Knights of the Brotherhood
Roleplaying Log: Knights of the Brotherhood
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Frenzy and Lily discuss intrusive telepaths and how to deal with them and the HFC.

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There's the sound like lightning and thunder striking simultaneously from within JoJo's gym. It echoes dully for those outside and for those mutants that walk past the establishment they simply give the one-storied building a bit of side-eye. It's not unusual to hear such noises from the gym. After all, its equipment is there to help those with every mutant powers stay fit and strong. The foundation strengthened by mutant means to make sure the building stands against anything.

Even those who have god-like strength, endurance and durability.

Especially for the First and Second Lieutenants of the Brotherhood.

Especially when they train to stay in tip-top shape for the Brotherhood and all its ideals.

The noise itself comes from Frenzy, as her fist slams hard into the floor of the gym. A strike narrowly avoided by Neutron and it is now the poor floor's lot in life to take the brunt of all that contained strength and energy; thankfully it withstands that particularly deadly blow.

And while Frenzy is crouched low, her knuckles pressed to the modified cement, she only stays that way for a moment. Shifting, the Bruiser of the Brotherhood starts to move, to swivel around and begin to straighten against any possible counterattacks from Lily.

The air sizzles with a strange hum as the leap that took Neutron clear of the blow turns into something more. Gym equipment shudders and shakes, and bits of dust scattered by Frenzy's blow swirl about without the hold of gravity. It all shifts, and it is as if Lily rebounded off of a wall made of nothing at all, but solid enough to send her rocketing back towards Frenzy with an outstretched fist. She is not strong enough to go toe to toe with JoJo forever, and so she tries her best to use an ability outside of Frenzy's suite to give her a momentary advantage.

Muscles coil and strain and a determination shows in those eyes that are often described as dead and soul-crushing. But Joanna knows the truth. What Lillian feels is a rage that she's buried in duty, and those flickers of determination are the remnants of her mourning that rage, leeching bits and pieces of an emotional reservoir that would overwhelm her if she let it all out.

Just like it did when The Phoenix ate away at her insides, and made her relive it all.

In the aftermath, it was not clear that Lily would wake up at all, but a few days and a pair of jumper cables on her feet had her right as rain. But ever since, she had not wanted to talk about it, and instead she expressed herself like this: Constant training. To be better, for next time, as if learning to perfect a flight-assisted punch might help her crush a pair of immortal fire psychics.

Still, a brawler has to try.

Pivot, turn, step and straighten upward.

Just in time for Frenzy to meet Lily's outstretched fist head-on.

Or, in this case forearm-on.

Frenzy brings both of her arms upward and together, an impromptu shield, but one that's protected her against many different attacks and assaults. Her durability is such that when Lily's fist connects with Jo's forearms it's like meeting a solid layer of titanium, or worse. There's no give from skin, muscles and bones, though that doesn't mean Lily isn't successful.

She is - to a degree.

There's a grunt from Frenzy at the impact, signaling that the elder woman clearly felt that strike, and then there's the fact that Frenzy's form is pushed backwards from the impact itself.

One supposes Frenzy could stop here and call the practice over and done with, but if there's one thing Neutron knows about Frenzy is the fact that she treats sparring like an actual fight. It's not over until someone is down.

As such, Lily will now find Frenzy moving her arms and reaching for that outstretched arm of hers. If successful, Frenzy will grab her arm and then try to flip her up and over before back down to slam into the hard floor.

This move has worked in the past against other 'fliers', but with Lily's gravity manipulation one never knows how it will truly go.


It was half a second to late, and Lily knows it when Frenzy has hold of her arm. She had thought to yanked her arm back, to come in with an overhand punch meant to disorient, but she never makes it. Never is this a comfortable thing, for Jo is much stronger, but at least the unusual material of the mat, reinforced by stolen tech, can absorb both Lily's terrible mass and the force transferred through it by Frenzy's arcing body slam.

There is a moment where Lily simply stares skyward, looking for all the world like a corpse, for she no longer breaths. In truth, this is what saves her the worst of it, and with a grunt she pulls herself from the Neutron-shaped imprint in the mat to put a hand on Frenzy's shoulder. Clearly, she is is out of the fight, and though exertion shows itself in other ways for her, it is still recognizable as she stumbles to the nearby wall and leans to it with a resounding thump.

"I need to keep practicing that."

Her voice is often quiet, less demanding or commanding than others in her position might be, but this has always been her way, ever since she woke up a new person in one of the Brotherhood's basement hideaways. Looking to her mentor, there is a clear bit of disappointment in her eyes. She should be better than this, and she knows it.

"You're not even psychic, and you keep getting ahead of me. My reflexes are better than yours. Tuned up and on edge, but you just have a way."

And that way is experience, the one way she cannot find a short cut too.

"What am I supposed to do if I face her again?"

Rachel, Jean, they're interchangeable here.

The shoulder-touch-yield brings a singular nod from Frenzy. A lightening of her features, a tension leaving her expression and body as she's no longer in that particular fight and react zone.

While others might try to help Lily up from her imprint upon the floor, Frenzy doesn't. Instead she busies herself with one of the benches that hold towels and water. And while JoJo busies herself and grabs two water bottles form the bench, that doesn't stop her from keeping a covert eye upon Lily as the other woman moves to the side of the room. A brief frown of concern thins out Frenzy's mouth as she sees that stumble, but by the time Lily speaks, Jo's expression is neutral once more.

The mention of tuned up and on edge brings a soft amused snort from Frenzy. She could say 'experience', but she doesn't. Instead she walks over to the wall Lily props up and holds a bottle of water out to her. Sure, she knows the other woman doesn't drink or need to drink, but it's still offered.

It's only at that last question, the true drive behind the ferocity of Lily's attacks, that Jo's features darken. Her response is quick and filled with anger, "Kill them." A harsh answer, but one that rings true for Frenzy, especially after what they did to Lily.

"Taking them out of the picture as quick as possible is the only way to even the playing field." To survive.

It's right there in that harsh retort, the kind of caring one can expect from Frenzy. Few among them would know why Rachel's attack was so devastating, but Frenzy would know. Lillian could have killed everyone she cared about, and she would have had to watch in slow motions while it happened. As she considers those words she takes the water bottle, and as has become their ritual, she moves to the trio of potted plants in the corner, a small 'Do Not Touch' sign leaned against one pot.

The water that she might otherwise need is gifted to her pets, the only kind that one can expect to keep when you're a wanted terrorist, staring down at that leafy bit of life that gives her some small, mostly hidden joy. Once the water is poured out, she stares into the green abyss, until finally looking back at Frenzy with another cold stare.

"I'm not sure it's going to work. Not on the field. Wanda can protect us from their mental invasion, but the power they have,,.maybe we have to come at them some other way."

One of the few things anyone in the Brotherhood can put together about Neutron is that she has few avenues of entertainment given her affliction. Books are one of them, and she's rarely without something informative in her hand. Never fiction, never an escape. Her younger years were wasted on vanity. Now she's focused on making herself better.

"What do you know about them? They seemed familiar to the twins."

Frenzy has seen this from Neutron before. There's calculation churning behind her eyes as she turns from her plants to face the Prime Acolyte of House Maximoff.

The plants drink their water and Frenzy drinks her own. There's still a watchfulness for Lily from Joanna, as Neutron waters the plants, but when the Star-Child expresses her concerns about Rachel and Jean, Frenzy's expression turns to consideration.

"They are powerful." She agrees, "But even those with vast powers such as theirs can be brought down. We just have to find what their weaknesses are."

That question of what she knows prompts another silence from the taller woman. A silence that Lily might recognize. It's the silence of someone debating how much to reveal. Privacy, especially for Wanda and Pietro, is something Frenzy guards religiously.

"There is a familiarity there, yes." Frenzy allows, "From past experiences that both of our groups shared. However it's clear that they -" Meaning the X-Men, "- still wish to continue to take a pacifist role in the fight for our freedom. To allow such monsters to be able to escape their rightfully earned justice." Continues the woman darkly, her words ringing with the fervor of her hatred. "It is a road they will find leads them to chains."

She could continue with those thoughts of hers, but she doesn't. Not with Lily. The two already share a like-minded attitude about the Brotherhood, the Twins and the methods the group employs to keep mutants safe.

And besides, Joanna also understands that look held within Neutron's eyes. "And even with that familiarity we will still do what's necessary to keep ourselves safe. Which includes figuring out a way to circumvent their powers during a fight. Everyone has a weakness, but we do it together."

JoJo pauses now, as she looks to her comrade, making certain she's copacetic with that stipulation at the end.

"On the field they will know what to expect from us." When Lily steps closer it's to set the water bottle aside and stare up into the eyes of the much taller woman. Calculation shows there, and for all the way she seems less emotive these days, it fits. "I want to find a way to hurt them before they surprise us again. I want to find a way to isolate one of them, to find what hurts them. The things they care about. The people they love. I want to bend them until they break, and well before the next time they might interfere. So far our actions have been dictated by the statements we wish to make, but they have chosen a side."

It brings her around to Frenzy's original answer. But this isn't the opinion that they should be taken out of the fight as soon as possible.

Lillian is talking about assassination of those who have chosen the wrong side.

"I don't know if the twins would allow it. But I fear that by the time we see them on the field, it will be to late. She reached inside me, Jo. She pulled out enough of me that I felt like I could have consumed the whole world and it wouldn't have been enough. I can't let her make me into some liability. Not again."

It goes without saying, that they'll have to attack Rachel and possibly Jean in a far different manner than simply throwing a punch. Even if five or six of them ambushed either of them, how could they stop her from getting away? "First, I need to know what, and who they care about."

Death isn't something that Frenzy necessarily fears. Nor is it something she fears to mete out on the field of battle.

When it comes down to it the Brotherhood is at war and the key to any war is survival. So, when Lily speaks of assassinating those who have chosen the wrong side, Frenzy considers it. "We must survive." She states, "If we do not and the Brotherhood falls then all shall be lost. Which means we must do what we have to. We must win."

Her head dips slightly as she adds, "Pietro, Wanda, they understand this, but should there be an opportunity to deal with the two psychics we shall discuss with them first, before we make our move."

Which rolls right into Lillian's description of just what Rachel and Jean did to the young woman. Here Joanna reaches outward to lay a hand upon the other woman's shoulder. A gesture of comfort and camaraderie, of understanding and promise.

"We will not let that happen again. Wanda can help strengthen you against such things, but we will find a way to take that particular liability completely out of the equation. Your place is here with the Brotherhood and nothing will change that."

"Yes." Says Frenzy at the mention of figuring out just what Jean and Rachel care about. "Agreed."

Her head cants slightly to the side as she considers her next words, "What I tell you next must stay only between us -" There's a brief pause for the expected agreement from Lillian, as often Frenzy has given her information no others have, "Pietro and Wanda have recently taken up the Hellfire Club mantle that is rightfully theirs. Our first priority is always Pietro and Wanda, as there are those within the Club that would use everything and anything against the Twins. Truly, those people within the club are a disgusting idle and pampered lot, though that doesn't mean they aren't smart. We must be vigilante and guard them against such plots and machinations, but there may be opportunities that arise to help us learn tactics agains those who would fight and have harmed us."

The shift of her gaze takes a downward tick, focused on boots that look much like her own. At least until Frenzy puts a hand on her shoulder. She would be lying if she did not savor such contact, brief as it always is, and it reminds her of how her mother would take hold of her hand well into her teens to reign her in from an oblivious step onto an uncrossed street. It makes her look up, at the only compass she really has anymore, the unwavering warrior that has been there for her since the beginning.

But then she mentions something called the Hellfire Club, and her brow furrows. "Like a dance club?" The image of the twins dancing flashes into her mind. It produces a rare smile. She imagines Wanda has a fluid step, and Pietro somehow manages to whirl his hair antenna in every which direction.

"Whatever it is, just tell me what to do. I mean, I don't fully understand it, but you know I'll do whatever needs to be done. I'm kind of eager to get back on mission. The best training is doing."

Or maybe it isn't, but Lily really does have a restless soul. Not quite like Boomy, but something else. Maybe that rage she holds inside will burn out of control if she doesn't give it something to consume.

Joanna allows for the softest of squeezes to that hand on Lillian's shoulder.

To show the other woman she isn't alone. Not anymore. None of them are.

Never again will they ever lack for a place to belong.

The mention of dance club actually causes Frenzy's eyebrows to rise high upward upon her forehead. It's enough to allow for the smallest grins to crack her typically stoic mien, an expression that echoes Lily's own.

Then her expression shifts back to serious, even as her hand drops to her side. "I suppose you could call it a dance. A dance populated by a bunch of rich lazy fools." Growls Frenzy, once more showing more emotion than she typically does.

"But this particular 'society' club has power and knowledge."

"And it's something we can use."

Her eyes return to Lillian's, especially as the young woman asks for guidance. "You and I will be their Knights when they need u s to be present. In some ways it will be no different than what we do here for them; protect them, help them, do what they need of us to do. In other ways it'll be vastly different. There will be a different type of hierarchy and we must follow it, no matter who is giving us orders." Which means mutants or non-mutants, "But know that all we do there is to further our reach and power for the Brotherhood, but know we can only trust each other."

"No one else. Just you, myself, Pietro and Wanda."

This part feels familiar. Knowing that only Frenzy and the Twins could ever be her guiding light, a dangerous situation where everyone will be out to get them. Though she does not fully understand what is to be gained by consorting with rich lazy fools, she supposes she'll learn like she has learned everything else. It isn't until she hears that someone else might give her orders that she scowls ever so slightly and turns away to retrieve her bag. Not that there's much in it, but a few books.

"Will I have to…"

She can't look at Frenzy when she asks, thinking back to the last time she ever had to be anything but a soldier. She can still remember her prom dress, the one she never got to wear. It tugs at her psyche, pulls at the parts of her deep down that make her wish she could socialize, be accepted. A dream for another generation not yet born, one she's fighting for every day. "…dress up? Or can we still wear our uniforms?" Lily's is a little mutable. She can change the colors. The stolen unstable molecule garment has come in handy, but she has no idea what is expected of her in high society. Will it be like the parties her parents used to host? Worse? Will she be expected to serve drinks on a tray or other demeaning things? It comes in a cascade, and she grits her teeth. It is a momentary thing before she turns to look to Frenzy again.

Once more she needs her guidance.

Frenzy watches Lillian as she digests what she's so far said about the Hellfire Club.

And while the other woman doesn't say much there's something there that Frenzy can see. That Joanna understands.

"We are their guards, their protection, dresses are not needed." Comments Frenzy, "Something close to formal wear." She advises, "Or simple black. That is all that is needed. We are not there to parade around like some peacock, we are there to protect."

She could have left it at that, but again, Joanna understands more of the unspoken in what Lillian asks. It's what has the black-haired woman adding, "Do nothing, say nothing, that could harm Pietro and Wanda. If there is someone who presses you for an answer retreat into silence. We are not their servants and our loyalty is not to those fools. We must play the role of politeness for the sake of the Twins, but we will never cross any boundary that would hurt them."

"If you find someone is trying to push you, or push for an answer, extricate yourself from the situation and find me, or the Twins. Then we shall deal with that person as needed. Do not 'resolve' anything within the Club without the Twins explicit permission."

Jo will be able to tell right away that the idea of not being able to break some idiot human in half for looking at her funny will weigh heavily on her soul. But she nods, agrees in silence, and then fidgets with her bag. "We'll have to find another lab. Maybe one of Stark's. Something like that. I'll need more of this cloth, but I bet Wanda can put together something for me to wear." Her gaze finds Frenzy's again, as if to make sure she understands. "Something with pants." She makes that part clear, because she's certain she's worn her last dress.

"In fact, I think I'll go find Boom-Boom, she's good at finding things that don't belong to her and re-homing them." Lily can only hope that Frenzy approves of the plan, stepping as if to leave her, but she pauses to put a hand on her shoulder, to return that knowing squeeze. "I won't let them down. I'll stand there and do whatever I need to do - even if it means I need to shut the fuck up and be a statue. I promise."

As angry as Lily is, as vicious as her fury can be, she has proven that she has left her days of disregarding orders far behind, and is ready for this additional, difficult responsibility.

"I'll touch base after I talk to Boomy."

"Yes, Wanda can likely help." Frenzy says, "She cast illusions upon all of us for the party, so if you need an appropriate outfit to go over your uniform ask her. She'll provide."

There's a slight twist to her mouth at some internal thought, but it washes away when Lillian returns the gesture of a hand on her own shoulder now.

It causes Jo to refocus on the much shorter woman and it prompts a smile to pull her lips upward, "I know you won't let the Twins down."

"Talk with Boom-Boom. See if she can find what we may need. In the next few days we can introduce you to the one ally we have within the club itself."

"The White Queen"

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