Venti Treason
Roleplaying Log: Venti Treason
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Jessica enlists Daisy in some very SHIELD unapproved hacking to help Gwen.

Other Characters Referenced: Spider-Gwen
IC Date: February 11, 2019
IC Location: Triskelion - NYC
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Another day at the Triskelion. Another day at the lab. There's always something to do around the place but Daisy is still getting quite restless. The building itself is huge but when you're a probie with level 1 access this monster of a building starts to get much, much smaller.

And so she sits. And works. They may have bumped up her pain meds somewhat as the problem of her not eating before has been pretty well addressed. Either that or she's going for easier to catch foods.

Like burgers. Burgers are easy. Another wrapper gets (gently) bundled and tossed into the nearest wastebin nearest to where the techie works.

* * *

Could be worse, Jessica brought in a new kid with level 0 'guest' access last night. Which reminds her, she checks her tablet to see if anyone has responded to her report on Nadia yet. Big no. Probably should forward it to Natasha.

Still Jess isn't on a Nadia related mission right now. She is on a find Daisy and see if she can get a favor from the other woman mission right now. The tablet in her hand tells her the computer labs, which shouldn't really surprise her.

Now Jessica is not Batman, but she is a highly trained spy who has superhuman psyiology and spider abilities. So they "Hey Agent Johnson busy?" from behind Agent Johnson may be startling.

* * *

When you really start getting focused and bury yourself into the code and you've got a whole galaxy of decimal floating points and other such geekery and suddenly there's someone RIGHT THERE behind you —

Daisy jumps so hard a nearby pen gets neatly flicked off of the table, bouncing across the floor some ways away. "Jess..hi..!" she greets the other in truncated words. "Need to put a bell on you or something!"

Whatever she had been working disappears with a quick press of a button. Force of habit, maybe? Then she spins around in her chair, still trying to bring her pulse back into survivable territory. "Not anymore, what's going on?"

* * *

There is a bit of a chuckle from Jess, and she holds out one of the two cups she was carrying in her nontablet holding hand. Starkbucks, must have just been out and got it. Also a minor bribe.

As for the computer business, well it's on a SHIELD computer, Jess is relatively certain if it was horrible someone would eventually figure it out. Anyways she trusts Daisy, which is really why she is here.

"So hard pass on the bell. Also if you think I am sneaky you need to meet Nat… or that Nadia girl I brought in last night. Shrinking Wasp size and suddenly going big, that has to tbe the most epic jump scare potential."

That is all rambly small talk from Jess as she pulls up a chair and settles in by you, glancing around. "I need a favor."

* * *

Daisy hesitates when she sees the extra cup being offered. While she does start to reach out for it she just KNOWS there's going to be a catch involved. Kind of that 'selling your soul to the devil' feeling.

'You need to meet Nat'… With that suggestion Daisy almost shrinks away, starting to go somewhat pale. "One of the two crazy Russians that shot me full of tranquilizer darts? Yah..we've met."

Hearing that she might have the clearance to meet this Nadia is kind of cool, though. She didn't expect the Division to let a newbie in for a visit.

Then it gets a bit more clandestine. The chair pulled up. The glance around. Daisy's voice quickly drops in volume as she leans closer to Jess. "Okay, now we're doing the Agent Huddle so it must be something under the radar. What kind of 'favor' are you talking about here?"

* * *

Well Jess may or may not have been rhetorical about meeting Nadia, she technically is in a guest suite and not arrested (for now) so well it is probably quite possible to meet her actually.

"Wait one second. Why did Natasha shoot you full of tranquiler darts?" that has Jess puzzled. I mean yes she has been through a training and testing match with Natasha more than once, but Darts. That may be a new one on Jess's radar. "Did you start to vibrate or was this a training session?"

Her own favor forgotten for a moment, she really has to ask about that Nat business. Once the huddle is complete though. "Remember the white spider who helped you out at the caf??" and with that question Jess is watching Daisy to read her reaction.

* * *

Daisy's gaze gets cast downward for a moment. "First time my ..power..thing..triggered. Those two ..what's the expression, 'tailed and tagged' me. 'Dangerous and unpredictable metahuman,' better make sure she's down for the count."

Maybe they used more darts than necessary but they did keep her from causing any more random seismic events in the New York area.

Mention of the white spider brings an immediate spark of recognition to her eyes. "Of course! Couldn't possibly forget someone like that." Pause. "Wait — is she in trouble?"

* * *

"Oh, yah those two are absolutely all businesss." Jessica shakes her head lightly. "At least you got out okay and nothing is worse for wear. Well probably except your pride a bit." she gives a sympathetic look and sips her own coffee. She strangely doesn't seem at all intimidated by the Widows the way she talks about them though. Probably because she is just as dangerous, if way more laid back ad mellow.

"She is… " Jess wobbles her hand. "She is pretty much homeless and living on rooftops fighting crime. She also has some severe trust issues though I am working on that." a light thoughtful noise. "I need help though because she literally does not exist here and I thought you might be able to assist….?"

* * *

"Pride heals," Daisy mutters before having some of that fresh coffee, herself. From her perspective it was like being introduced to top-grade superhero sorts, with Daisy as their target! It was somewhat unsettling.

Going back to the White Spider is just the sort of timely distraction that she's looking for, too. Her initial thought never gets voiced but from the look on her face there's clearly something big popping to her mind. Then she quickly dials it back a few degrees, and grins. Suddenly this is like hot gossip corner, right here!

"You know, usually I'm trying to erase that data, not enter it in. Give me everything you have to work with and I'll make her a somebody in under an hour."

* * *

"I'm not entirely sure if she is from a different timeline.. or the future.. or hell another dimension right now. Weirder stuff has happened but she is not from around here and does not exist." with that Jess shakes her head.

This next part is a bit delicate. "She is really kind of freaking out, and is a bit worried about SHIELD and .. everything that comes with it. I told her I could probably get her an ID without going through formal channels." hence the needing a favor. Maybe Daisy already sussed it out, but well Jess wants it spelled out that the reason she asked for favors and didn't just file a report on the kid and all is clear. "I think she has the right instincts and I'll know where she is and who she is. I guess you will to."

Jess fishes out a tablet and looks to make sure this is okay with Daisy. This is a risk and Jess knows it. She can probably justify her decisions due to her clearance, her metahuman she found, her op to try to get things copesetic. That might not fly though.

* * *

A different -Timeline?- Daisy's starting to look a little ..giddy. "Oh my god that is SO. COOL. I had no idea! Does this sort of thing happen often?" Then she hesitates again, her expression fading into one of mild confusion as she mutters "Then how did we —" Nevermind. She can ask Gwen about it in person later on.

"Can you blame her? The entire Division is like Big Brother Incarnate. This place has so many secrets it amazes me that anyone can feel like they can place their trust in the system."

Sure, it's a risk. Lately it seems like everything Daisy does is one gigantic risk. But in this case, not only does it feel like the right thing to do, but… "She's my friend." The Starkbucks cup is set aside on the desk so that she's free to take the tablet. "I'll make sure it's taken care of. But I'm in enough hot water already so if this gets out it was your idea."

* * *

"It was totally my idea, you can even claim you had no idea it wasn't an official request." Jess sips her coffee. "And no this isn't me testing you, though god I could see someone here doing that." there is a fraction of an eye roll.

"Also this place is… family.. but not everyone is like first cousins. There are definitely people here who have their own agendas and this place is built on decades of being a Spy and Defense Agency. Secrets much like turtles all the way down." and Jess gives an almost helpless shrug.

"As for her, well I think she is going to be my friend. I didn't tell her though while I was stuffing Pizza into her that I would be getting your help on this… honestly I said I'd help her before she helped you. That said her helping you was big in my book. She has good instincts."

Jess brings up her notes on the Tablet. "I think this may be her actual name, she just seemed defeated. Either way I get the feeling we are the only ones around here who will know it. So yeah.. Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy." she tilts the tablet so Daisy can see all of the information on the screen, hometown, date of birth, all those useful things one needs to start constructing an identity. Though there are probably a ton of gaps to fill in here with things that make a person a person.

* * *

Oh gosh. Daisy didn't even consider that someone might have been dangling fake bait in front of her to see what would happen… Though with Jessica's promise she dips her head once, satisfied with the Spider's response.

As for secrets within the Division, "Par for the course, I suppose." Not that it makes the idea any more comforting. Maybe a little less…

"Seems like this arrangement was sorta destined to happen, huh," she thinks aloud. "If you see her before I'm able to get out of here you can tell her that I gave an assist. Think I owe her that much. I'd tell her myself but they've got me pretty well locked down lately."

Which is irritating, to say the least. Daisy *likes* her freedom.

With the notes brought up she's quick to look them over then gives a second nod. "More than enough to get started. She'll be in line at the DMV in no time." Hmmh. "'Gwendolyn.' Nice to finally meet you."

* * *

Jessica kicks back a bit now watching you look over the notes. "I'll be happy to. Got her a burner phone to use and I told her I'd call her when I have the materials ready." she furrows her brow.

"I don't think she can hit the DMV without the basic documents and I don't have a damn photo." she shakes her head "Okay. I know we produce documents for deep covers all the time, I guess I can spin her out a social security card, birth certificate, and some utility bills so she can get a driver's license and experience the wonders of the DMV." she eyes your computer. "You are locked down, at least physically. Do you think it's safe for you to do this electronically?" she knows Daisy bragged about being great tech support and she has read her file but it's worth asking.

* * *

A burner phone, awesome! Daisy would even ask for Gwen's number..if she was still able to access her own phone…

And herein lies the critical setback. Jessica nails it dead center and the enthusiasm the young hackerette had been feeling suddenly takes a nosedive back into Realityland.

"-Dammit-" she quietly hisses through her teeth. "'re right. I can only access SHIELD approved devices and those are going to log -Everything.- I might be able to clear out the history but who knows what kind of back-door loggers they have installed. They could run on a hardware level -you are absolutely right,-" she groans while rubbing at her forehead with the heel of her palm.

Once she collects herself she gives Jess a level stare, subtly holds up her left wrist, and meaningfully points at the bracelet still hanging there. "Get me out of this, even for an hour, and we're in business. Otherwise all I can do is look over your shoulder and guide you through it but that would take a lot more time and a lot more coffee."

* * *

Jessica mulls this over, because at least she thought of this before everything was logged and monitored like this. Her coffee is sipped and she just stares back at you and then nods slowly. "Hey Agent Johnson. I think we should go do a careful workout in the training room like I promised the other day." and she pitches softer. "This is going to sting but I can disable the wrist unit and then take the blame when I requisition you a new fitting."

At that point Jessica is taking the tablet back to tuck into her jacket and offering you a hand up as she stands. "Will you need to leave the building or can you use someone elses workstation with that thing off?" pause "or am I also taking you to some impounded laptops?"

* * *

This had been an interesting conversation, already. Suddenly it becomes -way- more cool. To sit here and watch a spy's mind working out the details and coming up with such an ideal sounding solution—

Wait. 'This is going to sting.'

"Define..'sting,'" Daisy hesitantly replies. However, she seems to be on board with this change of direction. It's a smart play if it works as intended!

"That all depends on how quiet of a place we can find for the time I'm going to need. There's cameras everywhere. You'll have to weigh the risks of us looking conspicuous or me leaving the building without a really solid excuse. If I use another on-site terminal then we run into the same chance of a hard logger being on the system, something completely disconnected from their network is the safest option."

Daisy pauses and considers, "Do they ever let you guys take the restricted probies out for walks? Maybe..swing by my place to pick up a few things? Might be a little suspicious walking out the front doors right after my Miss Nanny gets toasted."

* * *

They are walking and talking on their way to the training wing. "I am pretty sure I'll be grabbing one of our burner laptops with a burner cell rig for this. That has to be less suspicious than walking you out of this building." she pauses "You go get changed for a workout, I'll meet you in the locker room." the one place with absolutely minimal cameras.

Jess gives you a nudge and then turns to part ways for a moment at least. "It shouldn't sting too much." she notes and heads away.

Jess figures may as well do the work in the locker room after the workout mishap. Find a corner or a maintenance room and take care of it.

Which means Jess has to get the laptop and rig now. Her gear is palmed out of her jacket and she walks towards her office and is then off the grid, spider powers and espionage activate. Checking out the laptop would be, very ill advised so in this case on of them is just going to go missing.

* * *

It's alright to be doing this. It's not like she's breaking into Level 10 documents then flinging everything out onto Wikileaks. This is for a friend. For a legitimate hero sort. For a good person. The world needs more good people, right?

In the locker room Daisy gets changed and ready, though she's up to a little more while she's waiting for Jessica's return. Sure cameras. But there are cameras on either side of the room. She's seen enough action movies to know that they can simply check the timestamps and realize that the both of them came in here and took a very long time to come back out.

She has a solution in mind..though it's perhaps not the best one imaginable.

"Looks like I get to be accident-prone today," she mutters under her breath. Fortunately there's some time to properly psych herself up to it.

Once Jess returns she'll be ready to go. "Just be careful with my arms," she 'warns' the other Agent. "Still healing."

* * *

Jess shows up not too terribly long after that with a satchel that she puts in a locker by the one you are waiting at. Meaningful look exchanged. "Right arms healing, thanks for the reminder." because it would suck if they did all this and then Daisy couldn't type because her injury was made even worse instead of healing.

Jess flicks her attention around, not really changing because honestly her uniform is what she practices in quite often. Better for the muscle memory to be with the gear you wear in the field when you are always in the field. "how long will you need?" she inquires, probably also thinking timestamps.

She asks though as Jess heads out leading you into one of the sparring rooms. The ones with sturdy walls to catch any stray stuff that may come up in an actual super-sparring match."

* * *

Daisy simply offers a single nod in response without eyeing up the satchel Jess shows up with. This is starting to feel like a proper mission now. It's exciting! Nerve-wracking, certainly, but it's way too much fun to turn back now!

"Sixty minutes is the comfortable mark. Forty minutes is the super time-crunch mark."

Here's where it starts to get intimidating. She's not trained in any form of combat, still healing from some pretty bad injuries, and she's being closed into a reinforced room with a legit powered ass-kicker. She is so -incredibly- out of her league, and they'll both have to put on a convincing show for the cameras and potential by-standers.

As they prepare to square-off she pitches her voice low. "When you zap me I'm going to fall. Catch me by the arm. You're not thinking of my injuries, you're acting on reflex." Another pause, then "We're going to need a cold pack soon."

Which will also buy her more time in the locker room. 'Sit down and hold tight, I'll get the first-aid.'

Maybe there's a proper Agent somewhere in this girl, after all?

* * *

Jess is thinking of ways to buy the sixty minutes. On camera she listens to Daisy pitch her plan. There is a tiny nod and a noise of approval. There probably is an Agent in the girl after all yes. Jess will add "you need a reason for me to zap you while injured Daisy. Maybe you will need to say you feel a shake coming on." which honestly won't help Daisy's house arrest too much, but sacrifices.

With that Jess will step back and look the probie over, walking around her. "So I read your file, not much of any training. We are going to take this very slow and work on the basics today. Mostly on self defense. How to stand. How to fall. The very basic foundations of how to punch and not hurt yourself. Also how to get out of a basic grab." that is for the monitors benefit.

If Daisy acknowledges the plan well Jess will start in doing just that, may as well do a useful lesson for Daisy before things go to figurative hell with the real plan.

* * *

If Daisy gives the signal, Jess will look alarmed and step in to deliver a venom blast. Ninety five percent of which she centers right on the wrist unit, though the leakage is enough to really taze the girl a bit. It will definitely look convincing. She will also catch her by the arms when she goes down tazed.

* * *

Clint Barton heads to the Training Floor.

* * *

Bobbi Morse heads to the Training Floor.

* * *

Uh oh. "I thought you were gonna zap me first!" Daisy exclaims before her mind starts going into overdrive trying to work out another option.

You know what? It's cool. They're both capable of thinking on their feet, they've got this. Just play along, go with the flow, actually learn some useful things along the way… It is nice to not be sitting in front of the screen for a while. Granted that pretty much -had- been her life before being swept up with SHIELD but it's somehow easier to justify when it is an option which she is choosing rather than being stuck there out of necessity.

Make it look real, make it look real, Daisy suddenly throws a punch a -little- too hard and a -lot- too well focused upon Jessica's face and super spy training does the rest.




Daisy nearly hits the mats..but not quite. The cameras would see Agent Drew catching her arm but a lot of the girl's weight goes not on the injured limb but on her far leg. It still hurts! That much isn't part of the act.

"Ow — dammit! Sorry, totally my fault! We started punching and all I could think about was my ex-boyfriend. Ah..I think I need ice on this."

* * *

Well it will work. That is what Jessica thinks as she eases Daisy down to the mat and then looks alarmed. "Sorry. Reflexes!" she notes and checks Daisy over. "That must be some ex-boyfriend Agent Johnson." letting some traditional Jessica humor into her voice. "Sorry … huh.." she carefully helps Daisy up and to her feet "Lets get you to the locker room and I'll swing over to a medical station and get you some ice packs."

She will help Daisy to the locker room, popping open the locker with her satchel and the gear. Jess looks to Daisy. "You chill out here while I go get something for your arms. I promise I'm not the worst trainer ever.. next time will go a lot better."

Next time. Man that zap was bad enough when it wasn't even aimed at Daisy. Still Jess will wait a moment to see if Daisy needs anything else, before heading out to get the ice pack. Taking her time to find it.

Acting surprised when the nurse in medwing says there are ice packs in the locker rooms. "Oh … I heal so fast I've never needed one." which is cosmically unfair really. Also truthful from Jess. And eventually coming back with said ice pack and a couple spares.

* * *

"That is one hell of a punch you've got there, Drew…" Daisy remarks while holding her somewhat more battered arm on their way back to the lockers.

Once through the door the first thing she does is check the post-zapped bracelet. No lights..? -No lights.- "Yah, I'm just..gonna sit a spell. I'll be right here."

Right here with an untraced phone and laptop. Convenient, isn't it? She makes a mental note of the time and jumps right in, there's no time to waste! It sure is a good thing that she's gotten into these channels before, it helps shave some time and cuts out some additional guess-work. A lot of it comes down to manually copying the data from the tablet into the laptop, and thank goodness that typing is a low-impact sport.

Once Jess returns with the ice Daisy is still grateful to have it on hand. "Thanks," she says with only a slight note of distraction in her tone. One pack gets balanced upon her forearm even while she continues to work the keyboard with only one hand.

"What was that back there? What zapped me?" She already knows the general idea but the nature of those bioelectric blasts is still a new concept to her. It's a way to pass the time and to not be sitting in silence acting as nonchalant as they possibly can with a little locker room hacking.

* * *

Jessica hands over the icepacks and settles in on the bench with clear sightlines towards others potentially coming into the back part of the locker room. "I call them venom blasts, though they have no venom in them of course." a shrug "My body produces severe bioelectric charges that I can channel through my hands…. at first I was pretty much a helpless electric eel just sparking all over when I tried." she makes a fingergun motion. "Channel is much better. Hard to figure out how to do without messing it up though. Considering at full charge it hits like a lightning strike I had better not mess up."

"I actually may be one of the better people to help you figure out how to focus and aim our whole thing I imagine. The techniques and practice I did to learn how to harness it inside me and focus it out when and how strong I wanted it to be may have some real parrelels."

Jess watches for any indication that the hack job is done. When it seems to be wrapped up and gear back in satchel well. "Damnit I think I fried your bracelet. We better get you out of here and fitted with a new one." because while there may be no cameras, there are probably microphones. If Daisy looks confused why Jessica is announcing stuff, there is a meaningful look and an ear tap.

* * *

It isn't long before Daisy is feeling glad that she asked. "You couldn't control your power, either?" she chimes in with only a quick glance away from the screen to seek out the other woman's eyes. "What changed, how did you learn to get so good with it?" ..On second thought… "Wait. Tell me about it later? I don't want to miss anything important."

Her focus is absolutely on the computer rather than the conversation.

Hopefully any microphones won't pick up the soft tapping of fingers on a keyboard. Good thing they phased out the old switch-based ones over a decade ago! Just stay on target, get it done…

She's even gentle when closing the screen, passing the pile of devices back over to Jess. "Ew. Yeah, I suppose we should probably take care of that. Alright, Jess."

Daisy is thrilled. Positively -thrilled- to be getting another bracelet. Here, too, no acting is required on her part to sound wholly convincing. Hopefully neither of them will have to pay for the broken one!

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