Roleplaying Log: Preparations
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Warren, Dazzler and Dani meet to discuss registration and its escalation come March.

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IC Date: December 29, 2018
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Not long ago a promise had been made to have a conversation on the matter of registration among the few members of the X-Men who had had little choice but to register. Warren and Alison had had little choice because of their public status; Danielle had had little choice because of her standing in SHIELD. Despite the obvious downsides of being put on the list, there are potentially ways in which they can turn the situation to some advantage which are worth discussion.

One might think that such a discussion would be held at the Institute, and under most other circumstances they would be. Warren has slightly different tastes and has always been slightly apart from the Institute, however, so when a professional-sounding young man calls Danielle to arrange an appointment, it is not upstate but rather at a venue in the city on East 55th Street. She may or may not recognize the name she is given; the Polo Bar is semi-notorious, but mostly only 'in the right circles.' Evening hours only, reservation only: and when you call for a reservation, the next one's usually at LEAST a month out.

That much about the place's atmosphere might become obvious to Agent Moonstar upon arrival, when the men at the door glower at her like they have no idea why she's even taking up real estate on the sidewalk outside the establishment. That is, up until she tells them her name. Then they're all cordiality and graciousness as she's shown inside, and a smiling hostess arrives to shuttle her straight past the main area and to a private room in the back.

There are an awful lot of horse paintings on the way, which might not be surprising given the place is called the Polo Bar, and there are even more in the Equestrian Room (because apparently these types of places absolutely cannot go without naming their private rooms something pretentious). Warren and Alison are already within, though they don't look like they've been there long. Warren, for his part, is examining one of the paintings with something somewhere between interest and derision, his wings tightly-folded at his back.

"Even as a mutant, money still talks," he observes. "There's a rather crass message about society buried in there."

While Danielle Moonstar isn't in the same lofty circles of Alison or Warren, she's lived long enough at the Institute, as well as within SHIELD, to do a little pre-surveillance upon the would-be restaurant.

As such, when she arrives she arrives dressed quite smartly. Her hair is likewise elevated for the evening, only constrained in one delicate herringbone braid versus two.

The bouncers' attitudes are barely blinked at, after all, they're doing their job, so she can't blame them for trying to give her the brush off. Does that mean she doesn't feel a little bit of satisfaction when she drops her name? Of course not! She totally does. She's human er mutant.

It's only when she steps inside and taken to the private room, and finally sees the specific room that Warren and Alison reserved, that Danielle Moonstar's steps pause.

Automatically her eyes travel along the walls taking in all the decor of the Equestrian Room before her attention ends upon the pair within. "No one ever looks a gift horse in the mouth, Warren." Dani states to his observation about money, her tone both dry and amused with those words of hers. Her next words brings a far more friendly inflection to her voice, as she asks, "How're you both doing this evening?"

One can taste the price in establishments like this.

But as Agent Moonstar is lead deeper on that path of finery to the end — surely the type of place beyond the SHIELD salary — it becomes apparent that, while a place like this is yet another status symbol for the idle rich…

To others, it's something of a necessity.

Extra expenses paid for one thing lost to the rich and famous: anonymity. Here, among the gold-played and crystal settings, what is sold above all is privacy. Here, in this room, it is just them, save for the quick-footed and gracious appearances of the service, whom are just as trained to fold back into the background, and leave the room without lingering.

It allows the lofty rich to their private business deals. It allows Warren Worthington and Dazzler a safe remove away from gawking eyes. It also allows three X-Men to discuss their less-than-legal work without any danger of being overheard.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Warren," answers Alison, dry-humoured, "because all I see is a big tween horse shrine. Honest to god, I'm back in my bedroom when I was twelve."

And then — that pun.

"See what you just made her do," she bemoans, affecting pain with a despairing press of her index finger to the bridge of her nose.

But there sits Alison amiably, dressed well, but casually — white jeans and a matched suit jacket, accessorized smartly with jewellery — looking like comfortable, as if she may have been getting doted on in their wait. Her smile widens, despite Moonstar's pun, and she stands to receive the woman in a hug. "Dani, hello. Good. Please, sit. Warren's promised the food is amazing, and probably doesn't match the ambiance."

That really is the ultimate purpose, in the end, of these lavish places. The money does also buy the status and the bragging rights, of course… but more importantly than that, what it buys is privacy; the commodity that is forever lost to the wealthy and well-known. And privacy will be needed for what they intend to discuss.

That, and, well, maybe you just can't take the Worthington out of Warren. This is what he's accustomed to. They could meet in the Operations Room up at the base and all, but that would be so utterly formal and drab, and it would remind Warren of Scott droning on about training rotations, and who wants that?

Certainly not Warren. Especially when he's already suffering the slings and arrows of Alison's sass. "I was trying to make a point about the greed of modern society," he says, a little mock-affronted, "but if you want to talk about your rainbow unicorn bedroom decor instead, that's certainly your prerogative."

Dani's arrival, accompanied by that terrible pun, just makes him sigh even more deeply. His wings sink in a droop.

Moonstar's inquiry as to how they're both doing draws a faint smile. "Very well. Or I was, up until Alison decided to be funny. Shall we get to business before the both of you murder me with your humor?" He turns and steps back towards his own seat, and as if on cue someone appears with the wine list. He takes it absently as he gestures Danielle to take her seat before he does his own; another member of the staff pops up to push in her chair when she does, with perhaps more than the necessary amount of solicitousness. He takes his seat once all the women are settled, arranging his wings. "The food absolutely does not match the ambience," he says. "I suppose they were serious about the 'Bar' part of the name. I mean — Ralph Lauren, what do you expect."

He doesn't say anything else after that, absorbed in reviewing the wine list. He seems to just expect that everyone knows exactly what he means by that.

After selecting a few reds for the table, Warren returns his attention to his company. "And yourself? After the incident at Foley Square I imagine SHIELD is buzzing."

Both Alison and Warren's reaction to her pun prompts a faint grin from the Cheyenne woman. Really, she has more. Just wait. The room calls for it.

When the hug from Ali is offered Dani definitely allows for it. In fact, when the black-haired woman straightens from that affectionate greeting she can't quite hide the rather serious expression that has now stolen across her features. "Alison, I've a very important favor to ask of you." Begins Moonstar, "I'd forever be in your debt if you'd fulfill it." There's perhaps a heartbeat of pause, then, "Could you please sign a napkin, anything really, with the message 'To Brightwind the best pegasus on Midgard, Love Dazzler'. Otherwise I may never find myself spoken too again - though to be honest I'm kind of okay with that right now. Brightwind has not stopped 'talking' about you since he realized I knew /the/ Dazzler. Honestly, I had to rig up a sound system in the stables for him so he could listen to your music."

There is true suffering in Dani's voice with that last admission of hers. Brightwind is definitely exhibiting the signs of someone obsessed.

Soon enough, however, Dani finds a seat near the two and once settled (with a thank you murmured to the wait staff), she considers how best to answer Warren's last question. "Buzzing is definitely one way to describe it. There's also anger and shock, and for some agents definite darker emotions." Though Moonstar doesn't say whether those darker emotions are for or against what happened in that square that day. "It's definitely going to make things harder for all of us though."

"What're your thoughts on it?" She asks of both Warren and Alison, her expression tense and worried.

"How dare you, Mr. Worthington," counters Alison, "it was rainbow pegasus decor."

That smile lingers on her longer than it should; it seems trading banter with Warren brings out the better of her moods.

But she gets up and greets Dani with a hug, only answering Worthington with a laughed interjection of, "I am funny," before she retreats, not wanting to leave the poor service staff waiting too long at her leisure. One habit never broken of Alison Blaire's middle-class roots; the rich grow up developing day blindness for the help. She's always aware

Sitting back in her chair, she's comfortably quiet as Warren sees to the wine menu; interestingly, she doesn't even make a comment, at peace with his selection. While she seems apt to tease him every chance she gets, at the same time, Alison trusts the decisions he makes.

Given some privacy, she turns interest-bright eyes on Dani's request.

"I overheard at the Institute that you've — crossed paths with Asgard," she says, equal parts bemused and impressed. "Or crossed paths with Asgardians. The gossip has several stories circulating on the grounds. Asgardians are a… strange bunch. All these airs about being the gods over mortals, and immortality still hasn't matured most of them. Like a planet of high schoolers. But if you're implying that an Asgardian pegasus is a fan of mine —"

Alison wastes no time to grab one of the expensive cloth napkins — Warren can cringe the entire time — pull a pen free, and ink it properly with her John Hancock. Done.

As conversation turns serious, so does she, looking slightly away — eyes focusing on the middle distance as she listens. Her lips press at mention of 'some agents,' no doubt her own feelings of SHIELD mixing in its demands on an active X-Man. Alison glances up briefly, silently at Warren.

"I'm no expert on the Brotherhood," she says, "but I know worse is to come. You don't really downscale from acts like that."

Alison is quiet a moment. And then, she can't resist. "Is it really safe for you to stay with SHIELD, Dani? There's other options."

Alison's counter-shot about rainbow pegasus decor does not even make Worthington blink. "I see you started liking wings early," is Warren's arch rejoinder, with a teasing lift of his own. "I'm flattered. So I'll even agree that you're funny."

He allows the women to greet first, before approaching Danielle himself for a warm touch to her left shoulder and an air kiss dropped to her right cheek. The niceties dispensed, he wends his way back to his seat at the table's head, closest to the door. Presumably this is so he can intercept the staff as they appear… as one soon enough does, with the wine list.

Out of the corner of his eye, he notices Alison scooting back to her seat. He seems ignorant of the reason, and in fact inadvertently forms a sharp contrast to her considerate mindfulness, as he reviews the list without any apparent awareness of the status of the sommelier waiting patiently to one side.

Eventually deciding upon the selection, he hands the list back. Alison's trust in him to handle these matters, too, he seems to take as a given. His attention returns to the conversation in time for him to catch a snatch about Asgard — and to behold Alison defacing her place setting. He looks quietly mortified. "I'm certain I could have asked for some proper stationery for that," he says, even as he lifts a hand and flags someone to bring another napkin for Alison 'No Table Manners' Blaire. "A pegasus with a sound system in his stable is certainly accustomed to better than a napkin."

The conversation cannot stay flippant forever, however. His eyes narrow slightly as Danielle describes the situation at SHIELD, though the first thing he speaks to is what he knows. "I'd hoped Magneto being gone would have been the end of the Brotherhood," he says. "But he has buried his dogma deep in his people. His kids, especially. I've been facing them for over a decade; the both of them have daddy issues you can see from space. They will only escalate."

As for SHIELD? "I find it difficult to trust a vast intelligence organization that has already made quite plain its intent to back not only registration, but the concepts that drive it," he says dryly. "I'm certain there is intelligence to be garnered from staying in the fold, but… I second the question." Is it really safe for her?

'Liking wings early' - that's enough to bring a look between the Bird and Songstress, but that doesn't stop Dani from accepting and returning Warren's greeting as well.

Then the black-haired's attention slides over to Alison and the Cheyenne flashes a quick grin to the other woman. "Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying." Agrees Danielle at the mention of a winged pegasus being a fan of hers. As for that now signed napkin, her expression flickers to something similar to Warren's, though she doesn't turn the gift down. No way. "Thank you, Ali. I am forever in your debt." She says whole-heartedly, then, "And sometime soon we should compare stories and notes on those Asgardians. I've a feeling we would both learn a thing or two from each other's interactions."

Back to the conversation at hand, Moonstar's expression returns to something less humorous and more serious. Especially at the mention of the Brotherhood and Magneto.

"I agree." She says to both Warren and Alison when they mention escalation, "While a catastrophic bloodbath was narrowly avoided this time, I'm sure the next incident will be worse. Daddy issues aside, they're not stupid -" A look to Warren then, "Magneto made sure of that. They'll learn from their 'mistakes' and make sure nothing like that happens again. The next incident will be far more successful."

Their concern brings her gaze back to both of them, "Is anywhere really safe for us? Especially for those of us registered?", is the beginning of her answer, a flippant tone to her voice, before she turns more serious, "There are other options available." Dani says in agreement with Alison, "But the intelligence is needed. There are times I can help get people out of potentially harmful situations, let them slide by, but of course then there are times I can't." That admission causes Moonstar's tone to sour, even as she adds, "I'm sure you both realize how much this is dividing just about everyone. I'm just worried there's too few who'd support us if I left. Sometimes one voice can make a difference - to make someone realize they should stand up for what's right."

Her brown eyes flick between Alison and Warren now, "That sounds so dire, but everything is so tense everywhere."

Let it be recorded that in the ongoing battle of sass between the two blonds — Worthington clearly wins this match.

Accused of liking wings early, Alison doesn't seem to have anything to dissuade or counter that remark. In fact, she shuts right up, holding a beat too long of silence, before she deftly covers it up with her greetings to Danielle Moonstar, and her overelaborate autograph for a certain Asgardian pegasus.

Had she not been forcibly pulled between worlds and pitted in music battle by the very one-eyed judgment of Odin — Alison would almost consider that latter request weird. Now? It just fits in with the rest of the nonsense that defines her strange, strange life.

Plus, it's like early dessert to see the mortification spreading across Warren Worthington's face. So worth it.

After all, when it comes to high society's particular protocols — Dazzler's always skirted at the boundaries of same, walking between both worlds, and paying constant umbrage to her humble origins. Also part of the brand; her fans always loved her for testing rules.

Conversation shifts, and so does Alison, leaning back in her seat. One elbow leans against her arm rest, her chin leaned briefly, pensively, to her curled knuckles. The Brotherhood's mere mention almost threatens to make her go sombre; she may not grant them the respect of their murderous positions, but their threat earns her attention. She looks away briefly at joke of 'daddy issues.'

"If Magneto is even gone," she clarifies, skeptical. "I wouldn't put them past some long game."

She brings up SHIELD; with a glance to Warren, Alison is quietly thankful he seconds her reservations. She never knows, these days, if she's being paranoid. "The intelligence still can't come at the cost of your safety," she adds, certain she's overstepping — Dazzler returns after years, armed and ready to nag. Best way to reunite with the X-Men, Alison. She exhales, uneasy, but unable to stop herself. "It's really brave what you're doing — but do you even have the sense why, or how, they're using you? They have to be using you. Is it even safe for you to be in public with us? If they spot you with any known X-Men — what happens? You get black bagged?"

Said Worthington seems fully aware he's won this bout, judging by the way the corner of his mouth crooks upward and his feathers ruffle slightly. However, Alison promptly gets her revenge by putting her Hancock on part of the place setting. The muted horror in his expression is probably well worth succumbing to that earlier stumble.

Turning away from this gross misuse of napkins, Warren preoccupied himself with selecting the wines for the table, his sole contribution to the conversation an absent, "I'd like to hear about all of these apparent Asgardian escapades myself, someday."

Conversation sobers as talk turns to more serious matters, however. The Brotherhood, Magneto… and the issue of registration which faces them all. Warren's eyes turn when Alison reacts to the words 'daddy issues,' and his gaze flickers in brief realization and apology alike. "It will be worse," he says, "but we'll face them again, the same as we've always faced their father. Who — " he nods towards Alison, " — we're not even sure is gone for good."

At this opportune time, the wine arrives. Warren reaches to pour for both women before pouring for himself, with a voiceless inquiry to each of whether they want red or white. The server is sent off with instructions to simply bring a few light dishes, chef's choice. The topics they need to discuss are already heavy enough.

He listens neutrally as Dani answers with her intentions — and Alison replies with her reservations. "I take your point and the thrust of what you're doing, though I'd prefer more than just 'one voice,'" he says. "Do you have any allies in the organization standing by you, at the least? To effect change internally, I think, would be more effective with a bloc of people by your side. If you can't get that, it would be safer and stronger to leave and oppose from the outside."

His gaze travels to Alison, thoughtful. "I would like to know myself what tack SHIELD's going to take with the X-Men going forward. I have to assume we've always been on their radar for being essentially a paramilitary organization. And now…"

The undercurrents connected to daddy issues aren't necessarily seen completely, but the undertones are felt by the black-haired Cheyenne.

She looks between Warren and Dazzler, but nothing is said on Moonstar's part. Instead she considers the more serious conversation at hand.

The mention of whether Magneto is truly gone brings a thoughtful frown to her expression and then something more sad. "I can't say I'd want Magneto to return, but I'd like answers on just where he disappeared to. Perhaps then we could find answers to our own questions for those that disappeared under similarly mysterious conditions."

Obviously speaking of Xavier and his disappearance.

The mention of being used causes Moonstar's gaze to shift away for a handful of seconds. It's both a thoughtful silence and something more, perhaps consternation. "I would like to believe they aren't using me." She states as her gaze swings back to both, "But even I can't be that purposely naive."

Her next words are slow, as she considers how best to answer both of their questions and thoughts. First to Ali, "I don't think they'd go that far, Alison. Not right now. The atmosphere within SHIELD isn't quite that bad." Yet. "But there's corruption like any government agency, but there are still people who would stand by me. Not as many as we really need, but there would be more than me if we had to take a stand against those in power."

As to X-Men, Dani nods, "Oh yes, SHIELD is quite aware of the X-Men. I can't say how they're planning on dealing with us, if at all, but I have my ear to the ground for what tidbits I can hear. I won't let the Institute be surprised by any impromptu arrivals by the agency."

"What do you two hear?" She asks, reaching for her wine glass versus food for now.

'Daddy issues,' definitely garners a reaction in Alison to those who know her well enough; to the rest, it's no more than an extra beat of silence, and a turn-away of her eyes, whether it's some errant pang of sympathy for the wayward Maximoffs, or a similar self-conscious look down at herself. God help her if she's that's similarly obvious.

But Warren catches her eye, and Alison is quick to smooth away any apology with a brief smile. Not offended, and even less desirous to draw unnecessary attention, she yields the moment into a mouthed request for 'white.' She's in the mood for a lighter wine.

"I'm not looking forward to them ramping up into March," she says of the Brotherhood. "And when that deadline passes — everything's going to change for everyone. For us. For them, too. It puts a new face to everything. They've been hiding thus far. And when mutants are set to be put out in the open —"

Her thumb rubs nervously on the joints of her opposite fingers. The reflexive fidgetting only stops when she thankfully accepts her wine.

"They have to have been on the radar," Alison answers Warren first, of SHIELD. "The fact they haven't been pursued worse is my bet SHIELD hasn't the first clue what the X-Men have." Her blue eyes turn, angling an inquisitive glance to Moonstar; she's not certain how much she knows, if at all. But it's a shot.

"You think they'd be, for one second, OK with Cerebro? With some of the… 'donations' the Professor came upon, but his friends in high places? This is what worries me, Dani. It already pits you in two sides of some war of disclosure." Alison's fingers press againt the crystal stem of her wineglass. "I'm not doubting there's good people there, Dani. But it's a bureaucracy. They'll serve whatever bottom line keeps them in power. You can't trust them for one moment."

A pause. "I'm not being paranoid here, right? I've only been in town a month, and I'm hearing rumours about mutants being disappeared from M-Town. I don't know if there's evidence to back it, but — it has to come from something?"

Warren sobers noticeably to mention of the fact that 'finding Magneto might find Xavier too.' There is a brief flicker of something in his eyes, which he is quick to disguise by a judicious pouring of the requested wines. Like most of the original X-Men, he grew up with Xavier as a sort of second father; despite his circumspect silence, it is plain for a moment that he misses his mentor deeply.

They have to have been on the radar, Alison says. Warren shoots her a brief look, a quite obvious one, but in lieu of saying anything right now, he just pours himself a glass of red and takes a sip. "I would hope they don't know what we have," he says. "I would like it to stay that way, going forward."

He tilts the wine in his hand, looking at it through the glass absently. "I'm not sure, though. SHIELD's trade is information. I might lay a bet that if they didn't know what we had, they wouldn't assume it was 'nothing.' They'd be making it their business to find out, and they'd be on us worse than they are. Another possibility is a major reason why any organization like SHIELD might opt not to pursue us…"

His gaze turns towards Dani. "They want to allow whatever is happening to continue. For what purpose, that I can't say."

He sets his wineglass down with half a smile. "Since you were wondering if you were being too paranoid. I don't think there's 'too paranoid' when it comes to this kind of climate."

The threat of March looms before all mutants. It's something that most, especially those unregistered, must grapple with.

Not that it makes it any better for those that are already registered.

The mention of Cerebro garners a thin-lipped look from Dani, the answer clear from that expression of hers. "I'm pretty sure we all know the answer to that question, Ali." Though her tone softens a touch to show she's not necessarily snapping at the other woman, just expressing her worry over all of this.

Idly she has to wonder how the world went so crazy in such a short time, but then fear always accelerates almost every timeline. Especially fear of change or those different than oneself.

"It's a difficult balance." Agrees the Cheyenne to the rest of Alison's statement, "One that, for this moment, I can manage, but I don't deny one day I'll have to choose what side to represent and between the three of us I will always choose family first." Meaning the X-Men and the Institute. "I'll always choose those that need help."

Then she shakes her head at the question of paranoia, "I agree with Warren. Better to be overly paranoid than not and wind up on that missing person's list, because I don't doubt people are disappearing like you say. There's too many offshoots to this whole thing, within the government, not to have some other department being given off the book missions. It happens all the time."

Which worries Dani greatly.

To Warren, Moonstar says, "I don't believe they know how much we truly have. Hints, sure, but actual concrete evidence no. I'd definitely like to keep that far away from the record books as well." Her expression only tightens more at the mention of SHIELD wanting to allow whatever to continue. "Isn't that how it always goes? Follow the path of least resistance. It's easier that way for them. Should it go bad they can disavow taking a major part in it and save face. If it goes good, they can then toss their hat in with the 'winner' by supporting registration."

"We should really start to prepare for worse case scenarios come March."

Alison similarly catches Warren's reaction to the missing Professor Xavier: how he seems to focus on the barest hope of finding the X-Men's missing spiritual leader. She, herself, never had the opportunity to foster a relationship with the man — yet, even then, she cannot forget him as one of the first to reach out to her as a mutant.

Even not knowing Xavier well, he still managed to impact her life. One of the first to make her feel less alone; one of the first to make her wonder that she could have connections beyond her cold father and her faraway fans.

It gives her a pang, but even then, she knows it's a pale comparison to what Warren, Jean, Scott, and others must feel. Her eyes linger on Worthington, the only of the old guard in attendance.

She only looks away when he gives her that glance, retreating to her own wine — and pausing at Dani's remark back. The too-flat tone of her voice comes met with an exhale from Alison, accepting gracious that her own fussing might be skirting close to overstepping onto the obvious. She cools herself.

"I don't think either of us will ever question your loyalties, Dani," Alison instead says, voice soft. "That's not even a consideration. I'm frankly going to be worrying that you're sleeping with the enemy — and not a particularly attractive enemy, either — and that won't stop anytime soon. So long you don't get in over your head."

Her eyes angle back on Warren as he speaks; by the pensive look on Alison's face, she agrees. "All good questions. We should have some answers by March. Most of us are going to be forced to choose sides, SHIELD included."

Dani says it all — they should be preparing for worst case scenarios. Alison anoints the plan by nearly finishing her glass of wine in one fell swoop.

"Warren and I are about to go public on it," is her next segue in the topic. "We're creating a foundation to deal with the need that'll arise come March. It's going to be as transparent as it gets, as open as it gets, with us at the forefront. It's attention away from the Institute, and reforged into something made to take the hits it'll get. It'll be for you, too, Dani. A big target. Something you can use to distract SHIELD, focus them, when you need it."

"It doesn't even have to be merely the government," Warren adds, because he's a ray of sunshine. "If people disappear, it could be any number of things in this climate. Off-the-book missions, certainly, but in my time I've seen plenty of private institutions and hate groups get in on the kidnappings."

In his time, says the young man who just hit thirty. Xavier started them young.

He listens intently as Dani explains she doesn't think SHIELD knows how much the X-Men truly have. The news seems to relieve him, if the slight smoothing of his wings is any indication. He pulls the wineglass back towards himself, taking another drink. Talk of Xavier keeps him in his glass a few moments longer, a brief morose note coming and going in his demeanor.

He shakes it off soon enough, to talk of the new foundation. His blond head lifts as Alison explains the basic thrust of it. "Aegis," he names it, with a rather wry look. "A name for its purpose. If Alison and I were going to be driven into the public eye, we thought we might as well make it our business to hold it."

He finishes his own glass. "And we'll help as many as we can with it, along the way. We're starting with outreach, educational programs, health services, but eventually — we'll move into politics and legal challenges."

Warren sighs, terribly put-upon, into his glass. "And here I thought I'd escape the inevitable fate of my kind to land ass-backwards in politics."

Sleeping with the enemy.

That brings a wry look to Moonstar's features, "Wouldn't be the first time - though this 'mission' is definitely different." But again, her expression softens, "I appreciate your worry for me and I agree. I'll have to choose soon, but that time isn't quite yet. I can still do some good within the agency and be the eyes and ears for all of you."

As best she can, at least.

"If I ever get in over my head you two will be the first I call." She says with a modicum of amusement and also seriousness.

Her gaze flicks between the two and while she notes the brief dour shift to Warren's mood she doesn't remark upon it. Instead her eyes drop to the tabletop for a minute, to that autographed napkin. It's only when Ali and Warren speak of their foundation that the Cheyenne looks back at the two. She leans forward slightly, "Aegis, I like it." Begins the woman as she considers the implications to that sort of foundation and at Warren's exasperated sigh, the black-haired woman shows a hint of amusement, "We all have sacrifices to make, though I fear you have perhaps one of the worst. /Politics/."

Which causes her expression to turn pensive again, "Seriously though, I know we've all been trained for this sort of situation, but I can't help but echo the same things you both just told me. Please be careful, especially when March rolls in. There's going to be an influx of mutants to the foundation and that's going to pull violence from every corner. That violence will target you both pretty quickly thanks to your well-known names."

"This whole situation is a powder keg just waiting to explode." Moonstar grimly ends with, "And the new year is the match just waiting to be lit."

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