Old Friend
Roleplaying Log: Old Friend
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Jim Gordon lights the bat signal for the last time to pass Batman a case that he's not allowed to touch, which only means it needs a vigilante's justice.

Other Characters Referenced: Wilson Fisk, Barbara Gordon
IC Date: January 07, 2019
IC Location: Roof of GCPD Headquarters, Gotham City
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Posted On: 08 Jan 2019 05:59
Rating & Warnings: PG
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NPC & GM Credits: Barbara Gordon as Jim Gordon
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These nights have become ritual — not habitual. Jim Gordon tries not to venture to the roof too often in recent years, trying to work within the system — a system that has been the corrupt heart of Gotham City for so long that the Commissioner doubts it will ever loose that noose. But, now and then, it can't be helped. So, he makes his long journey to the roof where he first lit the signal. He still takes the stairs, seeing each step as a way to verify to himself that it is needed, it is necessary.

Tonight, the winter skies are clear, and the drifting clouds barely insulate against the bone-deep chill. He bundles in his long trench coat, woolen scarf, but the slightest breeze from the top of the GCPD headquarters still ruffles his white hair.

He stands beside the bright, burning spotlight that is sent in a steady beam to some low-hanging clouds, the iron bat symbol casting a shadow against the skies. His shoulders lift and bounce slightly beneath his jacket, and he puffs air into his cupped hands to stave off the almost freezing temperatures.

* * *

The Bat, as always, arrives right behind Jim. Though this is something of a ritual he can't help but make the surprise entrance. It's not that he expects Jim to startle this long into the game, it's that he generally cannot help himself. That big bright spotlight casts some dark shadows not only amongst the clouds, but also across the roof.

From his landing spot, he steps out, his own breath creating small puffs that quickly dissipate. As should be expected, he is prepared for the cold or it doesn't seem to effect him at all. "Commissioner." Batman gives a quick nod of his head at the man and then glances toward the sky where the signal disappears into the night and then slowly starts to appear again.
"Is this for old time's sake?" Or…?"

* * *

Jim Gordon puffs two more heavy exhales into his hands before he glances slightly over his shoulder toward the Batman. His collar is popped in what could be a rather youthful manner, and it remains one of the few habits of old that Gordon hasn't let slide. His shoulders lift slightly as he turns, hands sliding into the wide pockets of his coat.

Shadow and light reflect off the lenses of his glasses, obscuring those blue eyes temporarily. His smile is tired, and it doesn't quite meet his eyes. "Thought you might be getting lonely out there," Gordon says, his dry voice indicating a humor that takes his inner circle to really notice. It is the only reason he gets away with those half-snide jabs at the mayor's behalf in his presence.

"Truth be told," the Commissioner turns back out toward the city, unafraid of his back being to the Bat by now. "I have something for you… if only because it is something that the GCPD would never be allowed to poke their nose around."

* * *

Stepping forward, Batman makes no move to karate chop Gordon in the back. Instead, he moves to stand next to him and look out over the city the both defend. While his is a little more unconventional than the Commissioner's they both are generally on the same side. Smirking, he gives Gordon a side-eyed look and answers just as dryly: "What about me makes you think I'm ever lonely, Gordon?"

However, Gordon shifts things to business and - as always - the Bat is always willing to talk about that. He frowns at the idea that Gordon is tossing him a case, glancing down at the passing traffic below them.

"You haven't had something for me in awhile." It's a stray observation, but one that also remains pointed. "What is it?"

* * *

Jim casts a side glance toward Batman at his dry reply, but he doesn't answer that question. The one thing that solidifies the friendship between Batman and the Commissioner is the clear, honest fact that they are both workaholics. That is always lonely.

He resumes looking out at the city, hands still settled into his pockets, broad shoulders relaxed. He speaks to the city, even if his words are for Batman. "This city is full of habits. You get used to it, but there's been a change in the last couple months." He glances toward Batman, brows furrowing slightly above the rims of his glasses. "The Rail Gangs are digging in to their territories without bloodshed, there's been fewer incident reports from the East End. Crime Alley is still, well, Crime Alley; the Narrows are still the Narrows, but there's like a lull. Everyone's holding their breath for something, and we're not getting a single hint as to what. I've got the Mayor asking me if I've got some underground initiative started, or — " And Jim snorts. " — I'm organizing our organized crime." It was said in just, but come on.

* * *

Batman frowns. It's not a new look for him, but he studies the city with a similar intensity as Gordon. If anyone knows as much about this city as Gordon, it's the man standing next to him.

His first statement is made is done with what sounds like complete and utter sincerity: "You do have the mustache for organized crime."

Then, however, he focuses as only he can. "Someone or something bigger is moving in." It's a statement and one that he knows Gordon already has guessed. "I'm sure this has something to do with the recent vacuum left by the arrest of Fisk. I can only assume this is the calm before the storm." And when a storm comes to Gotham? It rarely turns out to be a minor squall.

"Do you have anything else?"

* * *

Jim arches a brow high at Batman at that, and he unconsciously rubs his forefinger and thumb along the rough whiskers of his mustache. "Huh," he says more or less to himself, and then scratches fingers back through his white hair. "Shaved it once. Barbara wouldn't look at me until I grew it back."

He nudges back up his glasses before his hand returns to his jacket, and he resumes his steady stare on the city. "I had been thinking about that… Fisk." He glances sidelong to Batman then. "Yes." He reaches into the inside of his coat, and from the interior pocket, he pulls an envelop.

They are a bit past squirreling copies of GCPD files out of the precinct. When he hands Batman the envelop, it just contains the dime-sized tile of a small USB. "Everything I could get together from recent briefings from the organized crime unit. It's incomplete." Because that unit has never had the easiest time getting information on The Don and his vast crime kingdom. "But, we had a small break when Falcone started buying up the properties in the New York City docks. There are a few new entities in there, though… either new shell companies, or some genuine interest in the open properties. The Mayor has made it clear these are legal purchases." Which they are. "And that I should worry about real crime." Which he is. He doesn't sound happy about the shunting and redirection, but that's nothing new.

* * *

"Politics." Batman's tone is quite clear about how he thinks about politics - especially in Gotham.

Taking the envelope, he opens it, studies the USB and then quickly stashes it somewhere in the many pockets of his utility-belt. Or perhaps in his cape somewhere, or who knows where Batman stashes things so quickly.

"Falcone sounds like he may be overreaching." It's a quick assessment and one made with a frown. It seems if one mess is cleaned up, another is always waiting behind it. New entities and shell corporations to look into. That's something, at least. Maybe he can find something to hack into. It's the way he can help Gordon know where to look. "Politics," he says again with disgust. "They're supposed to protect against companies like this. But, as always, it's up to us." After a moment, he looks over to Gordon. "I'll have something for you as soon as I crack this."

* * *

Jim Gordon nods in a passing, but honest agreement. "Politics merely means the business of the city. We know this city enough to know it's business." It would be poetic if it didn't taste sour.

The observation about Falcone is met with a slight grimace. "Sounds like New York lost the one who would smack his hand back. At the end of this, we might regret that those Defenders removed Fisk from his kingdom… a kingdom without a king is the worst kind of vulnerability."

Then he chuckles, and shakes his head as he looks down. "Politics," he finally agrees in the same disgusted, albeit tired tone.

* * *

"We should never regret a villain behind bars," Batman tells Gordon. "What we must focus on is making sure it does not spread to Gotham. If we worry about toppling evils, the worst stay in power while all fear to do nothing against them."

In a tone that Gordon is sure to know, Batman, waxes his own poetical. "Politics is not how to know this city, nor is business. It's part of it, but it's more than that. Politics and business can be corrupted, Gotham is more than that." It's what he goes out to fight for every night.

Looking to Gordon, he looks back toward the Batsign. "You should destroy that," he says gravelly. "People will ask and it's now against the law. If you'd like you could say you were attempting to capture me and I didn't show."

* * *

"I see we've reached the 'Words of Wisdom' part of the evening," Jim says in a Gordonian humor that is obviously hereditary. Though he does nod a short, single agreement. It's their job, it is what they do.

As the two men — both old in their own right — look out at the city, Gordon can't help but feel a sense of peace fall over him despite the darkness and unknown that lies ahead. The new laws, the threat of possible mimicry to New York City's registration act, the changing landscape of crime as kings try to become emperors. He exhales slowly at the mere idea of it.

The call to the bat signal has the Commissioner frowning that hard, unfliching frown. He looks at the searchlight — the beacon. "Bullock said something similar," Gordon replies. He looks to Batman then. "I'll see to it." His own voice is grave. A dawn of a new era.

* * *

"I know." That answers a lot of questions, almost as much as it doesn't. "Thanks for everything, old friend." The man looks back toward the Batsignal as Gordon does in a moment of perhaps nostalgia if the Bat holds anything like that inside of him.

And then, when Gordon looks back toward the city and the man beside him…he's no longer there. If there's anything Batman likes more than arriving as a surprise, it's leaving as one.

* * *

"Anytime, old — " Gordon turns toward Batman, only to find him standing on the empty roof. He sighs softly, broad shoulders sinking beneath the fall of his trench coat. " — friend."

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