It's the Principle
Roleplaying Log: It's the Principle
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The Flash and Blitzen team up to stop 'Heisenberg,' a super-thief who manages to make creative use of uncertainty-related physics principles.

Other Characters Referenced: 'Heisenberg' and 'Pinkman'
IC Date: January 01, 2019
IC Location: Museum of Science, Metropolis
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Posted On: 02 Jan 2019 02:22
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NPC & GM Credits: GM: Wally West
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"Breaking news: the following message was just received by the action news team here at WMET, and we have been asked to broadcast it by Metropolis police," reads a charismatic anchorperson in a calm, confident voice.

The video shows a woman blinking in and out of an empty warehouse room, appearing at different points with each 'blink'. Her voice, however, remains constant:

"Attention Metropolis! Tonight, I will steal the priceless notebooks of Isaac Newton from the city's Museum of Science. But when? And how will I get there? The details remain … /uncertain/."

She cackles.

"And until you can catch me, you'll just have to think of me as an uncertain entity. In fact, call me — Heisenberg!"

From offscreen, a muffled voice says, "But Janine, that's the guy from -"

"Shut! Up!" the woman growls.

The video ends.

Moments later, outside the Metropolis Museum of Science, the Flash patrols a two-block radius to try and spot any potential entry points, a crimson-and-gold blur that zips throughout and over rush-hour traffic.


Blitzen had seen the news from her apartment in New York- and moments later she was in Metropolis. A blur of yellow and blue, the lightning of the Speed Force arching along her form as she moves at superhuman speeds.

It's not long before she's running beside The Flash- giving a little salute as she does. "I hope you're here to expect the unexpected." she remarks with some humor as she keeps up easily with the blur of red and gold. "You know anything about this lady calling herself Heisenberg? Oh, call my Blitzen by the way." She offers a hand, even as they zip through the city- a pair of blurs that easily fly through traffic.


Performing a super-speed double take, the Flash stumbles as Blitzen suddenly appears beside him, and he yelps - tumbling down a full city block before he catches himself.

"Uh, yeah!" he shouts, leaping into a sprint to try and catch back up with the newly arrived speedster.

"I meant to do that," the Flash mutters, coughing, before he speaks more loudly. "Never heard of her, to be honest. But I can feel … something?" His eyes lose focus for a moment.

"You're running - you know anything about the 'Speed Force'? It's what gives me my speed. And I can feel weird moments of disturbance. Like burps. Or bubbles." He shakes his head. "Can't be a coincidence."

The Flash takes a moment to run sideways over a cafe awning as he turns to continue his patrol. "But every time I try to focus on it, to pinpoint where it might be coming from …" He shakes his head again. "I lose it."

As if on cue, another speed-hiccup occurs to anyone who's trying to 'listen' for them. This one's locatable, and it's just a couple of blocks away.


"I thought it was indigestion, to be honest." Blitzen offers, not mentioning the sudden 'roll and tuck' stumble that her fellow speedster has recently performed. "As for the Speed Force, can't say I've ever heard of it." Despite her connection to it, Valerie knows very little about the strange force that she's tapped into through the use of her knowledge in biochemistry.

"I'll follow your lead, though, if you can feel it." She remarks as she leaps over the hood of a car, stopped in the middle of a crosswalk. Zoom!

"That video she posted had someone else with her. I wouldn't be surprised if that someone else was near by." Blitzen notes. "At least, that be my guess."


The Flash nods in response. "Well, I can, but I can't. Hard to explain - and usually not so confusing." He grimaces slightly but points in the direction of the speed-hiccup.

As they approach the destination, limbs pumping, a Metropolis PD transmission hits the Flash's earpiece communicator.

"Heisenberg's here! Help needed! We can't -"

The transmission ends.

The Flash groans. "Damn it! She's already there. This was a red herring!" He stamps down his heels, turning 180 degrees to push himself off in the opposite direction back toward the museum.

"This isn't how it's supposed to work," the Flash says in a tone of disgust. "The worst part is, I know my old mentor wouldn't have been tricked like this. He was better than me at this. At everything, really."

He turns to regard Blitzen. "Sorry. Brain's all in crisis-resolution mode. I'm the Flash. You got a codename yet?" He offers a thin-lipped smile. "I promise I'm not always such an inconsiderate -"

Suddenly, a woman in a purple mask appears in front of the speedsters, and she wraps her hand quickly around the Flash's throat. He gurgles.

"Thought you knew where I was?" Heisenberg smirks beneath her mask. "Now I bet you're much less certain." Under her other arm is what appears to be an old leather notebook.


"Blitzen." The woman replies to the first question she's asked as they about face. She turns, a kick off the wall as she flips and starts running in the opposite direction. Following along. Watching.

And then Heisenberg shows up, choking Wally. "Woah! That's not very polite." she remarks as she grabs at Heisenberg herself- trying for her own around the throat motion with a squeezing bicep. "Hey there, Lady. Don't you think you're being a little forward, I mean, I'm not into men either but that doesn't mean you choke them!"


Heisenberg's eyes widen in surprise, releasing her grip on the Flash. "Gakk!" she exclaims.

As she clutches Blitzen's forearm, Heisenberg gasps for breath. "Don't - don't you know - what becomes … *gasp* … uncertain when - when you know where something like me is?"

She begins rapid-fire pummelling at Blitzen's arm with her own free hand.

The Flash, meanwhile, attempts to grab at the notebook held tightly against her side. In response, Heisenberg kicks him in the gut so fast it's almost imperceptible. The scarlet speedster soars through the air, crashing into a hot dog cart.

"Let! me! go!" Heisenberg wails at Blitzen.


Blitzen is perhaps less kind then other's who have names like the flash. She squeezes tighter, growling as she's hit again and again at such high speed- it hurts. "I know that we can change results by measuring them." she growls as she squeezes tighter, her own free hand pummeling the base of Heisenberg's spine, at the nerve clusters at either side of her tailbone. She's not playing nice- this particular speedster plays to win.

"I know a lot about physics, but I know more about biology." Blitzen says, as she just keeps her arm there around the other woman's throat, squeezing and trying to keep her hold, even as her arm is battered and bruised.


Heisenberg continues to struggle, but it's clear that she's faltering - and losing consciousness. With each of her own strikes, her strength lessens, and her speed decreases.

A minute later, and her legs buckle beneath her.

Meanwhile, the Flash manages to grab the notebook she was holding, now that Heisenberg isn't awake to resist.

Down the street, a nondescript white van revs to life and takes off, tires squealing.

Breathing ragged, the Flash sighs. "Might be unrelated, but I bet that's the accomplice you figured on. You want it, or me? Lady's choice."

He waves the notebook to the Metropolis police officers near the museum entrance. "Hey! Guys! Perp over here for pickup!"


"Why not both?" Blitzen wonders over to Wally, "Two heads are better than one, it seems, when quantum physics is on the line. At least then we can explore our entanglement, right?" she wonders, silly jokes and all.

"Let's go, Flash. Taking up too much time!" And ZOOM! Off she rushes, very nearly at the speed of sound- an easy jog for anyone in the Flash family, really.


The Flash remains several steps behind Blitzen - in part due to making sure that Heisenberg is secured by the Metropolis cops before he chases after his companion and the fleeing van.

The latter, of course, isn't difficult to overtake at all. Behind the wheel is a sweaty man in a yellow hazmat suit.

"I don't want to die!" he screams in a panic, trying simultaneously to floor the gas and to skillfully navigate traffic.

As the driver keeps glancing at the speedsters outside his window, his attention is taken away from the road … and the bus stopped ahead, the other lane blocked by a delivery truck.

The Flash throws himself forward, trying to clear out the bus stop space in case the van takes that route. "Blitzen - can you stop it?!" he calls.


"I sure hope so." Blitzen says as she pushes forward, rapidly removing the people from the delivery truck, the man in the yellow haz-mat suit and then finally behind the wheel of the van herself as she slams the brakes and and turns the vehicle towards the curb.

The Van doesn't stop quite in time- crashing into a streetlight, albeit at extremely reduced speed. The airbag going off, and Blitzen smashed in the face with it. That'll sting for sure.

Luckily she's a speedster and a broken nose isn't likely to bother her all that long.

"For heaven's sake." Blitzen grumbles as she steps out of the van- wiping blood from the top of her lip, eyes going towards the man in yellow. "You village idiot!" she shouts, as she takes a moment to compose herself.


"Hey, man!" the panicky man in yellow exclaims. "I'm just the helper! The Pinkman! It was all Heisenberg, man, all her…"

He slumps to the ground and sighs. "I'm going back to jail, aren't I?"

The Flash appears beside Blitzen. "Yeah, that's a fair assumption." He nods to the woman's injury. "You alright?"

Police sirens can be heard approaching. The Flash steps to the man in yellow and squats. "It's never too late to help the authorities. Might even help your case, too."

The man snorts. "Don't be so certain of that…"


"Well, these are metropolis city courts. You might be better off aiding the fuzz." Blitzen agrees, even as she wipes her face, "Because if I catch you out on your own, I might return the favor." she says, pointing at her own nose.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Blitzen says, "Just a deviated septum." she grumbles as she sets her own nose with a loud whine. "Ow, son ofa…" she shakes her head, "That stings." she mumbles, "So. Is that a normal day in Metropolis?" she wonders over to Flash.


With a shrug, Flash stands and sighs. "I guess so, yeah. At least a few times a week." He looks around. "A lot of the time, the big blue boy scout keeps a lock on things. Without him or some of the other really heavy hitters …" He shakes his head. "I can't - well, I don't want to - imagine what things would be like."

The Flash reaches out for a handshake. "New York, right? I'm there occasionally. We'll have to get together sometime. Maybe see what more we can each learn about the Speed Force." He grins. "And I can learn more about dealing with the element of surprise at high speed."

Behind him, the man in yellow groans. "You're even more awkward than me, man."

The Flash purses his lips and nods. "True enough," he says to Blitzen. "But even so. I don't have a cool signal like Batman, but I can follow speed force signals easily enough - usually, at least."


"Probably a good idea. And yeah, NYC is where I'm at most of the time." Blitzen offers, it's not exactly a secret. "Kind of a shit deal to have to depend on someone with godlike powers to protect you." Blitzen notes, "What happens if he decides to retire?" she wonders next, "Or someone figures out his silver bullet."

Blitzen shrugs, "Better to keep it decentralized- or to take out problems before they become problems. That's just my opinion, though." she says, "A pleasure meeting you, Flash." she offers to Wally, "We'll have to do this again sometime. I'm the queen of speed dating." she teases, "Even if it'll eventually end in disappointment."


"I don't know, I kind of like it," Wally says with a smile. "Reassuring to know there's someone who's got your back." He shrugs again but doesn't stop smiling. "But then I've always been lucky to have a supportive community."

As a pair of officers arrive to handcuff the man in yellow and lead him to a nearby cruiser, the Flash takes a step in their direction before pausing and looking back to his fellow speedster. "I'll handle the paperwork, so to speak. But we'll catch up soon, for sure. Thanks for saving the day, Blitzen."


"I'm not entirely sure we saved anything." Blitzen offers dryly, hiding a smile from the joke, before she gives a little salute and then she's gone. Zooming off at high speed back towards wherever it she came from.

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