Help Desk, Tony Stark Speaking
Roleplaying Log: Help Desk, Tony Stark Speaking
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Oracle reaches out to Tony Stark for help with her A.I., but Stark does more than just tech support.

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IC Date: November 30, 2018
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I need help. Tech help. I promise it will be interesting.

That was the single line of text that came in from a messaging account setup under the hacker Oracle. Included in the message was a simple virtual address and a four-digit number — a time and place.

She waits for him there, all digital code turned into a virtual presence of a young woman in white motocross gear. It's a nice flip from her Batgirl persona, but still something couched in familiar. In the center of the nondescript virtual space is a large box — it's covered in moving code and glowing whitish yellow.

The appointed time comes and the appointed time goes. A few minutes later, what one would call fashionably late, there is a flash of light in the realm of the digital and someone does indeed appear.

Stark himself doesn't look that different. He's still…Tony Stark. However there is something different about the virtual presence. Even though he's wearing his sunglasses, his suit(actual suit not Iron Man suit), the ARC reactor there in his chest almost an afterthought.

There is an aura about him though that seems to pulse differently. As if his avatar in this virtual space is more real. Has more power. Something changed him, or maybe he just improved his interface tech. Who knows really…

…he does. But he isn't telling.

"Motocross this time? Like bikes do you?" Comes the question without preamble, that razored smile of amusement aimed towards her. "You know, I know /plenty/ of nice resturants and places to meet. Orcale. One day I'll get you out of all of…" He gestures around. "…this."

Oracle notices the change, but doesn't mention it. He's Tony Stark. She's going to always assume he gives himself periodic upgrades, and even with access to Wayne Tech, she's still at least two generations behind whatever Fox is feeding Bruce.

She crosses her arms, leaning into her hip, and there's a vague amusement that passes over her smile. "Yeah, alright… you gotta find me first, Stark." It isn't much of a challenge. He probably could really find her if he put his heart into it.

She steps forward, gesturing to the box. "I have something for you." The mere gesture to it causes the box to open in an intricate, almost Escherian in its geometric quality. She folds her arms now, staring at it.

It's an AI. The code has its own delicateness to it — a particular quality that speaks more about the coder than its purpose. It's got a start to it, but it isn't done — in fact, it looks like it has a number of flaws that, if given free-reign, would cause a lot of problems.

A lot of problems.

There is a smirk there on the face of one Tony Stark. "Oh pretty eyes," Comes the drawl. "Don't tempt me. Cause you know I could if I felt like it." He's seen her codeing now. How she built things. How she didn't.

That is nearly as obvious as fingerprints.

He could do it, but it would be just one more secret for him to keep. Who really needs that.

So he turns his attention to the box instead, peering inside with a pair of raised eyebrows. "…oh look. Someone built their very own first rogue AI! Has it tried to kill all humans yet? Thats usually what they do when they get like this."

Its hard to tell if he's being serious or not.

"So…this is what you need my help with?"

The nickname draws Oracle's eyes to him, and she cannot help but smile a bit at the compliment. Stark is someone you love, or hate, or learn to love. She's not sure where she falls in that category. Peter likes him. That helps. She rolls her shoulders slightly beneath the jacket, and steps around the AI.

"No…" Her voice is a bit cautious. "But she's definitely gone rogue." Her mouth thins. "I made her to help me… and my allies… but she started doing her own missions." She crosses her arms tighter now, frowning at the code.

Then she nods. "Yes, this is what I need help with. I had hoped you might help get her back on track."

"Eh its only a matter of time before they start with the 'Humanity is a blight upon this planet' speach…" Stark replies with a smirk as he flicks a glance up towards her. A wave of his hand and what looks like a toolbox, a simple red metal mechanics tool box appears in one hand.

"Now sure I can help, but…I'd rather know at least where this one is gonna be used. Since technically if its in the state of New York it has to be registered blah blah blah god I hate that law already."

He pulls what looks like a blue glowing screwdriver out of the box and gently pokes at the code.

"So what kind of missions did she start to do?"

"Well. Isn't it?"

Oracle's question is a bit distracted because she's more interested in what Stark is doing. She crosses her arms at her chest, watching him work. Her head tilts slightly to one side. "She was supposed to be… mission assist. Pull from multiple databases, and observe what comes through various heads-up displays. She is also supposed to monitor various information sources to help pinpoint patterns of crime that could provide mission parameters."

Then Oracle shrugs her shoulders again, and the question deflates her a bit. "The kind that get innocent people killed. My guess? She started tracking internet searches, and didn't have the right parameters to realize that we sometimes search for things that do not actually indicate criminal behavior. Created a mission brief to take out a Canadian mayor."

What it looks like he's doing is…mapping.

Lines of code, synapse systems. Every little poke and proad seems to build a map of just what he's looking at. "Is this a full on AI or is this a VI? There is a difference. I mean there are like a dozen people on the planet that understand that but there is…" Stark rattles off as he listens to her.

As the map is built it slowly forms in glowing lines and systems above his toolbox.

"Ahhhh…she got /really/ zealous on following programming. That is always the tricky part with this sort of thing. You miss one word on the code side and they will just run with it to its only logical conclusion. Which usually is pretty ugly, since pure logic is usually brutal as hell."

He glances up towards her with a smirk. "And yes, it is. But its our blight and I'd rather at least keep it un-genocided." A pause again. "So what are you gonna call her?"

A pause.

"They need names you know. It is just a thing."

"I…" Oracle pauses, and her mouth tightens slightly. "I was aiming for AI. I want her to think… actually think… not just fake it." Then she steps forward, watching how Tony works through the code. She's actually taking mental notes — always a student. She would have probably made a fine Stark Intern, but she's this instead.

The quest for the name draws her brows up. She frowns then, looking thoughtfully at the AI and its component code. "She… doesn't have one. I thought I would name her… in time."

"Hrmmm, alright. AI then…" More sparks from his strange little screwdriver. The way he works is frighteningly effortless. A fluid motion at the speed of thought, the light touches seemingly at random but completely intentional in a pattern only Stark can almost sense by intuition alone. He must be using some king of direct neural link to allow that kind of responce time.

This is not traditional VR.

"Well you'll have to think of one…" He stares at the box for a moment before looking up to the mass of lines and code that is just not beginning to look like a sort of pattern of synapses floating in the air.

"…try Althene." He says after a minuite. "Since I'm going to guess you like the whole greek myths just from that Oracle name you call yourself."

A tap of the glowing screwdriver against his palm for a moment as he looks back towards her. "…so now, I can totally help you fix it." A beatpause. "The question is what I get out of it." He lets that hang in the air for all of three seconds. "So, here is what I'm gonna offer. Since I'll fix it either way but one way you get it back faster. I work on it when I can in between projects, I consult you when I can, that'll take a while. Or…" A smirk at that. "…you come work for me at Stark Unlimited. You get her back faster, and you /might/ learn something. Who knows."

…Stark Unlimited. Not Stark Industries.

Well thats new.

Oracle watches, but doesn't quite loom. She knows how to keep focus at a distance, standing near but also far enough away that she doesn't end up getting in his way. She meets his gaze when it turns up to hers. Her brows arch slightly at the offered name.

"Althene." She hesitates. "Althene. I like that." Then her lips curve slightly, head tilted a bit. It is in that moment that he stuns her with the offer, and she blinks several times despite herself.

"I… what?" Her head shakes, leaning back slightly in bewilderment. "Mr. Stark — " Then she frowns. "I'm very grateful, but I… I don't live in New York." She shakes her head slightly. "And I have duties… where I am." She frowns then. "But you're serious?"

"Good, because Stark Unlimited isn't going to be based in New York." The wildcard of an inventor replies with a flash of a grin. "And yes, I'm serious. Most of the time I'm serious except those times when I'm not. You'll get used to it."

A wave of his hand. "And yeah yeah, you have duties. You're talking about a criminal fighting AI that categorizes and watches over multiple people at the same time. So you have a little team somewhere. Easy enough to work around. You remote in, everyone does it nowdays. Its all the rage I'm told."

Again that wicked grin. "Maybe one or two days a month you sneak in and do some /actual/ work but other than that I don't ask for much." He seems to be trying to put holes in her argument as soon as she starts making one…

…but then he shrugs again. "But anyway, don't have to answer now. After all it'll take a bit to fix this thing here. Chew on it for a while, and then when you realize I'm right we can talk again."

He can't help who he is, but at least he doesn't try to hide it.

Oracle blinks again, still trying to get her bearings. She actually opens her mouth a couple times in the start of sentences that fail. Then she swallows down her initial words, and instead forces herself to think this through.

She looks at the AI — the newborn Althene. Her blue eyes lift toward Tony then at his other part of the job offer, and she blinks. "… alright."

Then she hesitates again. "I'll think about it." But by her tone, she's already decided. She's been feeling unchanged lately. Tim is a Titan. Dick is a Detective. Who is she? Oracle, and now perhaps part of Stark's new venture.

There is a twirl of that strange screwdriver, just an icon of whatever bit of code he's using but its a familiar thing to him. Almost solid here as it would be in the real world. "That's all I ask." He replies with a drawl as he looks towards her.

Does Stark know what she's thinking? Does he care one way or the other? Is this all a whim? It is as always hard to tell with the mercurial inventor. At least one thing she's sure of.

Working with him won't be boring.

"And now…" He stretches one hand out towards the map he's made and flicks his fingers at it. Suddenly is blossoms out, expanding to cover the entirety of the room they are standing in. "Lets get to work, shall we?"

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