Hanging From a Thread
Roleplaying Log: Hanging From a Thread
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Spider-man (Miles) saves Lorna from some goons.

Other Characters Referenced: Thor, Psylocke
IC Date: February 11, 2019
IC Location: NYC, Grand-Central
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Posted On: 12 Feb 2019 00:38
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The sound of tires losing traction on the pavement cuts through the din of city noise just outside of Grand Central Station, followed by a thunderous crash of steel against concrete. A few startled screams fill the air, and horns blare their calls out to announce the calamity unfolding in the streets.

Outside the station, all hell has broken loose, it would appear. A large fuel tanker has careened out of control, and men in goblin masks are pouring out of it, as it teeters on the verge of falling through the concrete railing and down onto the train tracks that lead into the station. Not far off…. a train is speeding towards the station, on a direct collision course with said truck.

Meanwhile, overhead, a shadowy figure in blacka nd red is swinging along on golden crackling threads of electrical energy. It flips, and weaves, and runs off of buildings as Goblins try to get a bead on him with their firearms, taking pot shots here and there.

* * *

Lorna was supposed to be just taking a day off. She'd waved off the offer of a driver from the personal driver for the Asgardian Embassy where she worked. It was her day off after all. Which meant that she had to use public transportation. IE the metro. A day off and spent out and about with her daughter to see the sights of New York City.. With Registration looming ever nearer, Lorna knew it would was only a matter of time before their ability to see the Tourist destinations was forever ruined.

The little toddler was snuggled up in her mother's arms, sleepy and content after a day of metro rides and bus stops, of sight seeing and food trucks. Dawn was bundled up, hood and hat covering most, but not all, of her sea foam green colored hair. Hair dye was something Lorna didn't relish putting on her daughter's head, unlike her own, which was stained black to hide her natural green locks. It was simply too dangerous with anti-mutant, anti-powered, sentiment on the rise these days. Not that she had powers…

The sound of crunching metal and screeching tires jerked her focus away from navigating the crowds that were a fixture of Grand Central Station. Her eyes rounded and Lorna shoved backward away from the sight and chaos that unfolded. Quickly the young mother took off in the opposite direction of the men in Goblin masks and the teetering truck. None of which looked stable or safe to interact with.

* * *

From his aerial position, Miles, with his Spider Senses (not to be confused with his Spider-Sense!) is keeping track of each of the Goblins, as he descends to the streets below. A thwip and ZAP there, and a spinning kick here, and before you know it, the remaining thugs are scattering to the four winds, trying their damndest to get away from the Spider-Man. Which, thankfully leaves Miles open to landing at rear of the tanker. Crackling bioelectric lightning lashes around the entirety of the truck, and Miles makes a grunting growl sound as his muscles strain to hold the truck up, keeping it from falling. Under the skin tight black suit, his muscles bulge, and a seam tears in his shoulder, revealing the mocha skin underneath. Slowly, with the shrieking wail of steel on concrete, he starts to pull it back.

One step.

Another step.


His feet start to slide forward, but he clings to the pavement with his innate spider abilities to stop it. And continues, using all of his might to pull the truck up and back, just before the train comes rushing under the dangling cab.

One final jerk, and Miles almost flings the truck onto it's side on the street and sidewalk.

But it seems there's no rest for the virtuous, just as there is no rest for the wicked. Lorna, a fleeing mother, is a perfect target for a hostage situation. One of those Goblgh the air pulled at some sleeping part of her mind. As if the whipping of the cold air past her face sparked something long since vanished from her mind. His question regarding the Embassy had her laughing, a grin pulling at her lips. "Alright… here's how you get there.." She called over the whip of the wind and started to give out directions as best she could.

in faced goons rushes up behind her and shouts "Stop or I'll shoot you and the kid! I mean it!"

* * *

Lorna froze as one of the fleeing goblins came up and blocked her path to safety. She clutched her daughter closer, green eyes darting all around her for an out and finding none immediate. "Please, don't.. just let us go. It's not worth it. Please." She mentally prayed that Thor or Betsy, or someone that was supposed to be listening heard and showed up. For all that they'd sworn to be there to protect her and her daughter.. Thor and Betsy Braddock weren't there. Nor were they faster than a bullet.

But she knew if something happened to her or her daughter that it would damn well go badly for whoever did it. Small comfort that, getting avenged after the fact.

Dawn squirmed, waking as people screamed and bolted in the chaos all around them. The toddler letting lose a whine and a cry of her own to add to the multitude of voices raised in alarm around them.

* * *

Helpless mom? Screaming baby? Gun trained on them? That's definitely a job for the much beleaguered Spider-Man. Taking no time to bask in thepraise of thankful citizens who didn't have to watch a fiery explosion of death from a tanker/train collision, Miles immediately whips around and lashes one of his threads to a street light. A quick jerk launches him into the air like a slingshot, carrying him in a high trajectory arc. In mid-air, he bleeds out of sight. Invisible, save for a slight ripple in the shape of a wiry man in the sky overhead.

And then, suddenly, the Goblin faced guy jerks and sputters. The gun falls from his hand as currents of electricity course through him from a Venom Sting. Slowly, Miles fades back into view, perching on the man's shoulders and holding each side of his face with yellow bioelectricity crackling about his fingers. As the Goblin Goon slumps to the ground, Spider-Man deftly flips back off of him and lands on his feet.

"A…are you and your child okay, Ma'am?" He asks. He sounds young, but his voice is deep.

* * *

Moonstar arrives from the Grid Nexus.

* * *

Moonstar heads out to Midtown Manhattan.

* * *

Lorna stood frozen, fear holding her still as the gun remained trained on her and her daughter… only in due course for it to be.. not? As the Goblin goon falls over she took a step back, trying to rock her crying daughter in her arms as her gaze swung back around to land on the young sounding Spider-Man. She stared for a beat, before she swallowed down the hard lump that had formed in the back of her throat.

"Y-eah.. Thank you." She breathed, her toddler squirmed and kicked off her knit hat, revealing the brilliant hue of her hair. Lorna scrambled to pick up the fallen knit hat and try to balance her daughter on her hip. "Thank you." She repeated, clearing her throat as she tucked the hat back on her daughter's head. She glanced back around her as the chaos continued to unfold, or at least, as people cleared the area and exhaled a slow breath.

* * *

"It… should be clear now. Uh…" It's clear, even through the glassy white, large lenses of his red-rimmed eyes, that he's now looking at that shock of vibrant hair. He lifts his hands up, black with red fingers, ringed with black webs, and he takes a step back. "I was going to suggest maybe filing a police report about this guy, but… it might be better if you get out of here fast."

He turns his head up to look at her, tilting his head to one side. Then, he leans to the side to look behind her. A few of the Goblin Goons got away, but, unfortunately, Miles… is not Peter. He's not as experienced, or as smooth at this job. He can't be everywhere at once. He's already taxed himself with that truck, too, and his shoulder hurts. It's probably dislocated. He doesn't actually know. What is it like to have a dislocated shoulder? Hesnaps out of it and shakes his head, before looking back at her. "I could… Maybe swing you somewhere?"

* * *

A pinched look crosses her expression as police sirens could be heard in the distance. Someone had called the cops, and as Spider-man had said, she should get out of there. She had been stuck in one too many riots and protests, and with Registration looming and her daughter in her arms… It was not a time to get brought in for questioning. Even if it was just a witness report. Lorna bit her lower lip, and her gaze swung back to Spider-man as the young man suggested and just what she had been thinking.

A jerky nod followed and Lorna clutched her daughter closer, smoothing the crying little girl's back over and over again through her thick winter coat. "The Asgardian Embassy? If you can?" She winced as she glanced over her shoulder at the otherwise grid-locked traffic.. People trying to flee mixing with new arrivals and others that were just interested in the chaos and wanting to know what was going on.

* * *

"O-oh! You're… I thought… Mutant not Norse god. Still, I… I can do that," he says, stepping forward with his body language shifting in such a manner to be inviting, letting her know that she was able to "climb on" so to speak. No sooner than she steps near, Miles slides an arm around her waist and latches on with his own unique adhesiveness, keeping the baby tucked in between their bodies where he also has his chest cling to the child. Safely.

And then, he leaps. It's sudden, but soft, as if he's taken care not to jerk his passengers too much with his strength and speed. Nearly three entire stories are cleared with a standing vertical jump, before he lashes out with that electrical thread which tethers itself to a building with a low hum, and lets him swing around a nearby corner. Only then does he say with uncertainty, "Uh… Where's the embassy again?"

* * *

A cough and she shook her head, "I'm not, a-uhm.. Norse God.. you're.. ah the first one is right. I just work there." She offered sheepishly, glancing back at the chaos of traffic and whoop of police sirens drawing ever closer. She winced as she stepped over as he made the offer. She'd flown with Thor, and now she was going to… sling through the streets of New York via Spider-Man. Well..

At least if she never returned to the Big City, she could say it was never a dull moment living there.

At least she didn't scream, nor did Dawn. The little girl didn't squirm or cry, but grew silent in sudden interest. Lorna herself clung, but not in an overly nervous way. Her eyes wide as the thrill of moving above traffic and through the city. "It's that way.. I'll give you directions."

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