Subtle Watchfulness
Roleplaying Log: Subtle Watchfulness
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Dani begins to try and uncover just what Owen meant by his warning that things <TM> will be going down in SHIELD. Eddie and Dani meet and discuss things within SHIELD.

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IC Date: January 14, 2019
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Ever since rejoining SHIELD, Eddie pretty much lives at the Triskelion. Thus, even during her off periods, she can still be found in its compound. At the moment she's confiscated one of the stations in R&D, sitting on a stool at a lab bench while she works on a personal project. A small soldering iron in gloved hand, she peers through a magnifying glass that's mounted to an adjustable arm, delicately working on a circuit with tiny little sizzling sounds while a YouTube video is explaining how to repair whatever device she's working on plays in front of her.

She's dressed in jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt that has the SHIELD logo above her heart, black boots hooked around the supports of her stool. A pair of earbuds lay against her collar, the music loud enough to be heard without being piped straight into her ears.

Ever since her meeting with a rather drunk Owen Mercer, Moonstar has kept her ear to the ground for the mention of a specific name.

Eddie Morales.

And when finally mention of the other woman's name is heard it only takes the Cheyenne woman moments to rise from her seat and casually stroll away from her SHIELD approved desk.

Then she stops at the coffee machine and grabs a new mug of piping hot coffee. However, instead of finding her way back in the quickest manner possible, Moonstar takes a rather circuitous path. In fact, she just plainly goes out of her way, but it brings her past R&D and past the specific station that Eddie Morales is working at.

So, for Moonstar it's not unsurprising that she spies Eddie sitting there soldering away, but for those nearby and the cameras Dani affects a surprised look on her features. "Eddie?" She calls out curiously, her mug of steaming coffee held carefully before herself.

It's just all a coincidence, really!

Eddie hears the call for her name and instead of just turning around, she reaches up and cranks over the magnifying glass towards the woman that calls it. For a moment, Hashmark blinks through the lens with one comically large eye before she moves it aside. "That's me." She responds amicably enough, before pushing the device aside to offer Dani a polite smile. "What can I do you for?"

That magnified eye garners a slight smile from the black-haired woman, then she steps closer to Eddie's station. Idly her sharp gaze flicks to the soldering iron, the circuit board and then back to the woman.

"I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Dani Moonstar. We were around at the same time a few years back -" Well more than just a few years ago, but Dani is happy to gloss over how many years it really has been.

"I heard rumblings we had a few former agents return. I didn't realize you were one of them. Welcome back."

"You settling in okay? I imagine some things feel very much the same whereas others might not?"

"Oh, that's right." Eddie comments as she twists the seat of her stool around so her knees are pointed at Moonstar. "I think you were coming in as I was headed out." She leans sideways, propping an elbow on the bench and just so happening to slightly obscure whatever it is she's working on at the moment.

"Coulson brought me back into the fold. They're having me retake some training to cover 'that which is not the same', can you believe that? I guess I shouldn't complain. It's knocking some of the rust off." Her eyes quickly tick over the other woman, accessing out of habit.

It's not lost on Dani that Eddie elbow-props to hide whatever she's working on. It causes the vaguest flare of suspicion to flicker within herself, though that emotion isn't mirrored upon Dani's face.

Her expression simply stays fairly relaxed and open, and let's not forget that friendly enough smile. "Yeah, that's about where it was." Agrees the Cheyenne to the remark about her coming in just as Eddie was on her way out.

The mention of Coulson brings a slight raise of eyebrows from Moonstar. She continues to mull over the tidbit of information that Eddie just dropped, even as she continues to speak. "Yes, I can definitely see Coulson doing that." Idly, the black-haired woman takes a sip from her mug of coffee, "What are you finding different?" She asks, her tone curious.

Eddie props her temple on the heel of her palm, the lean partially because she's tired. Staring at tiny components doesn't help, and the strain shows around her eyes as she idly fluffs her hair with a ripple of fingers. "The major difference I guess is Registration, yeah? That's one we're all adjusting to. Other than that," She gives a bit of a shrug. "Advances in technology. New faces."

The mention of registration causes Moonstar's expression to shift away from that openness. It turns to something much more serious and closed off.

Carefully now she considers her next words, her gaze automatically flicking around the area.

"There's always new faces." Agrees the black-haired woman, "Especially after a lengthy absence." It's only when the coast seems relatively (speaking) clear that Dani's attention shifts back to Eddie, "And yes, many of us are adjusting to it as well. Anything new is worrisome, and this definitely falls into that category." She says, her words carefully selected for their neutrality.

And while more could be said, Moonstar stops there for a moment. To see how Eddie reacts to what she just said.

"I mean, SHIELD has always had a list, a database of 'gifted' individuals, usually when they pop up on our radar because they're either in trouble or causing it. Now there is a mandate that everyone has to be on a government one that we don't control, and we're to enforce it? Definite adjustment. It's one thing for me to be on a list here. It's another for it to be…out there." Eddie makes a vague gesture with her idle hand to encompass the world beyond the Trike.

"Why does everyone get all paranoid when the word Registration is said?" Obviously she's noticed Moonstar's reaction, but then again they're trained for that sort of thing.

"Yes, it's one thing for those types of elements to be in a database -" Meaning criminal elements, "- another for all those deemed different to be there as well. Especially when there hasn't been any activity to warrant such scrutiny."

Murmurs the woman quietly and when Eddie remarks so openly about the paranoia, Moonstar just eyes the other woman for a long silent moment.

"Why do you think." She states rhetorically, not really requiring Eddie to answer that particular statement-question.

Almost Dani goes into her spiel about registration, but before she does that she asks her next question. "What have others said? Or is just general noise around the water-cooler?"

"Just noise." Eddie comments wearily, a little sigh in her voice. "And just everyone inwardly cringing when the word is said. You know, in my intake interview I was asked to speak candidly about my views on it, and people seemed surprised when I did. Guess they didn't pay attention to the fine print in my file: not to ask me a question you don't want the answer to." There is a chuff of laughter under her breath.

Dani can understand that weary tone in Eddie's voice. She's often felt similar during all this registration bruhaha.

And while it seems probable that Eddie has a similar viewpoint on registration, Dani can't quite commit fulling to speaking her own mind.

Not yet at least.

"What did you say?" The Cheyenne asks with a note of amusement in her voice, though that humor doesn't necessarily reach her eyes. "Though I can imagine it's probably similar to what a lot of people have said."

She could have said us, meaning mutants, but Moonstar is good at remembering to keep it neutral once again.

Eddie gives Moonstar the abbreviated version with a slight wry twist of her lips, "That it's bullshit but I'll do my job, and I meant every word." Her chin lifts slightly and her head tilts slightly off its normal axis. "Is that similar to what you have said? I mean, maybe I'm off base here, but it seems like you're feeling me out. At least to see if we're on the same page."

Most people would probably hem and haw at being called out for what they were really doing.

Which is what Dani was totally doing. It's enough to bring a flash of teeth from Dani, as she grins momentarily at Eddie. "I am. Or was." The Cheyenne agrees, "And yeah, I've said similar. I'll do my job, but I don't have to like it. Hopefully before it becomes some crazy nightmare out there something will be figured out."

Because it's going to get crazy, Dani knows it is.

"You can never be too safe though, you know? Registration is one of those things that causes intense reactions, even between coworkers. I often wonder how we'll all survive it."

"That's alright, I get it. I'm the new girl and have to be put through my paces. Felt out. Hazed. No offense taken." Eddie grins a wide smile before she cranks her seat back around to her project, now openly returning to it even in the presence of Moonstar. She repositions the magnifying glass and bends back over it, even if she continues the conversation.

"There is no doubt it's going to be ugly. The key is going to be sticking together and making sure we've got each other's backs." She takes up the soldering pen again. "Where'd you get the coffee? Because the labs brew is for shit."

When Eddie returns to her work, Dani automatically pivots slightly to keep the other woman's face in her line of sight.

If she can she'll also glance towards the widget Eddie is soldering.

"Hazing." Snorts the woman softly, "I can't say I was ever a fan of that." Too many mean tricks could be played in Moonstar's mind. Still, her expression turns sharp at Eddie's remark about sticking together. "Agreed. Staying ahead the rumor mill will be the hardest. We shouldn't discount gossip as just making the rounds. There's always a kernel of some sort of truth within it."

The question of coffee is considered, then with another flash of grin she says, "In the cubicle farm. Their coffee is better than what you can find around here."

"You'd think a bunch of nerds would invent a better brewer." Eddie mutters. The device she's working on is a long thin circuit board that appears to fit into a pen-sized device that's been dismantled for the time being. It looks like outdated tech she's trying to breath life back into.

"Does that mean you've heard some good gossip lately? Gonna dish or am I not in the 'in' crowd yet?" Eddie flashes a look aside to Moonstar, her demeanor relaxed if just a bit tired at the edges.

"They're too involved in creating the next fantastical device for us more mundane Agents to use." Moonstar says with an edge of amusement to her voice, "Otherwise how would we have guns that masquerade as laser pointers."

Though do they really have that? Do they? Maybe!

The question about gossip has Moonstar quiet a moment and while it may seem like she isn't going to answer, she eventually does.

"Most of its pretty nebulous." She begins, "Just vague sorts of rumors and mentions. Lots of grumbles about how demons were able to get inside the Trisk." Referencing to when the Triskelion was swarmed by a crazy amount of demons during the demon invasion not too long ago.

"And depending on your clearance level the random references to big operations that are going down. Not to mention the typical unidentified threats against SHIELD and its agents, and how we all need to be careful concerning the possible shadow-y perils no one can definitively see."

And it's that last 'rumor' that Dani casually dropped that has her gaze focused on Eddie to catch any sort of reaction from her.

Eddie is quiet for a moment, if only because she's nudging over wire that's less than a hair's thickness and tacking it down. "Yeah, I heard about the demon thing. Sorta glad I wasn't in New York for that one. I mean, we have enough to deal with without adding other realms to the mix." There is another bit of laughter, though this one definitely lacks mirth.

"I'm rocking the Level Four right now, but hopefully after a few Ops I'll get bumped back up. I heard there is a secret handshake at Six that I'm really looking forward to. Possible unseeable shadow-y perils. Sounds ominous."

"Yes, I'm pretty sure we all wish we had been out of state to miss that invasion." Mutters Moonstar, her expression tight from the particular memories that go along with the demons in the Trask.

As to Eddie's rather carefree response to the last bit, Moonstar stifles a twitch of a frown.

"Secret handshake, eh?" She says instead, "Well, it'll be interesting to see what that is, I'm currently a solid five. Perhaps at six we'll be inducted into *all* the secrets SHIELD holds, but until then come to the cubical farm for better coffee."

"Speaking of which, I best get back to the cube. Let me know next time you're around. We can grab a bite to eat or something."

As Moonstar seems to be taking her leave, Eddie reaches up to pop one of her earbuds back in, the punk style music a dramatic change from the dulcet tones of casual conversation. "Sounds great. See you around." She flashes another smile to Dani, "Nice to finally meet you." Or rather, interact, but that is implied. "And I'm totally taking you up on that coffee thing. Because. Seriously."

Morales reaches over and hits play on the YouTube video now that its to a part of the instruction she is unfamiliar with. The voice over the speaker says, "And now we're going to make sure the optics are working on your portable x-ray device." It has to be ancient tech, and unclassified, if there is a video for it on the commonly trafficked website.

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