Double-O 7 Secrets
Roleplaying Log: Double-O 7 Secrets
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Owen reaches out to Dani to pass along information about potential SHIELD shenanigans

Other Characters Referenced: Hashmark
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Hanging his legs of the side of a building with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth Owen drunkenly stares at his phone screen. He doesn't know Dani Moonstar all that well but he still felt the need to hold back her name from Eddie's list when she asked. It's not that he didn't want her to be safe, he's just not sure he trusts that Eddie of all people has anyone's best interest in mind. She reminds him too much of himself for that. But what if this backfires and screws Eddie over somehow? The drinking was somehow supposed to make it clear which he wanted to do, deep in his drunkest of hearts. He's still not sure so he just starts typing.

**Meet for a drink? Not @ Lukes.


Owen's waiting in the back of a dive bar in Hell's Kitchen, sitting on a stool drinking beer from a large glass mug. It's one of the gimmicks of this bar that you buy a mug and keep it there and they fill it for slightly cheaper than buying a normal pint. The air even without the aid of the outlawed cigarette smoke still manages to feel thick and grimy. The buzz of the light over the pool table in the back is audible throughout the entire place. The ceiling is covered in old tin printed ceiling, it's details obscured by too many layers of cheap, poorly chosen colored paint. The lower half of the walls are paneled, though most of that is now bondo and paint as well rather than the original woodwork. The clientele in the bar all look like they must be neighborhood locals, not a single tourist in sight.

The familiar jingle of a text received brings Dani's attention to her phone. Her eyebrows rise upward at who's texting her, but with a few touches to the screen of her phone she sends a reply.

**Sure. Send over the address and time.


The address wasn't necessarily familiar to Dani, but with the internet anything is findable. And while she could have had Brightwind fly her out, she felt that was just a bit too (much) conspicuous and decided to go with the local ride-sharing. So, here Danielle Moonstar is. Dressed in a pair of dark jeans, boots, a shirt, and a warm enough coat to keep the bitter edge of winter at bay.

She pushes the door open and steps inside and for a moment her gaze just roams around the interior. Taking in the ambiance, the walls, the ceiling and the locals that can be found within. Probably she sticks out like a sore-thumb what with being an unknown face, but there's nothing to be done for it. Instead, Moonstar walks with confidence to where Owen is. Silently she slides onto a stool next to the man, her attention on him for a moment, before she asks, "Hey, how's it hanging?"

The glazed look in Owen's eyes when he looks up at her in the doorway is a clear indicator, even from across the room, that this isn't his first stein of beer. He is dressed down in torn jeans, scuffed dark brown leather boots and a 80s metal band tee-shirt over a thermal undershirt. Once he sees her he takes another big swig of his beer. It's almost like he feels the need to gather up the courage to do this? Or maybe gather up the bits of good natured concern for his fellow man that are scattered throughout his system, they exist but not exactly his usual primary mode of operation.


The greeting is too loud, especially since he's yelling it when she sits down versus when she's across the bar. He answers with a sway of his head, "I am wonderful. How are you? I mean… really. How, are you?" Yes, he's off to a wonderful start in the being a trustworthy source of information department. But really he wouldn't blame anyone for discounting him for a large variety of reasons.

Oh yeah. Dani catches that look in his eyes. It also doesn't help when he greets her rather exuberantly when she's right next to him. That loud call-out of her name garners a wince from the Cheyenne. That wince then turns into a speculative look - or rather a wary look.

Okay, maybe it's a mistrusting look. Really it's all of those combined into something disapproving.

But, here she is, "Owen." She greets back, though far quieter than he was. "I'm okay." She answers his question, "You? Everything okay?" Because the drunken part doesn't instill a lot of confidence in Dani that he's 'ok'.

And while she doesn't need to drink, she will motion a server over to order a beer. Wouldn't want to look too odd here. Really.

Taking a too large gulp of beer that he then has to swallow in two goes, Owen holds up a finger before answering. Well, before talking. Because he doesn't really give an answer to the question so much as start Owen'ing all over the place.

"You know? People think just because I'm kind of a drunk, and a felon and a shitty boyfriend that I'm not good with secrets."

Boy that's probably not what she expected to hear. And no it doesn't make any sense that he would bring up people's opinions of him as a romantic partner, but it's Owen so buckle up Dani.

"But you know. You know I'm not?" It's hard to tell if he's implying that she for some reason knows that he's not bad at secrets, or if he's just refuting that he's bad in general. The drunkeness, real and legit this time versus the feigned act from the night at the cage fights, isn't helping much here.

"But in this case. I think I gotta tell you my secret. Cause I gotta feeling it's the shitty kinda secret that gets people dead."

Drunk, felon and shitty boyfriend.

How does one answer that? Dani tries to say something to it and even gets so far as to open her mouth, but really. How does one answer that.

One doesn't, that's really the answer. So, Moonstar closes her mouth with a slight snap, even as she keeps her attention on Owen.

Thankfully she doesn't have to wait long. He begins to talk again and Dani listens. Once more her eyebrows raise upward when he refutes his inability to keep a secret. That he's good at it. That she should know he's not. It brings an automatic answer, "Of course." Because that's what needs to be said in this very moment. Almost she asks him another question, but his last words prompt a flash of surprise from her.

She didn't expect him to say that. Then that expression turns to seriousness as she leans closer, voice dropping lower still, "Tell me what's going on."

Passing right over the fact that she and Owen intersected somewhere that Owen had no business being and he never brings up her work for SHIELD is fine by him. But then she gets conspiratorial and she leans in closer to him. He nods at her, as if she's getting him and he's going to actually get to his point now. He leans in ever so slightly and whispers.

"I'm pretty shitfaced."

Wait. That wasn't the 'secret' he was going to tell her. He regroups and tries again.

"Hashmark. Eddie Morales. That name mean anything to you?"

He leans back, to try and watch her face, though right now he couldn't read a billboard let alone an inscrutable SHIELD agent.

She was expecting to hear something mind blowing.

She really was.

As such, when he drops the bomb about being shitfaced, Dani can't quite stop the slight lowering of her eyebrows and the thinning of her mouth. "Owen." She says his name warningly, perhaps a little threateningly, "This isn't news -"

But she doesn't quite finish that thought, not when he drops the real news he intended to in the first place.

Surprise tries to etch itself on her features, but Dani has learned how to project a neutral facade when needed. It's definitely needed now. She hadn't expected him to bring up that particular former-who's-no-longer-former SHIELD associate.

Keeping her expression fairly clinical, the Cheyenne says, "Perhaps. What's going on and how's it going to cause such terrible collateral damages?"

Obviously meaning how are people going to die from whatever secrets he has.

"Let me rewind."

Oh no. He's twirling his fingers and making something that is probably supposed to sound like audio rewinding or playing backwards or something but it's super cringey in that special drunk person thinking they are being clever or witty way. One might hope that it would be brief, it isn't. Owen goes on for an irritatingly long time in this manner before shaking his head briefly and starting afresh.

"Hashtag was an old contact of mine from the less than legal days. Captain Boomerang, Flash's most feared Rogue. All that." Yea, no. He was second string on a team of C-List villains. "And then suddenly, she pops up again. Twice. And she's all looking to re-establish some business ventures, which were mostly on the up and up so sure."

Thankfully Owen's thirst stops him from getting too long winded on the background here, as he stops for a sip of beer.

"But then she keeps showing up. And then she's saying she's back in SHIELD when she 'bumps' into me at.." He pauses and narrows his eyes. "Luukes." He draws it out as if trying to remember if that's right. Or more accurately figure out if that's a good lie to tell. "Bar."

"And that's a little weird sure. But then? She /hires/ me to help her move some shit, and casually drops that shits about to go down at SHIELD. And asks if there's anyone she needs to watch out for."

He pauses for a long time there. But even if Dani starts to reply, he feels the need to cut her off to clarify.

"I didn't give her your name."

If there is an expression that surely shouts 'oh gawd please don't', that's currently on Dani's features as he makes the rewind noises.

It's almost cringe-worthy, but Dani employs all her SHIELD techniques not to reach over and cover Owen's mouth with her hand to make him stop.

Instead, Moonstar waits as patiently as she CAN until he's finally finished with his impression of a drunken cassette tape. Then she listens once again.

Her features hold that neutral cast even if inwardly she feels surprise and then dread at what he reveals. Not with what he reveals about his less than legal days, she looked all that stuff up at SHIELD, but at the mention of the too many coincidence that had Owen and Eddie bumping into each other.

"She hires you." She echoes back and before she can ask any further questions, Owen cuts her off beforehand. To clarify that he didn't give Eddie her name. This causes Moonstar to look away for a moment, her expressio grim. She's trying to parse through what all this information means.

What could be going down.

After a few more seconds Moonstar returns her attention to Owen. "Did she give any indication what the trouble would be? Where it's starting? Upper management or lower? What were you two moving?" She asks, her questions coming fast and hard now.

If Owen notices any pained expressions or repressed urges to punch him in the mouth, he shows no indication of it. He continues on with his rambling and weird 'joke' that only he finds even mildly amusing. But when she tries to clarify some of the details he tries to focus. This is a serious thing possible and he doesn't mean to be screwing this up.

"Hires me." He tries to make that an agreement to the unspoken question of, isn't that weird? Which feels good because it's nice to have some confirmation that he's not just getting all itchy skinned because she's a SHIELD agent now.

"She said something about if I had any people I cared about at SHIELD she would try to cover them? Shield them? That seems redundant. Something about umbrellas and shit storms? But I got the sense they were less the paperwork kind and more the bullet-y kind." He frowns and tries to parse out what it was that seemed ominous about the way Eddie put it. Something tripped his radar and he can't think of exactly what it was.

"I don't know Dani. Maybe she knows, that I know you? Maybe this is some sort of fuckin' SHIELD … mind game shit." He frowns and knows that he tried hard to think through the possible whats and whys and pros and cons of telling Dani about this.

"But I'm no spy. And I'm paranoid enough sober, so I can't be dealin' with this."

Much like Owen, Dani is considering the angles of this knowledge he's just dropped upon her lap.

It's enough to bring a frown to her features, as he echoes some of her own thoughts that are rolling rapidly around.

"I'm not a fan of bullet-y kind of problems." She says with a morose sort of amusement, "Especially if they're aimed at me or other agents." His mention of whether Eddie knows that the two of them know each other prompts a quick head-shake. "How would she? I can definitely tell you we haven't talked at all since her returned. I also highly doubt she's seen the two of us meeting anywhere, so no. I don't think it's anything like that." Simply because they rarely meet beyond a few times at Luke's and other places.

"I also don't think it's anything manipulative either." She adds to the mention of mind games, "What would be the point of it? You're not necessarily on SHIELD's radar anymore." Well, beyond just the generalized watch list per se, "No, this has to be something else."

And with that last admission of his, Dani looks at him again. "You don't need to. I got this. The only thing I'd ask of you is if she drops you anymore tidbits send them my way. I'll see what I can find out from the inside, but you don't need to dig further into this. I have it."

Now Owen may say that's he's not a spy, but getting that little nugget of information out of Dani that he's not on SHIELD's radar anymore was important to him. He tries his best to not react, which causes him to give a big ol' drunken yawn for some reason. But somehow Owen had talked himself into this being connected to Suicide Squad and the last thing he needs is Amanda Waller up his ass about, well anything.

"And uhh.. I did give her two names though. Bucky and Jane. I know they ain't proper SHIELD but I figured just in case?" He tries to think of a good way of explaining that he was willing to use them as bait if it was a trap, or possibly keep them safe if it's legit. It all sounds bad enough in his head that he says, "I figured they'd probably be the ones burning shit down anyway, so couldn't hurt."

Her releasing him from having to dig into this any further is an actual relief. He has his own secrets and government agency headaches to deal with, he wasn't exactly in the market for more. But he does need to cultivate that tie with Eddie, just in case. It can't hurt to keep her close until there's more details. Should he do that spy thing where you sleep with the hot girl for some nebulous reason? That's a great thing. And Owen, being drunk announces to Dani, with a seriousness that is way out of place.

"You're right. I should sleep with her. Just to be safe."

The mention of Bucky and Jane causes Moonstar to focus back upon the conversation, "That's fine." She says, "It's best to give her some names so it doesn't seem odd. I wouldn't give any more though." Not that he needs her to explain it, but she does anyway.

She also doesn't reveal she's going to go to Bucky and Jane so they can figure out what's going on. Former Heralds stick together, after all.

Already Moonstar is beginning to slide off her stool, intending to end the conversation and likely start to dig into this. Only that movement stops at Owen's VERY LAST WORDS. Well, okay, it stops her from starting the goodbyes, it doesn't stop her from sliding off the stool.

Now the Cheyenne reaches out to grab Owen's shoulder, or attempt to at least, even as she says, "Owen." Her voice is very serious here, very slow, so he understands her next words fully. "Do not sleep with her. DO. NOT. This is not some James Bond movie."

She waits a heartbeat, then adds, "Do you understand?"

Owen doesn't give it a second thought that she might go talk to Bucky and Jane about it. If he did, he would ask to be left out of that conversation because boy howdie does he not want them thinking he was doing them any favors. Or trying to get them killed. Either of those things. But he doesn't and he seems content that she is heading out until she turns to talk to him.

Her serious tone and the words coming out of her mouth cause his face to screw up in confusion. He tilts his head and looks at her like she's speaking another language, but then it dawns on him. Of course. This is the spy thing where you say one thing but totally meant he opposite of that thing. He nods and tries to make his face into a mirror of her serious expression, which just causes him to look a little angry. "Right. I gotcha" But of course he can't help but add a conspiratorial wink, because drunk.

And not that bright.

His reply and that wink, especially that wink, causes Dani to put a little shake into that shoulderhold of hers. Like shaking drunk people ever really helped, but it makes you feel like it sure does.

"DO. NOT." She repeats again and while she knows that likely falls on deaf ears she can't quite help but repeat it again.

Finally though, the black-haired woman just sighs. "I'll text you in a few hours to reiterate the message. Maybe then it'll sink it." Maybe.


Probably not, though.

"Remember if you hear anything more just pass the information along to me. I'll see what I can find out."

And with that said Dani fishes out a bit of money to toss it on the table, only after that's done does she give one last look to Owen. "Remember, don't do it."

Really it's now like she's almost daring him to. Or telling him he has to do it because it's the most important thing. Really the more serious she gets, the more Owen internalizes that somehow his man whoring is the key to bringing this whole thing down. But for some reason it's really important that Dani not know about it maybe? Maybe that's what she means.


A beat.

"I won't."

A beat.

"Tell you about it."

He gives her a very serious nod and wave before ordering another beer.

There's a hard stare from Moonstar, but then she just shakes her head. "Spirits." She mutters softly to herself, then she gives him one last look, "Stay out of trouble, Owen."

Then, "And thanks for bringing this to me."

When she finally turns and walks away, she makes sure to stop a nearby serve, "Cut him off after that last beer. He's had enough."

Then the Agent of SHIELD is out the bar and moving with purpose. To figure out just what craziness is now infecting SHIELD.

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