Time Crisis II
Roleplaying Log: Time Crisis II
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Dani reaches out to Owen to ask a favor. Bets are placed too.

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It's funny how much Dani has been texting lately, but here she is again staring at her screen for a few minutes before she stabs at the touchscreen of her phone.

*** Hey, let's grab a drink this evening at (insert address here). My treat.

She always tries to make all her texts seem so innocuous, so innocent. Her level of paranoia lately is over the top; what between Doug, Hydra, SHIELD Moles and now Sloane being hurt too, one just can't be too careful. And once that text is sent the Agent of SHIELD slips her phone back into her pocket.


The place Danielle Moonstar picked wasn't a bar, or restaurant, or anything like that. Instead she picked an arcade, or at least what passes for an arcade in this day and age. It holds a variety of games, from old-timey joystick arcade, to claw machines, to skee ball and even *gasp* REALLY old-fashioned pinball. The atmosphere within the place is all flash, noise and loud music. It's a cacophony of sound battling against one another and often times not pleasantly, but no one here seems to mind. They just continue to play their games and try their best to get those damned stuffed animals from those damned claw machines THAT HAVE NO GRIP.

As the hour approaches for the meet another text jingles to life on Owen's phone.

*** By the Q*Bert machine.

And truth be told, that's where she is. In fact she's playing the Q-Bert as she waits for Owen Mercer to appear. And while she guides the little orange dude expertly from square to square, that doesn't stop Dani from occasionally casting an eye around the place.

The immediate reply from Owen comes not in the form of words, but a picture. A selfie with Owen giving her a thumbs up. Did he take the photo just to send to Dani? Does he have that saved on his phone for just such an occasion? Wouldn't it be easier to just reply 'Sure'?


Owen stands out in the cold drizzle outside looking at his phone and then back up at the 'Arcade'. He tilts his head sideways as if waiting to see if the numbers or address on the phone will rearrange themselves into another address, one that is more likely to have beer. When it does not in fact do that, Owen psyches himself up by assuring himself that it could be one of those trendy bar-cade places that serve booze and poorly functioning arcade machines. The little jingle from his phone causes him to smirk as he makes his way inside.

Finding her proves to be not too difficult, and he resists the urge to blur up behind her and surprise her. Instead he leisurely leans against the machine and says without any ramp up, "Why does this remind me of bumming marlboro reds and stealing electrical blanks?"

Once inside Owen will find that this is something of a bar-cade. Or, at the very least, this particular chain of arcades understands that the parents who bring their children here need more than just carbonated sugar to drink.

They need beer and mixed drinks. Though the mixed drink prices are *heavily* inflated. Heavily. Martini for ten dollars anyone?

Either way, when he casually leans against the side of the Q*Bert machines, Moonstar's gaze cuts sideways to the man. It's not a look of surprise, because she expected him, but something more along the lines of amped up alertness. Something that keeps her on her toes right now.

The mention of marlboro reds causes her a corner of her mouth to slant heavily upward with amusement. "Been ages since I've thought of those." Not that she smokes, or ever smoked, but she was a teenager BELIEVE it or NOT.

Purposely she pushes the joystick to make Q*Bert jump off the side of the multi-colored pyramid, which immediately causes GAME OVER to flash upon her screen.

She straightens and tosses Owen a few 'tokens' that the arcade uses as currency for the games. Her head tilts to a two player shoot 'em up game, the blue and red guns holstered and waiting for the next players to slide them free. "Let's see who shoots the most bad guys." Silently implied there it's going to be her.

It's not like Owen doesn't have a flask in his pocket, but Dani invited him out for a drink so he was at least expecting a beer or two. He in fact already has a bottle in his hand as he leans against the cabinet of Q*Bert. Apparently the price wasn't enough to dissuade him from grabbing one.

Owen notices the amped up look from Dani and his face screws up in a question. It doesn't last long when she 'reminisces' about Marlboro reds. His face changes to a singular look of 'You have never smoked a cigarette in your life' disbelief that doesn't need words to convey this.

He catches the tokens easily and even lets one slide over his knuckles in a fair bit of sleight of hand. And when she sidles up in front of a game, but not just any game, Time Crisis 2 of all the games in this place, he breaks out into a wide grin.

"You are going to regret that bet…"

Of course there was no bet. Right?

LISTEN. She hung around with people who smoked, okay?

SHE did. Really. Enough said.

His mention of a bet breaks her somewhat stoic look to allow a flash of a grin from the Cheyenne woman. "Am I?" She challenges back, clearly agreeing that there is a bet in play, "I don't think you realize just how skilled I am at this game." Though perhaps the same could be said for Owen; clearly he knows the game.

"I'd normally go with two out of three, but let's just go with one out of one. Winner takes all." So clearly a high stakes game here between the two.

Automatically Moonstar reaches for the red gun, her lucky gun, and then she waits for Owen to slide in as blue gun player.

"Prepare to be slaughtered." She says, even though this particular game is a cooperative play-style game.

Once all is good, Moonstar drops the tokens in and the opening animation begins -

It's the loosest of stories, but it's a story none-the-less and once the animation is over it drops the two straight into the battle, a room full of masked terrorists.

The fact that Owen picks up the gun and is able to spin it around his finger, despite the fact that it's attached with a coil to the machine should give Dani some pause. He has logged hours here, paid for in electrical blanks instead of quarters of course, or stolen money.

"I don't think you have a chance Moonstar." He glances over at her though, eyeing her stance and the fact that she picked the game does give him a little pause. His stance is full on military, whether he's aware of that or not. It's certainly not the casual slouch of a pre-teen kid he once used.

"So besides calling me-" Here he steps off the peddle to dodge and reload. "- to get yer ass kicked. We gonna talk about what's up?"

And yes he absolutely is doing far too more body movement than is needed for the actual game. He's not exactly squatting behind the podium to 'reload' but moving his shoulders and squatting out of habit.

It's the stance that really gives her pause. Enough that she's giving him some serious side eye for a few seconds, but then the game starts!

And Moonstar focuses upon it. She will not lose. Or rather, she will not back down from this challenge. She just can't ever back down from challenges it seems like.

A character flaw, but there are worse things.

Her own stance is very similar and she calmly 'fires' bullets as targets present themselves. It's such a polar opposite of the times she played as a kid. There were no controlled bursts when she'd obtain the machine gun. Nope. She'd just SPRAY the bullets everywhere.

At the mention of getting her ass kicked, she predictably responds back with, "You mean to get your ass kicked." And then her voice drops to something of a murmur, to allow for the music and sounds to mask it from the general population.

"I'm getting a team together. Something like a strike team." She finally states, her eyes never leaving the pixelated animation. "There's a group out there building a bomb, a big one. We need to stop it."

Which is true, but it's not the full truth, thankfully, for whatever reason she reveals the full reason. "And they stole a friend of mine. Made him think he was one of them. Made him hurt people when he'd never do that in real life." Her expression is grim with her words, "He may not want revenge, but I do. They'll pay."

Owen's no spy and so he's not thinking much about the fact that he's being a bit overly competitive here. Nope, he's in this to win this. At one point his foot even blurs to step off the peddle, which he causes him to laugh out loud. "Okay, I didn't have that trick back then… turns out the machine can't register fast enough. I totally dodged that." No, he did not. But besides that he is keeping up quite well in the game.

Owen doesn't even blink or lose focus when she mentions getting a team together. The mention of a group, causes his eyes to narrow but he keeps on happily splattering the bad guys into pixels with his light gun as they talk.

"This group have a name?"

Because there are a couple that Owen might not want to go up against, even if Dani's asking. Sure they probably qualify as 'friends' now, but she's not Luke or Jess. It's still more complicated than that.

As she uses the fake bullets she points the gun away to reload and then returns it back to the screen.

"Pretty sure that's *cheating* Mercer." Dani adds, when she realizes he's totally using his speed powers to help him along.

She supposes she should have called no power tricks for this bet, but sadly she didn't. One supposes anything goes at this point.

The kills continue to rack up between the two of them, though it won't be until the end of the game that they receive their totals.

His question of names brings an instant response from Dani, her voice rock solid as she says, "Hydra."

And while she understands she's asking a lot, she still asks. "I don't want to make this a sanctioned plot with the ball and chain -" Meaning SHIELD, "There's too much at stake and with all the other complications it'd be a bad idea to bring them in officially."

"So this is all off the books."

And she understands that while they're friends, it's still note quite a normal sort of friendship, but still she asks.

Making sure to get multiple head shots in on each perp that pops up, a high scoring trick that remembered somewhere in the middle of stage II Owen gives no apologies for the powers. "Yea yea, I'm a cheater. Believe me if I thought the game could keep up I'd be blowing away everything on the screen before you could blink."


"Okay. I'm in." It's a relatively safe target that shouldn't draw any extra ire from Waller and he has no past connections there to worry about. "You got a team or you lookin' for more firepower."

Owen keeps firing away, but half-turns his head to ask, "Unless we talkin' about kid gloves here? Or safety's off, fuckin' people up off the books? Cause I kind of assumed the latter, but figured I'd check before I recommend bringing in my favorite ammosexual life partner." No, Frank would not like to be referred to as such, and in truth the two aren't /that/ close, but it's Owen so he never lets the truth get in the way of a good nickname.

"I've a few others in mind." She says and while she realizes she's likely going to LOSE this particular bet, she's okay with it. Well, up until she figures out what they bet on in the first place.

"But I'm open for more. I want to make sure we have enough people to handle whatever situations are thrown are way."

And she'd also like them all to come out alive as well.

When he half-turns his head, Dani likewise does the same thing. It probably gets her animated 64-bit char shot up, but she chooses to ignore it for the moment. "No kid gloves." The Cheyenne woman says resolutely. "They get to deal with all the fallout, all the consequences for what they did."

The nickname brings a high eyebrow arc from the woman, something filled with humor and surprise, and for a moment she just stares at Owen, before she finally says. "Do you stay up all night thinking of these nicknames? Or is it like a light bulb suddenly going off and *bam* a person has their nickname."


Punctuating his thoughts on the actual violence to come with some virtual violence right now, Owen is apparently all for the more murder-y route, particularly when it comes to a small squad tactical strike against a global terrorist network.

"Ooh. I should bring Harley. We haven't had a date in a while… and well, you can't let the spark just go out of a relationship, or something." He laughs, despite the fact that he just got 'shot' again in the game. The thought of Harley and Owen's brand of chaos being unleashed while Dani tries to wrangle an objective is just too funny.

"Well I can't damn well call him The Punisher." Yes, Owen is straight up saying that's who he was referring to earlier. He doesn't know if she's aware of who 'Pete the cook' at Luke's bar is, but he's not going to make that connection quite yet. "And yea, maybe it's a male compensation thing for being Captain Boomerang."

But unlike Tony or even Frank, Owen tends to not stick with 'a nickname' it's more about random quippy titles he can throw about to either amuse or annoy people as necessary.

And here Dani thought the nickname was bad enough, but at the mention of date and sparks, and relationships -

That's enough to cause her to eye the speedster again.

"I'm not going to touch that with a ten foot pole." She finally says, though again, there's an edge of humor there. To each their own, after all.

The mention of The Punisher and then Captain Boomerang once again pulls Dani's attention away from the screen. "Definitely compensation." She agrees, then it's back to the screen and oh look Dani got the grenade launcher. Yessss.

Now explosions and fire rock the screen as she tosses the small flying bombs just about everywhere and as strategically as she can in a game like this.

And while she could leave it at that, she can't quite do that. The Cheyenne woman allows after a moment of silence. "Thanks, Owen. I appreciate you helping with this."

The fact that it obviously makes Dani a little weirded out only makes Owen laugh harder. Though likely he won't invite Harley… maybe. He's seen her take out a ridiculous amount of armed, trained soldiers on her own. It's definitely not a question of ability. He snaps out of his revelry when he gets a rocket launcher.

"Burn in hell mother fuckerrrr-" Here Owen can feel people's eyes swiveling to him, doesn't care. "-s."

The small thank you is noted, and Owen not wanting to let any warm feelings linger clarifies, "You win, you buy me the original drink you promised. I win?" Here he pauses for dramatic effect.

"We're going /drinking/"

It's clear from the emphasis that he does not mean out for a beer. He means full on hours long binge, the likes of which Dani has likely never even considered let alone experienced.

"There are children nearby." Dani states dryly, not that it stops Owen. She has to wonder what would stop Owen?

Something to ponder at another time. NOW SHE MUST FOCUS.

The explosions continue to fly, as does the fake bullets, and as they save the world from the would-be nuclear satellite from going into space, Moonstar replies to Owen's reminder of just what the bet is. After that very dramatic pause of his.

"I'm not afraid of going /drinking/." She boasts, because you just have to at this point. You can't just concede that you could possibly be a light-weight in the drinking department.

Which in the regular world she's not a light-weight, but in Owen's world she definitely is.

So. Is. It's going to be bad.

So Bad. The credits begin to scroll on by and as the credits end the screens finally flash the coveted body count for each player.

Blue: 201.

Red: 200.

She lost by one dead 64-bit terrorist. There's only one thing she can say to that. Only. One. Thing.


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