Who Needs Eyebrows
Roleplaying Log: Who Needs Eyebrows
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Nadia is jumped by Red Room thugs and Jessica drags her to SHIELD

Other Characters Referenced: Dr. Pym
IC Date: February 10, 2019
IC Location: Alley in Mid-Town Manhattan
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Posted On: 11 Feb 2019 07:26
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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Doesn't matter what time it is, the streets of new York are always busy. Times Square is usually no exception. What kind of busy is usually up for grabs however.

At the entrance of one alley, it's not exactly a friendly racket being made. If one could get close enough to hear over the rest of the city, you could hear what sounds like the screams of men in a very large panic and a lot of pain. Along with very hard and loud thuds and clangs.

"You didn't have to do this, I am not coming back." If one shoves their head into the alley one might see a standard white kidnap van and a bunch of large men in black, several on the ground clutching very, very severe injuries, from cuts, broken bones, and one man looks like he's been electrocuted. Amidst it all and fighting the last two men still standing seems to be a very young woman, easily still a teenager if her height was any indication. Short brown hair in a bob cut, brown eyes, freckles, some dark eyeshadow and lipstick. An orange bomber jacket and bluejeans with several tears on her legs, front and back. And some wedge heeled hiking boots. And what looks like bug wings on her back,

A few splatters of blood dotting the girl as she catches one man's punch and while twisting around seems to grow in size from less than five feet to nearly six, using the extra mass to give her enough strength tho ram the man's skull hard into the side door of the van. It's a loud hit and there is a very, big dent in the panelwork. And just maybe some blood sreaking down in a trail as the man drops. The girl's fighting motions seem very familiar to the trained eye, as does the shrinking back to somewhere halfay to her first height.

Of course this does leave her facing one last assailant, who seems to have had enough and is drawing what apears to be a gun and lining it up so it's right in the brunette's freckled face.

And up goes the level of peril.

* * *

This isn't far from the office as it were and Jessica was walking back with a Venti Starkbucks in her hand. She has earpods in and is enjoying her caffeine. Then the universe intrudes, which to be fair Jess is pretty much both resigned to and quite used to at this point.

She taps her smartwatch to pause her music and cocks her head then walks a bit further so she can look down the alley. Yes Jess was not imagining things she definitely heard screams of pain and panic. "You know, I wish I could say you don't see this everyday, but that simply is not my life." it is mostly muttered to herself and Jessica steps fully into the alley.

That throw the girl executes does look exceptionally familiar from some of Jess's own training sessions with other SHIELD Agents, specific ones, and the shrinking is textbook. Also the wings. Wait what the fuck.

Then the peril ratchets up and Jessica keeps walking, rolling her eyes. Nadia can see her coming down the alley holding a coffee cup. Her free hand flicks up and she fires a venom blast with crack precision right into the back of the final black cloth wearing gentleman who just pulled a gun. "That was stupid." she notes and doesn't slow her roll at all. "Hi there! So. This looks like a mess."

Jess is wearing her usual outfit, the leather jacket open so it just looks like red, black, leather and yellow glasses of some sort. When buttoned up though the symbol would be very obvious.

* * *

The girl of varying sizes winces and tries tilting her head as she sees the firearm. And just before she can shrink again to try and keep her head from obtaining extra holes, the thug shudders and drops like he's been tased.

"That wasn't me!" Nadia admits almost apologetically. And surprisingly or not, this is a city full of heroes finds herself with a new person. The jacket design does look familiar The younger woman scrunching her face up as she tries to figure things out.

Then it clicks and there's a moiment of squee.

"Oh wow, thank you so much. I mean I totally would have been fine but I never say no to help. Spider-Woman? Like the first one right?" she thanks, and greets all in one bubbly package.

Looking back at the men on the floor then back at Jessica she shrugs her shoulders and keeps a goofy smile on her lips. "I can actually explain all this." And with the alley being in line with a couple CCTV cameras it's likely she can be backed up on it as well.

"These guys will probably need a hospital." she adds and with somewhat of an incongruent mean streak fires a bioelectric wasp sting down at the man Jessica just took down.

* * *

Okay also a little disturbing for Jessica. She has made some headlines in the last five years with SHIELD but she isn't like Avengers famous. That would make any sort of covert activity for SHIELD really hard. "The only Spider Woman." she notes curtly, still remembering her encounter a few days ago with Gwen and her saying her name was Spider-Woman at first.

Then she pauses and looks the downed men and the van over before looking at Nadia. "I would love an explanation, though the whole black wearing guys attacking one pint sized super powered individual sort of screams them being minions or bad guys of some sort." with that said Jess points at and venom blasts another guy who while down was reaching into his jacket, knocking him firmly out.

"You are also probably right. First explanation and then we can figure out if these guys are going to Hospital and I imagine jail."

"Also you seem to know me, she indicates herself, Agent Spider-Woman, and with that explanation maybe a side dish of who you are and how you got your hands on Pym Particles."

* * *

"Only, hmm really need to research more on whom's whom currently. I kinda like reading the news for hero stuff." Nadia says softly to herself. "So okay, my name is Nadia, these guys yeah. Minions, probably conteracted by Mother to take me back to the Red Room. I would really rather not go back there." she says and nods while she shrinks her wings and seems to shrink with them till she stops just under five feet then with a look of self realization grows again to around five and a half feet and stays there.

Whether or not the Red Room is known to many people Nadia has no clue. "I kinda didn't want to end up becoming an assassin, I'd rather much do science like my dad. So I got myself some of his Pym Particles on the black market and reverse engineered them with a friend and used them to escape. I'm still kinda looking for him but I haven't found him yet." she explains, starting to sound a bit rambly and on some words, even British like she hasn't quite nailed an American accent.

Which ever way the thugs go, they'll need medical attention. Especially with two women zapping them while they're down.

* * *

That is a lot. I mean really a lot. Which just makes Jessica blink a couple of times as she takes in the whole spiel.

The first thing Jess latches onto though is "Wait.. Hank Pym had a daughter." pause "Your Dr. Pym's daughter and you reverse enginered Pym particles off the black market and escaped the Red Room." she holds up one finger, sips her coffee while she buys herself some time to think about everything she was just told. Jesus christ. It is enough to make Jess venom blast a guy trying to move once more, if they are associated with the Red Room even as outsourced thugs for hire can't be too careful. "Also why on earth would they send these minions after someone trained like that. That is just cruel."

Which actually makes Jessica pause and look up and around the rooftops above and then down the alley. This may have been way too easy. She lifts her watch to her mouth. "SHIELD, can I get a pick up at my location. Potential transnationals up to serious levels of no good in NYC. Medical attention will be required as well as a stern questioning."

* * *

Nadia's head nods as Jessica processes the explaination. "His first wife was named Maria Trovaya, she was kidnapped on their honey moon. Pregnant, gave birth to me. Then Red Room. Their Science Class to be specific. Think they fed me info on my father so I could embrace science and them become someone that could take out super heroes and stuff." she says with a shrug.

With Jessica calling the incident in, Nadia looks around again and starts zapping people again, hard. It starts to smell like burnt hair in the alley and no one is getting up now, even if there wasn't any broken arms, legs, skulls and numerous other bones.

"Umm I'm not under arrest am I? I mean I was kinda defending myself."

* * *

Jessica holds up her coffee cup when you start zapping people again. "Only zap if they are reaching for a gun or making a run for it. We do need to be able to question them" she notes with a bit of amusement. She hears the response that people are enroute in her earbud and lowers her watch.

"They sound peachy, a lot like Hydra." that name is said with a good deal of venom from Jessica and then she looks around the alley and back to you there. "No. I do think that you should probably sit down and talk to some people at SHIELD though. Give your statement. Let them process this whole business of being Dr. Pym's kid raised by an evil soviet spy program." she pauses and asks "You do know that this is a lot for most people to probably process right. Also I am still floored you figured out how your dad made Pym particles. You must be smart."

* * *

"Well as long as no one is going to try and deport me. I will not go back to Siberia." Nadia says, rather firmly. "And I'm just zapping them cause seriously their moans are kind of annoying. At least now they'll be able to sleep it all off. They might miss their eyebrows though." she adds ith a shrug and a nibble of her lower lip in a kind of goofy look.

"I'm very smart. The Red Room figured it was genetic. So they encouraged me to study science and gave me as much info on Henry Pym as they had. Still had all the other raining though but I really wasn't as good at fighting as I should have been. Science makes up for it. Science makes up for a lot of stuff!" she says proudly and moves hands to her hips.

"And yeah, it's a lot. I think a lot of people would get all broody and sad over hat I went through but I think if I did that, then I never really escaped."

* * *

Jessica just stares at her, its a bit like looking at a younger version of herself, well pre-SHIELD version of herself when she escaped Hydras brainwashing. Technically Nadia has been aware longer than Jessica has so who is she to judge in that regard. "Right." she finally says and smiles.

Either this kid is a Red Room spy, or Hydra, or she is legitimate. Not Jessica's call but she does add. "So yeah I really think you should meet the people at SHIELD. Not under arrest but we can help you and make sure you aren't deported. Well that or taken back by the Russians. No way that is happening." a smile encouraging.

"Also I feel you Nadia. I escaped something pretty similar when I was younger. I refuse to live in a mental prison like you said, that would be letting them win."

* * *

That smile of Nadia's widens with the reassurance that Jessica gives. "Yay, I kinda like this place. I can be as free as I want. Despite what you hear in the news." At least she has stopped zapping people now.

"So I'll go with you when SHIELD gets there. Think maybe we can get something to eat along the way. Using the Wasp Stings burns a lot of my own energy. I'm totally using the name Wasp by the way. Assuming that it's cool with anyone else using the name." she rambles while she waits for clean up. The commiseration from Jessica being able to relate getting more smiles and near squees too.

There's also an audible rumbling of Nadia's admittedly toned tummy.

"Worst thing is we gotta wait for your friends in SHIELD to fight traffic. I don't like these people." she gestures with a hand to the thugs on the ground. "But we probably shouldn't let them alone. They might swallow a tongue and I really don't want anyone actually dead on my hands. Or yours."

* * *

"Well I mean… there is the upcoming registration mess but I'm registered because I work for SHIELD. I mean it is kind of pointless to not have the paperwork sent over I suppose." she blinks "Oh that isn't a suit thing.. that is actually a thing you are producing from your body?"

Jess fishes in a jacket pocket and offers you a powerbar. "Before you bite someone. Thankfully the Triskellion isn't that far away, I was headed that way with my coffee when I heard the commotion so they should be here any minute. We can either hit the cafe there or grab something along the walk though sure. My treat."

About then a couple of black SUVs, government plates pull to block the alley and a lot of very serious lower ranking SHIELD agents pile into the alley to lock it down and also deal with all the downed people. Jess gives the lead agent a not "Hey Henry, they may be Russian Intel assets, lock them down and find out how they got this job for the Red Room. I'll file a report after walking my new friend Nadia over to HQ and getting her some food." .. .. Henry definitely studies Nadia a bit unsure at Jess's explanation.

* * *

"Well I can use the suit if I need to but it's just a back up." Nadia explains, thumbing a necklace and a brooch around her neck with some wasp wings embossed into the metal.

"I figured I wouldn't always have the chance to change so I embedded some stingers into my hands to run off my own bioeletricity." she says waving both hands in kind of a royal wave. At least untill the powerbar is offered and accepted as a thanks, thankfully before she takes a big bite out of it. The widening of her eyes and the rather amazed expression hinting this might be the beginnings of a sweet tooth. Heaven forbid she discoveres actual junk food.

Once she can breath and not speak with a mouth full she contines. "Thanks again! Anyway, yeah self powering now. I'm already producing my own pym particles, and the wings are Nadia powered too. I just use the suit's supply when I'm shrinking or growing objects or other people."

Henry, obviously a different one than what Nadia knows is greeted ith a ave of one hand hile the other half of the power bar is inhaled. "Probably gonna be a lot of layers and stuff to dig through investigating. But I expect the people after me will probably figure out they stuffed up." she says with another rumble of her stomach.

"So think we should get a move on?" the Wasp maybe wannabe suggests to the Spider.

* * *

Jessica watches the expression biting the powerbar. "Oh.. man wait until we introduce you to dessert waffles and froyo." she notes with amusement. She is definitely taking notes on all of the talk about what this teenager has already done in her father's footsteps. "That is really impressive Nadia." genuine true facts statement from Jess. "I just product my bioelectric blasts without any technology. Well if you dont count how they made me this way technology."

One more look given everyone in the alley now. "Yeah I think we can move along. Also while I am not arresting you, I can offer you a safe place to stay while I get you scheduled to talk to someone above my paygrade at SHIELD. How does that sound?"

Jess is already walking along towards the mouth of the alley. "What do you want to grab to eat on the way?"

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