It's Totally Safe
Roleplaying Log: It's Totally Safe
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Tony has a surprise for Bart's cat. Pepper and Barbara are naturally concerned.

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IC Date: January 10, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis
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Posted On: 12 Jan 2019 07:03
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The day after Hammer's … visit to Stark Tower, Pepper clears her and Bart's schedules, and after notifying Tony's new assistant, the pair of them along with Clawmy make the trek to Metropolis to speak with Tony directly. There are a few things that she does NOT feel right discussing over a phone call, even one as secure as multiple AIs can manage. Just before getting underway, a rather expansive, unwieldy, and heavy parcel arrived, and Pepper made the snap decision to bring whatever it is along.

Of course that means Bart and Dmitri are the ones that have to wrangle the thing.

They arrive promptly, and Pepper asks JARVIS to let Tony now they're there, though she doesn't expect that to result in much. So, they head for the man's new workshop. It's likely already a cluttered mess.


Not only is it a cluttered mess. It is also a under-construction mess. Mind the heavy working bots and the live electrical panels. It's fine. Just don't touch the sparking things.

The building that Stark is well…building…is on the edge of Metropolis and very much in the midst of constructions. The lower levels, accessed by a secret elevator of course, are only partly functional and still defiantly in the middle of building built.

Stark? He's there of course, grinning up towards them as they slowly enter the under-construction area.

"Oh look! Visitors! Pardon the mess I mean its me there is always a mess." A flash of a grin.

"Never mind that! So. Bart! Did you and Pepper get my package? Did you try it on?"


Do you know how difficult it is to find a cat harness big enough for something the size of a cougar? Answer- extremely so, as cat harnesses that size do not exist. Which is why Clawmy is fitted with something for a very large dog. Shh, don't tell her.

Between making sure his very pink cat doesn't go wandering off and trying to deal with…whatever this box is (he's been dying to open it and see but they hadda go aaaaall the way to Metropolis and without superspeed so it's literally been forever in his book), Bart Allen at least has plenty to keep him busy that his attention doesn't wander too much. That of course doesn't stop him from gawking a bit here and there. He's never been to Tony's new businessy place!

"Hey Mister Stark!" he greets happily once he and Pepper do track the man down. Nearly getting tugged off of his feet as Clawminator Destrucat Mk. II lunges into a trot towards Tony to greet with her usual dosage of pink fur application to pants legs, Bart lets her harness leash slip from his hand so he can help settle the box they've lugged all the way from New York down.

"Oh, this is from you? Try…?" Blink. Well, obviously it hasn't even been opened yet!


"Hey, Tony, I think Pepp — er is coming down."

These words are said just as Barbara steps into the cluttered mess that is Tony's workshop. She had been somewhere in the maze of construction and half-finished rooms when JARVIS let her know that Ms. Potts and Mr. Allen had arrived. She assumed she had a few minutes to finish her code string before she popped off her stool and started to trace her steps to where she knows she will find Tony.

She lifts her hand, waving almost sheepishly at the two. "Hey." At the sight of Bart, her smile redoubles a bit, and she gives him a more covert wave that clearly says Be Cool. "Bart." As it has been a while since she's seen Bart, she gives the giant pink cat a bit of a surprised look. Last time she saw Clawmy, she was still somewhat — uh — reasonable sized.


Yup. A mess. Pepper can very easily excuse the construction dust, and she likely knows more about workplace safety that TONY does, but it's the other clutter that tells her she's in the right place. She smiles a hello to the inventor, offers a friendlier smile to Barbara, then turns and thanks Dmitri and Bart for lugging that shipping box around.

"Wait, you sent something, Tony?" She promptly turns to look at the shipping label on the box and … "Well, this isn't it. This is something I ordered yesterday. Bart, it's for your cat, so feel free to open it."

Why didn't she have him open the shipment back in Manhattan?


"Oh…wait…did I ship it…or did I just make it…JARVIS? Did I ship the thing!" Stark calls out even as Clawmy trundles over to rub pinkness everywhere. Stark absently reaches down to let the cat sniff and give skritches of greetings as she nearly knocks him over with a smirk.

"Babsra," A flash of a grin at Barbara. He totally gets that wrong on purpose. All the time. Just because its who he is. "You've met Bart? I mean I know you know Pepper because I'm sure you've both gossiped horribly about me. Like people do."

JARVIS' voice cuts in. "Ah, no sir. You finalized the design at the London facility before you moved everything then shipped it here. You were going to ship it, just have not yet." A beatpause. "And good afternoon Miss Potts, Mister Allen. Can I get you two anything?"

The AI polite as always. "Sitting arrangements have been slightly difficult lately but I am sure we can scrounge up something." A pause. "And again, I'm sorry about all this Miss Gordon. It has been hectic I know."

Tony waves that away airily. "So where is it!"

JARVIS just sighs. "Back of the room sir…"

"Good good, she's here anyway and it'll be great to just see how it fits…" A pause before he flashes a grin at Bart this time. "I totally got you and Clawmy a…gift. I mean she was great running Hammer off yesterday."


Bart glances over, about to give a casual wave of greeting to Barbara when she enters, freezing for all of a handful of seconds to stare a moment. "Er, heeeey there," he manages to say, smoothing out a grin that he hopes isn't too awkward. He catches her look at Clawmy and shrugs a little. It's not his fault, honest!

Of course now there is the question of who's shipment this is, but as it turns out to be something Pepper had been expecting, Bart scratches his head, perhaps wondering just why they'd gone and brought it along with them. That important? Something for Clawmy? That cat gets more presents than he does! Still, he starts to poke around for the best end to work at opening.

"Hey Jarvis. Got anything with sugar?" he asks as he tugs off packing tape.

Clawmy perks at the sound, and after getting scritchies from Stark she turns about, padding over before pausing to look towards Barbara. Oop. Gotta continue greeting rounds first! Don't get bowled over, Babs!

Bart's got the box open and digging out packaging paper as he glances over at Tony. "Glad you approved! Those guys were asking for it. -Miss Potts, what is this??"


The whole Babsra is kind of growing on her, not that she would dare let Tony know that. So she puts on airs of annoyance at the mix of real name and petname, and continues her advance to the group. With the state of the construction zone, Babs has appropriately chosen jeans and a flannel shirt, glasses perched on her head like a hairband, giving her a clear but unmistakable nerdy lumberjack look.

The workboots help cinch the look.

At JARVIS's apology, Babs offers Pepper a gentle, warm smile and then speaks up to the ceiling with a dismissive shake of her head, "This is nothing, JARVIS."

Bart's super good attempt at be cool is given a wry smile, and she steps up to give him an affable side-hug. Then she steps back to see what this is, also while glancing to Tony with a slight arch of her brow. "Tony… what is this?" Because she might as well ask the source of all troublemaking. Of course, she is abruptly distracted by an enormous headbutting. Barbara — lover of cats — though is brightening at the sight of the pink feline, and she recovers from her stagger to give Clawmy a full ruffling of ears and scruff. "Hi, pretty thing."

Then she's back to looking cautiously at Tony.


Tony MADE something for Clawmy? Why does this feel like a TERRIBLE idea already? Pepper manages to not pre-emptively sigh as he goes rummaging. She clearly dressed for travelling, still wearing a very sharp business outfit, but the killer heels have been replaced by far more comfortable flats.

She turns to Bart when he asks about the box he's just opened. "Oh, it's a bed I saw online and thought your cat might like. Just don't tell her that the cat ones were too small and I bought it from the," she stage whispers at this point, "D-O-G section."


"Is that a challenge?" Stark smirks towards Babs as he looks over his shoulder towards her, already headed in the direction of a suspiciously high tech looking pile of parts. Some goes sliding off the pile as Stark happily rummages.

"Oh those guys were totally asking for it," Stark adds as he starts pulling out things. Surprisingly large things. I mean he shouldn't be able to manhandle some of them easily but…he…is.

Look it's fine.

But eventually a set of sleek looking plates appears on the table, assisted by drones. Its much more sleek, light, and generic than his own iron man armor and a dull gray primer color instead of something more flashy. Too big for Bart…

…about the right size for the cat.

"Babs," Stark comes strolling over. "Did they tell you Hammer tried to buy them out, didn't think they could run things well enough." The inventor adds with a smirk.

A glance at the catbed for a minute and he quirks an eye up. One can almost see the 'what can I do to improve that catbed' thoughts running though his mind.

But then he's back in the present as he sets a light cougar sized helmet on the table.

"So I figured this is like…gift to you both. I mean who doesn't want a cat they can ride to the office in style. Right?"

…so yeah. He totally made armor for the cat.

…he would try to make some for Bart but…Speed Force be strange man.


Bart is totally the best at playing it cool. Honestly he's not incredibly worried if Tony does ask- even if just saying they'd met through a mutual friend can give plenty of cause for speculation considering the man knows the circles they run. Of course Barbara's probably a whole lot better at the secret ID thing than Bart is, so he'll be happier avoiding having to answer any questions either way.

He pulls out the giant tart-shaped bed, blinking. "What the- …oh…. oh….!" he says as he pulls out the assorted plushes that go with the thing. Grinning broadly, he sets it all down and arranges it. "Look Clawmy! Pepper got you a bed thing!"

Yes, attention! Clawmy loves attention, and Babs knows just where to pet her. She purrs, head tilting then at her name. Reluctantly extracting herself from Barbara, the cat strolls over towards her new bed, sniffing at it, pawing at a blueberry. Then she looks at the box it came in, gathers herself on her haunches and hops right in.

Bart smiles wryly, tossing the other blueberry plush into the box that had nearly capsized with the cat's leap. "Yep. Knew that was gonna happen."

With Tony digging about for whatever it is he'd made, the speedster turns about eagerly to see what all he comes up with, looking more and more curious as the pieces of armor are brought out. "Oh, no way," he says with barely contained glee, completely oblivious of the suspicion from Pepper and Barbara as he drifts on over to the table. "Aaaawesome!" He picks up the helmet, looking at it from all angles. "Clawmy! Look, look! Mister Stark made some cool stuff for you!"

Back at the bulging box, Clawmy lazily pokes her head out.


Barbara crosses her arms at Tony's all-too-casual threat. She's nothing like Pepper Potts, but oh boy has she gotten the early renditions of the look down. She spares him a verbal reply, because she's instead looking at the arrival of the… "Is that armor? You made the cat armor?"

Then she is distracted, blinking a moment at the question being directed to her, though she is almost sure that it's rhetorical. "No, but you just told me, so I've heard now." Now she's just being flippant. Then she starts to smile if not a bit amusedly.

Babs follows Clawmy toward the armor, curiosity piqued all the same. She walks past the cat doing cat things, and instead looks at the helmet over Bart's shoulder.


Honestly? Pepper is not in the least bit surprised that the cat chooses the cardboard box. Because cat. But then she sees the armor that Tony's piled on a table and Bart is now admiring. "Seriously, Tony?" She sounds vaguely disappointed. But not too much. After how the feline made Hammer back off, she's feeling very charitable toward Clawmy. And because of that…

"Just this time, Bart. And if she decides that that is as bad as clothes, I am NOT helping you carry her home."


"Eh its built the inside with nanomesh it should be totally flexible and comfortable enough. I thought you both would like it…I wasn't exactly sure what colors to do so that makes it up to you." A smirk at that. "…but this totally fits the eccentric new owner of SI." The smirk grows to a grin. "They think you have a history in genetics, with a pink-furred cougar."

Totally letting that rumor make the rounds.

"JARVIS can show you how to set it up though…well…I mean I can too but I—"

And there is a rumble of something and a rush of dust and smoke from down the hallway.

"…ah…sir?" JARVIS's voice is calm as ever. If slightly urgent. "There has been a slight…mishap…in the transport hub. If you could be so kind…"

Stark smirks at the group there. "See. Problems all over. But you guys are fine here! Trust me! It's totally safe."

Double thumbs up from Stark as he starts to back towards the lab entrance.

Yup. This is totally normal.


"Even the cat gets cooler toys than I do," Bart sighs, but he doesn't look too upset about it as he holds the helmet up for Barbara to have a good look at it too. He does glance over at Pepper somewhat blankly. "Bad as clothes? But she likes lying on everyone's clothes." Proooobably not what Pepper meant but Bart's never tried putting any outfits on his cat.

Clawmy eventually emerges from her box, stretching languidly, and giving everyone a nice peek at those sharp claws before she pads on over towards the table, nearly toppling Bart backwards with a headbutt to the back of his knees. He turns about and scratches her between the ears before stooping down to try setting the helmet on her for size.


The cat tilts her head and lets it fall, but it seems to magically appear in Bart's hands as he catches it before it hits the floor. "Okay, we'll work on that," he says, smirking a bit before he glances back at Tony. "Wait, they actually think that?" He's not sure if he should be amused at being mistaken for a geneticist or concerned that there will be some high expectations.

"…what was that?" The sound and the dust and smoke? Noooot typically a good sign. He watches as Tony goes off to investigate before glancing back at the others.


"Just make sure to use #catsofinstagram when you post a picture, Bart." These words are said a bit absentmindedly because she's squinting after Tony. The transportation hub? Again? Then the redhead gives Pepper a dubious look before she starts after Tony.

"Yeah, problems all over," Babs repeats more or less under her breath before she gives Pepper and Bart both a warm, companionable wave. Then she resumes her half-trot after Tony. "I really wish he'd stop trying to blow this place up once a day."

Then she disappears where the crazy billionaire has gone, leaving Pepper, Bart, and Clawmy alone in the lab.


"Hate to break it to you, but he's not trying and it's not going to stop," Pepper calls after Barbara as she departs after Tony. Well then.

Pepper looks at Bart and Clawmy. "I guess we're free to go get lunch, then. JARVIS, is that Mediterranean buffet place still in business?"

"It is, Miss Potts."

"Perfect, thank you." She looks at Bart. "Let's get everything packed up to take back, and then lunch is on me."


"See you around!" Bart calls after Barbara as she goes dashing off after Tony. He picks himself up and sets the helmet back on top of the table with the rest of the armor pieces, looking to the box. Well, there's more than enough room for the bed and Tony's gift.

"Sounds good," he says to Pepper with a nod, moving to do just that before Clawmy can decide to go box-diving again. Lunch and buffet make a magical phrase that he's come to appreciate, especially as a speedster with his appetite.

"I hope they have more than salad."

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