Biker Metas from Hoboken
Roleplaying Log: Biker Metas from Hoboken
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Charlie goes to Jael's concert. A metahuman biker gang from Hoboken tries to rob the place. Mistakes are made. Mostly by the bikers.

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IC Date: February 08, 2019
IC Location: The Black Snout Tavern in Brooklyn
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Posted On: 09 Feb 2019 08:46
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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* * *

The Black Snout Tavern is not the most high class of establishements. But the food is good, the beer is good, and it has a good venue for bands every Friday and Saturday night, as well as a tendency to invite heavy metal bands (as the black snout refers to the very metal looking dragon mascot the bar has). It's not huge, but you could fit a hundred people or so in for a good show. Enough that it can draw a up and coming band like GBE. While not incredibly well known, they're good enough, and currently thrashing on stage. Sort of a mix of original songs and tributes…in this case, the latter.

All that I had taken away
My home is gone, and my love ones slain
For every sleep claims a piece of me
Every waking moment, every single dreeeeeam!

In the center of the stage is a tall blonde in black leather, her hair spiked, like her bracelets as she rocks out on her guitar, her alto voice carrying the heart of the song with a angry tone, singing of revenge and justice.

* * *

Charlotte has eclectic tastes in music. All over the map really. Punky. Poppy. Metally. Especially since she got back from hell, metal and dragon mascots are more appearing to Charlie.

She does not have a wrist band saying she is under 21, though clearly she is. She also never paid the cover. She someone snuck in (cough teleporter) and thankfully Charlie is not drinking redbull and vodka, just redbull.

Right now Charlie is sitting on a riser off to the side, good view, away from the mosh pit. Enjoying the songs.

Meanwhile a few unsavory sorts in leather, ot unusual in a metal show, are moving to the bar as well near the front and the cashbox. They don't seem to care about the music. They seem to be in the same biker gang even.

* * *

Most people are unaware, focused on the stage, and the band is definitely in the groove, with Jael's voice soaring over the crowd, stilling her guitar save for the bass, drums, and keyboard behind her.

As the masses came
Like a shadow through this land
They laid siege to all we ever had
I stood strong, I was honor bound
I stand defiant, I stand ever proud
I am the chosen, I am the guardian, the guardian!

Cue metal solo at that point, with both Jael and the bass player head banging along, before going back to back. The blonde woman, as it happens, is in a position to face the bar, her eyes closed as she focuses on the music, then opening as the odd motion in the crowd draws her attention, dark eyes focusing on the men pushing towards the bar.

* * *

Charlie doesn't notice right away either, this is a night off not a patrol of Gotham after all. That said the confluence of bikers in a metal concert all moving to position themselves is a bit suspicious so Charlie does kind of drift her attention there. "hmm"

There seems to be at least four in the venue and bar area and one by the cashbox inside. Who knows how many outside wearing those jackets.

The guy by the bar who leaps up onto it though does not pull oout a gun. He lifts his fist into the air and it lights on fire with a WOOM noise that cuts over the base "Okay everyone fucking shut up and get on the ground. This is a robbery." the jackets have a distinctive flaming skull symbol on it. Meta biker gang. Great.

* * *

That at least, gets attention (though a few more inebriated patrons just assumes it's part of the act for a moment). As for the band, it's the keyboardist who notices first, a girl with long, straight dark hair who's definitely embraced the goth metal aspect, who lets out a squeak, freezing with wide eyes. The drummer glances up as she hears the keyboard hit a sour note, a girl with more spikey red hair and a love of piercings, her drumsticks halting as Jael's eyes narrow at the person, a last squeal of electric guitar echoing through the room as she stops, the bass player behind her looking over his shoulder, then slowly lowering his instrument, glaring a bit at the guyw ith the flaming fist.

There's a few shrieks from the audience and a general movement back away from the bar where the gang members are, as Jael reaches down idly to unplug her guitar from the amp, then lets it slide down so she's holding it by the neck, the body hanging down but not quite touching the ground. Mostly because in those boots she's more than tall enough that it's not in danger of doing so.

* * *

That guy isn't the only one. One of the bikers is holding a chain, looks normal, then crackles with electricity. The one by the cash box goes a bit lupine, claws and all but more werebiker of london. The two last two in the venue itself grab the security folks they had gotten near and hurk them up bouncing them off the ceiling. Ouch.

"I said get on the ground!" and the maybe front man, leader, flicks a wave of fire from his hand over the heads of the audience. His free hand drops a duffle by the bar. "Fill it" he yells at the bartenders. another duffle is tossed to the coat check and ticket people with a snarl.

Charlie lets her head loll back and just siiiiiighs "My night off .. this calls for some serious dark vengeance." she is still figuring out a plan though, there are like five of these metas.

* * *

Jael is one of the few people who doesn't flinch at the wave of flame, though she does crouche with the bass player and other band members to duck under it as there are more screams and people hit the deck. Her eyes near leave the group of robbers, her fingers tightening around the neck of the guitar as she shifts forward a bit, putting her weight on the toes of her boots as she leans forward. Her eyes flicking over to the security types as they're bounced, then then narrowing her eyes more, glancing between the attackers as if judging distances, as her free hand reaches down to steathily pull at the pin fastening one of the stage lights down to the edge of teh stage, fingertips wrapping around the cord…

* * *

Things get weird. Charlie dives off the riser towards the floor, the thugs just assume she is getting down on the floor like the whole crowd. Thing is, she vanishes with a slash of crimson smoke before hitting the floor.

A split second later she appears, with the leaps momentum still intact, but in a slash of smoke on the bar, sliding to kick the Flaming Fist biker's legs and grabbing a bottle of vodka from the well before vanishing a heartbeat later. There was a distinct HSSS from the girl. The Flaming Fist goes down on the bar but is not even remotely out "What the hell!"

Before he even finishes cursing the teenager appears between the cashbox dude and the Lupine and smacks him on the snout with the vodka bottle breaking it jagged "Bad dog!" to the coat check and ticket girls she notes "Run!" even as she gets clawed in the arm blood flying!

Electrochain and Thug 1 and Thug 2 look very confused back and forth.

* * *

Just before Charlie acts…Jael's eyes shift. Focusing directly on her, as if she knows something's about to happen…and when she moves, Jael is right behind her, a sharp *snap* coming from the light fixture as she jerks it free, whirling it like a morning star over her head before heaving it at the two confused looking thugs…then following it by kicking off, 'axe' raised in a leaping charge that likely makes some distant barbarian ancestor shed a single manly tear, before she tries to bring the guitar down on electronchain's head, crashing into him as she uses him to break her fall pretty much.

* * *

They were definitely expecting a very cowed audience and compliant staff. They went after the bar not just the door because the bar is where all the money is. This should have been a milk run. (nothing is ever a milk run)

Thug 1 and Thug 2 get a light box smacked into them knocking them into each other. The one who took the hit goes down (but not out yet) and the other one is off balance "Frank!" moving to help the other up.

Electrochain gets smashed in the head and down on the ground hard under Jael. Wheeeeeze. He twitches and drops the chain, no more current in it. Then focuses his eyes a bit. "Get off me" it is said wheezy like he may have cracked a rib. Still he startles to crackle in a full body tazer trick.

Flaming fist pushes himself up to his feet and looks for a target. Fire dancing on his fist. Thing is his guys are in the way. So he has to do the slow thing and hop off the bar and charge to help the Lupine.

Speaking of loup de harley. The girl yells in pain after being clawed in the arm and vanishes in crimson smoke. Appearing low behind him and jabbing the broken vodka bottle right into his achilles tendon. Her arm, not bleeding anymore. Still covered in blood but what claw marks. "Vengeance!"

* * *

Jael rolls back up to her feet, shoving away at the first crackle to break contact….though some electricity sparks along her boot, it doesn't seem to bother her, or at least she doesn't show signs of pain.

Instead, the dented guitar spins in her hand into an upwards stance eith all the casual flair of a samurai flicking blood off his blade. "K." the blonde says as she takes up a double handed grip, then brings the guitar down like she's driving for the fairway. There may be a loud *kabong* involved as the guitar gives up the ghost with a sharp crack from the impact.

The muscular bass player takes this as a cute to do a stage dive after a running build up that sends him flying towards the other gang member trying to get Frank on his feet, looking to tackle him to the ground. "RAAAAAAAWWWR!"

* * *

BikerPup yowls in pain and tries to spin around to claw Charlie. Hard to do when you have no achilles tendon. I mean it does kind of look like the BP might be healing. But not fast enough for that. Crashing down to the floor in his own blood. "Bad… yowch" Charlie gets clawed in the stomach. She returns the favor by jamming the jagged vodka bottle into the BikerPup's stomach "Stay down" and teleporting away once more with a slash of smoke as she holds her own gut wound.

The Flaming Fist sees his Wolf Biker down, the target of his anger gone. He spins looking for the girl. Who is way back over on top of the bar, stomach bloody but the claw wounds healed. Flaming Fist launches a jet of flame over everyones heads right at Charlie who ERKS… and vanishes again in red smoke.

The bassist bounces. Hard. It is like leaping onto a brick wall. The Thug finishes helping Thug 1 up and looks around confused as to what 'hit' him. Then they both look to Jael.

Electrochain is down for the count. That last kabong knocked his electrical butt out.

* * *

Jael mmms, straightening up from her swing she rests the broken neck of her guitar on her shoulder, eyeing the par as the bassist groans on the ground. "….ow, my face…" That, at least, seems to remind the tall blonde of something, as her confident air shifts into a much more wary one as she backs away from the pair a bit, dropping the guitar.

Not wanting to look TOO eager to face a pair of metahumans right? Perfectly normal human woman. That's her. Yup.

Also, there's a sudden wave fo flames and she drops under that to avoid them, because getting set on fire isn't particularly fun. She rolls back up to her feet, then sighs a bit, frowning at the pair. "So…come here often?" she ventures after a moment.

Okay, her quips are not up to snuff. She's on the spot here! But she does stay on her toes in a more defensive stance, letting them come to her. Her eyes flick over to the odd girl appearing and disappearing who seem sto have the other two off balance for the moment.

* * *

Flaming Fist stalks towards the bar looking around wildly.

About ten seconds pass, which means she clearly didn't teleport to attack anyone. Then Charlie appears landing knees first on the WereBiker Causing the wounded Biker to howl! Charlie has a big odd looking piece of heavy equipment in her hand, which she aims down onto his right arm and there is a THUNK noise as a modified bat-a-rang basically staples his arm to the floor. "I said Stay down" there is another THUNK as she does the right arm and then vanishes.

Meanwhile the two Thugs eye Jael. One looks over startled at the howl and steps that way, Flaming fist is also spinning that way.

Then Thug 2 charges arms out to try to tackle Jael "Come here Girly!"

* * *

Jael's stands shifts fluidly as she's charged, a foot slipping back as the gang member charges at her…then smoothly she ducks. An arm snags one of his outstretched hands, twisting as she shift with her shoulder into an akido-style throw…save it has both the man's momentum and a bit of English to it as he actually leaves the ground and goes flying face first towards the base of the stage. "No gropes on the first date. I am a lady, ja?" There's a definite Germanic accent to her English as she grabs for a bar stool, then, rearmed, attempts to introduce it to the thrown thug's head, trying to get to him before he can get back to his feet. There's a bit more strength than might be apparent behind the swing…but she figures it's not like people can easily tell.

Unless the chair shatters, which depends how sturdy it was to begin with…

She does notice the third thug joining the other fight and shouts. "Poofy girl, incoming!"

* * *

Thug #2 hits the wood of the stage and punches a hole in the wood with his head, shattering the boards there. The chair hits him next and doesn't shatter though the metal wraps around him somewhat. Not wood but is cheap metal, also Thug 2 is very durable. Flexing and trying to pull his head out already.

Charlie looks over her shoulder and spots Flame Fist and Thug 1 coming at her. Crap. She leaps off the snarling stuck BikerPup and vanishes again into thin air.

There is a slash of smoke by you and she is stapling the metahuman Thug #2 to the stage while he tries to get his head out.

Thug #1 turns and charges both Jael and Charlie now while Flame Fist lights up his other fist and charges to, his foot leaving burned footprints. Crap is it full on human torch potential?

* * *

Jael blinks a bit as Charlie appears and staples down her opponent, then the movement of the remaining two thugs draws her attention. "No charging the stage…" she grits out, then grabs one of the nearby small tables that's been abandoned and starts pelting thug 1 and Flamebeard with beer bottles. Sure, if he's tough they won't hurt him…but flying glass tends to make most people flinch at least! She follows that up by leaping over the bar and shifting to the side, separating herself from Charlie to try and draw off the chargers to follow her.

She realizes in retrospect that she probably should have chosen somewhere with a bit more room to dodge behind….

* * *

Thug #1 doesn't slow with the flying glass, he is intent on closing the distance to help Thug #2 "RAWWWR" as he charges at Charlie.

Flame Fist though, he gets a shot glass right in his damn eye and takes that very personally. He isn't super durable and that really hurts. When you run to the bar and leap over it he turns and launches several fireballs right at the bar now ThWOM.. THWOM.. THWOM lighting it up. Crap.

Charlie turns to the RAWR and rolls her eyes. This guy isn't Bane after all. "Use your words!" she yells at Thug #1 and vanishes timing it, just right, to appear and staple his foot down. Way more effective than tripping him as he pinwheels and there is a sick crunch nose of broken bones as he moves, his foot doesn't and he faceplants.

* * *

There are impressive blue explosions as several of the bottles behind the bar explode, not to mention catch fire! Not to mention some of this splatters on Jael, who lets out some impressively harsh sounding German cursing as she yanks off the short jacket she's wearing, leaving her just in a VERY snug fitting leather vest. Which is on fire. Normally this would be super metal if it was a special effect!

instead, she vaults over the bar, flipping the jacket forward to try and wrap it around fireguy's head, jerking it down, then hauling back into a hard right cross.

Now, Jael is a pretty athletic looking and somehwat tall woman. So a punch definitley might hurt more.

The fact that she risks shifting her fist under her glove to a metallic substance mid-swing is more responsible for why it hits like she just swung an aluminum bat at the guy, of course.

* * *

Because she doesn't really see the need to play fair with a guy who throws fireballs.

* * *

That proves to be super effective. Fire Fist aim was off due to his swolen eye from the shotglass injury. There is one more flailing fireball thrown lighting a random table on fire as Jael blinds him, and then slams her .. metal.. fist super hard into his head. Fire Fist drops like a puppet with his strings cut. The fire on his fists going out.

Charlie meanwhile hops over and staples Thug #1's arms to the floor. That has to fucking hurt. Still it isn't piercing the flesh it is more like instant shackles to the various surfaces. It was the first thing she saw when she popped into Bat Armory #2 in a hurry, she only had a few seconds.

"There… now stay down you jerkfaces… everyone else get up and run outside… this place is on fire!" ugn.. it is on fire. Charlie will vanish and pop over to a fire extinguisher and grab it then pop over to the bar and start spraying. "Stupid… jerks…. ruining.. concert…"

* * *

The patrons don't need to be told twice, starting to flood out of the room, with the dazed security types trying to direct people out. The remaining band girls on stage are helping up the still slightly stunned bass player. "Jael, c'mon!" the drummer yells as Jael swats out the fire on her jacket, then looks at the now hole-y top with annoyance. "Ja, ja, I'm coming in a moment, get out." she snaps irritably, turning towards them.

Speaking of which, it appears that the back of her top is currently on fire. She doesn't seem to be aware of this as of yet. Her hair at least hasn't caught.

* * *

Charlie has excellent bat trained situational awareness. Fuck the band lady who proved to be a badass is on fire. She vanishes from the bartop with a slash of crimson smoke, and appears behind you spraying your back with fire foam "On fire!" she notes.

* * *

Jael acks. "SCHEISS! WHAT?" More startled than anything else by sudden poofing and being sprayed with fairly cold foam. For must a moment her back almost looks…metallic?…before she catches herself, skipping away and turning around to avoid the spray, scowling a bit as she swats at her back awkwardly. But at least the fire's out!

"…danke." she grumbles after a moment. Her top is definitely a bit more holey thank before, dipping more into punk than heavy metal territory, but still looks…well, now, it looks like she was set on fire, so not GOOD, but could be worse.

The tall blonde huffs, hands on her hips as she looks at the various downed types. "…handy trick." she says after a moment, turning her gaze back on Charlie. "You are a fan?" She pauses, then holds out a hand. "Jael Von Arx. Is me."

* * *

Charlie fire extinguishes the random table with a shot of foam then drops the extinguisher to her left hand leaving it dangling as she extends her right hand and shakes yours. "Thanks. Tends to be a life saver." pause "Nice trick too." not elaborating but yeah she is sharp enough. Then she grins, beaming. "Misfit." code name, not real name, despite not being in costume. What is someone going to say, this redhead random teleporting girl is called Misfit. Yeah the authorities in NYC and Gotham are very aware thanks. "Also yeah I like metal.. and.. well..everything else but I thought it would be fun to see you live. Sorry they fucked up your show." there are sirens in the distance, also several groaning stapled meta-human bikers. Those staples look sort of bat themed.

* * *

There's a faint twitch of Jael's expression at the acknowledgement that the brief shift was spotted, her lip lips twisting in annoyance at herself. At least none of her bandmates were here. "Your trick is better." she admits after a moment, then mmms, shrugging. "Give me your number. I will get you tickets for next show, and have them waiting for you." She sighs, glancing over at her ruined guitar. "…need to get a new axe anyway. No show tomorrow otherwise."

* * *

"Sure." Charlie digs in a pocket and pulls out a card, that doesn't hold fingerprints at all well, and offers it. The number is a burner, there is a small stylized letter that looks like an M made love to a Bat symbol. Though Charlie notes "I didn't pay to get in here either, not 21. Still in case you need something good to have a number."

* * *

Jael smirks as she reaches out to pluck the card away. ""Nobody is perfect, ja? I will pick a venue where it does not matter next time then." she says with a casual shrug, then tucks the card iunto her cleavage. Not like she has pockets in that outfit. "You should go. Police will be here to ask questions. Not a good time for chats." Her lips twitch faintly. "Was good fight."

* * *

"Asshole BikerPup ruined my T-Shirt." she is actually wearing a band shirt "Get me a new one instead of tickets." she says with a laugh, shirt bloody but no damage on her stomach. Stepping back Charlie salutes and vanishes in a slash of purple smoke.

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