Titans' Test Kitchen
Roleplaying Log: Titans' Test Kitchen
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Cassie's trying to level up on her cooking skills. Thankfully she's got a willing vic- er, taste tester.

Other Characters Referenced: Red Robin, Tony Stark, Zatanna Zatara
IC Date: February 03, 2019
IC Location: Titans HQ Mall, Long Island, NY
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Posted On: 04 Feb 2019 02:33
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Deep in the Titan's Hideout there's a kitchen, and deep in that kitchen is a girl. A girl with a dream. A dream of becoming a breakfast connoisseur!

Cassie Sandsmark is pretty confident in her ability to make waffles, all kinds of great waffles, but even she realizes that one cannot breakfast on just waffles alone and so she's undergoing grueling, difficult training of her own!

The kitchen area she chose is somewhat tucked away; a former sushi station with the grill on one side of the display case (that has a cool conveyor belt atop it), and stool seating on the opposite. Cassie herself is on one side, adorn in casual attire with a soot covered apron over it, as well as some soot on her face, while smelling strongly of smoke. However she doesn't appear to be the slightest bit bothered by her state of being, but rather very much looking forward to trying out her new dishes with her most trusted taste tester: "Hey Impulse! I'm ready!" she calls out.


There's hardly a day that Impulse will ever turn down food, although he doesn't think he's as ravenous as Wally tends to be at times. He's more or less open to sampling any concoctions his teammates might come up with, although he prefers them to be some form of identifiable, and to this day still isn't quite sure what he thinks of Starfire's bloat-worm dish that she'd made for their New Year's bash.

Thankfully Cassie's sticking to known ingredients (?) or at least stuff found on Earth, so that side of questionable isn't of much concern to the speedster. And as much as he likes food, he has no patience for preparation, which is why while their own Wonder Girl has been toiling away in the kitchen, Impulse has been off…gaming. It's amazing that he hasn't worn out his handheld yet, especially with the mileage he gets playing it at work these days. He'd parked himself across one of the tables in their makeshift common area, and at Cassie's shout nearly goes from horizontal to vertical in a single bound before she'll find him standing right there on the other side of the counter-table-no-longer-sushi-service.

"Cool! What's on the menu?" Impulse asks right off the back, grinning as he sets his game off to the side.


Bloat-worm dish?

…. Intense.

"-yyy. Wow," Cassie still has her hands around her mouth when Impulse arrives, which are lowered as she grins, "*Someone* is excited; I think that's a new record. As for the menu? So glad you asked!" It's true, Cassie is most certainly sticking to earth-land ingredients, and the recipe book that might be spotted off to the side is certainly proof of that!

Cassie sets three plates onto the non-moving belt, each one with an omelette that could be described as 'eggs with things in them'. "Ok the first two aren't super exciting; I decided to work on some veggie dishes for Z, so these are veggie omelettes- This one has bell peppers, mushrooms, uh.. Red onions I think.." her brows furrow, "It looked kind of boring so I put some other colorful peppers in it! And that has a bigger variety of vitamins. The third one is bacon and avocado!" The presentation could certainly use work, they look more like pancakes than omelettes but at least they're cooked. "I wanted Zee to be the first to try but, I also wanted it to be a surprise- So I really need you to concentrate on the first two, okay? I'm counting on you!"



…it's probably the only thing that has sat longer than a few days in the Titans' fridge seeing as how leftovers otherwise don't tend to have a very long existence, if that, around a speedster or two.

"You think so?" Impulse doesn't usually bother timing himself for stuff like this, but it wasn't like he was at the other end of the mall either. He hunches down with his hands perched at the edge of the conveyor belt table, eyes narrowing at the belt itself as though willing it to move with sekrit mind powers. When that doesn't work he reaches out to poke at the thing before accepting the fact that it is not, in fact, meant to move to deliver food straight into his face. …someone tell him that's not how conveyor belt sushi works- not that he'd ever eat sushi anyway. Then again, that explains a lot.

As Cassie starts describing the dishes she's prepared, the speedster scowls as he leans towards the plates at eye-level, studying them. "Boooo, vegetables," he groans, in the typical fashion expected of children who despise the things. That's not to say he hates vegetables. They're just not as tasty as say, meat. And dessert. That they're surrounded by a cushion of egg-matter is about the only saving grace!

His eyes immediately shift to the last one. It has bacon in it. Of course that'll catch his attention. Impulse raises his hands. "Okay, okay. Saving the best for last. And if it's for Zee, then I guess I'll deal." He smiles crookedly at Cassie to show he's kidding before he grabs up a fork and hovers over the first dish. One bite vanishes from it, his eyes glancing towards the ceiling in that typical way people tend to look when they're 'concentrating'. Or looking for answers on said ceiling.

And then suddenly somehow in between, the first dish is empty, the second one missing a quarter, and the third plate hardly seems like it had been there at all. Impulse licks his lips as he twirls the fork around.

"First one wasn't so bad! I think the second one's overdoing it on the peppers. I'll eat two dozen of the third one."


May? Unlikely. It's a well known fact that alien dishes, when left for too long, return to the home planets. Someone should add that to the Wikipedia article!

"Absolutely!" Cassie replies, though there is a slight chance she's just buttering him up so that he'll be more likely to try those 'gross veggies'. She does notice his attention on the belt though, "Oh; yeah I wanted to use this thing, but the noise it makes is unbearable- I think it needs grease, or oil or something. I'll be sure to use it next time though," she notes as she cups her chin, followed by a twinge of her smile at his predictable reaction, but the important thing is that he didn't disappear which makes her smile brighter as she slaps her palms together, "Great!"

Then the test commences! She nibbles her lower lip and twiddles her thumb in eager anticipation of the final verdict, in which she fistpumps, "All right! Easy on the peppers for the second, got it! Though.. I'm not making twenty four more of those Bart; I have like two more things for you to try first." A pause, "After that, I have a surprise for you, so you'll want the room; trust me~."


…if someone told Impulse that then the fridge would lose all its capacity to maintain its function for how many times he'd keep checking it to see if said alien leftover dish had made it's voyage yet.

He's poking at the conveyor belt again, lips quirked in consideration as Cassie mentions that it at least worked. "Hmm, maybe. I mean, who knows how long this place has been sitting around before Red Rob scoped it out. But if we need any spare parts for it or something, lemmee know and maybe I can see if there's anything lying around at work!"

That aside, Cassie seems pleased that her cooking attempts haven't bombed out. The second one might even be palatable for some- if they really liked peppers! "Awwww," is naturally the response she gets from Impulse when she says she's not making twenty-four more bacon and avocado omelettes, complete with the poutiest frown. It lasts for all of two seconds.

"It's cool. I'd rather have twenty-four burgers instead!" He pokes at the leftover pepper-ridden omelette. "Why're these things so flat anyway? I thought they were supposed to be rolled up or something. Ooh, what're we having? More eggs? What kind of surprise?! Did you fry a turkey?!"


".. What, seriously?" a surprised looking Cassie responds. She doesn't doubt his ability to scavenge parts but that's an ability she never put a lot of thought into until now. "Well I'm sure Cyborg and Red will appreciate me not bothering them about having to fix another machine! But now that you mention it, I don't think I've ever actually been to your workplace."

Her brows furrow, "Twenty four burgers? .. That isn't my area of expertise either. I could make like.. I dunno, do you like beans? Or sweet potatos? Hot dogs maybe? Tuna fish?" As she talks she reaches under the counter and produces two beer pitchers with no beer inside of course; one has a deep pink color, the other a very dark green. She pours a glass each. "These are breakfast drinks for those that are on the go- As you can guess this one's for Zee and has a *ton* of vitamins and minerals! And don't worry about the smell, it's supposed to smell like that. The other is what I call 'Breakfast in a glass'! I mixed chocolate milk, oatmeal, strawberries, and a bit of sugar to simulate an awesome bowl of oatmeal! So here try these." It's supposed to be sugar; it's actually salt that was used. Good luck!

"And frying a turkey?" she laughs, "That's a pretty close guess." As for why the eggs are flat? "And I'm not paying you for semantics!"


"Yeah, why not? This is probably pretty lo-tech anyway compared to everything else anyway. …actually now that I think about it I wonder if I'd be able to find stuff for it at the office. Mister Stark'd probably just say to junk it and use, I dunno, repulsors or something. But you should totally come by some time! Although I can't promise it'd be exciting or anything. It's a neat place to look around but work-side is boooooring."

A disappointed look crosses his face. "Burgers are easy! They even sell patties already made, you just slap 'em on a grill, right?" Impulse's expression looks outright incredulous when she asks about if he likes beans or sweet potatoes. Is she joking? "-I can settle for hotdogs."

And then Cassie's brought out two pitchers of liquid. Impulse immediately backs away from the green one, making a face. "Uggggh, whyyyy??! Bad enough that Robin makes stuff like that! And even Zee can't stand it!"

He at least hears his friend out, even as he looks less than reassured as she pours a couple of glasses. He eyes the green concoction like he expects it to explode out of its glass and throttle him. That's exactly the image he's got in his head. Casting another look at Cassie as though to reeeeeally make sure she wants him to try these things or isn't just getting a laugh at his expense, Impulse finally picks up what he figures the worse of the two drinks.

"Heeere goooes~" he says, heaving a sigh before he finally takes a swallow. He's trying very hard, okay? Finally it seems he manages to get it down, but he quickly sets the glass, barely looking like it had been sampled, giving a shudder that goes all the way down to his toes. "Bleeeeeeeech! Uck! Yugh, that was gross!" A second later has him unscrewing a bottle of water he'd apparently nabbed from the fridge, taking a swig.

Then he eyes the second. Right. One more. He scowls.

Impulse picks up the second glass that he'd say looks like barf, but supposes Cassie wouldn't appreciate that comparison. At least it sounds like it could be better? He likes chocolate milk, and oatmeal's all right with plenty of sugar, and strawberries? Okay, sure. Drawing in a long breath to prepare himself, he then takes a drink of the second breakfast blend. Of course with how promising it sounds, he takes a bigger swallow of the stuff than he did of the green stuff. This proves to be a m i s t a k e.

The speedster clamps a hand over his mouth to keep from splurting it out everywhere. He at least possesses enough presence of mind to put the glass down before flailing about and dashing for- oh, and there he is at the sink.

….it really isn't a good color drink.


"Robin's wasn't *that* bad," Cassie replies with her hands on her hips, though she can understand Bart's uncertainty. "Buuuut, I also noticed that it wasn't very popular so I've decided to try my own with it's own little twist. The way I see it, if my version becomes more popular, I'll finally have beaten him in something and he'll *have* to concede to me, ha ha!"
A pause.

"Er, I mean.. Um.. You know what I mean. So it's really important that I get it right." Unfortunately he says it's gross and she responds with a slightly annoyed 'tch'. '.. Maybe it just needs sugar or something. What kind of sugar is healthy?' is muttered under her breath. But the second catches her completely off-guard once he's gone, "Bart? .. Hey!" she looks from left to right, then finally behind where she hears the sink being used. She's quick to rush to his side with a completely perplexed expression as she pats his back, ".. Too much strawberry?" she guesses with a nervous smile.


Maybe he should have brought his water with him. Oh, but he's here at the sink- there's plenty of water! And all he wants to do is wash off his tongue. Which he is doing as he turns the faucet and lets the water run across it. Then it's back to sputtering.

"Bluh…. I couldn't even taste the strawberry," he admits, nose wrinkling as he grasps about for the faucet again to turn it off. "Cass, have you tried any of those yourself?" He would just like some confirmation that he's not the only one with sensible tastebuds here.

…although with her saying that Red Robin's green sludge mix wasn't that bad does make him a little uncertain.

"Also to be fair, I've never tried Red Robin's, so…you got one up on him in that much at least?"


Somehow the sight of Bart spitting her hard work into the sink isn't as great a shock to Cassie as it should be. Maybe it's because it's that kind of reaction she expects from both sides of expressions- Like.. The opposite of wanting 24 hamburgers is spitting a drink. Somehow it makes sense in her head! ".. Seriously? Uh, hmn, that's really weird."

Though later she'll conclude that she should have had Bart sip water between dishes to clean out the taste.

Her brows then furrow as she explains while completely missing his point, "It doesn't matter how great I think it tastes; the point of having you try them is so I can get an unbiased opinion, right? Anyway, these were just the first drafts, I'll get it down perfect by this coming Wednesday for sure!"

A pause, and then a nervous chuckle follows as she scratches her cheek and breaks eye contact, "H- Hey, this isn't about 'one upping' anyone you know. I mean we're all a team, so most of what we do is a group effort with our various strengths and weaknesses. Even if some other strengths kiiind of make me look bad, but that's not a big deal. I appreciate your support all the same, ah ha ha.."


Welp. That explains that. Bart may at times practically be considered a human garbage disposal but he likes his food to taste good, contrary to popular belief that his eating it so fast means he hardly tastes anything. "…so you're saying you actually like how that one tastes." She's getting a bit of a side-eye right now.

Now that he's no longer draped into the sink, he walks back over to where he'd left his water. "Look, I'm no expert in…breakfast drinks? But they're not my thing. Also, I'm not exactly crazy about drinking anything that looks like swampwater. Maybe you should let Rob have a taste though- I mean, he'd be like, the ultimate person to sway, right?" Since he's the only one that actually seems to like drinking sludge. Of course as Cassie goes on, words accompanied by nervous laughter, Bart just looks at her dryly.


"Nooo, what I'm saying is how I think it tastes doesn't matter, it's what other people think that's important. It's a completely different thing." Cassie 'corrects' as she heads back along with, though probably leaves it even more unclear on if she does try her own dishes or not.

At the suggestion of Rob being a test subject, she doesn't appear to be hot on the idea, but she does have to admit that Bart has a point- He isn't really the best person for the job there. And to top it off, he doesn't seem to be buying that she isn't in a one-sided rivalry against said leader. An awkward smile follows, "Sooo.. Um.. Anyway I mentioned a reward, right? As appreciation for your volunteering with me, I'd like to present to you something that I think you'll appreciate~."

Cassie crouches down a moment, and when she stands she presents a white box commonly seen in bakeries, which she then hands over to Bart. Inside he'll find six round-shaped, breaded treats topped with cinnamon and sugar with chocolate sauce making a swirl shape on top. It's almost like opening a treasure box with a holy grail- But the holy grail in this case is legendary fried ice cream.

"I found a awesome shop in Chinatown that sold them. Here you go."


"-I think it actually does matter, because to some extent everyone has to agree on a general 'this tastes good' and 'this tastes awful' sorta scale, right? Aside from personal thoughts of 'oh this is amazing!'" Bart crumples up the bottle of water, now empty, tossing it over at the trash bin with a flick of his wrist.

He's certainly no food connoisseur, so he's glad that the technicalities that Cassie's factored into it are promptly dropped along with that end of the conversation. And what matters is that he's giving his honest opinions and helping her out by not accidentally poisoning anyone else! Not that he particularly thinks about it that way.

The earlier faux pas forgotten, Bart's bouncing on his heels when Cassie presents him with surprise!special treat! The box isn't nearly big enough for a fried turkey or party platter of burgers, but he's still not disappointed once he opens it up. See those eyes, how they light up!

"Ohhhh sweet!! Awesome! Thanks Cass! You're the best!"


".. Probably?" Bart's words are something for Cassie to consider, however she's also a bit stubborn with her own mindset. Still, time will tell if it makes a difference in how she approaches her cooking. For now though, seeing Bart's reaction to the fried ice cream is a huge mood lifter, even if it isn't something that she had cooked herself. Only two words can describe the session for her,

Worth it!

"Weeell, maybe a *little*," she replies with a laugh, "But no need to thank me, you earned it!" And with that Cassie proceeds to collect the dishware so she can start cleaning up, though pauses midway. "Oh, right, and I'll absolutely stop by your job soon. I think it sounds pretty interesting."

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