Surprise Omens
Roleplaying Log: Surprise Omens
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Omen catches the Newer Titans off guard in their new HQ

Other Characters Referenced: Cyborg, Red Robin
IC Date: February 03, 2019
IC Location: Titan's Secret Hideout
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Posted On: 06 Feb 2019 10:17
Rating & Warnings: PG
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Charlie teleports into the Titan's hideout and has an air of annoyance around her. "Ugggggn" she drops a chilly pizza from Prince Street Pizza in the city on the common room counter. Then she proceeds to kick a empty soda can that someone missed tossing in the recycling bin sending it rocketing down yonder, skittering on the empty mall floor.

Someone in a Misfit costume is quite frustrated this evening and looks around for someone to vent to. "Bart you around?" pause "I have pizza." not even knowing if he is, but that is usually a good way to lure out a wily speedster after all. "Anyone?"

* * *

Being frustrated at something or someone is a normal response in life, and it comes up more often than it should depending on what's going on. But for an empath, the range of uncapped frustration can reach even the furthest of storefronts that separate the common room from everything else.

It's here Raven sighs to herself, still seated on her bed as she closes her book shut. Just for the moment, anyway.

"Charlotte." Her response time isn't as quick as Impulse's, but she arrives, fully cloaked. Her brow quirks. "You seem…annoyed."

* * *

"You might need more than the one pizza, speedsters are notoriously ravenous," comes Lilith's voice - almost audible before she appears from… where, wherever she was. Not in costume, because to heck with that right now. "I don't sense Bart nearby, but my beam's a bit off in all this cold."

A quick look to Raven and a brief smile, and then to Misfit again. "I hope we're not intruding?"

* * *

Charlie turns hearing Raven's voice and the annoyance crashes into some guilt and regret. She knows that Raven is an empath and now she feels bad. "Oh well uh… sorry Raven." she finally manages sheepishly. "I just… ugn.. there is this new purple cloaked vigilante in Gotham and she is the bitchiest worst… and then I got lectured by Black Canary for being too sensitive. I saved this ladies butt and I get the lecture. Then I bring a medkit and I get shot at and lectured…. .. I mean.. urgn… this lady is stubborn and I say that as someone who knows Batman level of stubborn."

Then there is someone just right there and that is not a voice that Charlie is familiar with. It is pretty comical the leap of surprise from the teleporter and then step onto another empty can of soda, which sends her pinwheeling to the floor with a surprised "aaaaiee" thud. Someone should have this on video, Charlie getting a taste of her own medicine.

* * *

A small, trying smile is offered in Charlie's direction, letting the wave of guilt and regret wash over her like it's nothing. "Hmm." All of those feelings, bubbling. "It's all right. You just need to let it out." After all, being lectured after trying to help doesn't exactly rack up confidence points.

Raven's gaze then falls between the two (Two?!) of them, regarding Lilith for a few seconds longer since she's never seen or met her before. She takes some time to observe the latter, the suddenness of her appearance keeping her aware and cautious. "…No," she replies, sounding casual despite being a little skeptical. "I may not be Red Robin or Cyborg in this situation, but I may as well ask: who are you?"

* * *

"Ah," Lilith tsks, chiding herself. "We haven't been properly introduced. I'm Lilith, though maybe you've seen me about in the black and green robes? I go by 'Omen.'" Though she offers a hand to the tumbled Misfit, she continues to look to both her and Raven.

"I'm friends with Wally, and some of the other original team members. Have they not mentioned me at all?"

* * *

The blip of a registered presence other than the trio already gathered might not be detected until a split second before a blur of white and red bursts into the common area. It however doesn't stop, but circles around a few times with a very near threat of causing a tornado before Impulse drops out of his mad dash. He's wearing a red hoodie over his usual uniform, emblazoned with the Flash symbol on the front. Stopped at a table, he dumps an armload of Mega-Stuf Oreo packages (20 count) across its surface.

Several of the packs have already been opened and are clearly emptied.

"OhmygoshguysthesethingsaresogoodIforgethowmanyIateonthewaybackbutIwassuperhungryandneededapickmeupfromworkcuzmeetingsarebooooringand ohwho'sthat?"

The speedster looks from Misfit to Raven and then to Lilith as though just processing the fact that there's one more person present. He's pretty sure he's never seen her before. But rewinding the conversation he'd caught the tail-end of, he recalls the name. That's…probably it, unfortunately. Impulse is not known for his attention-span.

* * *

Well the new girl isn't throwing fireballs, and is offering a hand up. So why not take a risk. Charlie accepts the hand back up to her feet "Crackers that is unnerving… " pause "Is that why everyone is always yelling at me!?" blink "Why did no one tell me how startling that is." they did Charlie. Literally dozens and dozens of time. Something something attention span to rival Bart's.

Case in point "Ooo cookies" and Charlie is stepping over to open one of the packages "No kidding.. like .. how much stuffing is in these things?!" she pops one in her mouth and turns back to peer at Raven and Omen her anger at Huntress forgotten in the rush of adrenaline and cookies. "Ohh" chew chew "Misfit!" she indicates herself trying to chew and talk and not be gross at the same time.

* * *

"I'm afraid I haven't," Raven says, canting her head as Lilith goes to help Charlie. "Or I haven't been aware of who comes and goes through the team of late." Her eyes remain partially lidded, but it's more of an inquiring look instead of one of complete aloofness. "It's also possible the roster was lost amid recent events…"

And then there's Bart and a bunch of Oreo packs. The breeze lifts the hem of her jagged cloak, letting it flutter as it resettles about her legs.

She doesn't seem fazed at all by the appearance of the speedster with sweets, ignoring the fact that he and now Charlie are absorbed in the obscenely creme-filled cookie.

"…I'm Raven," she adds belatedly. "You could say I am one of the newer recruits to the team."

* * *

"Misfit, Raven, and…" yes, the whoosh, the cookies, the excitement and enthusiasm radiating . "You must be Bart. I'm Lilith," she reiterates for his benefit. "Wally's talked quite a bit about you. It's nice to meet you all."

Lilith contemplates the Oreos, and decides to take one before they all disappear. "You all are probably more aware of what's going on here than I am, things have been… trying lately. Having to hideout in the tired husk of the decay of Capitalist society and all."

* * *

"Therf laif, fwee tahm fa kweem feewing," Impulse answers Misfit all too enthusiastically, apparently not even considering how gross it is to talk when one's mouth is full of two of these near-triple-filled cookies. He manages to finish those off and hold off of stuffing any more into his mouth just yet as he supposes it's easier to be understood without them.

"-who's yelling at you? What're we talking about? —oh hi yeah, that's me, I am Bart- a.k.a. Impulse! atcherservice!"

He doesn't seem surprised at the mention of Wally. That alone clarifies a couple of points- one, Omen's part of the old guard and two, that's why Misfit and Raven weren't familiar with her at all. At least now he has a name to apply to face. Wait, no, reverse that.

"Eh, depends on what you think's important. I'd guess that if you knew why we were here in a mall than the Tower that you're possibly up to speed with the biggest things going on at least."

* * *

Charlie is usually pretty good at translating Bart speech but the fast talking with his mouth full actually has her squinting and pretty sure she missed a good deal of whatever he was …. oooh "Three times the cream filling." it just took her a minute to process all that. She reaches for a second cookie without looking away from everyone, and then time just takes a bite pacing herself to easier talking.

"Eh this mean grumpy purple clad crossbow wielding vigilante in Gotham. Her tights were in a twist that she was all hurt and vulnerable so she took it out on Black Canary and me.. and when I called bullshit on the 'tude ..well Canary told me to toughen up." pause "Adults suck." is said next very matter of fact.

"Soooo old team type member who can teleport .. or turn invisible… where have you been… why are you back.. are you staying…?" Charlie just rattles it off to Omen.

* * *

"I've been busy?" She's hesitating, and stops just shy of biting her lower lip. "My activity with the Titans…" Lilith pauses, clearly thinking about how to say this. Don't scare the new kids, don't scare the new kids, DON'T scare the NEW kids!

"I'm here for the hardest of times. When I'm needed. Wether you or even I know exactly when that is or not." That's a hell of a way to put it. By way of explaining, Lilith shrugs. "Inverted Wheel of Fortune. The Tower. Inverted Judgement. It felt like the right time to come back, try to be of help."

"I intend to stay for as long as long as I'm put up with, or as long as it seems like a good idea - whichever comes first. The Titans have been like a family to me in the past, and it's good to try to keep those avenues open."

* * *

As Misfit retells the tale of her earlier frustrations for Impulse, Raven considers, giving the girl a sidelong glance. "Adults tend to be, depending on the situation." Whenever she was out and about, she's seen (and felt) her fair share of it.

Her attention then falls back to Omen, perhaps sensing the hesitation, perhaps silently still figuring her out behind the mask of neutrality as she chooses her answer.

Tarot cards and a will to fight alongside those she considers closers than friends. Family.

I'm here for the hardest of times. When I'm needed. Whether you or even I know exactly when that is or not.

It's all aptly put. "…With everything that has been going on, we can always use the help," Raven concedes with a nod. "Especially now, concerning the Registration laws and the tensions that have been rising within the city."

* * *

"Ugh, seriously? When did Gotham City become Grumpville? Maybe it's just the atmosphere?" The speedster wrinkles his nose, frowning a bit. "Sorry you had a lousy night, Misfit. -oh hey is that pizza?"

Bart's a tough scare, not that he has any idea what Lilith's activities have been, past nor present. Her hesitation only has him looking more curiously at her, even as he continues to mechanically insert cookies into his mouth- or at least until the distraction of pizza. He pokes open the box for a peek, only glancing back at Lilith once she begins to try and answer Misfit's questions. If he's not told otherwise he's sneaking a slice of pizza, nibbling at the point as he tries to puzzle out whatever Lilith's trying to say. He's…not particularly sure. It doesn't sound like a direct answer to what had been asked, not at first.

He smiles crookedly, nodding along with Raven. "And anyway, I think you got it backwards. Usually the threat is that the team has to put up with me."

* * *

"Yes I brought you pizza to put up with me bitching." that is slung over to Bart and Charlie doesn't admit she took one of the peace offering pizzas she brought Huntress after she was shot at and all for bringing them. "Also while we may be in danger from your choices in pets and servitor bugs you are never a threat Bart." a grin.

"So uh….. that is.. ominous…" the next part is Charlie to Omen. Then Raven supplies some helpful context. "Oh great.. yeah registration is in like three weeks and we are all rogue one on that topic… hence our new mall…. for a minute there I thought it sounded like I was going to end up stuck back in hell or something." chaos magic does just pretty much thrum off Misfit. "On the bright side our anti-registration mall is huge.. and Cyborg has been kitting it out… Bart and I want to get him to buy us all new arcade machines for the creepy closed down arcade."

* * *

"They make a lot of noise about putting up with you, Bart, but I think they just love you so much that they cut it with teasing you less they get too happy. We can be So Serious sometimes." Lilith grins, then offers him the cookie she picked up but still hadn't bothered eating.

"I'd heard about that bit on Registration when I talked to Wally about coming back, ye—" Wait, *stuck back in Hell?* Lilith gives Misfit a long, considering look - definitely tinged with concern. Then Raven, then Misfit again. Both of them. Concern. "If you ever want to talk, I'm hear to listen. I will be up front with you about this, though: I'm already registered. I've worked with the Government for too long for not registering to be a viable option. I don't agree with the law, but I'm complying. I am *not* here to try to convince any of you to make that choice."

* * *

Now it's Raven's turn to hesitate. Except her version of hesitation is more of a brief upward glance at nobody before meeting Lilith's gaze again. "It's…sort of a long story," she begins, a small sigh dotting the end of that thought, "but the short of it is a demon invasion happened. Several months ago."

And she says this so nonchalantly, like it's no big deal.

There's a pause, however, one that lingers seconds after Lilith makes known her status amid the chaos of Registration. Her brow even lifts at that, allowing her partly-hidden face to show some surprise at the news. But the Titan's honesty is clear. She isn't trying to hide anything from them.

"Forgive me for thinking that alone sounds suspicious…but thank you for letting us know. If it ever came to that, forcing us to change what we've already chosen to do wouldn't have flown very well."

* * *

"What's wrong with my choice in pets?"

Bart glances between Misfit and Lilith, pouting just a little. Tiny bit. His expression eases into a lopsided smile as he accepts the cookie offering, just in time as his hand is suddenly pizza-free. Like as that's not to last very long.

Misfit's reminder of her unfortunate imprisonment in demonland pulls a brief look of concern from the speedster as well. He reaches out, absently patting her on the shoulder. That had sure been a thing, but he's been looking on the bright side as Charlie's definitely seemed a lot better since.

"We talked about the law thing. Some of the team had their concerns but…we all decided that it didn't seem right. So we'll be doing what we do, but we know we'll have to be more careful. But on the side we're trying to work with others who wanna get this thing overturned, legally." He shrugs, his hand finding another slice of pizza, but the topic change has definitely distracted him enough from inhaling the rest of the pie in the box at least.

"Good to know though. Like Raven says, thanks for being up front with us, Lilith. You're not the only one we know who's registered, and I know people have their reasons for doing so."

* * *

Right, Charlie is only mildly demonic tainted with just the teensiest elf-like poke to her ears too. Totally doing a lot better. Just don't touch the book in her room right. It might bite.

"As long as you are not rying to take us in, or turn us in, or rat us out… team members are allowed to do what their heart says they must. Family doesn't always have to agree and all that right?" and Charlie takes a third cookie. Damn these are dangerous. "But yeah some of would have trouble registering, some have moral issues with it, and well we won't let it stop us from helping people. So long as that is cool things should be cool."

* * *

Lilith is visibly relieved. "We're cool," she promises. Then she opens her mouth and sort of gasps. Her eyelids flutter briefly, like maybe she's about to have some sort of seizure? But then it's over, and she never shook or fell, though her hand is up at her temple, her eyes glowing like green stars.

"If you'll excuse me," is all the explanation she gives. Then she's gone, the air quavering slightly in her wake like the heat off a summer street.

« It really *was* nice to meet you all, » comes her voice telepathically after she's gone, by way of apology?

* * *

Differences aside, they're all on the same page. In fact, Raven feels a little proud of Bart and Charlie for voicing their thoughts on the matter. It's such a strange feeling.

She doesn't get to prod at it, though. Not when Lilith suddenly freezes up like that. Her own senses spike, prickling sharply before quickly dissipating in time with the woman's experience. Her brow furrows as she tries to approach her, holding up a hand as if to check on her. "Lilith…?"

And just like that, she disappears.

Grasping air, Raven takes a step back, not at all frightened by the disembodied voice carrying over the empty mall space. "…Nice meeting you, too," is her questioning response, glancing about prior to checking on Bart and Charlie.

* * *

There's no guarantee that Bart would not try touching said book. The chances of him doing so would probably triple just by giving such a warning.

He's nodding along as Misfit says what she will, casting a knowing grin at her as she helps herself to another cookie. So. Good. And terribly unhealthy to be sure, but he hasn't taken that into consideration given how fast he burns through all the calories.

His smile is short-lived when Lilith apparently reacts to something, but that something remains an unknown factor. "Uh…" he starts, glancing between the other girls before looking back just as the more senior Titans member vanishes. While Raven steps back, Bart's stepping forward, sweeping a hand back and forth through the air where Lilith had been. He jumps at the sudden voice, relaxing when he realizes it's not in response to his hand motioning.

Sharing a look with Raven and Misfit the speedster shrugs and steps back over for another slice of pizza. "Well that was kinda cryptic."

* * *

Misfit starts again at the teleportation routine. "Okay. Dangit." she looks to her friends "Is it that startling and annoying when I do it?" she seems worried all of a sudden. This whole taste of her own medicine is not sitting well with Charlie.

"Also she is both super cryptic and somewhat ominious." pauses and steps away from the cookies before she takes another one. Her own teleport, reset, healing business gives her a high metabolism but not a speedster metabolism.

Also Bart is why she doesn't put up a don't touch the demonic tome sign, or issue warnings. Most of the Titan's just know better and well Bart is Bart.

* * *

From the look Raven gives the other two, the cryptic factor is agreed upon. She then takes the time to observe Misfit's teleportation antics, calmly regarding how sporadic it is and how the poor girl is simultaneously feeling about it.

"A little startling for those who aren't used to teleportation being used," she says, trying not to be so blunt with the truth. "You just need to practice, Charlotte. The more you can control where you're going, the better and more fine-tuned you will be with your magic."

Words of advice the Daughter of Darkness can give, but that can't help metabolism. That's something she'll have to work with on her own.

Speaking of which: she really hasn't been interested in eating anything. Just watching Bart and Charlie stuff their faces with Oreos is enough to keep her from joining in. "…So. Is there anything else you two need before I head back to my room?"

* * *

Mouth full of pizza with the rest of a slice still semi-hanging between it and his hand, Bart blinks at Misfit as he tries to puzzle out what she's asking about. "Nnno?" he says once he works it out, if only because Raven helps cement it. He manages not to grab another slice of the dwindling pizza as he gestures to Misfit and Raven to see if either of them want any. It's way too easy for it to disappear otherwise.

"Mmm, nope? I think I'm good here, anyway." He picks up one of the Oreo packages that still seems miraculously full, shoving it into Raven's hands. TAKE IT WHILE HE'S IN A SHARING MOOD. TAKE IT.

* * *

"I .. um" Charlie frowns "I more meant am I annoying when I teleport and appear and vanish and stuff… my aim is remarkably good actualy. Mostly because I don't aim… I mean.. it just works. I want to be somewhere and there I am." bright smile and the least helpful explanation of the fact her magic just convinces reality she was always there all along.

"Sorry for disturbing you earlier Raven.. thanks for coming to see why I was upset though. You are the best." and Charlie smiles, totally meaning the thanks and compliment. She likes Raven.

* * *

That makes more sense. Not aiming. "Ah. I see."

As she smiles back at Misfit, Raven finds herself with a package of Oreo cookies. She's momentarily thrown off by it, quirking a brow at Impulse. "Um. Thanks." And after another pause, she nods, glancing back at Misfit. "You're welcome. It's the least I can do."

With that, she hovers, drifting off to leave with her new stash of cookies she'll probably put on the bookshelf by her bed. Snackies for just-in-case drive-by visitors.

* * *

"I think it's cool. If I didn't already get everywhere by foot in an eyeblink, I'd wish I could teleport too!" Bart grins. He'd be a menace. But that would mean taking Spider-Man's job.

"Laters Raven," he says, waving after her as the quietest member of the Titans' token goth-girl trio takes her leave. It occurs to him that he should probably clean up a little after himself, so he starts picking up empty cookie packages to toss. While he does so, he looks over at Misfit again. "You feeling a little better now, at least?"

* * *

Charlie watches Bart cleaning, god knows he is faster than she would be doing it. She also grabs a last slice of pizza while he is ditracted with empty bags of cookies.

"I am, couldn't ask for better friends and support Bart." a smile from Misfit.

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