Chaos, Panic, And Disorder
Roleplaying Log: Chaos, Panic, And Disorder
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Recent events have led Tony Stark to come up with an Idea. …which get some mixed reactions with Bart, Raven and Pepper.

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IC Date: November 27, 2018
IC Location: Stark Industries, NYC
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Posted On: 28 Nov 2018 07:35
Rating & Warnings: PG
NPC & GM Credits: Clawminator Destrucat Mk. II, Gremlins, JARVIS
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It has been an eventful few weeks in New York. Demonic invasions, Other Worldly Heralds, and worse have plagued the city. All from one nice center spire of technological brilliance.

Stark Tower.

The light for all mankind that has been used so many times as just the opposite now.

That thought and others have been on the mind of Tony Stark. A man that has been in and out of a coma for the past two months. First at the hands of demons, then at the hands of the Brotherhood of Mutants after he became one of the first big name heroes to register in New York. After he took the Avengers down that road. So it has been a bumpy ride and it doesn't stand to get much easier.

He thought about this problem. He worked on this problem. Then in typical Tony Stark fashion he made a snap judgment on a thing with zero input from most anyone else and just…did something dramatic.

…which brings us to right now…

After dinner at the Tower, the damage from the invasion still being repaired. Drones and human workers doing what they can to put the home of Stark Industries back in order. Pepper is about of course, supervising something or the other, but Stark himself is…up in the top of the tower. In the glassed in home of his…

…and he's sent out an invitation to one Bart Allen and whoever Bart wanted to bring to come visit cause…they needed to have a chat about something.

…yeah. This is fine.


With all that's been going on, Bart's just glad that he'd thought to escort the Tamachoans back to Stark's once all the demon business had been wrapped up. They'd spent much of their time at the Titans Tower indulging in what the culture of Earth had to offer, and may have returned home with cravings of junk food and Netflix, and for Tlamatini the priest that had been in their number, well he's promised his beloved orange-skinned and flame-haired alien that he would come to see her again once he spoke to the others about rules for relations between their people and extra-dimensional beings.

It seems that there's never any breaks for the good guys, and while Bart had been a little hesitant to come back to New York after having a pleasant if normal holiday weekend in Alabama, he knew that there were a lot of things that would have to be tackled. He's sure that the Titans would be having some discussion or another soon.

What he hadn't expected was an invitation from Tony Stark. It's something of a pleasant surprise, as Bart had been meaning to drop by and check in with him. The last time he'd seen the guy was when he'd been unconscious and in a self-induced coma, after all.

It's a rather short list that comes to mind for someone to bring along. He's pretty sure that Red Robin's busy- and that he's probably upset about the problems that Tony may have inadvertently had part in to make life more complicated for the Titans even though he probably never meant to. Raven just happens to be there when he gets word, and since she'd accompanied him before, Bart figures that it's only right to invite her along so he can introduce her properly.

…also, she can make portals out of darkness that can get ALL of them there at once and in a snap.

All, you ask? Why yes. They also have a giant pink cat in their company, about the size of a mountain lion.


Doubling as both a mode of transportation and a Plus One. It's not insulting to Raven, at least, so she and Bart are still friends. Because it definitely would have taken longer to get everyone over there without the portals.

She also thought it would be proper to go and see the well-known Tony Stark awake for a change. That and helping the Tamachoans get back to where they are supposed to be so that there would be no other incidents made where they can easily get into trouble.

It's the trouble linked to current events, the very same Bart thinks of, that lingers in the back of her mind once they arrive; with a pause and a dismissive wave of her hand, the portal disappears once everyone is clear from its swirling mouth. Her cloak settles, pooling about her as she looks down at the pink cat, then to the speedster to be sure that everything is fine.

Now isn't the time, Raven reminds herself, pushing a short stray lock of magenta hair back into the confines of her peaked hood. "I think we're all accounted for."


As the portal closes the pair, and cat, would find at least three turrets trained on their position. Of course seconds after they step out those turrets retract into the walls as a very contrite and familiar voice appears over the speakers.

"Ah! Master Allen! Forgive me, security protocols have been on edge. For obvious reasons of course. Welcome back to Stark Tower! Thank you both again for looking out for the Tamachoans."

Jarvis' voice sounds relieved that the pair aren't well. Demons.

Good Ol' Demons.

Moments later Tony Stark rounds the corner of the room with a smirk on his face. The man looks…actually good. Like. Better than he did even before his coma. Less lines on his face, less gray in his hair, his eyes brighter than they have been. Almost a strange vital air in the waves of magic around him.

…it's fine.

"Well! That was quick. I didn't think you guys would just portal here. Sorry about the security stuff…and holy…where did you get that big a kitten?" This as he sees the cat.

"Anyway! You brought a friend, two friends." A pause. "That's fine."


Bart had been meaning to say something about Raven's new look. He just hasn't settled on how to say it. 'Ooh, colors!' Yeah, no. Perhaps thankfully for Raven, the speedster had been distracted by Tony's call. Don't worry, he'll get back to it eventually.

"Yesss, almost as fun as getting here my usual wa- whoa!" Dressed in his usual red and white, he flails a bit and holds his hands up as he notices the turrets aimed at them. Beside him the pink cat growls, although when the disembodied voice speaks up she looks about curiously before brushing up against the back of Bart's legs.

"Jarvis! Hey! Yeah, sorry! Didn't mean to startle you- and I can totally understand. But yeah, great to…hear you again? And hey, no problem. I figure it was kinda my fault they came out in the first place."

The cat pokes her head around him as Tony enters, tail swishing slowly in gentle s-curves as she watches him. Bart grins, and blinks as he notices the differences almost immediately. Some new Hollywood skin treatment?

"Wow. Lookin' good Mister Stark," he says, grinning once again as he holds out a hand to shake in greeting. "This is Raven. She came by with me when we delivered that gift basket that Harley and I made…that probably got demolished by demons when we all came to get you out, now that I think about it." He frowns a bit, then shrugs, shaking his head. "Oh! And this is Clawmy- short for Clawminator Destrucat Mark II."

Upon introducing the oversized cat he turns and scoops her up as best he can, at least the front half. She seems used to it as she allows herself to dangle limply despite her size and the fact that her feet are still on the ground.

"Found her with a bunch of other kittens that were being used for science experiments or something. She's about…a little over a year old now? I dunno how much that is in cat years… I hadda bring her with cuz I think she's still mad at Zee and Red Robin for landing on her and likes to chew up their stuff if no one's keeping an eye out."


Ah, yes. Security systems are still in play. The goth Titan doesn't try anything, calmly letting her arms drop to her sides as the AI butler speaks. Bart has it covered, mostly, and Jarvis is an understanding personality who is only doing his job much like the last time she visited. Especially when demons were present the last few times they all gathered here in the Tower. (Ahem.)

Now-violet eyes then shift over to Tony Stark when he makes his appearance moments later, her brow arching ever so slightly at how…youthful (?) he's looking. Fresh, like the years haven't marred his features at all.

It's possible she could be thinking the same exact thing Bart is thinking about it, but fortunately she doesn't choose to voice her opinion.

On cue, Raven nods as she's introduced. "Apologies, Jarvis. Mr. Stark," she rasps, her tone giving off light resonation. She does pick up on the magical notes, feeling the waves wash past as they emanate from the man. "It's good to see you're doing well."


"…did you do a palette swap?" This towards Raven as Stark tilts his head slightly as he looks towards the Half-Demon of the Titans. The man though moves right along though before he can get an answer. The man turns to wave the pair of them onward, towards the glassed in living quarters of his 'home'.

Which for some reason seems to have…boxes in it?

…also if Raven's Demon Senses are on, there are a few little ones that ping on them. But they seem…not to be causing too much trouble.

"Huh, well rescuing science experiments is a good thing. But yeah, if she likes to chew up stuff…well…that one can chew up a lot of stuff can't it? And I'm sure Robbie there has plenty of chew to, and some of his stuff might be explosive."

A flash of a grin though is aimed towards Bart. "Yeah, looking good. That's what happenings when you use an experimental nano-tech healing serum infused with positive magical energy. It also might be one of the reason I was in the coma for a long time…but hey whose counting, I'm out now."

He waves the pair of them over towards a chair. "…JARVIS can you get a…I don't know. Gigantic cat bed or something for Clawmy?" Its an adorable name really.

"So! How has things been going for your Titans? I know its been a bit rough lately. Not just for me."


With the way Impulse's eyes light up behind those goggles Raven can tell that Stark's offhand comment has reminded him about her new look. He smiles at her, that big guileless smile of his that he can somehow still manage despite demon encounters and breaking both his legs. "Oh yeah! It's a nice look for you!" he says.

As Tony starts to walk off with the intention of them to follow, he does so, half dragging Clawmy like a kid carrying around an oversized stuffed animal. The cat doesn't seem to mind, although once there are other things to explore she begins to wriggle about until he releases her. Then it's off to sniff at boxes and rub her face on things. At least it's winter so she's not shedding as much?

"Heheh…oh yeah. She completely mangled a pair of bunny slippers before," Bart says, laughing a little. "She somehow knows not to go for anything that might blow up on her. She goes for furniture and clothes."

Letting Clawmy do her thing, or Jarvis figure out how to entertain a giant cat, he continues to follow after Tony. Bart exchanges a look with Raven at the question.

"It's…better, I guess. Or at least it was. I mean, we had something of a breather after all the demon stuff and…things. But I now there's a whole 'nother thing to think about…" he says, looking a bit glum at even having to mention it.


Raven shrugs after giving Stark's question some pause, following after him as he waves them both toward the living area. "…I thought it was time for a change," she says after Bart pays his compliment, simultaneously answering them by killing two metaphorical birds with one stone. The second half is directed more toward Tony, however. "So that's what it is," she says, looking at his face again to make sure she isn't just imagining the energies. "I know nothing about nano-technology, but it appears the internal mending lent some of itself to the surface…"

She means is as an observation. There just isn't any clarity in her tone.

The smaller demons running about do ping her like direct messages in a busy online chatroom, but she sees they're just…being what they are. Demons. "It's nice to know they're being useful," she comments. A beat passes. "More or less."

But the topic cannot be avoided for very long. It's on everyone's mind as well as the heart. To say she gets some of Bart's gloom is an understatement, but it doesn't overwhelm her. "You would think more people would be fighting to give us more of a chance after all of that," comes her point, her words forming some edge despite how neutral they sounded.


"Yeah well, sometimes people are idiots. And the biggest idiots are the loudest in this case. It didn't help that all my lobbying was put on hold when I was taking a nap…" Stark mutters as he shakes his head slightly. "Anyway! Now that I've been a huge downer by asking obvious questions…"

He pats Bart slightly awkwardly on the shoulder though. "It'll be alright, kid." A smirk slightly at that before he starts over towards a chair, even as a few drones start to move what looks like a floor rug for Clawmy.

One of the little gremlins pops up behind a chair, peering at the cat at the trio before popping back to hide again. There may be a argument of who has to poke the giant cats tail.

…because it must be done.

Tony of course ignores all this entirely as he spins into a chair, waving the two towards the pair of other chairs. "But I didn't ask Bart here to talk about depressing things, I asked him over cause I had an idea. And an offer. See…you're not the only one who thinks its time to a change."


The young speedster huffs a bit in agreement with Raven's statement, and given Stark's response, his as well. The billionaire's attempt to cheer him up does at least draw a tiny tug of a half-smile back into position.

Clawmy perks up at the sound of the drones and looks on as the rug is brought over. She pads towards it before pausing as her nose catches the scent of something else, and lifting her head, she peers around and towards the chair. Hmm. After a moment she goes to try out her new rug. Hopefully no one will care if it gets a bit clawed up. It seems Bart's named her well on that account.

"An idea..?" Bart echoes, tugging down his goggles and half mask as he wanders towards one of the empty chairs. No point in secret identities here when everyone in the room knows it, he supposes. Settling in, he spins about twice before digging his heels into the floor a bit to angle himself in the proper direction, hands folded in front of him as he leans forward with his elbows resting upon his knees.

"So…an offer? What's all this about then, Mister Stark?"


It's been a fair amount of time since things settled down… kind of. There are still odd little creatures here and there, and while she never got actively chased by any of them, they still very much unnerve her. And Tony's treating them almost like he does his 'bots. Frustrating.

Having gone straight back to work as soon as she could — heaven knows Tony isn't the one getting the Manhattan SI office back into working order. And to that effect, she's laid down some rules about the odd little creatures: they're to stay AWAY from any floor that is actually used for Stark Industries business. That, and if ANYONE catches one of them drinking from a toilet again, she'll bust out the Rituale Romanum herself and get rid of them personally.

Back in her usual business attire and walking briskly into Tony's residence with tablet in one hand and phone at her ear in the other, Pepper stops abruptly when she realizes that the inventor has company and more importantly he has boxes. Everywhere.

"… I need to call you back." She hangs up on whomever she'd been talking to and takes a cautious step closer.


A good answer. It makes sense to her, and she's seen a lot of that happening more often than not.

Raven can't help but smile a little as Bart receives the shoulder pats, letting it vanish as she catches one of the gremlins popping up and dropping down. She doesn't make it her priority to keep an eye on them, however, leaving Clawmy to the task if she ever she gets back to being interested in them.

Upon sitting down, Raven folds her hands over her lap, listening to what Stark has to say about changes. An idea? She can see he's making up for all of the time and work he's missed out on since his coma.

Except her attention is sidetracked by another presence. The slight tilt and turn of her head seems to be directed Pepper Potts' way, but she calls no attention to it since it doesn't feel like any harm will come to them.


The drones drop said rug before Clawmy can decide they are cat toys and retreat to hover near the door. The argument behind the chair seems to be getting a bit more loud and may now involve shoving.

Stark though ignores it all.

He does though grin as Pepper strolls in…but Pepper would know it is that awkward, 'Oh god she is so not going to like this' look he gets on occasion.

"Pep! I was gonna talk to you about this anyway so come on in, you two know Pepper right? She runs everything around here."

It is pretty much true there.

"So…I've been thinking about my company and about just the problems with the mess with registration and the company, and people attacking this company, and well…long story short. JARVIS and I were going back and forth on ideas over a pot of coffee."

The industrial strength coffee.

There is a ahem from JARVIS.

"Sir, this was entirely your idea."

"Traitor," Stark says with a smirk. "Anyway, I was going round with a solution to the problem and I finally hit upon it. See…I have this young ward…or the society pages think I have this young ward…"


Clawmy's already made herself comfortable on the rug, rolling around on it as she's as good as claimed as her own. And then the noise behind the chair has her perking up again, and she gets back on her feet and begins to quietly slink over in its direction. There's no questioning the poise she assumes; it's the same position that all cats take, from the big wild ones to even their domestic but unnaturally large cousins. She's on the hunt.

Pepper gets a small wave from Bart when he notices that they've got company, and he nods at Tony when he acknowledges the woman. However when he greets her himself, it's a perhaps familiar clicking language that he defaults to before catching himself with something of a sheepish grin. "Er, rewind that. Nice to see you again, Miss Potts." And not Mistress of Order and Spices. Nope! He definitely did not say that.

Tapping his foot, the speedster looks back at Tony as he waits for the man to continue. "Your company has been pretty popular of late," he notes. There's a slight smirk at Jarvis's interruption.

"…hm?" Now that Tony's got his attention again, Bart blinks, head tilting. Young ward? Wait, wait, this sounds familiar…


Pepper immediately becomes more wary when Tony offers THAT smile, and then her eyes narrow as he rambles out his idea. Normally she'd be much more polite when others were around, but seeing as she's just been blindsided with this, she's practically laser-focused on Tony at the moment.

"So you want to, what, hand ownership and control of your company to someone who doesn't exist, so you can go galavanting off on the midlife crisis I knew you were headed toward?" She shakes her head slowly.

"If you choose to do that, I quit." She even moves to set her phone and tablet down on the nearest convenient surface.


As soon as Tony mentions something about a young ward, Raven suddenly straightens up in her seat. Minor flashbacks take her back to when she was in that one liquor store with Bart. The wannabe thieves. The rack full of tabloids.

Love Child

She doesn't even need to empathically prod the genius inventor to know that he isn't joking. And given Pepper's honest reply, she isn't very fond of the idea either. Her shadowed gaze then returns Stark's way. "…You're serious about something like that," she says, making it more of a statement than a question in itself.


"Hey now, first off he does exist and is a perfectly nice person, he's a good kid actually. These two know him." There is a smirk at that. "And I'm pretty sure he isn't a registered citizen of New York."

Then he's up again, even as Clawmy prepares to hut the gremlins, one of which falls out from behind the chair. Sees the hunting cat and goes completely still.


"But look, its not a mid life crisis. I mean I'm not counting that out yet but this isn't quite it." There is that smirk again even as he starts to pace. "I mean think about it, I sign controlling stock over to him." Again a glance at Bart a flash of a mischievous grin there. "Making him an gazillionaire or something I'm not quite sure how much that would be. Pepper though don't be like that. I'm not signing over control. You still run everything…I mean…come on…its not that different than right now is it?"

Can't deny its true.

"And yes I'm totally serious." This aimed towards Raven.

A pause again before he looks towards Pepper.

"But again, no Mid life crisis. See…I can't really move SI. I mean…" A pause. "…I could." He totally could. "But then I uproot a lot of people. Its a mess to move them. Most of them can't move, I mean the place is pretty much stuck here and I'm not gotta just leave the employees there. And I'm…well…I need to keep the Avengers together." He pauses at that. "New York might not like us, but they need us. Sometimes."

A smirk at that again.

"Anyway, I sign my company over to someone else and people can't quite come after it flat out, at least not legally." The man pauses. "…and me? I plan on making a different company, just a little startup. I think I can manage something. And base it somewhere else."


Bart may be fast on his feet, but soooometimes he's just a little slow on the uptake. Obviously the implication is dawning upon him as Raven speaks up, eyes widening as he stares at Tony Stark.

"Wh…whoa, wait a sec." He knows he's hearing what he's heard but his brain's tying itself in knots trying to work out the reasoning, although to be fair it's getting tripped up by a whole lot of sidetracking thoughts. It's to be expected when someone is dropping phrases like 'sign controlling stock over to him' and 'making him a gazillionaire.

The teenaged speedster slumps back in his chair, sending it turning in a slow circle.

Clawmy, happily oblivious to the toils and complications of the world of humans stalks over towards the fallen gremlin, sniffing at it before promptly moving to pick it up between her teeth. She's not a bear. But she loves playing with toys and beating the stuffing out of them. Totally normal behavior for a house cat!

"-grife, I barely wrapped my head around the Registration Act! I think I get what you're wanting to do but I'm pretty sure I probably don't? I mean… yeah, I'm not a registered citizen of New York. I live in Alabama! So… then everything's just…in name I'm basically place-holding or something…?"

His mind is still reeling, and although part of him is threatening to be giddy with the prospect of the title of money padding out a nice title to his mundane self, there's also that tiny little caricature of Max Mercury just giving him The Look, hovering at the back of his mind amidst the images of himself tossing up piles of money like that famously rich duck with the spectacles and tophat.


Her hands now free, Pepper crosses her arms and lets Tony try to convince her, her expression one he likely knows as 'boardroom disapproving' or 'you're trying to convince me that something catastrophically stupid is actually a good idea'.

Tony's explanation of his idea makes it clear that he actually put valid thought into this, but the pacing and the smirking are NOT helping his case any. As he repeats himself about this not being a mid-life crisis, she starts mentally mapping the logistics of what he's proposing. Drafting up the documentation for this ward… wait, he just smirked at IMPULSE. Does he mean…? REALLY?? She glances quickly between the inventor and Bart a few times, clearly surprised by something.

And then the young man's reaction proves her right and she's torn between being yelling mad at Tony and sighing in exasperation.

She ultimately lands on the latter, and siiiighs. "And you couldn't come talk to ME about this instead of JARVIS?" She finally moves to sit at the table where Raven and Bart are, and belatedly offers each of them a slightly strained smile hello.


Looks like Raven doesn't have to spell it out for Bart after all. For a speedster, he's catching up, and she watches him go through the motions as he does mental gymnastics over the situation he now finds himself in. Not only that, she feels the confusion and disbelief mixing with Pepper's slow drain of her patience, her features clear in how they are to be read since Tony is dropping all of the necessary information on them while he has their attention.

"And yes I'm totally serious." Well, that confirms it. His explanations are full enough to make sure they're all on the same page with him. Raven accepts the fact that the man takes these risks to better their current circumstances, but there's just that feeling that backlash is going to occur once the news drops.

If they all agree to it, that is. The strain of frustration coming from Pepper is hard to ignore, but she returns the belated greeting, her own smile barely noticeable with the hood overshadowing half of her face.

It would be wise to leave them be, let them hash it all out without her being there. At the same time, she gets why she's been invited — or more like being the lucky person who got to come over with the speedster to act as an extra witness to the plottings of a Stark. So she stays silent on the matter, letting it all unfold before her.


For the record Tony is kinda glad Raven is here. For one part to keep Bart more calm, for the other part to keep Pepper from murdering him flat out. "…well I was going to talk to you about it after I talked to Impulse here but…you were here so decided to just get it all to it at once."

Then back to Bart and his moment of crisis. There is a flash of a grin as he walks over and crouches down for a moment. "You know I was trying to keep all that half a secret but…" A glance at Pepper. "…no telling right?"

Then back towards Bart. "Look you won't quite be place holding, you'll still be owner of it all. I'd just recommend you listen to Pepper since…" A glance up at the woman then. "…she basically knows all this way better than I do. Since I did the whole ward thing…" On a whim really but it works out. "…society is already set up for it. There'll be some shouting but there always is, Pepper can convince the board of things. Especially since she'll still be full CEO."

Please. PLEASE say she will be.

"You just have to sit back and reap the benefits…and likely sign a lot of things. Maybe sit through some boring board meetings at first. It won't be bad though…"

He taps a finger on he knee a moment.

"There is a kid around your age on the board anyway, Tim something. I can introduce ya and I'm sure he can explain most of the ins and outs. I mean he seems pretty boring but I'm sure you'll get along."

…does Stark know?!

…maybe on some strange subconscious level he does, or maybe he really does, or maybe he's just pulling all of this out of thin air like he usually does.

It is always hard to tell with Stark.

Meanwhile the little gremlin starts to sweat profusely in the maw of the deadly beast that is Clawmy. There may be a slight twitch, possibly a terrified squeak. His friends helpfully start to take bets on how long till the monster eats him.

Stark again not noticing.

"So anyway Pepper, talking about this now right Pepper? That's something right? Progress!" And he's stopped pacing, that's something.

"I mean look I…have to do something. This is something. It might not be a great something but it is something." A pause. "I mean my first thought was to just give you the company." This towards Pepper. "…and I know that would have totally made you quit."

He falls silent again before looking up. "JARVIS you have that paperwork you worked up? They can at least look it over."


It's a pretty weak attempt at a smile that Bart offers Pepper when she finally comes over to join them. He glances over at Raven as though silently pleading for a life preserver to be thrown out to him before he mentally drowns. It's a lot to unpack, and while he could have simply been starstruck by the idea of becoming rich, he knows it's not as great as it might sound.

There's business attached to all that, after all, and while Bart does breathe a sigh of relief at the confirmation that he wouldn't necessarily be running everything- Pepper does get a glance then- he doesn't look quite sold on the possible responsibilities he will have- namely boring board meetings and having to sit through them. The look he gives Tony at the mention of such can be translated to 'You do know who you're talking to here, right?'

Poor Raven might be experiencing his emotional rollercoaster secondhand. One moment he's potentially excited about this cockamamie idea and in the next it's a zigzag of horror and surprise with a corkscrew of concern. Hearing Tony namedrop someone named Tim is a virtual record-scratch that abruptly resets everything, if for a heartbeat.

Tony's getting that stare again, as though if Bart looks hard enough he'd be able to look directly into the man's head for Cliffnotes.

Trotting back to her rug, Clawmy flops down and begins shaking about the gremlin before dropping him. And then she watches. Closely.


Pepper sits half-slouched in her chair — very not like her to not maintain good posture — and she watches Tony try to help Impulse get a grip on the bombshell just dropped on them all. This, more than his explanation, convinces her that he's truly thought out all of the ramifications he could and is honestly trying to make the best choice he can given the situation.

She proves she's on board with Tony's insanity by replying to him with, "Tell who what? That you've just bequeathed your entire company to your ward from Alabama? I plan to tell EVERYONE that, and exactly how inconsiderate you were about springing both things on me like this."

And then, finally, she offers Tony a faint and brief but genuine smile, though behind it is the promise of 'you will PAY for this'. "And Tony is proving exactly how little he knows about controlling his own company there. But yes, for now there won't be much more than sitting in on board meetings, listening to the board members, and if you're required to make a decision about anything, I'll make sure you as well-informed as I can manage so you can make what you feel is the best decision possible."

She tosses Tony a faint glare at his bagging Timothy from the board. "Mr. Drake is not boring, Tony. He's just a dedicated businessman." 'Unlike some people' goes unsaid but is very clearly implied. She then catches Clawmy and the little gremlin out of the corner of her eye, turns to look at them, then extends an arm and SNAPS her fingers very sharply in their direction.

"Leave it."


Raven's tolerance threshold for out-of-control emotions is usually set, at times, pretty high. Normally it affects her if there are more people in the area being irrational. As of right now, it's daring to reach that line with Bart and Pepper going at it at different rates, ricocheting back and forth like the needle on a pressure gauge.

This is where she decides to amp up her brand of soothing to cool down the room a bit, her brow furrowing as she concentrates on the two main causes of stress. It's not enough to tranquilize them, but it helps ease the sharp rise in the reactions to how Stark's plan is all going down.

To Bart's look, Raven offers a straight face. She then reaches out to put a hand on his shoulder. For support. And to calm him down a bit more. She's going to be driven crazy if she doesn't.

As for Tony…well, he gets another long, nondescript stare thrown his way because he's just a really hard to read when he doesn't want to be read. His laid back attitude just clashes greatly with all of this, but she chooses to say nothing about it. Pepper's already worked up, it's no use adding onto the stress.

It's the SNAP that startles her out of her own thoughts on the matter, but she gives herself a second before saying, "…Yes. I think it would be wise to look at what is already written out. Just so we know how to interpret the jargon." She gestures. "The better the understanding, the less we have to…worry…about."

And for the namedrop of 'Tim'? That is obviously not very important to her. Not when she's trying to regain a sense of external emotional balance here.


There is an easy smile that comes to Stark's face.

"Easy," Stark says towards the emotionally unstable speedster in that record scratch moment he has his attention. "You don't have to decide now, kid. Just think it over if you want, I'll figure things out either way so I'm not just gonna dump all this all your head."

Like it was dumped on his all those years ago.

"I'll get the paperwork, Pepper can explain everything when she finishes plotting out my demise." A flash of that look of his up towards the woman there. "And yeah, Drake is just that. Like I said, boring." Teasing now as he starts to stand. There /is/ a wince though at the inconsiderate comment. "Yeah well…I am that most of the time. You got me there. Came by it honest though. Can't say I didn't."

"So look, I'll get out the papers. I'll order a /lot/ of pizza, and we'll talk about it. Like I said, not gonna force anyone into anything. God knows there has been enough of that recently."

…he would say more at that point but at that moment Clawmy drops the gremlin…who does an Oscar worthy presentation of being dead after being shaken. Tongue lolling out, one arm up in the air twitching, leg also twitching slightly. I mean he could fool anyone…

At least till Pepper snaps fingers in their direction.


…and they scatter…

…which means they are running…

Tony doesn't even wait for Clawmy to notice he's already turning. "Soooo…pizza…"


Well that certainly kicks Bart into responding. "No!" he yelps, looking desperately at Pepper. "Please don't tell anyone! If this gets back to Max… If we start getting attention drawn to us back home then that'd blow the whole reason for choosing a place out there!"

Frankly he's surprised that no one's looked into him before, what with all the tabloids and articles that popped up in the wake of that one night that he'd accompanied Tony Stark to a fancy-smancy party. Maybe there really is no big outlet for news outside of Manchester, Alabama, although the only waves he'd made as himself had been when the entirety of Manchester High had picked a fight with him afterschool, and the next day he was hailed as a celebrity.

Now real worry colors his emotional spectrum, although Raven heads that off before she's completely thrown for a loop, thankfully. Bart sucks in a breath as though he'd just broken through the surface after being submerged in some murky, watery depths. He gives her a weak smile, nodding a little before looking back at Pepper. The sound he makes as she seals off any doubts by adding that one name is almost like he's choked on something. Air. Maybe he choked on air. Is it possible to choke on air? His own spit? He coughs, pointedly looking elsewhere and very much suddenly not wanting to be there right then.

When Pepper snaps it's like a magical Zatanna-trick. Bart nearly jumps out of his seat, and Clamwy jerks her head up and looks over, ears flattening before she looks back at her new gremlin toy again. No one tells mountain lion-sized cats what to do!

—Wait! They're moving! Now's the fun part! Clawminator Destrucat Mk. II eagerly bounds off after the gremlins, flipping the end of the rug up in her wake.

Meanwhile Bart's deflated, face planted on the table. "…yeah," he murmurs, his voice muffled because, well, table. "I'll think about it…"

A little late for things to be dumped on one's head, yes?


Well, no one can say Pepper didn't try to control the abnormally large domestic-looking feline.
At Bart's plea to not tell anyone, she offers him a reassuring nod, her own inner turmoil starting to level out. Now that she's accepted that Tony's going to do this one way or another, she's apparently focusing her mental energy on making sure it goes as smoothly as possible both for SI and for whomever ends up being the 'lucky' recipient.

"I won't tell anyone anything that we don't agree on beforehand," she tells Bart and then reaches a hand across toward Raven, offering a handshake. "Hello, I'm Pepper."

"JARVIS, you know my preferred salad."


Not having a migraine is ideal. And in this environment, that is what Raven strives for.

Exhaling a soft sigh, the Daughter of Darkness eyelids flutter as her vision readjusts. The weight has been lifted for the time being, and they've all settled on some baseline points that are, in her opinion, sensible in terms of not being forced to sign things or going public with any of this just yet.

She let her hand slip off of Bart's shoulder when he falls forward to practically kiss the table, hovering a bit before she places her fingers gingerly upon its surface. With Pepper's actual worded greeting, she looks at the hand extended, taking a breath and extending her other hand to shake. "Raven."

And she isn't refusing pizza. The nod at the suggestion is her answer.


Stark might be surprised by Bart's response to going public about this and there is a touch of a smile again. Just lightly he passes Bart and touches his shoulder.

"Kid," A smile again. "For what its worth, you can ask Pepper. I take care of my people, and you two…" A nod for him and Raven. "…are my people. Trust me on that."

A beatpause.

"And now that awkward is out of the way." Oh god he's going to have to talk to Parker too. He can wait for that till later.

"Pizza, meat lovers for you right Pep?" A smirk at that as he stroll off, once again leaving chaos, panic, and disorder in his wake.

…and maybe. Just maybe. A little bit of hope.

…god he hopes so or Pepper is just going to murder him.

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