Friendly Fire
Roleplaying Log: Friendly Fire
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Some SHIELDlings get together in the firing range. Rocket almost doesn't cause any damage.

Other Characters Referenced: Jane Foster, Groot, Phil Coulson
IC Date: January 20, 2019
IC Location: Triskelion Firing Range
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Posted On: 21 Jan 2019 05:17
Rating & Warnings: Mild Language
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* * *

The Triskelion does, in fact, have a firing range, but for practical reasons related to space constraints and 'being in the middle of Midtown,' the range is entirely subterranean, in an underground level of the complex.

The erstwhile Winter Soldier can often be found here, on the rare occasions he actually comes to Triskelion, because it's a pretty good range and probably about the best one will find without having to trek out to the ass end of Queens. Today he wasn't initially here for the range itself — he was up at the higher floors talking to Someone, usually reliably either Steve or Peggy — but he usually does stop by here afterwards to do some shooting and talk with the others using the range.

He's currently doing the latter, as he's apparently finished his own set already; he's standing in one of the shooting booths with a young agent at the moment, showing her something about the P226R she was firing.

* * *

Eddie has already managed to get her qualification in order to be reinstated to SHIELD but that's no reason to let her skills go lax. Especially when the ammunition is on someone else's dime. It's also a great place to let off steam, and boy does she have a lot of steam.

The dark haired woman enters the range after checking out a standard company side arm and a fresh box of bullets. Normally she'd blow everyone else off down here and keep to herself, but a familiar face catches her eyes and she positions herself into a lane near the infamous Winter Soldier. She's dressed in a pair of faded jeans and Ramones t-shirt under which she wears a white thermal whose cuffs disappear into a pair of leather gloves. The only thing that marks her as not being out of place is the lanyard she wears around her neck.

* * *

The Guardians hadn't pulled their disappearing act overnight. True, if one were looking for it, they might wonder for the scarcity of the resident aliens, perhaps even be a little concerned. Rocket hopes that they're more preoccupied with other things that they don't ask too many questions.

It's been Highly Discouraged for him to make consistent use of the range ever since he blew a hole through the back wall. A sharp eye might notice the discoloration where new paneling had been applied to patch it up. But it's been weeks since he's last come down here, and that certainly doesn't count as consistent.

Of course there were probably some wary looks from those he'd passed by on his way here as he toted a duffle bag with all sorts of oddly angled protrusions. If it didn't look heavy enough it sounds it as he sets the thing down just in front of another booth some several spaces away from where the Winter Soldier and Eddie have situated themselves. Rocket hums to himself as he unzips the bag and begins to go through the assortment of weaponry he's brought along. He pulls out a large-barrelled firearm that might've looked like a fancier-scale NERF gun, except those who know or have heard anything regarding the little Guardian would probably be well aware that he never packs toys.

* * *

Bucky doesn't at first take notice of the new arrivals. Attention on the weapon at all times when at the range, loaded or not. "It's a good weapon," he's telling the agent. "Reliable and pretty simple. You just need to master the trigger pull along with keeping your aim steady. Kinda different from the 1911s I started out with…"

The agent, sensing a Bucky Barnes History Reminisce, hastily thanks him for the lesson and starts to pack up. In fact, she must have been subjected to a Bucky Barnes History Reminisce before, because she forgets about taking the weapon back from him to care for it herself, in her hurry to split. Bucky smiles to himself, stripping the pistol down and putting it back where it belongs.

It's as he's emerging from the booth that he notices — first Rocket, because Rocket is carrying a big bag, and Bucky has a strong self-preservation instinct. "I didn't know they were letting you back down here after the… you know." He thumbs back at the new paneling.

His blue eyes track and find Eddie a moment later, who he seems about to question until he sees the lanyard about her neck. "You must be pretty old guard," he says, amused, though his sharp eyes scan the lanyard.

* * *

"Old habits." Eddie beams a wide smile towards Barnes using the full wattage of her expression even if it doesn't match the weariness that darkens her eyes. She stops at a table outside the booths proper, setting down her gear as she unwinds an elastic headband from around one wrist. "And here I thought it made me look like a rookie."

Her eyes gravitate naturally to Rocket, because pulling out a weapon of that caliber isn't exactly subtle. "Now where can I get one of those." She comments with obvious jealousy tinting her voice while she gathers back her hair, pushing it off her forehead with the black band and tucking it back behind her ears. "I mean, it lacks stealth, but the stopping power has got to be amazing." God, it's almost painful being this sociable, but it's a necessary evil.

* * *

Slender fingers slide across the outlandish weapon with clicks and then a subtle hum of energy powering up. Rocket lifts his head finally, glancing over towards the more familiar of the two faces that happen to be looking in his direction, not that he doesn't note that hungry look from Eddie. He grins.

"They didn't say I was banned from using the place. It's been at least a month since that happened!" He considers that very generous on his part.

His eyes shift towards Eddie, his grin angling more into a smirk. "Yeah, it's kind of on the bulky side but I mean, this ain't the sorta weapon you aim to sneak around with. This here's a statement piece."

* * *

There's another familiar face entering the shooting range, one Danielle Moonstar.

The Cheyenne's stride is fairly comfortable as she enters the area and while most others bring more modern or futuristic weaponry, Danielle's choice of firearm is far more archaic.

Even older than Bucky Barnes!

Strapped to her back is a quiver full of arrows and held in one hand is an authentically made old-fashioned bow.

Upon seeing so many familiar faces Moonstar automatically raises a hand upward in greeting, "Hey Bucky, Rocket, Agent Morales." And while there's no hesitancy within her voice, she can't help but keep her attention on Eddie for a few seconds longer.

Then it's over to Rocket and a good-natured grin twitches the corners of her mouth upward, "SHIELD never forgets."

Which causes her expression to lose some of that amusement.

Still, she does add, "You guys finishing up or just starting?"

* * *

Bucky's even blue gaze takes in the brightness of that smile, and how it doesn't match the look in her eyes. He doesn't comment, because it's not polite; he just evinces a faint smile, leaning a hip against the table as his arms fold.

"Dress in the full getup if you want to look like a rookie," is Bucky's advice. "That's how I can tell the new ones. The old ones don't care anymore about looking sharp, and the uniform's lost the luster." Barnes seems to be following that creed himself, judging by the jeans and well-worn jacket.

He laughs as Rocket makes his case with regards to it having been 'a whole month' since the incident. "And where'd you get this one from? I'm gonna have to go to space myself if they've got this variety of armament out there."

His attention turns as Moonstar makes her appearance. "Dani," he nods, in a greeting that suggests familiarity. What also suggests familiarity is the way he seems to easily notice the extra moments Moonstar regards the now-named 'Agent Morales.' His gaze flicks towards Eddie, then back to Dani. There is a brief moment of eye contact with the young mutant.

Then the expression is gone, and he's answering. "I finished up, the others're just starting." He angles a gaze at Rocket. "Hopefully with fewer holes blown in the wall. Peggy might hold me responsible if I was here and did nothing."

* * *

"Dani." Eddie greets warmly, but she seems just as tired as the first time they met. "Really, you can call me Eddie." She prompts, as her flingers pluck up orange tinted safety glasses, unfolding the arms and propping them on top of her shock of hair instead of sliding down over her eyes. "I was about to shoot, but you know. I kind of want to see how this plays out."

Hopping up on the prep table, her legs cross at the ankles as they start to swing back and forth in the void down below. "Most entertainment I've had since the rejoin." She stage whispers with her eyes glued to Rocket. As an aside to Bucky though, she says, "So you're the Bucky Barnes, right? I'd totally fangirl, but I'm sure somewhere Coulson would be rolling his eyes." She drops Phil's name so casually, as if unaware there are some still within the organization that don't know he's still alive.

* * *

"Yeah, they're creepy like that. Heya Dani." Rocket gives her a wink, his grin a bit more sincere. At least with her greeting to the others he can also put a name to the one making eyes at his souped up firearm. Although to be fair? Most of his firearms are pretty souped up. That's what happens when one has too much free time.

"Oh, ya like this one, eh?" he replies in response to Bucky's question, patting the side of the barrel with a slightly sharper smile. Barnes, if you really want somethin' that packs a punch all ya gotta do is ask. I won't even make you go to space for it." Beat. "Of course it won't come cheap…" he adds.

Shouldering his apparent space-gun, he grins over at Eddie before moving into the booth he'd parked himself by. There's a satisfying click as he cocks the weapon and takes aim down the lane.

"Eh, Coulson would only do it to hide the fact that he's a big fanboy himself," the little Guardian replies absently. There's otherwise no warning as he depresses the trigger, a brilliant flare heralding the broad blast that fires off and incinerates the target on the opposite wall. It also leaves something of a scorch mark. But hey! No hole?

* * *

The subtle look from Bucky is seen and there's a brief flash of one back at him - later.

Then her attention is back to the group at large.

"Eddie it is." Agrees Danielle, her expression moving back to something of a smile.

Of course, Rocket's mention of SHIELD being creepy pulls a faint snort of amusement from the Cheyenne. Thankfully she doesn't necessarily have to respond to that when the fuzzy Guardian offers to procure Bucky a gun similar to what he has. At a price.

This just causes Moonstar to make a show of sliding a side-eyed look over to Bucky, "It's a trap." She says mock-seriously, before her gaze flicks back to Rocket and then the obliteration of the target.

That causes the black-haired woman to raise her eyebrows upward, "Well, I was going to suggest a bit of a contest between the four of us, but seeing that I'm pretty sure someone has a slightly higher advantage than most of us here."

* * *

As for that mention of Coulson, that brings a sharp look from Dani (and something of a pained look for those that know her well) as her gaze scans the area around them, before she looks back at Eddie. Her next words are spoken softly, as Dani murmurs, "Careful, Eddie. There are some things that are still on a needs to know."

* * *

"It is sure as shit a trap," Bucky says, as Dani warns him. "You know I'm not giving you the arm, Rocket," he adds, very amiably. "Which was what you wanted the last time I asked. Even if I wanted to, Jane'd kill me. What I've got will just have to be punch enough until I can raid up something myself."

But as Eddie asides to him? There's a rather wan smile, typical of his reaction to being recognized: somewhere between polite acknowledgement that Steve's fame had already dragged his up along with it, even long before 'The Trial of Two Centuries' hit the papers, and a rather guarded demurral of the often 'very positive' or 'very negative' responses people often have to him. One would usually think the positive reactions would be easier to deal with, but they're about the same for Bucky Barnes. Blame guilt complexes the size of Alaska.

"I am," he says, in a tone that is no more than a plain admission of fact — though there is a distinct pause at the casual mention of Coulson. Not because Bucky was unaware of his 'aliveness' status, but because of the admonishment which Danielle gives — and because of the familiarity with which Eddie speaks of him. "Well — "

And then the gun goes off. "Jesus, Rocket," Bucky says, though fortunately there's no hole. YET.

The next target cycles up to replace the fallen one. It's an inanimate object, but somehow it still manages to look reluctant.

Dani's remark on the slight futility of suggesting a contest draws a crooked smirk. "Advantage in power, maybe. I'd say there's still an open question about precision. Especially with that thing."

His gaze tracks back to Eddie. "As I was saying… that's not an encouragement for you to fangirl, mind. Not really the type who looks for that kinda thing." He eyes her, curious. "So… rejoining, huh? What's your story, Agent?"

* * *

There is a low whistle from Eddie as Rocket decimates the target with his fancy gun, a slight wince as she suddenly regrets not donning ear protection prior. Her gloved finger jabs into her ear and gives an over dramatic wiggle as she comments, "That's more than a punch that thing is packing."

At the admonishment from Dani, she leans in that direction to respond quietly in kind. "Really? It's classified? Huh." Her gaze shifts upwards, as if searching some part of her memory where that should have been known. Then slightly dryer: "Wish you would have said something when we met."

Thankfully Bucky is providing a convenient shift in focus, and Eddie gives him another smile that's dimmed down as she lets her tiredness seep into the edges of it. "That's what all the good ones say, they don't want the attention." To the rest, there's a shrug. "SHIELD and I split ways - amicably - about half a decade ago. When my freelancing brought me back to New York, I was recruited again by a …senior agent." Named Coulson who she will not make the mistake of naming again, "He was my mentor back in the day. Glad to be on his team again. What about you?"

* * *

"Aw, come on!!" Rocket shouts, just shy of exasperated and tending more towards amused that the guy still remembers that particular fixation. Then again, it's a pretty specific target and they've only had so many real interactions, all in which a good number of those times such a deal was brought up.

"Fine then. But just lettin' you know, the doors aaaalways open." He flashes a sort of leering grin at the old soldier that promises it's not the last Bucky will hear about his arm. Or is it an unspoken promise of a claim? Neither sounds very pleasant, really.

With the resulting of his weapon's discharge, Rocket seems the only one who's unimpressed as he scowls a bit and then opens up a panel on the side of the thing. "Tch, got some wires crossed. Let's see…" he mutters as he sets the weapon down, powering it off as he reaches into a pocket to pull out a multitool so he can set to work. Eddie's explanation of her return to the S.H.I.E.L.D. fold goes without comment, although an ear perks as he notes her hesitation in mentioning names. Oh, so was Coulson's being back not widespread? Hn.

"Buckwheat Vader Barnes, are you implying that I am can't be precise with my shooting of ridiculously overpowered weapons?" He pauses in his fiddling to look over at the humans.

* * *

"I should have mentioned it." States Danielle, a quiet apologetic tone to her voice now, "Clearly too many things on my mind that day."

Moonstar stifles a quiet sigh (at herself) and focuses her attention back upon the three near and close-by. When Eddie answers Bucky's question, the Cheyenne idly listens to her response. She files that answer away for later consideration, before she turns a look between Rocket and Bucky. "I would never /ever/ tempt Jane's wraith." The black-haired woman answers quiet seriously, "In fact, I would never knowingly do something to piss her off, Rocket, and if you do it's going to be your funeral."

Because Dani sure as hell has seen just what JANE is capable of. All of it SCARY stuff.

However, at Rocket's nickname for Bucky, Moonstar can't quite stop the look of amusement that shifts the seriousness out of her expression. "That sure sounds like a challenge to me. My money's going to have to go on Bucky, sorry Rocket."

* * *

The answer is: of course Bucky remembers. You tend to remember when someone wants one of your appendages. "No sneaking into my house at night to take it," is Bucky's automatic response to that grin, because that's really what it looks like it's promising right now! "It's like Dani says, you'll have to face Jane, and God help your fuzzy ass then."

Bucky's brows rise precipitously at Buckwheat Vader Barnes, though. Especially since he's finally seen Star Wars (at least 5 times by now, thanks Jane) and gets the reference. Or most of it. "Maybe I am," he says, with a shit-eating smirk. "Let's see what you got with that thing. — Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dani."

It will absolutely be his fault now if Rocket shoots through a wall.

His attention focuses back on Eddie while Rocket no doubt prepares to do just that. The brief interchange between Eddie and Dani gets a look, though no comment. The tired cast to Eddie's eyes gets a rather more shrewd look; the sergeant in Barnes is used to picking out that kind of look on the faces of soldiers. "I'd like if people considered me a 'good one,'" is his frank answer. "That's pretty cloudy, these days."

He nods to Eddie's explanation, taking it apparently at face value, though his brows lift a little as she implies Coulson was her mentor. "He's a good one to have," he says, of Phil Coulson. "Me? Story's been shopped around enough, I guess. Most of it is even true. As far as SHIELD specifically… I'm not really official or anything. I guess kinda like an emeritus. I hang in when I'm needed. …Mostly for wrangling Steve into realizing he's being an idiot."

* * *

Eddie gives Dani a little shrug and demure of her gaze to not being told about the Coulson situation, even though Moonstar has the higher clearance of the two and is technically the more senior agent. Tsk.

She swings her legs once more, this time with enough oomph to help her hop off the table. "So kind of like a consultant?" Morales replies to Barnes as she finally turns to her own weapon, doing a safety check out of habit before ejecting the magazine so she can load it with the live ammo. "Well, I hope we get a chance to work together. I've heard good things. Who's Jane?" The question posed to the collective as she clicks in bullets.

* * *

"Damn," Rocket snorts, snapping his fingers as Bucky preemptively shuts down that possibility. It was one, anyway. After all, Rocket does know where the two live. "Oh- speaking of. I'm gonna need you two to babysit Groot soon."

Dani gets his full attention, not particularly because of the warnings of the wrath of Jane Foster, but because she stands behind Bucky's skills over his own! Gasping, the raccoonoid claps a hand over his heart as though he'd just been shot by one of the Cheyenne's deadly arrows. "'s that how it is, Dani? I feel so betrayed! What about you? Eddie, right?"

His theatrics don't last very long as he resumes reconnecting wires, resulting in only a minor flash of sparks before he folds up his multitool, looking quite smug at his work. "That oughta do it." He closes the panel, pocketing his tool so he can heft the gun back into his arms. At least it's only about half the size of his rifle, which makes it roughly only two-thirds his height. "So we doin' this?"

* * *

Bucky's thanks brings a flash of a smile from the Cheyenne, then her gaze shifts over to Eddie, "A good friend." She answers for herself, in respects to her question about who Jane is.
Her contemplative look stays on the other woman for a few seconds longer, before she shifts her attention to Rocket. His antics pull a laugh from the woman even as she straightens from the slight slouch her stance had acquired. "I'll send over a few pizzas and beers to help bandage the betrayal, Rocket. Pepperoni good for you?"

And while there's a brief question in Dani's mind about asking how Groot is doing, that question pauses once Rocket hefts the gun back up.

* * *

Kind of like a consultant? "Yeah, kinda like that," Bucky says, though he doesn't exactly say what he's a consultant in. "We… might wind up working together, depends what your areas of operation are. Some'll have more overlap with me."

As for who Jane is? Dani answers earnestly. James Barnes? "A pain in my ass," is Bucky's fond answer, with that tone that doesn't take a spy to extrapolate: they're doing it. "Look up quantum theory or Eistein-Rosen bridges or whatever the fuck, you'll know more than you ever wanted to know about Dr. Jane Foster."

Rocket then issues a challenge. Bucky sits up a little straighter. "I guess we are," Bucky says, reaching across the table for a rifle. "I warn you, blowing away the entire target will not count — "

He pauses visibly. " — wait, babysit Groot?"

* * *

"Ooooh no." Eddie responds with her head lulling back on its atlas so she can flash a smile at Rocket. "I'm not getting in the middle of this. Consider me Switzerland. I know better than to lay my allegiance down when I can't speak to either person's talents." She slips her glasses down over her eyes, now viewing the world through the orange tint. One gloved hand stacks the loaded clip on top of the box of ammunition and her other takes up the weapon, exercising trigger precautions by keeping her finger laying on the outside of the guard.

Something Barnes says as he expounds on Moonstar's explanation of Jane has her cross to an open stall paused for a minute. "Really? Huh. I'll have to track her down sometime." Morales seems to be thinking something over with the slight cant of her head as she steps into a lane and pulls some ear protection down off a hook.

* * *

Rocket siiiiighs and gives a shrugging sort of nod in what he hopes to convey as begrudging acceptance. "Sure. Can never go wrong with pepperoni." From Dani he glances then to Eddie, brow arched. "I have no idea what that means but whatever. That's not where that IKEA place is from, is it?"

Bucky has however accepted the challenge, which fully returns that grin to the raccoonoid's face as he saunters back towards the booth he's nearest to. "What're we doin' then, headshots? Not my fault if there might be some kinda blowback that happens to take out the rest of the target though. That's only after the initial shot." He powers up his gun again, nodding to himself at the thin whine of a hum, just at the fringes of one's hearing like the ringing of one's ears.

"Yeah, babysit. Least you guys can do. He doesn't wanna go on a scavenger hunt with me an' I figure he'll whine if I dragged him along anyway."

* * *

While people move to the booths, Danielle hangs mostly back. She'll happily play judge from back here, not that there's necessarily much to judge. The targets themselves will show all the proof that's needed to determine the winner.

Instead Moonstar just says, "You can always keep me on backup if you ever need someone to watch Groot."

Then it's back to the challenge at hand, "I'd recommend best out of one. Not sure how much more the wall nearest you Rocket, can take and I for one am not getting pulled into the office for a hole in the wall." She jokes good-naturedly, "Or having my pay docked for the repairs."

* * *

"She stops by once in a while," is Bucky's remark on the topic of finding a wayward Jane. "But she's at Stark's more often, I'd say."

His attention settles back on the matter at hand. The raccoon has issued a challenge, and it can't be passed by. "Well, if your gun's that hard to restrain, then I'll do the first shot," he says, absently loading the weapon and heading over towards the booth. "Best of one suits me, since thanks to that peashooter he's got, we're only gonna get one."

He only pauses at the elaboration on the topic of Groot. A flicker passes through his eyes. The predominant shade is guilt. "Yeah, it is the least we can do," he says. "Bring him by, we'll look after him."

He slides a glance askance at Dani as she offers too. Thank you, says that look.

He lifts his rifle a moment later, sighting a few moments before taking his shot. Clean through the target's left eye. "I'm assuming it ain't gonna be there anymore after yours," he says dryly, "but if you get it through the other eye before that, I'll call it even."

* * *

"Something like that." Eddie calls back about presumably about IKEA, leaving it vague. As she's going to be able to view the competition from her own lane, Morales is content staying in there as she needs to get her practice in as well. A new paper target is hung on the rail and sent out with a push of the button to send it sailing to the end of the range. Leaving others to their devices, she pulls on her ear protection and muffles the world around her. When she finally pulls the trigger, it's in quick succession, a tight grouping in the forehead and mid chest of the black silhouette. She's not perfect, but she's SHIELD trained and presumably a professional. But then most are that walk these hallowed halls.

* * *

Looking as though about to say something and then reconsidering doing so is probably enough for them to figure that Rocket's realized it probably is the better option over risking the shooting gallery to look like swiss cheese.

He casts a brief glance at Bucky with the quiet, brief as it is in the lull after he'd spoke those words. Rocket kind of regrets it, but at the same time it's not exactly something he can forget that had happened, and Groot's current state is an ever present reminder. Shaking his head, he looks to the target as Bucky lays out the details. And at least he'd agreed to watching the tree kid.

"Through the eye? Brutal," he says, grinning as he levels his gun, taking aim. He's careful to adjust his stance so he can brace against the kick, but he's well-used to doing these things. Perhaps much too used to it. He squeezes off the trigger, and what follows isn't as brilliant a flare as his first shot earlier, the shot itself more compacted, tighter and more like a laser. It punches right through the other eye just fine. And as the target begins to singe and burn its way around the circular hole left behind, the hole beyond and burrowed straight into the wall is just a biiiit obvious.

Rocket lowers his gun and grins toothily at all present.

"Even it is!"

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