A Wolf in Central Park
Roleplaying Log: A Wolf in Central Park
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A Wolf in the Park leads to a chance meeting.

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IC Date: December 29, 2018
IC Location: Central Park, New York City
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Posted On: 30 Dec 2018 05:11
Rating & Warnings: G
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Central Park in Winter is a beautiful scene, even if it can be somewhat lacking of color at times.
The trees bereft of their leaves, the snow covering the dormant grasses and other foliage, nature
seems to be asleep. How she can sleep in a city this busy is beyond the comprehension of any mortal

It's late afternoon, the sun peeking in and out of the clouds as it heads towards the western
horizon, the park busy as people enjoy the last of the waning daylight and what is just past the
warmest part of the day. Two such souls jog along a cleared path, their feet hitting the pavement as
they generate their own warmth. Both are bundled up, though one is in winter athletic gear while the
other has but his natural fur coat to wear. A rather towering human with fire red hair and his …
wolf? … seem to smile as they meander through the park, the wolf on a leash (it's the law after

"Come on, Dakota! You're lagging behind!" the human teases, picking up a little speed. The wolf
picks right up with him, and isn't really lagging behind. He could probably outrun the human easily,
but they're a pair.

* * *

There was simply something about the snow, the world transformed in white and the beauty of it all.
Maybe there was a kinship to Amelie's eyes, or some comparison to her home before her own 'change'…
or perhaps she just admired the colors of it all. Right now? The woman rested on a park bench, her
form wrapped in a dark pea jacket that obscured most of her clothing beneath and her gloved hands
currently occupied with the gripping of a paper coffee cup.

For the moment she had her glasses removed, assumption made that few would be out and fewer still
would noticed the amber irises unless they drew close, her inhuman senses were drinking in every
detail they could percieve right down to the falling snowflakes…then they were noticing something
rather strange. For the slightest of moments, she's looking at the redhead man and wondering if the
meta she'd escaped had somehow tracked her…but it wasn't the same. Then there was the wolf…that
alone was enough to have her looking closer and leaning in curiously.

* * *

That human slows up coincidentally near Amelie's park bench, taking a moment to breathe in deep,
even though he looks like he could keep jogging on forever. A broad chest and muscular build, he
appears the epitome of fitness. Dakota catches up and actually leaps upon the man with a feral growl,
knocking him to the ground! One might think he were attacking at first, but as the laughter is
returned from the man, it becomes obvious it's not as much an attack as it seems.

"Dakota!! Would you get off of me, you silly wolf?? Yes, I love you, too, but come on!!" he says,
Dakota finally getting off of his chest and coming to nuzzle in aside him, with the gentleman
returning the nuzzle as he sits up. He looks to Amelie, blushing a bit at being knocked down by the
hound. "Forgive me, miss. Dakota here,s just gotten a bit playful today," he says, before grinning
at the wolf and patting him on the nose.

* * *

To the senses of a wolf, Amelie must smell quite strange. Even if it could not sense the 'air' of
something supernatural about her, her vanilla-like perfume mixed with the ghost of recently fired
gunpowder was probably a little odd. Amelie herself however simply smiles and raises a hand with a
dismissive wave. "Non, it is no problem," she smiles lightly, still leaning forward a little and
tilting her head as she keeps her drink held in both hands and resting against her lap. There was no
missing the french accent that clung to the woman's tones while she spoke, but it was certainly
friendly enough. "Quite cute even, handsome boy that he is." Straightening up, her head tilts the
other way. "How is he with strangers?"

* * *

No sooner said, Dakota takes a closer look at this newcomer. He approaches her slowly, sniffing the
air before her, making a scent memory of her. He doesn't seem *unfriendly*, but his silent manner
and careful, almost stalking way might put someone on edge. That is until he gives her hand a little
nuzzle, if she doesn't pull away of course.

"Surprisingly? He's begun to socialize with humans. Not exactly his first nature I'm sure, but…"
He smiles softly, letting out a brief chuckle. "I saved him, and he later saved me. Since then, he's
rarely left my side unless I go somewhere I simply cannot take him."

The man stands and walks closer to Amelie and Dakota, kneeling down beside the wolf and ruffling his
headfur while offering his other hand to her. "I'm Dr. Chase Stevens, and this rascal is Dakota."

* * *

Being bitten by a wolf was thankfully not an injury she'd suffered before. Despite the irony of
such a thing happening in the middle of New York, she wasn't keen to change that. Instead she
extends one hand just enough to let him sniff at her and make his own decisions before she gives the
slightest of a brushing pat and then scratch behind his ears. It was just like patting a really big
dog, right? With her other hand raising her drink to her lips, she gives a little nod at the
introduction and smiles lightly.

"Amelie Chevalier," she offers in return. "You are a conservationalist then Dr. Chase? Or simply a
lucky outdoorsman with quite the story to tell?"

* * *

Chase Stevens laughs a bit to that, before he shakes his head. "I'm a physician, actually. Emergency
Room and Research. He was brought to me from the zoo with what would have otherwise been a mortal
wound and I managed to use a new, enterprising technique to save his life. Not too much later, there
was an accident at the lab, he hadn't been discharged back to the zoo yet as we studied his healing,
and he managed to drag my unconscious body to safety."

Dakota closes his eyes at those scritches and leans his muzzle up into the palm of Amelie's hand,
the wolf seeming to enjoy this very much. "Drink up the attention," Chase says with a smirk before
returning to Amelie. "Since that time, he prefers to stay at my side. Almost inseparable."

* * *

"Perhaps you missed your calling as a vet?" she muses, continuing the 'scritching' of the wolf on
the leash while she speaks and even leaning down to murmer something in French that clearly held the
praising tones one only ever reserved for adorable canines. She does however turn her gaze back up
to the man and nod once more as they converse. "A favour returned then I suppose. You say he was
inseperable? So he was not able to return to the wild? That is unfortunate, but at least he seems
happy enough."

"He is a beautiful creature," she continues, "but I imagine sometimes he must set your neighbours
on edge. You picked a good day to take him out for a walk, not so many who could be scared."

* * *

Chase Stevens smiles more brightly as he watches the interaction between Amelie and Dakota, the wolf
giving her a lick for her praising tones. "He was raised in a zoo setting, so he was never really
meant for the wild. While he perhaps could have been integrated into the wild before the events that
transpired, he seems to have found his place at my side.For the most part the neighbors have gotten
used to him. Others often mistake him as a husky or a domesticated hybrid. Seeing a wolf being so
obedient on a leash usually leaves people thinking that they're not seeing what they think they're

Glancing at Amelie's coffee cup, his head tilts curiously to one side. "Mind if I ask what brings
you out to the park today? While coffee is delicious, in such cold people usually enjoy it more
inside than out."

* * *

A fair question, one that has her chuckling for a moment before she nods and leans back against the
bench. "I travel quite a bit. This year I haven't actually taken the time to see and enjoy the snow,
" she pauses, smiling and shaking her head while her accent carries her own amusement. "You'd
probably think me crazy non? But eventually one gets tired of sand, surf and bikini weather. A snow
in December has a certain je ne sais quoi about it. A charm perhaps?"

Cold as it was, her eyes do however drift toward the frozen fountain across the way. "For a little
bit, it's like the entire would can be stopped in time, I enjoy looking at it enough to brave a
little chill."

* * *

Chase Stevens hmmmms to that gently, but smiles and shakes his head. "Some men would be more than
glad to spend the rest of their natural lives in 'bikini weather', but I understand what you mean.
It's nice to be able to experience the changing of the seasons, to have a change of pace, a change
of color scheme, more than merely decorating for holidays. Plus, as long as you have places like
home or a nearby coffee shop to warm up in afterwards, a nice chill can be quite refreshing. Not
unlike a good sweat in the Summer."

His eyes drift over his shoulder to the fontain she glances at, nodding slowly. "It does feel as
though time slows in Winter, especially now. With the new year everything will start to pick up pace
again, frozen or no."

* * *

The extension on her bikini weather comment brings a laugh and Amelie nods, shrugging her shoulders
. "Variety is the spice of life, trust me. After all, if you were always in the 'fun and sun' of it
all, you would miss the joys of a fireplace and a good drink, wouldn't you?" His comment about
things picking back up was truer than he knew. Once payment had gone through for her last contract
she'd inevitably find herself looking for another, it was simply the way of someone who was immortal
to get bored if she stagnated too long doing nothing. Luxury had its limits, and it paled next to
the rush of thrills and challenge.

"True enough. But it is nice to be busy now and then, especially if you love what you do."

* * *

Chase Stevens smiles and nods to that in agreement, before he sighs just a touch, a little
melancholy slipping in. "If you love what you do, it is a blessing to be busy. Yet at the same time,
when the outcomes of what you do aren't always up to you, you con find yourself grappling with
outcomes that warm your heart and others that threaten to freeze your heart in fear or melt it into
a puddle of tears. Sometimes, even when you love what you do, you might want to take a break fron it
or have it slow down… Like now."

His smile warm, he begins to get that curious look once again. "Might I ask what it is that you do,

* * *

What is it she does? That brings a little smile to her lips before she shrugs her shoulders. "I am
a 'specialist consultant' of sorts. I work with particular parties during transitions and takeovers.
" A shrug, the woman sips her drink. "Seeing the details and problem-solving mostly."

A tilt of her head the other way, she gives a light giggle. "It comes with chances for travel, but
it doesn't come with a friend like Dakota here…"

* * *

Chase Stevens listens, a humorous smile briefly passing his lips. "Pardon me, but I know another
soul in a similar business. I can see how, given both travel and being the middleman, or in this
case middlewoman, between what could be contentious business dealings might not endear you to making
a great many friends. And certainly, it is not conducive to pets or animal companions."

His smile warm, he stands and lowers his head respectfully to Amelie. "I hope perhaps you might take
a chance meeting in a park and allow it to become a friendship?" he offers gently, his voice a deep,
soothing rumble.

* * *

Now -that- is amusing, but she's fairly sure that he's mistaken. Of course, it was a long ways from
the time of the war and when she could openly admit to her profession. Her smile is hidden by the
cup she raises to her lips, but it is somewhat lessened by the mention of limited friendships. They
tended not to last.

Even so, the woman shrugs her shoulders. "I suppose I could be tempted to another coffee."

* * *

Chase Stevens blinks a few moments at that, perhaps taken by surprise at the coffee suggestion. It
wasn't quite what he was imagining when he opened the door to making a new friend, but who can turn
down coffee and someone to drink it with? He motions down the path, towards the city proper. "I
think I passed a coffee house back this way. It would give us the opportunity to warm up a bit,
after so long in the cold. And I'm buying. I insist on that much."

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