Just Another Day At SHIELD
Roleplaying Log: Just Another Day At SHIELD
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The Widows infiltrate a Russian military base to recover a boy who's been very, very naughty! Santa Russians show up to deliver coal.

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IC Date: December 22, 2018
IC Location: Former Soviet Union
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Posted On: 24 Dec 2018 23:28
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for Violence
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The compound is dimly lit and the night is pitch black outside the floodlights installed everywhere, lighting up the yard and the four warehouses and main edifice of the Severnay military base. A truck drives into the compound, through the heavy rain, and takes a turn to make its way into the garage, when two shades roll from underneath it to the nearby piles of tires.

The two women make no sound, their forms exposed by the suits tightly wrapped around their bodies, even if their faces have masks on them.

The base impregnated, Black and Dark Widow can begin their mission. The objective is simple: find colonel Khalibov and get him out of the compound, and to the next safehouse, alive. Once a famous name in the black market, recently Khalibov has changed his trade.

No more into the weapons business, he has become a drug dealer, and has been synthetizing something capable of increasing soldier efficiency in the battlefield almost fivefold. Some rebel forces in the heart of Africa have taken over entire regions on the stuff.

Where does he get it? How does he synthetize it and, more importantly, would anyone be able to replicate it? Those are the questions SHIELD wants answered by the man before he eventually goes by the way of the Dodo.

As Natasha and Yelena observe, the main edifice seems liek the most obvious choice. It is late in the night, and the rest of the places are storage facilities, but for what remains largely unknown for now. Khalibov is the target.

"Straight to him, in and out."

Natasha is straightfoward about their operation. She doesn't need to teach Yelena about it. The woman knows how to go ffrom point A to point B without causing a ruckus. "The Colonel lives."

Infiltration was always the easy part. Always. Getting into places unseen was never very difficult. The real trick, in every mission, was getting back out alive after accomplishing your objective. That was when the difficulty spiked. The moment something was hacked, disabled, sabotaged, assassinated. It almost always invariably drew attention shortly after.

Case in point, getting back out again with a Colonel. Unless he was special forces trained and had been in the field more than the office, it was going to be a chore extricating someone. A Widow could move through a randomized, shifting laser field without being detected, oozing and dancing their way between the sporadic beams, or twisting and squeezing in ever so creative ways to cling and fit into places no human should cling or fit into.

But dragging an unconscious, or unwilling, body behind them? Always a bother.

"Da. He lives. For now."

Yelena's voice is cool and quiet, unmistakably tinged by her heavy Russian accent. She can stow it and sound American, even British, when she needs to, but it's rarely something that comes up. Just don't ask her to try a Swedish accent, unless one wants a horribly mangled comedy sketch.

Cool blue eyes search for any signs of movement in the darkness, before she finally begins to move, with patience and cunning knowledge of how best to camoflage herself in the night. Staying hidden wasn't just about breaking lines of sight, it was about being still, and breaking up the very familiar and recognizeable silhouette of a human form.

Her movements towards their target, or at least their best bet of finding their target, is much like a spider's: Fast and brief bursts, interspersed with frequent, cautious, and perfectly-still pauses. In this way, she works to make her way towards the primary building most likely to house someone important.

Casualties are avoided where she can, and she will go around a guard, or wait for them to pass, rather than ambushing them. Not because she has any qualms taking down a soldier just trying to do his job, but simply because missing soldiers do things like raise alarms when they are no longer seen by their comrades, or when radio checks are missed.

The two women move like ghosts through the facility but find little opposition by the way of veteran soldiers or mercenary units, all of which seems to be wholly unfitting with the colonel's fame of being an incredibly rich and influential man. He should be better guarded.

Instead, that the women find is an abnormal number of civilians who walk about the place at their leisure, giving the base airs of an actual bureaucratic heaven, stowed away from the rest of the russian military day to day. While guards are avoided, these civilians require a knockdown or two so the women can proceed.

It is only upon reaching the office, where Khalibov stays, that things take a strange turn. Coming in through the ventilation system (because of course) the two women are able to see many dossiers on the table, neatly opened to dislay what look like pictures of medical proceedures on dead bodies.

Along with these there are vials, no more than five, on the table, of the same coloration as the substance the man has been selling to soldiers, and Khalibov himself? He is at the phone, talking to some warlord or another.

Taking him down is a matter of Yelena neutralizing his guards and Natasha knocking the man down in harsh fashion, putting him down onto the floor. AS they prepare to leave, however, an enormous hovership appears in teh skies, illuminating the whole base.

The audio system of the base echoes that teh Russian governmetn is looking for Khalibov. Perfect timing.

Natasha places a small disc on the man's chest, and clicks on it. "Escape route?" The disc buzzes, and Khalibov shrinks to the side of the coin-sized instrument, getting encased in a protective bubble. Natsha puts him inside her belt.

"What? Welcome to SHIELD. Now lets go!"

Civilians. Nothing raises Yelena's hackles more than bureaucrats. They are, literally, the worst. With their red tape and politics. It's a little shocking that the place is so lightly defended, but that leads to one of two possibilities, in the Widow's mind.

Option One is that there is a hidden defense system that they will need to address when it is inevitably sprung on them. Something lethal and unexpected. Option Two is that the compound causing the ruckus simply isn't here, and since it is being sold and distributed thousands of miles away, the one brokering the deals figures no one will be targeting him. Perhaps he's just a middleman.

Slithering through the vents is nothing new, and thankfully the blonde isn't claustraphobic. Medical procedures. Irrelevant. She isn't here to figure out what is being done to people. Their target is there. That is what matters.

Blonde glances at red. Together, they silently mouth the countdown… 3… 2… 1…

The vent explodes outward as Yelena hits the ground in a roll. A tactical baton snaps out, striking one of the men's knees as she comes out of her crouch. The Widow's bite discharges from her wrist into the neck of the second, paralyzing and bringing him to the ground even as she wraps her legs around the first man's throat, snapping his wrist before he can turn his gun on her.

Once he's out, she turns just in time to find Natasha shrinking their target.

Okay, that gets a startled stare.

Yelena quickly snaps out of it, turning to grab a satchel or bag she can sweep a few of the vials and the dossiers into. Extra credit never hurts. "Lead on, Natasha." The blonde replies, glancing out of the windows as speakers boom across the base.

Escaping isn't terribly difficult, or at least doesn't looks like it at first, before everything is starts to fall down around the Widows. While at first they slink through the vents to get out throught he pre-planned exit-point, it soon becomes apparent the situation is getting hectic.

The first sign is the hovercraft just opening fire from the sky, but not at the women in the ventilation system. Someone outside is getting a lot of heat thrown their way.

Soon, however, it becomes terribly obvious that there are no clear targets from the ship as it rains destruction from above, tearing into the building, aimlessly, but quickly mowingit down to swiss cheese.

To avoice having their mission, and lives, cut short abruptly the two women are forced to get creative in their escape routes. Going down with the falling rubble, the women manage to roll and jump untilthe dust of a crumbling floor provides them with cover to get the hell out of the area in a secure manner.

Behind them the hovercraft seems to linger, shooting at random at nayone trying to escape, in the hopes of finding Khalibov or killing him. Although it is unclear why anyone would do such a thing, the two widows argue not, and proceed to slink into the night, hidden by the hi-tech camouflage of their suits and the dark of night.

It is almost dawn when Yelena and Natasha can get out of the bunkhouse, nowwith an grown Khalibov under their care. Although the SHIELD troopers do apepar to extract their VIP, and the documents from Yelena, the two women are left behind to rendezvous with another team in Dagestan.

As the infiltrated men take Khalibov away, Natasha eyes her fellow Widow, eyebrow arched. "I know you think this is just like working to the other side. It gets better, doragaya. Believe me."

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