Ambush By Sea
Roleplaying Log: Ambush By Sea
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Mera and two young Amazons are ambushed along the coast of Themyscira by a mysterious, Xebel-hating seagoer.

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IC Date: January 11, 2019
IC Location: Themyscira
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Posted On: 29 Jan 2019 04:28
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for Excessive Violence and swearing in a weird language.
NPC & GM Credits: wonder-woman
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Mera is a fairly recent arrival in the oceans of Earth, having lived her whole life in the Banished Colony of Xebel, an outer-dimensional prison fora whole caste of betrayers and cutthroats of the Atlantean kingdom. While she arrived in Themyscira full of hate, the woman is now knows something other than vengeance, as she sits by the coast of Paradise Island, watching the sea come and go.

In Xebel there are no beaches, no sunsets, no flowers or a sky. Much like it inhabitants, embittered and hateful, Xebel is a one-didmensional reality where stopping to admire as the sun vanishes in the horizon could be construed as weakness.

And yet, on Paradise Island, Mera can give herself the respite, the time to relax and breathe, enjoy herself as more than her father's weapon of destruction.

It is in this peaceful environment that the redheaded Xebellian princess finds herself, conversing with a few Amazons who are hopelessly curious about her and her people, about the outside world or any other culture.

That is when it happens.

Mera doesn't see it coming anymore than the other two women with her, but although the Xebellian woman is made stronger than most, the two Amazons are knocked out cold by what seems to be a surge of energy that comes from the sea itself.

As Mera hits the stone of the steep cliff that makes for Themyscira's mainland, she can see that from the see comes out a dusky-skinned woman, wearing furs and teeth of hunted creatures. Around her neck she has a medallion that shimmers with strength, as she speaks some language Mera doesn't understand at all, save for two words.

Mera and Xebel.

And another bolt of energy is conjured, aimed straight at the princess of the colony. ZRRRRRAK!

The Amazons are a strange and backwards people. Full of weaknesses and unafraid of showing any of them. They weep at tragedies and celebrate the mediocre. They uplift their weakest members instead of casting them down or out, or victimizing them. They talk when they should clash, and they laugh and congratulate each other when the lose. They don't plot to murder and kill one another over slights or for power.

It is truly a bizarre world, this surface is.

But things amongst the people of the surface aren't as she had been taught. There was no brutal tyrant on Paradise Isle, nor was there a mad despot ruling the seas creating vast waves of destruction. Things here were… peaceful. And the eager earnestness of most of the women to learn about her violent and dark prison home is almost welcome.

Mera of Xebel actually likes some of these Amazonians, and she gives off that confident, cocky smirk as she gestures and tells them of the strengths of her people, their fierceness and cunning, the trials required to attain adulthood, the brutality that claimed the lives of the weak. Then they are attacked.

Foolish. Stupid of her to let her guard down, even here, even for a second.

The blast slams into her with the force of a killer whale, throwing her back against the cliffs with rock-shattering force. Stone cracks, and the redhead sees stars as the back of her skull impacts the solid, jagged surface behind her. She slumps down to her hands and knees, forward, her hair draped over her face as her green-scaled armor absorbed some of the blow, and her Xebellian toughness helped with the rest. Green eyes glare upwards towards the sea as a woman stalks forth from her natural home.

Her speech is like the chattering of monkeys, but she understands that this woman knows her. Mera of Xebel doesn't waste time with words. There is no monologuing in Xebel for those who want to survive. Only brutal efficiency.

Now better-prepared, Mera springs with powerful legs up and out of the way of the second blast, her hands hitting the sand first, springing her into a roll that carries her behind a nearby, person-sized boulder. The redhead strikes out with a foot, impacting the stone, breaking it loose from the sand, sending it hurtling towards the aggressive newcomer.

That is only half of her attack, however, as she sweeps her arms out to the sides, then inwards, as if gathering something to herself, hands clenching into tight fists.

Out in the surf, the water roils in obedience, twin surges leaping from the ocean to blast at the hunter's back, to strike her between surf and stone.

Although Mera hurls the block of rock towards her attacker, it becomes clear that whoever this is, she is a powerful and nimble foe. The rock is never a threat not because the brutal impact wouldn't break bones, but because the woman is just not there once it finally gets anywhere close.

The feral aggressor moves with ferocity and grace, each movement resembling that of a dryland predator with all four limbs working in unision to move her body as she crouches after the dodge, rushing Mera with violent intent. The fact the Xebellian is busy moving her arms just makes her all the more vulnerable target as the mysterious woman leaps and descen-


It is time the aggressor receives a cheap shot as the water forming behind her finally reaches the dusky-skinned woman, and she is hurled against the sand, the blow yanking a scream out of her, a scream that turns into a frustrated growl.

As she rolls on the sand, and then gets back on her fours like a land animal, ready to leap, her eyes are on Mera alone, the two knocked out Amazons nowhere near her scope of worry.

And yet, there are some things Mera just isnt ready for.

Like getting sand hurled into her eyes. It works -every- time in the arena, so maybe now Mera can see the advantage of being forced to train with Diana day in and day out, but if the proud Xebellian was too proud to actually learn anything…

This woman is an expert at underhanded tactics, the spray of dirt aimed perfectly to blind the Xebellian unless dodged, and without her eyes it might be harder to hit even her powerful water strikes.

The woman rushes Mera again, at the same time she tries to blind the princess, to deliver a powerful kick to Mera's midsection, one that could easily cripple a human being upon impact. The woman growls out loud when doing so, in her strange language.

She sounds accusatory, but also somewhat excited. She is enjoying this.

Her first strike hits, and Mera is already planning her next one. Ideally, she could incapacitate this woman and then get some answers. Maybe Diana knows jabbering monkey-speak. She's been on the surface long enough to pick that up, right? Mera keeps the water swirling around on either side of her in a pair of violent twisters, each one like a coiled snake of liquid power ready to strike.

But then sand in the eyes.

It works every time.

Throwing sand underwater was like throwing a slow-motion glob of mud. There was just no point. Even if it landed, eventually, near their eyes, the ocean water would wash it away almost instantly. Not so on land, it is a fast-moving mass of nearly-infinite projectiles. One can block the attack and STILL get lingering dust in their eyes minutes later from residuals in the air! It is the worst!

Mera howls in fury and annoyance as her eyes squeeze shut and the twin water cyclones form a pair of snakes and strike where her attack just was. Where she just WAS. Without being able to see, the strike lands true on her abdomen and sends Mera hurtling backwards. She rolls with the blow, one hand on her stomach, the other rubbing furiously at her eyes.

The sea roars in response to her anger, and answers her call as the woman jibber-jabbers in her nonsense words at her like a Trekkie fan speaking Klingon at a Star Wars convention. The waves rear up, the cresting white heads taking on the appearance of gnashing sharks as the tide comes in most aggressively, burying the shoreline in crushing ocean.

The waves part gently around Mera, and avoid and course around the last place she saw the unconscious Amazonian women in a wide bubble. Otherwise it rips up roots and boulders and devastates the beach, even as Mera blindly swims forward, deeper into the ocean, away from the shore and into the outgoing tide to clear her vision.

After all, it's her the woman is after, and she is tired of fighting on land.

Mera seems like she would be running out of options in a fight that is rapidly not going her way, but the Xebellian princess is never really down for the count. Not really. Even as her guts ache from the powerful kick aimed straight to her stomach, the redhead makes the sea shake and rise to protect her.

She can't see much, the redhead can FEEL those hands reaching for her throat before the sea comes crashing down for the save. While the two Amazons do take concentration to keep in the summoned bubble, her foe is sure to have issues with her current predicament.

Mera JETS out of the shoreline and deeper into the ocean at blazing speeds, gaining more and more of her vision back as she spends time in the water, until a flash of golden light surges right in front of her.

With all her speed, Mera bullets right into the knife of her enemy, who seems to appear out of thin air in front of her. The blade doesn't pierce her armor, but it damages it enough to hurt Mera's ribs, cracking one of them. However, the woman also seems to have not predicted just how powerful a clash with Mera would be, and after the split of second impact, she is left behind feeling her wrist, most certainly broken.

Now inside the oceans, Mera is faster and stronger, and most certainly the superior fighter, but strangely enough, inside the water, the medallion around her attacker's neck pulses with some overwhelming energy, washing through the Xebellian and making all her fury seemingly dissipate.

In the depths of her own heart, Mera quite frankly feels… meek, as if she stood before something lordly and immensely powerful, a fatherly figure even greater than her own patriarch. Mera can feel it calling to her, like an appreciative parent, a commanding but tender call that reaches within her soul to tug at her heartstrings.

It is almost despairing how helpless she is to the effects at first, before she can control her own impulses and thoughts. The woman stares at Mera, and suddenly Mera's mind is assaulted.

« You will never have them, Xebellian princess. Your people will never be free. You animals deserve eternal isolation, and I will personally shove back into that desolate world you call home. » The words are spoken with seething, cold hatred.

Her vision begins to clear the further through the water she cuts, the redhead spearing through it like a torpedo. As the dirt is washed from her eyes, and the waters recede enough from her tidal attack to rescind her concentration that keeps the young Amazonians from falling victim to her own self-defensive attack, she's looking behind her, expecting the woman to be swirling, helpless in the impossibly-strong tides.

Instead, she's in front of her, trying to drive a knife into Mera's very hide. The armor, coupled with the Xebellian royal's natural toughness from spending her life in the crushing depths of the ocean, saves her from disembowlment. It does not save her from the chest-crushing pain of a broken rib.

That hurts. A lot.

The redhead hisses, recoiling quickly like a retreating squid, blasting away for some space, only to find that… strange medallion assaulting her psyche with waves of weakness.

The Xebellian fights hard to hold onto her rage and aggressiveness, but doesn't understand the nature of the assault upon her. The expression on the green-clad warrior-princess' features goes from angry, to confusion, to worry over the span of moments.

It's the mention of her home that finally makes her clench her jaw, the anger and ire in meanings she can suddenly understand, the desire to shove her back into war and strife and condemn her, and all of her people, to an eternity of it. It lights a fire behind the sea mistress' eyes, and she casts her arms out, rippling the waters all around her with the motion.

It starts off slowly as she swirls her hands together, and then overhead, but soon enough a whirling current expands from the calm center around her. Mera floats in the eye of a cycloning sphere, that spins faster and faster. The water whirls faster and stronger than any maelstrom, seeking to capture the strange woman in it, blades and spikes forming like a washing machine spin cycle of death as she chaotically tries to buffet her opponent, and the entire off-shore region around her now that she has no worries of trying to spare those on land in a display that can be seen even from above the ocean.

The woman seems ready to fight with Mera despite the Xebellian now being in the ocean. She eyes the pale ocean-dweller even as the other-dimensional woman begins to cast her water sorcery yet again, waters all around them moving in tandem with the green-suited redhead's will.

Mera's foe tries to move, only to find herself trapped within a deadly bubble. She tests this bubble, but it is as she forces her way, and ends up with a gnarly gash bleeding from her arm that the mysterious attacker goes to the center of her prison.

She frowns at Mera, and is rapidly running out of options.

All but one.

« I will meet you again, Mera of Xebel. Your mongrel kingdom will never be free again! Not even by His edict! »

And with that, the golden light that made Mera feel so small and so soft pulses through the waters again, even disturbing some of her control over the seas. As it has done before, however, the light encases Mera's attacker, and leaves nothing behind, taking the woman far, far away.

Meanwhile, Mera is left alone, with only the strange feeling of that golden light to keep her company, along with her aching ribs. Deep down in teh ocean, Mera can see something enormous stirred by her fight, some legendary creature of massive size.

It moves slowly, but every move sends ripples to the surface, and that is when the form of Diana appears in front of her. Unable to speak underwater, the Themysciran reaches for the Xebellian woman, to take her out of there, extending all that tenderness the people of the surface are known for.

Even her eyes show no disgust for Mera's battered form, as if the redhead's inability to capture her attacker wasn't something to shun her for. Mera is definitely far away from Xebel, but if she accepts the gesture, she is taken out of the sea, so her wound can be tended, along with the two amazons Mera worked so hard to save.

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