Stark Contrast
Roleplaying Log: Stark Contrast
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Dr. Chase Stevens is presented with a Lextacular opportunity.

Other Characters Referenced: Tony Stark
IC Date: December 26, 2018
IC Location: Queensland Park - Metropolis
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Posted On: 26 Dec 2018 21:37
Rating & Warnings: Rated 'L' for Lexcellent
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It's December, and it's wedged right between Christmas and New Years, so obviously it's cold outside. But at the same time, the sun never stops shining on Metropolis, does it? It shines today, the mid morning sun still warm upon the brow despite Winter's breeze as it flows through.

A park in the Queensland Borough, one of many generously sponsored by the Father Company of the Metroplex, LexCorp. This particular park finds a young doctor out with his …. wolf? … on a leash, the pair jogging along the winding path between carefully manicured lawns, playing fields and tall trees. The wolf seems to be enjoying the jaunt and the weather, the doctor himself bundled in a sweatshirt and matching pants, fitting snug against a somewhat towering, muscularly athletic form.

"What do you say, Dakota? A few more minutes and we'll head back in?" asks the doctor, to which the wolf glances back up at him. The two just seem to know one another.

* * *

The sun never stops shining on Metropolis because certain individuals won't allow such a darkness to befall the City of Tomorrow. Certain individuals care about this city far too much to allow the threat of such hinderances even be a thought that the citizens, the Metropolites, have to worry about.

Observant eyes may notice that off near the edge of the park is a black and gray one-of-a-kind limousine that looks more like its from the future than it does a vehicle that belongs to anyone in Metropolis. There are a pair of very large women standing beside the LX-M0 (for anyone that knows their LexCorp products), dressed in full on business attire and wearing sunglasses. They don't seem to be worried about anything or anyone in particular. They are merely there to serve as both a warning and a distraction. A direction in which to make people look while other things come into play.

"Perhaps, Dr. Stevens, you'll have more than just a 'few more minutes' to spare."

The voice comes from the bench that's nearest the jogging path. The man sitting there is revealed in moments as the Daily Planet newspaper is folded to a close and set down on the bench next to him. Much like those watching women, this man is dressed in a full out suit and immediately offers a genuine smile as he turns his eyes up towards the jogger and his wolf.

"You are a hard man to catch up with."

* * *

Those women catch his eye first, though it's hard to tell as his eyes travel along them whether he's looking at them with the eyes of a single guy, or with the eyes of a man looking out for danger. In either event, he slows his jog, with Dakota quickly following suit. The voice from the bench catches him next, causing that jog of his to become a hard stop. Dakota actually takes a step back, getting in closer to Chase, not sure what to make of all this. He may be taking his cues from Chase, who also seems to be somewhat taken aback for being called out. by name.

"You will excuse me sir, but I fear you have me at a loss…" he says gently, before kneeling down some to stroke a hand along Dakota's fur. He keeps his eyes on the ladies as well, though he likely still towers over the pair standing there, despite how large they are. Kneeling also means the gentleman doesn't have to crane his neck so.

* * *

"I'm Lex Luthor."

The way the benched man says it makes it sound like it is both the greatest gift and the harshest curse to be blessed with. The entirety of his attention is focused on the man and his wolf. And while this may seem like a scene from an action movie that's attempting to shower the audience with exposition there's a certain calmness that surrounds Lex. He doesn't appear to be here to make any threats or do much of anything.

Except talk.

"I want to be as transparent as humanly possible with you. Those women behind me? They are here for me and because I pay them to keep me alive. They have nothing to do with you or your little friend there. So you needn't worry." Lex grins to try and keep everything at ease. "I am also unarmed and wish only to talk."

With those last words Lex even holds up both of his hands, almost for the benefit of the wolf more than the man.

* * *

Chase Stevens hmmmmms as he looks to the women once more, then back to Lex, tilting his head a bit. "An interesting pair… Glad to know you're an equal opportunity employer," he says, a sidelong way of admiring the women while also pointing out they're not your usual bodyguard fare.

He then leans into Dakota, giving the wolf a smile, even a hug around the middle as he nuzzles his ear. "It's all right, Dakota. He's a friend." He then looks back to Lex, leaning up a bit. "He's been a friend of the city for quite a long time."

It's then that Chase stands tall, giving Lex and those ladies a gander at his full 7'1" in height. He motions towards the bench on the opposite side of the newspaper. "Mind if I join you? How can I help the leading industrialist of Metropolis today?" His smile genuine, his eyes curious.

* * *

"I employ this entire city. Equality is quite literally the foundation on which I stood upon to get to where I am today. And soon, I will have this city reaching its highest potential, as well."

Lex moves the newspaper and sets it across his lap as he turns just slightly to focus on the location in which he's figuring that Dr. Stevens will be sitting down. This may also be a signal to his bodyguards that they can relax. A bit. Everything is okay.

"Hope and Mercy do more for me than costumed vigilantes have done for the tabloids. I couldn't survive without them." His words of admiration for his employees leads right into the answer of the question that's been leveled at him. "Well. You can start by accepting an offer to come and work for LexCorp. We're on the verge of breaking through a few dozen scientific walls and we could use an extra set of hands…" Lex looks over towards the wolf. "And paws." There, he's made it clear that the wolf is also welcome. "And I wanted to get to you before S.T.A.R. Labs did. Between you and me, as great as a facility as they are, they don't even offer dental." It's a joke. Kind of.

* * *

Chase Stevens blinks several times at Lex then, giving his head a good shake. He looks like a man that's just been dropped into the twilight zone. "Let me sit down…" he says before settling himself into the bench next to Lex, leaning back against it a bit as he brings his hand up to rub against his forehead.

"This… This is unexpected…" he says gently, in that deep, rumbling tone that seems to come straight from his chest. "Not unwelcome, mind you! But… Definitely unexpected…" he says softly. Dakota comes over to sit at his feet, looking protective, and keeping his eyes on Hope and Mercy.

"Mind if I ask, what would I be doing for LexCorp? At the same time, what about my present employment? You may have to negotiate my time with my present employers, if I were to accept such an offer." he asks gently, a brow raising curiously.

* * *

"That, my friend, would be entirely up to you. LexCorp can provide you with everything you need to study, research, experiment to beyond your wildest imagination. We are equipped to provide you facilities, lodging and a more than generous compensation package worthy of your talents. We are seeking the greatest minds this world has to offer and you have one of those minds."

Lex frowns slightly, though, upon hearing something about 'present employers'. "I thought this might happen. Due to no one's fault but my own, you've been grabbed by a competitor of mine. I'm sure of it." He's not but he's making a bold move here. "I'm willing to buy you out of whatever contractual obligations that you may have entered into prior to receiving an offer of a lifetime from LexCorp." Lex moves into the pocket of his suit jacket and comes out with a company checkbook..

"How much?"

* * *

Chase Stevens opens his mouth, then closes it again, his eyes widening as he sees the checkbook come out. "I… Well, that is…" he stammers a bit before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. "Good grief, what have I gotten myself into this time?" he mutters under his breath before turning more fully towards Lex.

"Right now, my day-to-day work is still in the Emergency Room at Metropolis General Hospital," he notes, leaving a long, pregnant pause there before he continues. "However, I just recently accepted a consulting position… at Stark Industries."

* * *

Lex almost visibly twitches at those words but manages to hold it inside. He can't exactly show weakness. Not right now. Not while there is a potential employee and an observant wolf watching.

"Ah, Stark. Fine company. It's not LexCorp but it's… something." Lex forces out the compliment. It's not easy. "Unfortunately, Stark Industries lacks the vision that LexCorp has. While it may be very fitting for a 'consultant' job, I'm sure you understand that you'll be trapped in months worth of 'hot rod red tape' whenever you want to do more than 'consult'. I have an entire floor of people who no longer work for Stark Industries for similar reasons."

Lex goes into his pocket for a pen and holds both the pen and the checkbook out towards Chase. "As Stark and I are old friends, I'll be sure to break the news to him gently." Lex grins as if he's already won this battle of the businesses.

* * *

Chase Stevens looks at the checkbook, then at the pen, both just being offered to him like that. He takes in a long, slow breath, one that expands that already broad chest of his, releasing the cleansing breath slowly. "Okay… Okay." Except it's not really an 'okay.'

After another long pause, Chase speaks once more. "My grandfather once told me that if it's meant to be, it'll be there in the morning. Sleep on it. His was good advice that I continue to follow. I even slept on it before I accepted with Stark Industries. I need to sleep on this. In fact, I may need a few nights to sleep on it, as I need to know which place will be the best fit for me. If you want to talk to Mr. Stark in regards to my employment there, you may, but I'm going to what is best for my life, my own vision, and I'm not about to become a pawn in a game between two wealthy, generous and upstanding pillars of industry."

He reaches down to pet Dakota then, who looks back at him, putting a smile back on the doctor's face. "You'll give me the time to make a decision?" he asks, looking back to Lex.

* * *


It's almost too obvious that he wanted to say 'Lexcellent' there but the urge was quite resisted.

Lex pulls the pen and the checkbook back, putting them into his pocket almost as quickly as he started this whole mess.

"That is exactly why we sought you out. Exactly why I came out here to find you and personally invite you to join LexCorp. You have the exact moral fortitude that LexCorp values. You are not so whole focused on money, access and what you can gain from an offer. You know what you want and you stand firm to get exactly that." Lex nods along with these words and extends a hand for shaking purposes.

"I look forward to seeing what great things you produce for the future of our world. Be they with LexCorp or Stark Industries."

* * *

Chase Stevens smiles a bit more brightly at the statement from Lex, the fire-haired doctor reaching his hand out gladly, returning the handshake in kind. It's a strong, firm, friendly shake, but it's obvious he's holding a *lot* of strength back.

"I'll have an answer for you soon, at worst shortly after the new year. You know what the Emergency Room is like during the holidays. Those who drink too much to be merry invariably make for long and unhappy nights for the Emergency Room staff."

Meanwhile, perhaps as a way of adding Lex to memory, Dakota has moved himself closer to the industrial giant, sniffing the man's shoe and pant leg. Scent memory added.

* * *

"Yes, I know all too well about the dangers of drinking." There's a bit more to that story. It's clear in whatever's behind those green eyes of Lex's that he's been down the road of dealing with those that have been lovers of The Drink.

With the handshake completed, Lex grins a bit and moves to stand up. Not in a showing of intimidation or anything but more like he's been waiting to give this signal to his bodyguards. Mercy, almost immediately, turns to enter the vehicle and get it started up while Hope moves to the back of the LX-M0 and opens the back door.

"You're going to do great things, Dr. Stevens. I hope that we can do them together." Lex nods once more and then looks down at the wolf. "… all three of us."

Lex Luthor then decides it is time to head off in the direction of his awaiting vehicle, a holographic business card sizzling together out of seemingly thin air on the seat of the bench until it has solidified into an actual 'hard light' card with green and purple text giving his name and phone number.

Y'know, just a glimpse of what kind of fun toys that LexCorp has to offer to play with.

* * *

Chase Stevens stands as Lex does, Dakota following suit, standing right by his owner. Chase lowers his head respectfully as Lex starts towards the car, the doctor's eyes glancing back at the pair of ladies as they all prepare to leave.

His eyes widen once more, but end with an arched brow as he moves to pick up that card after witnessing it mysteriously appear like that. "Something tells me we're going to be working together, whether or not I am actually employed by LexCorp… I just get this feeling…" he says to himself.

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