstar allows her harsh facade to crack just a little, "There was a trap laid in the man's mind. A psychic one." She explains, to make sure they both understand, "When the trap triggered Ryan and I got a brief impression of his Master. He let us know he's going to take care of our little intrusion later."
Here now she scrubs a hand over her face, "His presence wasn't pleasant. There were also images in the man's mind, of different cities he's visited. Mutants he's visited, asking them to do little jobs here and there. So, I'm going to take a guess that there's way more mutants out there doing their dirty work than we anticipated."

Thankfully, before she can explain exactly why that presence wasn't pleasant Uly speaks up and presents the tablet to Jess. Moonstar shamelessly edges closer as she asks, "What did you find?"

Jessica relaxes as both Ulysses and Dani start talking. That's the thing about her. She flares up and then is over it just that quickly.

"Holy shit," she says to Dani. "So we're up against a Super Psycho Psychic and we still don't know what he wants?"

"Holy shit," she says, again, to Ulysses. She frowns at the data pad, but she looks fascinated, and mollified, as well. "I don't know what I'm looking at," she says. "But I'm impressed. Can you find us the leads buried in that treasure trove of data?"

She shoots the room a concerned look and mutters, sotto voice, "The kid really going to be okay alone in there with that guy? How soon does medical get in there? Super Psycho Psychic didn't rupture his brain meat or anything?"

This is genuine concern. Jessica has a tendency to go all Mom on a few chosen people, and Ryan seems to have been pulled into that orbit. Whether he wants to be there may be debatable, but there it is.

As Ryan sits on the floor against the wall trying to focus on his breathing, but his thoughts are somewhere else, he feels like he failed because he was not strong enough, not strong enough to keep going so he and Dani could get more information, not strong enough to face that red eye psychic trap. He is too weak and because of that weakness he failed and he failed Dani, he failed Jessica, he failed them all.

Then he feels Dani's comforting squeeze on his shoulder and then her words of ‘You did really good’ give him some comfort in his mind. He would try to argue with her that he did not do good enough, but he is too sore to even try and argue. Instead he just gives a small nod to Dani acknowledging her words. Perhaps she is right, he thinks, they were able to get some information at least and he managed to hold out a lot longer than he usually does from using that much of his power. Perhaps he has gotten a bit stronger and it's probably, most definitely, thanks to the training he has been getting from Dani.
As Dani says her words to Ruckus and her thoughts to Ryan via telepathy as she walks out the door, he will respond via telepathy in kind. «Roger, will do.» It hurts him a bit, but it's a bit easier than trying to talk right now.

Once Dani leaves and all the others have left the room to converse elsewhere and unable to hear what they are talking about thanks to the soundproof room he is in, Ryan just stays where he is and keeps an eye on Ruckus making sure he does not try anything funny. Though in truth, Ryan would more than like to get out of this room and join them, but is just in way too much pain still to attempt to get up and move right now.

He doesn't like the look Pinky was giving him, and wonders if he should be concerned about it, especially after what he's gleaned from what Dani had said, suggesting more had been going on outside of what had been spoken audibly.

All concerns go out the window, or at least for the moment have been shoved aside as the younger agent eagerly launches into his findings.

"Sagira was able to pick up a fresh sample of the particles left over from whatever portal technology they're using to get around the world," Ulysses says, backtracking a little in his explanation for Dani's benefit. "Prior to this, we've only been able to go by traces of old remnant particles and ran scans matching that deteriorated but still valid data."

He lets that sink in, looking between the two women with barely contained excitement. Numbers and tech, this is his jam. "Now we can narrow down our searches, get more accurate readings. Look at all this!" He points at a window with way too many abbreviations and numbers. "Distance, substance breakdown… and she's still spitting out information."

It's then that he takes a moment to pop up a text input window, because he's learned from many a sci-fi movie to show your appreciation to technology so they'll remember your kindness on the occasion they rise up against humanity.

you're amazing and ilu

Sagira may not have ever been programmed to deal with things like gratitude, as there is only a beep to recognize Ulysses’ input and then the continued spit out of readings as the device drinks in more information and feeds it to Stark’s servers for processing, categorizing, storing, and—naturally—deeper analysis.

Ruckus turns his attention to Ryan as the others depart, and his head tilts sideways as he smirks. “Guess you’re not part of the big kids’ club, huh? At least you’re good about letting the grown-ups talk. Very mature of you.”

The question of not knowing what Super Psycho Psychic wants garners a mutter from Dani, "He definitely wants to kill Ryan and I. That's for sure." but then she brushes it aside when Jessica shows concern for Ryan.

That concern prompts a faint but warm smile from the Cheyenne, "Yes, he should be. We just went a bit too deep that's all. Once he rests he should be okay."

Now it's over to Uly as he starts to reveal what information he and his computer program were able to obtain. It causes the woman to immediately ask, "So we can track them? Not real time, I take it, but close enough? Possibly get to wherever they are within a window that we can take them down?"
Because Dani knows a few teleporters and could probably call upon them quite easily.

And while the majority of her attention is focused on Jess and Uly, she does keep one ear and psychic-ear turned toward the room. Mindful of Ryan and his diminished state, « You good? »

“Yeah, there has to be some common point all these portals opened from,” notes Jess, around a deep drag of cigarette. She doesn’t want to think about Dani and Ryan going in too deep.

“Can you find that, Uly? Nobody’s killing any friends today if I have anything to say about it.”
Just stare at the screen Jess. Yep.

The brief shift in conversational topic does have Ulysses glance back towards the glass wall where they can see and hear the two in the neighboring room. He frowns. "Well, hopefully the assistance I requested gets down here soon." He's not exactly crazy about leaving anyone in the room alone with their pink-haired friend, but at least they can act quickly if something comes up. Dani wouldn't have left Ryan if she didn't think he couldn't handle it either, right?

Looking back at his tablet, Ulysses takes a moment to get himself back on track. "Oh, yeah- we could definitely do that. And with Stark's network it'll be as close to real time if not that. Here, let me start something on that…"

He pulls up the on-screen keyboard and taps away with one hand, inputting commands into a new window for Sagira to do an active running scan for current activity.

"Aaand let's see what she comes up with."

Ruckus words to Ryan hit him right at his core and it shows as his face starts to show irritation and upsetness with what he said, because partly what he is saying is true, at least to Ryan. Here he is stuck in this room with a pink bastard while everyone else is in the other room discussing who knows what, being left out of the loop and if there is one thing that Ryan hates,and I mean really hates, is being left out of the loop, especially on something like this and Ryan would honestly like very much to be out of this room and with the others and talking about whatever it is they are talking about. As the irritation grows on Ryan's face, Ruckus can definitely see that he hit a soft spot of his.

Now Ryan is not that experienced, no where near experienced as Jessica is with this detective stuff, not as experienced or as powerful as Dani with psychic abilities, hell not even as experienced as Ulysses is just being a SHIELD agent, probably, Ryan does not really know much about what Ulysses can do or what his expertise are, not had much of a chance to really talk with the guy.

But Ryan is no idiot and he does have some experience with people and what they can and will try to do in certain situations, like the one he is in now for example and he also knows that someone still needs to keep an eye on Ruckus. Despite the pain he is still in Ryan turns his head and looks Ruckus right in the eyes. There is still some heavy breathing as he speaks and irritation in his voice. “I know what you are trying to do, and its not going to work.” A few heavy breaths before he speaks again. “So why don’t you just shut up! And don't try anything funny! I may be in a weakened state right now, but i still have enough strength to cause you some serious damage if you try anything.” That statement is not entirely a bluff, Ryan could force use his powers one last time, though it would probably cause him some serious harm and possibly knock him unconscious if he did, but he could do it.

This is definitely a test for Ryan, a test to see if he will trust his new friends to fill him in later when the timing is better. This is tough for him, since it is hard for Ryan to trust others given what has happened to him in the past, but he is trying really hard to break that.

«Other then the pain and being in such a weak and useless state. Yeah i'm ok» Dani can feel the irritation in Ryan's telepathic response to her, she can tell that the irritation is not at her at the very least and if she is good at reading people she can tell the irritation is with the situation and with himself.

Ruckus simply grins at Ryan and leans back into his seat, a foot sliding forward as he looks very satisfied with himself. He rests his cuffed hands on the table, and then closes his eyes to rest.
Sagira, as we are definitely calling Stark’s machine from here on in, is constantly pinging Stark’s servers at this point. Those servers, after all, have far more data and resources available to them than the one snarky device. It is trying to find anywhere that could have been a source, a place where the energy spiked often and with enough time between a destination to be a portal’s beginning point.
And still, it struggles to decide on a point.

While Dani isn't your typical type of telepath she's worked with Jess enough to know that Jess doesn't like any mind-mumbo-jumbo. It's what causes the Cheyenne to side-eye her friend for a second or two, even as Jess stays quite focused on the data.

There's definitely going to have to be a discussion, but later. For now she returns her attention to Uly when the young man speaks.

"If we can get real time that would be great." The black-haired woman says as she flicks her gaze to the screen as well. "Or very near to it. If we can stop them in their tracks I don't care how early or late to the party we are."

Then her gaze shifts slightly to the left as Ryan speaks up again. « No self-defeat talk. » Moonstar sends, « You did good. Ulysses thinks he's found a way to possibly track the portaling in real time. »

“Even if we find it in the next thirty seconds we need more than the four of us. Ryan needs time to heal. We will have to pull in a bigger team to hit this problem where it hurts, and they’ll be expecting us,” Jess observes. “And we don’t dare do anything other than satellite surveillance and not much of it or they might move the operation.”

She snorts at herself. Satellite surveillance. As if she has had satellites to play with for her entire career and not for the span of a few months. Yet the principle still stands and she apparently does have that now, or people who will do it for her.

It doesn’t take a mind reader to watch the imposter syndrome play on her face either, but she stays focused all the same.

The exchange between the two on the other side of the glass has the young S.H.I.E.L.D. agent looking back at Ruckus and Ryan. He can't help but feel uneasy with the other guy obviously attempting to goad the young X-Man, but Ryan's response is at least reassuring. Hopefully Ulysses can finish up here with some useful information so they can get back to him.

Staring at the tablet as though doing so can will the readouts into focus, Ulysses finally sighs. Still, he can be satisfied in knowing he's contributing something, even if it's pretty much translating computer speak for Jess and Dani.

"Hmm. She's still working on getting a fix on a starting point. We might just have to keep a running scan for this. I'll set her to ping me if we get some fresh movement," he reports, looking up from the lines of scrolling text. "Probably the best thing to do is monitor the energy fluctuations until we can pinpoint a specific location."

There's a knock at the door before one of the medical officers pokes her head into the control room. "Someone requested medical assistance?"

Ryan can't help but notice the grin on Ruckus face as he makes himself more comfortable in his seat, which makes Ryan just want to punch that smug off his face even more, but he resists his urges and just continues to sit there, still in pain, watching Ruckus.

Ryan sends a mental sigh to Dani before he responds to her. «Yeah I know you're right, I just wish i was stronger so I could have done more, and i really hate the weakened state i am in.» there is a moment before Ryan resumes his telepathy with Dani, because of the pain he is in, which Dani could tell with how Ryan telepathy responds «That's good to hear, hopefully with this we will find these bastards and put an end to them.»

"Oh yes." Dani says to what Jess has to say, "I'm not saying we go now, I'm just asking if we have real time. Once we can figure out where it's all originated and where it's all concentrated at, we can figure out how and when to strike."

At Uly's remark about monitoring until they can pin-point the Cheyenne woman nods. "I agree. Is there any way you can send us the telemetry as it comes through?"

It's only when the medical arrive that Dani steps aside and says to them, "In here.", and while she isn't one to linger while medical helps, when Dani brings medical in she does stay within the room. It's both to glower at Ruckus for a moment and also make sure Ryan feels comfortable with medical.

Jessica steps back and quickly tumps ashes into the same trash can she'd thrown the cigarette in, lest she get them all over the floor.

With as much of a plan as they're going to get for right now in place, she exhales and rolls her neck around. "Let me know how the kid recovers?" she says gruffly to Uly. "Keep me in the loop on all that?"
She waves a hand at the screen.

"I'm about ready to go home and wash the stench of Florida from my hair."

"Oh yeah, will definitely do." Ulysses nods as he looks from Dani to Jessica, giving the latter a bit of an odd look, as though the appended question mark was an odd thing to him. It's still her case in his mind, even with all the official bits attached to it now, so requesting to be kept in the loop seemed unnecessary. "Soon as I get anything new, I'll let you know."

The medical officer in the meantime follows Dani into the other room so that she can begin administering to Ryan. There are the standard questions to pinpoint any potential problems, an ice pack offered and some light things to snack on as they otherwise determine the X-Man's at least not physically injured. Not that it makes other problems any less important to deal with, but she's methodical as she goes about her work.

Ryan continues to sit there on the ground keeping an eye on Ruckus. However one medical walks into the room, he turns his head to the medic and begins to tense up again, like he is preparing to use what strength he has left to try and run, for he still does not trust SHIELD.

However with Dani coming in the room with the medic, he relaxes just a little bit but it's obvious he is still on edge, and not so quick to answer the medics questions, Ryan really does not trust SHIELD and really does not want one of there medics messing with him and doing who knows what to him under the guise of helping him. Dani however he does trust and he knows that he is in really bad shape right now and needs help, and that he does not wish to worry Dani or Jessica with his condition then he already has. So Ryan reluctantly starts to comply with the medic answering the questions about his symptoms, such as severe head pain, muscle pain and fatigue throughout his body, bleeding throughout the nose, some dizziness, some shortness of breath, while the medic does there work on him.

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