Magic and Mayhem
Roleplaying Log: Magic and Mayhem
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Zatanna Zatara holds a briefing for the Titans mystics (and others) to get them up to speed with the magical goings-on in the tri-cities area.

Other Characters Referenced: John Constantine, Nightwing, Doctor Strange, Fate (Nassour), Flash (Wally West), Flash (Barry Allen), Man-Bat
IC Date: February 09, 2019
IC Location: Titans Mall, Long Island
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Posted On: 10 Feb 2019 05:47
Rating & Warnings: PG
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The briefing is as informal as it could be, Zatanna having never been one for stuffy boardrooms and offices. She's in the wide-open common living area, with a holographic projector set up in case she needs it.

She is not one to sit properly, either, whenever she is in a place she feels comfortable enough. She's seated on top of the table in the middle, long legs dangling from the edge, and dressed in her signature blacks; today, it's a short dress with lace sleeves and a skirt with faint pleats, pulled over fishnet stockings and ankle boots with stiletto heels. There are silver embellishments sewn into the taper of her waist, an alternating decoration of looping chains and shapes. Earrings drip from her lobes, made out of alternating violet and black crystals, and multiple rings decorate her fingers, on different knuckles. Her long hair is pulled up in a messy topknot, pieces pulled out to frame her pale face and ice-blue eyes.

There's food, of course, Zatanna's typical penchant to feed everyone else showing through - there's freshly made arancini (rice balls stuffed with mozarella and marinara before coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried), a platter carrying various cheeses and Italian cured meats, and a vegetable platter with a dip made out of asiago and artichokes. There's also lightly toasted baguette slices and drinks.

She's waiting for everyone else to convene while long digits and their dark manicure pick at a paper plate laden with the fresh, raw vegetables and some of the dip, though there isn't much of it. Just enough to stave off the hunger and not until she's full. After all, with the way she's dressed, much nicer than her typical jeans and high-boots look, she's obviously going someplace else after - probably another dinner date.

Well Misfit for one is very excited for a briefing about Magic <tm>. She still has no idea what she is doing in this realm, which is dangerous. Everyone keeps telling her that her teleporting is magic, not metahumanity. She has an evil demon book in her room that seems to have attached itself to her as it's new bearer after the killed the old one.

Yup Charlie needs a briefing about magic at the very least so she is here, on time. Prompt for once and not popping in at the last minute even. She is Charlie though so she is putting together a plate of food before she finds somewhere comfy to sit, taking a little bit of everyhing and a soda as well. "Thanks for doing this Zatanna." is chirped sincerely.

Arriving ala teleport as is her custom, Lilith is kitted out in her full black and green Omen regalia - though her hood and mask are currently pulled down. Zatanna and Misfit get the Nod of Acknowledgement before she checks out the Spread.

She settles on a few vegetables and some coffee, then stakes out a space nearby to just sort of… well, loom and wait really. And nibble.

A magical meeting calls for magically appropriate attire. All right, so it doesn't, but with the implications that the focus for Zatanna's meeting is of the mystical sort, Impulse feels that he's not nearly so involved in that sort of thing but it is probably a good idea to listen in. For as long as he can.

"Oh awesome, food!"

Well, that's good enough incentive for him to stick around, at least for a bit. He'll try to leave some for everyone else. 'Try' being the operative term.

Impulse is dressed in his usual costu…okay, no he isn't. Well, mostly he is. He's just wearing a red…is that a bathrobe? With the Flash insignia on the back, over his usual costume. He got it for Max for Christmas one year and is borrowing it. On his head he has a conical, pointy blue hat with silvery white stars and moons adorning it. And a pair of black circular ears on either side.

Like we said.

Magically appropriate attire.

He waves at those who've arrived but is already helping himself to a plate of goodies. Arancini! He loves those things! It's Zee's fault.

Nico Minoru is wearing a dark gray shirt she ordered from the Internet labelled SUNNYVALE LIFTING TEAM. She doesn't have any makeup on and so she looks a lot less dramatic than usual. Her hair is also a god damn mess and half her earrings are out.

She is putting like six of the arancini on a plate along with three ounces of salami and a handful of raw broccolis. She sits down, half-hunched, and pauses for a moment as she looks over at Zatanna in her immaculate dress, stockings, heels, boots, everything.

Nico stuffs a rice ball in her mouth and attempts to will the demon 'Body Envy' into Hell once more. After swallowing she says, "This stuff is great, thank you so much for uh — is it all from a deli or -?" Bart is helping, so Nico feels less bad about eating a piece of salami.

Cyborg arrives with the minimalest fanfare as possible. No teleportation. No sound system. Just a half-man, half-robot wandering into the area and keeping himself with the quiet. He's not exactly the most well-versed when it comes to magic and such but he's a person (half-person) that wants to stay on top of everything that's going on with the team. So here he is.

It might also have something to do with the overfilled paper plate of food that he has managed to accost and is carrying over to the corner to which he's now taking a seat. To eat.

No, to observe! And listen! And stuff!

Her entrance is nearly unnoticeable to those not magic-oriented, but with this group, it's not too difficult to pick up on the fact there's one more body among them.

Like a shadow, Raven slips into the room after a quick routine of checking up on a few points along the magical barrier, the portal behind her closing in on itself into nothingness. Her cloak trails behind her heels, feathered edges fluttering softly as she goes to join the others who are sitting in on the meeting Zatanna calls together.

Violet eyes catch a flash of red by the snacks, narrowing slightly the moment she gets a better look at Impulse's 'costume' for the gathering. But she waves, extending that silent greeting to the rest of the Titans who are already present and waiting for things to start. It doesn't take her long to find a seat off to one side, folding her hands loosely over her lap once she's settled. She may also be tuning into the room's general emotional atmosphere as well, but that isn't explicitly stated in her half-hooded expression.

What's funny is there was a point in time when Red Robin didn't really believe in magic.

Oh sure, there's all sorts of weird stuff out there, but it wasn't hard to create a mental delineation between magic magic and the sort of stuff that happens in Gotham. Superpowers? Sure. Horror movie spookiness? It happens. But magic as something other than an unknowable force was something he couldn't grok. And then of course it got splattered all over his life once he met a certain Zatanna, and now here we are.

In costume, of course, the Red Knight is sitting backwards on a chair, his arms folded over the back of it and his chin resting there. He keeps towards the back, since this is of course primarily aimed at the more mystically-inclined members of the group and… Wait what is Impulse wearing?! Are they going to have to put him through sensitivity training?!

"Hey Charlie, no worries! I figured since we've all been hanging out here and I've been looking into a few things that I might as well catch everyone up." Zatanna blinks at Lilith's sudden appearance, giving her a wave - Omen is familiar, but only because she took the opportunity to familiarize herself with the Titans' old guard a few years ago, and remembered due to her mystical skillset. But this is the first time she has ever actually seen Lilith Clay in Titans HQ.

Bart arrives in his costume, and her face drops into a open palm, laughing helplessly. "Hi, Bart, I figured you'd show up for a few minutes at least, I made— " Yep, there he goes, straight for the arancini. "…you smelled them on the way, didn't you? Does the Speed Force do that? Nice outfit." She lifts up her smartphone to take a picture of him in the bathrobe and wizard hat, mid-bite into a fried rice ball.

Nico's arrival draws upon her fellow witch a bright little grin. "Hey Nico, eat up, there's plenty! Uh…I made the arancini, but the cold cuts and stuff came from a deli. There's one by Di Fara, I'll show you where sometime."

With the rest having congregated, she waves to Cyborg, Raven and Red Robin when they show up before she pushes her plate aside. "Okay, we've got a few things to cover, the most immediate one being a warning - mainly, if any of your own investigations ever point to the Morning Star Club on top of the New York Stock Exchange, don't go unless me or Raven are with you. It's under new management…namely I have it on good authority that the First of the Fallen uh…kind of incinerated the former proprietor and took over. He's serious business."

"Second of all, there seems to be either a sorceror or a group of sorcerors that has been peddling magic over the tri-cities area: New York, Gotham and Metropolis. A few vigilante elements in all three cities, Red and I suspect that it's probably the same group that's been arming the local gangs with stuff like demon bones to augment their physical attributes, a few of you saw this happen with the fake Hellraisers in the Jennings Gala, and now the Whisper Gang suddenly has access to shadow magic. So while you're out there, if you guys hear of anything similar, tell me, Red, or Nightwing right away and we'll disseminate the information to the other investigators working the case. Any questions so far?"

"Several," Lilith says out loud. But she's STARING at Bart and visibly trying VERY HARD not to laugh. "None pertinent, though."

Charlie settled in tries one of the arancini and makes a happy little muppet noise before taking another bite as she keeps her eyes on Zatanna and listens to the briefing. "First of the Fallen?" that sounds like, well she isn't a socrceress yet but she is familiar with religion a little bit. "I stapled a biker gang in Brooklyn to the floor last night, they had all sorts of powers .. one was all werewolfy but I pegged them as metahumans so.. I doubt they are connected?" she sis very bad about filing reports, so who knows maybe that is useful. she goes back to eating.

"Nice," Nico says, before she resumes eating salami. She attempts to be quiet about it, and she watches and she listens. And she eats rice balls. She seems down with the rice balls.

Her brow knits as the Morning Star Club comes up. What's going on up there? Could it be Satan? Nico is not astonished. She pauses in her devouring as she straightens up, dabbing at her lips and saying, "Just that there's a lot more of these guys than I… thought; I'll catch up with the details later tho, keep going."

She also glances at Bart, and sees, and snorts to herself. She at least does not seem Offended.

Well, if Zatanna is taking the time to snap a picture of Impulse in his wizard cosplay, it must not be that bad. Maybe it's okay because he didn't wear a big Dumbledore beard?

After a moment, the red and black-clad vigilante just lets out a bit of a sigh, because after all Impulse gonna Impulse. Who would he be if he didn't? More like some kind of… Kid Flash. So instead, the Titans' leader turns his attention back to Zatanna and her briefing, though from his position towards the back he's also focusing on how the others are reacting to the information provided. It's encouraging, at least, that nobody has gotten all in on the idea of visiting the extremely dangerous evil club.

"None here," he says, on the subject of questions.

How she became one of the main magic experts to go to where the Morning Star Club is concerned, Raven just nods. In a way, she can see why Zatanna appointed her. Not like the others are incompetent, but the levels of magic have been…well, it's a wide range. A wide, complicated range that shouldn't be messed with unless one can't avoid that conflict any longer.

Raven also remembers the Jennings Gala and the use of demon bones, recalling the feeling as she tries to see if she has any recent run-ins with such. Nothing comes up, for the time being.

The other questions and comments do well to fill in the space where she herself has nothing to say or add.

Charlie's questions, first. At the mention of the First, Zatanna's face is expressive with hesitation. "…he's…distinct from the big names. As in, Lucifer, Satan? Not that guy. He doesn't have a known name…" Because of what he actually is, something that she would explain if she didn't believe it might be a little too much to drop on everyone at the moment. "…but he's called that because many believe he is actually the very first occupant of Hell. So yes, serious business. As for the biker gang…" She pauses. "It doesn't sound like they're connected, but if you could give me the name of the gang, I can toss it out there and see what it brings back."

Moving on, she reaches out to press a button on the holographic projector, which brings up the image of a young Egyptian man. "Speaking of back - for a while, the Helmet of Fate's been languishing in a museum without a wearer, but there was some magical all-points bulletin issued by Anubis— " As in that Anubis, and not some rapper named the same. "That claimed the Helmet of Fate was stolen. Which led me, Impulse and our Flash— " Not Justice League's Flash. "To where it ended up - on the head of this guy, Khalid Nassour. I'll give people a brief background on the Helm in a minute, unless you already know what it is and who's in it, but the theft was serious enough for us to respond and turns out Anubis seems to have it out for the guy in the worst way. Khal didn't steal the thing, the Helmet chose him. But he still doesn't know what he's got, really, so I took him to see the Sorceror Supreme and he says he'll keep an eye on him. I think it's probably the best option we have under the circumstances, none of us here are really qualified to teach the guy how to control an artifact that can potentially end the world, and the Doc's got decades of experience under his belt dealing with this kind of thing." And with Giovanni Zatara missing, she had no choice but to outsource it.

To Nico, she smiles faintly at her. "He says to stop by any time, by the way," she tells her, specifically. "Also that you don't have to worry about…you know. The stuff you told me about a couple of weeks ago."

Omen is largely Just Listening - she's been away the longest and therefore isn't as up on all the current activity as she'd like, so yeah. Yay meeting! But Zatanna's little add-on about the 'First of the Fallen' NOT being Lucifer is an immediate attention-puller. She even makes a grave face. The Helm of Fate is another…

"Is this a distinct helm rather than the Helm of Nabu? It would appear similar, but last I heard *its* previous wearer was still active?" Not Knowing something is such a rare treat Lilith isn't at all afraid to sound confused.

Charlie will nod to Zee when she says to get her the biker gang name just in case. Who knows they could be magically empowered vs. metahumans from Hoboken. The italian food done, Charlie moves on to the deli sampler she plated for herself. "Who is the Sorcereor Supreme?" that sounds impressive to the girl.

Nico laughs, a little weakly.

She takes a deep breath and lets it out.

Shifting herself upright, she says, pointing with a piece of salami, "I'm totally unfamiliar. Is it like OK for us to know his real name? I don't know exactly where the line here is."

"Steve Strange," Nico immediately answers Misfit. Passive aggression or bad memory? IS THERE A DISTINCTION?

Raven nods again, doing so as Zatanna hesitantly explains who the First of The Fallen is to Charlie. If it deals with demons and demon-like, religious-related figures, then it makes sense to go to them beforehand. Of course, Zatanna has the upper hand on the latter half, but there's a lot to read up on. "The last thing we need is more trouble we're not prepared for," she replies softly, her low tone carrying somehow across the way.

And then they move onto the next topic. "That's…rather out of the blue," Raven rasps, leaning forward a bit and arching a brow at the images of helmet and the college-worn face of its new owner in succession. "How did no one hear about this the moment it occurred…" It's probably a self-explanatory answer, but the rhetoric is laid out there as Omen asks about its last owner.

"As far as I know, Omen, it's the same artifact. Nobody knows where the previous holder of the Helm of Fate is, or what happened to him, just that the Helmet ended up at its resting place, empty, for a few years until it decided to latch onto Khalid. He is definitely talking to Nabu through the Helmet, so it's most probably the same one." Zatanna makes a face. "And since the Helm's tried to possess my father and later on, me, before, I didn't think it was wise for any of us to remain anywhere near it, especially those with magical potential." Quite possibly another reason why she decided to turn to someone else outside of the Titans to help with that particular issue.

"The current Sorceror Supreme is a man named Doctor Stephen Strange, like Nico says," she replies to Misfit. "He's an old associate of my father's and he's one of the big names in the international mystical community." She decides not to touch upon the man's connection to Nico's parents. "Not as old as some others we could name." Like Felix Faust. "But definitely old enough, though he doesn't look it."

Raven's quiet remarks has the blue-eyed magician shaking her head. "I'm not sure, really. There's definitely gaps in our knowledge there, but if the Doc finds anything odd while he's dealing with Khalid and the Helm, he'll….let me know. Probably? Hopefully anyway."

She rubs the back of her neck. "Anyway, moving onto the last item in our agenda…it's a bit of old news, with some new developments. Basically around two years ago, a few of us were informed by John Constantine that an Argentinian death cult known as the Brujeria were attempting to find some way to bring the Primordial Darkness into our plane of existence to…well. Erase everything. The cult itself was thought to be extinct by almost everyone in the community - it predates the Flood and once that got dropped, the experts and the scholars seem to believe that did the trick, only they were wrong. We found evidence of their activities in the later half of 2016 and they've been popping in and out of our radar since then. They were responsible for the demonic attack in the Radio City Music Hall, and then all the bad stuff with…uh…what I'll generously describe as a 'haunted' social media app. The part that's the most relevant to us, though, is the developers of the app itself - namely Emily Montrose, whose body we found intact in her office. Intact as in preserved, like she's just asleep. We have reason to believe, though, that her being a shell was important to the cult, so with Red's help, I was able to use something called the Blood of Isis to resurrect her." Not necromancy, an actual resurrection - seemingly similar results with actual leagues of difference in between. "It's why I was…" She hesitates. "…so physically weak when Titan Tower got attacked at the time."

Most of them know what happened there.

"Anyway, she's been in a coma for months, and when a piece of the Primordial Darkness actually showed up in New York City a month ago or so, she suddenly woke up - I don't think it's a coincidence. We relegated her into the custody of the Scarlet Women, basically the modern day priestesses of Isis and she'll be educated by them in their customs and traditions as Isis' new avatar on Earth, but this also serves as a warning that they're still around. When you come across anything you suspect to be the Darkness, call for backup right away and don't try to touch it. Really bright light can slow it down, but the only way to temporarily get rid of it is to disappear it, preferably to a place where there's nothing to erase."

Charlie just blinks, several times, then eats a carrot stick. There is just so much there in this briefing and she just chews on the carrot. "Okay… I for one am glad this is happening.. but it just makes me realize I know absolutely nothing about magic… uh not really and the pool.. the pool seems to have a really deep end?" and the young Titan just frowns. "Avoid evil darkness. Check." then she just shakes her head "Can one of you stop by my room and help me with the book or something too. Later." By one of you, she clearly means one of the magical experts, and considering source probably Raven or Zatanna.

Omen's brow furrows thoughtfully through the news that this is most likely a New Fate, but returns to taking in the update in stride. Nihilistic cults, demon attacks, deific possession… no wonder the universe seemed to urge her to return. Charlie's inquiry about the book nets interest, though she does shoot a quick look to Raven or Zatanna to see if they volunteer themselves first.

"I have something much more minor and personal to add, which may or may not be related - but having operated under the last several years under the impression that someone I loved was dead and found out that he isn't? Gnarrk, a Neanderthal the Titans came across ages ago who'd been preserved in ice with a glowing gem in his chest. I thought he was dead, STAR Labs told me he died. But he sought me out, was drawn to me - here - several days ago. The Flash and I returned him to where they were holding him, whatever magic is in that gem and the comet it's connected to is weak and can't sustain him. But this could perhaps be embedded cult activity? It was certainly bizarre."

Charlie's concerns are very legitimate, and Zatanna's expression softens. "Yeah," she acknowledges with a quiet nod. "I'm sorry, Charlie, but you're right, we're definitely well overdue a talk about you and your book." She glances over at Raven and Nico. "Why don't the four of us set a date and we can all tackle that bit together? Omen can also join us if she would like." She also extends an invitation to the Titans alumn, though she doesn't presume to take up her time if she has other things to tackle. "We can learn from one another also while we do this."

Omen's update has the Zatara heiress furrowing her brows faintly, chewing on her bottom lip. "The Brujeria is more interested in keeping things dead than bringing people back to life," she murmurs in a thoughtful fashion. "But it could be the Balance acting out, too, when such a potent anti-existence force resurfaced here. If there's a connection, we're going to have to do some additional digging. You said you returned Gnarrk to where they're holding him? You mean STAR Labs?"

Nico seems to be digesting all of this. There is a lot of it. Silently Nico is resolving to ask Zatanna for the powerpoint later.

She assumes there is a powerpoint. There always was one in high school. It might be in Enochian or something, though. Then she looks towards Lilith as she brings up a frozen Neaderthal. She blinks slowly, nods along, then looks back to Zatanna.

"Absolutely," she says. To Charlie, Nico asides, "This is kind of a lot at once, huh?" she grins at her a little sideways.

"I'm not certain it was a STAR location, actually. STAR was who told me he died, years ago. I plucked his path from his mind and then teleported us to his most recent origin point," Omen admits. She gives a bit of a shrug. "Alarms went off, but I was more interested in making sure he didn't die than pursuing the investigative angle. Flash and I were there maybe five minutes at most, and no one's come looking for either of us yet. I'm keeping an 'eye' on him, in case they move him. It just seems that precious little is coincidence lately - it may be nothing."

She adds, after a moment, "I'd be glad to assist with Misfit's book - my knowledge in the field isn't overly broad, but sometimes I don't know what I know until I Know it."

While Red Robin believes a lot of things he didn't before he met Zatanna, anything like biblical literalism is a bridge too far for him: The only thing that really matters, though, is that the Brujeria are ancient, and powerful, and want to destroy pretty much everything.

He already knows this part of the briefing, of course - he's lived through a lot of it (although in some cases it was an extremely close-run thing), and heard the rest before - but that doesn't mean he isn't paying attention. There's a certain tension when the subject of Emily Montrose is brought up, though fortunately there's no specifics provided about just how he 'helped'.

Raven could probably guess, though, since she was the one who had noticed, a year and more gone, that he was playing host to an extra soul.

"We have some weapons that work tolerably well against the Primordial Darkness," Red Robin says from his casual lean on his chair. "Mainly just overcharged flashlights. But like Zatanna said, they're more about delaying it than stopping it. And it's a good idea to keep tabs on other weird stuff anyway, even if it isn't directly related," he adds, given the topic of Gnarrk.

"That sounds great." she notes to Zatanna then flashes a chipper smile to Nico and Omen and also yes Raven. Getting some insight into what she is dealing with makes Charlie pretty happy.

To Nico she leans and adds "This is definitely a lot at once…" before Charlie looks to RR. "Where do we keep those in case we need to break them out in an emergency?"

It's definitely a lot, but that's what happens when people are involved in a superhero team. Save the world a few times and suddenly everything is coming out of the woodwork. Strength invites challenge.

Nico's and Omen's affirmative responses about Misfit and her book earn her fellow mystics a grin from Zatanna, before she reaches out to shut off the holoprojector.

"Alright - Omen, if anything twigs you while you're keeping an eye on Gnarrk, please let us know, and I'll be happy to have you onboard Charlie's case with her book," she tells her. Though once Red speaks up from the back of the collective, she falls quiet, letting him tell the rest about their Primordial Darkness arsenal - which, quite frankly, isn't much - and how to access them. She personally doesn't know where those super-lights are stored after Red Robin constructed them sometime in 2017, she tends to bring her own.

Her part of the briefing over, she slides off the table at last, to put away her empty paper plate into the trash, though she manages to snag another of the leftover arancini - there isn't much left, making a note to herself to make more since they seem to be almost as popular as Cassie's Wonder Waffles. She pops this in her mouth.

Everything about the Brujeria cult and Emily Montrose rings bells — the latter part especially, since she does remember Red Robin housing the soul way back to when they first met. Two and two come together quickly in that respect, with Raven flicking her gaze briefly in the team leader's direction.

The rest of the warning is enough to solidify the fact that none of it is good and, like every other warning before it, should never be messed with unless one knows how to deal with it. On one hand, she feels this group fully recognizes and understands that. On the other…

…It can go either which way, really. But hopefully (HOPEfully) they keep all of this in mind for future reference.

"I'd be up for it," she replies in regards to Charlie's book ordeal. It has been long overdue, and having more than one person helping with that particular problem means the chances of it being resolved are higher.

There is a bright smile again from Charlie to Raven and she vanishes from her spot. Appearing by the food with her mostly empty plate to snag a couple of the last riceball cheese things. So good. So italian.

Honestly Charlie has been acting more and more like herself not less since she came back from Gotham. This has to be a good thing. "ooooh hey.. is lycathrope infectious?"

Impulse was being good and leaving something for other people to eat! That was not easy! Clearly he should be rewarded. With dessert.

And he's been quiet! Probably because he's been busy stuffing his mouth! But he's also been listening, nodding along with familiar tidbits of info like mention of the goings-on that had stemmed from that party, and the overblown fight between Cat and Dog gods. That book, upon which he slides a glance over at Misfit.

Red Robin should be proud of Impulse for even managing to stay focused for as long as he has without spouting some kind of question or another. The food being available's likely helped, but maybe those boring business meetings are helping too! Who knows! Just be glad he doesn't dress like this every day!

"There's a bunch of them in the equipment room," Red Robin says. Of course there's an equipment room. They don't call it an arsenal because that would be confusing, but like everything else in Titans Tower the contents had been brought over: All sorts of useful gadgets the Titans might need in the field, costume storage, the whole bit. It was right by the access to the T-Jet hangar, because missions.

Of course, he's got plenty stored in various places, thanks to his training under someone who takes the motto 'be prepared' to paranoid extremes. And also of course, he's shared the specifications with other tech-oriented Titans, your Cyborgs and your Spider-Mans.

"Misfit, did you get bitten by a werewolf?" he asks, because that's not one of those questions you just let slip by. So he looks to Zatanna, who he assumes has more were-experience than he does.

Is lycanthrope infectious?

"It can be," Zatanna replies to Misfit. "Like I told Nico about vampires, if you're ever bit by a vampire or werewolf, uh…come see me right away."

With that, she claps her hands together. "Alright, with that said, briefing's done!" She digs out her smartphone and checks the time. "If there's anything else you guys wanna ask me, just hit me up on text, but I gotta get going soon."

Though if Charlie was bitten, then she's going to have to cancel whatever hot date's waiting for her in the middle of Manhattan.

"Oh, crap," Nico says looking at Misfit, "Did you get bit? I didn't get like turned or anything but I almost got bit down on, but I have an anti-vampire system."

She looks at Zatanna. "I mean," she says, "I can handle it, just…" She raises one finger, lips pursing like :/ as if to not try and lay a guilt trip on Misfit.

"Oh.. Bites…. okay I should be fine then." Okay that is not helping much at all and by people's expressions Charlie gets that more information may be useful. "One of the bikers turned into a werewolf and heckin clawed me up pretty bad. No bites though!" she says helpfully. Then to Red Robin. "I used that bat device that is meant to hold strong stuff together.. the giant stapler thing and stapled him to the floor. It worked very well." She eats the last delicious cheesy rice ball that she got before Bart ate them all.

"Please do not say the werewolf bikers are hecking doggos," Nico says, a little flatly.

Guess who's going to go snag a super-powered flashlight? Hopefully he doesn't waste all the batteries trying to see how much brighter it is before it might actually come of use.

Impulse blinks at Misfit, then at Zatanna, then at Nico and back to Misfit. And then he crunches very loudly on a toasted baguette. "Aw man, I missed biker wolves? Were they from Mars? Wait, those were like…rodents or something, weren't they? Hey, anyone still hungry?"

"…What a conversation," is what Raven adds to all of this talk about lycanthropes and the immediate danger of being bitten by one. She shakes her head just as Zee dismisses them, glancing at the witch in passing. "Try not to have too much fun," she says as an attempted joke, but…yeah. It falls short.

Looking back at Impulse, Raven breathes a low laugh. "No, I think I'm fine. Go ahead and eat." She still has to figure out who he's dressed as, though. She knows she's seen the outfit before somewhere.

"I think the gang was the flaming fists based on their jackets… No idea where they were from.. I was at this metal concert at the Black Snout Tavern in Brooklyn and they tried to rob the place. Oh.. the lead singer is some kind of meta that can turn into metal.. she helped kick their butts."

There was an extreme amount of stapling if RR ever pulls the police reports.

"I asked you if you wanted to go Bart but you were busy with something." Charlie points out helpfully to Bart.

Okay Charlie can't help it. "Well he was a heckin doggo, a heckin bad one too."

Since Misfit was apparently not bitten by a werewolf, it seems like things might be okay. Besides, the biker in question might've just been a regular metahuman who could turn into a wolf person, rather than someone mystically cursed… Right?

Right, perfectly normal. A Man-Bat kinda situation.

"Impulse, the flashlights aren't toys," Red Robin says without even looking at the curiously costumed speedster. He knows. "You could seriously blind someone with them. Or set something on fire." Which unfortunately probably just makes them sound cooler.

But at least he tried.

"Anyway, I have some work I need to get done," the Red Knight says, getting up from his chair. "Raven, can you keep an eye on Misfit? If she starts growing any weird hair, contact Zatanna immediately. Nico, don't forget, morning run is at 6am sharp."

And with that ominous pronouncement, the masked young man ambles off to, presumably, do secret ninja detective things.

Already gathering up whatever morsels of food are left and adding them to his plate, Impulse grins at Raven before looking over at Misfit again. "Work meetings. They're way worse than these meetings."

He pauses and slooooowly turns his head in Red Robin's direction, not totally unconvinced that his friend is secretly a telepath of some degree because HOW DOES HE DO THAT. He can't possibly be that obvious, can he?

"I wasn't—" he starts. "Not like I was gonna shine it in someone's face, I just wanted to know how bright it could get- canitreallysetthingsonfire?" But with Rob already starting to head off the speedster's lowered his tone to just above a whisper.

"Like a hawk," Raven replies at Red Robin's 'order,' answering so smoothly that it sounds serious. Spoilers: it's not. A quick glance is cast Misfit's way with a hint of a smile — if the smile can be seen, anyway. The peaked hood is pretty large and shadowy when it wants to be.

She does, however, let her gaze slide ever so slightly in Bart's direction because of the flashlights. Red Robin, in reality, you left her with two people to keep an eye on. Kind of.

Also, that other bit: "Nico? Running?"

Nico slumps in her chair. "Yeah," she answers Red Robin, then explains to Raven: "I don't want to like, die if we have to run away from the Bad Doggos Brigade or whatever, so he's teaching me how to work out."

("I want to die," Nico says in a small voice, "but like, in a different way this time.")

Charlie looks after Robin and then to Raven and blinks, before grinning. She is use to dark cowls and mysterious figures. She lives part time in Gotham, it is like shadow boot camp. Then she looks to Nico. "Ooo.. yeah. Red Robin and Batman are really good at making you work out. Once you start doing it without supervision though it just sort of becomes routine?" trying to be helpful.

"At least I'll be hot when I die," Nico mumbles.

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