Irish Pubs and Registration Options
Roleplaying Log: Irish Pubs and Registration Options
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Betsy Braddock comes to an Irish pub for a promised drink. Lorna comes to discuss her options..

Other Characters Referenced: Thor
IC Date: January 31, 2019
IC Location: NYC
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* * *

It had been a few days since the incident at the Asgardian Embassy in which Thor had, in no uncertain terms, told Betsy that she was not allowed to return. Time came and went, Winter dragged onward, and the threat of the Mutant Registration act loomed ever nearer. Lorna shot Betsy a text, from the business card the woman had left with her on the first visit. Thus with arranging and scheduling, the two ladies ended up at a bar not too far away from the Embassy but in a nice enough area of town to not be overly pricey for a drink, yet not a completely run down dump either.

It was homey, all polished wood and want to be Irish Pub, filled with green plush cushions and a louder back room for the sports fans that yelled and hollered at the screen. The front part of the pub was quieter, and was almost an entirely separate room, though the bar ran the length of it.
$R It was nice, and their happy hour drinks were something Lorna didn't feel too bad about buying. The naturally green haired woman, however had redyed her hair, a solid black once more. Without so much as a hint of green. She wore a simple business suit with a dark purple under shirt and a heavy coat and scarf against the cold. All of which were balanced carefully on the back of her chair. She sat with a sigh, glancing around once before she leaned forward to snag the happy hour menu for herself.

* * *

Betsy had felt she might hear from Lorna, though perhaps closer to the day the act is to go into effect. Still, she's thrilled to hear from the other woman with unconventional hair, if only to check in with the woman and make sure she's doing okay.

There's a gust of chill as Betsy comes on, purple hair trailing in ahead of her. Boots are knee high and gray, over black wool trousers, and a deep gray sweater that is exposed as her thick wool coat comes off. There's a smile as she moves to join Lorna. "I haven't kept you waiting long, I hope." She will hang her coat along the back of a chair, brushing hair back from a face flushed with cold.

* * *

A shiver ran up Lorna's spine and she shook her head, sitting back in her bar seat as she caught sight of Betsy and flashed the other woman a faint smile. "Nah, not that long. Host just sat me. Or at least made the attempt. This place is more bar than tables." She gestured around them. A few tables made up of old oak barrels and glass tops existed near the bar. As well as the few booths that offered more quiet privacy.

"I wasn't sure what you might want, but I thought this was close enough that it shouldn't be too hard for you to find me from the door." She offered and grabbed the water that had been left behind in front of her. A soft exhale of her breath followed.

"Pretty cold out, isn't it?"

* * *

"I had a couple things to tie up quick on my way out the door." Messages fired off to try and get in touch with some people, mostly."I was trying to hurry." Not hurry so much that she tried to fly, not in this cold. "I'm fine with the bar."

She will flash a smile at the bartender to order a whiskey. "Is that a menu in your hand? Do they have anything deliciously fried and fattening?" She will peer towards the menu. "I've been in warmer winters, it's true." She smiles, just a bit. "So what's up?"

* * *

A glance was spared for the menu and Lorna shrugged lightly, pushing her hair back from her face. "Eh, they've got a fried and beer battered sausage. Fish n' chips. Cheese dip. And some beers on tap for happy hour. I'm sure they have more on their regular menu." She held out the slim single printed page that was laminated to Betsy for the Happy Hour specials and leaned back in her chair.

Finally, with a lack of anything in her grip, Lorna fidgeted. She tapped her fingers against the table, pursing her lips. "Thor proposed to me, to adopt Dawn and to make me an Asgardian citizen.. But I don't know if that'll legally do what I want it to do. And it would draw tons of exposure on myself and my daughter. He means well, he truly does. First person to give me a decent job in my life. I had to work three separate retail jobs before. And I wasn't getting paid half of what I'm making now." She pursed her lips, shaking her head.

"My first plan had been to move to Canada. To save up enough for it.. but I don't know if I can get my citizenship approved before the Registration happens."

* * *

"This is my unsurprised face." Betsy says in a neutral tone. "I could tell he had feelings for you. It was one of the reasons I had hope…" She shrugs. "But yes, being engaged to the most well known Asguardian and one of the Avengers would bring a lot of attention, exposure, and likely people snooping around in your business." Betsy will pick up her glass and sip at her whiskey. "So you think you'll cease to work for him, if you decline his proposal?" She lifts her eyebrows.

She will set the menu down, ordering a basket of fries. She will then look at the other woman . "While I am sure Canada would accept you on an asylum seeking status, I'm curious where you're going with this." She does seem interested. "I do know somewhere you can hide, though I would need to cut through some red tape probably.But you tell me what you want, Lorna."

* * *

A purse of her lips followed, "We haven't discussed what would happen job wise if I married him. But I can assume. I would legally be some noble ranking in the Asgardian monarchy. And while he told me he's quite old and will continue to live beyond my life time.. I'd never have any actual duties as a Princess. Other than you know, the usual archaic shit." She muttered, her lips twisting an she shook her head, dragging a hand through her hair.

Their drinks arrived on coasters and Lorna paused to place her order with the server before waiting a beat to continue speaking.

"It would mean my daughter would have a better life than I could ever give her. Right now? I'm just a chick with an arrest record, and some time spent in a mental hospital. I've got a degree that I haven't ever had luck in getting a job for.. and where does that leave me? With green hair and another felony charge waiting for me if I don't Register or get my daughter registered." She grimaced, reaching for her drink and taking a long gulp of her beer.

"I'm not into the idea of slapping my ID with an 'M'."

* * *

"Yeah, but if you don't marry him, I'm worried it may not continue being such a good job. He's not exactly the most…progressive man on the planet. He's got a bit of a macho streak that could be easily be offended. I don't say that based just on the last exchange I had with him. That wasn't the first."

She will sip whiskey, violet eyes roaming around the bar, as she thinks. "Your daughter may not be a mutant. I don't think they can make you register her until she has some provable thing. You either. I know what I think, but you swear you haven't powers. I mean, you may have the potential, but still… it would be a hell of a lawsuit. But I digress."

She will look directly at Lorna, then. "I know of a place here in the states, or I can get you a visa to visit England, and use my family connections to jump you pretty far up the line on getting citizenship there. I can offer you a job there, as my London assistant."

* * *

A grimace twisted her lips and Lorna nodded, "He saved my life, which is what started all of this. Apparently in his culture that makes him responsible for it. He shoved me out of the way from a bus when people panicked and there was a riot." She bit back a sigh as she rubbed her fingers together, the tips of them cold as she peered at the condensation on her glass. "I don't know what would happen if I turned down his proposal. I don't really feel like I'm the type to marry anyone. Much less a Prince. My adoptive mother hates the idea. Hates him since he strode into my living room." She muttered, shaking her head as she picked up her beer again.

"But she's always been paranoid about everyone that talks to me. Treats me like I'm too delicate for anything.." She muttered and shot Betsy a look.

"My daughter was born with green hair, I for all that I have records of.. have had my hair color since my birth parents died.." She trailed off and seemed to struggle with what to put into words exactly.

"Normal people aren't born with green hair, and you keep saying I have 'potential' .. potential for what exactly? People go through stressful shit and if they have powers they happen. I've been there.. done that. Several times over.. no powers.." She whispered, arching a brow upwards and seeming to fall silent at the offers that Betsy put on the table.

* * *

"There is more than one gene that could cause green hair. Or exposure to something that could have caused it." Betsy shrugs. "A scientist I'm not, Lorna. I also got my powers fairly early, but I would think that your desire to be normal, may even be suppressing your potential powers. Subconsciously, and all of that."

"Never let family overly influence your decisions. Do you love him? Would you want to marry him, if he was asking you just out of love and not at least somewhat out of the urge to protect?" Violet eyes are merciless as she watches the other woman. "That should be the first question you ask yourself, before you make any decision."

"I feel you have potential, yes. I'm not a seer, Lorna. I'm a telepath and telekinetic, yes. And sometimes I have precognitions. I've learned to second guess what I feel less, as I get older. You? You make something in the back of my head prickle. The harder you protest you have no powers, the more prickly it gets."

* * *

A shrug of her shoulders followed and Lorna exhaled another sigh of a breath. "Well, how long before they start having genetic tests done in hospitals or pediatricians offices? How long before the kids at my daughter's school will start to wonder just how 'nice' her mom is about dying her hair and gee.. how strange her eyebrows match perfectly. Kids question.. one day one of them goes off to a hateful parent.. I've seen the news. How many kids have been targeted just for looking different in the wrong place at the wrong time? We might not be forced to register until something happens.. but people have changed." She muttered and exhaled a breath, shaking her head slowly.

"I wanted powers when I was a kid." She breathed, squeezing her eyes shut. "I desperately wanted them. I watched the news, and saw the shit that happened around the world. And I wanted something. Something to make the kids that gave me shit sorry." Her eyes opened as she met Besty's gaze. "I was a bipolar kid in the foster system with green hair. I got a lot thrown at me." She muttered and shook her head slowly, taking up her beer and taking another long gulp of it.

"Now I just wish I was normal to protect my daughter. And no.. I don't love Thor. He's hot as all get out.. but I barely know the man. It's been two months or so since I met him."

* * *

"Having powers is not as good a cure all as you might think. Remind me to tell you about how my powers made me a target to be kidnapped. More than once." Betsy offers, laughing at herself. "I.. know of someplace safe for mutants. Even kids. Admittedly, the school-aged kids have all been sent to another state to protect them even more."

As fries arrive, Betsy will fall silent, and munch on some deliciously fried potatotes. "Lorna. Other than to be normal… tell me what /you want/."

* * *

A small nod of her head followed, "Hey, I was an angry teenager that was getting into riots and arrested and released in a day or so. I wanted powers to do something besides yelling at protests. I grew up, I know the way the world works a little better these days." She muttered, reaching for her beer again, sipping at it a little less deeply than before. She exhaled a breath, considering what the other woman offered.

"I want to be able to raise my daughter in peace. I want to see her grow up and just.. live. Not in foster care or being shuffled all around like I was. I want better life for her. Sure.. I didn't exactly plan for her, but now she's all that matters to me."

* * *

"Now, I have another question or perhaps more of a favor to ask you. I need you to try to come to trust me. I am willing to go above and beyond to get you and your daughter safety. Find her some normalcy, find you a place to belong. I will put myself between the two of you and any threat, Lorna. I have a couple options, one of which may be easier to pull off faster than another. I will have to leave Thor and that situation to you, of course." There's a bit of a smirk there.

"I want you to raise your daughter. I want her to be safe. I want you to get what you want. I will hold off trying to blow up registration with my lawsuit until I can get you at least somewhere safe."

* * *

A tilt of her head followed, and she considered Besty, and she hesitated, leaning back until her shoulders pressed against her chair. "I want to trust you, Besty. I've told you more than I ought to. Maybe it's because I think you're honest when you say you want to help me. Maybe it's because I think.. what you said to Thor was true. Our planet doesn't have a good record with forcing registration on anyone. I'm Jewish, or at least… my mother was. I've tried since Dawn was born to be better about that for her." She exhaled a breath, and looked down at her drink.

"But I've also only just met you too. And everything you offer sounds beyond any expectation I should have or anyone really. Between you and Thor.. somehow in two months I've interacted with people that have more money and power than I've ever met in my life." She tapped her finger against the glass, her fingernail leaving a tracing, looping swirl behind as she idly ran it over the condensation again.

* * *

"It's because you'll find most of the time, I'm painfully honest. Blunt or tactful, there's very little reason to lie unless it's to survive or protect another." She will toss back the rest of her whiskey.

She will shift, turning to face Lorna more directly. "I am only offering to do for you what some have offered to do for me. The second time I was kidnapped, my… consciousness was put into a different body. I was brainwashed and used as an assassin. People who had no reason to help me, did. People who would have been fully within their rights to turn their backs on me, didn't. I am stilly coming to terms with all the damage that was wrought by everything, but those people are there for me when I need them."

* * *

Lorna watched Betsy with rapid focus, intent green eyes that exactly matched the hue of her hair beneath the black hair dye that stained the skin around her neck and hairline, a messy job done at home with a curious toddler running around rampantly and causing chaos all over. The other woman's st to pay it forward?" She pursed her lips together thoughtfully.

"What are these options you offered.. exactly?"

* * *

"Yes. I need to have you learn to trust me, in a short order. If you don't trust me, I don't know how else to help you." Betsy points out with a hint of a shrug. "My life has had quite a few extremes. The stories I can tell you, sometime, when things are less dire." She smirks faintly.

"One, is London, if you feel the need to get out of the country, until we can fix this. That's harder to expedite, to make sure you don't have any issues. I could just get you out of state until we figure something out." There's a nibble on a fry. "As for the last one.. Lorna, there are other people that would need to agree with me. I need to talk to them, first. I can't expose them, any more than I can expose you, without discussion first."

* * *

A small nod followed and there was a faint hint of wary caution. It much of Lorna's life, when people had asked her to trust them.. it had been because they were setting her up for something. The kids in her high schools, the foster parents that had promised to take care of her.. only to ditch her when the money wasn't high enough for a kid with bipolar disorder.. It had been a long line of people in her life that had failed to be there for her when she needed them.

Her mind flashed to a thought that she buried deep and away briefly, and she shook her head. Betsy, thus far, had proven herself different than others in a very brief time span. The woman was clearly passionate… perhaps, it would be enough. "I'd rather avoid London. Like you said, it's pretty far out of the way and would take more money and work than we have time for. Out of state mind be our best option for now. I dunno, I need to learn what the law says about people from out of state visiting New York. How they'll handle that, where other states don't require Registration…" She muttered, and pursed her lips.

The last bit however sparked Lorna's curiosity and she nodded, "Of course." She paused, "Feel free to talk to them about me if you think it will help.." She paused again. "So long as it's not a bunch of people in black suits. I've already been questioned by one for being around Thor.. that was creepy.."

* * *

"London would be a last resort, really. Not that I couldn't use it to have someone trustworthy handling my British affairs, but you're an American who I think likes the culture she knows." There's a smile then, if small.

She laughs, eyes bright in mirth. "Lord no. We avoid the government law types, believe you me. But I will definitely bring up the topic with them, in short order, and see what can be arranged." She will munch onf a few more fries, and eye the liquor behind the bar.

"In the meantime, if you want to check out across the river in Jersey or something, find a nice little apartment for you and Dawn, let me know. I can get you a car and a driver to take you, if you don't have a car."

* * *

"Last resort indeed.. I had been hoping for Canada if I was going to run to another country… At least England speaks.. English." Her voice was dry and filled with a thin, strained kind of humor and her amusement faded only briefly as Betsy's picked up about avoiding government types. A gentle gust of a sigh escaped her, and her line of her shoulders eased once more. "Oh good. I don't want to vanish into some secret government prison for knowing you.." She drawled, and nodded briefly in thought.

"On my next day off, sure. I don't have a car.. are you kidding me? I can barely cover rent here in the city. Much less afford to keep a car." She snorted lightly, waving her hand for the server so she might order another round of drinks.

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