Worries and Woes
Roleplaying Log: Worries and Woes
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Dani reaches out to Warren and Alison to chat about concerns and worries. More appear as the trio talk.

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IC Date: January 28, 2019
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There are times when a venue is best and other times when home turf is better.

For tonight home turf wins out. That means the text Dani sent out to both Warren and Dazzler went something like this -

If you two are free let's meet up at the House. Stop by the stables.

And yes, that text is correct. Dani totally wants the two to meet her at the stables.

Now the Cheyenne woman waits, just outside the stables. She's settled at the small paddock that's nearby, watching Brightwind idly trot around. He seems completely unconcerned at being fenced in, because let's face it. Wings. It would take more than a paltry wooden fence to keep him from the sky.

Even as she watches the antics of Brightwind there can be found a pensive look upon her features; a frown that tugs her mouth downward. Her thoughts are dark and unhappy and it mirrors in her closed off stance, with her arms crossed over her chest.

Being closed off off in her head that doesn't stop the black-haired woman from casting her attention outward as she waits for the two to arrive. Occasionally she even looks upward toward the sky, knowing that winged types tend to like to come in from above.

Winged types do in fact like to come in from above. When you can fly, the sky becomes as natural a place to be as anywhere else.

Thus it is that eventually, one of Dani's glances upwards would eventually be rewarded by the sight of spread wings overhead, a few hundred feet in the air. Her eyes may or may not be able to pick out detail at this distance, but it's assured that the eyes of the owner of those wings can. One wing dips as he seems to notice her below, and the white speck subsequently turns into a lazy circling descent directly over her head.

As it draws nearer, it resolves into the familiar forms of two blonds, one carrying the other. With the ease of long practice, Warren brakes in the air and drifts to a stop a few feet over the ground, wide wings beating several times with a turbulent stirring of air as he settles. In consideration of not bowling Dani over or messing up her hair, he lands at enough of a distance the wind kicked up by his wings won't affect her.

He puts Alison down first, making sure she's steady, before heading over towards Danielle. "Dani," is his greeting, as they draw up alongside the paddock. Brightwind's presence is taken in. "What's this about? If it's about whose wings are whiter, the answer is still 'mine.'"

Alison Blaire is only briefly, formally, acquainted with the skies — usually thrugh a helpful intermediary like "a private jet."

Unlike many of her teammates, who manifested and honed their powers over the years, she was one of the unfortunate few incapable of flight — though the Institute scientists who fleshed into her powers intimated to Alison that flight could be possible for her.

Theoretically. The world hadn't even invented a photonic engine, but the math was sure and sound. The only downsides: it would require far more energy than she may be able to comfortably emit, at one time. It would also be — thoroughly untested. And, predictably, Dazzler has happily remained with feet on the ground.

At least until now, and back in Warren Worthington's company, she's begun to receive glimpses again of the sky, and the world from a different angle —

And she's still a novice. Easily seen in the way she clings on, a little wide-eyed from the descent, by the time Warren lands. It was a brief flight, but still a chilly one, and her cheeks are rosy from the wind — blond hair a little wild.

But she arrives at Warren's side, steady — OK, a little adrenaline tilty around the edges — and beams a smile on first sight of Dani. "Hello, Dani," she greets, and contrary to Warren's tease, she diverts to personally greet the great Valkyrie mount. "And you must be Brightwind. Aren't you absolutely lovely!"

"Warren. Ali." She greets both blonds, then a corner of her mouth twitches slightly at the mention of who's wings are whiter.

"I wish, but no." She states seriously, then, "And I'm not touching that with a forty foot pole." Comes the quiet joke, "I prefer to keep on his good side."

And speaking of Brightwind, the pegasus does notice the arrival of the two, but it's only when he lays eyes upon Dazzler that the winged-horse outwardly reacts. The poor Asgardian steed turns his gaze upon SHE WHO BROUGHT TRUE MUSIC TO ASGARD and then proceeds to high-step over to the bit of fence nearest the woman.

Brightwind, however, isn't a rude Asgardian. He doesn't interrupt the conversation with a nudge or a nose, instead he just stares from the sidelines. UP UNTIL DAZZLER NOTICES HIM AND SAYS HE'S PRETTY.

Now all bets are off.

And it only worsens when Dazzler addresses the winged-horse. If a horse could dance it place Brightwind would surely be doing just that. There's a flick of his wings before the pegasus extends his neck to offer a polite (but over excitedly) whuffle.

Being empathically connected as she is with Brightwind, Moonstar's expression twitches with added amusement. It's enough that she slides a look over to Warren, "I'm pretty sure he hasn't noticed that your wings are so much whiter than his, Warren. We are chopped liver next to Ali."

And it's true, Brightwind is quite focused on Dazzler.

Though he does know his rider has important news to pass one, so he will eventually step back, but first he must goggle like a fanboy for a few heartbeats.

Alison had mentioned the whole photonic engine thing to Warren once. He listened gravely to the idea, and opined that it was probably better he just do all the flying. He was built and bred for the sky; traveling by wing seemed a good deal safer than jetting off on a stream of photons and 'hoping for the best' as far as a landing.

He seems to be acclimating her to his preferred mode of travel, though it's still a work in progress judging by the way she clings on around his neck during the descent. "No need to strangle me, Ali," he says, though he's grinning. "I haven't yet dropped anyone I didn't mean to drop."

Warren is quick to set her back down, at any rate, and reacts first to Dani — then to her noble steed, with a slight tease. "Yes, I suppose it's best to stay on the good side of someone meant to carry you a few thousand feet into the air," he says, his expression dimming to a faint smile. "I could say a similar thing about staying on my good side — I seem to wind up carrying people all the time as well." Alison's much more personal greeting for the winged mount draws his eye, and he watches with some amusement as the horse proceeds to fanboy. Fanhorse? "Even the horses are besotted with her," Warren says, though his tone is affectionate.

I'm pretty sure he hasn't noticed your wings are whiter, says Dani. "I win by reason of forfeit, then," he declares. "That settled — " Shrewd blue eyes turn to Dani. There are a few times when one is reminded of Warren's intense visual acuity, and this is one. "What's the occasion, Dani?"

There's an indulgent look from Danielle as well, though more for Brightwind.

She can sense that giddiness of his. It's almost infectious.

It makes her briefly smile, but Warren's words bring her right back to reality. Yes, what is the occasion and all Dani can think is 'an unhappy one, sadly'.

A version of those words is what is finally said, as the woman brings her attention back to Warren. "Not good news, I'm afraid." She drops her crossed arms to her side and slides her hands into the pockets of her coat. "There's a situation on the other home front." Home front meaning SHIELD, "Rumbling that something is going to go down."

Her head cants slightly to the side, "And while I can't say what exactly is going to go down, it's something that has the potential to cause a bit of 'friendly fire'. I wanted to make you both aware of it."

Momentarily she shifts her gaze back to Alison and Brightwind a moment, a far nicer picture than what she just spoke of.

Then it's back to Warren, "I've a feeling my side is going to be the wrong side no matter which way I choose."

Warren wasn't really expecting good news. No one asks to meet in such seclusion, after such a vague text message, with good news. It's perhaps why he chose to fly them both up to the Institute under his own power, rather than take more mundane means of transportation up.

A few years ago, Warren would have laughed at such paranoia. These days, however, it doesn't feel like a laughing matter — or like paranoia — so much as just good sense. It's a depressing shift in mindset — but necessary, he supposes.

Warren's arms fold as Dani gets straight into the matter at hand. The news there's a situation at SHIELD narrows his eyes, his wings opening slightly to ruffle their feathers in — it's hard to tell. Defensiveness? Aggression? Simple thought? The body language of a creature like Warren is a rather uniquely individual thing — not quite fully man, not quite fully bird.

"Is the situation from an external source?" he finally asks, probing obliquely for more information. His voice has lost all that playful teasing, its tone now clipped and efficient in the way it is when he speaks in the boardroom. "Or is it purely internal? Is it friendly fire within their ranks?" It's obvious who he means by 'they.' "Or will the splash damage hit us?"

He glances at Alison, then towards the school in the distance. It's plain he feels protective over the institution — what remains of it here.

Truth be told, Alison Blaire is not a fan of Asgard. Truth be told, it's on her personal bucket list to charge a solar flare out of her fist, and put it straight into the one remaining eye of Odin.

But she knows that Asgard's frankly broken monarchy, and abysmal system of sanctimonious presuppition of "godhood" is not all its Asgardians, and the world can have less of people applying xenophobic generalizations to the deserving. And she may as well play the kingdom's favourite celebrity, even if she did throw Odin's Golden Lyre straight into the first airport trash bin she could find.

Royal asshole.

But she greets Brightwind with no taste of bitterness, only a reminiscent sort of giddiness that every consummate adolescent-girl-horse-worshipper never grows out of, especially when the steed in question floats up a bit to receive his attention. She pets his horse, unable to hide her lopsided smiling.

"He's not a horse, Warren," she feels the need to remind, with a wry look over her shoulder. "He's a pegasus."

But as Dani consigns this get-together to 'not good news,' Alison sobers out of that affectionate humour, crossing her arms over her chest, almost ready to brace whatever is meant to come. Frankly, she wasn't expecting this, stunned for a beat, meeting Warren's glance with silent, drawn-in shock.

"We're one month away from registration," she says. "You think this has something to do with that?"

Which segues into Warren's question — a very good question. What SHIELD's business is their own, but if it involves anything to do with mutants, with metahumans —

"How can we help? Is it even our business to get into SHIELD politics? If we take the chance, and get involved — you need a spy." Alison's quick mind already knows the prime candidate. Who can read minds and detests all forms of authority? "Rachel. You also need Jean's OK."

Alison's definition of just what Brigtwind is prompts a quick splash of a smile from Moonstar.

As for Brightwind, if he could he would never have his coat brushed or bathed again.

Never. Ever.

This will definitely be a sticking point for Danielle Moonstar, but thankfully her focus is on other things, not on why she will soon find her pegasus hard to get bathed.

As for the winged horse he does understand just what this conversation is about and so, while he doesn't meander away, he does at least stop trying to distract Dazzler. Does it stop the moon-eyes though? Hell no.

Warren's questions and Alison's questions cause the Cheyenne woman to turn pensive. It's clear she's considering just how to answer them as she focuses inward for a moment. "I have no concrete evidence of what's going on, but I'll tell you what I believe -"

"Agent Coulson doesn't necessarily think it's about registration, he thinks it's about a prior situation, where we've identified that we have moles that need plugged. It could be that, but I also feel like some of this is because of registration. Or perhaps they're using this to sow confusion and distrust."

Here Moonstar looks frustrated, "Hell, I suppose it could be something that I'm completely unaware of. I just don't know."

"I don't believe it'll hit the Mansion." She adds, which causes her to look over a shoulder towards the mansion proper, "I think it's primarily internal. It's also likely an outside influence. Hydra for some of it, but potentially someone else."

She spreads her hands in apology to the two, "I hate that I can only bring you conjecture, but I'm still trying to ferret out what's going on. I wanted to give you both that warning, but also to make sure you knew. If something happens to me, someone at least knew what was potentially going on."

Which brings her to Dazzler's very last words, "I've thought of that, and I think we may need to take that step soon. I have some people on the ground trying to help figure this out, but I've a feeling whatever is going on is so deep it's going to take more than a couple of us trying to dig out what's going on."

He's not a horse, Alison chides. Warren's eyes roll a little. "Pegasus, whatever," he dismisses. "I'm used to regular horses."

The mood sobers decidedly as Dani gets to business, however. Warren listens in silence as Danielle explains the situation; by the end of it, his blue eyes are shadowed with thought.

Moles in SHIELD. Warren exchanges a glance with Alison, before looking back at Danielle. "That's going to have to have implications with how we work with SHIELD," he says bluntly. "If this situation isn't, in fact, about how they've found Agent 13 out and there's some intra-factional discontent brewing about that, then you've got spies within your own ranks, and that makes it dangerous for us too. Any information that crosses the streams to SHIELD might get leaked somewhere we won't know about."

His wings stay at a wary half-open, the feathers stiff, a sure sign of thought and worry alike. The name 'Hydra' makes his feathers spread even more. "Well, we knew SHIELD had its share of enemies, and I suppose it would make the most sense for them to hit now when things are so uncertain." His head lifts, blue eyes finding Dani's. "You're not allowed to 'have something happen to you,' though," he says. "If you insist to go looking, like Alison said — ask Jean to take Rachel with you. Another psychic watching your back would be a help."

With no wings of her own to broadcast her mood, Alison remains a little on the terse side of things, body language closed in, expression solemn. She has one hell of a poker face; in another life, she may have been an enterprising operative right beside Moonstar.

Far more internally, she defaults to fearing the worst. SHIELD infiltrated by potential moles is the last thing this country needs, sitting here on the eve of a registration process that is going to shape the framework of America forever.

"I'm with Warren," she says. "It's probably best this is played as safe as possible. For however many eyes SHIELD already has on the Institute, getting involved will put students within their scope. But you can't take this on alone, Dani." Her blue eyes lift, serious. "If it affects part of a team, then it may well involve all of us. The Professor would never let anyone be left behind. Definitely talk to Jean on this. If there's anything we can do from our end — you know you just need to ask."

She is quiet a moment. Hydra, spoke Dani, and Alison's insides twist against the word.

A thought comes to mind.

"I do have a question," she adds. "The registration — database, I guess you call it, when it undoubtly comes online next month — is the Office of Public Safety sharing that with SHIELD?"

Implied in that, by the gravity in Alison's voice: could the moles in SHIELD get the names of every mutant and metahuman in the city?

There's worry for all three of them.

Whether seen or not.

For Dani, her own feelings are echoed in the fold her arms as she crosses them over her chest. Her expression also holds a tight note to it, as Warren voices his concerns. "I don't think we have to necessarily worry about what we've discussed in our earlier meeting -" Meaning the meeting with Agent 13, "- That's going to be a very closed circuit. There shouldn't be too much broadcasting or bringing others in." Or so Moonstar hopes, "If we keep it small and tight, moles or not, we can hopefully keep them away."

The mention of not being allowed to have an accident brings a flash of a smile from Dani, and another flash of smile when Alison mentions not taking it on alone. "I won't. I promise. I'll talk to Jean and Rachel as soon as possible. Thanks."

And while there's a moment of silence to allow for a possible lull, when Dazzler speaks again Moonstar's gaze returns to the woman.

Then the Cheyenne stiffens as she parses the singer's question, "*Spirits*." States the woman, failing to stop that particular exclamation from dropping from her lips as the cogs and wheels turn and Moonstar connects similar dots that Alison just did, "I don't know. Possibly and if it does this changes a great many things."

There's a brief nod as Dani says they probably don't have to worry with regard to their arrangement with Agent 13 — but privately, Warren holds on to his paranoia. Much of his carefree nature went out the window once he saw the levels of malice to which his own blood were capable of stooping. If his own uncle could want to murder his parents, and then actually do so, who on Earth could ever be trusted?

Certainly not people in SHIELD. He may have withdrawn his objections during that meeting, but he remains cautious. "Hopefully," he says. "But even if everyone in the circuit can be trusted, we can't be sure who else might pry in without them knowing."

Alison's question, however, drops a bomb on all of them. Warren's wings open a little, unconsciously, before he remembers himself and folds them sleekly back down against his back. The implication doesn't escape any of them. "I'll say it does," Warren agrees grimly, to Dani's assertion it changes a great many things. "Most importantly, it accelerates how fast we need to get to the bottom of this."

If that eventual database gets into the wrong hands, registration itself will become only the least of their worries.

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