Fresh Recruits
Roleplaying Log: Fresh Recruits
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Jessica meets two new(ish) recruits. Daisy and Ulysses while working out.

Other Characters Referenced: Black Widow, Merrow, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Winter Soldier, The Calvary, Agent Green, etc
IC Date: February 03, 2019
IC Location: Triskelion. Training Floor
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Posted On: 04 Feb 2019 06:22
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New York City. Midtown East Side. Triskelion. Training Floor

The resources of SHIELD are extensive. This floor is easily one of the best training facilities in the known world. There is weight lifting and cardio equipment of all sorts. Even some tuned for those with metahuman or enhanced physiques. Pool and whirlpool facilities. Handball courts. Basketball. Boxing and sparing areas. It is a facility dedicated to training Agents of all sorts of calibers. Speaking of Calibers it includes shooting ranges and other more exotic weapon testing ranges.

Jessica is working out right now in the gymastics portion of the facility. A section quite suited to parkour. She has gone for some extra flavor in this workout by wearing a sensor vest and three very fast drones are trying to shoot her as she practices leaping and flipping behind cover avoiding them. Today isn't about returning fire it is dodge practice and she seems to be doing quite well so far.

* * *

It's easy to get lost in one's own little world sometimes. Not that far away from the advanced training section are some much more basic pieces of equipment. Treadmills, in this case. One of them's been running for a little while though at anything but a grueling pace. Most agents might consider it to be entirely pedestrian. For the woman with short dark hair currently struggling on the belt it might as well have been a cross country marathon.

The only comfort which she has is that the polished silver band around her left wrist hasn't locked her out of the digital audio player thus far. Running with tunes and trying to push past that feeling of passing out makes it easy to miss a lot of what else is going on around the facility.

Daisy is about ready to faceplant on the treadmill just before she hops clear, grey sweats now thoroughly sweated in. The machine is turned off and a nearby towel is grabbed. The poor girl looks quite miserable right up until she catches sight of the other lady training in something which seems like it would only belong in an action movie. A distracted hand reaches up to pop one of the earbuds out as she stares at the figure through the glass, summing up her thoughts in one easily muttered word:


* * *

It's an admirable training facility. Has a lot of cool stuff. Sadly a lot of what it has to offer is largely neglected by some agents. Or maybe just particular agents. Ulysses Arngrim isn't very partial to using much of the equipment, save maybe a treadmill or the elliptical trainer, although the latter not so much since it's harder to read or type things while using it.

Sometimes all he does is claim a yoga mat in a corner when no one else is around to work on…pilates. Hey, gotta work that core strength.

Right now? He's simply walking on through, looking like he'd just been at the shooting range given the direction he comes from. He's definitely not dressed for a gym workout, wearing something more suited for sitting in an office, which is likely what he plans to do now.

"Archie, I told you not to call me when I'm at work," he says, apparently speaking to someone on videochat on his cellphone. He comes to a stop just outside of the area set up for Jessica's gymnastics magic, frowning at the screen. "No. Is this an emergency? I'm pretty sure it isn't. -don't give me that look."

* * *

The next move executed by Jessica is a lot less unbelievable reflexes and parkour and a lot more back flipping up and then sticking to the ceiling by one foot as she spins around and bioelectric blasts leave her hands. One. Two. Three. Only at about 1% but enough to make the drones register they are hit and move to land out of the fight.

The Agent must be done with her workout because she walks the rest of the way across the ceiling and then down the glass wall to the gynmastics area before reaching the floor. Moments later she snags a workout towel and wipes down her face and leaves it around her neck as she walks out and almost right into Ulysses. "Oh .. hey sorry."

* * *

Not a lot of conversation happens around this part of the building, which makes it all the more obvious when someone happens to be talking. It takes Daisy a moment to zero in on what sure sounds like a familiar voice. Sure enough, she knows that voice! Spotting Ulysses through the glass she grins and gives a wave.

There have been some rumors about Daisy floating through the Triskelion recently. Ulysses is already familiar with the two bigger ones. Probationary status 'assistant,' and 'that hacker chick who managed to recover what should have been unrecoverable data in the form of a video file with Agent Coulson's face pasted over a dancing elf.'

The latter has been making the rounds again, mostly because Daisy has been having an absolute ball at poor Coulson's expense by showing it off and openly laughing at it. Very mature, no doubt.

Ultimately none of the rumors are nearly as interesting as seeing some lady stick herself to the ceiling and remotely zap a trio of drones. Daisy's jaw about hits the floor before she stares back at Ulysses with wide eyes, thumbing toward Jessica and mouthing 'Did you SEE that?!'

He probably did..considering that said adhesive lady just about bumps into him a moment later. Daisy can't help but wince, one hand held up slightly as though she were just about to voice a warning but completely missed the window. Maybe she'll just walk on over and join the two, instead.

* * *

"I'm going to hang up n- whoa!"

Ulysses just about jumps back, clearly startled by Jessica's sudden appearance. While he hadn't been paying very good attention, he knows that someone coming out of the gymnastics area should have been obvious to catch. Although speaking of catching—

He fumbles with his phone, juggling it a bit before finally managing to secure it in his hands. There's the sound of a bark from it, ignored for the moment as he tries to get a handle on his briefly ramped up pulse rate. The agents sighs and then his lips twitch into a semblance of a smile at Jessica. "No harm done," he assures, before casting a look over in the direction he'd thought he'd spotted Daisy. He gives her a brief wave.

* * *

Jessica reaches out smoothly, ninja level reflexes, and catches the edge of his phone with a fingertip before tilting it fully into Ulysses's hands as he juggles for it. "Don't want to drop that Agent." there is definite amusement and a returned smile in her tone and eyes as she gives that assist.

Once that is done she looks over to Daisy and studies her next. Jessica gives a friendly nod and a smile. "Agent." making a bit of an assumption. Gym gear and all and only recently having returned from a mission. Jessica flings the workout towel into one of the towel bins and looks between you. "New faces?"

* * *

"Nice catch," Daisy idly teases at the phone fumble, though that was one heck of a (peculiar) catch. As she joins the two she still keeps a respectable distance from the others, almost as if there is a concern about standing too close to them. As much as she wants to keep giving the guy a hard time and ask if he's on his way to a job interview there's another elephant in the room and it doesn't have any competition.

All eyes are now on Jessica, and said eyes are looking fairly wide. Being called an agent is something which Daisy is still adjusting to. It's not entirely accurate..but she's not feeling inclined to go and correct anyone. Such an assumption might work out in her favor down the road.

"Yah..only been here for a little while but that was-"
Not human?
"-Incredible! How did you do all of that? Is it some kinda tech? Is there a line I can get in to try it out?"

* * *

"-thanks." An awkward smile flits into position as he looks from between the two women to his phone again. "My dog. I'm kind of regretting teaching him how to use speed-dial because apparently he considers 'being hungry' qualification for an emergency," Ulysses explains in that dry way of his, but the two can catch a glimpse of the blue-eyed, grey and white husky practically filling the entire screen of his phone. "Hanging up now, Archie. See you later."

Phone pocketed before the dog can launch into his infamous whines, Ulysses smiles a little more easily as he looks from Jessica to Daisy. Totally normal day at the office.

"Heh." It takes him a moment before he realizes Jessica's including him in teh assumption of newness. "O-oh, I've. Been here. Only for a few months now but it's um, fine. Usually behind a desk, hidden away from the rest of the world."

Thankfully Daisy's jumping into another subject before things can get any more awkward. Ulysses nods as though to tag into that enthusiasm which he absolutely does not seem to share but looks like he's trying to anyway as he turns his attention to Jessica as well right then.

* * *

Jess shoots a smile to Daisy at the nice catch and then her eyes drifts down to the phone being pocketed. "Wait a second. You taught your dog to call you at work. Is it some sort of cybernetically enhanced dog of some sort?" that is fascinating. "And well I've been in Macau trying to dismantle a Hydra operation infiltrating the Triad. That ended as a shit show."

Her attention shifts to Daisy at the Incredible and blinks a couple of times and then ohs. "Sorry. I mean yes and no. It is due to technology but nothing that can be checked out. I'm Agent Drew, codename Spider-Woman. That" vague gesture to the gymnastics area "Genetic tampering by my parents, super soldier-esque bullshit but I can't hold it against them. They aren't around for me to do that." morbid.

* * *

"Wait. Hooooold up the canine train…" Daisy's hands hang from the ends of the towel looped around the back of her neck and as one they both come to point down at Ulysses' phone. "Did you just say your DOG called you on the phone?"

This has got to be a new record for her, going from 'normal' to 'bizarre' right back to 'normal.' Compared to everyone else it would seem that Daisy IS normal. For a while there she was concerned that her life was going to get really strange! It's nice to see that all worked itself out.

"You were talking. To your dog. On the phone."

And just when the guy was seeming pretty normal!

Just then Agent Drew lets the cat out of the bag and Daisy is left staring from the phone to Ulysses right back over to Jessica. "I'm sorry what?" she hastily replies. A codename, genetic tampering, super solider BS, -by her parents!-

Both of her hands then hold open palms in a 'I surrender' gesture as she turns partly away from the two and mouthes "Damn" one more time. What on Earth has she gotten herself into with the Division?

* * *

Ulysses is completely normal! He just has…unique hobbies. And a dog who's sometimes too smart for his own good.

"Kinda. Well, I taught him how what button to hit on the phone at home and he knows it'll reach me. Thankfully he doesn't do it all the time. No, he's a normal, typical husky dog that thinks he's a lapdog especially when you're trying to do work on the computer. Do you know how difficult it is typing around a full grown husky? Very."

He shrugs, as though delivering this explanation is standard for him, and in a way it is, if only on the off chance he's caught by anyone when Archie happens to abuse his phone privileges.

"Oh, you're Agent Drew!" he says as the names are dropped and the information clicks into place. However when he glances at Daisy to exchange a look it's clear that he hadn't been aware either of the circumstances that the woman had been subjected through in her past. He blinks back at Jessica, looking like he'd say something except that he can't quite figure out what. That's fine since what Daisy says about covers for both of them, and he nods emphatically at that.

* * *

Jess is just a bit flippant about it. I mean. She probably gets asked a lot how she managed to get her unusual powers and skillset by new and random people at HQ like this. She really sanitized things, no mention of Hydra. No mention of being in stasis for almost eighty years like Captain America was frozen in ice. No mention of the High Evolutionary.

"Normal dog. Huh. I met an agent in biotech who taught his dog how to open the fridge in get him a beer. He has to keep a bike lock on it now because the dog is so happy to have a job he kept emptying all the food and placing it around the guy's recliner. Lesson of the day, dogs like jobs and you have to be cautious what you teach them." a quirk of a smile and then she looks to Daisy. "It isn't common but it happens a lot more then you think. Especially with all the evil and normal genius super scientists around. I mean look at Captain America." which is the same rank agent as Drew actually. A lot of the really abnormal ones fall in that rank, along with just plain badasses. "So you've been here a few months." a point to Ulysses "But like your computers and you" points to Daisy "Are very new and still on probation if I remember your designer wristwear. What are your names?"

* * *

Alright, so the Incredometer is dialed back slightly. Not a superpowered dog, just one that happens to have a party trick. Daisy almost looks relieved to hear this bit of news! "Awkward, I'm sure," she absently replies while checking Ulysses over for any signs of pet hair.

"It's a lllot for the uninitiated to take innn," she all but mutters in response. "I'm not known for being in the presence of such badassery."


When called out on it Daisy looks to her wrist in question, having made no effort to hide the bracelet. Not that it ever stays hidden for long. Though she is forgetting something else. An introduction! Jessica helps to reboot the other gal's mind.

She gives her head a quick shake and a "Er..sorry. Cor—Daisy. I'm Daisy." Pause. "That's kind of a tough act to follow there, Agent Drew. Iii'm just a techie. Keyboard warrior," she says somewhat awkwardly with a 'go get 'em' sort of gesture and nod. "Frequent Reddit troll. Get around by walking." Fresh to the Triskelion after all of one week ago.

* * *

"Oh I tried teaching him to bring me food, but he just tries eating it himself." Insert hapless shrug. Given how immaculate his clothes look one might never have guessed he owned a dog. It makes a lot more sense if one knew his desk's bottom drawer held rolls of lint removers. But it's not exactly foolproof, and Daisy might be rewarded with spying a few hairs here and there that have escaped him.

"Ah! Ulysses Arngrim," he says by way of introduction, smiling crookedly as he offers a hand. "Nice to meet you. And yes, largely on computers, but I'm dipping my toes into being a field agent. Er. Not for like, combat or anything because I'd probably die horribly. Technical support." He caps it off with a brief grin.

* * *

Jess doesn't seem to mind a bit about the whole technical support or computer jockey business. "Hey nothing wrong with computers. I am not good at them like the people like you. I may be able to chase down leads and look up information but I rely on operations and support to give me the raw intel and hack the bad guys so I can put the tactical plan together." with that statement she taps her ear "Also having eyes in the sky and field support in my ear makes things a hundred times easier then just punching bad people and hoping to not die horribly."

Her hand is extended to Daisy and then Ulysses as Jess proper greets "Good to meet you both." and to Daisy "Also I mostly get around by walking, not like I can fly. I also prefer motorcycles when I have a choice."

* * *

Huh. When Ulysses mentions getting into the whole field agent thing Daisy hooks a brow in his direction, suddenly intrigued by such a revelation She wouldn't have pegged him as the sort—oh. Not for combat. Okay, that makes more sense. "SHIELD's very own Geek Squad," she remarks at both of their expense with a smirk. "Maybe someday it'll be one of us sourcing that intel for you."

Ooh-found a dog hair!

Suddenly things shift for the better. Jessica's hand is shook and in that moment Daisy's eyes light up as common ground is established between the two. ..Somewhat. "Oh nice, I ride too! I mean it's just a scooter but it's one of the nicer models. Sorta. Traffic gets crazy around here, I couldn't get anywhere with the van."

* * *

Ulysses smiles a sort of default smile as he tries not to think too much on the responsibility that they'd potentially have were they ever tossed out on the field to back someone like Jessica up. Thankfully the agent manages to reason things out in an acceptable division of expectation and effort that he can stomach it a little easier.

"Heh. Yeah. We'll have your back, or something." He means to be enthusiastic, really, but the delivery just ends up more on the awkward end.

Glancing at Daisy, he gives her an odd look as he catches her looking over at him. Is…she checking him out?

The talk about transportation makes him the odd one out, apparently. "I thought about getting into motorcycles once. Then my brother found out the hard way that he's not very good at them so I changed my mind. I got a car but it's just easier using the subway half the time. Like Daisy said, traffic," he says, nodding.

* * *

"New York is definitely the home of mass transit and I can't say I blame anyone for not wanting to use cars. Motorcycles if you know what you are doing even in the city does cut down on traffic issues. It helps having badge that means traffic tickets don't really apply." another quirk of a smile from Jessica. "I have a '38 Indian Chief, restored and kitted out by some of the best in the motorpool. It is my baby and I pity any bad guy who wrecks it."

After that ominous statement Jess looks over towards the water stations and back. "I need a bottle of water or a juice or something, want to hit the canteen?" gesturing towards said hydration stations. "Also I am sure you will both do great when you are called on for mission support or even field support. They won't toss you in over your head, usually." also ominous.

* * *

Busted! Daisy quickly looks away from Ulysses and tries to act as nonchalant as can be. Nope, -totally- not staring at his backside, just an honest errant dog hair! Eugh, there's no graceful way out of this one.

"Subway, totally," she promptly agrees with more nodding. "Public transportation. Gets the job done. Especially in winter." Blink. "I've really gotta get one of those badges." No more traffic tickets? Sign her up!

'Usually.' The word sticks with Daisy as she subtly passes a glance back to Ulysses in the same motion that has her turning toward the canteen. "Yah, that sounds great! A chance to sit. I can barely feel my legs after that run."

A smile quickly flicks back onto her face as she looks back to Jessica. "So how long have you been an agent here? What's it like having an actual hero codename? Any concerns about the ol' secret identity schtik?"

* * *

"Nice to know, whenever I might actually have to use my car," Ulysses notes. He does on occasion. It usually involves dog transportation.

When Jessica suggests they go grab someting to drink he nods, although Daisy's look in punctuation to the off-handed remark from the other agent doesn't go without notice nor response. He makes something of a line face, his lips pressing tightly together as he tries not to scowl at any ominous implications. Maybe it's just senior agents hazing newbies. Yes. That must be it.

Turning, he follows after the two, and as Daisy pours on the questions he can't help but toss in some of his own. "What's the craziest mission you've been on? Do you get sent out a whole lot?"

* * *

"Well I mean every identity out there for me is a secret identity. I mostly do espionage and under cover ops. Not usually on US Soil. As for Jessica Drew.. well she doesn't exist outside SHIELD and a classified British Birth Certificate… so it is less a secret identity and more I don't have another life." there is a pause "That sounds way more depressing when I say that out loud actually. As for SHIELD." some mental math "Five years now and I haven't died yet."

Jessica is already heading over to to grab a juice from the Juice Bar. This is just about as fancy as any NYC Gym after all. High in Hydration. Antioxidants. Electrolytes. A dash of protein powder. That said Jess doesn't seem the least bit tired from her workout. "Craziest… mission. Well that I can talk about. Well there was this one mission against Advanced Idea Mechanics, aka A.I.M. … they were creating an intelligent mold that could be used as a bioweapon. Would basically zombify people which was super gross."

* * *

Daisy remains perfectly silent while Jessica goes over the matter of aliases and alter egos. The younger hackerette has a fair bit of experience, herself. Three primary aliases, all known to enough upper-level SHIELD officials to make poor Daisy mighty grumpy. For now it's simply nice to hear another's perspective on the subject.

"You can crawl on the ceiling and shoot things from your hands," she suggests with a somewhat reassuring smile. "I'd say that one life is more than enough."

After a cursory examination she selects an energy drink for herself, quick to break the seal and start downing the blue colored fluid. "A.I.M." she repeats with a thoughtful expression. She's pretty certain that name's come up before on some of her more ..independent searches of the web.

"Wait, -really?- Zombies from a smart mold? See—These are the kinds of incredible stories that Joe Average never gets to hear about! I can only -imagine- what else is being kept hidden from everyone."

Daisy falls silent for a moment as the concept is given more thought before muttering "I am never going to look at cheese the same way again."

* * *

Ulysses opts for a Powerade, cracking open the top with a twist. "Does everyone get a codename around here? No, right? Unless adding 'agent' accounts for one," he murmurs, shrugging as he takes a sip of the bright red-pink liquid. Probably didn't count, since it's still using your name. He'd definitely have picked something cooler than Agent Arngrim.

"Five's a good number. Not dying is even better." He tosses a half-smile in Jessica's direction. Eagerly waiting to hear what the craziest mission the woman's been on, his brows lift high at the mention of zombies.

"Zombified people? No bueno," he says, shoulders lifting in a cringe. "Well, heh, glad you put a stop to that. I don't even like them in the movies."

* * *

Jessica heads down to one of the chairs at a nearby table and kicks back and takes a deep drink from her juice. "Well more like those ants in the amazon controlled by fungus. Not pretty. Also stopped cold. A.I.M. are soem of the worst, though they at the end of the day are science geeks and nothing compared to Hydra." that name is said with deep venom.

"Also yes most of this is kept from the general public. They really don't want to know. They sleep better knowing they are kept safe but the details are often way too messy to be on the evening news." Jess frowns "Also code names aren't unknown.. I mean The Calvary. Mockingbird. Captain America. It happens quite a bit if you are in the business long enough. Black Widow."

* * *

"I don't have one," Daisy says in regards to codenames before breathing out a sigh as she collapses into one of the chairs. Frowning slightly, she thinks "Then again, I'm not sure if they're planning on giving me that kind of chance."

"Aw, Not even a little classic Romero?" she teases Ulysses with an amused look. "Granted, they're Way cooler when they aren't real and all."

When Jess starts talking about why information is withheld from the public Daisy is listening rather intensely. It isn't much by way of an excuse but something about the answer doesn't sit so well with her. A real keen eye might notice as much. Such a feeling is quickly pushed aside when some of those existing codenames are mentioned. Captain America is the obvious one. Everyone knows that one! The rest are a bit more mysterious. "Interesting choices. 'Black Widow?' That sounds ..friendly."

* * *

He can just feel the love in that one name. Jessica's tone at the mention of HYDRA just makes Ulysses gulp uneasily, not that he feels her sentiment towards it unwarranted. There's an organization that just has too many not nice things attached to it to ever ellicit anything other than negative reactions.

Leaning back in the seat he's taken beside Daisy, he caps his drink bottle again. "They might think they'd want to know. I mean, I can see why we'd opt not to tell people. People are already paranoid as it is. But…is it going to stay that way, you think? That new law locks into effect in a month…" He knows S.H.I.E.L.D.'s stance on it, but how much will it affect how things have been handled?

For a moment he lets himself get caught up in considering what sort of codename he'd have if he ever got the chance. "Do people pick their own codenames..?" he muses after some thought on the ones named, because. Well okay, strange and obviously patriotic as Captain America is for a name, no one can laugh at it. Because Captain America is awesome.

* * *

"Black Widow.. one of the best Assasins in the world…. yeah she is a bit chilly and if you tell her I said that I will deny it. Lets see Merrow. Captain Marvel. Dark Widow. Green. Moonstar. Winter Soldier. Lots of fascinating code names…" with that Jess takes another deep drink from her juice. "If you get to know them though the codenames tend to make sense. Either abilities or skills tend to generate them. Sometimes humor in ops and support teams and a codename will be born." there is a smile to Ulysses at that. "A lot like airforce pilots and that old classic Top Gun. Maverick. Goose. I really wonder if Tom Cruise is human considering when that movie came out and him still doing those crazy Mission Impossible movies."

Jess's attention drifts to Daisy and no she didn't miss her reaction to secrets. "I think a lot of things will remain classified. It's one thing when a supervillains launches a giant robot to march through downtown. It is another thing when we stop someone from setting off a Gamma Bomb in downtown Pittsburgh." okay that is way, way too specific an example. "The world we live in is constantly on the edge of chaos and destruction and a lot of very good people sacrifice everything to keep them safe. So they can live peaceful lives without worrying that some rogue group of scientists are going to reduce them all to green goo." a shrug. "It is also over my paygrade and spys tend to be secret keepers." that last part is offered to Daisy. "I'm not entirely sure about registration. I mean I'm registered because SHIELD. That said I get people being a little uneasy about the big brother aspect of things. Slippery slope editorials.." a frown there.

* * *

A silent look is cast from one person to the next as Daisy makes herself another mental note regarding this 'HYDRA' thing. If it can leave both of them with such strong emotions on the name alone then it is absolutely something of interest to her.

Ulysses' question brings up a different collection of emotions, this time with the hackerette being more than a little invested. To this she glances down, sets her jaw, and doesn't say a damn word about it. Besides, there are plenty of other subjects to think about here.

The description of Black Widow already had her thoughts set into motion but when she hears of -another- one, this 'Dark Widow,' her blood runs a bit cold. Instead of saying anything about it she smirks and repeats "'Green?' That's a peculiar one." As she says it she's rubbing at the side of her neck. The turn of this conversation doesn't seem to be sitting so well with her.

"Maybe you're right," she swiftly dismisses the matter of keeping so many secrets from the public. Pulling herself upright, she thinks "Sounds like I'll be seeing them for myself soon enough. I'm gonna get cleaned up, starting to feel a little ripe."

* * *

"I think…I'd rather avoid meeting any of the Widows," Ulysses says, smiling tightly. Those names are just some that you tend to hear about, and the reputation certainly precedes. He nods slowly as Jessica suggests how codenames come about. "Okay, yeah. That makes sense. Kinda feel like someone drew from the bottom of the barrel there with a name like Green, though."

He's not nearly paying as close attention to Daisy as the other agent is to take note of any of her reactions during the conversation. Still, he can't help but feel he's brought up a tender subject- okay, no big surprise there, all things considered. Rather than add on to his own thoughts on the matter, he leaves it be.

"Huh? Oh." Lifting his head, Ulysses glances back at Daisy then as she gets up. "Got it. I forgot people come down here to actually work out. Catch you around then, Daisy." He seems to want to add something more but lets it drop with his hand after he gives a small wave. Less said, less asked.

* * *

"In his case lastname and he is an ex-Green Beret… it.. yeah sometimes it is a little bit funny I guess." Jess sips her juice and raises it in a toast to Daisy. "Of course. I am sure I will see you around base. I am hoping to not get shipped off right away. I kind of miss being around HQ and just being myself." which sounds genuine. Being in the field pretending to be other people all the time in constant danger has to be a bit odd for someone long term. "Let me know if you have rookie questions you don't want to ask anyone, promise not to laugh." one more smile.

Turning her attention to Ulysses though Jess frowns a small bit. "If you are thinking about being in the field, even if in a support van or safe house doing computer things. Let me tell you it is critically important you work out and more than just marksmanship. Cardio is your friend when a neighborhood is being over run by killer robot drones and there is no such thing as a safe van or house." morbid again.

* * *

"Too much Green." Ulysses gets an odd sort of smile on his face as he thinks about it. He'll have to familiarize himself more with agent names and faces though. Just talking about them now is a good reminder of that.

"Always nice to be back, huh?" He gives Jessica a sympathetic look. "I hope the world holds off on crazy at least for a while." Not that things don't go crazy enough in their own backyard.

Of course then he finds himself getting a near scolding.

"I know, I know," he says, turning towards Jessica as he holds up his free hand. "I was just kidding..! But I like to also be realistic and acknowledge that there will be things I will never be able to do with raw strength and stamina."

* * *

"I get that Agent Armgrim and man for a minute there I was channeling Agent May." with that comment Jess shakes her head. "Still if you do go in the field I would love to not read about you in a casualty report so I have to stress cardio. Also technology. We have a lot of very good gear to try to keep people out of harms way around here. Not everyone can be Captain America with his perfect abs, but everyone can pass their physicals and do their best to be smart about the job we do."

Jess finishes her juice. "I am pretty sure the world won't hold up on the crazy, I just wish I knew how Hydra figured out I was undercover in the Triad operation. They just suddenly were on to me like magic and it all went to shit."

* * *

"I'd really hate to be on a casualty report," Ulysses says quite solemnly. He sighs a little, fiddling with his Powerade. "But yeah. I understand. I'll…try putting more time in for the gym. …even though I'd rather be running drones through an obstacle course."

The world seems in a constant state of crazy these days. He shrugs, nods and then pauses as Jessica brings up HYDRA again. "When was this? Recent? Or is it 'sorry Agent Arngrim but this is way over your level' kinda stuff?"

* * *

"I don't know actually. It was my Macau operation and it went sideways really weird and fast actually. Not sure you have operational clearance but it isn't like I am handing you the files on it without finding out or anything." she slumps back in the chair.

"I am positive I didn't do anything to give myself away on the ground. Good cover. Good disguise. Months of work. Then a Hydra assault team kicks in the Triad's front door and the squad leader says 'That one, Agent Spider-Woman. Kill her.' and all hell broke loose." a shrug "We still have some undercover assets but I wish I knew why it went south."

Of course it went south because Hydra Agent Cypher (Doug Ramsey) was doing computer magic and figured out there was a shield operation and some other digital tricks identified the slayer of Supreme Hydra. Traitor.

* * *

Ulysses scowls at that. "That sounds really weird. I mean, if you were there that long and then one day, just like that? Seems like there's a lot of variables to consider, and the topmost possibilities I can think of don't exactly leave any good implications." He shakes his head.

"At least you managed to make it back here in one piece. I assume someone's already looking into what happened on our end?"

* * *

"Not my area of specialty. I filed my debrief and I imagine the intel departments are going over anything. I doubt we have a mole but it was quite irritating." empty glass set down by Jess. "Also yeah I got back in one piece, and I terminated the Hydra squad as well as the one at the airstrip sent to intercept me."

* * *

He taps a finger against the plastic bottle in his hand, still frowning. That they had some inside incite was one of the possibilities he'd considered, and what with other known matters, not entirely dismissible. Not that he voices it, but he nods all the same. Even he would agree that the whole thing's irritating. They're supposed to be some super organization. Things like that don't just happen.

Ulysses looks back at Jessica, his mouth forming an 'o' when she so casually reports the fate of the HYDRA operatives that had been unfortunate enough to cross her. What's he supposed to say about that? Good job? He really has no idea. He clears his throat and unscrews his bottlecap to have a quick sip as he tries to work out something better to say.

"Well, you're here now. Enjoy it, although I can't imagine that the weather's anything for comparison to, what was it, Macau?" He smiles as he gets to his feet. "I think I needa run back to my desk fortress for now. Was nice talking to you though, Agent Drew. Um. If you ever need anything…"

* * *

"Well if you run across any intel or data that could help me solve my current mystery. I'd love to have it passed my way." Jess offers a smile. She also doesn't seem to really register that things could be a bit dark, but life and death when someone is trying to kill you and wants to conquer the world. You do what you need to.

Of course if he manages to pull her jacket he wil learn a lot of disturbing things about Jessica. That whole frozen in stasis and only being up and moving for about 12 years means it is amazing she has any maturity at all.

"Talk to you later Agent Arngrim. Hmm maybe we will call you Grim." teasing.

* * *

"Will do." A brief smile, a quick salute.

Ulysses turns and starts to head towards the gym exit, though not nearly far enough to miss Jessica's teasing. "Noooooo, vetoooooo! Do not pass go!" he groans as he tromps off, his response trailing him the rest of the way to the doors.

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