Enter Dakota
Roleplaying Log: Enter Dakota
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A late night at Stark Industries finds Chase, Akari and Bart meeting a very large…wolf.

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IC Date: December 28, 2018
IC Location: Stark Industries, New York City
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It's late at night and most of the folks at Stark Industries have gone home. Except for at least a couple… In a nicely-sized lab full of tools and probe equipment, stands Chase. At the moment, he's decked out in that same White Knight armor he transformed into during the fateful eve the demons attacked. The lab is locked for privacy, and Chase himself just seems to be in awe as he looks over a gauntleted hand.

* * *

Late. Locked in. Snug as a bug. Er, something like that.

Akari had some last minute things to do here in New York before getting herself squarely back into the relative safety that is Metropolis. As it stands, she's dressed for flying in a loose green tunic and black leggings. Boots are just the addition as she uses her identification card to enter the lab. Only, it's in use. Obviously, if the presence of a large knighted form was any indication.

"I certainly hope that you are authorized to be here." Presuming that Akari can't see the man, person's head in light of the armor that the unknown form is wearing.

* * *

A deep, rumbling voice emits from inside the helmet, "It's me, Kari," he says, before the helmet seems to melt away, revealing the face and fiery hair of Chase Stevens. "I thought I'd locked that door," he says, glancing ot the doorway behind Akari. "Make sure no one else can get in?" he asks, though he has little doubt that if someone really wanted in, he could get in.

Chase steps closer to Akari, offering her a gentle smile as he tilts his head, his armor made of white steel and lined with bronze, looking like something right out of a fantasy medieval age. "It's good to see you," he says warmly.

* * *

"And you thought that it would have been locked to everyone?" Depositing the small messenger bag into a nearby chair, Akari turns to look towards the now voiced Chase with an expression that is entirely undecipherable. Is she angry or upset? The engineer isn't telling, folding both arms across her chest while adopting a half-perch on the nearby desk while blue eyes watch the doctor with a shrug. "There's no one left on the floor, as far as I saw. Besides, what exactly are you hiding? And." She didn't forget.

"We still have some unfinished business to discuss."

Currently, the dark haired Japanese woman is half-perched on a nearby desk while talking to Chase. The two are in one of Stark Industries's labs, where one is in a suit of armor - sans helmet. The other is dressed for travel, in tunic, leggings and boots. With a messenger bag in a nearby chair.

* * *

Chase Stevens arches a brow as he looks to Akari, smirking just a touch as he shrugs those large, pauldroned shoulders of his. "I guess I underestimated your security clearance, or your innate hacking ability," he says in a warm rumble. "As smart as you are beautiful. And yes, I'm still glad you're here."

Chase steps away from Akari then, putting himself under one of the lab's lights. "What I'm hiding is this…" he says, turning back to her and spreading his arms out, putting his armored form on display. "I'm not sure I want to be public with this yet. I'm not sure I should be. I'm not sure if this should be, could be the armor's final form, what I can do with it, what I should do with it, if I should be public like Tony and Iron Man, or secret like all of those super heroes out there with secret identities… I don't even have a name for this form…" he says, before putting his arms back down to his sides, lowering his head a bit in his confusion.

"I keep moving on like nothing has happened, when something very real has happened. Something I don't fully understand, even if I did program the damned things myself…"

* * *

The door opens after the subtle click of a successful unlocking, about the only warning either of the two within the lab get. At a glance one who isn't quite up to speed with Tony Stark's latest schemes- er, endeavors would figure that the young man (a teenager, really) stepping inside looks like someone who might be playing at this business game for the three piece suit he wears, his dark red tie loosened but otherwise still mostly in place. He covers his mouth as he yawns, missing his pocket a few times to slip away his card before reaching up to rub at his eyes.

Bart Allen is not one for meetings. He barely pays attention during the ones they have at the Titans, but actual business ones are a billion times as boring and it wouldn't be the first time he's regretting ever signing anything. It seems he's just woken up from a nap as it takes him a moment to actually register that there are people here.

Amber eyes blink, and rubbing his eyes again, the youth blearily peers about. Wait, what room is this?

* * *

"Programmed?" Now, Akari's technological mind might begin to kick in as she tries to figure out just what Chase is referring to and what he's said in the past about his abilities. Especially in their first meeting with Tony Stark. She's still the veritable unknown on many levels. "And this is not much different than what I saw at the party that turned into a bad horror movie. As to going public or not? I see that it's a big issue here in this country. I'm not entirely sure if it should be mandatory as it seems to be a matter of privacy invasion. Not that people seem to care about that."

As to the new arrival? He may be familiar - when given the verbal context of the situation. Who's. What's. Not the where's. That is pretty obvious to Akari, whose head turns towards the opening door in equal curiosity. "…Hello? Are you lost or is there anything we can do to help you?"

* * *

Chase Stevens looks to Akari and nods once. "You remember, I said that the nanites I had been working on before the accident weren't all destroyed…?" he starts, before looking to Bart as he enters and blinking a few moments.

"Bart…? Is that you?" he asks, taking a step closer to the young man and the door. "Is Pepper with you?" he asks gently.

As for the room itself, it's one of the Stark Industries laboratories, lit somewhat dimly for it's after nightfall and Chase hadn't turned on all of the lights. There's a number of computer terminals and various pieces of equipment for the study of technology here.

* * *

"….whoops. Wrong door?"

Bart runs a hand through his hair, which is more in its usual shaggy and free state than his so-called 'business mode' slick-back. That's probably because it's been a long day and he's well since worn the gel out.

"Yeah, 's me," he says, the rest of him kicking into gear as the last fragments of sleep are booted to the curb. "Um. Heya …Doctor Stevens, wasn't it?" It takes him but a moment to snatch the name out of his memory. To Akari he offers a bit of a wave. "No, Pepper's… Actually I dunno where she is. Probably somewhere upstairs. I was napping in the office," he admits with something of a sheepish smile. "End of the year means meetings like you wouldn't believe, I guess."

* * *

"I remember that much," Akari answers in a fair affirmative as she lifts a hand in return to that wave from Bart. At least, that's what Chase called him and so far it seems to match. The mention of meetings does elicit something that just may appear as a smile across her lips. "I think that I can imagine how bad year end reviews can be for any corporation. Admittedly, I find that my father tends to keep those all to himself except when he needs me or one of my siblings to be present."

* * *

The suit of armor that Chase wears looks like it stepped out of a fantasy medieval time, white steel lined with bronze. Chase himself just seems to stand there, blinking for a bit, before laughing a touch and reaching back to scratch the back of his head, blushing a bit, "I guess they're getting folks younger and younger these days…" he says before he turns towards a table, leaning carefully against it.

"Yes, it is Dr. Stevens, though… The armor might need some explanation. And though they haven't happened yet, probably due to all the year end festivities, I'm sure there's bound to be meetings over it, between you, Pepper, us and Tony…" he says softly. "Sorry to add to your schedule…"

* * *

"I'm still kinda knew at this myself," Bart says, mirroring Chase's own gesture briefly as he scratches the back of his head. "With the meetings and stuff."

He tilts his head over at the man in armor, not looking terribly confused at seeing such, although with Chase suggesting the need for explanation he does look a touch more confused than when started. Was this not a thing he did normally, then? Bart had seen Chase don such armor at the crazy party-turned-terrorist attack, although he recalls that was when he was technically incognito himself.

"Oh, uh. Yeah. That's…definitely new." Never mind that he's pretty accepting of strange things. After all, he'd only just met the man at the train station some weeks back. Glancing between him and Akari, he waves a hand dismissively.

"Can't be helped I guess. At least it should be more interesting though?" Armor stuff? Definitely better than crunching numbers.

* * *

"Ah…" She does look between the doctor and apparent CEO without hesitation, even if she does give Chase's currently armed look another glance before looking to the much younger of the two. "Akari Takahashi," she says with a hand courteously extended towards Bart given his reactions thus far. "Though, I am not entirely sure of Mr. Stark mentioned anything about us being consultants. It's far more obvious in Dr. Steven's case as to why, I think." That with almost a wry tug of her lips, indicates his current status… appearance.

* * *

Chase Stevens is taken somewhat aback by Bart's reaction, before he smiles a touch and shakes his head. "I've been enhanced, sort of…" he starts, before looking to Akari. "I might as well just come out with it," he says, before the armor around him melts into him and into nothing, leaving a tall, muscular young man in a white dress shirt and black slacks.

"I'm a doctor, of medicine and of nanotechnology. I —" he starts, before a head pops up out from under a desk, the head of a rather large purebred wolf. The wolf looks between the three of them, but comes over to Chase, the doctor smiling and kneeling down to run his fingers through his for. "You always know when I need you, don't you Dakota?" he says gently.

"Dakota here was the first test in saving lives through internal nanite repair. He'd been mortally wounded at the zoo by his pack mates, and I injected him with a prototype set of nanites in order to see if they could heal him. Amazingly, the process worked. He came back from wounds no animal should have survived. Later on, as we were preparing more tests and I was working on the HUman programming for the nanites, the lab was attacked. Late, after everyone else had gone home. They wanted the nanites. They didn't get them. However, the lab was destroyed, Dakota here saved my life after I had programmed the nanites with what code I had and injected them into myself, to save me from my own mortal injuries, and promptly passed out."

Case then stands up to his full 7'1" height. "I used to be 5'10" tall, average build, somewhat athletic. Now? I'm … stull discovering what all I can do. No gym has weights I can sincerely practice with any longer, and I just discovered that I have this armor ability literally when those Hellraisers attacked the charity ball…"

* * *

"Bart Allen." At least he can handle introductions easily enough, smiling as he reaches over to shake Akari's hand. "Nice meeting you, Miss Takahashi. Mister Stark kinda works on his own schedule so I'm sure there's a lot he hasn't mentioned," he laughs, offering a shrug. Not nearly enough that Bart knows to think to ask about either.

The vanishing armor trick is pretty nifty, even a boy from the thirtieth century will have to admit! "Cool." Brows lifting, he grins before nodding as Chase starts into explaining. Oh wait, he'd mentioned about the nanotechnology thing when they'd met him at the train station, hadn't he?

Of course any and all attempt to take anything seriously and focused goes careening off the rails in an instant with the appearance of the furry head that pokes out from beneath the table. Bart's eyes all but light up, and he drops down into a crouch, his attention going right to PUPPY.

"Wait, so were you a vet? Either way, that sounds pretty awesome—" A frown. "Except for the getting your lab trashed over it. Did…you find out who did it?"

He lifts his head to glance over at Akari before looking to Chase again. "Yeah, I remember that. A lot of stuff was going on, but…good thing you were able to help out too, at least."

* * *

At least there's some apparent agreement about one Tony Stark. "He does live up to the rumors that most say about him. Not," she's quick to note. "That I am not grateful for the neat puzzle that he's thrown at me. A bit of a technological marvel in communication that I happen to be working on." And that's all she's likely to get out. Once Dakota appears, even Akari has to appreciate the fact that the… Pet? Companion? Whatever he is, he's quite well behaved.

Enough so that he's the one who receives an honest to goodness smile, though Akari remains leaning against the desk with both arms loosely folding across her waist. "So, that is what happened. And, I was hardly any help, Dr. Stevens. Only to ensure that people properly escaped, that is all," she states, especially in company such as this.

* * *

Chase Stevens looks over to Akari with an arched brow and a slow smirk. "Is there any more important job than to ensure people properly escaped to safety, Kari?" he asks, before looking back to Bart, then to Dakota, letting go of a brief laugh. "You can come over and pet him, if you like. He won't bite. At least he hasn't since he's been in my care, or I in his…" he says, motioning for the both of them as he kneels down once more to pet Dakota.

"I wasn't a vet… This wounded wolf merely gave me the opportunity to try the nanites out on their first non-human trial. We were already looking at canine test subjects amd I had completed the programming when Dakota here was injured. I … think he stays with me because he knows what I did for him." He then looks back at Dakota, shaking his head slowly. "We were still studying what the nanites had done for him… Little did we know. During the attack, he came to my rescue, busting his way free of a reinforced steel cage. The doctors at the hospital literally couldn't keep him away from my side while I recuperated."

* * *

"Communication?" Bart tilts his head over at Akari, making mental note to ask about it if they get completely derailed by the wolf. Chase's invitation to try petting the oversized canine is almost to eagerly accepted as the young man moves closer, if carefully so he won't startle Dakota. He holds a hand out to let the wolf sniff at him before he'd try petting.

"Hope he won't be bothered by the smell of cat. I have a big one at home and she gets all over everything," he chuckles. And she was probably easily Dakota's size now, to boot.

"I'm with Doctor Stevens on that. Helping people to safety is important. A lot more so given how many people were reported casualties…" His expression darkens as he remembers his friend reporting over their team communications link. Those Hellraisers had intentionally massacred a bunch of people that night. Who knows how much worse things could have been if not for certain people being present?

Trying to smile again as he pulls his thoughts back to the present, he ruffles the wolf's fur between his ears. "You helped Doctor Stevens? What a good boy."

* * *

Akari Takahashi frowns somewhat. Yet, it doesn't last for longer than a split second. Or two. Though it's still timed with the nickname that Chase gives her but there's nothing said on the matter. Not when she declines approaching with a wave of one hand towards the bag nearby. Carry on quality, actually. "I need to catch my flight to Metropolis. And compared to all of the others who were actually fighting, I think that getting people safely out of an endangered building is not as impressive." If she had been one of those fighting or rather capable of doing that, maybe less people would have died. But, that's not her particular life path.

To Bart, she nods with a bit of a smile. "Communication. I can discuss some of the ideas I have later based on the diagrams that Mr. Stark has provided," she offers helpfully, kneeling momentarily to pick up the satchel bag and slinging it over one shoulder. "I have taken some time to analyze what he intends and then to see how feasible it is with current technologies."

* * *

Chase Stevens blinks as Akari mentions the flight to Metropolis, tilting his head a bit. "Need an escort to the airport? It's just along the way to Grand Central…" Actually, the airport is nowhere *near* Grand Central from here, but Chase isn't about to point that out.

Meanwhile, Dakota thinks he's found a new friend. Pressing his head up into those scritches, he then darts forward and licks Bart on the nose, assuming Bart doesn't zoom off first. At the mention of going anywhere though, the wolf looks back at Chase, his head tilting curiously.

"I should be heading back to Metropolis myself…" he says to Bart, gently. "I just stopped by the lab to see if I can study this new armor and what I can do with it… I do need to get back to the ER in Metropolis. The study, and figuring out what I can do with it, can continue later."

* * *

Bart's not going anywhere. He sits back on the floor with a laugh as the wolf moves forward and licks him. It sure isn't going to help keep the youth from reacting as one would any big dog, rewarding with more pettings, and he certainly looks more at home playing with a dog than attending a business meeting.

It's a sympathetic look that he gives Akari. There's a lot he wished could have been different that terrible evening. Even with a good number of the Titans being there amongst Iron Man and others, so much seemed to have happened even before they'd been able to react.

"Oh, you guys're going? I forgot it was late already," he says, picking himself up while Dakota's attention shifts to Chase. He gives the wolf one last pat before looking to the other two.

"You guys need me to call a…cab or something?" he offers, if awkwardly. It's not like he uses cabs and stuff himself on a regular basis so the idea's kind of foreign to him. "And that definitely sounds like something to go over in more detail, Miss Takahashi." He smiles lightly.

* * *

Between the two of them, it seems like Akari's going to get assistance without dialing for a taxi, cab or any other sort of transportation. Okay, maybe three if considering Dakota. Or.. not. He's busy being a big dog.

"If you wish, Dr. Stevens. I am still fully capable of getting to the airport on my own with Bart's assistance for a cab?" That said towards the youngster, Akari adds, "I'll bring my detailed research with me next time."

* * *

Someone may have other ideas… Almost as if on cue, Dakota walks over to Akari, right up to her, and presses his muzzle against her leg. "It seems that Dakota insists we escort," says Chase, smirking a bit as his arms cross over his chest, straining that shirt of his just a touch.

Glancing back to Bart, Chase smiles and nods. "We can talk more later on, perhaps? This lab has the best equipment for what I need to study… I suspect I'll be here off and on over time."

* * *

Bart nods at Akari. "Sounds good." He can't help but grin as Dakota goes on over towards her. Well, at least she'll have company. Laughing, he raises a hand to wave after them and Chase once the man joins them.

"I'll be more awake next time anyway, hopefully," he says as he taps at a thing on his wrist. "Hey SIRIN, can you see about getting a ride for Miss Takahashi and Doctor Stevens? That won't mind a…big dog?"

"Sure! No problem!" chimes the perky AI, followed a moment later by a decidedly more sarcastic toned version of herself, "I'm sure they'll just add a cleaning bill to the transportation charges."

Bart blinks, then smiles sheepishly at the two, waving them on. "…we got this. Have a good night you guys."

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