Roleplaying Log: Double-Dipping
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Barbara finally gets a meeting with Tony Stark about his job offer, and John Constantine sees an opportunity to tag along.

Other Characters Referenced: Pepper Potts, Zatanna Zatara, Kamala Khan, Peter Parker
IC Date: January 03, 2019
IC Location: Future Site of Stark Unlimited, Metropolis
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Posted On: 04 Jan 2019 07:46
Rating & Warnings: R (because John)
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Tony Stark is moving. The man of course is entirely incapeable of being subtle so most of the known world knows that he's only moving to Metropolis. At least his /new/ company is moving. And as such it needs a suitable new building. Something nice. Something modest and understated. Something…

…ok. Still laughing at the modest and understated part.

The point is Stark needs to build it, which is why on a little spot on the edge of Metropolis there is a new construction site with the massive poster hung on it.


The sight has to be at least two stories tall.

Subtle right?

Construction bots(rented from SI of course) path to and fro inside the fenced off area. Other more traditional workers are there to assist the little drones, and a few SHIELD agents for security.

SHIELD insisted on helping.

Likely to keep Stark from blowing anything up.

Scaffolding has started to reach the sky and the entire ground floor is covered in the detrius of construction.

Sitting on a little hill of dirt off to one side is a small portable office. A fairly tiny thing, windows on three sides door on the other. The prefab building looking simple and almost normal among all the flying super-tech. Inside, seated in a very comfortable office chair is Tony Stark himself. Feet up on the desk in front of him, humming to himself. Something AC/DC it sounds like.

Every so often his gaze flicks outside and one of the bots changes what its doing. Otherwise he seems perfectly happy to sit in the warm little cabin and watch work proceed apiece. Besides, he's waiting for someone.

* * *

Coming upon the site of what will become Stark Unlimited is a slightly surreal experience. The entire train ride down from Gotham — and yes, John, they took the train because she needed the ride to get her thoughts in order after Stark's phone call in the morning — was spent with her looking out the window, taking in the sights as Jersey turned briefly into Philadelphia and then into the Delaware. Coming upon the shiny art deco skyline of Metropolis gives her pause — a Bat in Metropolis. Never a good thing.

When the pair finally arrives at the construction site, she takes it in with a slight tilt of her head. That slight tilt turns into a more dramatic one when she takes in the full grandeur of the scaffolding that will support the outside construction. "I'm trying not to make parallels to Bruce Wayne right now," she says without tearing her eyes away. Her gaze lands on John after a heartbeat.

She angles her steps toward the portable office, leading the way through the exterior of the site. She can't help bouncing up the steps to the door, because steps are made for bouncing. She takes a breath, exhales out her nose, and knocks.

* * *

"Delightfully gilded, innit?" The Metropolis skyline. The way John says it, dry and dour and more than a tad unimpressed, suggests he MIGHT be slightly less than genuine, for some reason or another. The magician, somewhat surprisingly, doesn't grouse about taking the train, despite a multitude of swifter options. Maybe he just likes trains— maybe he takes the time to make preparations of his own.

Like Constantine told Barbara: he's been meaning to talk to Tony. For a little while now, truth be told. The warlock might be able to get a meeting of his own, and he could almost certainly show up uninvited now that Tony is, enigmatically, once more less-than-dead… so just walking up uninvited is the path of least resistance, and somehow a better ambush than literally stepping out of space somewhere unexpected.

Hell, his backup only really understands she's his backup because Barbara Gordon's suspicious mind is pretty apt at understanding how John Constantine functions, and she pried certain details of his intentions out of him on the lengthy ride over; no doubt another improvised ambush layered into the whole thing, if you ask the Hellblazer's equally suspicious perspective. John does not flounce up the steps, leatherclad footfalls neither heavy nor soft, his stance slightly slouched with his hands stuffed in the large pockets of his iconic coat.

* * *

Seemingly from no where and everywhere the voice of JARVIS sounds from inside the room. Stark looked asleep. Eyes closed, hands linked behind his head, feet up. However he just flashes a grin as JARVIS informs him he has guests.

"I know."

A sigh escapes him. "Let em in then!"

Before the woman at the door can make a second knock the door slides open to reveal the comfortable and warm interior of the pre-fab building.

Stark slides easily enough to his feet as he angles a smirk towards the pair. "Barbara Gordon, in the flesh and not as a virtual avatar. How was your trip to Gotham But Brighter Color Palatte?"

Then his eyes slide past her and…"…huh. You brought Crumpets."

Yes. Everyone gets a nickname. It is tradition.

Stark? For all of his near-deathness looks…well…entirely the opposite. In fact he looks better than good. Possibily something to do with just the faintest wisps of some kind of positive magical energy that is almost entirely faded by now.

* * *

Jessica Jones heads to the FRP Room Hub.

* * *

Her blue eyes glance over her shoulder briefly to John, and she smiles a bit ruefully. "Not what I meant." But what did she mean? She gives one last look to the site before she turns her focus to the door. She's ready for the second knock, wondering if perhaps Tony's elsewhere. But then it opens — slides open like some Star Trek episode. She hesitates at the threshold, and then steps inside the pre-fab with a flickering glance of her eyes.

THen she smiles slightly at the sight of Stark, though it has a slight bemusement to it. "Crumpets?" She glances over her shoulder to John, brows arched in silent question. "He calls you Crumpets?" She's suddenly wary of what kind of nickname awaits her, and all she can hope is that it isn't another color name. Red + Blue = Purple, but really, Stark. Let's not. (Not that Stark knows of her nicknames).

"Sorry, yes… I should have let you know. John insisted to tag along." Which more or less means that he's insisted on coming, and she wasn't going to talk him out of it. She steps fully inside.

Unlike her avatar, Barbara looks a lot more vivid. Red hair, a light winter-induced flush at her cheeks, and no white motocross gear. Nope, just a sweater, jeans and hiking boots beneath the puffy winter coat. She hesitates a moment, and then tilts her head. "ATHLENE told me to tell JARVIS hello."

* * *

John steps in a pace or three behind Babs, and immediately takes more interest in surveying the temporary office than in Stark himself, eyeballing the walls, eyeballing the furniture— or more accurately, myriad objects Tony may have set here, lying there. The magician minds his business at -least- as well as the billionaire industrialist; which is to say, not much.

"It's that, scones, maybe a joke about football, spotted dick or imperialism." Just slip that heavy one in there at the end without missing a beat, John. "Only shit the goddamn yanks know." Constantine oh-so-politely lets Tony get to his business first. Meanwhile, John starts touching things. It's worth noting one of the preparatory measures he took was a lingering enchantment not so much looking /at/ things as through them, beyond into the mystical threads surrounding them.

Even if he's not fully turned his attention to the intriguing aura on Tony, anything similarly touched or otherwise ensorcelled is given special attention; but let's be real, the warlock snoops /regardless/. "ATHLENE is a marvel, best friend this girl could have." In that, there's actually respect. Also sarcasm, but it's not dripping on anything that time.

* * *

Nothing else magical to be found. No spells. Amateur artificing, ensorcelled objects or cursed items just lying about. No it looks more like a city planners office. There are a lot of business looking papers, plans laid out on a long table in the middle of things. A bit of a coffee ring stain just on one corner. Yup. Everything looks normal.

…possibily way too normal for something Stark built.

No. No it's fine.

"Of course ALTHENE is a marvel. I helped build her." A smirk towards Barbara. "With the help of a genius programmer of course. Who I'm going to assume that doesn't want that other name to show up on her job information."

A beatpause.

"We also can choose to mock royalty, and confuse you with the scottish." He adds to the end of John's list. "Also the whole tea thing."

* * *

Sometimes, the world feels very small. How many degrees of separation really are those who serve the Tri-Cities? The fact that John and Stark actually do seem to know each other, and each other enough to banter is something to be remarked, but perhaps a little bit later…

Barbara steps back just a bit, turning sideways to look between John and Tony with a slightly arched brow. Once Tony diverts his focus between the Magician and the hacker, the latter arches her brows together now in an opened expression. Then she lifts both hands, shaking her head slightly. "No, no… Barbara Gordon is just fine." She hesitates. "Like I said on the phone… Dinah didn't know that I hadn't told you my name, yet. It was a casual accident." Hopefully. Probably a drunken one, too.

"Tea and weird-named desserts aside… I came to talk to you about your offer." Which is to say to take it, because who wouldn't? "If you're good with setting up some unconventional travel arrangements, I'm going to take it. But not as an intern… I'm not interested in being the bottom of the barrel." That little hint of courage is a bit new for Barbara… as Barbara, at least.

* * *

"Fuck the Queen." John is impervious to the mocking of royalty, so it's a good omission. Tea is very fair, though. "If you get the chance, anyway."

The magician wears out his interest of perusing building permits and plans quickly, but not without some degree of thoroughness. Like he's considering a puzzle that probably has little to do with the actual documents. It's very tidy, yes. This prompts the warlock to cast a pensive side-eye towards Barbara, and then he properly ponders that lingering, potent positive energy that brought Stark back from the brink— maybe even beyond it.

It mostly looks like he's paying attention and being quiet, though, which is nice; and not entirely inaccurate. The mild quirk of knowing wry smirk at the corners of the Hellblazer's mouth grows a touch into a quiet grin as Babs speaks her terms. It's no less knowing, but several shades more sincerely amused. John approves.

* * *

"Rather not, she's not my type."

Stark can't help it but fire back, though his attention shifts back to Barbara for a moment as he levels her demands at him. There is an entirely neutral look from the inventor a moment then it curls into a wide grin. "Oh is that right?"

A beatpause.

"Good! I don't like the people I work with to think that they deserve less than they do. Makes me annoyed. AI researcher then I'm going to guess?"

There is a impish grin as well as he glances between the pair. "And yeah, unconventaional travel arrangements I can work with. I mean I'm not going to be able to get Jane's quantum entanglement portal system up and running anytime soon but I got a few ideas in the meantime."

* * *

Even Babs knows the whole Fuck the Queen thing is some serious blasphemy, but this is the Laughing Magician we're talking about here. So, it is just met with the slightest quirk of her lips — the barest of smiles.

John Constantine's perusal of Tony's office is given careful attention. The blatantness of it is what's the most amusing — a Bat would just sneak in, in the dead of night and take pictures for analysis later. Constantine? He doesn't hide the fact he's snooping, which in the detective's mind means that there's nothing that Stark is going to hide in plain sight. The side-eye is met, and her shoulders lift slightly in an unspoken shrug. What? the gesture seems to ask.

Then she is looking back at Tony, ready for the professional standoff… and instead, she is blinking. "Oh, um. Yeah. That is what I was going to suggest, what with the work we've been doing with ATHLENE." Because of course it was, and of course Tony already knows that. When he mentions Jane entanglement portal, she can't help but look toward John with a downward tip of her chin. "Yeah, I've got some means I can look into." John, hope you like making doorways to Metropolis. Then she intakes a breath, settling slightly into her stance a bit more relaxed. "We can figure out all the details…" Salary, health insurance, the other boring stuff. Then she frowns.

"When do you think the facility will be done?"

* * *

John's answer to the eyebrow-shrug is to raise both of his right back, and his grin drifts back closer to a smirk as quickly as it warmed. Serious blasphemy is something of a stock in trade, and the warlock doesn't spare it a second moment, instead shifting his weight to slouch on his left foot for a bit, crossing his arms loosely in front of him and taking in the (rather smooth) negotiations as they unfold.

Despite the ease with which the two banter, it basically started exactly that way— the magician doesn't know Tony Stark all that well, and getting the Iron Man's measure has more than a little merit, particularly since his resurrection.

John holds position thoughtfully at Barbara's flank, and subtly in her wake, much as he arrived. It facilitates offering a quiet aside, "Rocket boots. You know you want some fuckin' rocket boots."

* * *

"Rocket boots." A glance towards Barbara, a sly look for just a moment. "I mean why would a computer programmer know how to use rocket boots." But then he's moving right along like he does. "Details are boring but I'm trying to learn how to pay attention to them now that I have something new to deal with." A smirk at that as he leans against the desk for a moment.

"Mmm. As for your question about the facility…well it'll take months to get the building done. I've worked out a deal with Karen Starr to use some of her facilities for one and…"

This time the grin is wicked.

"JARVIS? Take us down."

"Sir, you really are incourageable."

The entire floor of the little prefab shdders a moment and then starts to simply sink into the ground, revealing itself as a elevator.

"I've only got two floors of the actual basement facilities built, but its enough of a start. Connects to an old subway station that I can likely work into some kind of quick transport system."

If either of them look up…they would find holographic representations still seemingly standing in the prefab talking even as the elevator descends into the ground.

…what was that thought about being like Bruce Wayne?

The elevator settles to a stop in the middle of a open walled foyer. "Labs are down that way, the systems aren't hooked up yet but give me a month or two. I have some of the theory crafting labs online already since they don't need as much practical systems."

A pause again as he talks, gesturing down one of the corridors as he explains the layout. Drones move here and there hauling and moving, all of them seemingly unattended. No auras of magic…well…actually a few small ones mostly coming from a group of working drones seemingly being helped by a few small green figures dressed in workman clothes.

But the industrious work is impressive. "I'll have living quarters, labs, rec quarters, offices, most of the major stuff should be down here."

The top is just for show.

A glance at Babs then, and a curious look crosses his face as his eyes flicker between his two guests.

"…you /do/ know working for me can be a pain in the ass right? I mean I'm a jackass, but more than that I get attacked about every other friday. Its just a thing."

Public ID man.

A longer pause. "…but you know. A woman who has a friend that can find a pressure point on a man's hand without even blinking might be down with that." A pause. "Dinah is /really/ high strung." A longer pause. "Do all Gothamites go right for death threats when they feel threatened?"

A shrug.

"Anyway, you two deserve fair warning about people trying to kill me on occasion. Its just a thing."

* * *

The rocket boot comment causes her to look between Tony and John suspiciously. But it is a passing look. After all, Tony just said something that prompts her concern… and curiosity.

"What do you mean, take us — " And then the prefab is moving, and she's stepping back almost instinctively to close in tighter near John. There's something in her stance, the way her feet move to find balance. It is also a stance of someone who wants to be quick on her feet, as Barbara is.

She relaxes after a moment, listening with a surprised expression as she starts to look around. She blinks several times, glancing to John, and then back to Stark. The warning is met with a kind of burst of laughter — short and honest. "Oh… yeah. I've been warned."

Then she rubs slightly at the back of her head, frowning slightly. "You've not lived in Gotham. It's a thing." Then she glances toward John, blue eyes lingering on his for a moment before she looks back to Stark. "Just… random people, or someone in particular?"

* * *

Contrary to Barbara, Constantine scarcely seems surprised there's a sub-basement. It's possible he's just a very good actor (he is), but it's more likely in this instance that the 'office' he perused earlier struck the expert con as an obvious front, hardly a space occupied or meaningfully utilized by a man like Tony Stark. "You're surprised?" He asides drily, and she knows him well enough to recognize his own lack of defensive posture or reflex as testament to the warlock's lack thereof.

The magician sticks close as they descend nonetheless, and takes it all in with a similar attention to detail as what he applied to the facade above— though this, obviously, is several degrees more interesting. "She puts up with my ass, mate." It's Constantine's contribution to the idea that this is business as usual for Barbara. "My bloody kingdom for it bein' limited to fuckin' Gotham." As to it being anyone in particular? "I'm betting there's a goddamn list." Even John has a list. Especially John has a list.

"First time I met Dinah, she went right for the /brutal/ dressing down." Tony knows what it's like to be told off and called a piece of shit in eight ways by a beautiful woman, nuff said. "Second time, it was 'We should call your ex' as the second or third thing out of her mouth." John agrees, Dinah is brutal. He also seems entirely amused by the whole thing, now. He clearly just came to banter with Tony.

* * *

"Oh yeah, several lists. Kids of dads enemies, people with a grudge against enterprises, technomages who stole power from aliens, a freeking dragon." Stark shrugs slightly. "Long list. What can I say, I'm the popular type." The man says with an entirely immodest shrug. "Long as you're fine with it…well…you're fine with it. Thought you deserved the heads up before Titanium Man suddenly kicked in a door and started shouting about the evils of capitalism."

Again a slight shrug. There is though a slight smirk at the talk of Dinah and of Constantine's ex. "Fishnets /does/ know her magic stuff." He adds with a smirk at that before looking back towards Barbara.

Did he notice the fighting stance. If so he doesn't make comment on it. Instead he moves off the elevator, strolling towards one of the construction sites. The drones flow out of his way without even being given commands, though Stark does tilt his head slightly at a few of them as if listening.

Neural links are way too future tech for right now aren't they?

"So if you're fine with a bit of work in progress I can likely get you set up with a theorycrafting lab in a week or two, after we work out the specifics of course."

* * *

What is it with lists? Something about the whole thing makes her think about Frank and his list, but that was… perhaps… a different kind of list in the grand scheme of things. She does glance between Tony and John dubiously. "If you two are done," she says dryly.

Then she steps forward after Tony — tugging on the edge of John's coat as she goes — taking in the sights of the basement levels of what Tony has built so far. Yeah, the new building might not be as tall as Stark Tower, but that says nothing of its depth. Then she glances back toward Tony, fingers touching the hairs on the back of her neck as she considers his offer. "That would be great… would give me time to give my notice to the library." Because she's wise enough to know that she can't work for Stark and also keep her work at the library.

* * *

"It's a shit measure of popularity." John notes rather accurately; though it's less derogatory than it is a snarked lament. He's not going to get into how well he knows this fact. Fuck even trying to list the creepies, crawlies, demons, and assholes with it out for this particular ragamuffin.

The magician trails along easily enough at Barbara's beckoning, alongside his own desire to take in the sights, even if he's substantially more stoic about the whole thing. At least, initially. As the two reach relative accord, Constantine observes entirely too nonchalantly, "Some really advanced theorycrafting going on down here." Because he's a scientist, he can tell these things.

It hardly has the air of a layman trying to appear accomplished, though. The Hellblazer sees things differently from either the genius engineer or the genius hacker, but there are three impressively creative and analytical minds in the sub-basement just now. "You said Doc Foster was helping you out with some new projects, yeah?" Nope, nothing to see her; it's just topical, casual banter. "You -do- look good for a dead bastard."

* * *

"Makes me feel wanted at least, and that can't be so bad right?" Stark replies with a smirk as he turns to lean his back against the wall. He jerks his head towards one of the rooms, offering to let Barbara go first. It's a large room with banks of computer monitors along one wall, various super computers sit against the far wall and the instillation of holosuites seems to be ongoing.

Lights show what it /could/ be, even if its not what it will be right now.

"Like most of my heavy stuff won't be up for several months but this will be up much sooner. Heavy lifting I'll have to take care of at Starr's place. Which is /such/ a shame."

…that is totally a lie.

"Alright though, I'm going to assume that you accept? Ace!" A little battered drone in a dunce cap hovers around the doorway. "Go get that paperwork stuff."

But then Connie asks a 'simple' question and Stark turns to quirk an eyebrow at the brit. "…well Jane is kinda working with the Avengers yeah. And I look /fantastic/ to a dead bastard. Though it was more of a very serious coma and not technicly dead."

* * *

Barbara catches that little nonchalance from John, tilting her head slightly at his somewhat obvious accusation. John's here because of something with Stark, something with the demon invasion back in October. Stark had been unconscious, and Babs had come in to check on Peter, make sure he was okay. And then Stark came back, and Babs really never questioned it.

She's questioning some of it now, if only because she's feeding on the way John is poking around… poking around without actually poking. The ask about Jane Foster has her glancing slightly toward the pair, but it is a brief look over her shoulder before she steps into the offered room. She isn't sure what she expected — she's been to Peter's lab, and Kamala's too — but this space perhaps because it is theoretically hers has her looking around in wonder. This also distracts her from whatever is going on between Constantine and Stark so she can instead take in the work in the room. "Wow…" Then she half-turns, noting the drone, and she hesitates. "Um, is he supposed to be doing paperwork?" It's all she can manage before she's glancing back toward John and Tony.

"Yeah… I accept," she finally manages, as if that wasn't painfully obvious by now.

* * *

"'It can't be so bad' is never a challenge to put out into this fucking universe, mate." John observes affably, still casual and at ease with his process of feeling Stark out— despite the fact that Tony is, predictably, immediately on to him. Hiding his interest isn't really Constantine's preference here, at least not anymore. It's both terribly impolite, and kind of lopsidedly considerate, when one factors in that he didn't derail the meeting with all this shit up front. Considerate, selfless, John Constantine.

"Only mostly dead, then." The warlock states it like that makes perfect sense. Which, after a fashion, it does— a lot simpler than full-on resurrection. Not too much that can pull off /that/ shit, and it -is- actually a weight off the Hellblazer's shoulders despite his feigned nonchalance. "Didn't pull that off with tech alone, yeah? Got new pathways into your nervous system lit up like Christmas." And they're past that, now. It's just gauche.

"You two're wandering with too much fucking brains and too little fucking knowledge into some bleeding edge shit that's not like your cocksucking suits, Stark." John finally gets heavy— he gives it to Tony straight, and brusque, and with some measure of authoritative certitude. Believe it or not, this is Constantine giving the inventor the benefit of the doubt, and ample respect. "You gotta deal me in so I can cover all of our asses, or cut this shit before it goes farther."

* * *

"He's supposed to /bring/ the paperwork, not do them. Hopefully he won't try to /do/ any of them. That won't end well. I'm pretty sure I took the pen manipulator out after the wall drawing episode." A pause. "Ace is a bit unique, he's been though a lot. But good. Fantastic even!" There is a grin from the man. "I can get you the holoclearance before you go so you can do all the fun and impressive little party tricks that I do. JARVIS?"

"Ah! Yes, sir. Miss Gordon? Would you permit me a full scan so I can link you to the security systems? I promise it will not hurt and I will be quick about it. All you need to do is hold still."

As JARVIS asks though Constantine gets his attention in true Constantine fashion. A quirked eyebrow and the man smirks. "Awwww, Crumpet. Did me actually saving myself ruffle your magical feathers." A pause though and he reigns in his initial response to…well…be a complete ass.

"Lets say the hyper-healing serum I developed worked in…unpredictable ways. It wasn't like I planned on glowing slightly on the astral plane." A pause. "…and further?" Ok now a bit of confusion is there. Just a touch. "Further with what? I developed that serum to fix the whole evil Extremis thing. That's all. Jane has just flat out sworn off magic after the whole 'I got posessed by a Demon Bear' thing."

He /could/ go further. He can /always/ go further. However other shinies have distracted him so he doesn't.

…its the best way to distract him.

* * *

Constantine flips the Coin of Ill-Advised Action and gets heads.

* * *

Now Barbara turns, pivoting slightly toward John and Tony as the simple banter turns into something heavier. She cannot see Tony the way John can, but her eyes settle on the genius billionaire all the same. Her frown settles into something worried — for Tony Stark. She's been around the weird enough since November that she's gets it. She gets what has John worried, reacting the way does — obscenities and all.

"Hey," she starts to protest at the whole too much brains, too little knowledge. It isn't like she hasn't //asked — okay, not exactly asked. She's snooped around John's library enough to hint that maybe she would like to have The Knowledge(TM). Her mouth settles into a frown as she glances between the pair, feeling the tension build. Tony's response doesn't exactly help the feeling either.

This is the right time for the AI to ask for her body signature, and it actually takes her a few moments to realize that he's seeking her permission. She decides that to take the AI's offer is a nice opportunity to step back, let the two hash it out.

She holds still as asked, nodding vaguely to JARVIS. "Alright, JARVIS." Plus, holding still right now sounds like a good idea.

* * *

"Yeah?" John seems surprised by Tony's answer— at least once he decides not to be an asshole outright about it. "I was pretty sure Jane was gonna fuck us all, sooner than later." Part of him isn't sure to believe the explanation at all; part of him might just be paranoid and sure she will, and it'll be /his fault/. Again.

"Don't get me wrong, Stark. I'm not on your list of assholes who want to see you dead." High praise. "I'd just rather nothing nastier reach out and tap you like a glowy, naive battery, mate." There's a lot of Nastier out there. "You, and anyone else you might have been— or be— dipshitted enough to use more of it on." Last ditch options are nice; when they work out. The jury's out on if it's going to for Stark himself, but that trigger's been pulled.

"Suppose I decide to believe you; least I can do is seal off some of those loose ends so you're not holding up a lightning rod into the fucking storm, eh?" Beat. "I already got into your panic room while it was in a literal Hellmouth, and you're not half as protected, mate. Got in twice, and your bird out once." He's not even insisting this'll obviously be /two/ Stark owes him. Magnanimous, John.

* * *

"Mister Stark is being on his best behavior, I am slightly impressed." JARVIS 'whispers' towards Babs as the inventor and the mage go back and forth. "Mister Constantine seems to be too." A longer pause. "I will tell the emergency teams to stand down then."

…hopefully that was a joke.

Stark though focuses his full attention on Connie at this point and takes a deep and calming breath. Then slowly he smirks slightly. "Considering I haven't made anymore no one /can/ take anymore. So I hope the rest of the Extremis infected don't show up until I figure out how to produce more. I took the damn thing to save my life and it was the only one in existance. No way I'm going to give it out to anyone anyway, the stuff put me in a coma for two months."

A pause though and he nods. "…yeah. Thank you for that. I was sort of indisposed when Pepper was in trouble and that one is on me."

* * *

"I…" Barbara is stalled by JARVIS's 'whisper,' and she's looking up toward the ceiling with a half-inquisitive and surprised tilt of her head. The emergency teams are standing down. The men are on good behavior. So, she goes with a simple: "They've grown as people lately," she can't help the easily quip. It's a Bat Defense Mechanism.

JARVIS done taking her readings, she steps forward. Her hand gently alights on John's forearm through the thick material of his trench coat. Then she looks back to Tony, and she gestures slightly with her opposite hand. "He just wants to make sure you're safe, Tony." She's been listening, been tracking what's been said. "And that you're not risking attracting attention of something that may just want to eat whatever you have still lingering around."

She glances toward John to see if she's nailed the summary okay, and then she's giving John's forearm a squeeze before she drops her grip, and looks back to Tony. "Take it or not, but John's just looking to help." There's that little glimmer of Barbara 'Cheerleader' Gordon.

Then she glances back up. "Need anything else, JARVIS?"

* * *

"Good. Gotta be better ways to work that one out than mostly killing the goddamn infected." At least, John has to /hope/ so. "Though I'm pretty sure it was the bitch-queen of that particular bloody hell dimension that's the cocksucker that particular bullshit falls on." All men have plenty of guilt to deal with without taking the sins of other assholes on atop it.

For the most part, John's further, colourful admonishments and rejoinders are forestalled by the far more diplomatic redhead. He has the good sense to actually close his mouth (it literally snaps back shut, for the record) for a minute and let Babs talk, relaxing (maybe 40% of the way, at least) into her grip whilst she maintains it, nodding slightly and looking aside to her.

"Yeah. That. Don't have to be so bloody /nice/ about it, though." Branding is important. "Not a lot of remnant power from the serum, but plenty of shit that could be drawn to it and slip right in the new trails." It's really the only point he has to clarify; good work, Barbara.

* * *

"Gotta respect the rep huh?" Stark smirks as a builder bot wonders by with a massive 'STARK' written on the side of the machine. "…anyway fine, fine if you wanna ward me or whatever you want to do I'm fine with it. Just no awkward touching cause that's just awkward. It'll be better than what I tried to do."

The engineer is an engineer not a wizard after all.

"I'm never ever safe." There is a flash of a grin at that before he nods. "But I might as well try, if only to make Pepper and Peggy yell at me slightly less. But only slightly."

A pause though before he looks back at Constantine. "…you do know a whole mess of the already infected got away right? Killian and them dissipeared after the demonic breach, they might turn up later." A pause. "Who am I kidding they /always/ turn up later."

Like cockroaches.

"But the serum should cure them without hurting them, so at least there is that once we find them again. As long as they aren't too far gone."

JARVIS though is polite as ever. "No, Miss Gordon. Thank you! I'll get you added to the databases as soon as you can. You may have to see Miss Potts about some of the paperwork, Mister Stark sometimes…forgets things."

"…traitor." Tony mutters with a smirk at the cieling.

"Anyway, you wanna do this right now or do you need to collect a bunch of strange and disturbing ritual items that will make things even more awkward?"

* * *

See? All it takes is a bit of that Gordon diplomacy. John's slight grumble at her methods causes her to hit him with a dimpling smile and gentle squeeze to his forearm. Then she's looking to Tony. "Good." It's a simple word, but carries her thanks to the billionaire. He gets some dimples, too.

The mention of the infected getting away has her glancing toward John, expression changing from satisfaction to something more worried. She hadn't heard about that, but she hadn't heard about a lot of this. She steps back slightly, glancing back up to JARVIS — or at least to the space where JARVIS's voice comes.

"I'll make the time to visit with her tomorrow. Is she still in New York?" She converses easily with the AI, perhaps with some practice of how easy it has been to talk with ATHLENE. AIs are like babies: the more you talk with them, the better adjusted they are.

"She is still in New York City, Miss Gordon," comes the AI's tireless reply.

While Tony and John hammer out the details of what it will take for the Magician to properly ward the billionaire, Barbara starts to casually walk around what will become her temporary playroom.

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