The Best Day Ever!
Roleplaying Log: The Best Day Ever!
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Darcy Lewis is settling into her new digs at STark Tower and meets a fellow Scientist-intern-worker-bee-consultant? She meets Owen Mercer!

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IC Date: November 28, 2018
IC Location: Stark Tower
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Posted On: 28 Nov 2018 14:07
Rating & Warnings: R - language
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Stark Tower is a place of innovation. Of technology.


It's not unheard of to hear minor explosions, some clunks and clanks, or even clapping. Sometimes there's even shouts of jubilation because of a successful trial run, or an equally successful experiment.

Currently those jubilant sounds be heard echoing quite loudly down the hallway. The source of that laughter comes from a woman sitting in a used-to-be-vacant but no-longer-is office. It was empty up until two days ago before suddenly becoming occupied by one Darcy Lewis.

Now the woman can be found within that office and looking quite gleeful as she rapidly clicks the left-mouse button. Now, you may ask yourself, what could she be working on? A program? Some code? A simulation of some sort? Or perhaps a set of difficult equations or some such thing, but no. No to all of those.

What Darcy is REALLY doing is having one of the BEST DAMN GAMES of minesweeper ever. That's right HIGH SCORE ALL THE WAY bab-y.

Yup, it's a good second day here at Stark Tower.

The contrast between the joyous shouts of triumph from one office are nicely contrasted by the sounds emanating from the lab down the hall. A muffled explosion is followed by a blue streak of cursing that threaten to form skulls, exclamation points and scribbles in mid-air. The cussing is followed by a few more crashes as a few things are thrown about the lab.

And then the door flies open from a kick. Stomping down the hall is one Owen Mercer, a cigarette hanging from his lips, a floating drone hovering nearby to to suck the smoke in to keep it from harming anyone other than the idiot still smoking in this day and age.

Arriving in the doorway of Darcy's office, Owen grouches in, obviously in a terrible mood to accost whoever has the nerve to be happy at this time of year. It's dark by four in New York, raining, snowing and sleeting all at once and Santa Baby is trying to steal everyone's last vestige of sanity. All that to say that Owen is a crumpled mess of frustration, standing in the doorway. He's dressed in a torn Hall and Oates tee-shirt and jeans and is covered in what looks like … chunks of pumpkin pie.

"What the hell are you so cheery-… You're not Tom. Same girly laugh though."

The muffled explosion and the cursing is heard quite clearly by Darcy Lewis.

The colorful cursing is enough to cause the brown-haired woman to mutter to herself with some amusement, "Woah talk about language." And while she speaks herr eyes never stray from her computer screen, not yet at least.


That's why when Owen Mercer makes an appearance in her doorway the woman doesn't immediately turn around. Instead she finishes up some rapid clicks even as she responds back to Owen's rather grumpy statement-that's-kind-of-a-question.

"Uhh, hello? It's the Christmas season." Darcy states cheerfully back even as she keeps her back turned to Owen, "And I'll have you know I have a very manly laugh -" By the time she gets to the beginning of laugh the woman finally decides to swivel-chair it around.

That's when she gets her first solid look at the man and his pie splattered self. "Dude, I hate to tell you this but I'm pretty sure a chunky pumpkin-spiced latte vomited all over you."

Standing in the doorway, Owen is about to reply to the reminder about the season when *thunk* another drone smacks into him carrying a fire extinguisher. The two 'safety' drones are the price he has to pay for smoking indoors in Stark towers but Owen is well aware that the fire extinguisher is Tony's idea of a joke, considering there are far more efficient means built in everywhere, and it keeps 'accidentally' running into Owen with it.

Taking in a very long, angry drag off his cigarette he manages to not just start screaming at the drone. Instead he replies to Darcy, "First off: bahumbug. Secondly: No, you don't have a man laugh. Not sure why you'd want that. And C: It's not a latte. It's a pie. Was a pie. And it wasn't vomited, it exploded except instead of on Barry Manilow, the pie, the bazooka and possibly some other stuff in the lab that wasn't mine? .. yea, blew up on me."

Realizing he's venting and dripping in someone's office that he doesn't even know Owen stops his rant long enough to ask, "Who are you?"

And yes, Barry Manilow. That would be the name of the mannequin that Owen is using for his testing.

That thunk from the second drone pulls Darcy's gaze off of Owen and to the hovering babysitters around him.

She's seen a few of them around so she's obviously not going to start gushing over them, but there's definitely a 'cool' threatening to still be said.

Up until Owen starts his own version of word-vomiting, that is. Now her attention returns to the pie-splattered speedster.

She listens to all he has to say and then, when he asks who she is, she answers. Or rather, she speaks. Her answer doesn't necessarily correspond with that last question of his.

"Wait-a-minute, hold-up, you're shooting pies with bazookas?" And here comes a touch of incredulity from Darcy Lewis, as she misunderstands exactly what he's saying, "No one told me we'd be shooting bazookas in office. I've got to see this." She states rapid-fire as the beanie-wearing woman rises from her rather comfortable computer chair. "Please tell me I can have a turn shooting the bazooka?"

And while it might seem like she's forgotten his question about who she is, she hasn't it. She's quick to add, "And I'm Darcy Lewis, latest intern here at Stark Tower. How about yourself? Otherwise I'm just gonna call you Bazooka Boy from now on."

Having nearly perfected the move, Owen pushes the drone out of his personal space without looking. It's very much a shove to the face, but the drone doesn't seem to care, it just continues to hold the fire extinguisher pointed at Owen.

At her question, Owen looks confused and mildly disgusted. "What? No. It's a pie shooting bazooka." Said in a tone that implies this should be obvious despite the fact that no, it is not. "And unfortunately it's not working, hence my .." Here he pulls a scoop of pumpkin pie off his shirt and sticks it in his mouth, giving it a 'eh, okay' face before continuing, "..current outfit."

He sticks the cigarette back in his mouth before answering around it. "Mercer. Owen. Either of those is fine." He's gotten so used to using last names around the other Defenders it's started to creep into the rest of his life.

"If you want to come see it though..?" He indicates with his head the lab, apparently having lost some of his grouchiness somewhere along the way. Probably due to someone being enthused about blowing stuff up. Owen loves blowing things up and is usually a big fan of people who share that passion.

"A pie shooting bazooka? Get out of town!" Exclaims the brown-haired woman sounding even more enthused versus less, but then Darcy has dealt with some pretty seriously weird tech before.

Rainbow bridges, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

His mention of it not working causes Darcy to consider what the problem could be. Finally, the be-speckled woman asks, "Have you tried hitting it? It sounds crazy, but I've found a good smack really can help it recalibrate itself."

"And nice to meet you too, Owen." She says when he offers the use of either his first or last name. "How long have you worked here?" Comes the obligatory question from Darcy, though once Owen offers for her to see the weapon in questions it's hard to say if she really waits for his answer, as she all but marches out of her office.

"Sure do." Want to see it, that is, "Then I can tell the totally cool story of how I saw a pie shooting bazooka on the second day on the job here at Stark Tower."

Owen is used to people not really caring about his 'work', as he mostly dabbles in creating whacky things that most people are dismissive of or can't see a use for. Particularly when he works alongside some of the foremost thought leaders in bleeding edge research, and he's building exploding baked goods. So he's glad to have someone interested in it, even if he wouldn't admit that out loud.

"I uhh… don't work here. Work here. More like Stark let's me have some lab space as a consultant." It's a weird setup. Owen never really bothered getting details. Nor has he questioned why he draws the occasional paycheck, or how that is calculated. Owen assumes it's one of those mistake things that if he brings too much attention to it, it will be fixed so, he's happy to not mention it.

Leading her down to his lab, he opens the door and looks around in disgust. It's obviously still a mess, and poor 'Zook is just about torn apart on the table. The room is covered in gobs of pie, some still burning despite the drone with the fire extinguisher right there, pointing it at Mercer. Owen sighs and pulls a black glove out of his back pocket. With a gesture, he recalls a boomerang from the table to his hand. He then throws the boomerang which proceeds to spray down most of the walls and surfaces, rinsing away most of the muck from around the outside of the room.

"I'd apologize for the mess, but it basically always looks like this."

His mention of not being a 'real' boy (employee) does earn a touch of side-eye from Darcy, but it's not anything terrible.

"It's cool." She says in response, "I'll let you in on a little secret, this isn't my first run as an intern. Shocking, right? But at least this time I'm getting paid for it! Can't beat that."

Down the hallway the duo goes and when Darcy steps inside Owen's lab, she can't quite stop herself from looking around. "Yeah, some of that's definitely going to leave a mark." She murmurs, before her gaze turns back to the man when he pulls out a boomerang.

Again there's a flicker of surprise, "Boomerangs too? If this isn't the best second day ever." His explanation on the state earns an amused eyeroll from the woman, "Listen, I've worked with scientists before. I get how it is. Clutter exists just about everywhere with 'em. I'm not going to yell at you for it."

No, instead she's going to walk over to the table that holds the pie zooka so she can get a better look at it. "So what made you decide to weaponize pie? And is it all pies or just the crappy ones like pumpkin?" Because really, who likes pumpkin pie? Who?!

Owen doesn't mind not being a real employee, in fact he finds the idea of being a 9-5 office worker of any sort horrifying. He does however smile at her in a conspiratorial way about her second pass as an intern. The thought crosses his mind about Stark's policy on sleeping with interns and he decides Tony, and probably only Tony, would be in favor of it.

"Fuck yea boomerangs!" He tilts his head and looks at her as if that too should not be news to her. He says, "Yea, some of those also explode. Because.. well, that's awesome." He approaches Zook, and lets out the long slow trail of smoke of his last drag. "Yea, so this was for my girlfriend. My ex… current.. complicated." Yea, totally saved that. "But no, the best thing about pumpkin pie, maybe the only good thing about pumpkin pie is that it's like five for a dollar after Thanksgiving. The bad part is I'm pretty sure 'Zook can't handle the single crust pie and crappy loose texture. You need a double crust to maintain structure during the launch phase. Which sucks because the whole point was to make whipped cream pies explode…"

"Complicated." She echoes, when he kind-of-sort-of stumbles over his words there.

"I get it." She says, "And you're not the only one who's travelled that road. My best friend had a similar type of relationship that was 'complicated'. Thankfully things got figured out and now it's all better." Which might be pushing it, but it's not like Jane is here to give Darcy the 'shut-it' glare; so she babbles.

It's just her thing.

"Anyway, not /my/ business." She finishes with, before she considers the conundrum of the 'zooka.

She's really pondering how to help Owen out with his pie zooka problem. "You should totally add something in to give the pie a shot of cold, so it stiffens up for launch and then once it's airborne it 'thaws' pretty rapidly for max splatter."

"THOUGH, if you really wanted to hurt someone totally keep it frozen. Talk about *ouch*. Sucker-punched by a pie to the face."

Owen tries not to look uncomfortable as Darcy babbles on about her friends relationship woes. He distracts himself by stubbing out his cigarette butt on the fire extinguisher hanging mid air by him and then flicking it across the room into a bin, flawlessly sinking it.

He listens curiously as she starts spitting ideas on the pie zooka and he narrows his eyes. At the talk of frozen, he smirks though and says "I like cold. Frozen would probably be less of a 'HA! Gotcha' and more of ya 'BAM! Dead' thing though… these things move pretty fast. BUT, cold is good. See, the pan is actually a double pan with an explosive packed in, so that you get the double hit. First 'Whap! Ha, it's a pie!' and then 'Boom!'" He seems quite pleased with this as he picks up a tool to start disassembling the poor soiled, busted pie launcher.

"So what are you interning in? Engineering? Finance?" How do businesses work? Owen certainly doesn't know.

"Ha." Says Darcy with some amusement at all the exploding pie talk, "Though I can't say I'd never want the boom."

"You should just ask Mr. Stark to build you some kind of temporary structural integrity field for launch. Then as it leaves the bazooka its velocity will keep it together until it splats on your target." And here Darcy really does look proud of herself, "Man didn't that sound all officially scientist-y? Gonna give myself a pat on the back for /that/ one."

When the conversation turns to what exactly she's here for, the woman laughs, "Finance? Do I look like a keeper of books?" She shakes her head before she supplies her field, "Computer science is what the degree calls it, but really it's all about programming. I just need a handful of credits from this internship to finally get my degree."

"And talk about /this/ place. Who'd have ever thought I'd get into Stark Tower. I only put an application in on a whim, but behold I Darcy Lewis made it in."

"Now I just gotta figure out what I'm doing exactly here." She says boldly honest, because really - what are her daily responsibilities? She surely hasn't figure them out yet.

When Darcy starts talking more technically about possibilities, Owen's eyebrows raise. Now those? Those are damn good ideas. What if the pan had a stasis field that would allow an intact whipped cream pie .. he refuses to call them cream pies because he's a filthy man and always giggles at that even mentally .. to fly through the air pretty much in tact. He sticks his finger in some pie and uses that as a crude marker to scribble that down as a note.

"That is a damn good idea. I love it. Just for that? You get to test fire the next one! … Well, maybe the next one after I get it to stop exploding."

When she starts talking about computer science, coding and credits Owen nods politely but it's clear that he's barely listening. He's mentally trying to figure out a new pan design. But he comes back around and says, "Aw, I wouldn't worry about it. There's like a thousand people workin' here. And half of them are like super geniuses. I'm sure they've got it covered.." It's the exact type of well meaning advice that usually makes people feel a thousand times worse that Owen specializes in.''

It was a good idea on her part, wasn't it.

As such, she gives Owen a thumbs-up, yup, a good old fashioned thumbs-up.

His substitute marker (pie guts) just sort of earns a vague nose-crinkle from Darcy. "Yeah, I'm just gonna remember not to bring food in here." OR eat food anywhere near here, but she doesn't say that last part. She's a polite lab-guest. Really.

"Cool. Drop me a line when it's ready to test fire. I will pull that trigger." Darcy says enthusiastically, because who the hell wouldn't want to fire pies at targets?!

His good advice earns a laugh from the brown-haired woman, "Well, I won't complain. It's always nice to hide within the herd when you're still figuring things out." And while in another lifetime she'd really be worried about being around all these super geniuses, today she's not. It's just the older more mature Darcy going on, ooorrr she's figured out the important lesson that geniuses are people too. And sometimes even for all their smarts they can still be pretty dumb at some things.

Just like a regular person.

"Anyway, speaking of jobs and things to do, I should head back and actually get something done. I can't actually play Minesweeper *all* day." Though she likely could, "And it was cool meeting you, Owen. So far all my 'neighbors' here have been pretty dang sweet.

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