Meet Your Hero
Roleplaying Log: Meet Your Hero
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Momo encounters Superman after the latter makes a save.

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IC Date: June 15, 2020
IC Location: Metropolis - New Troy - City Center
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Posted On: 15 Jun 2020 06:54
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Metropolis. The City of Tomorrow.

This was the city that earned the praise of so many around the world for being the shining beacon of hope that it is. Compared to cities like New York and Gotham, Metropolis almost seems too good to be true. Thats because in some ways, it is. Aside from Gotham, Metropolis has a surprisingly high criminal activity rate that is nearly always quenched by Metropolis's very own sacred son: Superman.

Everywhere you look on the streets, there's a store selling Superman merchandise or a news crew giving thanks to Superman or kids wearing Superman gear. For the moment, all seems calm, though there's always a citizen or two looking to the skies in hopes of seeing arguably the most famous superhero in the world.

* * *

Metropolis was technically a little out of the way from her safehouse in New York but…well, even Momo got a vacation now and then. She'd been in the States for a while now and the young woman still hadn't managed to visit the city that harboured one of the most famous superheroes in the entire world. Lazily walking her way down the sidewalk, the Korean girl was absently humming to herself as she made her way towards one of the stands.

Of course, it might be tacky, but of course she'd have to get herself a keepsake or two, right?"

* * *

Sure enough, as Momo was enjoying her 'vacation' in Metropolis, this city is never calm for long. Especially when it appears as if another girl, roughly 16-18 years old, walks out into a busy street…where a literal big rig looks like its about to plow into her.

The girl looks up, fear in her eyes as she notices the fatal mistake she made that her parents (and some friends) warned her NEVER to do. The truck honks its horn, people scream, and one person yells one word.


Suddenly, in an instant, there is a blur of red yellow and blue and the truck hit nothing but air.

But floating there a long moment and carrying the girl in his arms?

Superman himself. "Are you okay?"

* * *

Momo's own abilities were impressive but they were nowhere near a Kryptonian's level. Her eyes widen, a surge of motion as she tries to turn and process what she was seeing. A girl her age, caught in the path of a truck and well and truely out of reach. The world slows, blurring motion as she begins to rush forward as desperately as she can…then there was that blue and red blur surging too fast for even her to make out detail.

There's a stumble as Momo stops, a little impact of her hand against the pole of a street-lamp and she's left breathing hard, eyes wide and looking skywards.


"Oh wow…"

There he was!

* * *

Superman slowly descends from his height as people start cheering for their hometown hero. He sets the scared and yet, relieved girl, back onto her feet. "Remember to check your surroundings before you cross the street, alright?"

The girl hugs Superman without a words (she was fangirling too much) and she went into the comfort of her friends.

The cheering continues, but Superman notices he's very close to Momo, who also seems to be in her own state of amazement. "Hello there. What's your name?"

* * *

A blink, a tilt of her head. Of course, she was a little starstruck…but if nothing else it seems that at least seemed to stop her from being spotted with her slightly 'above human' outburst. Superman is one hell of a distraction!

Oh, she's being spoken to. It ment eyes of bystanders were on her, but more importantly that Kryptonian's own gaze was fixed on her. Immediately she was going red, immediately she breathes in…and promptly starts coughing.

She'd nearly inhaled her gum!

Turning red, short of breath, she holds her hand up in embarassment, trying to reclaim the oxygen she'd lost. "Mo….Momo. I'm Momo!"

* * *

Superman looks alarmed for that brief moment when she inhaled her gum, but he visibly calmed down when she lifted her hand to tell him everything was fine. He was still kinda worried though…

"Nice to meet you, Momo. I'm Superman." he offers Momo a hand to shake like the gentleman he is. no hugs, no personal space…just a normal person. Well, Superman is anything but normal.

"You have some great courage, Momo. I saw you try and get a run in to help her. Many would've stayed frozen." Wait, he -noticed-?!

"I just wanted to say good work. Are you new in town?" just making conversation.

* * *

Her first time meeting an international hero that was one of the most famour vigilanties of the entire world…and she'd literally choked. A little tilt of her head, the korean youth had her hand over her mouth for a few moments. Blushing brightly, she bows her head in thanks, struggling to come up with words before lowering her hands.

A breath, she folds her arms under her bust and gives a little nod. "I am new to the U.S.," she speaks, voice carrying a noticable accent even if her English seemed relatively perfect. "I came to visit Metropolis and see…uh…you?"

* * *

Superman smiles despite how Momo sees this event coming along, not appearing to even be casting the smallest hint of judgement on her.

When she has enough air in her lungs now to speak, he smiles. "Oh! from -really- out of town. Where from, if you don't mind me asking?" even if he pegs her pretty easily as East Asian, he doesn?t know specifics.

When she admits one of the reasons she is in metropolis is to see him, Superman smiles. "Well I'm honored that I was able to help with at least half of your hopes for this trip. Would you like a picture as a keepsake?" he offers easily.

* * *

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