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Jessica Drew tracks down not one SHIELDie but TWO SHIELDies for some lunch and a chat. Metahumans aplenty.

Other Characters Referenced: Phil Coulson
IC Date: February 09, 2019
IC Location: Triskelion
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Posted On: 10 Feb 2019 02:53
Rating & Warnings: R for some language
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Jessica has a starkbucks Cappuccino in one hand and a tablet in her other hand as she walks makes her way from Operations. "Locate Daisy Johnson." she tells the tablet and continues on her way heading down towards the elevator so she can go where ever the search tells her to.

Truth be told she is curious how the self professed geek squad managed to cause a minor seismic event. Also she is still not rotated out on assignment so she snags the task to go talk with the probie about the incident.


While stuck inside of the Triskelion, Daisy is making an attempt to stave off recent memories and the ever-present feelings of denial by getting some actual work done. Her signal comes through loud and clear in one of the computer labs.

It's probably a coincidence that as Jessica draws near the hackerette in question is just stepping back out into the hall. She doesn't appear to be in any major rush. Rather, there's a weary look about her. Someone might be looking for a break from sitting in front of a screen.

As she turns first contact is established. It takes her a moment to recognize the approaching Agent. "Oh..hey again. Almost didn't recognize you without you hanging from the ceiling."


Jessica is still half perusing the relevant reports, some CCTV footage, and makes a thoughtful noise to herself at what she sees in the file. When she hears Daisy though her research is cut short and she tucks the tablet in a jacket pocket. "Hey there Agent Johnson."

Jess's head tilts as she looks her over. "You look like you need a break, want to join me in one of the cafes?" sure she already has her StarkBucks but why not get Daisy comfortable for the questioning talk that is coming. "Like I said before, I walk, jog, run, and even ride my motorcycle. It isn't all ceilings."


Heh. It still takes some getting used to. 'Agent' Johnson. Daisy may have level one clearance as part of the packaged deal with SHIELD but she still isn't official. Given how everyone keeps greeting her around here, maybe it's closer to becoming a reality than she realizes.

There's something else that Jessica says which causes the girl to flinch, though. Something about 'break' and 'cafe.' It starts with a hesitant "Aah…" but ends with a "Okay..yah" before she comes to walk alongside Jess.

A keen eye would notice that there's some extra bulk underneath the sleeves of Daisy's sweater. Probably medical related?

"Hey, I had a question for you. Did you know there's another Spider-Woman running around out there?"


Jessica does note it, but where else are they going to hydrate Daisy and maybe get her to eat something. Especially if she has been avoiding the breakrooms and Cafe. So ever forward. Also as for her Agent Status that is above Jessica's paygrade but she isn't about to call someone Probationary Recruit Johnson or something. That is both a mouthful and degrading. One should just treat consultants and contractors like employees in her book, not other class citizens.

"I saw on the video footage that she showed up actually." stopping in front of the serving area of the cafe now. "She helped me with a black suited spiderboy stop Hammerhead and a mob related shootout in Brooklyn. White Pink and Red Costume. I guess when you don't have merch deals like the Titans it is easy for newcomers to just swipe your name." she indicates a chicken wrap and steps aside so you can order something. "I'm a little bit between amused and annoyed about her calling herself Spider-Woman to be truthful. Also the fact she actually does that thwippy thwip web thing they all seem to have. What is up with that."


"Because of course there's video footage," Daisy sort of groans under her breath before casting her eyes upward to the menu. They don't stay put for long, soon jumping back over to Jessica. "How many of you -are- there?" Then "Yep. That's the one. It wouldn't surprise me if you two wound up duking it out over title rights before long."

Another glance to the menu and Daisy orders a Caesar salad without really reading any of the offerings, too distracted to give the matter much thought.

"You don't do the thwippy thing? I thought every Spider could do the thwippy thing, that's like their signature move! Talk about getting a raw deal."


Jessica holds her coffee balanced, well stuck to a fingertip as she works her wrap open. Cheating a lot right there she is. "No thwip thwip. To be honest I doubt they produce it from their bodies like a damn spider. My hunch is gadgetry of some sort, which means I suppose I could thwip if I knew how they were doing it." and Jess takes a bite of her wrap and then adds a bottle of water for Daisy before ringing them both out. This isn't a startup in San Francisco, subsidized government cafe still means some payments due. Jess doesn't seem to mind though.

"I doubt I'll have to lay her out for it, she is a bit scrawny and seems like a good kid. Excellent hero reflexes though. Man I hope I don't have to deal with the three.. I think there are three of us.. over the registration thing. Hopefully they just do the right thing but man.. JJJ would eat the original Spider-Man alive either way. So lose lose."

At this point Jessica's watch beep beeps and she looks at it. "Grab your salad and water, we have a detour to the medical wing. Agent Merrow is awake and I want to see how she is doing." and she is off, she is like an energizer spider.


It's probably for the best that Jess handles the tab, Daisy is a little distracted watching that impossibly 'balanced' coffee. "That is both so cool and so creepy at the same time…" Ahem. "If you're all working with the same playbook, maybe you should all exchange notes sometime." Because it should absolutely be so straight-forward!

Then there's the matter of registration. Daisy already caught the news regarding Tony Stark, frankly it had shocked the hell out of her. It's a subject which she could have plenty to talk about now that she's apparently been entered into the discussion by default.

When she starts in with "Yah..about that—" the beep from Jessica's watch effectively puts an end to it. Detour to the medical wing? "I'm doing fine," she once again starts in before realizing this call isn't in regards to her. Daisy stands there for a second, blinking as Jess is already moving away down the hall. "What just happened here?" she asks no one in particular before giving her head a quick shake and grabbing her things. "Hey, wait up!"


The nurse in her room is somewhere in her late forties to early fifties, slender and lean, and probably able to break you five separate ways as well as put you back together again. Still, here and now, she stands at the foot of a particular hospital bed with her fists on her hips and trying to not let the vein in her forehead throb too hard, nor let the crease form a frown too hard in the corner of her mouth.

"Agent Albright, we are not going to give you junk food before we release you," the nurse says through gritted teeth.

"You are literally the worst and I am going to flood this entire building."

Dressed in hospital gown and a heavy bathrobe, Sloane L. Albright— Merrow— is partially upright; her bed is cocked up at a near-50-degree angle. Her hair's loose and free to fall down at it's full length, and a few plastic tubes peek out of a gap in the fabric running close to her side.

Four days in, the most superficial of her injuries seem to be healing at the speed of metagenetics; the bruises on her face have largely lost their swelling, and a black eye is in that fourth or fifth-day-tier shade of yellow. Where scales are still growing in fresh on her forearms and legs, her skin looks a little pink and raw.

By the time Jessica and Daisy arrive, the nurse is on her way out, swearing a storm about 'idiot kids.'

Should be pretty easy to figure out which room she's in.


Jessica slows her roll a little bit so Daisy can catch up "What about what?" not having really lost the thread from pre-beep beep of her watch, giving Daisy a chance to start it up again on the walk to the medical wing if she really wants. "Also I've tried. They are really secretive and the most I've seen is the mask pulled up to the nose so free pizza could be eaten." okay not entirely true but she has mixed thoughts on forcing people out or spying on heroes. Complicated.

"That is definitely the right room." is said with amusement as Jess watches the nurse storm off. "Sloane is lucky that nurse didn't slip her a sedative." stepping to the door to peek in and knock on the frame. "Hello Agent Merrow?"


Daisy is quick to shake her head again at this point. "It's nothing," she dismisses the matter. Why wait to avoid an uncomfortable situation, right?

One thing about hanging out with SHIELD, there's plenty of interesting moments to cut into the dull points. Daisy isn't sure what she signed up for by following the Spider Gal, though as much as their brief trip has already taken her down an unwanted visit of Bad Memory Lane she's deciding to stick with Jessica and see what's going on around here. This means peering around that very same entrance after Drew clears the way, and—


ight at the doorway Daisy comes to a standstill. They say it's impolite to stare but it's too late for her to turn back now! "Ah-" she sort of croaks in a tiny voice before forcing a fake smile to her face and holding up a hand in silent greeting to the girl lying in the bed.

So much for being subtle.


There's a moment of delay — silence — between when the nurse leaves and Jessica arrives with ward in tow, enough that allows her to catch her breath and frown, looking down at the wrappings and brace secured to her right hand, fingers stuck in something of a claw pose for the time being.

It hurts. A lot.

Glancing up, brows raised, she peeks at the door when knocked on, and unfamiliar faces at the doorway. It's not too surprising; since she awoke she's had a few visitors in and out, some familiar and a few … new. If anything, she's good at putting on a smile when hurt, trying to at least be polite. "Hey," she says, voice weighted with a bit of exhaustion now that the nurse is gone.

The noise of surprise is met with her mouth pulling into a flat line, but she sets it aside for now; it could be her condition or how relatively few fish-dragon people Daisy has met in the past.

"Come on in," she says, picking up an empty cup. "Sorry… have we met?"


Jess makes this sort of hand gesture with her hands passing each other, which is accompanied by her sandwich passing her coffee in the same motion but no spills. "In passing.. I know we have been in a briefing I think. Just got back from a fucking shit show of a busted op in Macau." with that explanation Jess steps into the room and looks around. "Need more water?"

Then there is a look back to Daisy. "Sorry. Multitasking. I need to ask Daisy about her whole incident that has her on house arrest and I wanted to talk to you about your fight. You left quite an impression on the building Sloane." and that doesn't sit well with Jessica really, pun aside.


Daisy's reaction to seeing this 'Agent Merrow' is a little from column A and a little from column B. She spends most of her time hovering over a keyboard or touchpad, the full reality of life as an agent hasn't quite caught up with her yet.

", I'm ..Agent Johnson. Daisy," she awkwardly replies. Part of this hesitation comes less from Sloane and more from Daisy using the 'A' prefix on herself. It's an unfamiliar fit. What follows is the hackerette holding up one of her arms and rolling a sweater sleeve back somewhat, showing a medical brace covering her forearm as if to say 'I feel your pain!' There's probably one of those braces on each of her forearms, going by the extra lumps from beneath the other sleeve.

Yikes, and she hasn't heard Drew drop the F-bomb before. That must have been an eventful op!

With the way cleared she steps the rest of the way into the room but keeps herself closer by the door, possibly as a privacy thing. When Jess mentions leaving an impression on a building Daisy sort of winces. Make that one -more- thing she has in common with Merrow…

A theme seems to be emerging here, and it's a large part of why Daisy can't seem to look away from poor Merrow.


"Oh, was that it? Okay — they don't usually send me on spy-ops what with the whole," she says vaguely, then pointing a wagging finger at her features. "I tend to get the cliff notes when they send me out."

Water? "No, thank you — I mean. I am, but. There's no point in having superpowers if you can't abuse them for the mundane stuff," she says, putting a bandaged hand over the plastic cup. "Sloane Albright," she replies to Daisy, looking her — and her own bandages — over quick.

When her hand moves away, she takes a drink with the cup now full with water; it takes a second for her to swallow comfortably, but it gets there in the end. With Jessica's pun, the metahuman's expression draws a bit more flat; fiery orange eyes drift down and away. "Yeah. … That. To… be honest, I don't … remember parts of it. I don't remember getting here."

"Or being thrown, or whatever." she adds after a moment with a stiff gesture. "I woke up… late last night, I think. Felt like I exploded or something."


"It isn't all that." Jess notes to Sloane at the comment about spy-ops. "Oh we need a woman to go under cover in Azerbaijan and risk her life to stop A.I.M. from selling an antimater bomb… send Spider-Woman." that is fairly deadpan rolled out. "I'm hoping to stay closer to HQ for a while and not take another six month deep cover op for a while really."

Settling in one of the visitor chairs Jessica takes a bite of her chicken wrap. "Neat trick." she notes with the filling the cup up with her meta-abilities. Jessica had seen the file on the Agent so not entirely surprised but she did find it neat watcing it. "Well luckily you are alive and recovering speedily enough Sloane. So you still don't remember much about the incident today?" yeah Jessica stopped by to see if any details emerged after rest that can add to the whole hunting whoever literally threw Sloane into the Triskelion.

She hasn't forgotten Daisy and her incident though keeping an eye on her. Jess just can't interrogate two agents for data at once despite the multi-tasking comment.


Daisy is getting more puzzled with every passing moment and it isn't due to the way Sloane is able to fill an empty cup out of thin air. (Though to be fair that is -super- awesome.) It's just… Well…

Hearing about what happened to Sloane is sounding way, -way- too familiar to what Daisy had just gone through the other day. Damaging a building, arm injuries, not remembering any of it, feeling like she exploded… More like 'getting run over by a speeding truck' in Daisy's case, but it's close enough.

There's also that whole 'metahuman' bit which Daisy has been trying like hell to not think about.

Oh right, there's food!

Daisy claims another seat and goes about picking at her salad. It's somewhat awkward going, seems like her arms are not doing well at all in regards to anything dealing with pressure. She keeps quiet about her discomfort, really quite interested in the conversation she's being allowed to sit in on. There might be something worth learning from all of this.

"That actually happened to me, too," she rather timidly chimes in while holding up one of her hands. "The 'not remembering' thing."


"That sounds pretty awful. We really could use another set of hands out here," she says. Her eyes drift to her arm, then back up. "Pun not intended."

Taking another drink, she puts the cup down on her small rolly-table, shifting her weight to get comfortable in bed — careful on shifting herself too much on her left leg, wary of her right side, and recovering arm. "Last thing I remember I was getting stabbed. With re-bar. Hard. I got jumped by some super-strong chick." A moment passes, letting herself get settled. Sloane's clearly dancing around *some* of the details, but the reason why comes when she speaks again: "Empty lot on Avenue C and 13th."

Smack in the middle of Mutant Town. That much might draw a few things into sharp focus…

"Look, if you really want in on this, you'll have to get the O-K from Agent Coulson. He's my supervising officer."

Her attention returns to Daisy, looking a bit worried. "Wait, don't tell me you got jumped, too… are you a meta-asset, too?"


"I'll talk to Agent Coulson then." he is one of the people higher up the food chain than Jessica, but now she knows who to go shake don to get in on the action. The wheels are already turning though when Sloane explains where a super strong chick jumped her and all that. She could definitely ask Sloane why she was there, but she pulled the Coulson card so it could be some sort of Op and all.

"That is a really good question actually Sloane." with that Jess turns to look at Daisy as she chews on her chicken. "Daisy was at a cafe where an earthquake occurred, not too strong but strong enough. It seems to be related to her and not the SpiderChick who showed up to help save civilians though." she refuses to call Gwen Spider-Woman, it just is never going to happen no way.


Any similarities between the two disappear the instant Sloane speaks of getting stabbed. Daisy cringes slightly at the thought, then with a little more emphasis as the experience is given a little more detail. -Ouch.- No wonder the scaled lady is in such bad shape!

The address doesn't mean much to Daisy, though hearing Coulson's name starts to bring a smirk to the techie's face. It's soon followed by a soft chuckle as she dips her head and looks away from the other two.

Her amusement disappears in a heartbeat, attention returning to Sloane with something of a wide-eyed stare. "What? No — I mean — I don't know. Um."

'Are you a meta-asset, too?'

Daisy bites the edge of her bottom lip before an actual response is forthcoming. The single word probably leaves a lot to be desired: "Maybe." Security clearance has nothing to do with the matter, she just doesn't want to talk about it!

(Un)fortunately for her, Agent Drew is here to center the spotlight right onto the subject. Daisy's head dips toward the floor, reaching a hand to lightly rub at her left temple while muttering "Two cafe's." True enough, the first 'episode' had been quite minor. No damage, no injuries. The second one..? It got a little bad. Not so bad with the other SpiderChick being on scene but it was most definitely not -good.-

More than bad enough for someone who isn't ready to admit that She Has a Problem.

"Alright," Daisy finally declares with a deep breath. A glance to Sloane leads into a direct look at Jessica. "I don't know what happened. I stepped outside, coffee in hand, and the next thing I know the place is trashed, a car is turned inside out, and I'm hanging from a mangled streetlight by that web ..gunk with the feeling like both of my arms had just been dipped into a firepit."


"I'm not trying to cut you out," Sloane says apologetically. Tired eyes finally meet Jessica's. "It's just … a mess."

'A big god damn mess and I feel like I'm drowning in it.' she thinks to herself. Hopefully she can convey that much in eye contact with her fellow Agent.

The unease of the 'maybe' and Daisy biting her lip leads to Merrow lifting her hands, fanning out her fingers to the best of her physical ability. Though it may not mean much inside the four walls of SHIELD, she makes the effort to add, "Trust me, no pressure."

Daisy recounts her story, at least what she remembers. "Sounds rough," Sloane replies after a moment. She picks up her cup for another drink, frowning as she starts running through the scenarios in her head— but first glancing at Jessica, as the shaky(!) young woman is her spider-rodeo.


There is a smile thrown to Sloane at the cutting her out talk. "I work here. I get it. Know that you definitely have backup. Us meta-assets have to stick together." Jess notes amused but quite sincere.

"Well we should cut back on your caffiene Agent Johnson, and also probably need to do some more medical scans and maybe have me drag you out into the training room. I wouldn't worry too much though Daisy. This isn't the first time we have helped get a handle on things with our people." yeah she said our people about Daisy.


"It really kinda was," Daisy groans. "It could have been worse. At least I'm still up and walking around. But…"

The subject isn't allowed to lurk for long before Jessica speaks up. Daisy may be feeling completely lost throughout everything that's been happening around her lately but now it comes with the knowledge that she doesn't have to deal with it alone. That..that really means something. As does hearing that -this- Spider-Woman is also under the 'metahuman' banner. It's hard to keep track of who gets their powers or abilities from what anymore, she's kind of stopped trying.

"Give my arms a chance to heal and I might take you up on that offer," she tells Drew with a thin smile.


"Thanks. I'll let you know if I end up learning anything new, too," Sloane replies, trying her best for a polite grin.

'We should cut back on your caffiene—'

"— Whoa, let's not talk crazy," Sloane makes sure to quickly interject, then lets Jessica finish, her smirk somewhere between the steady pulse of medication and actual genuine humor.

"And if you, maybe, need a hand, maybe, figuring out what you can do, maybe, I can lend a hand. I've been there too." She pointedly pauses, then holds up her finger.



"And after Merrow has healed up." wrap done Jess wads up the wrapper and tosses it, perfect into the trashcan before reaching to snag her coffee. Again with one fingertip that just sticks to it as she pulls it in and then takes it in a better grip to sip.

"I think it's safe to say we have all been there." I mean, Jess wasn't a born meta-human but under the law that was passed she is. Under SHIELDs definition it may fall more like Cap and a supersoldier formula situation. Really MetaHuman is such a broad umbrella and it doesn't seem to bother Drew at all. "I was not the best aim the first time I shot bioelectric venom blasts out of my fists. It was not pretty." self depricating head shake.


Daisy may have missed the caffeine comment before. She doesn't miss it when Sloane brings it up. She's quick to motion toward the more injured lady and call out a "What she said!" It's nice knowing there's someone watching your back! "Coffee's like the one thing that -hasn't- tried to kill me yet."

Of course, such back-having comes with the price of friendly harassment. Without skipping a beat Daisy smiles back to Sloane and replies "Then maybe I'll come looking for you later."

"Hold up. 'Bioelectric venom blasts?' Like a poison that's ..whaaaat?" she trails off, looking utterly confused. Once more she swiftly holds up a hand, "Nevermind. I'll just take your word for it. But I get it. Stuff like this isn't immediately second-nature. First you have to face it, deal with the fact that this is your life now. How did you both handle that part?" she inquires with a glance between the two.


And then Daisy posits … the hard question. Sloane's silence is somewhat heavy in that moment, thinking about her own answer — but then also glancing at Jessica, as though she's expecting the Agent to swoop in with a proper answer. For her own part, the scaled inhuman's eyes drop, then she fidgets with the cup in her hands.

"One day at a time, I guess. Work at it. Learn it. Try to understand it."

She never says 'master it,' but her view of the world is a little different than some.


Coffee is sipped and she watches the two other agents and then sighs deeply. "Well Daisy if you read my file you would know that things can be really fucked up sometimes." there is a thoughtful tone there from Jessica.

Then Drew gestures to Sloane. "What she said is part of it. In my case I woke up like this. My parents did this to me when I was a toddler and I was stuck in stasis until I was woken up about ten years ago. I don't know any other way to be really. I see it all on TV and the movies but there is no… uh.. relatable reference for me." so yeah Jessica just fakes being normal based on TV and Movies. She did say her file is fucked up. Second F-Bomb of the day, Jessica may be in a mood or it may be the topic at hand.

Also simple math says she has been aware for like ten years too. That is messed up. When you consider the government sending her on dangerous missions.


As soon as Daisy sees how Sloane responds to the question she regrets having asked it. It seems like Sloane hasn't fully come to terms with her own changes, either.

To Jessica, she admits "I'm pretty sure I don't have the clearance to read your file." The information that follows is ..rather morbid. Experimentation, on someone's own child? Who would do such a thing?! Once more her head dips downward, soon muttering "Jeezus, I'm sorry."

More information is learned from the difficult subject. It's not easy for anyone, nor is it ever not awkward. She is definitely not going through any of this alone.

Trying to lighten the mood somewhat she looks up again with a light smile. "We're turning out to be a real Motley crew, huh."


It takes a pretty long time for her to process what Jessica actually said; she doesn't have her phone, or a laptop, or tablet right now, so she can't confirm stories or dig into files, but she loops right back to the nearest standby comment that she can muster up in her current state: "Sounds rough."

She says it sympathetically, at least. She /is/ trying.

"Don't worry about it," she says, head listing back toward Daisy. "Pretty soon you're going to be up in it with Asgardians and … talking raccoons, and a tree that will hug you and space … space shit. A lot of space shit."

"And the demon invasion of New York." Sloane hesitates, the cup at her mouth again. "… That /sucked/."


"They almost recalled me for that mess, but the assignment I was on took months to get to where it was. I read the files though… I wish they had recalled me so I could help but .. I get why I had to stay on assignment." Jessica muses softly then adds "Life is rough. We do great work here making people safe and stopping bad people like Hydra."

There is a sip of her coffee and Jessica looks to Daisy now. "You will be fine. Motley Crew indeed." a smile is offered.


Asgardians, talking raccoons, hugging trees, DEMONS, holy shit. Just two weeks ago the biggest concern Daisy had was disabling the camera on an ATM machine before she tricked it out of another Benjamin. With widened eyes she looks from Sloane to Jessica and back. "No offense but I pray that I never end up looking as bad as you." Pause. "Injuries," she quickly adds in. "Being all ..banged up."

Good job, Johnson.

Back to Jess again, "You -wanted- to be called into that mess? That's some bravado you've got there, girl. If things get -that- bad all I want is an underground bunker to hide out in and really fast wifi on tap."


Sloane puts her head back on the pillows, closing her eyes long enough to let out a sigh — oddly long, a little deeper than what it should be, but her appearance suggests she's a little strange already. "They were a good band."

Sloane lifts her head again, making sure to add the clarifying wave of her hand, followed by a progressive amount of eyebrow-scrunching as she goes on, and on, "The Crue. I mean. … I promise they're not medicating me that badly."

"Trust me, you'll be fine. Just get yourself sorted out with the … with the head stuff, and the memory thing. Get yourself some rest."


"What she said." agreeably with Sloane "Rest. Food. Hydration. Don't be too hard on yourself because life. Life goes on." a quirk of a smile from Jessica.

To Sloane "I didn't think you meant Demons in NY or the Asgardians." lightly teasing her before Jessica looks back to Daisy "Also yeah of course I did. My friends and family here at SHIELD were in the thick of it. I have the ability to help people so I need to do that. Otherwise.. well I am as bad as the supervillains or Hydra." that is damn close to a great power great responsibility speech.


At the mention of not being medicated 'that badly' Daisy smirks. "If you were I might ask to stand in line for a turn of my own."

She hasn't eaten or had much to drink since settling into her chair. Even holding a plastic fork firmly enough to spear a couple of lettuce leaves had been causing her trouble.

Sigh. "But rest is boring," Daisy declares without making any argument that it doesn't happen to be necessary. "Though speaking of rest, if you need more you can tell us to butt out and I won't be offended."

Jessica's explanation about wanting to be recalled makes sense. Daisy looks her way and sounds out a thoughtful "Hmmh" to the idea. "Fair point. And that's how you see SHIELD, like a family?" It's an honest question!


"Asgardians are … weird. … fun."

Sloane settles her head back again, seeming to be content in her bed — at least for now, barring the return of the stern-faced nurse. "Th' tube in my side would beg to differ."

Even if she's a bit out of it, even if her eyes close every so often, she still hears that one important question well enough: SHIELD, like a family?

Here, her silence is intentional — it could be chalked up well enough to the condition of her body, of her exhaustion, and the medication, but as her eyes settle on the middle-distance, she finds herself examining the question. Even if Jessica's answering, she looks a little … out there, not quite in focus.

She's thinking about the last few months. Registration, and almost physically carrying a petition around. Weeks. People who she trusts internally are fewer and fewer and fewer.

Days. Neutron's hateful eyes as her knuckles crushed into the inhuman's ribs.


"I probably should get some rest," she finally says. "I appreciate the visit, though."


Jessica gets up with a slow stretch and looks to Daisy. She has her coffee, mostly empty in hand there. "Glad you are getting better Sloane. Have the nurses ring me if you want to talk about anything, I meant what I said, and I'll speak with Coulson."

On the way out her attention goes to Daisy. "I.. yeah" a helpless shrug and a smile. "When I woke up the only human there was my dad's old business partner and he treated me like an experiment, until I ducked out. Then Hydra got its claws on me and that was.. bad." understatement much Jess. "So yeah SHIELD took me in and they are trying to help people. So this works for me." for now, she is also a bit worried about the registration business.


Daisy isn't expecting Sloane to take so long to respond. It's the meds kicking in, right..? It's gotta be the meds. Except..that the answer which is finally given leaves the young hacker with even more questions than answers.

That didn't sound encouraging. Not at all.

Concern shows on Daisy's face before she looks down and starts reaching for both lightly picked-at salad and water.

Jessica's response is more inspiring, however. Daisy herself has a whole galaxy full of questions, doubts, and denials about the idea of registration but that's a much more involved topic for another time. Little steps, right?

While heading back out toward the hall, she asks Jess "Was there anything else you needed me for?"


"Well." Jessica thinks about it. "I want you to eat and get some sleep. It looks like your arms are hurting bad enough to make that a slow process so while we are here maybe we can get you some painkillers too." a smile is shot to Daisy. "Then you are free to bury yourself in a computer and probably ignore my recommendations."


Daisy chuckles softly, but relents. "Okay, okay. I'll go dope my ass up and finish the salad. If you need me I'll be in the building for the forseeable future."


Little steps, Daisy.

Sloane nods. "Absolutely. Thank you, Agent Drew."

The meta's hand lifts again to wave as they see themselves out, waiting for the door to close before both — bandaged and good — settle around the cup, leaving her to sit and stew in silence. After a moment, she clicks off the room light with a remote, only letting the natural light drift in.

SHIELD, like a family?

The corner of her eye gets a little wet, wiping away a few tears.


Sloane sniffles, bringing her hand up to her mouth to stifle the hitch in her shoulders and quiet the crying before it gets loud enough for someone to hear.

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