Kitty Treats and Chariots
Roleplaying Log: Kitty Treats and Chariots
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A certain Catwoman cannot keep her claws off an Asgardian bauble.

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IC Date: December 27, 2018
IC Location: Asgardian Embassy, New York
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Posted On: 29 Dec 2018 02:22
Rating & Warnings: PG
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NPC & GM Credits: Thor
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* * *

The beauty of those skylights for someone like Selina Kyle is that they offer a hell of a way into an otherwise pretty well guarded area. The doors are locked, and the guard rotation is light, it is rare to find anyone insane enough to storm into an Embassy full of folks who can stop a bullet with their face and tied a person in a literal knot. This knowledge has maybe made the Asgardians a little lax, or maybe it is something else that has their security lower.

The exhibit is still being set up. A replica of Frigga's regalia is being set in the common room. Her feathered cloak that allows flight, and a replica of her chariot that is pulled by cats. Of more interest, however, is almost certainly a cat-themed tiara with a large faceted emerald about the size of Selina's fist mounted within.r
The guard patrol, two mail clad asgardian women with swords and spears, quietly march through the room and enter the offices on their relaxed patrol rounds. There is no sight of Inga or Thor within the embassy. The lights are dim.

* * *

Normally Selina wouldn't do it. Break into somewhere she considers to be a friend's home and… well, everything else the Embassy is. But she's curious. She's heard about what's going to be put on display here and it sounds like it'll be right up her alley. Will she actually steal it? She hasn't decided, just yet, but she can get a closer look, if nothing else. Of course a bit of time has been spent scoping out the layout as well as what is considered security here, giving her a bit of an advantage over other thieves who might try to break in without gathering any information first.

Lowering herself down from her previous perch on the roof, the lady cat burglar inches her way in, her goggles helping her to see regardless of the current level of lighting. As she grows closer she can't help but to smile to herself. This is a matter of pride for Catwoman, the fact that she's one of the best thieves in the country, if not the entire world, and the thought that she might be able to pull one over on the Asgardians has her ego inflating somewhat.

Once able to set foot upon ground, Catwoman pads quietly over to where the items are, her whip untangled from it's anchor point so it can be coiled and returned to its place on her hip.

* * *

There is a slight issue with footfalls as the floor is stone, but really, for Selina Kyle it just means she has to tread ever so slightly more carefully. So few places install carpet to muffle footfalls regardless. She can creep up onto the display. It is still being put up, so a few small cases lay about, a couple open to show that they are lined with velvet. Another couple more are enticingly locked.

The main attraction though is settled on a rather lifelike mannequin's head. Thor's mother, Frigga, also known as Freya. Her clothing is exquisite, even if it is only a mock up. The cloak of falcon feathers is a delight. It is light, it feels like it would be warm, and despite the fact it is not at all cat themed, there is something unique about it. The tiara though? Exquisite. Radiant, sparkling gold inlays into that gleaming, glittering Asgardian steel. Two delicate wings rise from the temples in intricately crafted and meticulously hammered feathers. The headdress has gold inlaid cats upon it, one on either side of a snarling feline face, the mouth and teeth curled about a glittering emerald. It is a work of art, yes, but also armoured with delicate bands that allow it to shield the head from blows. When touched, it is well balanced, the wings serving to add weight to the sides and back to keep the brow from sinking due to its weight. It is only a pound or two, despite its construction. There is no mistaking this as anything of normal earthly origin.

* * *

Uh-oh. There's a cloak as well as a tiara? Why do they have to be so intriguing? And beautiful? Not fair! While Catwoman didn't exactly have plans to steal anything she is sure entertaining the notion now, especially the gem-bedecked headpiece that she's staring at right now. 'No, don't do it, Selina,' she thinks to herself, her brow creasing and her mouth now turning down at the corners as she tries valiantly to talk herself out of it. 'Thor's your friend… or at least he could be if he isn't. Don't ever steal from friends, remember?'

Sadly, Sel's resolve is eroding and soon she's reaching for it, eyes wide, lower lip trapped between her teeth. Nothing wrong with getting a closer look at the tiara, right? The attempt to remove it from the mannequin pauses for only as long as it takes for her to cast one last around to make sure it's safe, and then she goes for it.

* * *

It is in her hands. As She starts to lift, the experienced cat burglar feels a hair of resistance on the back. She knows instantly that there is a line attached to the tiara. It is a simple bit of security, but it is subtle. If she were not one of the finest thieves in the world, she might not have detected the minuscule amount of drag.

A moment's investigation reveals the clever alarm, the thread vanishes into the mannequin's wig, then into the head, and is apparently tied to a tiny little bell resting inside the mannequin's head. It is very clever. A little searching will reveal the tight seam under the head to open to reveal the tiny little silver bell. It is fiendishly small and light, perhaps a little too small and clever to be as simple an alarm as it appears?

* * *

"Oh… shi…" Biting back that whispered curse, Catwoman goes still and looks at the trap, giving it an expert's examination. "Should have known." Thor might be a warrior first and foremost but he is by no means a stupid man, nor is he one who keeps company with those who are, and she should have known this would have had some kind of trap. Frozen in place, she tries to figure out what to do. She could continue to lift the tiara closer to her and be more careful now that she's aware of the alarm, or she could carefully put it back and try to leave without indicent.

While in the midst of her intental debate, Sel feels a familiar senssation, that being the tell tale signs that she's about to sneeze. That couldn't be happening at a worst time! At first 'mind over matter's invoked and for a moment it feels like it might work, but then the sneeze gets the better of her and she has to hurry to stifle the sound. While successful in that her body's jarred, the effort spent in muting the sound causing that, and the bell jingles. Oh. No!

* * *

It is a light, delicate little sound. Jingle-jingle-jing! Silvery. Musical. How can something so quaint be so ruinous?

She picked Thursday, or Thorsday, to sip into the Embassy. Thor is not home. He's out drinking. The security of the embassy is in the hands of the guards and two very aggressive space goats. Outside in the pens, the two monstrous beasts start to bleat at great volume. There is the sound of a hooves on pavement outside as two alert creatures begin to rush towards the embassy at breakneck speeds. Lights begin to click on in the embassy and Selina can hear the telltale thumps of boots on stone floor from the direction the two guards went. The thread is strong, but she could cut it, she thinks. It is thread, but it is asgardian thread. It cannot be that powerful, can it? She only has a few seconds to decide her course.of action. Hooves skitter on concrete and bellowing, bass bleats can be heard drowning out the sounds of boots on stone floors.

* * *

Nope! She's not going to take it now! Not when she hears the… goats? Sheep? Whatever animals making their noise as well as the sound of people approaching. It's time to get the hell out of there, thankyouverymuch! The tiara's replaced upon the display piece's head and righted as much as possible while Catwoman's in a hurry, but anyone will be able to tell it's been moved. Oh well. No time to make sure it's exactly the way before her curiosity got the better of her.

With no time to make an exit, Sel does the only thing that comes to mind, that being finding the nearest box or closet or something to hide in where she'll go absolutely quiet and as still as a stone. God, this better work as she'd hate to have her identity revealed and more time in jail.

* * *

The doors burst open and the bleating is almost deafening. The creatures pound on the floor. They must be huge! She can feel their footfalls as they rush about the place. Their thundering hooves are only drowned out by the bleating mess they make. She can hear them snuffling outside her box. The massive asgardian crate shields here. There is an angry sounding bleat and a thunderous sound of charging hooves as one of the two Asgardian space goats, the mythical creatures that pull Thor's chariot charges the crate Selina is hiding in, the goat noses detecting the delicate scent of the woman. She has a moment to exit her crate, or to ride out the impact.

* * *

A hand is clamped to her mouth as she hurries to keep a startled squeak from being heard. Thankfully the ride's a short one and the crate soon comes to a rest by a door. Peeking out, she takes as long as she dares to figure out her next move. There's a door that's thankfully not too far but she has to hurry if she's going to make it out, wanting to put as much distance between her and the guards and their goats as possible.

The scramble towards the point of egress is fast, Catwoman able to find enough shadows between the crate and the door, and she's quite on her feet, she hopes. There's a rather large gap in one area, however, giving whomever is seeking out the intruder ample time to see her.

* * *

Those are goats?!?! They are the size of large horses. Heavy like bulls, and with thick coats and heavy horns. Two guards race in, and one of the women points at the fleeing Catwoman. "Halt!" She growls in a tenor that somehow remains feminine. Selina is missed by the spear, but the speed and the sizzle from the spear as it rockets a few feet behind her is loud, heavy, and fast. The goats charge after her, but with her lithe build, particularly when compared to the huge goats are the heavier women, she can dart out the massive doors and then use her honed abilities to escape.

She hears a cacophony of almost ear-splitting goat bleats behind her and far, far off in the distance the ominous roil of thunder brewing alerts her that maybe the master of the house is on his way home.

She held a battle tiara of a queen of the gods in her hands. The emerald was larger than her fist.

* * *

Halt? Haha, not on your life, lady! Catwoman's a smart woman and knows nothing good will come out of her sticking around. The thunder? Well, Selina's never seen Thor make a godly entrance but she does know he's the god of thunder, so… yeah. She's especially wanting to get the hell out of there! Grutning, she had instinctively ducked when she heard the spear impact the wall, that making her run at a frightened pace.

Give her time later and she'll marvel over how she had that beautiful crown in her hand. Give her time and she'll feel regret on how she didn't decide to keep it for herself. Right now, however, she just wants to get out that door and to home.

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