Hammer Time
Roleplaying Log: Hammer Time
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Hammerhead's turf war is foiled by three meddlesome spiders

Other Characters Referenced: Peter Parker
IC Date: February 05, 2019
IC Location: Brooklyn
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Posted On: 06 Feb 2019 05:12
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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* * *

It's late night. Even in New York, The City That Never Sleeps, these hours in the early morning, just after the moon has crested and started to fall, are often relatively quiet and serene. The hustle and bustle of the city life has diminished. Only a few cars pass by in the night. What tourists do make their way to Brooklyn have retreated back to their hotels, often back on the island of Manhattan. And with the winter chill still lingering in the air, well into the second month of the year, even the All Night Society types tend to remain indoor recluses. So, all in all, it seems peaceful and serene.

That is, until the sudden crash of steel against concrete shatters the serenity with explosive force.

What happens next is chaos. Gunfire rings out. Tires screech. Engines roar. What seemed like a night that would be a quiet, cold night of silent reflection now feels like a battlefield. On a street corner, a black four door sedan has run into a corner deli, scattering brick and glass everywhere. A fire hydrant sprays water up into the sky, creating a geyser that ends in a cloud of sparkling orange mist as the dull light of the street lamps casts it in a golden glow. A dog barks in the background, agitated and afraid.

Meanwhile, a black Escalade pulls up behind the crashed car, as a few well dressed men come crawling out of it. Doors open, and more men pile out of the SUV. Everyone draws guns.

"Leave one of 'em alive," a gruff voice calls out from inside the Escalade. The owner of the voice steps out. He's a behemoth of a man, but not pretty to look at. Broad shoulders. A wide back that has just a bit of a hunch that even a three piece suit can't hide. A perpetual sneer filled with crooked teeth. Beady eyes that hold nothing but malice within their gaze, and an upturned and bulbous nose. But most notable of all? His damned forehead. The upper reaches of this man's head are prodigious, expanding outwards from his temples and then suddenly seeming to become flattened off on top where thin dark hair barely seems to cover the scalp.

Joseph Harrow. Hammerhead.

"That's the way these things are s'pposed to work. If ya kill 'em all, ain't no one to go back and deliver the message to the boss. An' ol' Lonnie… Well, he needs to be gettin' the message."

With that, Hammerhead raises one of his giant, meaty bearpaws and waves dismissively at the group of men exiting the wreckage of the building, dazed and disoriented. The men that came with him raise their weapons and prepare to unleash another fresh dose of hell on this once peaceful Brooklyn night.

* * *

While it may be late, and it may be chilly, there are some traditions in Brooklyn that attract people even in the dead of night. Barboncino Pizza & Bar for instance.

Jessica hears the crash and does not immediately join the rush of people to the windows of the bar to see what is going on. She has an absolutely amazing Cremini And Hot Fennel Sausage pizza in front of her at the bar and a Bushwick Zombie sour beer. Instead of surging to her feet she puts her head in her hands, elbows on the bar and just sighs deeply. "Really?" the question is more a hypothetical to the universe. The answer is of course really. "Do not move my food and beer." to the bartender staring towards the windows.

With that Jess pushes off her stool and heads towards the door, zipping and fastening her jacket (look instant uniform) and fishing her glasses out of a pocket. The trek doorwards does require stepping around and persistently moving people "out of the way… jesus… rubberneckers." and then she is out on the street, which no one in the bar wanted to do, because impending violence and guns.

Oddly Jessica just starts walking towards the impending shoot out, counting men on both sides as she does.

* * *

One of the nice things about Brooklyn is, the shadows are deep if you find the right alley, preferably a narrow one between two buildings with no windows facing one another to shed light out of them. Gwen Stacy has nowhere to sleep right now, so she found a suitably dark crevice about thirty feet off the ground and made herself a cocoon out of webbing to sleep in, a little like a sleeping bag in a tree to hide from bears. At least, Gwen thinks it's like that. She's never actually camped.

The buzzing in her head is enough to wake her a few seconds before the car drives into the deli, though she wastes those seconds in an exhausted, senseless delirium, unable to even see through eyes that feel like they're on fire with a want of sleep. It takes the impact to shock her fully to wakefulness. She arms a line of sleep-drool off her chin, pulls her mask down over her mouth (she'd left it over her eyes while she slept, but felt paranoid she'd inhale the thing if she'd begun snoring), and bursts out of her sac to start running along the wall toward the sound of the explosion. She notices her arms trembling as they pump for balance during the run, and, remotely, thinks this is probably a bad sign of things to come.

The corner of the building comes up. Gwen fires a webline at it to keep her momentum as she runs; it flings her around the corner at top spider-speed. The frigid winter air bites through the thin fabric of her costume, but at least it wakes her up a little more. She spies at the end of the street the broken wall and the car inside it, but doesn't have even a moment's illusion that this will be a simple car wreck she can help by pulling the vehicle out. She spots the guns immediately.

Three twenty-foot thwips are all it takes to build up momentum for a prodigious leap that will send her soaring into the kill zone. As she descends, falling like a bullet, feet first and close together at the ankles, she yells down, "Excuse me, sir, I caught the whole accident on video! Will your insurance adjuster want it?!"

* * *

There are five men crawling out of the wrecked deli and crashed car. From the Escalade, there were seven men and a Hammerhead, though the man himself seems content to let his underlings do the work. As Jessica approaches, he's climbing back into the truck, which noticably dips to the side and gives a faint whining squeak of protest under the weight of him. Automatic rifles are raised up, and just before the bullets fly, though, in zips the white clad Spider-Gwen. This gives the ill fated thugs a moments reprieve from their intended execution, due to the distraction.

"Dammit. We ain't supposed to have Spider infestations in Brooklyn!" Hammerhead roars from inside the door of the Escalade. His massive meathooks ball into fists the size of Christmas hams, and slam down on his thighs before he slams the door shut and can be heard yelling, "Get us the f@#&* outta here!!! NOW!"

The engine roars to life, and tires start to burn rubber on asphalt with loud, wailing screeches and clouds of white smoke starting to billow up from the wheelwells. Suddenly, two hand prints crush in on the front hood, and slowly, the form of a shadowy black figure seems to bleed into visible reality. Crimson webs. Large, glassy white eyes. A youthful, if slightly muffled voice, calling out, "Oh. Hi! Uh. I figured it might be kind of rude to like run off or something, so…"

* * *

"Spider Infestations…" that actually has Jessica mildly offended. She does take in the white clad webslinger and then the black clad one. Neither are the ones J.J.J. is always ranting about in the Daily Bugle though. "Okay, to be fair. That is a lot of spiders in one spot." and she actually looks up and around to see if the red and blue one is also here. Nope.

Showtime. Jessica picks up the pace moving much faster now towards the group of men that were about to shoot with automatic weapons the deli car crew. I mean they still might after all and now there is a Spidergirl of some variety in the middle of it. "Drop your weapons and hands over your heads!" it is mandatory and required and will totally make Jessica's paperwork much easier later after all. Of course moments after she shouts that she fires off a venom bolt with each hand into two of the seven.

It's a lot like being dazed, non-lethal at this dose but easily enough to send two of them jittering to the ground.

* * *

"See, that's a common misconception," Gwen babbles as she lands hard on the back of the Escalade, hard enough to slightly bend the frame near the rear axle. "People think that just because spiders are remorseless predators willing to engage in cannibalism, they're also not social arthropods!" She decides she'd really rather not deal with a dozen people shooting at her, and leaps off to her right, toward the passenger side, webbing the doors up as she goes, taking care to obscure the windows so no one will be able to see out of them well enough to shoot. While she webs, she's still chattering, "And that's true, but it doesn't mean we don't form close social bonds! For example, I've been lifelong best friends with, uh, Black Spider and Red Spider here!"

Even Gwen doesn't know what she's talking about at this point. God, she's tired; but at least anyone planning to pour out of the car will have to do it through the far side.

* * *

Nope. No Red and Blue here. Perhaps that's fortunate. He might have a thing or two to say about copyright infringement or something.

Jessica's venom shot sends to of the men down for the count, flopping about like fish poured out of the fishbowl. Like the end of that old music video by Faith No More. This DOES, however, have one of them squeezing the trigger of an automatic submachinegun, which starts to spray bullets in a wild arc that peppers the surrounding buildings and breaks a few windows. Thankfully, this little corner is all businesses on the ground floor, and thus vacant since it's almost 2 AM.

Gwen's antics have the truck screeching loudly as the back end is suddenly slammed down by the descending White Spider. This has the unfortunate side effect of sending Black Spider (that's totally not racist in this context!) at the hood of the vehicle flinging upwards almost like a ragdoll, legs and arms akimbo.

"Whoah!!!" he calls out, as he pivots in mid-air, catching his sense of up and down and turning what starts as a mishap into an aerial display of acrobatic prowess, where he corkscrews and lashes out with one arm, his fist balled up as he starts to descend. A glowing line of crackling golden energy shoots from his hand, like a whip, lashing out at the firing gun held by the flopping man and yanking it from his grip, thus ending its reign of terror on the street corner.

Instead, Spider-Miles whips it around on the end of its tether, and uses it to bludgeon one of the other men who is about to fire on Gwen as she webs up the vehicle.

At this point, even the guys who crashed are pulling out guns, though it seems like no one knows where to aim. Three Spiders, mob enemies…. it's chaos and confusion. But Jessica definitely has more than a few guns aimed at her.

As for the Escalade, though? Only a driver and Hammerhead were inside still, and from the thunderous sounds of beating from the other side of Gwen's webs, it doesn't seem like it will take too terribly long for old Joey to headbutt his way out of that car. Of course, he could go out the other side, but having a hard head doesn't mean that the brain it protects is the greatest.

* * *

Jessica would completely get in Peter's face if he was here. Honestly she has been wanting to run into him on one of her cycles through NYC and have a word. Not sure who is getting off lucky in this case.

"Why is it when Captain Marvel yells drop your guns people god damn listen to her but not when I do it." pause "It is probably the flying." with that Jessica stamps on a manhole cover and pulls it up with her foot and then kicks it up into her hand. Well to be precise she plants her hand on the back of it, which sticks. She continues to advance with a makeshift shield and fires off another venom blast at the first guy to shoot at her.

Really Jessica proves quite adept at dodging, and deflecting bullets as she blasts thugs. "I said Drop The Guns and Hands in the Air! … damnit it probably is the flying…" then a louder call "Do you two have Hammerhead or do you need a hand, watch the headbutts. Pro-tip!"

* * *

Spider-Woman observes Black Spider's glowy thwips and chatters cheerfully, "Laser webs, huh? That's cool, that's cool." She leaps into the air, spiraling, to land lightly on her toes and fingertips on the deli's ceiling, one arm aimed down at the driver's side of truck. "I mean, it's a little noveau, but that's gotta be cool to break out at a concert, right?"

Spider-Woman hears and hates the jitter of exhaustion running through her voice. She shuts up, aims a wrist at a gun, and thwips. She yanks it out of the mobster's hand, catches it, pulls the banana magazine out of it, and tosses the rifle behind the counter. The magazine lands in the nearest trashcan without even touching the rim. The maneuver takes only about four seconds, but in a fight, that's a long time.

* * *

"It's the flying!" Shouts one of the guys, even as he trains his rifle on Jessica and starts to unload the clip in three round bursts. Unfortunately, her Captain America impersonation is working wonders for her, and sparks are flying off of that manhole cover as bullets ding off of it, fragmenting and mostly falling away useless. What bullets do manage to bypass the shielding are ably ducked and dodged and avoided by the Spectacular Spider-Woman.

"And she's also got authority! It's right there in the name! Capta-ZAAAH!" The guy gets cut off by a venom blast which turns him into a gurlging, floppy mess of unconsciousness.

The good thing about Jess and Gwen's bantering, at least? The mobsters and thugs have stopped trying to shoot each other entirely, at this point.

"They're not lasers!" Miles says, sounding more than a little bit defensive. He rolls on the ground, lashing out with another line of bioelectric thread to latch on to a guy and slide under him between his legs, only to kick up into the chin of another standing behind the first and backflip onto his feet. The guy he "webbed" falls down like a sack of potatoes. Also like he's been tazed. "They're electric!"

A pause.

"….boogie woogie woogie…"

He's just about to make another comment as he leaps up into a spinning kick when all of his intentions are interrupted by the veritable explosion of the rear passenger door of the Escalade. It flies off of its hinges, ripping Gwen's webbing to shreds, and Hammerhead comes running out. Miles' Spider-Sense is, thankfully, very, very keen, so rather than being knocked out of the fray by the door, he twists and catches it and rides it as it flies across the street and skids across the pavement.

One of the Thugs (in the Thugs vs Goons scheme here), jumps with a start at the sound and fires off a shot that… bounces right off of Hammerhead's skull. Hammerhead lifts his chin and sneers down his nose at the man, before suddenly lurching forward and headbutting the guy, sending him flying into the unbroken brick of the deli.

"Alright. Guess if ya want somethin' done…" Hammerhead says, as he casts his beady eyed stare on Jessica, then Gwen, and starts to crack his knuckles.

* * *

What are the odds of two electric themed spiders. Though she didn't get webs out of any of this. Lame. Still at least her captain america act is working well so Jess doesn't have too much to complain about for the moment. "Electric webs sounds very effective to me."

"Authority?" is the response there and now that she is close enough to the scrum to not need the manhole cover shield Jessica tosses it off handledly right into one of the goons with guns, sending him sprawling but not dead. It was the equivalent of a light toss but the thing is heavy. "Fine authority… by the authority of SHIELD you need to give this shit up. That includes you Hammerhead." not that she expects any of that to work. Which is punctuated by her venom blasting two more thugs with a gun down onto the ground only half looking. "I assume you aren't going to though and we are going to do this the hard way?" pauses a beat "Because after my run in with the Hulk the other night I am kind of hoping you want to do this the hard way."

* * *

From her perch above his head, Spider-Woman asks Hammerhead, "Wait, so until now you were okay with it NOT getting done right? I don't wanna tell you your business, but that seems like a bad plan, you know?" She hops down to face him head on, probably half his weight and at least six inches shorter than him (going by eyeline, that is; his goofy flattop doesn't count), but still and fearless. "Look, I'm just saying, talk to a consulting firm, okay? Yeah, they charge for their services, but think of it as an investment in efficiency! Do you have a phone? I'll text you the number of a good one."

* * *

"SHIELD?" Hammerhead says, lifting an eyebrow and looking more than a little amused by that. "SHIELD ain't got a dog in this race. SHIELD operates on an international level, ya dumb dame. They ain't worried 'bout life down here in the muck and sewage of the everyday Joe. Besides, I ain't knowin' no Spiders workin' for SHIELD, anyway. Dontcha read the papers? Spiders are a menace."

Hammerhead rolls his head on his shoulders, letting his neck make a sickening, dull and wet series of snaps, like someone breaking a whole cluster of celery sticks. He makes a gesture with one hand which sends his… two remaining upright men lowering their guns.

"J. Jonah is gonna be eatin' outta my han—" Hammerhead starts, but he's interrupted when Gwen drops in front of him and starts with the banter. His beady, dark eyes blink rapidly for a few seconds, before a vein starts to rise up on his temple. His jaw becomes a thing of solid stone, he clenches his teeth so hard.


He lunges forward, swinging his fist with enough force that the wind makes a low "whooshing" sound around it. He punches like a freight train, and that punch is aimed right for Gwen's head.

But it falls short. Frozen, as if in suspended animation, Hammerhead just stands there, in mid-swing, as a soft crackling electric sound fills the stillness of the moment. Miles fades back into view, perched on Hammerhead's shoulders, with his hands on the man's temples, surrounded by a nimbus of crackling electrical energy. It seems like maybe the day has been won!

"Sneaky lil' sunuva…"

The white lenses of Miles squinty looking bug eyes suddenly expand to wide open circles, as Hammerhead just reaches up and plucks him off of his back and flings Miles with all of his might to the ground. Miles lands hard on his back, but rolls to the side just in time to miss a thunderous stomp of an Italian leather loafer that might very well have crushed his head like a melon.

* * *

"Okay. No. SHIELD Operates where ever the hell SHIELD wants to operate you idiot. We aren't the CIA." Hammerhead will be in a sore surprise when he is in jail later, that thought comforts Jessica right now.

"Come on Guys. Hammerhead. Don't hit him in the head. HE has like.. rocks in it." also Jessica is not the best cheerleader. She does leap into motion though running along, leaping to rebound off a street light and go in low to try to knock his legs out from under him. "Use your .. thwipping thwips.. webs.. and web him to the ground or something." okay maybe JEssica is mildly irritated she has no webs, at least today.

* * *

"There's just no helping some people," Spider-Woman mourns as she dances backward from Hammerhead, landing with a foot on the now-ruined rear door of the car. It's bent badly out of true, go figure, but it's still in one piece! That's important for later. She grabs a big handful of the webbing over the window and pulls hard, straining a little, until the oddly plasticine crack of safety glass giving way rewards her: she yanks the window out of the door kind of like a thief in a heist movie removing a circle of window with a suction cup.

That accomplished, Spider-Woman picks up the now windowless door, one hand on either of its lower corners, and heads over to Hammerhead, whom she fervently hopes will be on the ground shortly.

* * *

"Well, it's not like every name is meant to be taken literally! Wolverine isn't-" Miles starts, and then his jaw audible snaps shut under the mask as he regains his footing. "Okay. Point taken."

Hammerhead turns with a vicious backhand that looks fierce enough that, should it hit its mark, might actually snap Miles' spine in half just at the waist. Fortunately, Spider-Miles leaps, arching his back and sliding just over the swinging arm like he was champion of the high jump. The Black Spider lands nimbly on two fingers, holding that one-armed handstand position for a fraction of a second before springing back to his feet.

This all leaves Hammerhead wide open for Jessica's deft maneuver, where she slingshots herself off the streetlight and slide kicks those treetrunk legs out from under him. But he's sturdy. Very, very sturdy, and so while he's knocked off balance, he's still upright.


The soft hum of electrical energy heralds Miles letting teamwork make the dream work. His hands in the classic Web-slinging position, he's lashes two ropes of bioelectric to Hammerhand's hands, and with a twirling flip, circles around to wrap the man up and yank him backwards. Thanks to Jessica's diving attack leaving Hammerhead off balance, Miles is able to pull the meaty Maggia down onto his back on the ground.

"What's the matter Ham-head? You just fall for the first pretty lady to come sweep you off your feet?"

Miles REALLY needs to practice his witty banter. Red-and-Blue makes it seem so easy!

* * *

Honestly that is the problem with fighting people you aren't trying to kill. Hit them too hard and they snap. Hit them not hard enough and they stay standing. Still the twhippy twipps are timely and Jessica can't complain too much about it. "Good idea, hit him with the door. Just not in the head." having bounced back up to her feet from her sweep.

"Sweep off feet…" she mutters as Jess dances out of reach of any flailing meaty fists or legs kicking. The guy looks like he packs a punch and while she can take one, she doesn't want to unnecessarily.

Making sure to not hit Gwen or Miles, Jess cranks up the bioelectric voltage of her venom blast and waits for Gwen to do her thing with the door and then lets Hammerhead have a pretty solid one.

* * *

White Spider sounds affronted at Red Spider's suggestion, or at least what a bad actor thinks affront sounds like. "Hitting doesn't solve anyone's problems!" she chides the other Spider-Woman as she waits for Hammerhead to sit up, eyeing the distance between herself and him carefully, and the moment his torso is at least 45 degrees upright, she brings the car door down hard… onto his head? Heck no! Around his head, trying to drive his body through the hole where the window should be and pin his arms to his sides! It might not workhe's probably super-strongbut everyone appreciates Hammerhead being even temporarily reduced to two functioning limbs.

Well. Everyone but Hammerhead would appreciate it, but Gwen isn't taking a poll here. She doesn't feel bad about ignoring his opinion.

* * *

And with that, Hammerhead is wrapped up rather nicely in the window portal of the car door. The metal is bent and groans as he strains against it, but with Jess's Venom Blast, as well as a sudden surge of Miles' own Venom Blast, channeled through his electric tethers, the mobster is finally done. He slumps back, propped up only by the door wedged against the pavement, and his head droops back.

"Well… That's… that…" Miles says, his voice sounding uncertain and nervous. He looks up at the other two and dissipates his "webbing" while taking a few steps backwards. "I'd uh… Love to stay and like… find out who you both are and all but…"

It's a school night.

"You know… I've got Spider stuff to do. My Spider-Sense is telling me that there's a… Dog! Trapped in a well! Wait. A boy trapped in a well,but the dog is like worried about him! The police should be by for these guys any minute now so… Tomorrow? Or today, technically, I guess, after I get out of sch—I mean work, so like… 5? Here?"

You're putting your foot in your mouth, Miles. Big time. Abort! Abort!

Miles just gives the ladies the finger guns as he continues to back away, and then just leaps three stories high and launches a glowing thread of energy to a nearby wall to swing off and fade invisible.


A few blocks down from the site of the battle, a grim black hearse sits in the street, lights off, engine idling with a menacing rumble. The black tinted window of the passenger side rolls down just a sliver. Enough that the dim orange glow of the street lights illuminates flesh the color of bleached bone and cruel eyes of blood red, with jaundiced sclera.

"Heh. Looks like Joe overplayed his hand. We run this borough now, boys."

The headlights of the car turn on, and quietly, the hearse makes a u turn and heads off in the other direction.

* * *

Okay so the Black and Red one is bailing but wants to meet after School. Yeah Jess is a world class spy and that wasn't hard to catch at all. She rubs the bridge of her nose and then nods. "Sure thing B-Side Spider." she finger guns back at him.

Turning to the white and red spider she gestures at Hammerhead and then to the Spider. "Can you thwip him up a bit. I'd like him more packaged when the cops get here if that isn't too much." Jess's head tilts and she venom blasts a thug that was crawling away tazing him back to the asphalt. "Also if you like cold pizza I have an entire pie and some beer to get back to, once these idiots are in custody."

* * *

White Spider, not to be outdone, swivels sassily on her toes, hips cocked, to fingergun Black Spider back, tip of her left finger pressed to the back of her right hand: a submachinefingergun! It's a dangerous move to try to pull off, but fortunately her spider-powers make it work.

Oh god she's so tired.

"Yeah yeah, sure thing, Red Spider, though it's weird you'd ask me if I like cold pizza, since we've previously established I've been tight with you all my life and thus you would know my tastes," Gwen says cheerfully and drags Hammerhead's currently unconscious body by the collar out onto the street. She scans around for a suitable streetlight, the kind with an arm overhanging the street, and hops nimbly up onto the crossbar. She thwips down at Hammerhead, snagging him by the sternum and rolling him in webs as she drags him across the pavement until she can suspend him ten feet off the ground. It's one of the best ways to neutralize super-strength: give them nothing to push against.

Spider-Woman hops back down. "Seriously, thanks for everything you did here tonight, and sorry I impugned your improv skills. I am clearly not yes-anding myself. Pizza would be nice." The last word is approximately four syllables long as a yawn takes Spider-Woman, and this close, it's hard to avoid that she smells like New York: car exhaust, garbage, and urine.

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