Amazonian Waffle Party
Roleplaying Log: Amazonian Waffle Party
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Cassie comes home to warm greetings from the other Titans and Waffles for all!

Other Characters Referenced: Batman, Dick Grayson, Tony Stark
IC Date: January 12, 2019
IC Location: Titan's Hideout
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Posted On: 13 Jan 2019 07:53
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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Well Charlie did bring up the idea to Bart the other day and he said there was plenty of space and all. I mean sure he did also say one of the abandoned stores may make a better rink then the halls, but Misfit missed any subtle hints Bart may have been imparting.

Which is how you get Charlie rollerskating at high speeds down the hallways and between pillars. I mean sure she seems to be having the time of her life, which is good since she has mostly been hiding in Gotham and at the Cave for honestly months and seeming very insular since the demon troubles. "Wheeeeeeee" as she whizzes by Operations.

Misfit isn't wearing a helmet or pads either. Just a pair of workout shorts and a Gotham Knights tank top. Reckless.

Charlie teleports up a level with a slash of crimson smoke and races along there, only to teleport again across the way onto an escalator rail and grind her way down the shutdown conveyance back to the food court. "Wooooaaaah…." arms flailing. Okay she maybe didn't think this one through. Sure she can teleport but she will still have all the momentum on rollerskates

* * *

Cassie isn't exactly shocked as perhaps she should be when she comes to find out the Titans Tower had been abandoned- At this point it has a history of having one crazy thing after another done to it. Thankfully it also isn't difficult for her to learn the location of the new hideout as well; she can always count on Tim to drop info on her at just the right time thanks to the bracers he made for her that activate at just the right time.

So once at the hideout she finds herself a little overwhelmed by how spacious the area is- For whatever reason she thought the place would be a lot smaller, thus giving her 'surprise return' a lot more impact. Now she has to stumble around like a doof to find everyone- Or does she! Shortly after Misfit's cry Cassie pretty much abruptly appears within her flight path, upside-down and with a hand extended, "Hey; I'll give you a hand if you give me yours~." she offers with a playful grin.

* * *

The new Titan's base provides not only many of the comforts of their old hideout, but also some curious recreations of the commercial space it once was- a tribute to human cultural fascination with 'The Mall.' While obviously there are no current stores, the young team has decorated the space in ways reminiscent of their own tastes and thus the shops they might once have visited, or even, in some cases, used abandonned equipment to recreate the originals. As an alien, one might think Starfire would be somewhat less fixated on this strange activity…

Yet one would be incorrect, for a simple reason: the lingering remnants of the food court.

The bits of commercial kitchen equipment that were too bulky or out-of-date to be worth the cost of removing were just left behind, and this has allowed the newly refurbished Titan's kichen area to draw on some novelties that weren't available at the old tower. Dough-stirrers and ovens at a defunct Annie's Pretzels. Large fryers. Hotdog spinner things. Sure, they had to buy new mustard to fill the big plastic dispensers, but now, well… now they have a LOT of mustard, available at the pump of a spigot!

And so Koriand'r is happily settled in the middle of this cullinary paradise, preparing herself a between-meal snack of dubiously healthy, condiment-slathered variety. As she works, floating from station to station, she occasionally looks up on Misfit as she passes this way or that, and it's only her final 'woah!' that draws specific concern. Leaving food behind, she begins to fly into action-

-but suddenly a wild Amazon appears. "Oh! Friend Cassie, you have returned! 'Good catch,' yes?"

* * *

"Hey, quit that," calls a voice from the upper level as Misfit goes careening down the escalator and, just as one might fear, winds up out of control. Fortunately, the newly returned WONDER GIRL is on the case, so whoever captain buzzkill is doesn't have to try and do it himself.

Captain buzzkill in this situation is, of course, Red Robin.

The onetime Boy Wonder, in his more lightweight Titans costume that eschews the heavy cape and cowl for a domino mask and that weird wing-cape that's currently retracted into its accompanying jetpack, leans over the railing as this whole situation plays out, with also Starfire coming to the attempted rescue; this might also be for the best, because whatever culinary abomination she was making over there was liable to accidentally summon Trigon, or something.

He doesn't seem at all surprised to see the demigoddess there, though… But then, odds are good the Red Knight took a page from his mentor and the costume he made for Cassie is in fact laced with tracking devices.

You know, just in case.

He's not paranoid!!

* * *

"Watch out, run away cat!"

The acoustics due to the mall layout may not help exactly, but generally when this cat is out to play, it's probably a good idea anyway to give everyone a head's up.

As it happens, Clawminator Destrucat Mk. II is racing along the second level in Red Robin's direction, all 100+ pounds of cougar-sized domestic cat flesh and pink fur. Well, mostly pink fur. It seems she's gotten a new costume herself recently, armored plates and a helmet of all things, still in gray primer. Yup. It's gotta be new. One guess as to where that came from.

There's a blur of red and white that eases up enough in speed for one to confirm which of the resident speedsters it is, not that it's difficult to work out. Impulse grins as he comes up alongside his cat. And then looks up.

"Whoa, brakes! Brakes!!"

* * *

Charlie definitely didn't think this completely through. I mean yes she absolutely knew Tim would be Captain Buzzkill. She actually discussed that with Bart when she came up with this idea. Still he is way less of a buzzkill than Batman would be if she were to do this back at the manor. Heavens help everyone in that case. Also Alfred considering the likely wheel scuffs. So isn't it just better she is doing it here, with all the space of this converted Mall. Seriously look at how good Misfit is being right now.

Still the escalator was maybe a mistake. I mean sure Charlie could probably literally bounce back from any damage even without her safety gear, but that doesn't mean it won't hurt like the dickens in the meantime. There are cute flails and windmilling "I'm fiiiine Robin…" cliff notes she isn't totally fine and then a wild Cassie appears to save the day. There is a brief pause as she connects the words with the offered hand and then reaches up an grabs on. Cassie can take the jerk of momentum without dislocating anything after all. "Heeey"

"Uffffff" as Misfit feels the impact of the momentum though. "Hey Cassie!" she switches to using both hands and laughs as she likely dangles. "Happy New Year??" a grin is shot to Starfire "I found Cassie." taking credit, though well Cassie really found her.

Honestly it will be a surprise if this base survives the Titans

* * *

Cassie really should have known that somehow, some way, Bart would get involved in this fiasco. Only moments after she takes Misfit's hand does his voice register; Cassie reflexibly yells, "IMPULSE!" as she ends up having to halt the momentum a bit more rough than she'd like- But on the plus side, collision has been prevented by a mere four inches. Not bad. Not. Bad. At. All.

But all the aside, the young heroine finds herself right at home very quickly, and her annoyed frown curls up into a warm smile at how quickly she finds herself surrounded by familiar faces- including the sunny Starfire, and the not-nearly-as-sunny Red Robin "Hey guy!" she pipes as she flips rightside-up and back to her feet, "I've got good news and bad news: The good new is.. I'm back, and that means a Group Hug is in order!"

* * *

It seems Starfire will give Misfit credit for the discovery! "You have indeed found her! How very wonderful. Friend Cassie, it is good you have returned!" And it seems the indeed very sunny alien is also ALL FOR this particular suggested course of greeting ritual. "Yes! The group hug!" She will immediately target on the two already close to each other, although whether they can aim to wrangle any others (perhaps the barely stopped in time Bart?!) into the soon to be amorphous blob of affections remains to be seen. She tries her best.

So Kori flies there and settles with one arm around both Cassie and Charlie and gives them a hug that falls just short of mushing any internal organs. Cheerful C-people, yay!

"You must tell us of your travels," she then declares, once they've broken from the hug. "Obviously you have heard already of the troubles at the Tower."

* * *

"Red Robin," the vigilante corrects Misfit without even really thinking about it. It's completely different because it has an adjective on the front, like if somebody named Angel started calling themselves Archangel instead.

Besides, the last thing he wants to do is get confused with Damian.

Once they start talking about group hugs, though, he stays right where he is. This is probably a fairly effective strategy, because the Titans' most powerful and inescapable hugger, Ms. Marvel, isn't present. Of course it leaves him with another, different problem, because Clawminator Destrucat Mk. II is rushing at him, and for some reason the frankly enormous pink cat is wearing armor.

"Oh, what," is about all he manages to get out before the collision.

At least this time it's not him landing on top of the cat, he supposes.

* * *

Clawmy does try. Or rather Impulse does, and while he manages to slow somewhat, his cat's lack of traction ends up bowling her right into him, which just ends up in a big old rolling mess of- Oh, hey Red Robin.

"Ugh," the speedster groans, having landed on his back. "That. Could have gone better…"

The oversized pink cat looks about and then twists around to get her feet properly under her before sniffing at her speed brake, namely Red Robin. Then she shakes herself off and licks down a few stray hairs on a big but dainty paw before padding off like she didn't just totally crash into the Titans' leader.

"Sorry Red Rob," Bart says with a grimace, rubbing the back of his head as he sits up. He glances over at the girls, somehow after all that still managing to smile. "Cassie!" he pipes, hopping to his feet. DID SOMEONE SAY GROUP HUGS- INCOMING SPEEDSTER!

* * *

"Sorry Red Robin." as Misfit gets her feet, well, wheels under herself. She is still grinning like a fool though. "What Kori said." as she reaches to join in the group hug.

There is some hesitation as the cry of Run Away Cat is heard, a puzzled look shot to the upper level where Red Robin and Clawmy and Bart are all on a collision course. Well two of the three, Robin is stationary and an innocent victim. Charlie eeps, winces, and then looks again at the action disaster. "ooo…" then she gives Kori and Cassie and within moments a Speedster the group hug. "That had to hurt…" she whisper to Bart.

* * *

Cassie will take what she can, and will just have to trust that Bart won't turn the group activity into a group rolling boulder! She feels her cheeks warm up as she squeezes in return; note she holds up fairly well to Kori's affection, but had forgotten how the sensation remains for some time after release. Oof! A nervous chuckles following Star's request, "O- Oh yeah! Um.. Gosh, where do I even start, right?"

But first an 'ooo' in stereo with Misfit. Luckily she had already anticipated having to accept a rain check from Tim. "Well, nice to see that even with different locations, some things never change, huh? I guess I'll start with addressing the bad news.." and that's when she sets a hand on Misfits' shoulder, "Unfortunately Missy's failed her JSR trial and, as such, won't be able to join the GGs. Tough break."

* * *

"What's JSR?"

She might not be a ninja, but disconcertingly enough, Zatanna Zatara can be quiet whenever she wants to be. Dressed as if she had ventured out at some point into the outside world, the young woman makes her appearance somewhere behind the gathering, dressed in her typical fashionable blacks - a fur-trimmed snow coat left open now that she's in warmer confines, pulled over a short black dress, fishnets, gloves and thigh-high boots. The only things that aren't black on her today is the loose knit cap dyed a deep purple pinned to the back of her head and a matching, warm, snuggly cashmere scarf draped loosely around her shoulders. There's a hint of snow still on her shoulders and collar, but now that she's inside the mall, these signs are melting quickly.

For some reason, she looks tired, but there's a small smile on her face regardless and she looks like she was…


She's carrying a few bags from Mood Fabrics, a major purveyor of designer textiles in New York (and, to reality TV enthusiasts, made famous for its many appearances in Project Runway). A hand reaches up absently to remove her knit cap, her hair in the rare state of loose and free on her shoulders and draped down her back.

Upon seeing the two faces in the middle of the gathering, she blinks, recognition on her features. "Charlie! Cassie! When did you guys get in?"

* * *

Starfire never seems too bothered by the looming disaster of armored cat and young Bat (although she definitely watches the impending and then actually happening collision with wide-eyed curiousity). If anything, she takes the generally manic nature of life among the Titans as the norm. It is what makes them all such wonderful friends.

Also the hugs!

When she is through with squeezing her friends (yay for robust Cassie, does that mean she gets extra love?), she listens with some curiousity to the story Cassie offers, although she goes from zero to completely lost in relatively short order. "What is this JS-" For the first time ever, perhaps, Zatanna is just as confused as Koriand'r! "Yes, and the GGs also." What else is there to do in this situation but guess: "Gotham Girls? Is that a team I am unfamiliar with?"

In any case, sharing that moment of being lost, she is alerted to Zatanna's arrival. And since she has just barely missed a group hug, Starfire clearly decides that she must make it up to her, flying in the magician's direction with open arms.

* * *

Of course the cat acts like it didn't do anything wrong - it's a cat.

For a moment, Red Robin just lays there and stares up at the ceiling from behind the featureless white lenses of his domino mask, but of course there goes Impulse running down to greet the long-absent Wonder Girl, and so the vigilante starts to push himself up to a sitting position, and then he hears Zatanna.

About five seconds later, he just drops down from the upper level, landing in a low crouch like this was a perfectly normal thing to do instead of taking the stairs.

He doesn't even say anything about the brazen lack of codename usage going on, which is actually much weirder than just jumping down from upstairs, all things considered. But it's not like any of them used his real name.

"I guess she finally checked her messages," the Red Knight says of the demigoddess. "And Misfit was finally feeling up to rejoining the group." Notably he sounds much more understanding of the latter than the former, although for all he knows Cassie has been deep in a training montage for the past few months.

* * *

"It kinda did. I'm fine though," Bart reassures Misfit with a wry grin that freezes about midway. "-grife! Double-R, I—"

Oh, there he is. From where he's detached himself having dispensed with the group hug, the speedster looks sheepishly over at Red Robin once he's joined them. Sure, their fearless leader has taken harder hits, but at least Bart still feels a little bad about the collision. Justdon'taskaboutthearmordon'taskaboutthearmordon'taskaboutthe—

Cassie gets a bit of a confused look. "Enough letter drops there, Cass?" he smirks, but clearly he's as clueless as Starfire and Zatanna are- not that that's a big surprise to anyone. Oh but speaking of! "Heya Zee! Been busy?"

* * *

Charlie isn't really as sure about the acronyms either "Well.. Gotham Girls are a rollerderby team in gotham but I'm not sure what the rest is?" she doesn't seem too worried though. "Hey Zee, merry new years.. I mean happy… ack you know what I mean…"

Oh more group hugs it looks like. Misfit gives Cassie a tug "I think Zee needs a hug too." tring to reel the returned amazonian warrior that way. "Also yeah.. what Red Robin said… I .. sorry I've been spending so much time in Gotham.. I'm going to be doing better I think moving on…" her poor ears still have a bit of an elven point to them though.

* * *

"Zee!!" Cassie perks, "I actually just got back! .. And for the record I did not 'just' check my messages!" she's quick to add with a quick clear of her throat since that excuse involves getting very deep into semantics. A somewhat soft 'Did I?' follows Bart's question, and while she finds Starfires' guess of 'Gotham Girls' to be adorable, she shakes her head 'no'. On the other hand, she's quite easy for Misfit to guide along, and she's more than happy to swoop in and pile on Zatanna next. "Oh hey, there's no need to apologize- we can just catch up! And, by the way, it has come to my attention that not enough people realize that 'JSR' stands for Jet Set Radio, which means that I am forced to implement a night in which I lecture and demonstrate its significance to video game culture. Attendance will be mandatory~."

* * *

It's hard to miss Starfire when she's just walking, let alone flying towards her, her arms outstretched with the look of pure happiness on her face. That's all Zatanna sees momentarily before she's engulfed in the alien princess' hug. Her shopping bags drop from surprised fingers and onto the floor.

It banishes some of her lingering fugue before her smile returns, lifting a little higher when she returns the embrace with relish and even gives Koriand'r a warm squeeze. "….I feel like I was gone for four years instead of four hours," she says with a laugh. "What did I miss, other than the homecoming?"

Impulse's greeting draws a rather…indescribable, but overall sheepish expression from her pale face. "Busy? Sort of." She releases Kory from her embrace and picks up her bags again, lifting it up. "I think it's finally happening guys. I'm biting the bullet and trying to put together a cost— "

''I think Zee needs a hug, too.''

"I— "

She can't help but feel somewhat self-conscious. Did she look too goth and therefore depressed again?!

But with Charlie and Cassie descending on her, she manages to also hug them both. "Welcome back, girls," she tells them warmly. "And— " A mandatory lecture on JSR? "….eh, why not. I'll make snacks. Bart has to pick a thing for this week from the cookbook I gave him anyway."

Ice-blue eyes fall on Red Robin when he lands from his higher perch and moves towards them. "Do I need to start setting up a few gargoyles around so it'd feel more like home?" she teases him.

* * *

That Gotham Girls thing was one hundred percent pure guesswork, so Starfire looks pretty pleased with herself for actually getting it 'right' (right is relative). "Oh! There really is such a team? How wonderful!" Not a superhero team, exactly, and not at all what Cassie meant, but close enough to claim the points! Score!

"Gone for years? Of course not. We saw each other only the few nights ago. I am merely happy to see you!" And in a hugging mood, not that this is uncommon for her. Still, inspired by the power of the group hug, the alien woman is in an affectionate mood, which is saying something where she's concerned. After completing her flying blitz hug, she finally settles back down onto the ground near Zatanna, turning back toward the others, albeit after a curious peek down and into Zee's bags, which naturally capture her fascination for their fashionable contents.

Also she finally gets an ACTUAL explanation from Cassie. Or something close to one, because it still doesn't explain the whole thing. "It seems strange that the video-screen gaming would require a lecture. Is the game very difficult? Are we using it for training exercises?" And here she glances at Bart, because in her mind, he is definitely the expert in such electronic entertainment. "And who then, are the 'GGs'?"

* * *

What did I miss?

"Impulse's cat is wearing armor," Red Robin says, although he doesn't point out the obvious source of the cat armor. "Which is weird, because we're not taking the cat on any missions, since unlike Krypto Clawmy doesn't have any superpowers." He'd feel pretty bad about taking the dog on missions anyway, except that the dog is functionally invincible and like… How would he stop Krypto in the first place? Clawmy might be big, but he's not capable of flying or shooting eye lasers.

"You know I did think about some gargoyles around the mezzanine ledge," the Red Knight continues off of Zatanna's teasing query, "but then I thought they might attract Batman, and the last thing we need is Batman lurking up in the rafters."

Seriously, nobody wants that.


"Cassie," he says towards the demigoddess, since she's clearly abandoned keeping her identity secret within the team, which hopefully means they'll never see that wig ever again. "You should pick a space and lemme know what you need. We put all your stuff from the Tower in a storage room, don't worry."

* * *

"Oh, right. That old game. People still play that?" Bart grins impishly. He would hardly be one to oppose a mandatory game night though.

Watching as the girls go gravitating over towards Zatanna to include her in hugs, he tilts his head as he mentally fills in the rest of what the magician had been about to say. "Sweet, costume time for Zee? Actually I'm kinda surprised Double-R hasn't already gotten you suited up by now. He loves dressing everyone else up. -wait that sounds weird." But still totally true, so far as Bart has come to believe.

As though Zatanna had meant to give him that cue, the speedster seems to suddenly have conjured said cookbook in hands after a quick jaunt to his room for it. He flips through pages, tongue sticking out in a picture of as near concentration as one can ever expect from him. "I am usually cool with anything slathered in marinara— Ooh! How about this?!" he points out excitedly, zipping over by Zee to show her the picture of whatever had caught his eye.

Red Robin gets a bit of an awkward look as he does mention Clawmy's new armor. "Wasn't my idea! I mean…I thought about it, but I didn't say anything about it and it's cool isn't it? I wasn't thinking of taking her on missions but you gotta admit, she was kinda helpful those few times!"

Bart glances at Starfire when she looks over at him for input on Cassie-ese, shrugging. "Unless she means that fighting game, but either way I'm not saying no to having game night every night! …or every week at least. -Coinciding with Wonder Waffle Wednesday?"

* * *

"Mmm Wonder Waffle Wednesday." mutters Charlie before releasing Zee from the group hug. She glances at Tim and thinks for a long hard moment about saying Tim looks like he needs a hug, but decides better than that really. That may be too much.

"Clawmy has armor?" looking back the way the pink streak of feline left ad then back to Bart. Misfit grins "What could possibly go wrong with that…" she says it on purpose really. Tempting fate. Then her attention bounces back to Cassie "Well if you haven't been following the whole registration..aka why we have a new hideout… you have some reading and catching up to do."

* * *

"We did. How did the rest of your date go?" Zatanna asks Kory in a conversational fashion - she specifically doesn't specify who with, she isn't sure what the protocols are there, but there had been a point in the night in which the two pairs had split ways and she can't help the faint curiosity there. She is, after all, a young woman and one genuinely interested in the lives of her teammates at that. With the alien princess' curious look towards the bags, the magician opens one up and lets her see - there are bolts of dark violet cashmere in there, as well as some genuine Italian leather and plenty of high-end materials because a taste for classy couture is something that is constant with her. But they're presently in their raw state, left to be fashioned into other things once magic and know-how are applied to them.

Impulse's cat is wearing armor.

"What." Because that's the last thing Clawmy needs, turning her pale eyes towards the cat. "Oh hey, Clawmy, look at that. Now you really look like you're part of the team." There may be disapproval in Red Robin's tone whenever he speaks of it (and really of all things Tony Stark), but the magician is nothing but encouraging, as she is with nearly anything that makes their lives interesting. His quip about the gargoyles earns him a small grin. "Yeah, how would you throw all of your wild, irresponsible parties now with the mentor looming over you all the time?"

Bart's remark about the costume has her grinning faintly. "Honestly, if the registration law hadn't come to pass, I wouldn't find it necessary at all. But I still have a stage career to consider, and Red's busy enough as it is, the least I could do is come up with my own gear. Besides, it's not like I don't have the goods for it." Admittedly it would be the first time she'd be using her powers in a project of that magnitude; she's crafted other things with her magic - from the STUFF app to the lighter that is always on John Constantine's person. A full costume though? That's got challenges on its own.

She'd say more, but Bart is suddenly next to her, holding up the cookbook. She leans forward to squint at it. "Oh, arancini?" Rice balls stuffed with tomato sauce and mozzarella, coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. "I can do that. Good pick, Impulse."

* * *

"Oh, when I came back I called for a 'Group Hug'. You ended up getting into it late," Cassie notes as she gets her embrace on as well. Then she's practically beaming at yet another idea of hers getting a positive response. Though she again ends up frowning in Impulse's direction, "Hey, it isn't *old*, the correct term is 'retro'! And to give a little preview of my lecture 'GG's is short for 'Grafitti Gang', a group of rocket-skating rebels that express themselves through art. It isn't so much that it's difficult, the game is a piece of history! In fact-"

But before she accidentally starts lecturing right then and there, Red Robin interjects and she suddenly stands even more upright. While Static got the ball rolling, it's something else that's made her more lax about her identity with the group, but a betting man is assured that money goes on her finding a way to disappoint Tim. "Oh, sure! I guess 'right now' is good? Which way am I going?" she jerks her thumb at the backpack strapped over her shoulders- Besides she wanted to talk to Red Robin about a teensie weensie problem she's had along the way.

She lifts from the floor again at which she, once again, is won over by Bart's anticipation of the once-abandoned Wednesday tradition; "Well, I was leaning more toward Thursday.. I call it 'Throwback Thursday'." she notes before she glances to Misfit once more. "Yeah, I thought as much.. But I'm sure you're willing to be my study partner, right?"

* * *

"Why should the cat not be armored?" That really has nothing to do with anything, but the alien chick used to riding battle lizards and Amazonian kangaroos has no issues with weaponizing the giant pink cat.

"Oh, we had a lovely time," Starfire then begins to answer Zatanna, coming back to more coherent topics without any hint of hesitation or secrecy where it comes to the second half of date-night. Although there is some context there so she has no need to specify who with, and most probably have some idea… in one form or another. Keeping all the identity nonsense straight is something she always struggles -and therefore often hardly bothers- with. "We walked a little longer around the park, before heading back. The decorations are just so pretty. And then we spent the rest of the evening in." At some point, someone has given her a lecture that precludes the oversharing that would result from the story continuing any further beyond that point.

"Did you two also enjoy the rest of your evening?" Does the question hold echoes of the implications of her own 'evening in'? It's hard to tell, where innocent Kori's frank and straightforward questions end and mischievious Kori's curiousities begin! She is certainly grinning as they talk about their respective dates.

More than this, she is thrilled as Zatanna shows off the contents of her bag, as well as making clear their purpose. "You are designing your own costume for battle? How wonderful! Do you have any ideas? Have you made sketches? May I offer my assistance?" Pro: Starfire is in fact actively involved in the fashion industry, and legitimately knows her stuff! Con: Uh, she's Kori and she might dress Zatanna up like something off a Heavy Metal album (or worse, magazine). Or is that really a con? Depends on how secure Red Robin is!

With some fascination she then turns back to Cassie's explanation, bobbing her head, even if she may not understand all the words. 'Rocket skating grafitti rebels' may or may not have a good interplanetary equivalent. Earth, primitive as it is, is pretty unique sometimes!

* * *

Did you two also enjoy the rest of your evening?

Uh oh.


Sure, under the circumstances it isn't that important to keep his identity a secret - all the Titans who don't know who Red Robin really is aren't currently present - but it's the principle of the thing. Also, the principle of the thing that the evening Zatanna and Starfire are referring to was something he was trying to keep on the downlow for a variety of reasons which included but weren't limited to the whole secret identity thing.

Though the space princess isn't wrong: Sometimes the identity nonsense is a struggle. Even for those of them that aren't statuesque orange supermodels who can fly.

"Uh," he starts, trying and failing to divide his attention between answering Cassie's question and listening to Zatanna's response to Starfire's query. But no, he should really focus on being leader guy, shouldn't he? The team having to pick up and relocate wholesale had made things fragile. "Basically wherever you want, there's a ton of open space left. Here, I'll show you where the taken rooms are," he says, pulling up a holographic map of the mall on his gauntlet projector. There's still a lot of open mall.

* * *

From down the hall where she's apparently decided to plunk herself, naturally in the middle of potential foot traffic (which would make it a good thing that the place is so spacious), Clawminator Destrucat Mk. II meows at hearing her name, a sound only slightly bigger and louder than a normal-sized cat's, and therefore all the more endearing.

Absolutely nothing can go wrong with her having armor. Of course, this is probably in line with the opinion of one Tony Stark. But Tony has amazing ideas!!!!

"…man, now I want waffles," Bart murmurs, although he shifts gears easily- although it doesn't help either way since Zatanna's not going to be doing Italian night just yet. Still, tomato sauce, mozzarella and deep-fried? All a win in his book, definitely!

"Retro, smetro, next thing you're gonna tell me, it's 'classic'," he says in response to Cassie, but he's still smirking. Okay, there are some old games that he finds fun to come back to and play again. Granted they still work after he's gone through them the first time. He's left many a pile of smoking game cartridges and systems before.

"Date? Two? Ooh, Zee, you went out?" He steals a glance towards Red Robin, tucking a bookmark between the pages of the recipe he'd picked before slipping the cookbook under an arm.

* * *



Nico Minoru, wearing a gothic vest and some PJ pants. In one hand she holds a baggie containing a half-used roll of some kind of vegan-style sausage and a half-dozen box of eggs. In the other hand is a spatula. Her hair is kind of bad right now and she is sans makeup.

"Hey guys," Nico calls from a distance. It takes her ten seconds to finish descending the escalator because she is not gonna walk down a single step more than she absolutely has to.

"Are you designing clothes?" At this point her head swivels to look at Cassie, blinking owlishly. She must've missed the hug. Nico also looks two steps more awake and alert when Bart says the went-out word.

* * *

"Oh…now that I know, I'm sorry you didn't make it, Charlie. There's always next year, maybe?" Zatanna says, genuine sympathy in her voice. She knows how it is, any kind of audition is hard.

Kory's never-ending enthusiasm is infectious for the smallest things - a walk around the park to look at the decorations and the night in. "That sounds great," she says and means it, though she gives the alien princess a wink, suggestive enough that she knows what that means. "Especially after all that hot chocolate, he needs to keep in fighting trim, you know. He doesn't have the benefit of an alien metabolism." It's definitely a blatant tease, though when asked of the same, she actually laughs, rubbing the back of her neck. "Yeah, we went ice skating and I managed to find this old photobooth…." She deliberately does not identify who she is with, nevermind the fact that the young man in question is sweating somewhere behind them. "…uh…I guess Cassie would call that 'retro' too. They're these little stalls you can squeeze inside of and the automatic camera takes pictures in these little strips you can fit in your wallet with fancy borders. They used to be very popular in the past, but with smartphone technology being what it is, they're not very common anymore. I thought it was a fitting memento of the evening, it being the first date and everything. I can show the pictures to you if you like!"

After their conversation that night, she's even more inclined to draw Starfire in more. She knows very little about the alien princess - she's clearly trying to change that.

And that enthusiastic response to her costume attempts has Zatanna's grin easing into a broader and brilliant grin. "Yeah! Kory, do you mind terribly? I could use a professional's opinion, that would be great!" She, of course, has no idea what she is signing up for.

Nobody tell her. It's funnier this way.

''Oh, Zee, you went out?''

"Yeah! Last day of the winter carnival in Bryant Park. We couldn't get there any sooner, and it was fun. Kory's boyfriend introduced us to these really weird hot chocolate flavors….I mean, spicy hot chocolate was always a thing, but they had stuff like Pink Salt and Ginger. I remember they have a store in Brooklyn or something, you wanna check it out sometime?" If there's anyone she can count on to try new food, it's Bart.

With Nico's entrance, she waves a hand. "Kory offered to help me put together a costume," she supplies. "Want to make it a panel of three? And look who's back!" She gestures to Charlie and Cassie.

* * *

Charlie blinks at the audition callback then it clicks and she recovers with a smile and a wave to Nico "Hey!" then is distracted by Cassie and Bart, i n order. "Sure I can help Cassie…" then on to the most important part staring at Bart. "Do you want me to pop out and get waffles…. I could do that…" or he could run out. Because ever since he said Wonder Waffle she has had this gleam. In the meantime while she waits for his answer she kicks off and skates over to Red Robin and his holomap he is showing Cassie. She points "I picked that one… it was a toy store .. I mean all the toys are gone but it had some cool displays in its store room that must not have sold. I am going to fill them with cool trophies and loot!" then she is rollerskating back over to where Impulse is and whispers "Waffles?" pause "Also does the armor do anything cool?"

* * *

Fortunately, even if it's more by accident than intentional observation of security protocol, Starfire manages to get through the date talk without naming any names. Mostly, there are too many things to squee and bond over and the two of them know who they're talking about anyway. "I have not seen one of these devices, but it does sound charming," she reflects as Zatanna describes the picture booths. She likes selfies and this is like… selfies in a box? Except taken by someone else, so not selfies at all. "I would love to see!"

Another potential security breech, but at least they can be a little more discreet.

"Mind? No, I would love to help! Usually I do not have much input on what I wear for shows, but I have been learning a lot! I would love to help make your costume something memorable and fearsome!" Again, she may define some of these words somewhat differently than her Earthly counterparts. And then with Nico coming down to join them and being offered a final spot in the costume committee, things may start to take a truly frightening shape. "Wonderful! Yes, let us all work together." Now Zatanna's gonna end up looking like Vampirella.

"I loved the flavors," she adds in another echo as they are back to discussing the date. But there's now a direct question from Bart, which… strains the whole stealth thing. "Yes, Dick and I-" That one is no secret, considering he showed up to the New Years Party. "-met up with Zee and-" LAST CHANCE TO AVERT DISASTER!

* * *

"Hey," Nico says to Misfit with a smile as she circulates around a little. She puts her breakfast bits on the table as she looks at the clothing but it is really clear that she's listening to the gossip, even as she circles around to get a better angle at what Kori is looking at. She has to bite on her lower lip as Kori refers to 'that man' as the short form of Richard, but she's been working on this, with some success.

* * *

With Cassie heading off to pick her space, Red Robin is thusly freed to realise that he's not out of danger yet… Especially with the arrival of Nico, who is not one of the people who knows his secret identity.

This puts him in a bit of a dilemma: How should he disarm this gossip before Starfire, quite innocently(?) not only outs that but also his quasi-secretive burgeoning relationship with Zatanna, which is still in a weird and complicated place? Should he just throw down a bunch of smokebomb and then grapple gun away while everyone wonders what his damage is? Should he announce a sudden training exercise?

"You know what, you guys should probably help Zatanna get started right away," the vigilante says, suddenly interjecting himself into the middle of Kori's answer to Bart's innocent(?) query. "Costumes are pretty important, I mean even Krypto and Clawmy have costumes now. Hey, maybe if there's material left over you can make a costume for Silkie?"

That's right, he remembered Starfire's terrifying/terrifyingly adorable pet!

"You could make him a little cape, maybe he won't even eat it!"

* * *

"Hey Nico," Bart waves when they're joined by their other token goth. He's not terribly interested in fashion-costume designing so he tunes out a bit as the girls gush about that subject.

Zatanna's offer of hitting up some place for funky hot chocolate flavors receives an expected nod of agreement from the speedster. "Do I?! I'm in. I mean, it's hot chocolate weather."

It is not difficult at all for Misfit to gain his attention with waffles as she sidles on over, and thus he turns a big grin towards her, nodding eagerly. "Oh yeah. Big yes on waffles." Breakfast waffles, dessert waffles, he dun care because now he's got waffles dancing in his brain. Slight sidetrack. "-the armor? Oh! I…actually, I'm not sure. I forgot to ask Mister Stark about it," he admits, casting a glance back at Clawmy.

Turning his head so fast it's a wonder he doesn't give himself a whiplash one of these days, Bart then looks over at Kori as she so happily also adds in on answering his earlier question. Hey, he can't help but ask! It was made mention of so of course inquiring minds want to know! Not because he was feeling left out- nope, na-uh, he probably can't process the idea of a real date anyway.

"-met up with Zee and —"

Abruptly his field of imagination is filled with costumed super- (and not so super) animals. Well played, Timothy Drake. Well played.

"SPEAKING OF-" Bart says, attention snapping towards Red Robin. UH-OH MAYBE DISTRACTION DIDN'T WORK—???

"-can you help me work out what color to paint Clawmy's armor?"

* * *

There is a look of consideratiton when Bart seems to buy in on her going for a waffle run. Charlie notes "It has to go well with Pink fur." about the rmor painting. Also Charlie seems immune to the date talk, it is interesting because one would think the chaos muppet would be all over it. And yet. She seems more focused on wonder waffles. Hell her phone is out in her hand as she skates in slow circles searching for a place she can shoot an order to over the internet for a large take out order of waffles. Savory and Sweet.

"Bart I found a place in Los Angeles…. and…. okay…. order in for a variety of waffles." with that Charlie comes to a stop "Got enough for you me and anyone else who wants them. I'ma going to ditch my rollerskates and pop over there real quick and pick up the order." and with that she vanishes with a slash of crimson smoke.

* * *

Starfire's enthusiastic response has Zatanna beaming at her as they bond. "I'll show them off later," she tells the redhaired supermodel with a smile. "But if you're serious about the help, I would love to get your opinion….oh…and I happened to get this in the stocking stuffer Conner left for me." She shows Kory the two passes she got from Superboy for a spa day, with the attached post-it that she should ask someone she normally doesn't spend a lot of time with. Kory fits the bill, right? "If you're not too busy with photoshoots?"

As Nico circles around them, she shows her the stock of designer fabric she has managed to recently purchase from Mood, bolts of cashmere, silk, expensive leather can all be found in the bags. There's even some fur - she doesn't know if it's actually going into the final ensemble, but seriously what serious fashionista doesn't like fur? It even feels like genuine mink.

"The hot chocolate was really great," the magician says in support of Kory's assertions. "Even the ginger-flavored one, I didn't think it would work but it did." Though when Starfire starts to identify who they were with, her lips part, eyes wide…

…only for Red Robin to interject and talk about pets. There's a blink Koriand'r's way. "Oh, you have a pet? Kory, I didn't know. Of course I'd make him a little cape, he'd look so cute."

She is obviously thinking of some kind of space dog, like Krypto.

Nobody tell her. This is also funnier this way.

As Charlie offers to grab some waffles, and she waves her fingers at her direction. "Seeya Charlie!" she says as she poofs.

…and then she slides a sideways look over at Bart's way, in the way only a young woman can. It's kind of like how Jane Foster homed in on the forkful of Kory's alien dish to Red Robin during the New Year. It's a thing.

* * *

Nico openly and without shame touches Zatanna's fur and leather. "Oh wow," she says, "this is amazing. You didn't steal this, right? Hahaha."

She looks at Kory then, blinking mildly at the news of this pet. She remembers the worm. She remembers how she felt ill the next day, but then felt a unique sense of relief, which, unbeknownst to Nico, was her gallbladder being resurfaced and rendered pristine.

"You should go with a kind of sea blue," Nico tells Bart. "Like — grayish? Or get some opalescent paint and get it finished. High gloss. It'll pop."

Nico then looks to where Misfit went. "… she can teleport to Los Angeles?"

* * *

Fortunately for the secret-brigade (of one angry bird), Starfire is, somewhat like some of the pets currently under discussion, very easily distracted by metaphorical shiny objects. Possibly literal ones also. But mostly she is reminded of the importance of the costumes, and the opportunity of accessorizing her pets, and this totally has her seeing visions of cuteness and forgetting everything about the recent romantic outings. FOR NOW, anyway! The threat continues to loom, like an innocent, careless time-bomb.

"Of course, I will make it a priority." And she will! Red Robin has declared it important, and she takes it weirdly seriously… even if Zatanna herself doesn't seem in QUITE as immediate a rush to deal with the costuming. "At the very least, let me start making some sketches right away. I am sure we can come up with many interesting ideas!" And this would already be plenty of opportunity for bonding, but there is YET MORE, and it threatens a seeming overload, of the alien woman's too-bright smiles and glowing eyes going outright nova. Fortunately not literally /in this instance/, but nonetheless, she looks very pleased. "Oh, that is wonderfully kind, to share your gift with me, friend Zatanna. I would be most honored to go."

This leaves her to speak of more trivial things and not spoil anyone's identity, having forgotten the earlier topic. "Blue could look nice. Or a deep purple also?" She's not just saying that because it's her favorite color OK? And more pet nonsense: "Oh, I am sure the silkie would look adorable with a cape. If you have never seen him yet, it will be a wonderful surprise for both of you." The similarity of her choice of companion and choice of New Year's dish hadn't probably occured to her in the least. Hopefully no one will think she fed them one of silkie's siblings!

As for their vanishing teamate, this does draw a wide-eyed blink. Although her reaction is different: "Oh, I did not have time to suggest any toppings." At least she has her giant tubs of food court mustard!

* * *

Costumes are serious business, where Red Robin comes from.

But then, he learned from the guy who runs around dressed up as a bat, so it's probably not that surprising.

Perhaps shockingly, he doesn't actually notice any of the looks he might've gotten from Bart, because of course he assumes the speedster is far too innocent to really get that sort of thing anyway. Though it does beg the question: How is it that Bart and Conner are both force-grown so they look basically adults despite being chronologically much younger, but one turned out vastly less worldly than the other? Is it the future thing? Is the 30th century some kind of sanitised Demolition Man scenario?!

"Yeah," the vigilante answers Nico, since it seems safer than wading further into the topic of clothes, or super pets (especially since Nico and Kori are on the case of Clawmy's armor paint job), or Zatanna and Koriand'r having a spa day together. "Misfit can teleport all over, but she can't really take anyone with her or they'll die horribly."

* * *

Answer: Bart was raised in a video game where his only real companion was pretty much a digital pet and his environment for learning was basically a fantasy world. …not that the actual 30th century he's from is any better. It's run by the president of Earth who just happens to be his twisted grandfather, after all. Although they do have flying cars.

"Cool." Bart gives Misfit a thumb's up in approval before she vanishes on her waffle mission. She could've said she was getting them from Japan and he'd have given her the same reaction, but then what she can do in a bounce, he can do with a dash. Fact of the matter- They're getting instant waffles.

The hardest part is waiting, because even if you travel instantaneously or near light-speed, waffles don't cook that fast, unfortunately.

So in the meantime he has colors to consider as he looks back at Clawmy, envisioning the shades suggested by his teammates. "Blue? Hmm. Purple might look pretty nice too though. How about with black? …although now that I think about it I'm sure I've seen a car with that sort of colorscheme…" Vroom-vroom, catmobile. He has to snicker.

* * *

Elsewhere Charlie is squinting at waffle making people working on a mammoth order. Elsewhere being Shaky Bru's in Los Angeles. At least she ditched the roller skates.

* * *

She doesn't mind it when Nico touches her new acquisitions, and even encourages. "What? No way, I don't have to," Zatanna tells Nico with a sheepish grin. "Daddy set up a trust fund for me since I was little. There's a few million in there. Did you want to have some of these? I did what I usually do again whenever I'm in a store, I bought so much." There are other bags on the floor, from the same designer fabric warehouse.

"No rush, Kory, really, you must be really busy," the magician assures the alien princess. Though at Starfire's agreement for a spa day, she laughs. "Great, I'm looking forward to it, and I'd very much love to meet Silkie!"

Though speaking of bonding, ice-blue eyes fall on her fellow goth. "Speaking of, Nico, I meant to talk to you too about a few things. Magic things. You wanna get together sometime next week and catch up?"

With that, she turns her eyes, finally, to Clawmy and her new armor. "I think Nico's suggestions are on the money," she offers. "Gray-ish works with pink. So is sea-green too, actually." For a goth, like Nico, she seems to genuinely know her colors despite dressing almost all in black with the occasional pops of color.

* * *

Nico keeps feeling the stuff up. When Zatanna makes the offer, Nico weighs things - and then, despite a momentary qualm, says, "Yeah. COMPLETELY. If I end up using it for a sale piece I'll split it with you." Even if she maybe doesn't need it, Nico thinks, because of her trust fund.

Nico stops thinking about that and instead touches the real(?) fur again. "Maybe a ruff… hm…"

Looking up again, she says to Tim, "That sounds… good? How did she find out?" She smiles at this, as if it were a joke, and perhaps it is. Her eyes return to Bart as she says, "There's that paint store, we could like, get paint chips and hold 'em up to Clawmy so you can see."

"The reason we're both going here," Nico explains, "is that pink is actually kind of a hot color, BUT it's also a shade of purple, believe it or not. So by going with something cool you're going to get something balanced. I assume you're not worried about like urban camo here or anything."

She glances at Red Robin after that.

Then to Zatanna, "Totally. Hey, you know, I got to meet Lois Lane on that whole thing with your boy John. I mean, that was pretty much the only good part of the entire s- thing."

Nico then asks Kori, "But this is like outfits for ZATANNA, right?" Her attention returns to Zatanna. "I don't think you should do a cape. Maybe a little bit of a shawl or something."

* * *

"It is alright! I will enjoy working on it," Starfire is quick to reassure, with plenty of enthusiasm for the project even if Tim has managed to recast it in a more mission-critical light. That doesn't mean Zatanna can't, or shouldn't, look fabulous! "And the sketching I can do while waiting on other things." Her civilian identity might be a little jet-set-y, but it comes with busy seasons and lulls, enough that she has managed alongside her super-heroing. Cheating in the fashion of Misfit or Bart when getting to exotic shoots may help a little, too.

Without many topics of great weight and seriousness left, she joins Nico in digging through Zee's bags, because why not! "Yes the fur is lovely, and ooh, this is very soft…" Lots of touching! She just loves the sensations of all the materials, and seems to take extra time in running her fingers over or through them. One wonders if the alien's senses are quite the same, after all, or if all these things take on even more unique textures for her.

"Yes, it is for her to wear, so she has a proper costume," she answers Nico, as they conspire. "But I agree: she should look, hmm… elegant but also flashy? Because of the MAGIC! But also it must be a little different from what is normal, so she does not look like she always looks."

Who would ever make a costume that looks exactly like you wear for normal, non-secret activities? HOW SILLY.

* * *

"Well, every time she Bounces, she leaves a bunch of dead bugs at the other end," Red Robin explains facetiously to Nico, completely straight-faced in response to her possibly-joking smile. Though really it probably does happen, just with the microscopic flora and fauna that live on her skin. Which honestly is a bit gross.

It seems clear that the topic of Clawmy's armor isn't going away, and the vigilante lets out a faint sigh at this, rubbing at the back of his neck with one gloved hand. He still isn't really sure why a cat needs armor, since Bart is definitely not going to endanger the cat by bringing it into any fights, otherwise they're going to have to have a very long talk about personal responsibility and pets.

Tony Stark can try to position himself as a father figure all he wants, but it's pretty clear who Bart's actual dad is.

That's right, Max Mercury.

But Tim fills in the rest of the time.

"You should listen to them, they know what they're talking about," the former Boy Wonder tells the speedster. "Also no, no urban camo."

Meanwhile, of course, the girls are bonding, as Zatanna adds plotting magic shenanigans with Nico to her schedule. When the Californian witch brings up 'your boy John', Red Robin casts a brief glance towards Zatanna, but since the topic has moved back to the Princess of Prestidigitation's need for a new superhero look, he does point out:

"You know, Nico probably needs a costume too."

At that, he has to excuse himself, because…

"Need to go check up on something in operations. If anybody needs me, I'll be over that way."

* * *

"That sounds great," both to Nico for the idea of a sale piece and Kory for the sketches, though once both women start providing their ideas, Zatanna can't help but grin. "I submit myself to your capable hands." And to her credit, she does mean it. "I definitely agree with the no cape thing, though. I mean, I'm going to feel self-conscious enough as it is running around in costume while I'm not on stage. But it helps to think of it as a bit of performance also, yeah?" This to Kory when she indicates that it should both be elegant and flashy. "I mean, if nothing else, it's like playing a role even if the stakes are super serious, so…yeah. All these suggestions make sense!"

Nico brings up John, and the misadventure she had asked her to embark during the dark time when Krampus does his annual reaping, and for a moment, a brief, stricken expression falls over her features. For a moment, there is a split-second window of grief.

But it fades so quickly that it could be just people's imaginations. There's another smile. "Wait, as in, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Lois Lane?" she wonders. "Wow, in the flesh herself, what the hell was she doing there? Scoping out a story? Yeah um…we can talk about that too, later."

Once the girls have their fill of examining the wares, she reaches down to pick up the bags. "I can stash these in the communal cabinets in case you guys need any for inspiration and other things," she says. "But again, thanks so much for your help, you two. I really appreciate it! Let me go do that now, and then maybe take a shower. It's so cold outside."

And with a final wave to the rest, she turns to head back to her room and do just that.

* * *

There is a slash of crimson smoke by the eating at table in the common room and Misfit is back, several very large to go bags that she hefts onto the surface. "Okay… waffles!" and Charlie is pulling them out of the bag.

"Um these three are a chocolate waffle parties. oreas and stuff…. these three are banana split waffles…" and then she is on to the next bag. "These three made me think of Kori a bit, The king which is evidently peanut butter, bananas, and bacon. These are churro waffles. These ones are… oh right red velvet.."

Charlie moves to the third bag now "Right.. Waco Waffles… basically chicken and waffle tacos …. um huevos rancheros chicken egg and waffle… which I thought was weird until this one.. golden goats with chicken waffle and goat cheese and honey… finally chicken on fire… chicken and waffles with onions, jalapenos , cheese, and blazing sauce…."

Yup there are several orders of each piled in stacks by the time Charlie is done. Several boxes labeled but also not even called out. She looks very proud of herself standing in her sneakers not rollerskates. "I even got Red Robin some plain belgium waffles… hey where did Double-R go?"

* * *

"By the way, what's a Silkie?" Bart asks, rounding back to the things that had pinged in curiosity. He tries not to go cross-eyed at the talk of color palettes and proper coordination. Pink is purple? What? Color him confused.

The suggestion to go to a paint store with Nico to scope out some possible color swatches does sound more appealing though, and to that he gives her a nod. "Sounds like a plan!" He's more of a visual sort anyway.

With Red Robin leaving and Zatanna looking to put things away, the speedster's about to call after them to remind them of waffles when lo and behold—! WAFFLES!

"Hoboythosesoundsogood!" Bart says, suddenly standing by the waffle boxes as Charlie sets them out. He is trying very hard not to just jump right into things.

"Oh, he went to check on stuff, I can run him the plain ones, no prob. -promise I won't eat them all." He will try.

* * *

Nico reaches over to collect a piece of paper and starts looking at Zee, at the paper, and back and forth while grabbing a piece of pencil. She sketches in an approximate figure of Zatanna and then starts elaborating.

This is taking a minute. As this happens, she laughs in a slightly brittle way. "Oh god, haha. I don't know about a COSTUME. I guess I shouldn't just wear stuff I brought from home to fight the Krampus though."

"So here's my idea," Nico says. "We go with a closed top with a mandarin collar and a brooch, like lapis or something - you can put something enchanted here if you want - and then the front is like a button up top. Here, let me do the side view. See, we get the angle here so we have some bust but we can also probably put in a plate if we need to and it's not going to be obvious."

Nico keeps going. "Oh yeah," she says, "it was totally her, sounded just like her podcast. ANYWAY we put most of this into an outer coat and underneath it you go with something basic BECAUSE if you get caught you can just slide out of the coat. But for the general shape, OK we put some flare here around the hips and we do slits - I don't know if the tails should go down low or not, that would look cool but also kind of heavy. Then HERE we put some leggings in a complementary shade."

Nico points the pencil at Zatanna approximately. "I'm thinking a really dark blue or blue-green because that's going to have a little concealment, like if it's dark, AND you're going to look spooky af with your eyes if you just lean out of a window in front of someone. So we do up the sleeves to be form fitting but with a dart here, under the arm, right? And then we can do a summer version in a lighter weave or with thin cotton for the sleeves. Do you think she should have gl"


"I think he had to fight crime," Nico tells her.

* * *

Starfire has been very excited about dressing up Zatanna, and she almost definitely has thoughts to add to Nico's designs. Especially where the bust is concerned, because obviously. Yes, she has a great many thoughts that she definitely thinks are important to share to help her friend find her most glorious self.

But…….. now there are waffles.

As Misfit reappears, her head turns to look over. At first, it's just food, and not THAT big of a deal. She was cooking up whatever before (it might be on fire by now?) and food in general may not quite have the effect on her it does on, say… any of the speedsters. But then Charlie starts reading off varieties and ingredients and OMG Kori's eyes just get bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

Peanut butter, bananas, and bacon! Goat cheese and honey! And then, perhaps the other woman underestimated her particular spice-lust by not putting them higher on the list, but 'blazing sauce?'

"YES PLEASE I WOULD ENJOY THE BACON WAFFLES AND ALSO THE WAFFLES OF GOATS AND WITH THE SAUCE OF FIRE!" She has flown over in the span of saying this. Not speedster fast, but… there may be a flaming contrail in the air from her hair. As she arrives just after Bart, she promptly engages in a life and death battle for not letting him eat literally all of them!

"Oh, Silkie is my pet! He is quite handsome. Perhaps, with all this food, I should see if he would like to join us."

Between them, no one else will get any :(

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