Coming Home
Roleplaying Log: Coming Home
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Bart calls to check on Charlie and she visits the new HQ with Bart and Raven greeting her.

Other Characters Referenced: Batman, Red Robin, Zatanna
IC Date: January 08, 2019
IC Location: Titans Hideout
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Posted On: 09 Jan 2019 22:28
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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* * *

Charlie hasn't been very present since the demonic invasion was thwarted. The whole ordeal left some scars she has had trouble coping with. Not literal scars but trauma all the same. She has also been totes self-conscious about the mild demonic taint. I mean it is ironic considering some of her teammates and their own struggles, but she hasn't had the same time to adjust yet.

Of course Misfit showed up of course if there was an all call emergency Titans Go moment of course over the last several months. She just hasn't been in the meeting room for meetings as often as she should be. Hell she missed the big one about moving and the New Years stuff. Just being distant and trying to get her footing under her back in Gotham moping around the Batcave and fighting crime alone while she tries to get a grip on the night terrors.

When Bart called to see how she was and get her up to speed (haha) on stuff though she actually sounded more like her old self, chipper and all. "So um.. you are there now… okay hold on." and with a flash of crimson smoke she appears by him in the new hideout and abandoned mall. A place she has never been but her target wasn't the mall it was teleporting to Bart. That has all sorts of stalkerish potential.

* * *

That's definitely a handy trick. It's also pretty startling to have someone you were just talking to over the phone suddenly show up in front of you. In retrospect Bart realizes he's probably done a similar trick with people that he's vaguely amused in that he's finding out just how that is being on the receiving end.

He's in a bit of an awkward situation upon Misfit's abrupt arrival, startled enough that he'd upset the balance of his chair from the looks of things, seeing as how said chair is lying on its back on the floor with the young speedster still upon it, in like position.

He's got his usual costume on but his goggles and head portion are pulled down around his neck, barely seen beneath the hood of the dark red sweatshirt he wears, which for the record is emblazoned with the Flash insignia. Blinking amber eyes, phone still held in one hand, he lifts the other to wave.

"Heya Charlie. Happy New Year?"

* * *

There is a wince, an eeeeep, and a narrowing of eyes as Charlie watches Bart startle and end up crashed and sprawled on the floor there. Her hand actually comes up shielding her eyes for a moment then she thankfully gets a hello and a Happy New Year. Thank the gods she doesn't have to explain to any of her team mates why Bart has a concussion. I mean certainly many might understand but that would still be totally ackward. "crackers…. " blink blink.

Misfit is in her usual outfit, punky slightly off kilter bat-girl-esque as usual. Her own goggles are pushed up onto her forehead revealing sharp blue eyes. That. Book. Well it is still chained around her waist handing off her left hip under her utility belt. "Happy new years Bart… uh… are you okay?"

Charlie is moving over offering him a hand up and looking around the converted food court. "Oh holy crap… a mall!?" her eyes going very wide. "Like.. night of the living dead… dead rising… a mall…. I'm not sure I've ever been in one of these in person.. holy crap Bart!"

* * *

Despite of being on the floor, Bart still grins, which is good enough a signal as any to show he's all right. It feels like forever since he'd last seen her, and although his eyes pause just briefly upon That Book when he sees it, it's Misfit's reaction to their surroundings that pulls his attention back. He reaches up to take hold of her hand so he can get back up as he stuffs his phone into the front pocket of his hoodie.

"Yup! It's…a lot less mall and more headquarters than anything now, but it's still cool, right? Red Robin's the one that scoped the place out and everything, but that's probably no surprise."

He hooks a foot under the chair on the floor, pulling it up to grab the back of it so he can set it back into its upright position by the table he'd been sitting by. "Seriously though? You've never been in one? There's a small one in my hometown in Alabama that they were trying to close early to impose a curfew but a buncha people from school protested it. It's still kinda weird being in one so empty though, but it looks way better than it did when we first started moving things in here."

* * *

The redhead gives a tug to pull Bart back up to his feet and lets him settle the chair as she looks around. "Well.. I mean we had to put all the stuff somewhere and …."there is a brief hiccup of guilt for not helping move and missing the meeting about it. Reliable short of a crisis she has not been. It took a lot to come over right now really but Charlie muscles ahead after a moment.

"Not surprised Robin found it… and it is still close to the city for emergency crime fighting…" Charlie looks back to Bart "Oh.. well.. I don't think so. I mean after I moved to Gotham I went to one of those downtown shopping centers… it isn't quite like this place though.. I mean this is a real mall. Before Gotham .. we really..well it was a lot of corner stores in my neighborhood in Metropolis… no malls anywhere near my neighborhood just dollar stores and check cashing outlets."

Oh right, happy not sad depressive lying emotions. Charlie sucks in a breath and musters a grin. "Think RR would be mad if I got roller-skates and raced around the mall?"

* * *

Bart shakes his head. "It's cool. We managed to clear everything out, and it's probably better that we did everything ASAP than wait around until March when that law kicks in." He makes something of a face at the thought of that. "But yeah, we didn't want to leave the city. We're still going to do what we need to."

He must have caught that brief flicker of an emotional shift, but he knows that Charlie had been dealing with her own things too. His smile might be slightly forced just then, but he reaches out and sets a hand on her shoulder, if briefly. At least she tries to keep away from dwelling on the negative, and to Bart that seems like a better idea than the alternative. His laugh is genuine enough when she mentions rollerskating around the mall.

"With all this space? I doubt anyone would complain. I mean, you could even just claim one of the gutted shops for your own rink."

* * *

Speaking of space and the weird feeling that comes with being inside an empty mall— the former food court-turned-common area suddenly has one more person occupying its space.

Out of the shadows steps a familiar cloaked figure, peaked hood obscuring the pale features of one (1) Raven. Although she means to take a detour back to her room, violet eyes lift to see the two other Titans talking. The path changes, her calm approach almost silent in comparison to the mild waves of emotional vibrancy that come off of both Bart and Charlie.

"Bart. Charlotte?" Raven tilts her head, shrugging off her hood. The short, magenta-tinged ends of her hair stand out more now that they're in view. The corners of her mouth barely twitch, but there's a faint smile found in there somewhere directed toward Misfit. "…It's been some time, hasn't it?"

* * *

Charlie is a roil of emotions and chaos bleed as usual. Her flavor of magic impinges on her emotions and mind really. "Batman would flip his lid if I roller-skated around the .. uh place…." she notes with a big grin to Bart. "I think the halls would be cooler here then a store but.. maybe the old Macy's where they have escalators.. we could turn it into an obstacle course training room!"

Spotting Raven well Charlie tries to get a handle on the emotions, muting as best she can in a couple of blinks. She really likes Raven and sure doesn't want to cause any discomfort. Heck she owes Raven big. "I.. hey Raven." a shy smile and then blinks a little. "Um.. yeah.. I." sadness not happy chaos "I've been a pretty bad teammate and friend.. but I want to be here more. Being alone in Gotham isn't doing any good and I…. kinda think I've been sort of an idiot…" she sort of rambles then blinks "Happy New Year?"

* * *

"Like I said. Ton of space," Bart smirks. "Besides, walking from one end of the place to the other would take super long! Oh, but we do have a training room and stuff too- Double R's managed to bring the Mud Room over- anyway everything's in the basement level."

He doesn't notice they're joined by a third until he catches the movement of the other girl's approach out of the corner of his eye, and by then she's slipping her hood off before offering greeting to Misfit.

"Heya Raven!" he pipes cheerfully. Even if he'd been aware of Raven's more emotionally-tuned abilities, he'd probably be hopeless at keeping his own emotions in check. It'd probably about as successful as telling him to clear his thoughts.

It seems a bit late to launch into a whole, 'Well look who's here!' thing, seeing as how it's obvious. Still, he smiles along as he glances between the two, but as Charlie continues he blinks and turns his head towards her.

"Oh come on. You're not a bad teammate or a bad friend. You've just had a lot of stuff to deal with. We all have. But we're all here again, and that's what matters most. Right?"

* * *

With Bart, it's like a wall of eternal sunshine that brightens every so often. She's not sure if she should start wearing sunglasses around him to get the point across, but she does make a mental note to tell him about the empath stuff for future reference.

The roller coaster of emotions Raven senses from Charlie aren't too distracting, but she can tell she's doing her best to control herself. She tries to help put the girl's current state of mind at ease without having to use her own abilities to turn the metaphorical knobs a few notches down.

There's a hint of a laugh. "Ah, yes. Happy New Year." Then a clawed hand rises, waving to placate the new arrival and old friend. "But I believe Bart's right," she reassures, which is probably a sentence that doesn't come up very often within their circle. "There isn't anything wrong with taking a break from all that has happened. Not being ready to continue would have made it even more difficult to continue do…well, anything."

* * *

Main emotion is relief. Charlie nods slightly, still feeling guilty but the two have made her feel a little better. "Hopefully RR feels that way." she knows his real name but damned if she doesn't endeavor to not slip with it.

"So. New Base. Still in the city vicinity. Still going to be helping save the day." Charlie nods. "I read the messages.. not all the lawyer stuff or cop stuff really but the meeting minutes. We aren't registering.. but people can if they feel they need to.. and we aren't stopping." a slow long pause "I can handle that… I haven't asked Batman but I think I shouldn't register. Not that I have family to endanger but…. it just feels not really right. You know.. I mean …" rambly again. "I just am not sure I trust the Government to keep our stuff secure or to do what is right. Money always seems to win with them and not protecting people." okay whatever is on her mind is a bottomless pit of the sads for a moment there, deeply personal. Must.. snap.. out of it.

* * *

Bart will remember that.

More seriously, being confirmed right isn't (at this moment) something that he'd make a point to lord over anyone who might tell him otherwise. It's probably because in this instance he knows he's in the right. He does grin at Raven though. Sorry, brace for another billion-watt flare.

After Misfit recaps what she's gleaned of the Titans' take on the whole registration nonsense was, the speedster nods. "Pretty much. But yeah, I had a lot to think about last month. All the legal stuff was a pain to wrap my head around," he scowls. "I guess I can get why the city thinks everyone with superhuman abilities and stuff should register, but there's a lot of things we're not sure we can trust, just like you said. And it sounds awful to admit, but it's true. I mean, back home Earthgov is kinda power crazy and out of hand as it is, and that's all under one person."

He sighs, shrugging as he summons up another smile, albeit somewhat lopsided. "So we're all just gonna do what we believe in. Although Zee did say that people were attacking this whole mess from the legal side."

* * *

For all the neutrality she shows, it's amazing she doesn't even flinch when the speedster grins. Her brow just sort of knits, however, smoothing out the second the moment passes.

Raven solemnly nods, letting Charlie ramble for as long as she needs to, understanding the sadness that falls into a similar cadence Starfire displayed during their last Titans meeting. "From what I recall, our decision was unanimous," she replies after Bart says his piece about the registration issue. "A few of the others have thought the same. I also have nothing on record with the Government, nor would I trust them to handle future circumstances fairly."

It's very easy to be swayed by feelings, after all, and that's what she faces every time she passes supporters of the law on the streets. The emotional excess becomes tiring to the point of sheer exhaustion, which is part of the reason why she hasn't been spending as much time outside of the abandoned mall of late.

"With what has been said," she adds, "it will be left up to you to decide whether or not you will go along with it."

* * *

"Oh no… I am with you guys. I don't trust the system.. which is really kind of sad. They just.. honestly they don't seem to care like they should. If they did well it wouldn't be as important for us to do what we do I guess." that is pretty deep and not as rambly for Charlie.

"Did you create a new Raven perch here?" then a look to Bart "I imagine there are room enough for everyone and then some in a place like this. Geeze…" before bouncing back to a more serious question. "Did I miss anything else dire… or critical… and um.. have they noticed we moved out of the Tower yet and said anything?"

* * *

The speedster's more than happy to switch up topics as Misfit brings the focus back to their new headquarters. "It probably would've been more crazy calling dibs on shop spaces if they still had everything in them, but yeah, there's plenty of room for everyone. Makes my old room at the Tower look like a closet in comparison, and at least now Clawmy's got her own space to play." He frowns slightly. "…although that doesn't stop her from napping in my bed every chance she gets."

Even when he happens to already be lying in it. Sharing bed space with a cougar-sized cat who still thinks she's felis domesticus-sized is not very comfortable at all.

"I…don't think you've missed anything otherwise, really. Not sure if anyone's noticed we've vacated the Tower- I accidentally stopped by there New Year's Eve but it looks pretty much the same as it always has."

* * *

The question does come out of left field, but it's a welcome break from the heavy dose of reality they're all facing. "More or less," Raven succinctly answers, not fazed in the slightest. "I think it used to be a bookstore."

Clawmy also likes intruding on her space, but that's a detail she chooses to omit.

As Bart replies to Charlie's last question, Raven pretty much confirms with a nod. Other than attending a few social functions, there really hasn't been any other huge changes to their schedules.

* * *

Charlie just sort of nods looking around "Okay cool..and you should really get a second bed and push them together for you and Clawmy Bart…" she grins though and then twirls around briefly taking in the food court one more spinning time.

"Can one of you show me where the various important stuff is, like ops, briefing room, gym, and garage and all that?" pauses a beat "Then maybe I can prowl around and find a used toy store to use as a room… though you did say it was all cleared out which is lame Bart." Charlie seems in better moods now after actually talking to a couple of her friends. Self-care is important and friends are part of that.

* * *

"Well…it wouldn't really be abandoned if it still had stuff in it. But it would have been a whole lot cooler with more stuff," Bart has to agree. He nods at Charlie and pulls back his sleeve to uncover the watch-like band he has around his wrist. "Hey SIRIN, can you pull up a map of HQ for us?"

"Oh, certainly! Not a problem at all, Mister Allen!" the AI replies perkily. There's a beat before she continues, her tone however a complete 180 and practically dripping sarcasm. "I guess it's too much trouble walking to a mall directory."

Bart rolls his eyes a little, apparently used to this sort of thing, but a holographic layout of the mall is beamed out of his band for their reference.

"Also don't forget, you have a meeting tomorrow at—"

"Yeah, yeah- got it. Thanks SIRIN," Bart cuts in, grinning almost sheepishly over at Misfit and Raven. "Anyway! Here's where we are, former food court, here's where we've been having meeting stuff, down here's the training room I mentioned…."

* * *

The shift in the atmosphere is both visible and almost tangible, becoming more pleasant. Brighter, in a way.

Raven is secretly glad to see that Charlie is feeling better, regardless. Her interest in the mall is promising, and Bart's optimism just gives that extra boost she sometimes fails to have whenever encouragement is a thing. Still, her gaze flickers when the speedster interrupts his AI friend, brow quirking at the mention of a meeting.

There's an inkling. That's about all there is. She doesn't pursue it any further than that.

But yes. Mall tour. "Looks like you two have it covered," Raven rasps, the corner of her lips tugging into a mild smirk. "If you will excuse me, I'll be heading back to my room…" But as she turns to go, she looks over her shoulder. "…unless it takes some time. I may join you two a little later if you're still wandering about."

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